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VOLUME XXI                              DECEMBER, 1976                                   NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


ONCE AGAIN we are approaching the season that has demonstrated, year after year, decade after decade, and century’ after century, the true greatness and wisdom of that humble leader and teacher whose birth we celebrate each December 25th. This season, like many others in the past, is opening upon a world that is torn by strife and dissension, fear and a con-fused uncertainty regarding the future.

In Lebanon, men who call themselves Moslems and others who call themselves Christians, -are killing each other because of differences in their beliefs; and in Ireland, men who call themselves Christians are killing each other for the same reason. All of them, by their acts, are proving that they have no real belief whatever in the things over which they say they are fighting. Politicians claim the right to public office on the grounds that they have brought peace to the world, but where is that peace,?.

An old philosopher once  defined Peace as, “The hectic interval between two wars, during which both sides

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

are struggling to recover from the wounds of the last and, at the same time, working desperately to prepare for the next.”

I am sure that any being from space, looking down upon this planet from the vantage point of true culture, would shake his head in awe and wonder at the colossal ego that prompts us to consider ourselves as a race of intelligent beings. Yet the very fact that the Christmas season is so widely celebrated indicates that there is still hope for our race.

One of our great weaknesses, as a world civilization, is that we tend to follow, almost blindly, those who have achieved what we consider to be “Success! ” We have a strong habit of thinking of success in terms of wealth, social position and political or military power. We feel that those who acquire these things are the “Great Men” of their time, and that they should therefore be followed and imitated as closely as possible. Those who fail to acquire any of these status symbols, we are inclined to class as “Failures.” Yet Jesus of Nazareth, whose birth the Christmas season celebrates, if judged solely by our present standards, would have to be considered as the greatest failure of all time. He had no illustrious ancestors from which to draw status. He was born in a stable, because there was no room for Him at the Inn. He had no worldly wealth with which to buy respect and attention. As He Himself said, “The birds have their nests and the foxes have their dens, but the Son of Man hath not where to lay His head! In the legal statues of the time He was a common vagrant. “An unemployed man wandering about from place to place without visible means of support.” (In our present day statues He would still be so considered by most of our law enforcement agencies.) He had no political power with which to make laws: no standing army with which to compel obedience, and His only

DECEMBER, 1976                    3

press agent was a man crying in the wilderness. In all of His ministry only twelve men would consent to follow Him and share His life, and of those twelve, when the test came, one sold Him out for thirty pieces of silver, and another denied ever having met Him. He was arrested, tried and condemned for treason against the state, was executed by the most painful and ignominious method in use at the time, and was hastily buried in a borrowed grave.

Any historian studying the life of Jesus of Nazareth up to this point would certainly say, “This man was a total failure. His life was lived in vain.” Yet today all the world remembers Him, and has long forgotten the “Successful” men of His time. His simple words and the example He made of His own life, command more respect and honor today than has ever been ac-corded to any king, any dictator or any man of great wealth. The logic, the reason and the truth of the God given principles which He expressed so simply, have conquered more minds and hearts than all of the armies that have ever been assembled. After several thousands of years  have passed, they still have more power to mould the ultimate destiny of man than all of the weapons of mass destruction that will ever be built.

In the coming weeks, when the raucous beat of jungle based music and the crash and roar of violence on our television screens, gives way for a time to the soft notes of Christmas carols, a s we rush madly about doing that last minute Christmas shopping or preparing the Christmas dinner, we might, somehow, find the time to remember, if only for a moment, the simple teacher whose birth we are celebrating, and whose only possessions were the spirit of God within Him, and the eternal truths which He gave so freely to all who would accept.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


by Wayne Ruple

FOR YEARS mankind has dreamed of controlling his life, his destiny, and his very existence. Today as modern science and technology combine we hear fantastic promises-promises which if they came about could be both our saviour and our downfall.

Today biologists are forecasting such things for the future as: Choosing the sex of your child before it is born, creating life in the test tube, making ” carbon copies” of human beings, suspended animation of life, and complete control of the aging process-man made immortality.

According to Dr. James Bonner, “Biologists are on the verge of finding a way to eliminate senility, thus facilitating a human life span of 200 years.”

Dr. Jean-Bourgeois Pichat predicted in 1966 that within 50 years people might be able to live forever. In 1967 Dr. Augustus Kinzel wrote, “We will lick the problem of aging completely, so. that accidents will be essentially the only cause of death.`

Along with this immortality is the forecast that we can pick parts of our body which become  useless or worn and replace them from a “medical Supermarket.”

At Cornell University scientists have achieved asexual reproduction with plant life and Dr. J.B. Gurdon of Oxford has-duplicated the feat with African frogs. Many scientists feel the same thing could be done with humans.

French biologist Jean Rostand says, “This new technique of generation from, the nucleus of a body cell would in theory enable us to create as many identical individuals as might be desired. A living creature would be printed in hundreds, in thousands of copies, all of them real twins. This would, in short, be human propagation by cuttings, capable of assuring the in

DECEMBER 1976                     5

definite reproduction of the same individual-of a great man, for example.” However, little was said of copies of ungreat men-of tyrants and inhumane rulers. In short, who is to decide who is to be copied? Do men have the intelligence to make such a decision?

It was Albert Rosenfeld in THE SECOND GENESIS who said “When this kind of biochemical sophistication has been attained, when man can write cut detailed genetic messages of his own, his powers become truly godlike.”

It is a fact that such tampering with life has not only a positive side but a negative side as well. The mental, physical and spiritual questions which are raised need to be answered before we plunge too far into playing God, Dr. Leroy Augenstein sums up the situation well in COME LET US PLAY ‘GOD: “Science marches on, fast and furiously, but all too often our ability to handle our newfound powers does not keep pace. Increasingly, the advances being made in many areas of science and technology pose ethical and moral dilemmas which cannot be resolved by facts alone. “

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


(A Legend of Our Time)

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a great country and a great nation with such a multitude of natural resources and with people who had worked with such energy, skill and determination that they acquired for them-selves. far more in the way of goods, services and money than any other nation on Earth. The leaders of the great country were not satisfied, however, with the prosperity of their people. Because they had so much, these leaders decided to take some of it from them in extra taxes and give it to other rations which had less. They were sure that large gifts of money,

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

goods and services would help the poorer nations to help themselves, and would , of course, make them very grateful and deeply obligated to the leaders of the wealthy country.

It was a long time before these leaders began to realize that their magnificent gifts of their citizens’ money, goods and services were not having the effect which they expected. For years they continued to pour out an increasing flood of money and goods to every country that seemed to be in need, and most of them insisted that they were. The ruling groups in the poorer countries eagerly accepted the huge gifts and constantly demanded more. As was their custom, they appropriated most of the goods for the benefit of their own small ruling group and the money was used to buy modem sophisticated weapons so that they could make more deadly war upon their neighbors.

No matter how much the leaders of the poorer nations received, they felt no gratitude, no obligation nor any friendship for the donors. On the contrary, they seemed to feel only contempt for the nation which was foolish enough to bankrupt itself simply to serve their selfish purposes. Since little or none of the donated goods or money ever reached or benefited the ordinary citizens of the poorer nations, they too began to feel contempt, frustration and anger which they directed, not toward their own leaders, but toward -the donor nation which continued to permit the sidetracking of its huge gifts.

And so it came to pass that the wealthy nation gradually became poorer and poorer, and more disliked by the rest of the world. Since its leaders were giving away each year far more than their people could possibly produce, the nation began, inevitably, to go farther and farther into debt. Earlier and wiser leaders .had foreseen this possibility and had established a debt ceiling beyond which it was unlawful to obligate

DECEMBER, 1976                    7

the people. Each time this debt ceiling was reached, however, the current leaders simply caused the debt ceiling to be raised by a few billions and went merrily on spending and giving away their peoples’ money until the very existence of a debt ceiling became a subject of scorn and laughter. With such rapidly growing debt it was; of course, impossible to maintain any form of stable currency. The government soon abandoned all pretense of backing its money with any form of tangible assets, and its currency consisted of only printed pieces of paper, declared to be money by the government but whose only value was that given to it by public opinion, (since it would not be redeemed by those who made it, for anything except another piece of paper when the first one wore out.) Such currency, known as Fiat money, having no intrinsic value, inevitably lost purchasing power at an ever increasing rate in spite of anything that could be done by any government agency. The price of all goods and services soared so rapidly that income could not keep pace with them. National purchasing power began to fall, and the public tightened its belt in anticipation of a deep depression. Normally, in such circumstances, prices are lowered in order to stimulate buying, but now manufacturers were so pressed by the constantly rising cost of materials and of labor that they could only respond by cutting down on production and laying off workers. Consequently, national income and purchasing power fell even more, and the downward spiral of depression began, although the leaders refused to recognize it as such and, by appropriate manipulation of national statistics, showed that it was actually only a moderately strong “Recession.”

For the first time in the history of this nation it was faced with the critical problems of severe inflation and depression at the same to me. Both government and economic leaders were in a quandary. No one knew

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

exactly what to do. Each leader, of course, had his own ideas, but they, varied as extremely as day and night. The leader of the monetary control group could only state that, “The laws of economics do not seem to be working exactly as they used to.  ” The real problem was, of course, that with a money system which had no basic or intrinsic value, any of the usual actions to halt inflation would certainly worsen the depression, and any action to stimulate buying, so as to ease the depression would, of course, add more fuel to the fires of inflation.

(To be continued)

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Our bicentennial celebrations probably will bring to mind many early Americans whose achievements helped to start our country on the road to success. And numbering among them should be Roger Williams for he was one of the leading figures during the first century of America’s religious life and one reason why today the United States permits everyone to worship according to his individual faith.

Very little is know about Roger William’s life before he landed in Boston in 1631 as a young man of nearly thirty years of age. During his early teens in the London courts and churches he had taken down speeches and sermons in short-hand, transcribed and presented them to Sir Edward Coke who was responsible for the enterprising boy’s receiving a good education. Through his efforts Williams was able to attend the Charterhouse School and Pembroke College where he was awarded a degree. Afterwards he tried his hand at the law but gave it up in order to become Chaplain to an English lord.

When he arrived in the United States Williams was already an ardent champion of very liberal and advanced theological opinions, and probably came expecting to find here a more liberal atmosphere than he had in England, but instead found himself almost immediately and continuously in trouble in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

For two short periods he served as assistant minister in ,

DECEMBER  1976                    9

Salem and as a preacher in Plymouth colony where his opinions soon resulted in his achieving no more than an unwelcome notoriety. In 1635 he was banished by the Massachusetts General Court, after having been in the new world for only four years. Because of his poor health the execution of the sentence was delayed, but William’s persistence in preaching to groups in his own home led to an attempt to seize and deport him to England. Barely managing to escape capture, he fled south through the winter wilderness to the Blackstone River, known at the time as the Seekonk.

The Governor of Massachusetts had secretly advised Williams to seek refuge among the Indians, and they extended him a cordial hospitality. In the fall of that year (1636) he gratefully established a town which he named Providence, the beginning of the creation of the state of Rhode Island. Providence and the other communities that soon came in-to being nearby were populated mainly by individualists which made it difficult to secure cooperation in matters necessary for the common good. Providence itself was one of the out-posts of the white settlements and would have been wiped out had it not been for William’s ability to win the esteem of the Indians. Not only did he save his own colony but exerted him-self at considerable personal sacrifice on three occasions to prevent Indian uprisings against the others.

Twice also, at the sacrifice of his own and his family’s welfare, he made extended trips to England to secure and de-fend a charter for the state he had founded. He was never paid for these services, nor even fully reimbursed for his expenses although he never possessed sufficient funds to keep his wife and their six children comfortable. He died in poverty and obscurity so unnoticed that not even the date of his death is known for certain.

The appreciation which was denied Williams during his lifetime, however, has been awarded him in increasing measure over the years until now he stands as one of the major prophets of American religious history. Although some believe that freedom of worship in the United States was first established in the settlement of Lord Baltimore in Maryland in 1634, and an act was passed there in 1649 which permitted freedom of worship to all followers of Jesus Christ, Williams pioneered tolerance for all religions in America. He stood for the absolute freedom of the human soul, and announced, defended and established, in spite of almost insurmountable difficulties, the principle of the freedom of conscience which still prevails in our country today.

Poet’s corner


Florence A. Peterson

To stand the test of time,

They say, is proof of quality.

It’s true of books and music,

Gives wine a warranty.

But I alas, as years creep on,

Gain little from times alchemy.


W. H. Crane

Give me a good digestion, Lord,
and also something to digest.

Give me a healthy body, Lord,
with sense to keep it at its best.

Give me a healthy mind, good Lord,
to keep the good and pure in sight,

Which seeing sin, is not appalled,
but finds a way to set it right.

Give me a mind that is not bored,
that does not whimper, whine or sigh,

Don’t let me worry overmuch,
about the fussy thing called I.

Give me a sense of humor, Lord,
give me the grace to see a joke,

To get some happiness from life,
and pass it on to other folk.

DECEMBER. 1976                    11

Ufo department


By Leigh Fenly – Copley News Service

Stanton Friedman says it is a myth that only kooks, drunks and little of ladies in tennis shoes believe in UFOs. Friedman, nuclear physicist by education (master of science in physics, University of Chicago), “ufologist” by passion, became so incensed by that myth and others concerning UFOs that he quit a 14-year career in the aerospace industry to try to black them out.

In an interview he said he wants to drop the “laughter curtain” that keeps people from reporting UFOs because they fear they will be ridiculed.

Friedman, 41, talks without hesitation, shuffling through papers pointing out government studies, scientific evidence and a 1973 Gallup poll that found 51 per cent of people questioned believe in UFOs.

He says he’s a myth breaker. “The Ralph Nader of UFOs – not the Billy Graham.”

He is surprisingly comfortable with the existence of what he calls “critters” from outer space. Without so much as a grin he says those little green men of UFO folklore are more gray than green.

When Friedman quit working on the nuclear aspects of Pioneer 10 and 11 at TRW Systems in Redondo Beach, Calif., in 1970, he became the only known space scientist to study UFOs full time.

Friedman, who lives in Haward, Calif., says he deals with only about 20 percent of the sightings reported as UFOs. Others are explained away as stars, balloons and such or put into a -category called “insufficient information.”

He uses testimony of witnesses as evidence. Craft moving at speeds of 10,000 miles per` hour, making right-angle turns, with no external engines or wings are indications that the craft were not made on earth, he said.

He takes into account the quality of a sighting.

“An Air Force pilot watching it for 30 minutes is an excellent source, as opposed to a drunk seeing it for three seconds.”

Friedman says the evidence supporting UFOs is plentiful, citing an occasion when. a pilot in the air and six other pilots on the ground watched a saucer-shaped craft hover near Salt Lake City for about nine minutes, then pop up 1,000 feet.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“The Air Force explained it as a sun dog, a glob of bright light caused from refracted light through the ice crystals.” Couldn’t be, Friedman says. “Sun dogs don’t jump up 1,000 feet. Maybe if one person had seen it, but seven . . . ” He says the sophistication of the craft indicates that the earth is probably a Johnny-come-lately in the space universe. He says the saucers are coming from other solar systems, notably from a couple of planets called Zeta Reticuli I and II, which are light-years away.


From World-Herald Press Services.

Clovis, N.M. – A flock of “hotdog-shaped objects” was re-ported darting about the southeast New Mexico skies and police report they’ve been swamped with UPO calls from residents.

The reports began deluging police departments in the area Wednesday night and continued after sundown Thursday and Friday authorities said. More than 20 of the objects were re-ported each night, the Associated Press said.

Texico Town Marshal Willie Ronquillo says he used his patrol car Friday night to chase a “long object with orange and white lights flashing.”

He said the object hovered at about 900 feet over the community, which sits on the Texas-New Mexico line, zigzagged a few times, then headed north toward Tucumcari.

“It changed directions suddenly,” he said. “It didn’t make any noise.

“1 couldn’t believe it until 1 saw it. Now I believe it,” the marshal said.

Scott Price, a reporter for the Clovis News-Journal, said he and several city police officers watched one of the objects through a 425-power telescope owned by amateur astronomer Steve Muscato.

After each person looked through the telescope, Price re-ported, “we all agreed that we saw a bright white hotdog – or cigar-shaped object with two black circular areas towards each end.

“All of us at the telescope saw something,” he said. “It wasn’t a cloud and it sure wasn’t swamp gas,” which was given as an official explanation for a rash of UFO sightings several years ago.

DECEMBER, 1976                    13

Price said the “bright objects were flashing green, silver-grey and red.”

Price photographed one of the objects Friday, UPI said, however the picture showed little but a curved strip of white light against a black background.

More than 30 of the objects were reported Friday night over the communities of Clovis and Texico, N.M., and Farwell, Tex., authorities said. Several also were reported in the Tucumcari area.

“I know it’s got to be something,” said Clovis police dispatcher Diana Kenemore. “Everybody in town has called in. That many people can’t be wrong. They all saw them all at the same time. Plus, our officers saw them.”

A spokesman for Cannon Air Force Base near Clovis said, “We didn’t have any aircraft in the area at the times the objects were reported.”

He also said the base’s radar is not turned on at night un-less Air Force planes are in the air.”

And a spokesman for White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico said, “We didn’t have anything in that area – nothing at all.”


(Letters to the Editor)

“Dear Dan and Florence:

Congratulations on a terrific convention!

I hope to submit some material later on the meaning of the individual, and the ethical nature of one’s individual self-awareness as compared to seeing oneself as part of a group. It is upon this basic duality that all political ideologies are formed, how-ever corrupted they may be by political leaders when implemented in practice. This subject should become an area of mutual agreement, developed through scientific study.

in the meantime I will re-open the possibility of forming a unit of Understanding with friends in this area. I must ask you to send me pertinent information on forming a unit again. I seem to have misplaced it . . . “

John W. Bouska

New York City

(John didn’t wait for the manual to arrive: he called tong distance

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

for the information while his friends were gathered, waiting to learn about becoming a Unit of Understanding. Congratulations to you, John and, Welcome new members to the Understanding Family!)

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

And from another friend, this one in California, Hope Troxell.

Dear Dan:

Your Editorials are always very much to the point and usually the best things in the magazine! But perhaps you could write one on the real PURPOSE FOR THE COMING OF THE SPACE-SHIPS.

Dan, don’t you think it’s time that Understanding people understand the relationship of the Cosmic Messengers and the Preparation of Peoples to the COMING OF THE CHRIST? That it’s all Scriptural? Couldn’t this be added to your magazine? The Lessons we receive five nights a week in the Sons and Daughters Classes and in the Sermons at the Church are preparing us for the Translation, which according to their timing (and that of noted theologians) is the same as the Pyramid Prophesies in the famous Pyramidology Books from England and that this begins IN THE FALL OF 1976 … and continues over the Earth for 31/2 years. That people have already been recorded in the Books of Heaven according to “their grades,”.

It’s really overdue that the world peoples should respect these Advanced SONS OF THE COSMOS for all their knowledge and Godly purpose and not just be concerned with their Cadillacs!”

Kindest Regards,

Hope Troxell

If you, dear reader, have ideas you would like to share with others please send them in letters! We thank John Boushka and Hope Troxell for sharing with Understandings subscribers.

The narrower the mind the broader the statement.

Ted Cock

DECEMBER 1976                     15


The second annual convention at the headquarters of Understanding Inc., could not be said to have exceed attendance expectations. But it was no fault of many, many who wanted to be here. Letters and telephone calls by the dozen have been coming ever since to learn why they had not gotten a notice. Fact is that 1500 notices were mailed out on Sept. 16th and Oct. 7th. Of that number possibly less than a hundred were ever delivered on time. Guess whose fault that was! ! !

George Van Tassel, Master of Ceremonies, opened the program with his dignified but subtle wit and the sixty souls who were here from that moment on were inspired, stimulated and challenged by the truly great talks of the speakers. Dr. Ray Brown who has a crystal found in a ceremonial room in a pyramid under Atlantic waters told of the methods he is using to bring about a change in physical and mental health. He plans on a medical school in Arizona to teach young people of the 21st century how to cope with health problems in a spiritual as well as a physical way.

Bruce Baumrucker, Instructor at Phoenix College gave a thought-provoking talk on combining mental energies in new ways to meet future change. Maria Hardy, sweet and dynamic speaker followed with how changes are going to affect us all. The Rev. Ronald Gibson and his petite wife, Audry (also a minister) brought a truck load of garden produce organically raised and prepared for storage, recipes and all, for those mindful of the fact that earth changes may bring limitation in food supplies.

Dr. Neva Dell Hunter and her two assistants, Ron Hulnick and Robert Waterman spoke of the need for body, soul and spiritual balance to meet the future and discussed practical ways in which it could be achieved.

William Cox, well-known for his work with pyramid energy inspired his listeners with the changes which structural forms can bring in our lives.

Elaine Peick outlined for all, the changes in the children of the future, which we may expect and suggested ways of coping with such change. She also conducted a Saturday morning meditation which gave a positive beginning to the whole convention.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

William Hamilton, 3rd, was to have given us a talk on changes in energy systems. But his voice refused to cooperate and so Connie Hamilton, his wife, did a splendid job of giving his talk. She won the admiration of all her listeners, for the talk was a highly technical and scientific document. But Connie sailed right through it and made it quite understandable.

The convention ended with the presentation of Dr. Fry on changes which we may expect to be with us very presently in economic and political areas of action. (Some of those have already come about.) His advice to those listening: “Batten down the hatches before January 15th; we’ll be having some economic storms about then.”

The annual meeting brought some changes too. New directors to the Board were chosen and new officers elected. They are as follows: Daniel W. Fry, President; Mrs. Lee Yates, Executive vice-president; Tahahalita Fry, vice-president; Peggy Kelton, Treasurer; Florence Fry, Corresponding secretary and Member-ship chairman; Jana Bradley, recording secretary; Peggy Kelton, administrative assistant. The latter is an appointive office.

The board of directors was expanded to 12. They are Mrs. Lois Ayres, Globe, Az; Mrs. Pearle Kelton, Tucson; Nathan Price, Tucson; Ray Greaves, Medford, Ore.; Billie Thompson, Merlin, Ore.; Helen Doyle, Phoenix, Az.; Mrs. Jackie Couts, Tonopah, Az., Mrs. Peggy Kelton, Tonopah, Az; and Jeffrey Perry, Woodland Hills, Ca. Dr. Fry is of The International Honorary Board of Directors remains the same, Per Axel Atterbom, Anthony Brooke, Edith Nicolaisen, and Herbert D. Clark. All of Sweden except Mr. Clark who is from British Columbia, and was here for the event.

The week of Special Education which followed the convention was also a success. Students from Michigan and New Mexico were in attendance as well as some from the International Headquarters Center.

So the new fiscal year for Understanding begins with optimism and hope that the plans for a school will soon be realized. Success is being able to hire someone to mow the lawn while you plan golf for exercise.

Goodwill is achieved by many actions; it can be lost by one.

DECEMBER  1976                    17


By Stewart Schenley

There was once a wee single-celled thing swimming along in swamp water. It swam by pulsating because it could manipulate its whole self toward an objective. There is not enough randomity here to shake a stick at. This is raw, primitive ESP before it split off from sensory perception.

When the amoeba came within range of a comestible object, it desired the object. It was always hungry. It ate minute particles by absorbing them. The amoeba extended its surface and wrapped around the things that it desired. We call these extensions pseudo pods (false feet), but they served as a perfect means of locomotion and acquisition.

How long was the first day of the first amoeba? Was it minutes? Was it hours? Was it days? Was it eons? And on whose time scale?

Nevertheless, little Original Amoeba ate and ate and moved and moved until he became fat and stuffy. So he rested. And his characteristics lined up like a pole through his middle. And he separated into two perfect amoebas, Original Amoeba 1-A and Original Amoeba 1-B.

From then on the visible world became populated with in-visible amoebas, for each individual was himself plus all his ancestors, plus all his posterity. If he got swallowed by a tadpole, it didn’t matter. He was immortal anyway. lie could not die because he was a single cell in a great body called Original Amoeba.

In later times another species looked at an amoeba through a microscope and said, “Single-celled animal. See, he reproduces -by division. We will begin our study of biology with this simple organism.”

Did the amoeba, pulsating in the water smear on the glass slide hear with his one complete sense that was all senses? Did he say, “Simple organism, my pseudo pod! I am the most perfect complicated being there is.”

The self-styled scientist didn’t even think of asking the amoeba’s leave, or begging the amoeba’s pardon. He turned to his class of wide-eyed satellites and said, “This is called asexual reproduction. The amoeba reproduces himself. He does not re-quire another individual as do the higher animals in bisexual reproduction.” Then he gave his class a stern leer, and they tittered self-consciously. So the scientists both praised the

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

amoeba for his innocence and damned him for his simplicity. That particular amoeba dried up on the slide in the sanctity of his celibacy. But the fact was noted, and a soft jeer went up all over the world. The Great Amoeba was laughing at the human animal.


What is Christmas all about, really? Just a great rush to write cards, buy presents, decorate a tree and then stew about the commercialism of the occasion? Just a feeling that a gift must be given 😮 this one and that – because they gave us one last Year?

Christmas is far more than tint although it certainly is commercialized, does mean a rush to get packages mailed and does mean a lot of work to prepare for guests and children. Christmas is a time of giving. A time of sharing and in spite of the way we may feel about the advertisements and the bills we pile up for January paying, there is in it all, a spirit of love that will not be denied. There’s a feeling of joy in our hearts as we wrap one bright paper after another and tie it with bows and fancy bits of Christmas green. There’s even joy as we stand in long lines at the postal windows waiting to get the packages on their way. Sure, we fuss about the delay and gripe that the mail service isn’t what it used to be (and it ISN’T) but at the same time we see the postal clerks who are rushed and trying their best to help us get our packages on their way. (Mail EARLY, folks!!) And remember that Christmas is an opportunity to shower our mail clerks with blessings too. (Your feet won’t hurt quite so much if you do!!)

Florence Fry


That will be the theme of the April convention.

Mark your calendars for April 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 1977 at the international Headquarters of Understanding Inc.

Mark it NOW I Don’t depend on the mailing of brochures. You won’t want to miss this one!

DECEMBER. 1976                    19

Bulletin board


Members and guests at the Headquarters of Understanding Inc. are, Wanda and Bob Bosshard of Los Angeles Unit #15 They came in their camper-trailer and helped with the over-load of typing and editing the Manual for organizing a Unit #15 will be glad to see them return from their long sojourn but sad indeed to learn that California is not to be home much longer. Good-luck in your new venture, Wanda and Bob! Our Blessings and Love go with you.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Understanding Inc. was honored this month with a visit by a six-member television crew from Tokyo, Japan. They are touring the Earth for interviews from knowledgeable persons on the visitations of this planet by space beings. They spent a day on the headquarters interviewing Dr. Fry and his wife, visiting the pyramid and the Center and Library. They were delighted with the showing of the film, To Men of Earth. Our official guest book now bears the Japanese signatures of the men who were here. Three of the crew spoke no English, a fourth member is studying in Glendale and spoke English very well. In addition to the interview which will be shown by the Nippon Network to 72,000,000 people, they made a contribution to the organization. Very few interviewers do that! Thank you, Mr. Jun-chi Yaoi!


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“NEW – INFINITIUM.” How we came here – where we go from here a re-appraisal of the Christian Bible. “God” – the sons of God (Eternal) through dreams and visions of a senior citizen – mind expanding expounding our mal-adjusted societies. Our money monster. The trinity of the external mankind and U.F.O.’s $2.50 – 114 pages by Pierre C. Boudreau, 8200 Glenn Haven Rd., Soquel, Calif. 95073.

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“WHY WAS I BORN?” The question that so many of us have pondered.. Life is a constant bewilderment to some, men those with good educational backgrounds. LEARN, from people that are 2500 years ahead of us in time, about life then live. THE ANSWER TO LIFE IS KNOWLEDGE Become OBJECTIVE! Read THE REASON FOR LIFE – AND NOW – VISIT VENUS — John Langdon Watts. Dixie’ Venus Books – P.O. Box Venus 275 – Port Orange, Fla. 32019.

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ELVAL U.F.O., INC. (A Non-Profit Organization) “Dedicated to the EnLIGHTenment of Mankind” has memberships available. A $.13 stamp along with your name & address, will supply details and includes copy of its current newsletter. – DE LVAL U.F.O., INC. – P.O. Box 325, Riverside, N.J. 08075.



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