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VOLUME XXI                              OCTOBER 1976                                        NUMBER 8

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


For untold centuries mankind has been crying Peace!, Peace!, and there has been no peace. Thousands of highly dedicated and learned men have devoted their lives to the search for peace, and millions of others have fought to the death for it. Ever since the year 400 B.C. wars have been fought with the avowed purpose of, “Ending all wars,” and yet war is with us still. A well known philosopher once defined peace as, “The hectic interval between two wars, during which both sides are striving to recover from the wounds of the last and, at the same time, working feverishly to prepare for the next.”

No writer, no orator and no intelligent man of any profession has ever propounded any valid or convincing argument in favor of war. Even those for whom war is a profession speak against it. General Sherman’s famous expression, “War is Hell!,” has been echoed by countless other military men. The vigorous and detailed denunciation of war by General of the army Douglas McArthur, to which we referred in our last issue, is typical of the attitude of virtually every thinking individual of any race or ideology. The great question which inevitably rises is, “if man is indeed an intelligent species, as he has long prided himself upon being, and if no one can come up with a good argument in favor of war; if all agree that it is a stupid, brutal and terribly destructive form of periodic insanity, from which no one profits and everyone loses, then why do we keep on doing it, year

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

after year, decade after decade, century after century? Like dope addicts, we despise ourselves for doing it, but simply can’t seem to find a way to stop. All of the civilization and all of the technology that have been achieved by mankind upon this planet, are now in danger of total destruction by agencies that have been conceived and brought forth by that civilization and its technology, at tremendous cost in money, in material and in very specialized human effort. The fact that the gravest threats to man’s survival arise from his own creations, has raised a suspicion that there are ultimate limits to the degree of technological advance that can be achieved by any human society or civilization before- it, automatically though unintentionally, brings about its own destruction. The postulate that all civilizations contain within themselves, the seeds of their own destruction, is not a new one. Problems are arising in human relationship that seem to have no adequate or mutually acceptable solution, but which nevertheless threaten to terminate the civilization if no solution is found.

There are those who console themselves with the thought that the Social Sciences will solve all of mankind’s social problems, or that they will, somehow, solve themselves if only we can manage to ignore them long enough! Our social science might indeed be helpful if we had one, but unfortunately we do not!

The Social Science has been defined as, “The study of the relationship of man to his fellowman, and the means by which that relationship may be made more successful, more productive and more enduring. Colleges and Universities list courses in social sciences, and government agencies spend billions of dollars and hours of effort upon it. The fact remains however, that no genuine scientific foundation has ever been established for this study. It has developed only as an art, rather than as the science which it is called, and which it must become if it is to furnish practical solutions to the present and to the future problems of mankind. A true science can only be build upon a foundation of facts that have been tested and agreed upon by everyone concerned. If we consider the branch of knowledge and inquiry usually known as the Physical Science, or simply as Physics, we find that it is a true science in that the area of mutual agreement has long` since been determined and documented. The process through which

the documentation was achieved was not a natural or automatic one. It required planning and dedication on the part of those who carried it out. Leaders in the study of physics gathered from all parts of the world to discuss, to determine and to document those postulates c. physics which were acceptable to all. For example – if one he’d

OCTOBER 1976                         3

object in one’s hand and suddenly released it, what would happen? Would it remain where it was? Would it fall upwards, or sideward, or would it fall down? (Sir Isaac Newton’s postulates were tested and accepted by all as an answer to this question.) One-by-one, the simplest possible concepts of the physical universe were discussed and, where mutual agreement resulted, were recorded in documents which became the textbooks of the physical science. When agreement could not be reached, the delegates did not declare war upon each other nor did they challenge each other to duels in the hope that they could kill off the opposition. Instead, one or more specific tests were devised, based upon the postulates which had already been agreed upon by all, for the purpose of demonstrating the relative merits of the opposing theories. Since the postulates upon which the tests were based had been accepted in advance by all concerned, all were equally bound by the results of the tests, and would accept them, at least until some still better theory, or better tests were formulated.

Today, one can purchase textbooks on the subject of physics in any country that publishes books. The textbooks are compiled by persons of widely differing races and ideologies, yet in each book will be found the same statements, the same postulates, the same rules and laws that have been accepted by every physicist, regardless of his beliefs or his opinions on other matters. Consequently, there has never been a war, or even a major feud that has resulted from any difference of opinion in the physical science. It is built upon a foundation of mutual agreement, and has a built-in method of settling disputes and resolving differences.

In the social arts, which are mistakenly referred to as the social science, the area of mutual agreement, while it is certainly large and general, has never been specifically determined or documented, nor has any major effort to do so ever been undertaken in the entire history of mankind. There is, therefore, no foundation of mutual agreement from which mutually acceptable tests or means of determination can be formulated, with the result that both sides of any social controversy tend, ultimately, to resort to violence in the attempt to force recognition of their position. There is only one means by which this problem can be solved and the violence eliminated. A foundation for the social arts must be provided so that they can become a science, acceptable to all, that do not require or contemplate any resort to violence or warfare. The specific plan of Understanding, Inc., to accomplish this centuries overdue task, will be related in the next issue of this magazine. It should be given the

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

careful study which it deserves. It is not a sudden inspiration nor flash of genius, but the result of more than ten years of concentrated study, and analysis of human problems.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


by Russell J Fornwalt

“If God had wanted us to fly, he would have given us wings.” You have probably heard this expression many times. Perhaps you have repeated it Maybe you have even mad- it part of your thinking or philosophy. Many people have.

But let us, for the moment, go along with this “wings” business, and see where it (night take us.

“If God had wanted us to have bicycles, he would have given us wheels instead of legs.” Or, “If God had wanted us to reach the Moon, he would have created us in the form of self-propelling missiles or rockets.”

Or, “If God had wanted us to talk long-distance, he would have provided us with real powerful vocal chords.”

As you can see, we could go on and on with this “if God had      wanted” sort of thing. We could carry it to ridiculous extremes. But to do so would only limit God. It would limit man, too, who is in the “image and likeness of God.” It would downgrade God, the Creator, and his ideal which is man.

The truth is that God did want man to fly, and He did give man wings. He endowed every one of us with the wings of imagination, intelligence, ingenuity and inquisitive instinct. On those wings we can fly both in fantasy or in reality anywhere we wish.

“Before they call, I will answer” (Isaiah 65.24). God, in His in-finite wisdom, knew that the wheelbarrow, the ox-cart and the horse and buggy would not be adequate for man for all time. He knew that steam locomotives would not fully meet man’s transportation needs in the 20th century. God knew that man would have to advance from propellers to jets to rockets in air and space travel.

God, therefore, had to build into man the means to advance to greater things and to adapt himself to changing conditions. Those means are the wings of intellect, inspiration and incentive. Those are the means by which man flies from glory to glory.

God already knew in the Stone Age that tools fashioned from rock would not meet our needs today. He knew there would come the time when the world would need electrically-powered tools and sophisticated machinery.

OCTOBER 1976                         5

God answered our needs even before we called. He answered by instilling within us the desire to innovate, the inclination to investigate, and the quality of invincibility. God has generously endowed us with powers – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual – with which to conquer every bar and barrier.

“Did God want us to see the insides of our bodies?” Apparently not, according to some, or else he would have equipped us with x-ray eyes.”

But, again, what is the truth? It is simply that God has endowed us with the all-seeing eyes of inquisitiveness, imagination and inventiveness. These are the “x-ray eyes” which enable us to see the “in-sides” of everything – past, present and future.

According to some scientists, man’s eyes will eventually develop x-ray vision as well as the ability to see in the dark. When it is essential for a man to have such faculties, God will provide.

Created in the image and likeness of God, man has within him the God-potential. His, that is man’s, powers of adaptability are remarkable.

When it is vital to his existence for man to see through brick walls, or even walk through them, the God-power in man will deliver. For as the Psalmist says, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” We are more than muscle and marrow; we are mind – a manifestation of Divine Intelligence, if you will. We are more than speck; we are spirit. We are more than flesh, form and physique; we are the Divine fulfillment.

Let us not deny the fact, then, that God did give us wings. Let us not deny the fact either that God gave us omnipotent vision.

With that vision to guide us and on those wonderful wings of wisdom we will someday fly to Mars, Mercury, Venus and to many worlds beyond. There is nothing to stop us except our own “littleness” of thought.

We can only speculate as to what new “wings” man will sprout as he evolves physically and spiritually. We have hints, however, that those new wings may be in the areas of dematerialization, levitation, divination, prognostication, resurrection, mental telepathy and other aspects of extra-sensory perception.

Man is ever-evolving, ever unfolding, ever-growing and ever going from glory to glory. We are told that “in the Father’s house are many mansions” – unlimited possibilities.

Man does have wings. He was meant to fly not only physically but mentally and spiritually.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

On his flights of imagination man writes beautiful music, poetry, novels, short stories and dramas. He creates breathtaking landscapes, seascapes, floral settings and portraits on canvas.

On his wings of wisdom and imagination man soars to new heights in engineering and architectural beauty. One can not help but be impressed with the ever-changing skyline in any large city. That skyline changes only as man accepts and uses his God-given wings – imagination, innovation and inventiveness.

To what place do you wish to take flight? To the presidency of your corporation or to the Presidency of the United States? To more harmony in your marriage? To a better job? To a larger bank account? To success in business?

It makes no difference what your goal may be? On the wings of wisdom and vision you can get there. Do not clip those wings by entertaining thoughts of limitation or lack.

God wanted man to fly, and that is precisely why man is flying today. God did give man the necessary wings.

God did want man to see into himself. That is why He inspired man to invent the x-ray machine and to come up with various systems of psychiatry, psychotherapy, philosophy and religion.

“Now are we the sons of God.” Now are we soaring to greater heights in health, happiness, harmony and even in the heavens. Now are we flying to progress in every area because God did give us the wings of intellect and invention.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The staff of Understanding Magazine was saddened by the news of the translation of our good friend Mable Wallingford. We know that her promotion to a higher and better place of existence will offer her opportunities for learning and service even greater than those which she expected so eagerly while here. And so we are happy for her but sad for ourselves who no longer may enjoy her cheering and helpful company.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

PARTY TALK: After getting a compliment on the pretty maternity dress she was wearing at that Sicilian Den party, the woman quipped, “It’s just the shape of things to come.”

OCTOBER 1976                         7

Poet’s corner


– June 29, 1775 –

“Honored Father. . . “

A yellowed manuscript began

With filial words. I paused to scam

The closely written document

of how a soldier’s hours were spent.

While first encamped near Bunker Hill,

The young recruit had learned to kill.

His garrison was overturned

Through lack of powder. King’s troops burned

Charlestown while fleeing patriots sought

Winter Hill base. Colonials fought

Incendiaries that British hurled

At homes in Roxbury’s quiet world.

“As fierce as bloodhounds to put them out,”

The rebels dashed from their redoubt

To quell the fire bombs. Every test

By fire was met. Jed never guessed –

Entrenched and watchful as he wrote –

That future citizens would note

Vie fledgling soldier (once unknown)

Who penned a letter to his own

Honored father.

submitted by Arlyle Mansfield Loo

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


The second annual fall convention of Understanding, Inc. will be October 22-24th at Tonopah, Az., International Cultural Center. It will be followed by a week of special education for a limited number of students at a depth level of basic preparation for the changes which are coming in the very near future. The curriculum coincides with the convention theme: Understanding Change for the Future.

Speakers for the convention have been chosen for their expertise in the areas of our lives which are most vulnerable to stresses experienced by rapid change. Dr. Neva Dell Hunter and two of her staff, Ron Hulnick and Robert Water-man will present talks on “Prevenience: The Key to New Age Discipline,”, “Personal Growth Through Psychological Counseling,” and “The Place of Aura Balance in the Aquarian Age,” respectively.” Other speakers are Dr. Ray Brown, naturopathic practitioner, William Hamilton, editor of Nexus, a new organization that is gaining rapidly in numbers and depth, Bill Cox, who is known to almost all metaphysical groups and The Rev. Ronald Gibson, food and nutrition counselor. And of course George Van Tassel as Master of Ceremonies (if they get back from New Zealand, that is.)

Dr. Daniel Fry will open the program with a lecture on the various kinds of change we may expect in the very, very near future. These include weather conditions, earth and atmospheric changes, political and economic brochures are in the process of distribution. Should one fail to reach you please send in your pre-registration fee of $10.00 to: Understanding Convention Fund, Star Rte Box 588F, Tonopah, Az., 85354. We hope that all will pre-register by Oct. 15th. Total registration for the whole convention is $20.00. No meals included. Three meals will be served at $3.00 per person on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. No lodging is furnished. (Bring your own the desert floor is clean and the stars beautiful.) There is no charge for children under 12. Students with ID cards may register for $12.00 total. A bargain vacation you’ll agree in this day of rising costs, we’ve tried to set a good example and dropped ours so every-one could come!

The snack bar will be operating at noon for solar hot dogs and  salads. And if Lela and Bob Maxwell get back, there’ll be Maxwell’s mighty flapjacks for breakfast – if they don’t make it, you’re on your own for breakfast.

The annual meeting of the organization will be on Sunday morning. We hope every member of Understanding will make a real effort to be present. This is an important meeting.

OCTOBER 1976                         9


During the last days of the Roman Empire, the Library at Alexandria in Egypt housed nearly 3/4 of a million volumes of the western world’s literature until the last scrolls were burned by Arab-Muslim invaders. This was the world’s central repository of hand-written knowledge. The main liability of Alexandria was that no copies of its books existed elsewhere in the world. To copy a hand-written manuscript was tedious labor. The invention of printing solved that, but too late for Alexandria.

With the destruction of the Alexandrian Library, we suffer periods of historical amnesia. The collective sum of a culture’s written works form its memory banks. A person with lapses of memory acts neurotic and so does a civilization.

In order to bring about a greater degree of understanding between two or more people, countries, or planets there must be brought about a greater exchange of communication or information. There can be no understanding in the absence of communication. Further, there can be no further improvement in a culture without a flow of information.

Libraries are the safe keepers of information. However, most libraries are inadequate or under-utilized as an information resource. Therefore, I would like to propose the creation of a World Library.

The World Library would be an underground repository containing a copy of all the world’s books and periodicals. A computer system should keep track of an index and cross-reference index listing of all publications in the World Library and this could be published as the World Publications Directory.

No book is ever checked-out from the World Library. Copies are ordered from the publisher or distributor. Copies can be made by the library on special order for a fee. Certain periodicals or research papers could be copies and transmitted by mail or computer.

The World Library acts as an information service and promotes the world-wide exchange of literature. Perhaps a new classification system could be devised that would lend itself to a universal compartmenting of data. In fact, one exists.

The World Library could also provide an inter-lingual translation service.

Such a World Library system could go a long way in helping a world to understand itself.

– William F. Hamilton




By Dick West

WASHINGTON (UPI) – How many substances would you say have been identified in the past 10 years as causing cancer in mice?

One dozen? Two gross? Three bags full?- I don’t know the answer either. But the question will serve to introduce you to Merlin Tiddlehood. . a chemist who is thinking of applying to the National Institute of Health for a $650,000 research grant.  He wants to run a series of experiments to see whether he can find any substance that doesn’t cause cancer in mice.

“One by one,” Tiddlehood told me, “the good things in life are being banned because they are found to contain ingredients that pro-duce cancer in mice.

“Certain types of artificial sweeteners, deodorants, contraceptive pills, bacon preservatives, cattle fatteners – the list is practically end-less and ever growing.”

“Just in the past few days a common cough syrup ingredient and a popular food coloring were pronounced suspect.”

“Based on the law of probability, it now appears likely that there is something in everything that causes cancer in mice. But under the present process of testing each consumer item individually, it could take years and millions of dollars to verify that postulation.”

“A faster and cheaper approach would be a crash program to try to isolate some substance that is completely harmless mice-wise.” I said, “is there any particular substance that looks promising as a non-cancer causing ingredient?”

“Nothing is definitive at this stage,” Tiddlehood confided, “but if I am awarded the grant, I plan to conduct my first experiments with apricot yogurt.”

“That sounds like the logical place to begin, all right,” I said. “How did you happen to hit upon that particular substance?”

“In going over the scientific literature on this subject, I read about a small village in Yugoslavia that once had a mice-infested yogurt plant. The plant apparently was unique in that none of the mice that lived there ever died of cancer.

OCTOBER 1976       11″One reason may be that most of the mice were killed by the cat. Therefore, no hard and fast conclusions can be drawn as to whether mice that subsist primarily on apricot yogurt run less risk of cancer.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


By Rick Du Brow

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) – A scientist trying to establish contact with life on other planets said today research indicates it not only exists but is “probably widespread.”

Dr. John Billingham, chief of the biotechnology division at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Ames Research Laboratory in Mountain View, Calif., revealed his conclusions half-way through a two-year study.

He said his search for intelligent extraterrestrial life “now points to the fact that it should be very common, that it exists now and is probably widespread in the universe.”

Billingham said he has been contacted by believers in unidentified flying objects but gives little scientific validity to claims of visits and from other planets. He said, however, they were “conceivable.”

Billingham said his search, aided by other scientists, is for “beings who have gotten to at least our level of science and technology, and may be ahead”.

“We believe that in many places living creation has gone not only as far as we, but much further – including many civilizations much older than ours,” he said in an interview.

“We’re the youngest civilization that is able to communicate. We have been able to communicate for only 10 or 15 years across the galaxy with radiotelescopes.

“So the point is that we’ve just emerged on a statistical basis, and therefore anybody we contact must be an older civilization.” Billingham, 45 and British-born, said his evidence of life on other planets is circumstantial and he hoped to establish contact with extraterrestrial beings through larger and better radiotelescopes.

“The evidence begins with the fact that in laboratory and space research, we have found that organic molecules – the building blocks of life – are very common outside our earth,” he said.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“It used to be thought that our own planetary system with our own sun was unique. But we can now say that most stars have planets around them.

“Put that together, and we now think there are billions and billions of other planets, so there is no reason why the same process of living cell creations cannot take place.”

Billingham said he is working on the project at the Ames Research Laboratory with experts in astronomy, communications and outer space physics.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



By Allen Spraggett, Toronto Sun

A giant spacecraft exploded while attempting to land on earth, unleashing one of the most devastating holocausts in the history of the world.

This is the provocative thesis of a new book which re-examines the riddle of what has been called “The Tunguska mystery.”

The book, The Fire Came By, co-authored by college professor Thomas Atkins and newsman John Baxter, cites persuasive scientific evidence that behind the Tungaska Mystery lies the story of a visit to earth from outer space and its tragic conclusion.

The facts are universally accepted.

On the morning of June 30, 1908, at 7:17 a.m., what was described by eyewitnesses as “a cylindrical object” flashed across the sky over Siberia trailing a stream of fire. Then the object blew up in an explosion of cataclysmic proportions.

The shock was registered on seismographs in Moscow, Paris, Lon-don and even on the other side of the world in Washington, D.C. Trees within a 40-mile radius of the blast were snapped off like matchsticks. A firestorm swept across the Siberian plain and whole herds of reindeer were incinerated. Then a black rain fell, contaminating the ground for hundreds of square miles.

For nearly 70 years the unanswered question has been: What caused this monumental explosion?

THE THESIS of authors Atkins and Baxter is that a steadily growing body of scientific evidence indicates that the explosion was

OCTOBER 1976                         13

nuclear in nature and triggered when the atomic-powered engines of an extraterrestrial craft overheated and blew up.

For years, it was assumed that the object was a meteor. But a meteor capable of such damage would have left a massive crater and no crater exists at the Tunguska site. Nor could the object have been a comet – a giant, natural fireball zooming into the earth from space – because numerous eyewitness accounts described it as “a tube-shaped object streaming a fiery tail.”

They cite the scholarly studies of numerous Soviet scientists who have painstakingly investigated the site of the explosion and found evidence that bolsters the spaceship theory.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


WASHINGTON (AP) – A chunk of burned something, a piece of brass tube and a vast array of reports and photos collected in the investigation of unidentified flying objects have gone on display at the National Archives.

They are the records of Project Blue Book, the Pentagon’s systematic evaluation of UFOs, and are being made available for the first time to the public.

The records of the 1947-69 study have been declassified, but the Air Force has removed the names of citizens who wished to remain private.

The material consists of about 42 cubic feet of paper records, or about 8,400 pages; photographs; dozens of artifacts; 23 sound recordings from persons who chose to talk rather than write letters; 39 films and film strips.

Most of the written material, on 94 reels of microfilm, has been open to the public since last week. Most of the films and photos are now being processed, and will be available within a week.

The display includes two small pieces of metal fused together, collected at Lafayette, Ind., in August 1954. About an inch long, they might be any two pieces of metal picked up from the remains of a bonfire.

There is a hunk of brass tubing, about six inches long and more than an inch in diameter, found near Middletown, Ohio, on Aug. 8, 1958. It might be extraterrestrial, but it might also be a part of a child’s toy.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

A Bicentennial Benediction

By Odette Jones

“. . . and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts: gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.” “Happy birth-day,” for that First Birthday Party.

The greatest birthday of all time for Christians is celebrated every December 25 around the world. Now there is another birthday to be celebrated. Surely not with the same motive or intensity, but with a definite ferver and emotion that goes beyond any other celebration of any other anniversary.

This very year, 1976, we commemorate a birthday that should bring to every American a renewed thrill of patriotism, and abiding gratitude. For one remarkable reason: we can still stand and shout to the world – and beyond – with unabashed pride, “I am an American.”

In spite of Watergate, that cancerous quagmire that included every unlawful and unethical purpose at its command; in spite of graft and greed and dishonest politicians; in spite of illegal and immoral intervention in foreign activities; in spite of the grotesque misdeeds of our secret spy operations; in spite of all this – and more – we can STILL stand, and joyously proclaim, “I am an AMERICAN!” And we can do it with dignity.

Why? Because we still have the freedom to be able to say it. Think. Where else could the muddy waters of a governing body be stirred and agitated so deeply as to bring to the surface what has been exposed and broadcast worldwide and still leave the super-structure intact? Where else on earth could a country be shaken to its very core and still operate – and operate effectively? Nowhere. Our country had to have been built on bedrock of principles so true and so fine that they are virtually unbreakable. (Virtually. Keep that word in mind.) Those principles have been beaten and pounded and gouged, but they have endured. America has stood with her head bowed low in humiliation and a heart bleeding with shame. But she has stood. How much appreciation and love have we shown her for such transcendent steadfastness?

During this special Birthday Year, shall we not reawaken to the fact that our nation is the embodiment of our own ideals, and can reflect only what we ourselves express?

Can we find a birthday gift for this Great Lady that will even

OCTOBER 1976                         15

barely repay her for bearing the furious blows of the worst of un-controlled human actions? How keenly she has suffered.

Shall we not give this One, who has given us such great abundance in resources, freedoms, and infinite potentialities, our tender and loving care? Shall we not start ministering to her wounded body by watching to see that no more virulent germs of greed or immorality be allowed to penetrate her being?

Shall we not begin to see America as we would any other one who deserves, and has, our greatest affection and devotion? Were our human mother the victim of evil in any form would we not love her more for her misfortune? Would we not give compassionate solicitude and vigilant protection to ensure her quickest recuperation and permanent safety?

Our beautiful Mother Country deserves the same.

This does not mean that we should start running for office. Nor does it suggest more protest marches. It does mean a rededication to the principles that brought forth this wonder of wonders – a true Democracy. The ONLY one in the world. It means rekindling within ourselves those childhood teachings that are inherent in every civilized culture. Teachings so basic that they have somehow been side-stepped in the razzle-dazzle of our great hurry to “get somewhere.” “Thou shalt not steal.” “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” And et cetera. We all remember them.

On her 200th Birthday, what shall be our gift to this glorious Miracle of the Ages?

Shall we give her our patriotism again, only this time not blinded by the “my country right or wrong” denseness, but real patriotism? The kind that is ever watchful to see that she is right?

Shall we give to her our unceasing efforts to protect her from the jaws of the jackals of tyranny, as she has kept us free to be whatever we choose to be?

Shall we give her the gift of wholeness? Shall we work together to heal her of her many sores? Until she is well again, we will all suffer with her ills.

Our beautiful America can only live, and thrive, through us. Us Americans. What kind of life will be our gift to her on her 200th birthday?

Gold? Frankincense? Myrrh?

Happy Birthday America, the Beautiful.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

16                                                                                       UNDERSTANDING

Book reviews






Just as the voyagers of the Mayflower and the signers of the Declaration of Independence confronted the problems of the new world, we today are also facing many new and difficult problems to which we are searching for the solutions. In Dr. Eaton’s inspiring book is an exciting idea for advancing the achievement of human happiness and a plan for organizing mankind according to the highest principal of ethical conduct and enlightened co-operation.

Dr. Eaton bases his plan on the personal and financial participation of a majority of the human race and show how “happinists” will share in the world of six panels, each devoted to a particular problem which confronts mankind: industry, agriculture, commerce and finance, medical and public health problems, government and politics, ethics and morality. Dr. Eaton, more importantly stresses the need of every “happinist” to adhere to a common code of ethics for the benefit of the entire universe.

Howard Eaton’s “happinist” theory is a welcome departure in that he moves beyond the awareness of wrong paths that we tend to take in human thought and action to practical proposals for a different organization to “change things”.

Howard Eaton earned his doctorate in philosophy and economics at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Eaton has served as Sr. Economic Analyst in the Department of Commerce and at the American Embassy in Turkey. He is also the Author of “The Austrian Philosophy of Values”.

OCTOBER 1976                         17

Bulletin board


A whole week with the President-Founder of Understanding, Inc. in close personal contact for discussion on basic questions about science and the Bible; about what we are here for and where are we going; and how do we get where we belong and finally what is our responsibility for the preservation of this planet for future generations.

The week begins on Oct. 25th, the day following the close of the 2nd annual convention at the new International headquarters of Understanding, Inc. Classes will begin promptly at 8:00 A.M. Mon-day. There will be six hours of solid, simple and straightforward explanation of how this earth is put together, its place in the universe, its solar system and its relation to other planets.

The tuition is small and the cost of lodging is included in it. Also one meal per day. Breakfast and lunches will be prepared by students at their cost.

Only a limited number of students can be accepted for this week. Get your reservations in early. This course has been planned for you, the serious student. A warm and enthusiastic welcome awaits you on arrival!

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Please get your pre-registration fee of $10.00 in by Oct. 15th. Tonopah is several miles from a food supply and we need time !o transport food for the number of persons we expect. (300!!) And one trip to Phoenix, (55 miles) won’t do it. Also, we need your pre-registration fee to help finance the project.

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18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Each month brings a reassuring contact with the members of Understanding who have supported its goals and ideals for many of the 21 years of its life. It also brings new members and adherents to the concepts of a world at peace. Among those which came in the months of June, July and August are: Mrs. Frieda Parr, Globe, Arizona, R. J. Richardson, Globe Az., Joseph H. Klanecky and Mrs. Klanecky, Salem, Ore., Lucille Cartier, Contributing member-ship, Canada, Sr. Celine Fleischanderl, Austria, contributing membership, Doris Bothnell, Mendocino, Ca., Mrs. Ruth Layman, Santa Rosa, Ca., contributing member, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Graves, Coarsegold, Ca., Leonard Bischel, Turner, Ore., Mrs. John P. McCoy, Doylestown, Pa., contributing member, Mrs. Vivian Calderhead, Los Angeles, Ca., Sustaining member, The Rev. Edwin L. Kelley, Miami, Fla., Mark Brownell, Lytle Creek, Ca., Mrs. A. A. Throckmorton, Sustaining member, Albuquerque, N. Mex., Mrs. Katherine B. Simmons, Klamath Falls, Ore., Robert and Charmain McKusick, Globe, Az., Mary Ellen Curtis, contributing member, Tonopah, Az., Otto and Mary Arndt, Sherwood, Ore., Mrs. Vera McGehee, Colony, Kansas, Mrs. Anne Fairbrother, Phoenix, Nathan Price, Tucson, Az., Pearl R. Kelton, Tucson, Az., Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Muir, Deming, N. Mex., Jeff and Virginia Perry, Woodland Hills, Ca., Margie M. Power, Myrtle Creek, Ore., Mrs. Mary Mac Arthur, Con-vent Station, N. Jersey, Sustain member, Joseph O’Connell, Paterson, New Jersey, Mrs. Vivain Hultgren, Grants Pass, Ore., contributing membership, and Mrs. Cecelia Stewart, sustain member, Eugene, Ore. Recognition is also given to membership renewals in several of the Units of Understanding. Thanks for your good work, Clarence and Casimer Nowak!

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6c per word per insertion;

3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL           UFO News and Views on a World-Wide Scope. Independent reporting on The Unknown, The Unexplained, The Unexplored. $5.00 per year (Quarterly). 4280 68 Ave. No., Pinellas Park, F L 33565.

OCTOBER 1976                         19

U.F.O. Coverup” scandal. From Pres. Harry Truman thru Gerald Ford, Advisors, Cabinet Members. 28 years Presidential “silence.” Exposed, refuted in “U.F.O. MANUAL.” $1.00 U.S., $1.25 Cda. ppd. GUARANTEE. Michael J. Campione, 2202 New Albany, Cinnaminson, J. J. 08077.

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TRANSLATIONS – Danish – German – French – Norwegian – Swedish – P. A. ATTERBOM, Box 206, S-434 01 Kungsbacka, Sweden.

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“NEW – INFINITIUM.” How we came here – where we go from here a re-appraisal of the Christian Bible. “God” – the sons of God (Eternal) through dreams and visions of a senior citizen – mind expanding expounding our mal-adjusted societies. Our money monster. The trinity of the eternal-mankind and U.F.O.’s $2.50 – 114 pages by Pierre C. Boudreau, 8200 Glenn Haven Rd., Soquel, Calif. 95073

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“WHY WAS I BORN?” The question that so many of us have pondered. Life is a constant bewilderment to some, even those with good educational backgrounds. LEARN, from people that are 2500 years ahead of us in time, about life then live. THE ANSWER TO LIFE IS KNOWLEDGE Become OBJECTIVE! Read THE. REASON FOR LIFE – AND NOW – VISIT VENUS – John Langdon Watts. Dixie Venus Books – P.O. Box Venus 275 – Port Orange, Fla. 32019.

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DELVAL U.F.O., INC. (A Non-Profit Organization) “Dedicated to the EnLIGHTenment of Mankind” has memberships available. A $.13 stamp, along with your name & address, will supply details and includes a free copy of its current newsletter. – DELVAL U.F.O., INC. – P.O. Box 325, Riverside, N.J. 08075.


Understanding Magazines for


Are now available in convenient Yearbooks.

Price: $2.00 per volume, plus 25c for handling.

Issues 1958 through 1967 at $1.00 per volume, plus 25c handling.

Understanding, Inc.

Star Route Box 588F

Tonopah, AZ. 85354


BOOKS          BOOKS



NINE FACES OF CHRIST-Inspired book of a Messiah crucified 57 years B.C. Search for The Meaning of Life in ancient and Sacred Mysteries. Explains deeper meanings of the Bible, Yoga, Metaphysics and Mysticism.

(290 pp. $10.50)

SONG OF GOD-Poetic setting of 4,500 year-old Hindu Sacred Book Bhagavad Oita for Modern Americans. Mystic teachings of ancient Yogis. In free-verse, poetry and sonnets. For readers with Christian background.

(108 pp. $4.00)

DIARY INTO THE UNKNOWN-ESP experiments of Great Western University. Transmental adventure from tamper-proof diaries. Subjective conclusions.

(170 pp. $5.00)

PRICELESS INGREDIENT – Psychology of human control, man’s relationship to man. Guide to leadership, personality and spiritual development.

(50 pp. $2.00)

TECHNIQUE OF EFFECTIVE PRAYER – Prayer technique and philosophy on which one dares risk life itself. Guide to man’s relationship to God.

(50 pp. $2.00)




Enclosed is $20.00 for ALL FIVE BOOKS.




A New Lecture Tape By

Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Two of his most vital lectures on one 90 min. cassette tape.

Science & Superstition


The Relativity of Reality

Only $4.00 for both.

Merlin Publishing Co.

Tonopah, Arizona 85354


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

To Men of Earth &

White Sands Incident

(softbound)     $3.00

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

(hardbound)   $3.00

(softbound)     $2.00

Steps to the Stars

(softbound)     $2.00

Atlantean Fire Crystals &

Physical Basis of ESP

(Cassette Tape-90 min.) $3.50

Merlin Publishing Company

Star Rte #588F, Tonopah, AZ 85354

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