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VOL. XXII                                     MARCH, 1977                                            NUMBER 2

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


MOST OF THE MAJOR NATIONS OF THE WORLD, and many of the smaller ones who have the financial capability, are engaged today in the greatest race for armaments that this world has ever seen, We hear much talk about limitations of armaments and S.A.L.T. agreements, and high level diplomats shuttle back and forth between governments amid much fanfare to discuss the subject. The fact remains however that while the talks drag on, month after month, year after year, every efficient and concentrated means of bringing about widespread destruction and death is being harnessed and developed to its highest possible degree of perfection.

One of the great political controversies in the United States today concerns the -amount of money we are spending for “Military Preparedness.” It is said that the Soviet Union is spending more than we are can military hardware, and so we must, of course, immediately increase substantially the amount which we are spending for our hardware. No major political official has yet had the courage to point out the simple fact that

2                                                    UNDER STANDING

the amount of money we spend does not necessarily have anything to do with the amount of security, protection or peace we may expect from our investment. The more we spend, the more the Soviet Union must spend to protect itself from us, and the more they spend the more we must spend to protect ourselves from them. Eventually, of course, both nations will spend themselves into total bankruptcy and become easy prey for other smaller nations who have had the basic intelligence to save their money and buy their way into whatever position of dominance they may choose in this country. The process is already going on in the United States at a rather high rate, and one which will certainly increase steadily in the future.

In our frantic search for more and more powerful weapons we have almost entirely overlooked the most potent of all, and the only one which we can use to its fullest extent without destroying ourselves in the process. It is a weapon that will not enrich the munitions makers, and therefore is not very popular among those who depend upon that profession for their livelihood, yet it is the only one which can succeed in the end.

Some of the world historians who have chronicled the lives and careers of great conquerors, have marveled at the fact that none of them ever succeeded in their attempts to subjugate the entire human race. In many cases, as the great warrior went from victory to victory, and from conquest to conquest, it had seemed inevitable that he should ultimately succeed in subduing all opposition. Than, at what seemed to be the very pinnacle of success, at the moment when it appeared that no power on earth could stand against him, a pattern of perversity would begin to manifest itself . For the first time in his career, the great strategist would begin to make errors in his military planning, and seemingly inexplicable errors in human judgment. Men who had been loyal to him for years would begin

MARCH 1977                              3

To draw away, and in some cases, to betray him openly. His career from that moment would become a succession of failures and defeats, leading to ultimate death and degradation. this is the typical pattern of the career of all of those who have attempted to dominate all of the people of the earth by force, yet the would-be conqueror of today always prefers to ignore the plain lessons of the past. Perhaps he does not realize that this pattern is the result of inevitable law.

When any person begins a program of unlimited conquest, they begin to invoke against themselves the most powerful weapon in the world, the force of cumulative human will. If we examine the life pattern of any would-be world conqueror, we usually find that his career was begun upon the pretext of correcting some great wrong or some basic injustice in human relationships. For a time he will have approval or at least the acquiescence of the majority of that part of the world which is affected by or aware of his action. The use of force in any form inevitably creates enemies, especially when the force takes the form of war-fare with its widespread killing and destruction, yet, for a time, his very success will swing the balance of public opinion in his favor. As time .goes on, however, the conflict grows greater and greater while the original pretext shrinks into insignificance by comparison. Eventually, the true purpose of the conqueror becomes as obvious to his friends as it is to his enemies. It is plain that his purpose is not the correction of wrong or injustice but simply the goal of unlimited domination by force. At this point, a constantly increasing force of human opinion will begin to be directed against the success of his efforts. The greater the range of the conflict, the destruction and the number of deaths, the greater the force of will that is directed against the responsible individual. Anyone who may doubt the efficacy of this force has only to read history to be convinced.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

During all the great wars of history, the dissemination of propaganda, for the purpose of breeding hate, has been a recognized part of the military strategy, but this has been done principally or the purpose of increasing the physical effort and determination of the individual rather. than through any recognition of the power of thought itself.

There is now, and for several decades there has been undeniable evidence that those leaders who control the policies of the Soviet Union have had, from the beginning, a much clearer realization of the power of  public opinion than have the leaders of the “Free Nations. ” In its drive for world domination the Soviet Government has always devoted a large proportion of its total effort to the molding of public opinion, particularly among those nations which have not yet become involved in the struggle. They have been willing to go to am length, short of abandoning their ultimate objective, to maintain among the total population of the earth a balance of approval, or at least of acquiescence in their actions and their policies. They have , to date, almost succeeded in maintaining this balance, in spite of the fact that their openly avowed objective is world domination; in spite of the fact that all of the nations which have come under this domination have immediately lost all political self determination and individual liberties: in spite of the fact that there is no evidence that any of those nations have profited in any measurable way from this domination, and in spite of the fact that most of the arguments and promises through which the approval or acquiescence has been obtained, have proven to be false.

Consider how much more powerful this force of world opinion, this power of collective will, could be in the hands of free nations., who have upon their side the overwhelming preponderance of truth and justice. Yet how slowly: are we awaking to the realization that the

MARCH 1977                              5

ultimate weapon is the collective force of the human will, and that when wielded by true understanding, it becomes the world’s only irresistible force.

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“Say, Miss, come over here a minute. I want to ask you something. Who invented school? “

The question came from a couple of our black inner-city high school girls, sophomores probably, that I’d never seen before, addressed to me while they sat at the head of the stairway by which I was passing to wash my thermos and cup after lunching at my classroom desk as usual.

It wasn’t an every day type of question. So I addressed myself to it seriously.

“Well, here’s what I learned in Latin class. Back in the time of the slaves in Greece, there was a word used for “school” which meant fun place, the place where the lucky were to go to have the fun of playing with ideas and learning, while those not so lucky, the slaves, were left in the workaday world to go about doing their work.”

They nodded in solemn dignity, thanked me, and were satisfied.

But I wasn’t. Back home, I got out my old reference books in order to pursue the trail further and found the word I had forgotten to be Schole, which literally means leisure, the leisure classes being the only ones who had the time to devote themselves to education. I continued on and learned that three very definite periods were evident in the evolution of the Greek schools, the first being that of the age of Hellas or Greece proper, when there were no organized schools, but only private teachers to whom the boys were taken (paidagogoi) and from which we get our word “pedagogue” or “teacher.” Girls received no formal educa-


tion, but were instructed in music and the domestic arts in their homes.

Private instruction fell into classes according to the types of teachers. First were the rammatistae (literary men), who probably taught the three “rs” reading, writing and arithmetic, in a building called the grammateion (the place of letters); second were the citharistae (harpers) who were the music teachers deriving their names from the old Greek instrument the cithara; third, the paedotribae (drillers of boys), who taught physical culture, running, jumping, javelin throwing, wrestling and boxing.

The teaching method was for every boy to be given instruction separately rather than in classes. He received what we would call his elementary and high school instruction during the ages of 7 to 18 . He then had two years garrison duty to perform, after which he could further pursue his education if he so desired.

The Sophists, a class of professional teachers or wandering scholars, began to flourish around 450-400 B.C. The outstanding men of this group were Protagoras and Prodicus. Socrates was called a Sophist by his enemies, but it was a title which he refused to acknowledge. The Sophists organized a type of higher education. They taught ethics, Greek literature, history and law, and emphasized the value of forceful speech and clever argument. Socrates and some of his associates discoursed as well on virtue, the nature of the good, and the existence and nature of the gods.

The immediate successors of the Sophists were Plato, Zeno, the Porch, and Aristotle, the Lyceum. Plato’s Academy was the first to give a definite and progressive course of instruction which covered a certain period of years-with him, three or four. In addition to these schools for mental and moral training, there were several public gymnasia where the students went for their physical training. As the teachers in the physical departments

MARCH 1977                              7

were paid by the state and instruction was free, these centers became the stale        schools for the poor or average boy.

During the period of the Roman Empire, an efficient system of lower and higher schools was well supported, and the emperor-Gratian made a standard salary for teachers in 376 A.D. In part his law read: “In every city called a metropolis a noble professor shall be elected.” But after the fall of Rome in 476 A.D , a period of intellectual darkness settled on western Europe, and the philosophical schools were closed by the Eastern Emperor Justinian. ‘

It was not until the 15th and early 16th centuries that modem schools evolved. The Reformation, the new monarchies, the new civic organization, the new wealth, and the new desire on the part of the wealthy classes for culture were all influential in their development. The reformers (protestants) wished to break loose from the educational system of the Catholic Church. Many cities that were growing wealthy and had become free cities desired to have city schools and wanted a political rather than an ecclesiastical control, and the rapid increase of wealth which followed the discovery of America and new processes in industry resulted in many bankers, merchants, and industrialists becoming rich and wishing to have their children educated. The advancement of arts, sciences, industries, and the beginnings of the professions made practical and professional schools necessary, and so it was that from these various factors came those changes which marked the beginning of the modern educational system which we follow today.

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An enemy is one who, when informed that you are ill, will remark that he hopes it’s nothing trivial. A friend is one who, when you have made a fool of yourself, lets you forget it.

8                                                                                            UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner


by Henry Deutsch

I cannot doubt the scriptures

as inspired by the Lord.

I simply do my thinking

in accordance with the horde.

I cannot doubt the credence

of those who claim they’ve

seen a U.F.O. in exotic flight

with scanning eyes so keen.

One can mesmerize the self

by concentrated thought

of fear from unknown qualities

while truth is ever sought.

If I must believe in miracles

as the Bible does disclose,

should I not update my imagism,

and believe in U.F.Os?

MARCH 1977                              9


by Ron Anjard

SO OFTEN WE FIND WE HAVE OUR OWN SPECIAL crosses to bear. It might be a particular person, or a sickness or even a personal problem or even a deformity. So often we think we must grin and bear it. We think that we must suffer to make up for past sins, past errors. Or we think we are meant to suffer as such to earn special merit for ourselves. So often we go through life struggling with these crosses and possibly even feeling sorry for ourselves that we were inflicted with such measures. We wonder, “Why me?”

Let me propose a different concept. Let me propose that each cross is really an opportunity for us to grow in knowing, loving and serving God. Let me go so far as to propose that each of us’ receives only those crosses-those opportunities-we can bear. Let me go onto offer that each ore of us receives all the under-standing, love and strength we need for each opportunity. I do not believe God gives us problems to hurt us. God is all love, all harmony, all mercy. So I ask you to consider that each problem is meant for your own personal spiritual growth. Granted, it is some-times very difficult to realize this. But after you start applying the concept and seeing the cross, not as a suffering cross but a cross of love, then you can and will literally walk through it. You can change your frustrations, your bitterness, your suffering into love and growth.. Remember Jesus is all love; all harmony, all mercy. Pray, meditate, and forget ego. You need to do it. You can do it.

Peace, Joy, and Love to you all.

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The man who is first to lose his head, is usually the last one to miss it.



Our entire editorial staff is eagerly awaiting the announcement of the release of the motion picture described in the following article by Joe West.

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A Sneak Preview of “Secret” .$20 million UFO Movie – COLUMBIA PICTURES is spending $20 million on a blockbuster UFO movie-in what one insider calls “the biggest gamble Columbia has ever taken.”

The film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” is directed by Steven Spielberg, the 28-year-old “whiz kid” who directed “Jaws” — which cost a “mere” $9 million. It stars Richard Dreyfuss, who co-starred in “Jaws”.

The gamble is that audiences will be willing to spend $60 million at the box office to see the film. That’s what the studio is praying for to justify the astronomical production costs. “The tension on the set was unbelievable. They all knew this movie had to be a success,” recalled a source close to the production.

Details of the movie are still shrouded in secrecy but the ENQUIRER, using an insider, managed to penetrate the set-a mammoth aircraft hangar in Mobile, Ala.

“The hangar, six times larger than the biggest sound stage in Hollywood, contained $100 million worth of equipment leased by Columbia for $120,000 a week,” our source revealed. “The equipment was the same kind used at the NASA space centers. It was that real thing and was completely functional,” he explained.

Not real, of course, is the “featured player” of the movie–a UFO mock-up. It was a large black object, covered with pulsating, colored lights, the creation of Douglas Trumbull who masterminded the Academy Award winning special effects in “2001.”

“Briefly, ” according to our source, “the story of the film is that a utility company lineman (Dreyfuss) becomes

MARCH 1977                              11

obsessed by the fact that he has seen a UFO-but no one will pay any attention to him.

“The occupants of the UFO have managed to implant a message in his subconscious, telling him where and when they plan to land.

“The U. S. government also knows about the ship and where it will land but, of course, denies- the existence of the UFO. They brand Dreyfuss” sighting a fake. When the ship lands, the government immediately throws a cordon of barbed wire and armed sentries around it. The extraterrestrials who emerge from the craft are 100 youngsters from a school in Mobile. They’re dressed in plastic outfits that give them large domed heads, long fingers and spindly arms and legs.

The movie promises to be as startling as “Jaws.” Trumbull has designed some special effects that can’t fail to give the audience a jolt.

“The set, during production of the film, was completely closed by Columbia. The studio has released no stories about the movie and the press has not been allowed near the hangar area.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


(Up the Atmosphere)

AT THE OUTSET OF MAN’S EXISTENCE ON THIS planet, he found himself in an environment that provided for his every natural need. Indeed, man was himself the ultimate product of his environment, and all other life forms became his food, clothing, shelter, transportation and sometimes, his only companion. Since that time until the present day, man has busied himself with the activities of reproduction until his numbers are approaching the four billion mark, and the mathematical possibility of increasing that figure to approximately

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

80 billion in the next one hundred years is facing mankind today.

Man’s present educational processes have barely reached the point of cracking the shell of knowledge. As he progresses, he could mature into a creature of magnificence unless he is first devoured by a predator of his own making as he emerges from the shell. The predator maybe the destruction of his own life support system, the environment itself, which includes the minerals, water and atmosphere needed for survival. This critical shell removal period is relatively short in natural matters, and the existence of future generations will depend upon our actions in the next few years.

The time has come when we must require our legislators, industrial leaders, educators, scientists and inventors, to exercise prudence in their decisions to utilize natural resources and forces. It is their influence and their actions which will determine the fate of billions of people in the present and in any future generations which we might leave.

The Petroleum and the Electrical Power Industries should be studied for clues to the proper direction to be taken for the survival of our descendents, at a time when louder and louder cries for energy and raw materials are heard from every sector of the population.

The automotive and petroleum industries seem to be committed to a lemming type of self destruction with little future planning beyond next year’s model changes or how many tankers will be required to move the depleting oil supplies from the Middle East fields to re-fineries of countries with little or no resources left.

Geologists have accurately predicted that the world wide supplies of petroleum will be far short of demand by the middle of the 1980’s. This could result in prices reaching $5 to $10 a gallon for gasoline and leaving an extremely short time to develop alternate and better energy sources and systems.

MARCH 1977                              13

Simultaneously in the United States the natural gas reserves are being rapidly depleted by housing requirements for heating and cooling, industry demands for process steam and open flames applied directly to products. This gives a strong indication of more inadequate planning, leading to the extinction of a large industry in a relatively short time. When the present supplies are finally depleted, and since it is a domestic product, there will be no replacement and many homes will be cold and industries forced to stop production. Unemployment will drastically increase at a time when the rest of the world will be looking to the United States of America for guidance in combating accelerating inflation.

It follows then, that soon we will have pumped over three billion tons of petroleum out of the earth, to be consumed by combustion, and with automobile production on the rise, this waste will be increased next year and the next until 1980 when 4.5 million people will be clamoring for more and more energy for fuel.

We are now about to survey the electrical power industry since that seems to hold the most promise for the future in supplying energy. But hardly in the present state of the industry as it is currently producing somewhat less than six million kilowatt hours yearly and supplying approximately 66 per cent of the population of the world in their homes and on their jobs. This represents only 7.7 per cent of the total 1976 energy production with 9 2. 1 per cent obtained from rapidly depleting fossil fuels.

In 1973 the United States alone had 56 atomic re-actors producing 3.5 billion kilowatts (about 18 per cent of our total electrical production) with the rest being produced either hydroelectrically or by combustion of fossil fuels.

Somehow we must supplement the 92.3 per cent energy production using electricity generated by other

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

than fossil fuel and devise a system whereby present petroleum powered vehicles and devices will be replaced by machines powered by electrical energy from the air without the impractical wire connection presently in use. In addition, this system will have to be designed and engineered to expand its capabilities to satisfy the energy demands of 80 plus billion people within the next 100 years, without pollution .

True, man has survived many timely crises in the past and has gained strength and knowledge by solving the problem through ingenuity and intensifying his learning in specialized fields. This present situation is no exception if man will accept the fact that a problem exists and requires a solution soon. This dilemma is more insidious than prior crises in that we are not confronted with a war, epidemic or natural disaster which most of man’s problems consisted of in the past . We are now at a cross-roads in our development and our destiny is in the hands of a few industrialists, legislators, scientists and inventors to either increase our knowledge of natural sciences or start a decline out of the machine age which has accounted for most advances in life style and technology of the past few centuries.

The first atomic fission powered power plant went on steam at Buchanan, New York, in 1962 and was operational in 1965 when the gigantic “Brown-out” occurred. Conceivably the present means of generation can and will be functional until all fossil fuels are consumed . But, since the burden of supplementing energy now being supplied by petroleum falls on the electrical industry an alternate system must be introduced to them and the world as soon as possible.

Change ~is humanly hard to effect in an established area such as the Electric. Utility Industry. However, if it can be shown that its very existence is threatened by the demands of the future such motivation could initiate investigations into alternate power systems.

MARCH 1977                              15

There are many such systems possible, such as direct solar energy, wind power, ocean tides, atomic fusion, ion and or ultra violet ray traps chemical mechanical, photo chemical. However, only one to date has surfaced to provide the capabilities of a system to endure the pressures of energy demands of the next few years.

Consider the advantages to all that Power Transmission through the atmosphere can offer: Electrical Energy will be available to vehicles, boats without fuel, and buildings without the use of unsightly wires to blight the horizon. Farms can have power available for pumps, lights and temperature control equipment to increase crop production without the usual wire problems experienced with the systems of today. Deserts can be made fertile and habitable for new communities created by our population progression. Electric cars will be much less expensive to buy, maintain and operate and without the atmospheric pollution created by combustion. Guidance systems in vehicles will prevent human error accidents. Gas explosions will be eliminated and the air will retain much more oxygen; since petroleum combustion will be eliminated.

The list is huge but these will indicate how our lives will be affected by such an approach to solving the energy problems outlined above.

The basics of such a system have been known for many years, but because of the petroleum industry (now on the endangered list) little has been done to perfect it to the state where it can be used by the present power companies. There is presently some development work being carried out in a few small laboratories, but the bulk of the development will have to be done with the cooperation of the wealthy publicly owned Electric Utility Companies in the United States and in certain other countries. It becomes quite obvious that the nation that initiates this system will

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

control the sale of specialized power generation equipment for many centuries-since without wires to contain it this system car, be expanded to cover continents with the one frequency set by the generation equipment.

In a thumb nail outline-the system will operate in the following manner: out of a tower approximately 1000 feet high abeam of high voltage electrical power will be directed to a similar tower about 62 miles away in a north-south direction and simultaneously out of the same tower another beam will be directed to a tower in an east-west direction also 62 miles away. Both of the other direction towers will also be sending beams to other towers and an ever-expanding Grid of Power Beams will be produced, thus covering huge land areas with a blanket of usable electrical energy. The energy of the Power Beam will be produced by and in each tower and the Beams produced will be capable of releasing electrical energy to vehicles and buildings alike — safely and in quantities necessary to perform the greatest of tasks. The frequency will be much higher that the 60 cycle we presently use but with the increase in efficiency and smaller sized motors will deliver much greater horsepower for powering cars, buses, trucks, boats and even airplanes. Homes, commerce and industry will also be served in this way.

This system is available for development; now,- and could be functional by 1985 if enough public pres-sure is put to management of the Utility Companies, oil companies, and automotive companies and other endangered industries to start thinking of the future. They will have to change; not for change sake, but of necessity generated by 80 billion people’s demands for energy in less than a century

More information is available from Energy Research Corporation, 1509 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 36604 where extensive development work is being carried on and preparations being made to help man.

MARCH 11977                           17

Book reviews

GOD IS ALIVE AND WELL by Oneal Carman, Exposition Press; Hicksville, N.Y. , is a small paperback book that defends the existence of God based on the evidence of a universe and Bible quotations. If there is weakness in the book, it is that the document supporting God, the Bible, is also a questioned document by many. Chapter eight, “Science Testifies of God; `’ is however a strong presentation from many acknowledged scientists, including Albert Einstein, and in other chapters other equally well-known men of science are quoted.

The print is large and easy to read aid the cost though not quoted is without a doubt reasonable as are many of the paperbacks. It will make an interesting addition to any collection of books- dealing with esoteric subjects.

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Dr. David Stry, Director of the Villa Vegetarian Health Spa in Cuernavaca, Mexico(50 miles south of Mexico City) has made his will leaving orders that he is to be buried in the non-smoking section of the cemetery . . . and in a flip-top, crush-proof box!


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U.F.O.. “Coverup” scandal.  From Pres. Harry Truman thru Gerald Ford, Advisors, Cabinet Members. 28 years Presidential “silence.” Exposed, refuted in “U.F.O. MANUAL” $1.00 U.S., $1.25 Cda. ppd. GUARANTEE. Michael J. Campione, 2202 New Albany, Cinnaminson, J. J. 08077.

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TRANSLATIONS – Danish – German – French – Norwegian – Swedish – P.A. ATTERBOM, Box 206, S-434 01 Kungsbacka, Sweden.

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“NEW – INFINITIUM.” How we came here — where we go from here a reappraisal of the Christian Bible. “God” – the sons of God (Eternal) through dreams and visions of a senior citizen – mind expanding expounding our mat-adjusted Societies. Our money monster. The trinity of the eternal mankind and U.F.O.’s $2.50 – 114 pages by Pierre C. Boudreau, 8200 Glenn Haven Rd., Sequel, Calif. 95073.

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