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VOLUME XXII                             DECEMBER 1977                                    NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


As the 1977 Christmas season dawns upon a strife weary world, the news media, for the first time in many years, are filled with the talk of peace rather than the usual rumors and details of war. Whatever may be the ultimate result of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s unprecedented visit to Israel, it has certainly created a situation that neither Egypt nor Israel would have believed possible only a few days before. Few of the newsmen who reported Sadat’s offer to go to Israel believed it was anything but a political grandstand or an outright bluff made in response to the earlier offer of Israel’s Prime Minister to meet Sadat anywhere, even in Cairo. For example, an editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle said, “It is hard to evaluate the sincerity and the true purpose of President Anwar Sadat’s offer, made Wednesday night in the Egyptian parliament, to go “if need be” to the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, to discuss peace. Grand gestures of this sort have been made before in tense international situations. Indeed, Israel’s Prime Minister Menahem

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Begin, made the same kind of offer earlier this year when he said he would be prepared “to meet the president of Egypt anywhere, even in Cairo, in order to negotiate….

Throwaway lines are the stock in trade of actors, including actors on the world’s stage, and it would probably be unwise to invest in these lines much belief in the hope of progress toward the ultimate sitting down of Arabs and Israelis at Geneva. It is particularly hard to find any hope that, even if Sadat came to Jerusalem, the meeting would get anywhere, since he is still insisting on what Begin considers unacceptable preconditions for peace talks, namely, the establishment of a Palestinian homeland and Israeli withdrawal from all occupied territories.

There is no question that it required a great deal of courage and determination on the part of Sadat even to consider such an act, and a very strong motivation to perform it, knowing full well that such an action would be bitterly opposed by a large portion of the Arab world including some of his own friends, and that his entire political future, his personal reputation and perhaps even his life would depend upon his success in achieving some sort of substantial breakthrough in a situation that seemed to offer little hope of such achievement. Nevertheless, the meeting did take place, and in an atmosphere that seemed to be far from the stiff and formal neutrality that might be expected between representatives of nations that have four times been at war with each other. The fact is that there was every evidence of a sincere desire by both sides to find a common ground that would eliminate the causes of hostility. There was an air of cooperation and conciliation that would not have been believed possible if it had not actually occurred.

Immediately after the meeting there arose the expected furor of indignation and accusations of treason by the leaders of those nations whose political formats could not tolerate the concept of peace under any circumstances, but the remainder of the world seems to be in complete sympathy.

DECEMBER 1977                     3

As this editorial is being written, Sadat has again seized the initiative by inviting all nations interested in achieving peace in the near east, to a conference in Cairo. What results this conference may achieve are still in the laps of the Gods, but will probably be fairly well known by the time this editorial appears in print. In any event, the psychological barriers to peace in the near east have certainly been broken and now diplomacy, logic and reason may have their innings.

There is also the encouraging fact that Prime Minister Ian Smith has announced plans to steer the country to black rule through a one-man one vote settlement with moderate African nationalists. He also spoke of a “safe return policy” for black nationalist guerrillas battling his regime, and said he believed his plan would end the five year war with the guerrillas.

Whatever the result of these dedicated efforts for peace may be, they are certainly a long step in the right direction, and it is just possible that after several thousands of years, the leaders of nations are beginning to see the merit in the advice given by Him whose birth we celebrate each Christmas season.



A child usually conceives of freedom as the “right” to do anything he wants whenever he wants, perhaps as long as it doesn’t “hurt” anyone else. When we grow up, freedom becomes the opportunity to make decisions for ourselves, develop our own values, and take responsibility for our own actions.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Much of the rhetoric during the 1976 political campaigns dealt with what economic and social decisions (value judgments) a central government should make for us. Our civilization approaches a singular, critical point in history, as the finite natural resources it has grown accustomed to exploiting now dwindle. Decisions made by the so-called “free marketplace” – short term economic interests – may hasten catastrophe by prolonging wasteful practices profitable only in the short run. There is no question that we do need a coherent, centralized national plan to deal with this problem, just as we would need one to defend our freedoms against military attack. However, gradual decentralization of the economy, and encouragement of personal initiative and generosity may, in the long run, reduce our need to have big government dictate morality and have government take care of poor people who are unpleasant to face person-to-person. For example, use of solar energy in principle allows the individual homeowner to install and maintain his own apparatus; use of nuclear power requires complex administration of safety and constant surveillance for security.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The central issue for personal freedom, however, is still the individual’s making his own decisions about his personal life, and his accepting responsibility for them. Responsibility, in an interconnected society, requires that everyone take his own job seriously, and not leave the details to someone else.

In Communist countries, there is thorough centralized planning and usually a genuine attempt to provide everyone with bare adaptive necessities; but the individual is not allowed to develop his own personal values. In Cuba, a young family’s application for a private apartment hinges on the referendum of neighbors and co-workers. The inference is that no one may choose the persons he will care about out of his own values; allowing such choice to the individual leads (according to the ideology) to decision-making based on self-interest, to competition for “survival commodities”, and finally to

DECEMBER 1977                     5

inequities. Individual differences are taken to follow mostly from lucky inheritance and to bear little relation to basic “survival competence.” No one is allowed to develop his own surplus in life, for his own purposes, until the fundamental “adaptive” needs of everyone have been met. No one is allowed to use group (religious, ethnic) associations and commitments to bolster his own ego. Consumer technology is viewed with suspicion, enabling some persons to obtain convenience or advantage, at the expense of others less aware or conscious of what is happening.

According to many religious theologies, individual human rights are not innate, but are granted by God to serve a predetermined purpose. Some people can find liberty in spiritual surrender to God and to that uncritical humanitarian service to the needs of others which must follow. Unfortunately, men in power often use religious (or political) collective allegiances to support group “manifest destiny,” which, supported by “religious” fervor, throws nations at each others throats and again threatens catastrophe for the entire planet. When this happens, the individual is no longer supposed to under-stand what he believes, or relate it to anything unique in him. Soon, he is no longer responsible for his own life; he is automatically “O.K.” as a person because he follows his particular religion. He may even feel he has the right to impose the “moral code” of his own particular religion on others not of his faith.

The purpose of this very general discussion is to suggest that human freedom and associated responsibility at the individual level, is the right place to start in attacking social and economic problems. Whatever one’s personal experience with some particular controversial political or moral issue, thinking should start with what encourages the individual to work on his own happiness. The lives of the citizens (and families) in any territory should be more important than someone’s idea of the destiny of his own group. Responsibility at the individual level can do much toward producing wealth without destroying the planet, and toward sharing it equitably.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Solar vs. Nuclear Energies

(San Francisco Chronicle, November 15, 1977)

By William Moore

Despite Secretary of Energy James Schlesinger’s public pronouncements in favor of developing solar energy, dozens of people in a position to know have told The Chronicle that, in reality, the Carter administration is keeping the solar switch turned off.

“A growing band of solar proponents in Congress contends that the President’s top energy appointees are wedded to the nuclear industry and, in the words of Congressman Richard Ottinger (Dem.-N.Y.) are ‘un-questionably botching by design’ solar research.

“An Energy Department official says his superiors waged a behind-the-scenes battle against increases in the solar development budget and the government purchases of solar devices that could be expected to help the infant industry.

“Scientists around the country, including several distinguished ones at Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley, complain that their unsolicited federal solar research proposals have gone unanswered. “Solar equipment businessmen and several knowledgeable federal officials say they know of no serious efforts to recruit solar experts into government.

“The scientists and the bureaucrats, in particular, were nervous about talking to the press. After all, they noted, research contracts and careers could be at stake if their comments did not settle well in the corridors of Washington power.

” ‘Please don’t use my name,’ many implored. “Among those requesting anonymity was an Energy Department official who said he had firsthand

DECEMBER 1977                     7

knowledge of the administration’s solar plans.

” ‘Strangely enough,’ he said, `all sorts of people have remained silent about something that has become quite obvious: the administration has pulled back support for solar programs.’

“He said some federal employees handling solar matters have been instructed by their superiors not to have contact with Congressional members and staff.

” ‘That’s to keep them from letting Congress know how acute the need is for additional staff in solar work,’ said the official.

“In addition, he said, the Energy Department, only a few days after it began operations last month, adopted the Pentagon practice of opening all mail before it reaches the people it is addressed to. `The net effect,’ he said, ‘is to stifle open discussion.’

“Despite these restraints on contact with the outside world, the official delivered a scorching appraisal of the Carter-Schlesinger energy priorities.

” `This administration,’ he fumed, `has done more damage to the solar program than the Ford and Nixon administrations, and those two prior administrations were hardly enthusiastic about this potential rival to established forms of energy.’

“Experience with nuclear energy is the hallmark of the key appointees in the month-and-a-half-old Energy Department.

“Secretary Schlesinger was a former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (which was replaced by the Energy Research Development Administration which, along with all federal energy agencies, was in turn replaced by the Energy Department).

“Proponents of solar energy argue that government officials with nuclear backgrounds have a built-in bias for high-energy technology that is centralized, like nuclear power.

“Schlesinger’s chief deputy is John O’Leary, another former AEC official. The man nominated to be

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

assistant secretary of energy technology – the post with direct responsibility for the development of photovoltaic cells – is former AEC official Robert Thorne.

“He stirred up controversy last year, when, as an official in the Energy Research and Development Ad-ministration, he allowed his office in San Francisco to distribute 29,000 pro-nuclear pamphlets in the campaign against the unsuccessful California initiative to set controls on the construction of nuclear power plants.

” `Putting pro-nuclear people in charge of solar energy is like having the fox guard the chicken coop,’ said Gary DeLoss of the Environmental Policy Center in Washington. “

Editor’s note – Space does not permit inclusion of the entire article, but the gist, herewith presented, is convincing evidence that special interest groups still get more attention than the public welfare in government policies.


Although the producer has mailed us an invitation to see and review the new $20 million U.F.O. extravaganza, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” we were unable to attend the preview in Dallas, Texas, and since it does not open officially until December 14, we have not seen the picture and so can only report what other critics have said about it.

REVIEW by John Hard

“Not many movies have a measurable effect on public opinion. During the next few months, however, it should be relatively simple to gauge the influence of Steven Spielberg’s $20 million U.F.O. thriller, `Close

DECEMBER 1977                     9

Encounters of the Third Kind,’ which opens December 14 at the King Cinema and around the country.

“My guess is that the effect will be substantial. While the picture probably lacks the incredibly broad appeal of `Star Wars,’ there is little doubt that it will be popular, and its magical, romanticizing attitude toward the U.F.O. phenomenon is likely to be particularly appealing to children.

” `Close Encounters’ is a movie that believes in miracles. Children may be more disappointed if they don’t see a U.F.O. this Christmas than if they don’t have a close encounter with Santa Claus.

“As one reporter put it last week at a Los Angeles press conference, following the premiere screening of the film: `Don’t you think this movie is going to prompt a rash of U.F.O. sightings?’

“Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who wrote `The U.F.O. Experience, A Scientific Inquiry,’ provided the film with its title and served as its technical advisor and consultant, predicted not only that the film will prompt more sightings, but that he hopes it will.

“After 22 years of investigating the phenomenon with the Air Force, he feels that `efforts to investigate and understand it, and eventually to solve it, could have a profound effect – perhaps even be the springboard to a revolution in mankind’s outlook on the universe. There is no question that U.F.O.’s exist, but it’s our problem to investigate them. In the past few years, astronomers have been forced to admit that the universe is teeming with life.

” ‘I have a strong feeling that “Close Encounters” will cause a wave of sightings. But the important thing isn’t how many sightings are reported, but how many old reports show up. Will people suddenly be prompted to discuss what they saw four or five years ago and were afraid to report?

” `Whenever I ask an audience for a show of hands, usually 10 to 20 percent admit that they have seen a U.F.O. But when I ask how many reported it, the percentage is much lower.’ “

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

poet’s corner


Juliana Lewis


When winter’s snow covered the ground

More often than not my husband was found,

With mittoned hands, out back to feed

Cold little birds warmed crackers and seed.

“You’re feeding the birds?” I’d ask my mate

As he carefully bestrewed crumbs from a plate.

“With the coming of spring you deplore sparrows

And gladly would down the same with arrows

When in your trees each of them reaches

To peck your figs and ripening peaches.”

“We have an agreement” mumbled he.

“Insects they eat – my fruit they let be.”

 “Do you have that in writing?” asked I –

A question which got me no reply.


Now gone are the snows and hail and sleet.

Spring has arrived and the peaches are sweet.

I hear from my window the mockingbirds singing,

The sparrows, the robins – and all are winging

To a feast of grapes and pears or figs

Amidst our back yard’s branches and twigs.

My husband runs, with both arms flailing,

To shoo them away – but apparently failing.

“No fair weather friends are these” I say.

“Your birds to a feather are here to stay.”

Meanwhile the insects are partying free,

But nature is nature, naturally.

DECEMBER 1977                     11



Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Fri., Nov. 25, 1977


“If you have a hankering to live in space you should visit the Space Building at the California State Museum of Science and Industry here.

“The museum has an exhibit showing a space colony capable of housing and supporting 10,000 people. The NASA-prepared exhibit shows that a colony is not a science-fiction fantasy but a scientific fact.

` `The display not only shows how the colony would be self-supporting but also provides an artist’s conception of how the space dwellers would live, surrounded by farmland, rivers, homes and recreation areas in a protected environment.

“The exhibit in the museum at Exposition Park is open 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, with special slide presentations on the space colonies on weekends in Kinsey Auditorium at 1 p.m.”


London (AP) – “Life on earth could have come from outer space and major epidemics like influenza and the plague may still be coming from there, two distinguished British astronomers said Thursday.

“Sir Fred Hoyle and Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe presented the theory in an article in the weekly magazine New Scientist.

“They speculated that the essential building blocks of life were not formed in the `primeval soup’ of primitive earth – the normally accepted theory – but in the core and tails of comets.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“About four million years ago, their article suggested, a comet could have crash-landed on earth, bringing the primitive organisms from which all life has evolved.

“If the theory is right, the scientists said, it has `profound biological, medical and sociological implications.’ If life did start that way, invasions of earth by fresh biological material from the debris of comets is likely still to be continuing, they reasoned. “Such an explanation, they said, could account for past epidemics and plagues which spread quickly round the world at a time when travel was painfully slow. It would also mean fresh epidemics could come the same way.

“Hoyle is professor of astronomy at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, one of the country’s most respected scientific bodies. Wickramasinghe is professor of applied mathematics at Cardiff University.

” `A continual microbiological vigil of the stratosphere may well be necessary to eliminate the havoc which will ensue from extra-terrestrial invasions of the future,’ they warned.

“They argued that the `primeval soup’ theory depends on assumptions that have never been proved and pointed to mounting evidence that the essential building blocks of life – amino acids and other molecules – are formed in large quantities through-out space.

“The 1973 comet Kohoutek was found to contain important organic molecules, dust tails to comets may well contain similar material, and meteorite remains on earth have been found to contain amino-acids and biological molecules, they said.

“Bacteria able to survive on earth could have landed locked in an icy comet billions of years ago, they argued further.

“The sudden plagues that have irregularly swept the globe could be the result of fresh attempts at the evolution of life on comets, the scientists

DECEMBER 1977                     13

suggested. The material would reach the earth on clumps of debris from comets as the earth swings across their tails.”


Richland, Wash. (AP) – “A logical way to provision space colonies is from farms operated by robots on asteroids, a Battelle Northwest researcher says. “Battelle researchers have designed one such farm for the Ceres, the largest of the thousands of asteroids which orbit between Mars and Jupiter, said Peter Molton, a scientist with Battelle’s food-agriculture section.

“Asteroids as sources of food and minerals would reduce the huge freight costs for shipments from Earth to space colonies on the Moon, other planets or moons or man-made space colonies, Molton said.

“Developing methods to mine and manufacture special items in space would allow colonies to build a balance of trade with Earth, the scientist said.

“One of the biggest problems of space colonization, Molton said, is the cost of doing business in space.

6 ” ‘At projected freight costs of $20 million for 65,000-pound payloads, you couldn’t ship lettuce back to Earth,’ he said. `But relatively pure uranium, aluminum or other minerals could be a different story entirely.’

“Shipping food from Earth to space colonies would be just as expensive, Molton said, but trans-porting food from the Moon to a space colony would use only about one-fourth the energy to ship from Earth.

“Farms may not be possible inside space colonies because of the restricted area under atmospheric controls, Molton said.”

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Orva Schrock

“What is truth?” Pilate asked the suffering man standing in judgment before him. But Jesus the Christ had already taught His message to those who wanted to hear, and the great Master answered nothing.

Throughout history in all ages and cultures there have lived great teachers and enlightened messengers of truth in ethics. The common man recognizes the truth of the message though it comes at different times and in various forms. This message universally accepted as most humane, reliable and Godly seems to have been always much the same, though its teachers and originators were separated by centuries and continents.

Perhaps the most widely known and respected tenet of this perennial teaching is known to Christians as the Golden Rule. In the beautiful words of the Master Jesus, “All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. “

Five centuries earlier in India, Gautama Buddha taught his followers and said, “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.”

During this same period Confucius was teaching this same philosophy to his countrymen in China. Confucius said, “Is there one maxim which ought to be acted upon one’s whole life? Surely it is the maxim of loving-kindness: Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you.”

In the Talmud, the scriptures of Judaism, the message is again unmistakably clear, “What is hateful to you, do not to your fellowman. That is the entire law, all the rest is commentary.”

DECEMBER 197                       15

Around the world and through the ages the great message rings out loud and clear:

Brahmanism: “This is the sum of duty: Do naught unto others which would cause you pain if done to you.”

Taoism: “Regard your neighbors gain as your own gain, and your neighbors loss as your own loss.”

Zoroastriaism: “That nature alone is good which refrains from doing unto another whatsoever is not good for itself. “

Islam: “No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself.”

This great message, though slightly varied in wording, remains the same for all people, places and times, and it cannot be improved upon.


Wm. D. Columbatto

Let us pray—, that strength, and courage abundant, be given to all, who work for a world of reason, and understanding. That the good, that lies in every man’s heart, may day-by-day, be magnified; That men will come to see more clearly; Not that—, which, divides them; But that—, which unites them; That each hour may bring us to final victory; Not of nations, over nations, but of men, over his own evils and weaknesses. That the true spirit of this Christmas, its joys, its beauty, its hope, and above all, its abiding faith, may live among us; That the blessings of peace, be ours; The peace, to build and grow; To live in harmony, and sympathy, with others, and to plan for the future with confidence in prayer. Alas, that every forgiving heart shall prey, upon our minds, until its fulfillment


16                                                                                       UNDERSTANDING

Book reviews

ONE, by Orest Bedrij, Strawberry Hill Press, is a small paperback book that contains profound philosophy and guidance for fulfilling the precepts of such philosophy. In this book spiritual philosophy and hard science meet and unite in one law: the law of love. The last paragraph in the Preface of the book gives a thumbnail summary of the contents of the book. The author states: “My basic assumption in the first part (of the book) is that Absolute Law exists and governs all. The second part proves the truth of that assumption.”

The book is divided into two sections: The first, One Freedom, and that is sub-divided into four fundamental concepts; Where Are WE Now, Where Do We Have to Go; How Do We Get There and I Am Who Am. The second section is, One Law. It is also subdivided into three sections: That Which Is; The Great Trinity and ONE Through Mathematics, Physics and Experimentation.

A book of plain fact dynamically illustrated by quotations from the greatest minds of all time, and presented with such love from the author’s heart that each word grips you and you cannot lay the work down until you have absorbed every syllable. The documentation is comprehensive beyond any book of its size so you may examine

DECEMBER 1977                     17

for yourself the words the author has quoted and in such examination find the TRUTH the author is presenting with a clarity and simplicity that is unparalleled in any work this reviewer has examined. In the section on How Do We Get There? the author states: “If we are concerned with man’s happiness, our emphasis has to shift from the point of error-and-terror and weeping over the previous actions, to the point of knowledge and truth: from the point of justice to the point of freedom.***** Whether a man is brought before man-made justice is not as important as whether he understands that there is a higher Absolute law and that it will balance his books regardless. “

Buried in the center of the book is a recipe for all men to come to higher understanding of Who they are and of Who others are also. On page 67 the author states, “If you really care, if you want to help the child who watched his family kicked and herded into cattle trains to Siberia, the defenseless into whose mouth boiling water is poured, the starving `trash’ who before death eat lubricating grease, the pregnant mother who is being transmuted from a human being into an animal—–if you care you can put a stop to all of this with one act. Moses did. So did Isaiah, Daniel, Elijah, Socrates, Plato, Plutarch, Pythagoras, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Shankara, Confucious, Lao-Tzu and Ghandi. President Lincoln issued a proclamation for the whole nation to do it in a time of need. FAST!!! The power is fasting is tremendous. It constitutes one of the most powerful weapons we have!”

To that we can say a loud and emphatic AMEN! We have done it and the change in the individual who does it is too vast for a short review to describe. Try it.

And Read this book. Study it. It is a must if we are to regain our God-given birthright. Don’t wait. Send for it today. The price is small, $4.95. Stackpole Books, Cameron and Kelker Sts., Harrisburg, Pa. 17105.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Bulletin board

We need a volunteer to translate letters written in Swedish and German. Anybody—–please?

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Tapes from the last convention can be ordered. They will be $5.00 post-paid. Speakers: Rev. Benjamin T. Cullen on Energy of the Mind; Charles Gould, Rockwell Inter-national on Energy–A long Range View; William Matlock, Practical Approaches to Concentrating Col-lectors; The Rev. Henry Nagorka, A Wide Range of Energy Uses; Rev. Diane Nagorka, The Energy Experienced by a Medium; and Daniel W. Fry, Hydrogen the Ideal Motor Fuel.

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Practical Approaches to Concentrating Collectors ……………. William Matlock

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Hydrogen – the Ideal Motor Fuel ………. Daniel W. Fry


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Relativity of Reality


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