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VOLUME XXIII                             JANUARY-FEBRUARY 1978                   NUMBER 1

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


WASHINGTON – “Delays in adopting a national energy plan may have cut back the solar market potential by 30 percent this year, a Denver manufacturer said Tuesday.

“John C. Bayless, President of Solaron Corp., made the statement in a Senate subcommittee hearing chaired by Sen. Gary Hart, D-Colo.

“Bayless said later he referred to the failure of Congress to implement President Carter’s proposals for tax incentives. Carter recommended tax breaks for those who install solar heating and cooling devices.

“‘An incentive delayed can be a disincentive,’ Bayless said.

“The nation’s new Solar Energy Research Institute is in Golden, Colo.

“Bayless was one of four witnesses from industry who appeared Tuesday at a meeting called by the Armed Services subcommittee on military construction. Hart, the chairman, was the only senator present.

“Industry witnesses were supposed to have followed four officials of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), scheduled Monday.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

“But Hart called of the Monday session when only one of the four DOE officials – the lowest-ranking of the four – appeared for testimony.

“Hart scolded DOE and the Carter administration again Tuesday for lack of support of congressional action on energy as represented by his subcommittee.

“He said he looks forward to the day `when the administration is ready to take this matter seriously’ – hopefully, soon after Jan. 1.”

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that President Carter’s much balyhood energy program is simply one more political football, designed to be kicked back and forth by the congress and the president, creating the outward appearance of activity and concern for the public welfare, but with both sides being very careful not to do anything that might, in any meaningful way, alter the status quo.

While nuclear energy is being pushed to the hilt, it has become obvious that neither Carter nor Congress has any intention of pushing or even of encouraging the development of solar energy sources, even though they are the only permanent solutions to the long range energy problem that have yet been conceived. All other sources are, at best, only temporary stopgaps, although some of them will, during their brief periods of usefulness, make a considerable profit for those who control them.

One of the most disturbing factors of the proposed energy program is that the great majority of its provisions deal only with the conservation of our present energy sources and supplies, rather than the creation of new ones. While it is true that a considerable portion of our present energy supply is being used rather carelessly, and while its conservation is a consummation devoutly to be wished, it certainly is not the answer to the energy problems of the future.


A very wealthy and successful man once pointed out that, while economy is a desirable, and perhaps a necessary virtue of the poor, no one has ever become rich by spending less than they made.

To become rich it is necessary to make more than one spends.

To ignore the obvious is a very human trait, and one which is just as prevalent in politics as elsewhere. Therefore, it is often necessary to be labor even the simplest facts, like a woodpecker beating a tattoo upon an oak tree, until at last, those facts begin to penetrate the public and, hopefully, even the political mind.

We are proposing to spend a great deal of time, effort, and money working out ways to stretch out our rapidly dwindling oil and coal supplies, and ignoring the simple fact that the sun delivers to the earth every day, more energy than is contained in all of the known reserves of coal and oil on earth! If by extreme conservation, we managed to stretch out our supplies of fossil fuels for fifty years longer than they would otherwise have lasted, we would, during that same time have wasted, by ignoring it, more than fifty thousand times as much energy as we had saved.

The Carter energy plan is firmly tied to wide-spread development of nuclear energy plants that will have a maximum useful life of not more than fifty or sixty years, ignoring the fact that the sun is itself the most efficient and inexhaustible nuclear energy generating plant conceivable. It has a mass three hundred thousand times that of the entire earth and delivers to earth each day energy equal to fifty thousand kilowatt  hours for each person now living on earth. Also, this rate of energy delivery will continue for several billions of years after all energy sources on earth have been exhausted.

If solar energy were properly developed, it would prove to be so much cheaper and more satisfactory than fossil or nuclear energy that it would

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

undercut and cheapen all such sources. Those who have invested many billions of dollars in fossil and nuclear energies are not likely to be enthusiastic about an energy source that would inevitably cheapen their present product. Since government, at all levels has always, when the chips are down, been more responsive to financial pressure than to the needs of the people, it is not likely that solar energy development will ever be energetically sponsored by government agencies, how ever much they may talk about it. Fortunately for the American people however, they do not have to wait for government or big business to act. The art has already progressed to the point where many varieties of solar energy usage have become competitive with any other source and dozens of small concerns are springing up to manufacture and distribute these items. Since they are profitable both to the buyer and the seller, it is probable that many of these concerns will grow rapidly and be able to do for themselves, the necessary research and development without waiting endlessly for assistance from government or big business which may never come.

Since sunlight is a universally distributed source of energy, it does not require huge corporations for its distribution and use, and a large number of small concerns may do the job as well, and perhaps better than a few very large ones. The probability is therefore, that the rather widespread use of solar energy will come about long before either government or big business are ready for it, or perhaps even realize that it is happening.



Juliana Lewis

The opinions of George Fox, one of seventeenth century England’s most striking personalities, were so advanced for his time that little attention would have been paid them had it not been for the unusual habits of speech and dress he acquired to promote them. He wore his hat at all times as a protest against the exaggerated etiquette of his day, refusing to remove it even in court or at church. He would not wear buttons on his clothes and in this and other ways made himself even more conspicuous.

As a youth, Fox had had no formal schooling and was an apprentice shoemaker for a number of years.

In his late teens he began taking long, solitary walks, giving serious thought to religion. Having found no satisfaction in the sermons of the Puritan preachers, he felt much distress of soul. At twenty-two years of age he reached his decision that Christianity was a way of life rather than a collection of doctrines, and began to train young men of like opinion to help spread his new gospel.

The “Valiant Sixty”, as he named them, soon grew to fifty thousand, and although they frequently underwent persecution, this seemed only to increase their ardor. Fox himself was often in prison, the first time being in 1649 when, at the close of a sermon in Nottingham, he stood up and contradicted the preacher’s statement that the source of religious authority was in the scriptures themselves. He shouted boldly, “No, it is not the scriptures; it is the spirit of God.”

Around 1650 he and his followers began to be called “Quakers.” In his journal Fox states that this name originated with a certain justice, Bennett, because Fox had remarked to some

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

magistrates that they should “tremble at the word of the Lord.”

The earliest Quakers themselves were subject to physical tremors induced by religious emotion, but through wise supervision by Fox, these were brought under control and soon ceased. However, public excitement over his methods did not.

At times his actions resembled those of the Hebrew prophets of old, as on the day he walked into Lichfield and strode up and down the streets shouting loudly “Woe to the bloody city of Lichfield. “

Fox’s central faith lay in “the inner light” and the belief that God spoke directly to men in the seventeenth century as He had in Bible times. The authority of this inner voice, or spiritual force, was supreme to him, and whatever that voice told him, he did, and whatever message it gave him, he spoke. And although his methods were sufficiently unconventional to land him in prison many times for disturbing the peace, he preached great humanitarian principles. His presence was so keenly missed when he died in London in 1691 that he was mourned even by his persecutors.

U.F.O. Department

U. N. Debates UFOs, Goes to the Movies

United Nations (AP) – “Prime Minister Eric Gairy of Grenada opened the first U.N. debate on UFOs, then led the diplomats to the movies Monday night to see “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.’

“‘This This is the fulfillment of my very high expectation … The world is looking on,’ the leader of the 12-by 21-mile island in the Caribbean told the General Assembly’s special political committee made up of delegates from all 149 U.N. members.


“Gairy told a reporter of his own close encounter 21/2 years ago, when I was driving home at 2 or so in the morning.’

“‘It was a big object, a brilliant light, golden bright, moving at tremendous speed.’ he continued. `It was off at a distance. I couldn’t tell how far. It lasted perhaps three minutes. I’m not the only one. Other people on Grenada have seen them.’ “His speech to the political committee was brief, and then he and his party went off to dinner and an evening with Hollywood’s latest foray into the world of unidentified flying objects.

“The film’s distributors provided 300 free tickets for U.N. diplomats in advance of the debate. The tickets were distributed through the Grenada delegation. The Grenadans also handed out 300 free copies of a paperback book on UFOs.

“The solidly built, bespectacled Gairy, who intersperses religious thoughts in his UFO speeches, began his campaign two years ago. In an address to the General Assembly then, he called for a U.N. investigation of psychic phenomena. Last year, in another assembly speech, he proposed that UFOs be studied also.

“Gairy is not the only head of government to have reported a UFO sighting. President Carter says he saw one in Georgia in 1973. But Gairy is the only national leader who has made UFOs a key concern of his country’s foreign policy.

“Gairy has accused some nations – which he does not identify publicly – of stifling information they have collected about UFO sightings.”

Space agency spurns White House on UFO investigation

WASHINGTON (AP) – “The U.S. space agency has rejected a White House request to reopen a government probe into unidentified flying objects,

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

saying it would be `wasteful and probably unproductive.’

“But the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said it stands ready to analyze any `bona fide physical evidence from credible sources’ – evidence that it said has never been found.

“The rejection was made in a letter sent last week by NASA Administrator Robert Frosch to Dr. Frank Press, President Carter’s science adviser. Press said he accepted NASA’s conclusions and did not plan to pursue the matter further.

“In 1969, the Air Force closed the government’s formal UFO investigation, called Project Blue Book. After 22 years of study and consider. able expense, the Air Force concluded that, in the absence of significant findings, continuation of the project was unwarranted.

“In a letter to Frosch last July, Press asked that NASA become the government’s focal point in a `national revival’ of interest in reports of UFO sightings. He recommended that the agency establish a small panel of inquiry.

“Press said there was an upsurge in letters received by his office asking about UFOs, especially from young people. He said his staff was too small to answer them and assigned the job to NASA.

“Many of the recent letters, averaging two or three a day, have been prompted by the new UFO movie, `Close Encounters of the Third Kind.’ Several demand that Carter make good on a campaign promise that if there were any secrets about UFOs he would flush them out.

“Carter reported in 1973, while governor of Georgia, that several years earlier he had seen a UFO in the form of a `glowing light’ in the night sky. `I don’t laugh at people anymore when they say they have seen UFOs because I’ve seen one myself,’ Carter was quoted as saying.


“Frosch wrote Press that a NASA technical committee had carefully considered establishing a UFO panel. `I do not feel that we could mount a research effort without a better starting point than we have been able to identify thus far,’ he added.

“‘I would therefore propose that NASA take no steps to establish a research activity in this area or to convene a symposium on this subject.

“‘There There is an absence of tangible or physical evidence available for thorough laboratory analysis … To proceed on a research task without a disciplinary framework and an exploratory technique in mind would be wasteful and probably unproductive. “‘

Poet’s Corner

Ecology Apology

By Harry A. Koch

This world we live in is a mess—

Just take a look around;

There’s oil in our lakes and streams

And rubbish on the ground.

Junk cars are stacked in salvage yards

Piled as high as forty feet;

Wrappers, cans and bottles, too,

Are scattered on the street.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Noise from busy freeways

Keep some folks up half the night,

And the sun that peeks through heavy smog

Doesn’t seem to shine as bright.

Fish and fowl are in a jam—

They’ve got their troubles too,

Because of rivers caked with scum

we’re losing quite a few.

The vegetation’s turning brown

Near mills that belch black smoke,

And even on the city streets

Exhaust fumes make you choke.

Old worn-out tires line scenic routes

In almost every state;

Land for land-fills getting scarce—

All adding to our fate.

Nature’s giving her resources,

Still the outlooks hard to figure;

The population’s growing fast—

But the earth’s not getting bigger!

Perhaps man will devise a plan

And do something about it—

Eliminating air pollution

And cities that are crowded.

Then maybe this old battered globe

Will face a changing scene,

And when the job is done, at least,

We’ll breath some air that’s clean.



We are all familiar with the approach to physical well-being practised by the medical physician. Another view of health and well-being is that of the homeopathic practitioner. With this issue of Understanding there begins a series of articles by Dr. R.W. Reid, a homeopathetic practitioner. And for those who may not know what homeopathy is, the Random House College Dictionary describes it thus: “The method of treating disease by drugs, given in minute doses, that would produce in a healthy person symptoms similar to, those of the disease.”

Understanding magazine presents this subject to its readers in the same impartial way that all other subjects are presented: not to endorse or deny the validity of the concept but merely to inform those interested.

According to Dr. Reid, “The body consists of 78% water, 22% minerals (19.1% organic minerals, sugar, fats and starches and 2.9% inorganic minerals.) There are 12 inorganic minerals which the body needs. These are called cell salts. In this issue and the following issues I will endeavor to cover each of the cell salts and their functions in conjunction with their respective Zodiac signs. Disease is an altered state of the cells of the body; a body at unease or disease.

The cell salt the body calls most for during Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) is sodium chloride. Persons born in the Aquarius period should acquire under-standing between natural and adulterated salts. Foods containing an abundance of sodium chloride are strawberries, chestnuts, coconut, apples, lentils, carrots, leaf lettuce, cabbage, spinach, cucumber and asparagus.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The Aquarius person has an attraction for comfrey, marigold, bayberry, mistletoe, walnut, snake root, southern wood (old man), and valerian (lady slipper).

Dr. Reid states that he is writing a book on this subject and it will be reviewed in this magazine when it is printed.

Letters to the Editor


Dear Sir,

I should be much obliged if you would kindly send me some information about your organization “Understanding”, about which I have learned in your book some time ago.

Have you written more than one book, and if so how can I come over them?

Yours faithfully.

O. Sormon

Nya Allen 6,

41138 – Goteborg. (Sweden)

Mr. Daniel W. Fry, Editor

Star Route. Box 588F

Tonopah, Arizona 85354. USA

Dear Mr. Fry:

Enclosed is one dollar, in return for which I would like to request that you send me a copy of your magazine and/or your editorial guidelines.

I live in southern France, which is – as you undoubtedly know -a land of predilection of UFO’s (or OVNI’s, as they are called here). It seems to me that your readers would be interested in reports of these phenomena on this side of the ocean, if for no other reason than to see how they compare with sightings in America.

I am enclosing a large, self-addressed envelope. Thank you for your attention.


Peggy Rigaud

21 Rue du Fog Boutonnet

Montpellier 34000 France



Dr. Ron Anjard

I’d like to share with you an interesting aspect of the name, Jesus. First I need to give a little explanation. You may or may not know that the Hebrew language was extremely complex and symbolic. It did not, like Egyptian or Mayan, use vowels ; just consonants. In Hebrew, each letter, each con-sonant had definite meanings. Each had both a verbal meaning and a numerical value. Thus, each word had complex inner meanings.

According to Hebrew Scholars, the pronunciation of Jehovah is Yahweh. It has four letters: Yod He Vah Heh. These mean Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These in turn have other suggested_ meanings being: Radiance, Magnetism, Movement and Stability, or the creative forces.

I have been further advised that the Hebrew pronunciation of Jesus is Yod-He-Shin-Vod (or Vah or Vav)-Heh. The added Shin in the middle, linking the other aspects, reportedly means Spirit.

Thus, Yah-Heh-Vah-Heh or Jehovah is an ancient Jewish name for all creative forces. It is this Shin or the Spirit which links us all to God. Symbolism, yesterday and today, then, is very important in developing our understandings.

Books, Books!

Ether-Technology: a rational approach to gravity control, is the title and sub-title of a book written by an author who has used the pseudonym of Rho Sigma. It is the first of a series entitled “Professional study series for the New Age Scientist.”

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

And again a sub-title of “New Knowledge in the Making.” The foreword is by Capt. Edgar D. Mitchell. And that foreword alone is worth a serious look by the reader.

The meat of the work is a very complete anthology of those scientists whose works have convincingly demonstrated the inescapable relationship between electro-magnetic and gravitational forces. This is indeed a book for the new age scientist. Others will not be interested because its concepts are profound and vital to the New Age. We recommend it enthusiastically to all who are working to develop the ideal form of mobility.

Among those scientists whose works are listed in the book are; T. Townsend Brown, P.E., whose work under and with Professor Biefeld of Denison University resulted in the discovery of the force now known as the Biefeld-Brown effect, T. Galen Hieronymus and Daniel W. Fry.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Two works which have come to us from our friends in India are also recommended for those interested in changing the level of consciousness (recommended in the above book by Capt. Edgar D. Mitchell) are “Yoga for National At-One-Ment” by Dr. Bhabes Chandra Chaudhuri and edited by Dr. S.S. Agarwal. The second book by the same author “His Name,” and edited by Dr. Sarad. Both books deal with the need for man to under-stand and love his fellow man. His Name is written in poetic free-form.



To meet the challenge of the coming year for Understanding, Inc. a new and enthusiastic crew of Officers and Directors were elected at the annual meeting October 23rd. Some of them have served long and faithfully, others are new and will bring new ideas and energy to act on the projects of the organization. Some you will recognize, some we’ll introduce. President, Daniel W. Fry; Executive Vice-President, Mrs. Lee Yates (Barbara); 1st Vice-President, Jeffrey Perry, (Jeff has been a Director for two years and has shown both ability and interest in the work of Understanding), 2nd Vice-President, Iver Jones who is a Life Member of the organization; Recording Secretary, Barbara Yates; Corresponding Secretary, Florence Fry; Treasurer, Clarence Gahlbeck; President of Unit #15, Inglewood; Membership Chairman, Laura Gilbert, active member of the Deming Unit; Magazine Circulation Manager, Jeffrey Perry; Associate Editors; Florence Fry, Virginia Perry and Paul Wilkinson of Phoenix. (Paul is writing a book of poetry and he has published in Understanding magazine.)

Directors for the coming year are: Daniel W. Fry, Helen Doyle, Hetty Miller, Clarence Gahl-beck, Dr. Robert W. Reid, John (Bill) Boushka, Rev. B.T. Cullen, David Coleman, Rev. Audrey Gibson and Associate Directors Ray Greaves and Iver Jones.

The delegates tried to bring about a good geographic distribution of Directors. From Phoenix, Az. are Helen Doyle, Hetty Miller and David Cole man. From California, Clarence Gahlbeck, Rev. Cullen and Iver Jones and Ray Greaves. From New York, Bill Boushka and from Deming, N. Mexico, Rev. Audrey Gibson.

A mid-year meeting of the Officers and Directors will be held at Tonopah in March.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

There are many problems to be resolved in the year ahead – perhaps we should have said Opportunities! For such they are. Understanding has never asked for donations but Understanding, Inc. has never before owned property either! And there are now 55 acres of beautiful desert land that must be developed if this Center is to realize the dream of its Founder – or more truly – the plan of a young man who came from space and spent 27 years here trying to bring about peace. Alan suggested the organization of Understanding for he said, that is what is lacked here on this planet. Understanding Inc. like every other movement of a constructive kind needs money. Money for postage; money to print a magazine; money for printing brochures and putting on conventions.

In this coming year, please give to Under-standing!! Make your memberships Contributing ($10.00) or Sustaining ($25.00) or better still, make them Life memberships for $500.00. (It doesn’t all have to be paid at once, it can be in $25.00 installments, monthly or quarterly).

Those of you who subscribe to the magazine but are not members could help by becoming members. What with magazine mailing costs, paper and printing going up, up UP, Understanding magazine must either raise its subscription rates, publish bi-monthly or have all subscribers become contributing members. (There is an associate membership too but it hardly pays the postage to notify members of annual dues). This is not to demean associate memberships. They will be welcomed as always, for Understanding seeks to spread under-standing to all, not just those who can easily afford it. But we must also be realistic and that means money to pay the bills!

Please let us know what you think about publishing the magazine bi-monthly, that is combining two months issues rather than having 10 issues as presently. Bi-monthly issues would make six, rather than ten per year.


There is another way, of course, to support the work of Understanding and that is by monthly donations. All donations to this non-profit organization are tax deductible. Receipts with our tax number will be sent to such donors.

Still another way to support the work of Under-standing is by coming here for winter vacations and working on the property to improve it. It is your property, you know. And there are weeds to dispose of, a garden to raise food for all needing it while in residence here. But seeds have to be planted, watered and loved into growing and be-coming edibles. There are buildings that need paint and doors that ought to be fixed, electric wiring that needs doing for lighting up the sign in front of the property. Need more be said? And when you can come and stay in your camper for $2.00 per day, or your mobile home, same cost, or in the Center building for $3.50 per day, why think of anywhere else? No other place in this winter vacationland can you stay over-night for such a small sum!

Remember, the Illumined Ones are working with you when you’re here!!

Bulletin board

For those of our readers who may be interested in the development of solar energy uses we offer the following bulletin – On Dec. 15, 1977

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

your editor Dan Fry, accepted the position of Director of Research for Sunpower Systems Inc., a rapidly growing concern which is now designing and building a number of practical and economical systems for the utilization of solar energy.

Far from accepting the pessimistic predictions of those whose fortunes are invested in oil or coal, that successful use of solar energy is still twenty years in the future, we maintain that it is here and now for whoever chooses to accept it, and we propose to make it available to all who do.

We will be happy to mail complete information to anyone who would like to know more about our products, or who is just curious about solar energy. A post card will put you on our mailing list and, like a certain T.V. coffee ad, it may, “save you money. “

Travel Time Again

The Frys are traveling again. This time to the sunny southeast. Florida and all points between there and Arizona. The first Florida lecture will be in Miami, Jan. 22nd. For further information call 305/757-6642. The Frys will be there January 20th. A second lecture will be given in Lauderdale, of-the-Lakes, January 27th at 2 PM in the city hall, The third lecture will be given January 30th in Fort Lauderdale at 7:30 PM. For further information call the Rev. Linda Georgian, 305/563-8110. The fourth scheduled lecture will be a work-shop and lecture combined in Hollywood, Fla. The sponsor is the Rev. Lilia Logette. For more information about time and topic call her at 305/ 920-4623.

JANUARY-FEBRUARY 1978          19


6c per word per insertion;

3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

Rare BERYL. Chain bracelet with one opaque BERYL stone. The ancients claimed that BERYL was helpful when applied to painful areas. $6.00


Plain, unvarnished copper bracelet. $5.00. Both suitable for men or women.

BODES, 5017 Timberwolf, El Paso, TEXAS 79903

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

AVAILABLE SOON – Cassette Tapes of the `Man in Space’ convention lectures. AL WRIGHT, (Project Director for the ‘Space Shuttle’) – “The Age of Aero-Space Transportation.”

PAT CODY, (Director of Aero-Space Education, Pacific Region, U.S.A.F.) – “Our Aero-Space Heritage.”

DR. RAY BROWN, (H.M.D., Ph. D.) – “Your Health In Space.”

DR. DANIEL W. FRY – (President of Understanding, Inc.) – “Preparing to Live in Space.”

DR. MERVIN STRICKLER, (Chief of Aviation Education Pro-grams Div., F.A.A.) – “Russian Aero-Space Education Training.”

All Tapes – $5.25 ea. (Postpaid). Send orders to ‘Tapes’, c/o Understanding, Inc., Star Route Box 588F, Tonopah, Arizona 85354.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

If you were one of the unlucky who couldn’t get to the Space Age Energy convention there will be tapes available at $5.00 each or any six of the series for $25.00. Topics and speakers are:

The Many Varieties of Energy ………..            Daniel W. Fry

Your Mind and Its Wonderful Abilities ……….          Rev. Ben Cullen

Energy – A Long-Range, Space Age View …… Charles L. Gould

Practical Approaches to Concentrating Collectors ……………. William Matlock

Utilization of Energy in Radionics ………. Rev. Henry Nagorka

Psychic Energy as Used by a Medium ……. Rev. Diane Nagorka

Hydrogen – the Ideal Motor Fuel ………. Daniel W. Fry


Understanding Magazines for


Are now available in convenient Yearbooks.

Price: $2.00 per volume, plus 25c for handling.

Issues 1958 through 1967 at $1.00 per volume, plus 25c handling.

Understanding, Inc.

Star Route Box 588F

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NINE FACES OF CHRIST-Inspired book of a Messiah crucified 57 years B.C. Search for The Meaning of Life in ancient and Sacred Mysteries. Explains deeper meanings of the Bible, Yoga, Metaphysics and Mysticism.

(290 pp. $10.50)

SONG OF GOD-Poetic setting of 4,500 year-old Hindu Sacred Book Bhagavad Oita for Modern Americans. Mystic teachings of ancient Yogis. In free-verse, poetry and sonnets. For readers with Christian background.

(108 pp. $4.00)

DIARY INTO THE UNKNOWN-ESP experiments of Great Western University. Transmental adventure from tamper-proof diaries. Subjective conclusions.

(170 pp. $5.00)

PRICELESS INGREDIENT – Psychology of human control, man’s relationship to man. Guide to leadership, personality and spiritual development.

(50 pp. $2.00)

TECHNIQUE OF EFFECTIVE PRAYER – Prayer technique and philosophy on which one dares risk life itself. Guide to man’s relationship to God.

(50 pp. $2.00)




Enclosed is $20.00 for ALL FIVE BOOKS.




Power of the Mind Physical Aspects of ESP


Science and Superstition

Relativity of Reality


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by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

To Men of Earth &

White Sands Incident

(softbound)     $3.00

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

(hardbound)   $3.00

(softbound)     $2.00

Steps to the Stars

(softbound)     $2.00

Atlantean Fire Crystals &

Physical Basis of ESP

(Cassette Tape-90 min.) $4.00

Merlin Publishing Company

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