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VOLUME XXII                             NOVEMBER, 1977                                   NUMBER 9

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


(The Ultimate Energy Source)

As the world reserves of fossil fuels gradually approach their inevitable vanishing point, alternate energy sources are becoming a more and more widely discussed subject. The optimist and the pessimist, as usual, take widely divergent views of the future and what it holds for mankind.

One of the tragicomic situations which is some-times humorously, and sometimes seriously predicted for the future, is that, just at the moment when we finally completed our wonderful chain of inter-state highways, linking every city in the country with every other city, we will run completely out of gas, and the entire system will become totally useless. Millions of automobiles, trucks and other motor vehicles will be rusting away in their garages or upon whatever part of the highway they used the last of their fuel. Trains and busses will no longer make their runs, and even air travel will cease to function. Every individual will be limited in his travel to the distance he or she can walk, or pedal their bicycle, if they are fortunate enough to have one. (No new

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

ones would be made, of course, because, even if they could be manufactured without fossil fuels, there would be no way in which they could be distributed without having any transportation available.

The actual situation will not, of course, be quite so severe, nor will it come about nearly as abruptly as indicated in this gloomy prediction. In the first place, the final end of the petroleum supply, while it will certainly be reached at some time, will not come about suddenly or unexpectedly. As the ratio between supply and demand gradually worsens, the price of fuel and the taxes levied upon it, will constantly be raised until it becomes a luxury item, available only to those few in the upper income brackets. At some point in its increasing cost, other fuels already known, will become competitive, and will gradually replace petroleum products as fuels for internal combustion engines. While almost all such engines made today are especially designed for use with petroleum products as fuels, there are a number of other substances which could be used with only minor changes in the carburetor or in the engine. Few of these substances however, are available in sufficient quantities to supply any significant part of the present huge demand for motor fuel. In some cases production of the alternate fuel might be increased substantially, but in general, there simply is not enough raw material available to replace the present consumption of petroleum products. The most notable exception to this rule is the element Hydrogen which, as one of the components of ordinary water, is one of the most readily available and abundant of the elements on the earth’s surface.

In the technological offing, there has been for some time, the prospect of achieving the controlled fusion of hydrogen with hydrogen to produce the element helium as the product of a series of nuclear actions. This is the same type of fusion reaction

NOVEMBER, 1977                    3

which releases most of the energy which the sun is constantly radiating. Unfortunately, the fusion of hydrogen, by any process now known, requires temperatures and pressures far beyond the ability of any known matter to contain. Consequently, both the reacting materials and their products must be contained within a plasma which, in turn, must be contained by very strong electric or magnetic fields. Also, the initiation energy of the reaction is far greater than that produced by any form of chemical energy, and so some form of nuclear energy must be used, or an extreme concentration of electromagnetic energy such as can be achieved by some laser systems. All of these factors present very stubborn and difficult problems and, while there is little doubt that they can eventually be solved to a degree that will permit a significant amount of energy to be produced in this manner, it is likely always to be a complicated, difficult and somewhat dangerous process. It would seem logical therefore that science and technology should consider going one step beyond the simple fusion of hydrogen, and begin to study the possibility of converting it entirely into energy; a process which just might turn out to be somewhat simpler and more readily controlled than the fusion plan, and one which would yield approximately one thousand times as much energy per gram of hydrogen used. Of course the mere proposal will probably be met with amused smiles, or perhaps even shouts of laughter by the scientific community, which will point out that no such process is known to, or has even been considered by science or technology. This statement is probably true, and it is for this very reason that we strongly urge that it be considered now.

As almost everyone knows, simple hydrogen atoms consist entirely of a single positively charged proton as their core, and a single negatively charged electron which forms a shell of force about it. If two

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

such hydrogen atoms at the same frequency and quantum state, were placed side by side in space, and at rest with respect to each other, they would be at the same energy level in every respect, and there would be no way in which energy or work could be derived from their relationship to each other. If, however, we could, in some way induce one of the atoms to reverse polarity, that is, cause the proton to become negative and the electron to become positive (both of which conditions have been created by action of the Bevatron) the two would still be at the same quantum state, at the same frequency and at rest with respect to each other. To all outward appearances there would have been no change whatever in the energy level of the reversed polarity atom. Between the two atoms however, there is now the greatest energy differential that can exist in matter, and if the two atoms are now brought together, they will convert each other entirely into energy according to the well known, but little understood formula or equation E=MC2 or an amount of energy equal to about twenty million kilowatt hours for each gram of matter, or mass, so converted. Since an ordinary copper penny weighs about three grams, it contains energy equal to about sixty million kilowatt hours. One can see at once how the power companies are cheating us. They sell us a single kilowatt hour for about a nickel, while every penny contains sixty millions of them. There are those who would object that since no more energy can ever be taken from a system than is put into it, an equivalent amount of energy would have to be expended to cause the atom to reverse polarity, but if this were true, surely the reversed atom would manifest in some way, the tremendous amount of energy (equal to its own mass) which it had absorbed. Yet the atom is still at the same frequency, the same quantum state and at rest physically. While it may, and probably does, require an environment of high energy level to induce

NOVEMBER, 1977                    5

a reversal of polarity, it is obvious that none of the energy is absorbed by the atom in the process, and therefore the energy subsequently released by its conversion is essentially net gain. Even if it did require energy equal to its own mass to reverse the polarity of the atom, however, note that it subsequently converts both itself and an untreated atom entirely to energy, so that the process would still be 50% efficient.

While some may express doubt that any means can ever be found to cause even the simplest of atoms to reverse polarity, there is convincing evidence that the process does not occur to some small extent in the sun and other stars, and to a much greater extent in novas and supernovas. It may also be a partial explanation for the inexplicable amounts of energy emitted by the quasars. In any event, this is an age when the impossible of yesterday becomes the commonplace of today, and no possibility that can be conceived by the mind should be ignored simply because it seems to be somewhat beyond the parameters of present day physics. After all, our physics books have been written many times in the past, and will probably be rewritten at least a few times in the future.

Although every student of science and almost everyone else has heard of the mathematical equation E =MC2, which describes the relationship between matter or mass and energy, and while the student may accept it as an academic fact, few minds are capable of fully grasping its true meaning. As incredibly powerful as are the energies released in the explosion of fission or fusion bombs, only about one thousandth part of the mass is converted to energy. Only a tiny part of the binding energy of the atom is used. All of the nuclear particles remain unchanged. From time to time we hear complaints that verge upon ridicule, of the wasteful inefficiency of our heat engines, gas engines, steam engines,

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

etc. Because of the inherent limitations of the Carnot cycle, they can use only about 35% of the energy present, and other factors reduce this to somewhere in the neighborhood of 20%. Such wasteful inefficiency is deplored by economists in science and industry, yet the same science now boasts of its wonderful prowess in developing a source of nuclear energy that has an overall efficiency of less than one tenth of one percent, leaving the remaining ninety nine and nine tenths of the fuel as a costly and somewhat dangerous residue of highly radio-active elements, in many combinations, impossible to keep and difficult to dispose of. It seems paradoxical therefore that we should complain of an efficiency rate of one tenth of one percent in nuclear reactions. Of course, even with the gross inefficiency of present nuclear reactions, the energy output is still very large compared with chemical energies, which is, perhaps, why such great pains and such tremendous amounts of money are being lavished upon a system that, by any reasonable standard, it hopelessly inefficient.

It is a simple fact that if all of the energy in a single cup of water could be released and controlled, it would be more than enough to have driven the huge steamship Queen Mary, and to have operated all of her equipment throughout all of the ocean crossings she ever made! The several hundred of thousands of tons of fuel that were burned in her tremendous boilers during her years of voyaging, could all be contained in a single cup of plain water!

For the past two hundred years the people of the United States have been known for their constant innovation. A people who were never satisfied with the status quo, and who worked continually and determinedly to improve everything in sight, and everything that could be dreamed of. During the last few years, however, a considerable degree of self satisfied lethargy seems to have overtaken us. While

NOVEMBER, 1977                    7

other nations forge rapidly ahead, we seem content to plod along in many areas that should, long ago, have been thoroughly explored and exploited. A few decades ago, the mere impossibility of causing a hydrogen atom to reverse polarity would not for a moment have daunted our more energetic researchers, once it had been realized that in the solution of that problem lay unlimited energy for all people for all time. An energy that is non-polluting, leaves no residue to be disposed of, and which car. be adapted to any use.

The fact that polarity reversal does indeed occur under some environmental circumstances, proves, of course, that it can. It is only necessary therefore to determine the nature of the circumstances under which it occurs, and to learn how to create those circumstances at will, and in a controlled manner.

Since we are citizens of the United States, it is only natural to hope that our own researchers will reach the goal first, but whether we do or do not it is inevitable that someone will.

The often expressed idea that mankind will go whimpering back to his stone age caves simply because he has burned up all of the coal and oil that he discovered buried in the ground, is an unjustified insult to his technology. Whether or not the genus Homo is an intelligent species, may be a matter for debate, but there can be no question that it is a technological one. Unless and until that technology should wipe out mankind entirely, it can be depended upon to provide a constantly increasing command of energy for whatever use the intelligence or the whim of man may choose to make of it.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Report of the Center For U.F.O. Studies


In the five year period ending April, 1977, 4,026 U.F.O. sightings in the U.S. were reported to the Center For U.F.O. Studies, a nonprofit organization based in Evanston, Ill.

The organization studies all reports received by it and investigates those which seem to have significant features. Most of the study is concerned with two types of reports which are classified as Occupant Reports and Other Close Encounters. Occupant Reports are those in which living beings were seen within or very near the sighted U.F.O. Other Close Encounters are those in which the observers were within close range of the object sighted, usually within 500 feet or less.

During the five year period every state in the Union submitted reports and all except Alaska and Vermont had Occupant or Close Encounter reports. The total number of Occupant reports was 203 and the Close Encounters totaled 864 for a grand total of 1,067 close up observations. Surely there is no other subject on earth which could furnish such a mass of specific data and yet arouse so little interest on the part of the remaining public and responsible officials.

From the MAIL TRIBUNE, Medford, Oregon:


UNITED NATIONS (UPI) – “Tiny Grenada wants the United Nations to take time out from the Middle East, southern Africa and other world issues to investigate flying saucers because they may have a `hostile intent.’ The West Indian island, the smallest nation in the Western Hemisphere, has asked that its proposal to set up a U.N. agency on UFOs be included in the agenda for the upcoming 32nd session of the U.N. General Assembly.”

NOVEMBER, 1977                    9


From Washington to Florida and from Arkansas to California they came, 50 plus, to hear about solar power and space-age energy, mind energy and hydrogen fuel for cars (see editorial). In this last convention (the fifth) Understanding, Inc. became the bridge between physical and metaphysical sciences.

Henry and Diane Nagorka, ministers, and Ben and Jean Cullen, also ministers, spoke for the meta-physical listeners; Chuck Gould, Bill Matlock and Dan Fry spoke for the physical science and its role in the coming age.

“Chuck” (Charles L.) Gould from Rockwell International where he is project manager for Advanced research for NASA laid down facts in a firm but kindly way. Either we get into space and help provide the necessities of life for the under-privileged or we’ll suffer right along with them. It is inevitable. The resources of this planet are limited. We can pioneer in space and bring others back to this planet –or we can all feel deprivation. Space has un-limited resources. We must get them here.

We have the ability to do so. Significantly enough that ability was demonstrated today as this is written (Oct. 26th) when our space shuttle completed its fourth test in the air successfully. True it bounced a bit on landing – maybe a little overjoyed that the testing was done and the real business could now begin?  That space shuttle will play a major role in our exploration of the unlimited universe. You may even soar into the heavens on it someday – surely your children or your grandchildren will do so.

Following Chuck Gould, Bill Matlock, inventor and industrialist of Tempe, Arizona, showed slides of his solar concentrating panels. He quoted costs for installation that were not out of reason in terms of long-term ownership of homes. The savings in electrical

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

energy for other purposes was pointed out and the benefit to the atmosphere.

From the office of Governor Brown of California Mr. Gould brought a space picture. There were scenes from the astronauts moon-journey and scenes of this planet as seen from space. He also brought illustrations to show with his talk on an over-head projector. They were factual and graphic.

But it wasn’t all so serious. There was music. Jean Marie Cullen sang and what singing it was! The sands of the desert lay still and listened. Before the evening was over Lillie McKnight from Arkansas arrived and Lillie is a pianist of remarkable ability. She played and Jean Cullen sang and Paul Wilkinson master of ceremonies, led the audience in Let There Be Peace on Earth and the vibes from that song are still ringing around the headquarters of Under-standing. How Great Thou Art and finally on Sunday morning, The Lord’s Prayer, all blended in a harmony between all those attending the convention that will not soon be forgotten.

Thanks to the hard work of a young man, Ryan Warner, the Library is now finally in order and visitors loved going in and being able to find the book they had heard about. Thanks to Blanch Baum-gardner, the food was good and satisfying and almost enough for seconds-on most everything but the hot corn bread.

Sunday morning the new officers and board of directors were elected. Their names will appear in the December issue. And on Sunday morning a high point for Understanding, Inc. came with the granting of four charters to new units. They are, Rev. Ben T. Cullen, Unit #90, Spring Valley, Ca., The Rev. Jean Cullen, Unit #91, La Mesa, Ca., The Rev. Wilson Goold, Chula Vista, Ca., and the Rev. Henry Nagorka Washington, D.C. The latter unit will probably be the largest one of all. There are 100 members of the National Spiritual Science Church and the majority of them will become members of the Unit.

NOVEMBER, 1977                    11

It was a great convention! The greatest yet on this desert place. But the next one may be even greater for Jeff Perry, youngest director and organizer of Unit #85, will take charge of the next convention. Jeff was elected a vice-president of the organization at the annual meeting.

That was what happened at the convention. But the things that happened before the convention were especially important too. The plumbing wasn’t in the best shape when Don and Laura Gilbert from the Deming Unit arrived. But Don fixed all the leaks and kinks in the pipes and the evaporative coolers got some of his skill and attention too. The latter got even more attention from Ray Ballo, Chelan, Washington, retired electrician, who took motors apart and put them back together so they ran like new.

And Laura Gilbert deserves a crown for taking over the 20,000-odd magazines which on Monday before the convention stood piled around the auditorium floor. She bundled them by month and by year and then stacked them conspicuously in the rotunda of the Center building, on shelves and Charles Delmonico from Florida made a sign on a gallon-size mayonnaise jar that suggested donations for as many magazines as anyone could take to pass on to others! And many, many of the magazines disappeared with that suggestion. (There are still plenty left should any of you wish to send for a bundle of them with a donation large enough to pay the mailing costs, please!

So much love and laughter ringing around this place for three days has left a joyous residue in the air. But the quiet, by contrast is a bit lonely. Only the memory remains of old friends greeting other old friends, new friends getting acquainted with long-time members and strangers to Understanding becoming acquainted and joining.

It was the best convention Understanding has had here but the next one will be even better with Jeff Perry at the head of arrangements.

12                                                                                       UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner


Florence A. Peterson

Activities abound for me.

I rarely lack for energy.

My wardrobe follows modern trends,

And hair is styled to meet those ends.

It seems to me I’m up-to-date.

Advancing age I under-rate.

Then plop! Some youth will come and offer

To guide my steps, or politely proffer

The easiest chair, and then I see

An aging image, that must be me.


Joseph Di Cesare

Methinks your verse cries
out loudly to be prose;

This comes from mistaking
a weed for a rose.

Poetry is not true
if it must explain,

Why the billowy chaff
is less than the grain.

And words are merely words,
empty of the song,

If one sings to the Muse
with a voice gone wrong.

NOVEMBER, 1977                    13


Breakthrough Reported in Removal

of Hydrogen From Water

Los Angeles Times:

CHICAGO – “California Institute of Technology scientists have developed a dye which produces hydrogen gas from water exposed to ordinary sun-light.

The development, revealed here at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society by Harry B. Gray, a Cal Tech chemistry professor, could eventually become a significant source of energy. `Hydrogen is an excellent fuel,’ Gray said, useful for a wide variety of energy and industrial purposes. Although abundant in water, the trick is to break apart the water molecule and liberate the hydrogen.

`That requires energy,’ Gray said, `and we’re getting that energy from sunlight. No one has done this before except with ultraviolet radiation and, of course, very little of this particular solar energy gets through the earth’s atmosphere. But with our process, we could generate hydrogen on the roof of a building with ordinary sunlight.’

The dye, a complex molecule containing a pair of rhodium atoms, is essential to the Cal Tech process. When visible light strikes the compound, these metal atoms react to break down the bonds between oxygen and hydrogen atoms in the water molecules attached to the dye molecule.

Once the water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen, it is a relatively simple matter to draw off the hydrogen gas.

The dye gives the water a blue color at first, Gray explained, but as the rhodium atoms are oxidized, the color changes to yellow. To reverse the system and enable the reaction to continue indefinitely, a way must be found to return electrons into the solution. This has yet to be achieved.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

`What we’ve demonstrated in the laboratory,’ Gray said, `is the first half of the process. We haven’t yet done the second half (returning electrons to the dye molecule) although we have several ideas on how this might be done. We don’t regard it as a major problem.’

Gray and his Cal Tech co-workers, Dr. Kent Mann and undergraduate Nathan Lewis, are collaborating with Dr. Mark Wrighton of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on a return system. Wrighton has been experimenting with light-sensitive electrodes which generate a strong flow of oxygen gas from dissociated water. It is possible, Gray said, that the Cal Tech and MIT processes could be joined to establish a continuous, balanced hydrogen-generating system.

At the moment, the Cal Tech professor of chemistry emphasized, the process is only a laboratory experiment and a great deal of research must be done before any kind of operational system could evolve.

Bulletin board

Director, Helen Doyle has been a traveling ambassador for Understanding, Inc. In June and July she toured Europe, talked with our good friends Anthony Brooke and Gita Keiller and was invited by them to attend a week-long peace conference at their

NOVEMBER, 1977                    15

foundation of Peace Through Unity. Helen reported that there were 25 leaders of other movements present and the week was one of concentrated consciousness for peace.

In London Helen met and talked with Richard Lawrence of the British UFO Society and plans are in the making for Richard to form a unit of Under-standing, Inc. there.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

A telephone communication this past week came from Masato Yasuda, Tokyo, Japan. Through a friend and interpreter who visited here last fall, he informed Dr. Fry that his book To Men of Earth had’ been translated into Japanese and 15,000 copies were sold there. It is, he stated, regarded by the Japanese people as the Bible of UFOs.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

There has been a bumper crop this year from the Understanding gardens. Honeydew melons, zuccini, pumpkins, watermelons, and several other varieties of squash. They made a colorful decor for the convention along with bronze mums. (Not the water-melons or honeydews! They have been consumed!)

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Our good friend and honorary International Director, Herbert D. Clark is sending us material on The World Symposium on Humanity. If you are interested in taking part in this movement toward a World Symposium you may contact Mr. Clark at 885 Keith Road, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 1M4. Or if you wish further information you may write to 1962 West 4th Ave., V6J 1M5. This movement is sponsored by the Club of Rome.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING



Peggy Shackelton

Education will be one thing in this immediate, rather chaotic transition period between Piscean Age values and understandings and New Age concepts, and it will be quite another in the heart of the golden period of the Aquarian Age when the advancement in the consciousness of the majority of Earthlings will permit the fact of the soul to be the foundation of all education.

That the soul exists and directs the destiny, how-ever brief on the earth plane, of “the human evolving entity is known by the world’s disciples and initiates, but the masses (and this includes many of the so-called intellectuals) have not as yet opened their receiving channels for the soul’s energy, and the soul is not, to them, a reality. As the light on this planet increases, and as disciples accept their commitment to teach the science of how to align the personality with the soul, there will be a retrieval of truth about man and no further denial of his Identity and the true purpose of humanity as it links with the spiritual Hierarchy. Every man will know himself to be God expressing through the vehicles we call personality. With the abolishment of the ancient, separative duality education will center and focus on the fulfillment of the soul’s destiny, and the `teacher’ will be one who can know from the Buddhic or Intuitive level of consciousness what each God-expression has as Its Divine purpose. Teachers will be highly evolved initiates who operate with full clairvoyance (clear perception) concerning the rays of energy which appear in the human aura. Their psychic gifts will be the authentic ones and not those presently tainted by the astral plane’s distortions.

These teachers will help children and their parents know from birth what to focus on and how to connect with their soul’s ray of energy. Teachers will know, without guesswork, when to supply confirmation, when to clarify, when to stand completely

NOVEMBER, 1977                    17

aside and let the person work through an experience alone, when to provide the battery power of a direct linking of the teacher’s consciousness with that of the student, when to heal and exactly what method to use (this is a science of energies, which we are well into right now).

In the beginning there will be instructors for helping children acquire the skills of literacy (later these will be replaced by direct-knowing, by remembrance) but the one known as ‘teacher’ will not be involved with these processes except as they facilitate creative explorations which the soul claims as its birthright. Creativity is inherent in the nature of the atom, and man is an atom in the greater body of the universe. Teachers will provide information on how to activate magnetic energy and release radiatory energy and when to use these processes, for the science of creating will depend upon this know-ledge. Man is co-creator with the I AM.

The science of color and sound will be part of each soul’s curriculum (taught by our Angel partners), and the effects of these aspects of energy will soon orient students to the fact that the universe is One, that God is All, that God is known to us as energy. As the third eye opens in individuals, the revelation of color and sound in their higher aspects will be commonplace and not disputable any more. Then we shall learn to master these energies.

There will be a coming together of the mystic and the occultist. Mystics will find themselves being taught the great laws governing energy so that their .mystical experiences are no longer isolated and uncontrolled but understood and available upon completion of known conditions. The occultist will find himself lifted into Atmic consciousness to experience directly and in full control both the Immanent and the Transcendent Consciousness, Whose laws he has `known about’ for many lives. When these states are attained, `death’ will be known for the illusion it is and abolished as a factor in human consciousness.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Levitation and teleportation will be facts experienced early on by students in their mastery of the spiritual laws governing matter. Direct communication from consciousness to consciousness without the use of words will be taken for granted, and the power of silence will be experienced for the reality that it is. There will be no more idle speech! Students will know (they will see them) what thought forms are built through the sounds that come from the throat center, the higher creative center, and there will be spiritual discretion. The techniques of visualization will be taught as a rudimentary precursor to manifestation, and each person will have full evidence that he is the creator of his world thereby instilling a corresponding responsibility (Love) for what he manifests. The visualization of symbols and the translation of symbols appearing in the mind will be part of the instruction which teachers will give so the Intuitive powers can replace those of the lower, concrete mind.

Students will experience Love as an actual substance, a qualified energy as basic to the atom as creativity, holding atoms together, and teachers will, themselves, be magnetic centers of Love-energy holding together groups of students who are part of this atom. Students will be helped to know their true place as part of this group (or groups) and to function with perfection in the group purpose. Identity will be inclusive, not exclusive as it now is.

The interesting thing is that all this is available now for anyone who can relinquish separativeness and focus his eyes on the soul’s Reality. The Kingdom is within, and the I AM waits for us to open to receive the largesse of that ever-present Love. The only true Teacher is the I AM within each one. There is no other.

In the full Aquarian Age we shall live this Reality, and all limitation will drop away, thus freeing us to be Who we really Are. But we need not wait. The time of the claiming is left to us, and it can be now.

NOVEMBER, 1977                    19


6c per word per insertion;

3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

Rare BERYL. Chain bracelet with one opaque BERYL stone. The ancients claimed that BERYL was helpful when applied to painful areas. $6.00


Plain, unvarnished copper bracelet. $5.00. Both suitable for men or women.

RODES, 5017 Timberwolf, El Paso, TEXAS 79903

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

AVAILABLE SOON – Cassette Tapes of the `Man in Space’ convention lectures. AL WRIGHT, (Project Director for the ‘Space Shuttle’) – “The Age of Aero-Space Transportation.”

PAT CODY, (Director of Aero-Space Education, Pacific Region, U.S.A.F.) – “Our Aero-Space Heritage.”

DR. RAY BROWN, (H.M.D., Ph. D.) – “Your Health in Space.”

DR. DANIEL W. FRY – (President of Understanding, Inc.) – “Preparing to Live in Space.”

DR. MERVIN STRICKLER, (Chief of Aviation Education Pro-grams Div., F.A.A.) – “Russian Aero-Space Education Training.”

All Tapes – $5.25 ea. (Postpaid). Send orders to ‘Tapes’, c/o Understanding, !nc., Star Route Box 588F, Tonopah, Arizona 85354.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

If you were one of the unlucky who couldn’t get to the Space Age Energy convention there will be tapes available at $5.00 each or any six of the series for $25.00. Topics and speakers are:

The Many Varieties of Energy ………. Daniel W. Fry

Your Mind and Its Wonderful Abilities ………. Rev. Ben Cullen

Energy – A Long-Range, Space Age View …… Charles L. Gould

Practical Approaches to Concentrating Collectors ……………. William Matlock

Utilization of Energy in Radionics ………. Rev. Henry Nagorka

Psychic Energy as Used by a Medium ……. Rev. Diane Nagorka

Hydrogen – the Ideal Motor Fuel ………. Daniel W. Fry


Understanding Magazines for


Are now available in convenient Yearbooks.

Price: $2.00 per volume, plus 25c for handling.

Issues 1958 through 1967 at $1.00 per volume, plus 25c handling.

Understanding, Inc.

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NINE FACES OF CHRIST-Inspired book of a Messiah crucified 57 years B.C. Search for The Meaning of Life in ancient and Sacred Mysteries. Explains deeper meanings of the Bible, Yoga, Metaphysics and Mysticism.

(290 pp. $10.50)

SONG OF GOD-Poetic setting of 4,500 year-old Hindu Sacred Book Bhagavad Oita for Modern Americans. Mystic teachings of ancient Yogis. In free-verse, poetry and sonnets. For readers with Christian background.

(108 pp. $4.00)

DIARY INTO THE UNKNOWN-ESP experiments of Great Western University. Transmental adventure from tamper-proof diaries. Subjective conclusions.

(170 pp. $5.00)

PRICELESS INGREDIENT – Psychology of human control, man’s relationship to man. Guide to leadership, personality and spiritual development.

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TECHNIQUE OF EFFECTIVE PRAYER – Prayer technique and philosophy on which one dares risk life itself. Guide to man’s relationship to God.

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Power of the Mind

Physical Aspects of ESP


Science and Superstition

Relativity of Reality


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White Sands Incident

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Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

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