September, 1977

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VOLUME XXII                             SEPTEMBER, 1977                                 NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Very few persons, even top politicians, remember just how the present period of `Detant’ with the Republic of China, first got under-way. Politicians had nothing to do with it, neither did strategists, economists or foreign aid. It did not begin with any treaty or even promises. It began actually, with the experimental deployment of the most powerful weapon the United States has ever had. Because we believe that it is time to remind our policy makers of this most potent, but seldom used weapon, we are reprinting herewith, our editorial of June 1971, when it all began.


Many years ago, a well known philosopher said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” During the past month however, we have witnessed the debut of an instrument of international politics which seems to be considerably more powerful than both of these combined. We refer, of course, to that simple, and hitherto seldom appreciated device known as the Ping-pong Paddle.

For more than twenty years both the pen and the sword have been used alternately, and sometimes simultaneously,

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

in the continuing effort to soften up the rather jaundiced view the Red Chinese have taken of world politics in general, and the U.S. Foreign Policy in particular. Although several millions of dollars worth of time and effort have been devoted to the pen, and several hundreds of billions have been spent upon the sword, no appreciable dent had been made in the Red Chinese armor of cold hostility and inflexible resolve. Then, without prior warning, a miracle occurred. A half-dozen politically naive, but sincere and friendly teenagers, armed only with ping-pong paddles, invaded the forbidden territory behind the Bamboo Curtain, in a five day campaign of conquest and, although they were defeated in almost every encounter, still came away with a victory which all of the armed might of the United States, and the carefully planned maneuvers of its top politicians had been unable to accomplish in twenty years.

Such a feat deserves careful study and analysis in the hope that our political leaders may learn something from it, as did the leaders of Red China. The Chinese ping-pong teams were acknowledged to be the world masters of the sport, and when our teams accepted the invitation to play against them, our players knew in advance that defeat was virtually inevitable. Consequently, the Chinese leaders were somewhat surprised when we accepted the invitation, since they had long held the opinion that U.S. teams engaged only in contests which it felt reasonably sure of winning. When our team arrived, smiling and friendly, played their best, took defeat cheerfully, and still remained friendly and cordial, the Chinese leaders were still more surprised. They were discovering, perhaps for the first time, that some Americans are more interested in people than in victory, and some of them can be quite normal and perhaps even likeable human beings.

Because the team matches were rather widely broadcast in China, our youthful representatives were able to bring this fact to the attention of a considerable portion of the Chinese populace and thus, in a few short days, were able to bring about more basic, people-to-people under-standing than had been achieved by all of our politicians in as many years.

SEPTEMBER 1977                   3


By Daniel Russ

One of the more interesting side effects that the United States race into space has produced is the immense amount of junk that she has put into orbit. Thousands of tons of satellites and multi-staged vehicle parts circle the Earth constantly. A good number of the satellites have long been dead due to battery failure, faulty instrument arrays, decaying orbits and so forth. Aside from the vast amount of metal we have shot into orbit, there are the space programs of the Soviet Union, China, France, Japan, and other technological innovators throughout the world, to be considered.

Another one of the more interesting and obscure side effects comes to light with some well documented case histories of the past two decades. Consider: In October of 1962, Anna, the “firefly” satellite was launched into orbit. Its original purpose was to provide a more accurate means of measuring the Earth. It was equipped with extremely powerful lights to shine down in strategically located telescopes. Towards the end of December, Anna blacked out. No signals could be sent to or received from Anna. Then, seven months later, technicians began receiving signals again. No explanation was ventured as to its sudden demise or equally sudden resurrection. Technicians were happy to see their million dollar lemon back on the road again.

Then, in May of 1963, Telstar was launched into the wild blue yonder. Suddenly and unaccountable, on July 16, 1963, it died. It stopped sending telemetry and one scientist attributed its untimely failure to the impact of

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

a meteorite. Three and one half weeks later, it resumed its operations just as abruptly and mysteriously as it had ended them. Once again, technicians were startled – but grateful.

Two years ago, Atlanta papers quoted Wayne Meshijian, a physics professor at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, as saying that something was interfering with the signals of two NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmosphere Administration) satellites over the area commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle. Meshijian reported that the satellites photograph an area twice. The first is a clear normal picture. The second is an infrared shot. This is normal procedure. However, whenever the satellite is over the Triangle, the infrared shot is wiped off the receiver.

Just recently still another odd occurrence has come to light. The Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Packages (ALSEPS) are automatic, isotope powered units designed to send back data on charged particles, seismic disturbances, magnetic fields and so on. Although their life expectancy does not exceed a year, two years ago the Apollo 14 ALSEPS receiver failed. After it came on again by itself in the middle of February last year, not only was the charged particle detector operational, but it was operating twenty four hours a day even though it was designed to operate only twelve hours a day.

Some speculation has blamed the Soviets for all this after having experimented with “killer satellites” designed to knock out our military communications satellites.

Others have speculated that extra-terrestrial intelligences are fooling around with our hardware. Still others just guess that its all in the mechanical failures inherent in any electronic gadgetry. Well – now we have self-repairing satellites.

It is important to keep our eyes open to all possibilities. There is much that science has yet to explain, denying such things does not explain them though. It is important to know what this means to us.

SEPTEMBER 1977                   5

The Biblical Approach:


By Russell J. Fornwalt

Everyone has a self-image. It is how he sees himself, not in his mirror, but in his mind. The man with the positive self-image sees himself as capable and confident. The one with the poor self-image may see himself as a worm – weak and worthless.

As long as it does not lead to exaggerated cockiness or conceit, a strong self-image is healthy and desirable. It is an asset in every department of life. And, as you might surmise, a poor self-image is a liability in business, marriage, sports, college, politics and social affairs. You simply cannot see yourself as insignificant and expect to be successful or secure.

Are you wondering where modesty and humility fit into the self-image picture? The person with the healthy and positive image of himself will practice modesty and humility in moderation. The man or woman with the poor self-image may convert these virtues into the vices of self-condemnation and self-degradation. True humility is not self-effacement or the negation of self-esteem.

Our concern here, then, is how to improve a poor self-image and raise one’s level of self-esteem. In some cases, as you may know, the self-image of people deteriorates to the point where they need psychiatric or other professional help. Such treatment can be expensive and time-consuming. Professional therapists charge up to

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

$100 an hour. The tedious and sometimes painful sessions may continue on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for as long as ten or fifteen years or until your money runs out.

But, if you are spiritually well-grounded, there is a cheaper, quicker and even more effective way of strengthening your self-image and enhancing your self-esteem. It is the Biblical approach. Begin now to see yourself as you are described in the Scriptures.

This does not mean that you will have to read the Book from cover to cover continuously. In one sense, the Bible is like a medicine cabinet. In that cabinet may be dozens of items; but when you have a cold or a headache or cut your finger, you use only the items which are appropriate – not everything on the shelves. Similarly, for the treatment of a poor self-image, you do not use every verse in the Bible. You read and reflect only upon those which fit the need.

To start your Scriptural therapy, then, turn to verse 27 in the first chapter of Genesis. Here are the words: “So God created man in his own image….” No doubt you have read the passage many times. Now read it with real feeling, belief and conviction. You are that man! Man created in the image of God! These are not just some glib words of a Biblical writer; they are the words of high authority and of truth. Memorize them, make them part of your consciousness and meditate upon their meaning and importance. Stand in front of your mirror and say, “God created me in His own image.” Declare it with all the force and conviction you can command. Soon your poor self-image will begin to shed itself.

What does it mean to be created in the image and likeness of God? It means that you were created with Divine potentials and the power to fulfill them. Realize this with reverence rather than with arrogance, and you will soon see how self-defeating it is to be self-effacing. To downgrade yourself is to disgrace yourself and to de-mean God, your Creator.

SEPTEMBER 1977                   7

Some people make the serious mistake of trying to upgrade their self-image by using artificial stimulants. Specifically, they resort to drugs and drinking. They think that cocaine or heroin will enhance their self-confidence. They believe that alcohol will alleviate their feelings of inadequacy, self-pity or worthlessness.

Narcotics and alcohol have no place in a regimen for improving one’s self-image. In the long-run, they make no positive contribution to the development of self confidence. They believe that alcohol will alleviate their feelings of inadequacy, self-pity or worthlessness. Narcotics and alcohol have no place in a regimen for improving one’s self-image. In the long-run, they make no positive contribution to the development of self-confidence. They lead straight to loss of self-control and a lowering of one’s resistance to other harmful diversions which should be carefully avoided. “Cocktail Confidence” or the self-image propped up by martinis is not long-lasting or psychologically healthy.

Nowhere – but nowhere – is a poor self-image sanctioned in the Bible. To be sure, we are advised not to be vain, pompous or self-exalting. But a truly healthy self-image is not vanity or conceit. It is healthy-mindedness and a spiritual quality of the highest order.

Another good passage for overpowering the poor self-image is this one: …… I am fearfully and wonderfully made….” Psalm 139.14. You have it on Scriptural authority to see yourself as the crowning glory of creation. You have every right to see yourself as God’s idea and God’s ideal. For in creating you in His own image, God endowed you with intelligence ingenuity, integrity and insight. He endowed you with an individuality unlike that of any other person.

“Thy hands have made me and fashioned me….” Psalm 119.73. And those wonderful hands made you a

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

marvel of mind, muscle, emotion and moral fibre. You are the finest in terms of form, physique and feeling quality. See yourself, then, not as a miserable creature but as God’s miracle of miracles.

Let your self-image be that of a winner. See yourself as destined to do great things. For, again, you have it on the highest authority, …… the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do….” John 14.12.

Along with the poor self-image often go feelings of self-hate, guilt, inadequacy, deprivement, isolation, depression and unworthiness. Sometimes it is just these very feelings that may cause men and women to indulge in some kind of self-abuse. It might be self-abuse by drugs, drinking, sexual promiscuity or some other destructive diversion.

There is no need to feel unworthy, no need to feel inadequate, no need to feel hapless, hopeless, helpless or hated. See yourself always as the recipient of God’s love, care, power, purpose and strength. “….it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12.32.

For your mental and physical health, general morale, happiness and harmony, and peace of mind a strong self-image is important. Wholesome living habits are important, too. To coin a phrase, “A man becomes what he thinks and drinks. “

A positive self-image is essential to success in every department of life. See yourself, then, as God created you. When you do you will love God, all mankind and yourself much more than you do now. It is no sin to love yourself, if we may use that word. It is a sin not to love yourself. In the last analysis, you have a lot about yourself to love.

SEPTEMBER 1977                   9


When a young man named Jimmy Carter was campaigning for the presidency of the United States, he made a number of promises to the American people.     One of the best remembered of these, at least by the U.F.O. enthusiasts, was the promise that, if elected, he would make public all information of the subject of U.F.O.s that was in the possession of the Federal Government. How many votes this promise brought him is problematical but, since the number of U.F.O. Buffs in this country is much larger than generally realized, it surely brought him some, perhaps just enough to create the slim margin of victory. In any event, Jimmy was elected, but in all of the months that have followed, he has never once discussed the subject, or even mentioned it aloud, at least not in the presence of any member of the public media. Perhaps Jimmy has learned, belatedly, that this is a subject which no high public official dares to discuss in public. Three previous presidents discussed the subject freely before their election, but said not a word afterward.  At least, Jimmy has never denied interest in the subject, as indicated in the following article.



by Thomas O’Toole

The Washington Post

WASHINGTON–President Carter filed two formal reports when he was governor of Georgia describing his

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

observation of an unidentified flying object to organizations that collect and promote UFO sightings as real but unexplained.

Carter filed a handwritten report in July, 1973, when the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma City sent him a printed form and asked him to fill it out and describe his UFO experience.

Carter filed a typewritten report three months later when the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena in Kensington, Md., sent him a similar form.

Both organizations wrote to Carter because of an offhand comment he had made at a Southern governors’ conference. Carter was quoted in several Southern newspapers as having said: “I don’t laugh at people any more when they say they’ve seen UFOs, because I’ve seen one myself. “

A year ago, during the presidential campaign, Carter laughed off a report that he had seen a UFO one night in 1969 in southwest Georgia. He admitted having seen a light in the sky he could not identify, but he did not call it a UFO.

“A light appeared and disappeared in the sky,” he told a reporter covering the campaign. “It got brighter and brighter … I have no idea what it was … I think it was a light beckoning me to run in the California primary.”

In his 1973 reports to the UFO organizations, Carter said he had sighted a UFO in October, 1969, before making a dinner speech to the Lions Club of Leary, Ga.  Carter said he had watched the UFO with 10 members of the Lions Club for 10 or 12 minutes before it disappeared.

Carter described the UFO “at one time as bright as the moon.” He said it had changed color and brightness and changed size from slightly larger than a planet to the “apparent size of the moon.”

“It seemed to move toward us from a distance, stopped and moved partially away,” Carter said. “It returned, then departed. It came close … maybe 300 to 1,000 yards … moved away, came close and then moved away.”

Carter said the object was “bluish at first, then reddish.”  He said it was “luminous, not solid.”

SEPTEMBER 1977                   11

Poet’s corner


by Paul Wilkinson

A new song is spreading its cadence and rhymes.

A new world symphony attuned to the times,

Its music is swelling and flooding all space,

To bring the new song to the whole human race.

The old song’s been sung since Adam first sang it.

With the bell of self-will and the hand that first rang in

Self-willed cadenzas in ego’s strong voice,

Transposing the score with the songs of one’s choice.

The new song’s the old song, but sung from the heart

The song of the soul each singing his part,

The song of the angels, the song of each star.

It’s your song, wherever you are!

Symphonic chorus, the many as one,

The gods, their pleasure, the angels, their fun

Each singing his part with beauty and grace,

Bright joyous light beaming each face.

When Joy lifts its voice to sing the new song;

The gods of awareness can only make long,

The reach and the power of their mighty arm,

That is plenty and peace and protection from harm

Joy is the echo of that Cosmic ballad,

The song sings itself, and man makes it valid,

For joy is grounding the Cosmic AUM,

Aum’s audible stream is man’s joyful psalm!

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


After experimenting with pyramids for only a short time, it becomes obvious that there is an energy field present that can be utilized for many, many purposes. While conducting various experiments, researchers obtain various results. To correct or explain this variety, we need to make the dream of a pyramid researcher come true.

We know that other shapes beside a pyramid receive bio-energy. Cones, spheres, matrixes and stepped pyramids all have been shown to exhibit energy, but with different intensities. The logical conclusion would be to use different shapes and sizes to achieve specific results once these were identified. For example a true pyramid shape may be ideal to use for meditation but there are reports that the energy in such a shape is too strong to live with so one might wish to build a cone or a globe shape for permanent residence.

The problem here is that there must be a series of trial-and-error experiments that could be very costly. And each shape tried could have more than one purpose. How can we unscramble this puzzle so that the correct shape and size can be chosen for a specific purpose?

Bio-energy can be seen by means of Kirlian photography, a process that has been developed in this country by a number of scientists including Dr. Thelma Moss of U.C.L.A. and Dr. Henry Monteith, University of New Mexico. The Tesla-coil equipment for producing the electrical aura is relatively inexpensive and many experimenters have constructed such units in their homes and are studying results. Bio-energy can thus be seen, but this only proves the energy to be there. Our dream has yet to come true.

What then will make that dream come true? A meter. A very simple meter that will give the accurate reading of how much bio-energy is going through a pyramid and at what intensity. This would tell what house, office, and factory shape should be built. Working at the right intensity of energy could be far more relaxing and restful than not working at all. Such a meter is the greatest challenge for all pyramid researchers to meet. With it, progress in the right shape and size of any structure can be determined thus making possible progress that will take years without such an instrument. Who will make that dream come true? And when?

SEPTEMBER 1977                   13


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PAT CODY, (Director of Aero-Space Education, Pacific Region, U.S.A.F.) – “Our Aero-Space Heritage.”

DR. RAY BROWN, (H.M.D., Ph. D.) – “Your Health In Space.”

DR. DANIEL W. FRY – (President of Understanding, Inc.) – “Preparing to Live in Space.”

DR. MERVIN STRICKLER, (Chief of Aviation Education Pro-grams Div., F.A.A.) – “Russian Aero-Space Education Training.”

All Tapes – $5.25 ea. (Postpaid). Send orders to ‘Tapes’, c/o Understanding, Inc., Star Route Box 588F, Tonopah, Arizona 85354.

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14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Recently we have received inquiries about Under-standing’s on-going projects and what might be needed to complete them. We thought we’d best start a monthly article to keep you, our members and subscribers, informed. By the same token, if any of Understanding’s Units have projects that should be shared by us here at headquarters, please forward typewritten articles about them to us. Articles should be limited to not more than 300 words.

Another project under process of completion is updating our library. To do this efficiently, we must find a new home for our past yearbooks and magazines. They take up far too much space that ought to go for new books. If you know of any agency or institution that would welcome good reading material, send along their name and address. (And a postage donation would help too!!) And if there are any of you Understanding people who are ready to retire and would like to volunteer time working in the library, we have need for your services in cataloging and numbering the books we have. (There are about 7000 of them!) Free lodging is offered for such service.

Here on the desert the essential thing is to get water to trees, plants and shrubs. The most inexpensive method and the most efficient is a drip system using buried PVC pipe. Anyone having an excess of such pipe, please send it on to us. (UPS comes right to the door!) At the same time, if you’re a plant and tree lover and would like to see this Center break into blooms, maybe you can send a donation ear-marked for developing our water system. We have had some contributions of plant cuttings too. They also are most welcome. And our staff will make sure you see the results when next you visit here. (All contributions are tax deductible!)

SEPTEMBER 1977                   15

Book reviews

The Seven Rays by Elaine Peick and Beverly Beaty is a very important little book that you will surely want if you’re “on the Path”. There are so many down-to-Earth bits of knowledge in between the covers of this small book that you will miss one if you don’t read every word of it. In other words, this is a book to be studied and the concepts it presents are to be absorbed and used every moment of every day of your life. Each of the seven rays is identified and its work described. You will know yourself much better after studying this book.

A small quote from the book will illustrate what we have said above. “When we see a person delving into the lower psychic powers, we realize that he is often on the Third Ray in his personality or astral body.

“Under Third Ray we see active forces building, materializing ideas and purposes and bringing them into manifestation. Higher mathematics, exactitude in thought and philosophy are under this ray. When the Third and Fifth Rays are active in man, they bring about an expansion of consciousness and help to unfold dormant powers. “

How can you do without it? Write to Elaine Peick, 23852 Wardlow Circle, Laguna Niguel, Ca. 92677, for your copy.

Patterns of Inner Process is a paper-back by Jung Young Lee, author of The I Ching. It is published by The Citadel Press, Secaucus, N.J. Its author describes the content in a single terse sentence. The rediscovery of Jesus teachings in the I Ching and Preston Harold. It too is an important book to add to your library of spiritual wisdom. It is technical but very understandably written. By all means, get it.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Space Age Energy

That is the theme of the Oct. 21-23rd convention at the International Headquarters of Understanding. Speakers are from the many fields of energy, industrial, metaphysical, mental and new and as yet unconventional forms of energy.

The Rev. Henry J. Nagorka will speak on the work of a new organization working in cycletronic energies. Diane Nagorka (also an ordained minister) will share her experiences with psychic energy as a practicing medium.

The Rev. Benjamin T. Cullen will enumerate the energy potentials of the human mind and give directions for developing and using such energy.

William Matlock, head of the engineering firm of Solar Systems, Inc., will have on location models of the equipment which can heat homes or cool them. He is doing extensive research in the solar energy field.

And Daniel W. Fry will have on display a small model of a solar generating plant! Free energy for both industrial and domestic use.

The convention will begin with registration at noon, Friday, Oct. 21st. Adults $35.00 including two evening meals. Couples, $65.00 also with meals and students with ID cards, $15.00 (also with meals).

There will be some room space available in the Center building for those who pre-register early (Oct 1st, PLEASE).

SEPTEMBER 1977                   17

Others will come prepared for desert camping or make reservations in Buckeye or Goodyear for motel space. Don’t wait about such reservations!! There are about 2,000 men and women working at the Nuclear plant 8 miles from here. Many of them are reserving motel rooms in Buckeye at pretty fancy prices for a week at a time.  SO–call early for reservations

There will be opportunity to discuss with all speakers the practical applications of energy in the space age which began August 12th, 1977, with the successful flight of our Space Shuttle!

All those who heard Al Wright at the April convention will rejoice with him in the test of the Space Shuttle — and take very seriously, we hope, the need for expanded know ledge of how to apply new forms of energy to life in this new age.

Don’t miss this one!

You’ll be attending the Giant Rock convention October 14-16th when all the old Contactees will be on hand to greet you — so you can just come right over to Understanding Inc., for the following weekend.

We’ll be seeing you!


By Joyce

In last month’s issue of Understanding there were two delicious recipes, a main dish and a salad. We hope your family enjoyed them. Ours did. This time there are two super recipes, especially if you’re a pizza freak or peanut butter addict. These both come from Sadie Stone Skultety who lives here at headquarters in Tonopah. Here they are.

Pizza Dough

1 package yeast

1/4 C. warm water

1/2 tsp. honey

2 C. whole wheat flour

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

1 C. Bran

1/4 C. melted Butter

3/4 – 1 C. water

Dissolve yeast in warm water and honey. Combine whole wheat and bran. Gradually add yeast mixture and other liquid. Place dough in greased bowl and cover. Let stand 1/2 – 1 hour. After dough has raised, knead and roll out. Fit to greased pizza pan.


Diced green peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheddar cheese. Bake at 425 for 15-20 minutes. Before completely done, remove from oven and brush with raw egg beaten. Return to oven and bake until crisp. Any other topping will fit this crust fine. So use your imagination!

For the peanut butter lovers, try this cookie recipe. It has to be the easiest cookie recipe ever. Only four ingredients!

Peanut Butter Cookies

1 C. sugar

1 egg

1 tsp. vanilla

1 C. peanut butter

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Mix all ingredients well and drop by spoonfuls onto a greased cookie sheet. Dip a fork in flour and make a criss-cross pattern on top of each

cookie. Bake for ten minutes. Let stand for 10 minutes before removing from sheet. That’s the basic recipe. Next time add your favorite nuts, chocolate or butter-scotch drops to it.

Now that we’ve shared our favorite recipes with you, how about turn-about? Send in any recipe your family really goes for that is good to eat and good for your body after eating!

Send recipes to Joyce, c/o Understanding, Inc., Tonopah, Az., 85354, Box 588F

SEPTEMBER 1977                   19


Dear Dr. Fry:

Herewith my renewal check.

In response to the Horatio Alger essay in the July-August issue just received, it is of course beyond dispute that men differ in quality and ability. What is important to stress is that none be denied opportunity to achieve nor be compelled to accept the status of second class citizen because of heredity or race or an environment of stifling poverty. We have to keep constantly in mind that, regardless of any distinctive characteristics, many blacks are superior in intelligence to many whites; in other words, superior individuals are to be found in other races than the white. And I do believe that the Head Start programs are not without merit, though the home and neighborhood setting, all too often, is a continuing adverse factor for the child.

Certainly the white race, of which I consider myself a possibly accidental member, is certainly no cause for conceit, seeing that its members designed and built and used nuclear weapons, and seek yet other weapons of mass destruction, and thus far have shown no serious inclination to banish these and other weapons from the earth. It is also the white race, primarily, that has developed technology without regard to ecological damage, and even now remains far too unconcerned about the problem, as also about the problems related to the limits of natural resources.

What needs stressing, it seems to me, through every possible media, is that the duty of every man, woman and child is to be as zealously concerned for the welfare and individual development of every other person as each is for his own. Perhaps only then will it be safe to emphasize individual inequality, for we will then have evolved toward a recognition of the individual’s cosmic inter-dependence with his fellow.

Concerning the appeal for readers suggestions, I’d like to see emphasis on the need to develop new political ideals dedicated to a world order capable of uniting humanity in a cooperative society able to deal with the crucial problems of energy, resources, population, food, poverty and war.

Of course I’d also like to see more information on the UFO subject, e.g., details about UFO conferences. The article “Are UFOs Be-coming Respectable?” was informative.

Robert S. Camburn

Glenside, Pa.


Understanding Magazines for


Are now available in convenient Yearbooks.

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