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VOLUME XXI                              JULY-AUGUST 1976                                NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


It has long been the habit of Man to blame his troubles, his losses and his more serious problems, almost entirely upon the ignorance, the negligence or the wrongful acts of others. It is a very handy habit for Man, because it relieves him of the need to examine his own motives, his own conscience and his own soul to find the true cause of his misfortune. The Devil must constantly feel flattered by the credit he is given for so many things that he did not plan and actually had very little to do with.

When the stupidity of humanity reaches its highest level of expression in the orgy of mutual extermination known as war, bringing widespread loss, suffering and death to large numbers of persons on both sides of the controversy, each side will usually choose a single symbol for all of the evil resulting from the conflict. The symbol chosen is usually a person, although a generous portion of the blame is also placed upon the nation o, race to which he belongs or the political ideology which he profess

Back in 1918, when the first world war was grinding slowly to its grisly conclusion, several of my youthful companions and  (aged 10 years at the time) spent almost an hour discussing, in detail and with morbid glee, the gruesome punishments we felt should be inflicted upon that diabolical and human monster

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

named Wilhelm Hohenzollern, but better known as “Kaiser Bill.” We, together with most of the people of the United States and of other allied countries, were firmly convinced that this fiend incarnate was personally responsible for all of the suffering, death and destruction that resulted from the first world war. If only this fiend could be destroyed, we thought, then surely the world would be safe for Democracy, and there would never be any further need for war! It is a strange fact that for at least the past 2,400 years, every major war has been fought for the announced purpose of ending all wars. The first such war was fought about 400 years B.C., and more wars to end all wars have been fought at least once in each generation ever since.

World war one, as we know, eventually reached its gory conclusion. The Allies won and, according to their announced goals and purposes, the world was now “Safe for Democracy,” with no further need for war, Kaiser Bill spent the last years of his life in exile, in a small cabin in the woods. Those who visited him there reported, with some surprise, that he seemed to be a quite normal man, mild in nature and quite interested in religion, metaphysics and art. His visitors further stated that no matter how closely they examined him, they could find no trace of the cloven hoof or the pair of horns which he had previously been supposed to possess. Yet, although the symbol of evil had been eliminated, the world did not seem to be any safer for democracy than before, nor was war ended on earth. The symbol had been destroyed but the sub-stance of the evil was carefully ignored and so remained unchanged. Since that time we have seen the rise and fall of Mussolini, Hitler, Tojo, Stalin and others, all of whom have been the focal point of, unlimited hate and blame for the violence, the tragedies and the destruction that occurred during their time in power. All of them

were subsequently destroyed, yet we have no evidence that man-kind or its society has progressed or benefited measurably by their passing. Their downfall did not solve any of the problems or rectify any of the conditions which resulted in their rise to power in the first place. Today we have other dictators and would-be dictators who are striving to take the place of those deposed, and who will eventually become the new symbols of evil, to be hated, denounced and finally destroyed. Meanwhile, the evil itself goes on and on unchanged and virtually unchallenged. Because we have satisfied ourselves and our conscience by attacking and destroying the symbols of evil, we feel no need to undertake the much more difficult task of dealing with its substance. If our society and our

JULY-AUGUST 1976                 3

civilization is to progress, or even if it is to continue in existence, we must soon begin to distinguish carefully between the quickly passing symbols of evil which we, ourselves create and then d-stroy, and which are always detached and remote from us, and the enduring substance of evil, some of which can often be found in the depths of our own hearts where it must be carefully ignored, lest it disturb our conscience and our self-righteousness. Man can destroy the symbols of evil because he creates them himself, but to deal with the substance is another matter. The battle between good and evil is not fought on the great battlefields of the world, it is not fought with rifles, cannons, aerial bombs or nuclear weapons. It can be fought only in the heart of every individual, and it is there that the battle is won or lost. A very necessary weapon in the battle is a good understanding of one’s self and of one’s fellowman. Armed with the weapon of complete under-standing, we will be able to combat the substance of evil wherever it may arise without having to generate and focus hate upon its passing symbols.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


What is a friend? I’ll tell you. It is a person with whom you dare to be yourself. Your soul can go naked with him. He seems to ask you to put on nothing. Only to be what you really are. He does not want you to be better or worse. When you are with him, you feel as a prisoner feels who has been declared innocent. You do not have to be on guard. You can say what you think, so long as it is genuinely you. He understands those contradictions in your nature that cause others to misjudge you. With him you breathe free – You can avow your little vanities and envies and hates and vicious sparks, your mean-nesses and absurdities, and in opening them up to him they are lost, dissolved on the white ocean of his loyalty.

He understands – You do not have to be careful. You can abuse him, neglect him, tolerate him – Best of all, you can keep still with him- It makes no difference. He loves you. He is like fire that purges all you do. He is like water that cleanses all that you say. He is like wine that warms you to the bone. He understands – You can weep with him, laugh with him, pray with him – Through and underneath it all he sees, knows and loves you. A friend, I repeat, is one with whom you dare to be yourself.

-Unknown (Farmer’s Almanac, 1975)

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING



As an American what does the Bicentennial mean to you? Does it simply mean another commemorative plate, spoon, coin, stamp or medal for your collection of memorabilia? Is our country’s 200th birthday just one more excuse for a parade or an historical pageant?

For the citizen the real reason for rejoicing during the Bicentennial lies in that for which the souvenir, civic ceremony or museum display is symbolic. And in one word that’s independence. Call it freedom, if you wish.

We can all rejoice in our freedom to worship as we please. In fact, no one has to worship at all, if he so chooses. We have no state church; nor has the church been outlawed as in some countries. How much religious freedom have you? So much that you can make a god out of a rabbit’s foot, a lucky coin, a ladder or Friday the 13th. You can subscribe to palmistry, astrology, numerology or phrenology.

Some people even use their religious freedom to join up with conflicting cults, creeds and congregations. You and I may not go along with that kind of business, but we can be glad that people have the right to do so.

Then there is political freedom-another thing the Bicentennial is all about. That plastic replica of the Liberty Bell adorning your mantelpiece is a symbol of your political independence. And as in the case of religious freedom, you can do with your political freedom as you wish.  You can register in and support a major political party, a minor one or none at all. You can vote a straight party ticket or you can split your ballot. In fact, you do not even have to go to the polls’ at all on election day. There is no penalty for failing to vote. As a result of the American Revolution and the Constitutional Convention that followed, our political process is wide open. Like Harry Truman, you can rise from precinct leader to the Presidency.

We are free to speak our minds, read what we want, print or publish criticism of our government, choose any career, travel without restriction and so on. We have plenty of freedom of choice. That’s what we celebrate as we parade or perform in Bi-centennial pageants.

But with so much choice there also comes a challenge. And that challenge is basically what the Bicentennial means to the sincere American.

JULY-AUGUST 1976                 5

As citizens we do not waste our hard-won freedom-our most valuable possession next to life itself-on some frivolous fad or passing fancy. We use it to advance the cause of freedom both at home and abroad. We use it to lead others to the truth-the truth that makes man free.

The true American uses his freedom to become all that he is capable of becoming-spiritually, morally, vocationally and personally. He develops his talents and skills to the fullest in order to become a better church member, citizen, job holder and parent. He uses freedom to build a better world as did Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and the other founding fathers.

For the citizen, then, the Bicentennial is more than a great gala. It is a time for expressing gratitude as well as praying for divine guidance. It is a time for searching for truth rather than for trinkets. It is a time for rededication to the responsibility which comes with independence.

Has the Bicentennial given you a better understanding of the values and virtues which made our country great? Has our 200th birthday celebration contributed to your understanding of the privileges, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship? Have you now a clearer understanding of freedom of thought, freedom of choice, and the free enterprise system?

If you have increased your understanding this year of the meaning and the importance of our democratic way of life, then the time spent on parades, pageants and plates or plaques has not been spent in vain.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



Rising from the great plain along the Nile is that grandest of ancient wonders, the Great Pyramid at Giza. Time has long since stilled the secrets of its structure. There are three pyramids standing at Giza. The pyramids bear noble names-Cheops, Chephren, Mycerinus. Many more pyramids are found along the fertile Nile throughout Egypt.

Pyramids have been found all over the world, in Peru, in Mexico, and in China. Over 5000 years ago a lot of builders expended immense effort to erect these huge stone edifices. For what purpose? Archaeologists have held the view that Egyptian pyramids were not more than elaborate mastabas (burial chambers) where Pharoahs were laid to rest in regal splendour. Several pyramidologists who made a special study of Cheops disagreed with this

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

simple explanation. There was more to Giza than met the eye. Recent interest in pyramids has shed new light on the original purpose of these magnificent stone monuments. With the invention of the pyramid razor sharpener by Karl Drbal, a Czechoslovakian radio engineer, the true function of the Great Pyramid may at last be revealed. And what a revelation I

Giza is situated approximately 30 degrees East, 30 degrees North with the Great Pyramid’s orientation being 5’30” west of North on the East side, and 2’30” west of North on the West side. The sloping sides of the Great Pyramid are angled at 51 °52′ with the ratio of height to circumference equal to % pi. The declination of magnetic North from true North varies seasonally. The orientation of the Great Pyramid to magnetic North is significant with regard to its function.

Karl Drbal constructed a small cardboard pyramid only 8 cm. high with ratios proportional to the Great Pyramid and found, when orienting a razor blade inside the pyramid cavity towards magnetic North, that the fine crystalitic edge was regenerated thus rendering the blade useful for well over 100 shaves. Later experiments found the pyramid useful for fast dehydration and preservation of organic matter whether living or dead.

I would like to point out that a common denominator can be correlated in these experiments. In each experimental situation, the pyramid acts to regenerate or preserve molecular structure. The pyramid, as a resonant cavity, may act to retard the flow of time. The original purpose of the pyramid seems to have been a rejuvenator, acting to extend the youth and life of human beings, or at least noble humans.

A demonstrable property of the pyramid is its apparent ability to act as a static-electric accumulator. In this wise, the pyramid seems to behave as a condensor. It stores energy. The Ark of the Covenant which Moses built seems to have acted like a huge Leyden jar which, when discharged, would be fatal to a person touching it. Another function of the pyramid could be deduced from this. It is possible that it was a large power station. Ancient batteries have been found in Egypt. The ancient builders were familiar with the power of electricity.

It may be a blow to our collective civilized pride that a high level of technology could have existed many thousands of years ago. Natural and man-made catastrophes would have destroyed many records from the ancient world. Somehow we seem to sense the truth of magnificent antediluvian civilizations.

JULY-AUGUST 1976                 7

I decided to experiment with a miniature pyramid. I built one from cardboard from a cardboard box. My pyramid had a base of 6 inches, sides of 5.7 inches, and a height of 4 inches. I covered the exterior ribs with brown paper. I used a compass and a ruler to align the whole structure with magnetic North on my table. I had purchased a sensitive radisthesia device known as a Cameron Aura-meter to take measurements of the pyramid field.

The aurameter has a swinging probe on the end of a coiled wire. When I brought it into the vicinity of my mini-pyramid, it reacted strongly and started swinging in a South direction. Since I wanted to determine the energy potential of the pyramid, I decided to make a slight modification.

I took some aluminum foil and cut out triangular panes to cover the inside and outside panels of the pyramid. I also cut aluminum ribs to cover the panel joints. I then decided to insert a coil of wire with a section or lead extending from the apex, I then took two failing size C transistor batteries from my cassette recorder and placed them alongside the magnetic axis. I pointed the positive poles North, and the negative poles South. I left the batteries in the pyramid 24 hours. After that time, I removed the batteries and re-inserted them into the cassette. I found the cassette whose record-ing spindles would not rotate previously was now operating almost as if I had put new batteries into it. Later, I recharged four dry cell batteries. This was indeed an interesting demonstration of pyramid energy.

Next, I plotted the shape and polarity and field strength of the pyramid with an aurameter. I found a right-rotary funnel force emanating above the pyramid and a left-rotary funnel of force emanating below the pyramid. I found the aurameter attracted to the apex from the South side so it would incline on a South-North axis and on the North side repel from the Apex toward magnetic North. However, along the base, I got the following reaction: North side base-attraction; South side base-repulsion; West side base-repulsion; East side base-attraction.

The unique discovery concerning the pyramid energy field was the increasing intensity of repulsion with distance from the apex as measured with the aurameter. The intensity of the pyramid vortex at 5 feet above the apex was greater, much greater, than at a distance of 5 inches above the apex. The same held true for the inverted vortex emanating from the base of the pyramid.

I think pyramid experimentation has relevance to our modern age in search of energy. I will continue my experiments into pyra-


mid systems to determine what untapped potential may be at our disposal. Maybe the pyramid acts like a static transformer, our plug into a primary energy field that surrounds earth. The secondary energies of our ionosphere and magnetosphere may yet be tapped by such simple and elegant devices as the pyramids.

The old may give way to the new, but we must also examine the old in a new light.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 




Hisgaya Galunlati!,

Great Father of Earth-People here,

Mighty Owner of Lands and all Waters

Who sends forth the Harvest each year;

Creator of all the Wild Creatures,

The Willow, the Wren and the Bear,

The Master of Thunder and Lightning,

Of the Wind and the Rain and the Air;

Hear me,


Hear my prayer!



For ages man has had discussions, arguments and all-out battles over what is morally right and what is immoral. Today, most of our moral standards have been derived from religion and a basic belief in God. Many of us feel that God is the ultimate reconciler of all paradoxes in life and His word is the moral standard. The concept of religion states that the ultimate reality is God or the Divine Spirit, working according to design and the concept of science states that the ultimate reality is energy, working according to intelligible laws. We can see that science and religion are slowly closing in on the truth. What will they find? One can only speculate, but perhaps our basic moral standards were formed long ago, before the earth contained life or even before the molten lava had cooled.

The modern day questions concerning our creation and prehistory have been going unanswered and abated. Men such as Erich

JULY-AUGUST 1976           9

Von Daniken have prodded the very mysteries of ancient civilizations and others have attempted to research the UFO enigma. We have all seen their books published at an unprecedented rate, with several falling into the “best seller” category.

Why, after many of us have asked for verified answers to the matter, have not our own tremendous governmental resources been called into action to study the many clues that have been presented?

It is generally accepted today that we are not alone in the universe. Many studies have been made by leading astronomers that clearly show us, by breaking down the billions of stars we observe, a small percentage of them could be of a life supporting nature. Our persistent search for clues to the Earth’s evolution, by sending probes and men into the solar system, indicates science seeks many of its answers in the heavens as does religion.

If belief in a god can be accepted in today’s society then we must accept the possibility of yet another major power in the cosmos! Is the conceivability of an alien visitation in the past or present more ridiculous than the visitation of the son of God or God himself?

Is not the belief in God primarily based on writings made possible by human hands?

The mounting evidence presented to us, for supporting the claim of ancient astronauts is as much if not more than what the scriptures give in evidence of Jesus Christ visit to Earth. There is even further evidence which indicates we are being visited by “unidentified flying objects” and beings from another far advanced world.

My point should be quite clear by now; belief in a god reigning supreme over our little world is hard to reason with as it is based on the irrational and today’s technology cannot justify it as so. To believe that we were deposited here millions of years ago by a space venturing civilization, is a belief that science could hold to be true as it is based on pure logic!

Someday we will have the technology to form a colony on a far and distant world. Will these ascendants of a super race have to someday search for their long forgotten ancestors? What will their printed history say, and to what facts will it be based upon?

I find it imperative that we develop research projects, supported by the governments of the world, to investigate the criteria at hand; research that could bridge mankind with the stars and fill the gaps of history, that have remained distorted for so long.


There must be a concentrated study done in the area of UFOs, a question that has haunted us for years, as they may very well hold the key to our creation.

We’ve made the transition from the “garden of Eden” to more popular theories of evolution; going from fantasy and myth to research and science. Now, surely we can endure the prospects of our “genesis” originating on a planet which circles some distant star, in perhaps a remote galaxy.

A modern day hypothesis which could prove to be highly beneficial to the Earth and its people; it also makes for a far more romantic belief than what we’ve had before.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

poet’s corner


Look at your brother,

is he white or black?

If he needed help in anything,

would you help him to fight back?

Do you scorn him and his brothers,

because his skin is brown,

yet treat him as your best friend

when there’s no one else around.

Are you ever two-faced

when he’s not there

but yet you lie and tell him

Deep down you really care?

You know you shouldn’t judge him

JULY-AUGUST 1976                 11

because he’s not like you.

He talks a little different

Do you scorn him for this too?

He never scorns or puts you down

because your skin is white.

You know he’d stand beside you

if you ever had to fight.

You know sometimes you overlook

the feelings that he shows

and even while you’re doing this

his friendship grows and grows.

So why not try to overlook

the color of his skin?

‘Cause even though it’s hard to say

To love him’s not a sin!


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



(Los Angeles Times, March 14, 1976)

From Reuters

LONDON-It sounds like the ultimate in fishermen’s tales, but a new theory maintains that earth was visited by a race of mermaid-like creatures from outer space 5,000 years ago.

And traces of this super intelligent civilization have been handed down from generation to generation among a remote African tribe living, in all places, near Timbuktu, West Africa.

This extraordinary hypothesis is the result of eight years’ re-search by a young American Orientalist and astronomer, Robert Semple. His findings are in a scholarly book, “The Sirius Mystery-” just out.

The amphibious creatures, half-human and half-fish, traveled here from a planet near Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and 10 light-years from the earth, the author suggests. Their objective was simply to study primitive civilization.

Central to this belief is the discovery that some early civilizations here possessed knowledge of astrophysics that could not have been picked up without modern telescopes. This is where Timbuktu comes in,

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

In the republic of Mali live a tribe called the Dogon and their life revolves around the worship of Sirius, the dog star. The object of their veneration is not Sirius itself but a tiny star orbiting around it.

High priests of the tribe have told French anthropologists de-tails of the star’s orbit, which turned out to be correct in the smallest detail.

What makes this uncanny is that the companion star is invisible without the most powerful telescopes. Yet the information has         ‘” been in this primitive tribe for generations, according to Semple.

The Dogon people also believe that the star is immensely heavy. Modern astronomy has established that Sirius’ companion star, known as Sirius B, is a “white dwarf.” This is a star in the early stages of collapse, it is very dense and a matchbox of it would weigh about 50 tons.

“How could they know this?” Semple asked.

The answer he comes up with is that they learned it from the extraterrestrial visitors. He finds clues to the visit threaded through-out the culture of the Dogon, as well as three neighboring tribes.

Weird fish-like creatures and depictions of the flight path of Sirius B crop up again and again in their traditional wood carvings, paintings, even woven into their cloth.

Semple does not believe that the amphibians visited the tribe in its present location. The Dogon, he says, are the descendants of ancient Mediterranean civilizations such as the Egyptians and Babylonians who migrated west.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


This Is the fiat in a series of articles on the increased number of UFO sightings in Mono County, in particular, In the area of Mono Lake and surrounding mountains. The Mono County Sheriff’s Department is currently conducting an investigation of reports of UFO sightings.

Legends and tales of seemingly unaccountable occurrences in and around the shores of Mono Lake have for generations been an integral part of Mono County folklore.

The Mono Craters (south of Mono Lake off Hwy. 395), unusual alkaline formations surrounding the lake, and the fog shrouds which sometimes hover over the body of water, have undoubtedly contributed to observer’s remarks that the Mono Lake area looks like the surface of the moon or an alien planet.

For Mono County residents who for years have felt that Mono Lake is right out of an H.G. Wells’ novel, there may be more to that description than they would like to believe.

JULY-AUGUST 1976                 13

The tremendous increase in Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings throughout the country in recent years has reached the peaks of the Eastern Sierra, and specifically, Mono Lake and the surrounding mountains.

Many recent reports have been filed with the Mono Sheriff’s Department to date. The investigative team is now collecting numerous additional reports.

On September 25, 1975, three Mono County Deputy Sheriffs made a report. Since January 27, 1976, three additional reports have been made. All sightings were by Mono County residents.

The observations have all been made in the vicinity of Mono Lake and the surrounding mountain terrain after dark.

One report defines the “UFO” as “a bright red circular object that appeared to be motionless in the vicinity of Bodie Mountain . . . visible just above the contour of the mountains and for a period of approximately eight minutes remained in the same place .. . the glow of red became even more pronounced . . . Another red light appeared directly adjacent to the first . . . both red lights seemed to merge into one and the object accelerated at tremendous speed and in an easterly direction and disappeared from my view in approximately two to three seconds, about ten minutes later I noticed an orange glow on the Conway radio repeater, it pulsated and hovered in the same location for a period of approximately three to four minutes . . . at the bottom of horseshoe curve I stopped my vehicle and exited for a better look . . . I could definitely make out the contour of the object to be shaped on the top like a dome and estimating the distance to be approximately % to 1 mile it appeared to be the size of a house . . . after a few seconds it began moving in a southerly direction and once it was noticeably moving I don’t recall seeing the orange glow about it. It passed almost over me but a little to the east and when it did I could see four blue-green lights underneath it in a square pattern. In about three seconds it was out of my sight.”

Another report stated “there appeared a very bright glow of light in the sky ahead of me. The brightness of the light increased rapidly illuminating the cloud cover above the source. The bright-ness increased for approximately two seconds at which time a ball of light rose from the area of Mono Lake. The color of the object was blue-white and the light vanished abruptly as the object ascended into the clouds. The entire occurrence took about 4 seconds.”

Still another report states “I observed a large glowing object

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

S.W. of Conway Summit up over the mountains. It seemed to get larger and larger. Then all of a sudden it appeared from what I can tell about a half mile off. It was so bright I couldn’t tell of its shape. It made no noise and it did not have any single lights on it. It was orange, green, blue, white and light yellow. The colors sort of blended in and out and had a very white background glow. I took off in my truck and it paralleled me for about a half mile. I then got in touch with some people in Lee Vining over the CB Radio. While I was talking to this guy there was interference which sounded like every language at one time. It moved back to its original position after I stopped at the top of Conway Summit. I then went back where I was before on Vista Point. It moved at very high speed from left to right. Two people came up from Lee Vining and two other cars stopped. We all observed it for more than a half hour or more. Through their field glasses it had a large glow off to the side of a saucer-shaped object with a dome on top, very similar to the ones in the UFO magazines that I have seen. It then dropped behind the mountains out of sight.

The next night I went back up to Vista Point up on Conway Summit. I saw two bright orange glows on the far side or south side of Mono Lake. They were on the ground I am sure. While I was watching them the one closest to the lake made a huge flash then was gone. The other shortly disappeared and I did not see anything the rest of the time I was there.”

Due to the number of reported UFO sightings in the Mono Lake area within the last six weeks the Sheriff’s Dept. of Mono County has begun an official investigation.

Reports collected by the Sheriff’s Dept. will be forwarded to the National Investigative Committee on Aerial Phenomena.

Bulletin board


Lecture tours serve a number of purposes, educating the public to the reality of space beings, goals and purposes of the Under-standing organization and funds to support the publication of the magazine.

JULY-AUGUST 1976                 15

One of the most gratifying by-products of the May midwest tour was the number of new members and subscribers to the magazine. There were twelve new members and half that many new subscriptions.

We welcome to the Understanding family the following new members.

John E. Peterson, San Jose, Ca., Contributing Member

Mrs. Muriel West, Los Gatos, Ca., Sustaining Member

Mrs. Heather B. Neville, Campbell, Ca., Sustaining Member

Mrs. Catherine Phillips, Deming, New Mexico

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Gilbert, Deming, New Mexico

Mrs. Deborah Fisher, Deming, New Mexico

Garry Shaw, Claypool, Arizona

Georgia Hegbloom, Globe, Arizona

Mrs. Gertrude Dalldorf, Clinton, Iowa

Mrs. Carol Brown, Clinton, Iowa

Mrs. Trudi Svali, Manchester, Iowa

Mac McClanahan, Little Rock, Ark.

Gail Bogard, Little Rock, Ark.

Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Spurlin, Deming, New Mexico

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cunningham, Globe, Arizona

Understanding also welcomes to Sustaining membership Mrs. Lois S. Damon, Yucaipa, California.

New subscribers include Mrs. Verda Clevenger, Denver, Colo; Mrs. Deborah Fisher, Deming, New Mex.; Mr. &.Mrs. Donald Gilbert, Deming, New Mex.; Mrs. Gertrude Dalldorf, Mrs. Carol Brown and Mrs. Trudi Svali of Clinton and Manchester, Iowa, respectively. The next issue of the magazine will recognize other new members and subscribers.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The fall program at the International Cultural Center of Understanding, Tonopah, Az., will begin on Oct. 1st with a meeting of the Tonopah Unit No. 86. Church services will be the following Sunday, Oct. 3rd at 11:00 a.m. Watch the September issue of Understanding magazine for program offerings. And plan for the fall convention and annual meeting October 22-24th.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Without him, I exist not;

Without me, he is unmanifest.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING



By Walter Sullivan, New York Times

NEW YORK-A sparkling “golf ball” with a heart of solid brass was launched into orbit Tuesday to serve as a laser-reflecting beacon to record subtle movements of the earth.

It is not expected to fall back to earth for at least eight million years and, with this in mind, it carries a pictorial message for those who might intercept it at some distant future date.

Since one objective of the mission is to record changes in geography because of the drift of the continents, the message shows three maps of the world.

The top one displays the continents assembled as they are thought to have been 225 million years ago.

Below it is a map of the world as it exists today with a diagrammatic representation of the satellite being launched from Vanden-berg Air Force Base in California.

The lowest map shows the assumed geography 8.4 million years hence. In this map, California west of the San Andreas Fault has split off from the mainland, Australia has been welded onto the East Indies and East Africa has separated from the African Continent.

In this “message,” designed by Dr. Carl Sagan of Cornell University, the epoch represented by each map is shown in a binary numbering system with the unit of time (one year) indicated by a diagram of the earth’s movement around the sun. It is assumed that those viewing the maps millions of years hence would deduce from them when and where the vehicle was launched.

The satellite (known as LAGEOS for Laser Geodynamic Satellite), weighs 903 pounds, although it is only two feet in diameter. More than a third of its weight is in its solid brass core. This is de-signed to minimize external effects on its orbit such as by the pres-sure of sunlight or drag by traces of atmosphere at the orbital height of 3,650 miles.

It is because of this height and its weight that the satellite should remain in orbit millions of years. More important, its orb-ital positions should be predictable to within 4 inches or less, after observation for a suitable time.

At first, a radio beacon on its final booster tracked the satellite. The satellite sphere is covered with 426 laser reflectors, giving it the dimpled appearance of a golf ball. Like the laser reflectors left by astronauts at landing sites on the moon, these are prisms de-

JULY-AUGUST 1976                 17

signed to reflect a beam of light precisely back along its incoming path.

Such a beam can be used for extremely accurate distance measurements. In the first four years these should reach an accuracy of 4 inches. In the 1980’s, when it is hoped that as many as 14 laser stations will be operating, the errors should narrow to 2 inches along measurement lines thousands of miles long.

In this way it is expected that movements of land masses as little as a half-inch a year can be recorded within a period of four years. This, for example, is less than the inferred rate at which Europe and North America are moving apart.

Because of the tidal effects caused by lunar and solar gravity, parts of the earth’s surface move up and down several inches twice daily. LAGEOS will be used to record such tidal deformations as well as those that may anticipate earthquakes.

The satellite also should make it possible to record with great accuracy slight wobbles in the earth’s spin axis-a phenomenon now monitored by observatories of the International Polar Motion Service. These globe-encircling stations are all at 39 degrees 8 minutes north latitude.

Also evident should be slight changes in the rotation rate of the earth that may be caused by events within or outside the earth. Both the wobble and spin changes may be related to earthquake activity.

Other satellites, beginning in 1964, have carried reflectors, but they flew lower orbits and were better suited to study mass distribution within the earth. This is the first one designed exclusively for high precision geographic measurements.

In describing the message, two copies of which are on board, the space agency said that “whoever is inhabiting the earth,” when the satellite returns millions of years hence, “may appreciate a little greeting card from the remote past.”

While it has no moving parts or electronics to wear out, its reflectors will probably be eroded in the space environment, limiting their lifetime to 50 years.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


The midwest lecture tour for Dr. and Mrs. Fry began much the same way the first airmail flight in this country began-by going in the opposite direction from the midwest to the extreme west. To San Jose in fact where Heather Buckley Neville and her good spouse Elmer greeted us cordially and cared graciously for us for

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

three days of lectures and visitation with friends of former days in California. An especially enjoyable evening was spent with Mrs. Muriel West, an ardent supporter of Understanding, Inc. and its purposes. Both Mrs. Neville and Mrs. West are now sustaining members. We hope many will emulate their example!

From San Jose the road led to Los Angeles and a good visit and over-night stay with Clarence and Betty Gahlbeck. Clarence is president of Unit #15. Lee and Barbara Yates and Jeff Perry joined the group and plans for the October convention were begun. The second night in Los Angeles was spent at the Yates home and a lecture was given to a small but enthusiastic group at the Anderson Research Foundation. Among those present was Bill Hamilton, author of Nexus publication and also a staunch supporter of Understanding, Inc.

Then a long trek from Los Angeles to Denver, Colo. where the Frys spent Mother’s Day week-end with Edward and Betty Durkee, Combining speaking with visiting, Dr. Fry lectured for the Denver UFO Society at the Museum of Natural History on Monday, May 1 Utah. The attendance was great and the enthusiasm for the lecture on Spacecraft and Space Travel with the movie “To Men of Earth” was great. An invitation was issued for a return appearance.

Then to Omaha where again business and pleasure made a nice combination. (Mrs. Fry’s sister lives there!) The PSI organization in Omaha headed by Mrs. Olivia Hanson welcomed Dr. Fry with a spontaneous enthusiasm that was most pleasant. The lecture hall was well filled and the reception for Dr. and Mrs. Fry afterward was really appreciated. From Omaha the journey continued to Clinton, Iowa where a large group of friends, formerly an A.R.E. Study group, organized a lecture presentation that drew a nice group of people who showed great appreciation for the subject matter of space life and space travel.

From Clinton, Iowa to Little Rock, Arkansas is quite a trek. Especially when sleep-time is about 4 hours worth and driving time is over 16. But the welcome by president Mac McClanahan, his lovely wife and a close friend for dinner in a beautiful old home made the whole trip a small effort indeed. The Arkansas Meta-physical Society is fairly new in Little Rock but shows promise of becoming a strong organization and showed some interest in identifying with Understanding.

From Little Rock to Dallas was a pleasant day’s drive and the welcome which always waits for us with George and Alice Morgan who conduct the Silva Mind Con•-rol organization there just can’t

JULY-AUGUST 1976                 19

be compared with any other. It feels like a homecoming.

The crowd which turned out for the lecture on Pyramidology was too large for the hall and a second one had to be located. The bristol board pyramids which the Frys took with them disappeared like melted butter on hotcakes.

From Dallas to Deming, New Mexico to present a charter to Unit #88 was a highlight of the trip. Such an enthusiastic group it would be hard to duplicate. And the public audience was also receptive to the lecture. Hopefully the picture of the charter presentation will turn out well and Understanding readers may share the occasion.

Deming too was a place of business and pleasure. Your president found time to swing a golf club and proudly announced that he had broken a score he had made many years back. (No questions about the size of it, please.) The Rev. Ronald and Audrey Gibson were the team who spearheaded the organization of the new unit. They have long been solid supporters of Understanding, Inc.

Reluctantly the Frys left the warmth and friendship of the Gibson home in Faywood, New Mexico and headed for Globe and a lecture for Unit #87. So much credit for the lifeblood of Unit #87 goes to Bob Richardson and Mrs. Lois Ayres. They have spread the word and new members have been added to the group which formed only last November. The lecture in the City Hall was well attended and a good deal of interest was shown in the subject matter of the lecture, “The Physical Aspects of ESP.”

Sunday morning came all too soon after the delicious potluck supper at Globe. The drive to Phoenix was a warm one compared to the midwest in May. And the air-conditioning in the car went out at that point! The last lecture of the tour was given at the Unitarian-Universalist Church to the Singletarians. Spacecraft and Space Travel were obviously subjects Singletarians had not given much thought to prior to the lecture but it was well received and Dr. Fry was urgently requested for a return appearance next year. Finally – – HOME! at 1 a.m., Monday, May 14th.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

When the soul breathes through a man’s intellect, it is genius; when it breaks

through his will, it is virtue,: when it flows through his affection, it is love.

– Emerson

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

WANTED. Understanding headquarters property needs and wants so much the right mature couple or single, mature man to take charge of the administration of the property. Living quarters avail-able. Much work involved in the development of this Center to make it an attractive vacation spot for its members and guests. Applications should be made to D. W. Fry, president of the Understanding, Inc. organization. Details will be given following such application.

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