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VOLUME XXII                             JULY-AUGUST                                          NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.



ALTHOUGH IT IS NOT widely realized, and therefore seldom considered, almost 30% of all the electrical energy produced in the United States is used in electrolytic cells of one sort or another, to produce a multitude of products, both for industrial and for individual use, and for the electroplating of metals. All of these applications of electrical energy are now being performed in a highly inefficient and wasteful manner. Electrolytic processes require relatively low voltage direct current whereas existing power plants generate high voltage alternating current. This current is then passed through a series of transformers to raise it to still higher voltages. Most large transmission lines operate at 250,000 to 500,000 – volts and, at such voltages, a considerable portion of this energy is lost through leakage, corona, radiation and the resistance of the many miles of wire through which the current must pass from the generating station to the factory which uses it. An additional portion of the energy is lost in the huge transformers that must be used to first increase the voltage at the generating plant and then to reduce it

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

at the factory, and finally in the huge rectifier which must be used to convert the alternating current to direct current, which is necessary in all electrolytic processes. If one-half of the energy originally generated reaches the electrolytic cell, the system is operating at about its maximum efficiency, and yet the products must be priced at a level that will net only pay for the wasted energy, but also pay interest on the many millions of dollars worth of power lines, transformers, rectifiers, and other equipment needed to convey the energy from the place where it was generated to the place where it was used. Solar energy steam generating systems, if properly designed and built, can be erected for about one-half the cost per kilowatt of capacity of any coal or oil burning power plant. There is little cost for maintenance and no cost for fuel. If the generators driven by the steam turbines produce low voltage direct current and if the electrolytic cells were placed within a few feet of the generator, as could easily be done, virtually all of the energy generated could be used in the production cell. There would be no loss, no huge investment in transmission equipment to amortize from the price of the goods. Under these circumstances, almost any electrolytic product could be made for somewhat less than half its present cost, leading to a significant lowering of the overall cost of living. The most important factor, however, in the use of solar energy to produce electrolytic products is that no energy would need to be stored in any way since it is all used the instant it is collected to produce a necessary and readily salable product, and if all such products used in the United States today were made by the use of solar energy, about 30% of the electrical energy now being produced through the use of coal or oil, would be available for other uses, and this would assure that there would be no shortage of electrical energy in the United States for at least

JULY-AUGUST                           3

the next seven or eight years, during which time some extensive research could be done to develop practical and efficient means of storing electrical energy against the time when all of our useful energy may again come, directly or indirectly, from the sun.

The Sun, of course, has always been the symbol of energy and life. It has been worshipped as a God by more races and cultures throughout the world than any other object or symbol, and there is, in fact, a very sound basis for this worship and concern. All of the life on earth is totally dependent upon the Sun for its existence. If the Sun should, at any time, cease to radiate its energy, within a few days the surface temperature of the Earth would fall to several hundreds of degrees below zero The oceans and all other bodies of water on earth would freeze solid, and in a few more days the air itself would begin to turn liquid, and there would be no more air to breathe, even if we could breathe it.

The use of fossil fuels for energy production inevitably results in air pollution which materially lowers the level of health and the quality of life on earth. Fortunately for mankind, this source will soon be gone and man will then be forced to seek other sources.

Hydro – electric power is non – polluting, but the number of areas in which it can economically be developed is very limited and therefore, many seekers of energy sources today are advocating the development of nuclear energy plants in many parts of the world, even though the plants will be tremendously expensive, the waste products, because of their extreme toxicity and their radioactivity, will be very difficult to store or to dispose of, and the nuclear fuel they use, mostly uranium, is, like fossil fuels, quite limited. What seems to have been overlooked in the scramble for energy is that the sun itself is a gigantic nuclear energy plant, a million times greater in volume than the entire earth, and

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

three hundred thousand times its mass. It produces and delivers to the earth each day millions of times more energy than could be generated by all of the tiny nuclear plants we could possibly build here. The nuclear wastes remain in the sun where they are gradually converted to heavier elements, so there is no disposal problem. The Sun makes no charge for its bounty, and will be delivering its daily quota of energy to the Earth several billions of years after all of the uranium and other radioactive elements on earth have been exhausted.

While the complete collection and conversion of solar energy to man’s needs still poses some problems of maximum efficiency, there are none which begin to compare with many problems man has already solved. It is simply a question of getting at it. It seems almost incredible therefore that Man would insist upon creating on earth many tiny nuclear plants, with all of their huge costs, their peculiar hazards and their problems of disposal, simply to go into a temporary and inefficient competition with the great, God-given nuclear plant known as the Sun, which made life possible to begin with, and which has been serving man faithfully ever since the beginning of his sojourn here.

The most controversial aspect of nuclear energy generation in plants is the overall safety of the process. On this question, the opinion of the general public seems to be divided into three broad groups. The first, or pro-nuclear group, consisting largely of those who propose to build and operate the plants. They insist that any hazards involved are far too small to be of any significance, and should not be allowed to halt or delay the constriction of the many plants now being planned or under construction. The second or anti -nuclear group which is composed largely of environmentalists, feels that, while the risks may be small from a statistical or probability

JULY-AUGUST                           5

standpoint, the results of a failure could be so cataclysmic that the whole problem should be given more study before the wholesale production of nuclear plants is begun. The third group consists of the great majority of the public who do not have enough knowledge of the facts to justify an opinion, and so are basically neutral, except, of course, that their opinion can be swayed somewhat by the excellence of the oratory on either side of the question.

The hazards usually discussed by both sides are, first, the possibility of “runaway,” or the loss of control of the nuclear fission rate, in which case the heat generated could quickly melt the entire fission pile and possibly the entire concrete dome which encloses it. If this occurred, there would, of course, be a tremendous release of exceedingly lethal radioactive material, in the form of gas and very fine particles, which would drift with the wind, destroying virtually all life forms for several hundreds of miles downwind of the plant location. The second is the possibility of theft of nuclear material by organized criminal groups, who could then use it for the purpose of blackmail or sell it to foreign agents. The third is the possibility of sabotage of the plants by terrorist groups, where again large amounts of lethal radiation could be released. The groups who advocate the building of large numbers of nuclear plants point out that the probability of any of these events is very small. There is yet no way in which the actual degree of hazard can be determined.

Personally, your editor is not against nuclear plants per-se, although it seems much like using a cannon to kill a mouse, but we do feel that the public, who. is paying and will continue to pay, in one way or another for all the nuclear plants, proposed or already under construction, should have access to a little more specific data than they are now getting.

The End

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


By Gail Bernice Sullivan

The chances are that if you tell anybody you have seen a UFO, not only will few people take you seriously, but you will probably also be ridiculed. So it is not surprising that UFO experts are now carefully watching the public’s reaction since the news that President Carter filed two formal reports on UFO sightings during 1973, when he was governor of Georgia. The idea that the President of the U.S.A. took the UFOs seriously could mean sudden respectability for a subject that has too often been scorned.

Jacques Vallee, one of the best known experts on the subject, said that Carter’s attitude toward UFOs could help significantly, since in the past many scientists have been reluctant to study the phenomena because they have been afraid of what such research would do to their reputations. Vallee pointed out that a 1974 Gallup poll showed that more Americans than ever before, 51% now believe UFOs are a real phenomena. “That is a percentage the politicians recognize.” Vallee became interested in the response of his scientific colleagues to UFOs. Sometimes, he said, they tracked objects which were unidentified, and one night they saw a number of these objects. “The man in charge of that project erased the tape, and that didn’t agree with my concept of science.” The man was afraid of ridicule, he said. “That got me interested in the psychology of scientists. I began to wonder about the documentaries you see on TV, with Walter Cronkite. saying they had interviewed 25 leading astronomers and they hadn’t seen anything unusual in the sky. Well, I was one of those astronomers and we were seeing things, and we were destroying the data.”

Since that time Vallee has discovered that a great deal of information had been kept secret. He has just returned from Acapulco, the site of the first International Congress on UFOs.

“The main thing achieved was that it demonstrated the global aspect of the phenomena . . . It’s a phenomenon which cuts across all cultures on the planet and that’s a very interesting fact, as there are few things which are constant in all cultures.”

JULY-AUGUST                           7

Those at the conference agreed there should be better techniques for investigating UFOs, and a more effective way of pre-serving the data. In France, for instance, the French Air Force has been under orders since 1954 to keep accurate files on sightings. “The result is that the data on cases are preserved accurately for scientists. That is something that has not happen-ed in this country yet.”

In his own research, Vallee is particularly interested in close encounter cases, in which an object is on the ground or close to the ground. In cases he has investigated, he has found that witnesses undergo behavior changes. “Sometimes it’s a change for the better or a change for the worse. Some people leave their job or their family. In other cases, it’s almost like a revelation or a mystical experience.”

The controversial “spoon-bending” psychic, Uri Geller, was one of the people who claims he changed after an encounter with a UFO. “The problem is that Geller is not alone. If Geller was the only one making that type of claim, it would be easy to disregard.” After 16 years of studying, Vallee is convinced the UFOs are real, but added, there is another side to this, I also believe that it influences the consciousness of the witnesses in a way we are not explaining with our current scientific models.”

Vallee cautioned people not to jump to the conclusion that UFOs are necessarily spaceships from other planets. “We have to keep an open mind not just on the possibility that they come from outer space, but on the possibility that it’s even stranger than that.”

Witnesses have described objects that are capable of materializing and dematerializing on the spot. “No physical object that I know, including a spacecraft, does that.” The UFOs, he said, could be an indication that our present concept of time and space is totally wrong. If we are to find answers to the questions raised by UFO sightings, Vallee added that we are going to have to treat the research with the same seriousness we attach to other scientific efforts.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Only the very young and the very old know all the answers; the rest of us are stuck with all the questions.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Life’s heaviest burden is to have nothing to carry.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING



RAM (Researchers for the Advancement of Mankind) is sending an expeditionary team to Cairo, Egypt, on Sept. 20, 1977 to locate the “Hall of Records.” RAM’S members believe the “Hall” contains definite proof of the existence of an advanced civilization. RAM is a non-profit foundation dedicated to exploring ancient mysteries and how they are related to previous civilizations. They are currently seeking financial support, spiritual guidance, psychic information, clues from legends, and folk lore, etc. RAM feels that they have a very good idea of the location, but all help will be appreciated. Here is a `quote from a prospectus Understanding received from our good friends at RAM:

“The Hall of Records is located between the Sphinx and the Nile River and is a kind of ‘time capsule.’ Edgar Cayce calls it ‘the pyramid of unknown origin, as yet’, a storehouse of records, documents describing Atlantis . . . its scientific’ knowledge, literature, history and laws . . . According to Cayce (Edgar Cayce on Prophecy) the destruction of Atlantis took place over a period of 7500 years … Atlanteans flocked to safe areas during the holocaust, including Egypt, where they became leaders of the nation because of their superior civilization . . . The records of Atlantis, from its beginnings to the holocaust, and those things ‘that were to make known later in the minds of people as the changes came about in the earth’ were placed in the ‘Hall of Records’ . . . Cayce readings have said when the time is fulfilled, the right people will appear to undertake the opening of the records and it will be by the hand of God . . . T. Logsang Rampa states that there is a specific spot in Egypt. When the time comes, forces of freedom will find the location. Each chamber is marked by the symbol of those times, the Sphinx.”

Anyone wishing to help write:


4617 Cass

Omaha, Nebraska 68132 (phone: 402-556-5948).

JULY-AUGUST                           9

Poet’s corner


Hallucination-or a hoax,

Or Venus, meteor, or balloon,

Swamp-gas, or spots before the eyes,

Say the experts, self-ordained,

Who have not seen the crystal craft

Nor held peculiar converse with strange gods,

Or angels, or galactic ghosts.

Immune to self-deception, they,

Who see no vision and who know,

With robed-and-hated certainty,

What may be, and may not,

And do not tolerate affront

To established truth.

Such are they whose sure omniscience

Affirms the nuclear arrow’s threat

As man’s unfortunate necessity

(Who pays the price of ravaged treasuries

And future chained to hopelessness),

The same who shout of hoaxes,

And wild hallucinations.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


By Joyce

Besides the Editorial, Poet’s Corner and the UFO Department you will now find “Recipe Review,” which will deal with healthful and nutritious foods. In other words we will get away from the artificial, the instant, the convenience foods and the quick snacks, plus deal with foods that are good for the body, as nature intended.

Recipe #1

Preheat the oven to 350°F. You will need the following:

6 medium size green peppers

1/2 cup of chopped onion

1 clove of minced garlic

1/4 cup of olive oil

1 lb. of ground beef (omit if vegetarian)

1/2 cup of soy grits

1 cup of cooked brown rice

1 teaspoon of tamari soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1/2 teaspoon of kelp powder

1-1/2 cups of tomato juice

1/4 cup of chopped parsley

3 tablespoons of wheat germ

3 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese

(1) Remove stem ends from peppers and carefully remove seeds and ribs. Wash and drain the peppers and put aside till later.

(2) Saute onion and garlic in olive oil until they are tender. Stir in the ground beef and continue to saute only until the red is out of the beef. Add the soy grits, cooked rice, tamari soy sauce, salt and kelp powder. Mix together to blend the ingredients. Stir in 1/2 cup of the tomato juice and the chopped parsley. Cook for five minutes.

(3) Remove from the heat and allow the mixture to cool slightly. Stuff the green peppers with the meat mixture. Place in a baking dish and pour one cup tomato juice

JULY-AUGUST                           11

around the stuffed peppers. Cover and place it in the oven, bake for 45-50 minutes (or until peppers are tender). Baste occasionally with the liquid from the pan. After first thirty minutes of baking remove cover. Top with the wheat germ and the cheese, brown slightly. Makes six delicious servings.

A salad is always good with meat. This salad is made without lettuce, but if you like cranberries this recipe is for you. For “Cranberry Salad” you’ll need:

1-1 /3 cups of honey

1 cup of water

4 cups of fresh cranberries, washed

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

2 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin

1/4 cup of cold water

1 cup of celery, diced

1 cup of walnuts, chopped

yogurt served separately

In a sauce pan combine honey and water. Place over medium heat and simmer for about 5 minutes. Add cranberries and cook slowly, without stirring until all the skins pop open (about 5 minutes). Soften gelatin in 1/4 cup of cold water – dissolve in hot cranberry mixture. Add lemon juice and cool. When mixtures begins to thicken fold in the celery and the walnuts – transfer to mold and chill until firm. Unmold and serve with the yogurt. Makes from 6-8 refreshing servings.

Try these two recipes together with one of your favorite dessert recipes, they’ll make one great meal.

If you like to cook and would like to share your recipes with others, send them to me with a few lines about yourself. Let’s get-everyone interested in cooking good and healthful foods. Here’s the address you can write to:


Recipe Review

Understanding, Inc.

Star Route Box 588F

Tonopah, Arizona 85354

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

What Are Your Dreams Telling You? by A La Lansun is a down-to-earth approach to the meaning of dreams, their importance to you and a guide to interpretation.

The author has drawn much of the content from the writings of C. G. Jung and made the material both easy to read and in-formative. Such appealing chapter headings include “Dreams are Serious Business.” “Types of Dreams,” “Symbolic Keys and Locations,” “Sex Symbology,” “Visions,” and “Understanding.”

Explanation of the importance of myths is noted in the following paragraph quotation. “Notice, however that the myths are always full of great perils which the hero or heroine must over-come before the final goal is attained. Not the least of such perils is the interference and lack of understanding from others when you turn within and begin to take your own soul seriously. And opposition can come from within as well as without. We’re creatures of habit, inclined to dig comfortable ruts of thought and action and the SELF may jar the ego in an effort to get you out of the rut.”

For information about the book write to: Elmore, 1625-E. Northern, #2, Phoenix, Az., 85020.

Guide To Ancient Mexican Ruins, C. Bruce Hunter, Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, is or those interested in archeology, pyramids and ancient ruins. This 260 page book is an excellent guide with over 200 photographs (some in color), maps and illustrations. Written to assist the amateur this book could truly benefit the professional as well. Anyone thinking about a trip to Mexico should include this book.

JULY-AUGUST                           13


In the past 22 years our magazine UNDERSTANDING has ventured into many challenged fields. We have ventured deepest in the U.F.O. phenomena. Dr. Fry has given us over 280 editorials ranging from “International Understanding”, our first January 1956, to “Energy, Technology & Politics –part II” in this issue.

Most of the magazine ahs been put together by Dr. Fry and a few loving and loyal friends. Understanding was started to help prepare our world to deal with its present day needs, proposed future plans and most of all a better understanding of life for mankind.

Our magazine has reached many thousands of readers over the years, both foreign and domestic. We have been blessed with group as well as individual participation for articles and bits of information, research data and letters of interest from all over the world. We have kept our subscription prices at a minimum, for Dr. Fry is most interested in sharing the knowledge he has received regardless of its source. It has been quite difficult for our small staff to maintain the proper quality of work we feel you would like to have.

In preparing any publication there has to be a mailing list, which has to be put up by zip code, geographically and cross filed alphabetically for address and new subscription changes. Each magazine has to be hand addressed, stamped, sorted and bundled. The material (contents) is written and received by subscribers. It has to be sorted and chosen, typed and placed in its proper place in the magazine. All typed and sent to the printers, stuffed and mailed etc., etc.

We have tried to deal with material that would be of some interest and benefit for all our readers. Recently our staff has grown and now we would like to hear from you on what suggestions you think would be beneficial and of interest to you. We need more classified ads and subscribers which will help us to put out a better quality publication. We would like to have each month information on what each unit has been doing. In this issue we are adding a few new columns, we hope you enjoy them as much as we have in preparing them.

Thank you for all your support in the past and we will be looking forward to hearing from you in the future.

Understanding Magazine Staff

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Bulletin board

Energy! Energy! Energy! It is the basic ingredient of and for life. And it will be the topic of discussion and study in the October convention.

Circle the date on your calendar NOW. October 21-22-23.

There are many kinds of energy; healing, kinetic, solar, wind and of course nuclear. There are other forms of energy too, not so well known. How do we find these sources of energy and use them?

Come to the October convention and annual meeting and go home inspired to-help in the search for new energy sources and uses.

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The Frys are traveling again. They may be in your area on some of the following dates. Check the sponsor to get details.

July 7-8th – Astara, Upland, Ca., Robert Chaney

July 10tn – Fresno, Mrs. Sherman Greaves, Coarsegold, Ca.

July 13th – Unity Church of the Oaks, Placerville, Ca., Mrs. Iver Jones

July 17th – The Cosmic Egg, Jeanne Horn, Boys Hot Springs, Ca.

July 19th-20th – Metaphysical Town Hall, San Francisco, Ca.

July 21st – Mrs. Sue Shearer, Anderson, Ca.

July 28th — S.P.R., Inc., Virginia Rester, Beverly Hills, Ca.

JULY-AUGUST                           15


Are the old virtues exemplified by Horatio Alger due for a comeback, like other campy items so far out that they are now swinging back in?

This generation’s anti-hero has had the run of things for a while. Is the scene any the better for our having had him to emulate over the Horatio types?

When Horatio went out, things were ripe for a change. The young needed new ideals. Their parents and their parents’ heroes were either so discredited that they didn’t want to imitate, or else so good that they didn’t dare to imitate them for risk of failure and discredit to themselves. So to find some-thing to react against, some way of forming themselves, they turned deaf ears, blind eyes, and a bare sun-tanned backside on the past.

Sociologically speaking, we did the same thing. The Protestant ethic with its emphasis on work was out. Anomie, the state of being out of step and out of sympathy with one’s own culture, was in. The counter-culture took over after a few fringe group manifestations such as the zoot-suiters, the beatniks, and the flower children had their day. Suddenly there were no more bohemians with antics to epater le bourgeois and no more old middle class, just the new middle class, the counter-culturists, to shock anyone left over who was still subject to so dated a reaction.

Never have so many in a generation had so much in the way of resources such as free time, easy money, good health and good looks at their disposition. These resources they proceeded to devote with single-minded care to the pursuit of an ideal: the perfection of the counter ideal.

A band which would have been known in the more whole-some past (or the more simple-minded past, depending on who calls the turns) as “The Keys of Light” would now become ipso factor “The Keys of Darkness:” An enormous key would hang down around the hairy bare chest of each member of the group to prove something or other. The son of a Bible-belt

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

preacher would dress like an anti-Christ and make a million for his demonic howling and whirling.

Well, every generation has its put-ons and slavishly runs after its fads. Goldfish swallowing and flagpole sitting were a hard act to follow for the perfection of sheer imaginative lunacy, just as classic painters and writers are hard to follow for their perfection of beauty within a form. So the present generation aimed for the perfection of anti-beauty, by bringing out to the fullest the grotesque, but lovingly, so as to lay bare all its secrets. Like sleeping in a coffin for one’s bed.

To portray an age that produces Watergates, perhaps no art form seemed adequate, short of caricature of the grotesque. In any case, the pendulum swings regarding styles in heroes and heroines just as regards kings and queens, short dresses or long. The pendulum swings, and having swung; not all our piety nor all our wit can send it in the other direction. So let us see if it may be swinging toward the hour of Horatio Alger as returning conquering hero.

One indication of the second coming, aside from the fact that the sands of time may be running out for Horatio’s competitors, is that sociologists seem again ready to speak of the value of individual pluck and luck as determinants of where the child will come out in life. Head start programs have failed to supply the missing oomph to the underprivileged. Educators are finding that even some liberal sociologists read this message as basis for expressing reasonable doubts that any amount of brain-priming, no matter how expensive or how early begun, is going to erase much of the head-start that Mother Nature has already supplied in the human race. The Christopher Jencks’ study on education’s effectiveness is one example being cited, though controversially interpreted. Professor Shockley in California and Arthur Jenson take their research as demonstrating that some of the difference existing in IQ among children is more genetically than socially determined.

Perhaps, just as the pendulum may be swinging the fickle public away from its anti-hero worship toward Horation, it may also reverse from an era of de-emphasis on the factor of the individual’s predetermined determination and ability to succeed.

JULY-AUGUST                           17

Haven’t we been trying with uniquely American earnest-ness and industry to sweep any and all differences under the rug of democracy? If we don’t pull that rug woven of delusion out from under our own feet, it is possible that the facts, with time will. Not too much zeal, is a civilized French slogan that bears recalling. In fact, would our overall aim be desirable even if it were realistic – which must by now seem rather doubtful?

Perhaps the most liberal view, though it is heresy to say so, the most realistic and the most humane orientation, is to consider something like the approach advocated by Shockley, a distinguished scientist, that children are unequal. His fellow scientists voted down appropriations for him to continue his research papers, afraid that his conclusions as to genetic differences might hurt black and white relations and. upset political or educational apple-carts. When has fear ever paid off, and isn’t some 90% of scientific research negative anyway? Can’t we face it, examine it, and then see it, whatever it is?

When we have faced the situation, we may ask ourselves how we ever got so far afield on this whole business of everybody can equalize, just apply the quota system hard enough, etc. All we have to do to see that life decrees otherwise is to watch children. The writer was observing two little boys trying to learn a rocking-horse exercise. The one kept looking back while on his tummy trying to find his toes he couldn’t quite reach. The other little fellow couldn’t reach his toes easily either, so he grabbed onto the toes of his socks, grinning with satisfaction when he found they would stretch farther than his own toes, just far enough to allow him to rock back and forth successfully.

Was it luck or was it pluck? Whatever it is, Horatio Alger had it, and we couldn’t be the worse off to recognize it.

That ought to be Horatio now, knocking at the back door to get in.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The hardest work in the world is doing nothing, because you never know when you are finished.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The race horse is the only animal that can take thousands of people for a ride at the same time.


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DR. RAY BROWN, (H.M.D., Ph. D.) -“Your Health In Space.” DR. DANIEL W. FRY – (President.of Understanding, Inc.) – “Preparing to Live in Space.”

DR. MERVIN STRICKLER, (Chief of Aviation Education Pro-grams Div., F.A.A.) – “Russian Aero-Space Education Training.”

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Solar Series I


A La Lansun*

Communication guidelines to your Great Self. Learn how to increase and strengthen this great partnership.

Written with exceptional clarity and insight, WHAT ARE YOUR DREAMS TELLING YOU? will help you to understand the universal language of symbols that the Self uses.

Your Great Self speaks to you through dreams. Are you listening?


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A La Lansun is a vibratory pseudonym for the author whose regular assignments include free-lance writing and editing technical publications. Lansun deliberately chose to research both the psychological and metaphysical aspects of this fascinating and intensely personal subject since, in her words, “these two paths have much more in common than either will admit.”

*Pronounced Lahnsoon


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BOOKS          BOOKS



NINE FACES OF CHRIST-Inspired book of a Messiah crucified 57 years B.C. Search for The Meaning of Life in ancient and Sacred Mysteries. Explains deeper meanings of the Bible, Yoga, Metaphysics and Mysticism.

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SONG OF GOD-Poetic setting of 4,500 year-old Hindu Sacred Book Bhagavad Oita for Modern Americans. Mystic teachings of ancient Yogis. In free-verse, poetry and sonnets. For readers with Christian background.

(108 pp. $4.00)

DIARY INTO THE UNKNOWN-ESP experiments of Great Western University. Transmental adventure from tamper-proof diaries. Subjective conclusions.

(170 pp. $5.00)

PRICELESS INGREDIENT – Psychology of human control, man’s relationship to man. Guide to leadership, personality and spiritual development.

(50 pp. $2.00)

TECHNIQUE OF EFFECTIVE PRAYER – Prayer technique and philosophy on which one dares risk life itself. Guide to man’s relationship to God.

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Power of the Mind Physical Aspects of ESP


Science and Superstition

Relativity of Reality


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by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

To Men of Earth &

White Sands Incident

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Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

(hardbound)   $3.00

(softbound)     $2.00

Steps to the Stars

(softbound)     $2.00

Atlantean Fire Crystals &

Physical Basis of ESP

(Cassette Tape-90 min.) $4.00

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