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VOLUME XX                               JULY-AUGUST 1975                                NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.

SOCIETY (Part Two)

There are three basic factors which determine the amount and complexity of the law necessary to the proper functioning of a society. The first of these is the density of the population. It is obvious that if there were only one person on earth, none of his actions could interfere with the plans or actions of anyone else, and there would be no need for any kind of man-made laws. The laws of nature would, of course, remain in effect, and if violated, would cause pain or loss, but the individual’s civil rights would be unlimited since there would be no one else to share them with.

If there were two or more people on earth, but they never saw or came in contact with each other, the situation would be the same. It is only when people come into contact that their plans or actions may interfere with each other, and to avoid the friction that would result, there is need for a common pattern of restraint which is pro-vided by the law. The greater the number of people who come into contact with each other the greater the area of potential conflict, and the greater the amount of personal freedom of action which must be surrendered to the group through the law.

The second factor controlling the amount of law necessary to a society is the degree of complexity in the life pattern of its members. With the advance of science and technology many new powers and

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

abilities become available to man greatly increasing the number of actions of which he is capable, and so increasing the area of possible conflict between his actions and those of his neighbors. For example, every state has several thousand laws which concern the proper use of an automobile or other motor vehicle. Before the motor vehicle was developed, there was no need for such laws. To the city dweller, living in a densely populated area, in the midst of an advanced technology, subject to the laws of the Federal, State, County and City governments, it may seem as though all freedom of choice is gone, since the law seems to cover every action which could possibly be taken.

The third factor influencing the amount of law necessary to a society is the degree of social and spiritual development and understanding achieved by the race of which the society is composed. Here the rule works in reverse order. The more advanced the race, the smaller the area of choice and action that must be controlled by the law. As a race progresses toward ultimate truth and understanding, the desires and ambitions of the individual become simpler and more nearly akin to those of his neighbor, and the possibility of conflict becomes less and less. It has been truly said that, “Those people are best governed, who are least governed,” but the degree of wisdom and understanding achieved by the individual must increase as the degree of government becomes less.

Hundreds of books have been written and millions of words have been shouted from podiums, in impassioned tones, by those who would extol the virtues or condemn the vices of a given form of society, government or law. Yet the fundamental criteria by which the true value of any form of society or its functions may be judged are easy to understand and simple to apply.

First: Are the rights and powers which the society or government takes upon itself, voluntarily surrendered by the individuals? Does the government actually derive its just powers from the consent of the governed? No government which acquires power in any other way has

any legal or moral justification for its existence. Second: How much of the individual’s right of decision and choice of action does the society take upon itself? No society and no government should take from the individual more of his rights than is necessary to prevent friction between individuals, and to maintain a smoothly functioning cooperative group. A society which needlessly strips the individual of free choice, destroys incentive and tends to stifle initiative. Since all advance and development must come from the individual rather than from society, such a society will tend to stagnate and soon begin to decay. Third: No government should, under any circumstances, enter into direct compe-

JULY-AUGUST 1975                 3

tition with those whom it governs, since the very fact that it does so proves that it is not a government of, by or for the people, but a competitive adversary to be dealt with at arms length, if at all. Fourth: Does the society and its government actually return to the individual, benefits whose value is greater than the value of the rights which he has surrendered to it? Does his membership in the society improve the conditions of his daily life and his standard of living? Does it afford him more security and peace of mind than he would otherwise have? If it does not do these things, then the society has failed in its basic purpose and does not deserve the support of its members.

(To be continued)


Feb. 1, 1974, it is near midnight as your giant jet soars over the Red Sea, having passed over the pyramids of Egypt earlier in the evening, and safely crossed the thousands of sand-filled miles of the Sahara. Jeddah, “the Bride of the Red Sea,” bedecked in her crown of jewels looms out of that terrible blackness that engulfs the Mid-East. You peer out the window, shivering in fear and anticipation, realizing that this ancient City is purportedly the burial place of our common ancestor Eve-yes, the Eve of “Adam and – – -.” You have gained nine hours, midnight here is mid-afternoon back home.

Off the plane now, along with a motley group of passengers, none of whom even speak English anymore-many are Moslem pilgrims who have saved for a lifetime in order to go to Holy Mecca, their most sacred shrine on earth-from everywhere they have come! Dark eyes of hostility stare at you-men in long white dress (Thobes) and head-dress (gutra) resent your unveiled face. This unbelievable scene is like a dream-there are naturally no women in the airport-women must stay in their homes behind their veils to be viewed only by their fathers/husband, or other females. But, you console yourself that you are an American-your brother Karl is waiting outside of customs, a big smile on his face-what a relief! This strange world is truly a frightening new adventure.

Your mind is overwhelmed at all there is to learn in the next weeks. For instance the first trip to the most exciting market place in the world the Suk, where you can buy anything from modern American cosmetics to camel whips, Bedouin silver, real gold, whole spices, the most beautiful Persian rugs. Through the basket boy you have hired you bargain with the wily Arabian shopkeepers and brush elbows with Indians, Africans (perhaps they are freed slaves), Yemenese, Turks, Egyptians, Lebanese and countless other peoples from the fantastic

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

lands where civilizations began-and where Adam and Eve, Abraham and Moses are historical realities, not myths.

Brother Karl takes you to Taif, through the arid desert, to the fabled ancient City on the Mountain, bypassing the Moslems’ Holy Mecca-a guard searches you with a gun in his hand-as you pass the guard station-no infidel can go beyond-Abraham, father of Ishmael, ancestor to the Moslems, is buried there. Mohammed their Prophet’ was born in Mecca. In the desert you thrill to the sight of the dromedary, one-humped camels, herded by real Bedouins, today’s wanderers, or gypsies of the earth. Your car passes their camps off in the desert and you stare in disbelief as they sit beside their ancient tents, staffs in hand, lifting their covered heads to note a jumbo-jet pass over-head. The centuries that divide these two phenomena of civilization is staggering in its implications-their hand-to-mouth existence, their complete dependence on their camels for life’s sustenance. The Bedouins drink the camel’s milk, use the urine to wash their sun-dried hair, use the dung to make fires that light the inky blackness under the quiet stars-these Bedouins are rightly known as the parasites of the camels.

And then the next day in Jeddah you are invited to visit the Palace of Princess Jawhara, King Faisal’s first wife, who is undisputedly the most powerful voice behind the throne-she is also first cousin to Faisal. You see 150 servants ready to serve you as they line the walls of the spacious palatial rooms. You relish a feast at her banquet table, overflowing with hundreds of delectable gourmet foods, for only seven ladies.

Countless more adventures follow, such as swimming in the fabulous, historic Red Sea where a look beneath the water is like being in a giant aquarium of the most glorious and exotic tropical fish you can imagine.

As your plane takes off into the early morning sun at the end of your month, and you sadly watch Jeddah receding back into its lonely vigil on the Red Sea, you know you will never again challenge anyone if they claim that Eve is buried in this ancient land, or that the centuries have stood still these thousands of years in the Biblical Land where Abraham wandered, and the Red Sea divided to save the Israelites.

You are changed inside now-it will be difficult to return to your mundane, hurried world steeped in the complexities of modern civilization. Your priorities have shifted. What is important-our own head-long flight to the highest form of civilization, where there is nowhere to go but down-or a place where eternity holds sway, and one has

JULY-AUGUST 1975                 5

forever to ponder eternal thoughts and truths?



(As a result of her article: Euthanasia and Population in the March 1975 issue of Understanding, Inc., Louise Kidder Sparrow has received much mail, pro and con as to her thesis. Mrs. Kidder shares with us this particularly interesting letter from a young Japanese student.)

Dear “Aunt Louise”;                                                                          3 April 75

What a difficult question you have raised! Your article in “Understanding” keeps me wondering. I remember that when my grandfather died, his whole body was invaded by cancer except his heart. My mother was complaining that she could do nothing but to let him suffer the enormous pains and wait until the day comes. I can easily imagine that there are thousands of patients who are, now, being suffered by similar pains as my grandfather’s. There was a medical doctor who was tried because he conducted a euthanasia for his, hopelessly invaded by cancer, patient. Everybody was for the doctor, but he was found guilty.

There will be a lot of problem to let a person to decide his life. It must be less problem if he or she can decide all by him or herself. But, I believe, most of the cases, he will decide by the circumstances. He may ask his doctor to kill him not because he wants to, but because he feels guilty of his existence. That may be a tragedy.

There, once in old Japan, was a province of which feudal lord ruled that anyone over 60 years old must be abandoned in a mountain. Because the province was so poor that it could not afford anyone not productive. People in the province followed the rule, carried their old mothers or fathers into the dark mountain. People watched each other to find out if anyone hides the olds in a basement or so …

I am sure you are not meaning this kind of extreme. It was the world of poor agricultural society then and it is now of science.

We do not have to act like as if we were in 16th Century. We can manage somehow. Older people’s enrollment in the society is getting more and more necessity, day by day. We need their wisdom, advice and experience, and more! They have more responsibilities than before.

World’s food shortage can be solved only by the improvements of education and communication. There are a lot of countries where people still believes the earth is flat. There are too many people who are illiterate. Only education and communication will. We must stop the increase of population. In those increasing areas, such as in India,

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

there had been natural control of population by killing people with starvation and disease. Now the world is helping them by providing food and medicine (which encourages more increase of population and shortage of food.)

Now is the time that we must literate them and let them know the common problems-food shortage and population increase.

In China, it had been un-controllable increase of population and shortage of food until the Communists took over, the government has been encouraging the late-marriage. By giving women the equal opportunities to men, so that they can work in the society until they get married in their late twentieth. In this way, they can decrease the number of child per family, at least, for sure, less than a possibility that a woman of 14 or 15 years old get married and have baby after baby until her mid-thirty.

This system, program, has been very successful in China and for the first time, Chinese is enjoying their controlled population.

We must hurry and educate people! Anyway, this is the one answer to your question-Education and Communication.

I am very doubtful about the individual’s right to ask doctor to kill him comfortably. Because I am afraid of abuse of it. Yet, there must be some exception for badly hopeless patient with a lot of pain.

Everybody is afraid to die. Not because he is afraid of death itself, but because he is afraid of the pain which might come before his death. No one will be afraid to die if he is sure to die comfortably. Then he will dream to die to escape from the pains of our everyday life. I think that makes human being spiritually weak. If death had been so comfortable there would had been no scientific invention, no poetry, no dream, no progress . . . no religion. There are millions of people who want to rather die than to live in the world. People with a lot of debts, no hope, dishonor, a lot of home assignments from school, crippled . . . these people may abuse the right to die even before trying their best. I am afraid to remove the given obstruction.

I hope every older people are like you-active and intelligent-she may be respected, loved, welcome, needed and wanted by the society all the time.  Please forgive my unreadable dangling letter. And my being impolite. I was impressed and thought by your article very much. I hope you will understand my rude opinion.



JULY-AUGUST 1975                 7


Near Fresno

On a full moonlit night about 11:00 P.M., ten miles north of Fresno on highway 41, on February 24, 1975, I saw a bright orange light in the sky, to the right of the highway. I shouted for my husband to stop and I told him there was something in the sky. He replied, “Oh, you are always seeing things, besides, I can’t stop right here.”

“But really, Mr. Graves, it is really something,” exclaimed the young lady with us, Mary Alice Lyle, who had never before seen such an object.

So, Mr. Graves complied by turning off on the first road he came to and there it was, the largest U.F.O. we had ever seen, shining brightly, not moving. We turned our headlights on and off, meaning to signal them. It moved a little closer. We watched it for at least ten minutes when suddenly, it darkened as though a cloud went around it.

It went south to the horizon, then north to the west of us. By then, it was the size of a star. At the count of three, it streaked clear across the horizon to the north and disappeared.

Two days later, on the noon radio news, came a news item saying two policemen had observed a large orange disc at 1:00 A.M. in Stock-ton. Could this have been the same craft?


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

At Fresno, Ca. where Dr. Daniel W. Fry spoke on UFOs to a group of 40, three members of the group reported sighting an object in the sky, very orange-colored traveling at a rapid pace. None of the three members had compared information about the sighting previous to talking with Dr. Fry. The sighting occurred on Saturday evening, April 5th, 1975.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

In Arizona

On Tuesday evening, April 15th the Rev. Ronald and Audrey Gibson of Faywood, New Mexico were enroute to visit the Dan Frys in Tonopah. Ron stepped out to sample the evening coolness in the Texas canyon area and almost immediately observed a “bright star,” moving across the sky from Northwest to Southeast. Suddenly it changed direction and disappeared. Then seconds later it reappeared in a southeasterly direction and disappeared. An orange glow was ob-served for a fleeting minute.

8                                                                                            UNDERSTANDING


(This script comes from our enthusiastic 15-year-old member, PETER BOHNERT of Central Point, Oregon.)

The record of the existence and the destruction of MU, the Mother-land of Man, is a strange one indeed. From it we learn how the mystery of the white races in the South Sea Islands may be solved and how a great civilization flourished in the mid-Pacific and was completely, obliterated in almost a single night.

A few decades ago scientists would have been very doubtful of the existence in the Pacific of a huge continent such as MU. But since then, records have come to light and comparisons have been made which prove that such a land mass did at one time exist.

The proofs are of several types. (1) There are the sacred tablets that James Churchward found in a temple in India. These he deciphered with the help of a learned priest. The tablets gave Col. Churchward the first hint of MU and sent him on his world-wide search. The tab-lets were written by Naacals, either in Burma or in the Mother-land (MU). They told how the Naacals had originally come from MU, the continent in the middle of the Pacific. They also told of the creation of man and his advent in this land. Another set of records which have helped Churchward are the stone tablets found in Mexico by William Niven. These tablets, over 2500 of them, confirm the Naacal tablets and even fill in the missing links.

(2) Hatonn, in his tape, “Earthman Come Home,” tells us of his belief that Lemuria existed right after the Ice Age.

The Lemurians built their empire up from the bottom. Atlanteans, too, built their empire up from scratch. Both developed a science and a culture, and a good friendship developed between Atlantis and Lemuria (MU). But in time the old feelings of greed, pride, lust and ego took over, and this resulted in a great war. After a long battle using terrible weapons, the two continents destroyed themselves, with the help of giant earthquakes and natural disruptions.

From the Naacal tablets we learn that the Garden of Eden was on

JULY-AUGUST 1975                 9

MU instead of in Asia. The biblical story of creation was received from MU. It resembles the epic of the seven days and nights found in our

Bible. Translated from the Naacal tablets it reads: “The seven superlative heads of the seven-headed serpent (creator) gave seven commands.”

The commands (of which I will not repeat all) ranged from, “Let the gases that are without form throughout space be brought together and form the earth,” and “Let the sun and the atmosphere give birth to light on the face of the earth.” There were more, of course.

In the battle and cataclysm, which I mentioned before, which destroyed Lemuria, George Hunt Williamson, in his book Secret Places of the Lion, believes that a giant tremor shook the earth, and formed in a few seconds what is known as the Grand Canyon in Arizona (contrary to scientist’s belief).

Although Mr. Churchward believes that Atlantis was destroyed in a single night, there are beliefs that it was destroyed over a period of many thousands of years. Whichever, after the final cataclysm, the people who survived migrated west to Burma or China, and east to South America, there forming the Incan empire. Some went to Easter Island and other islands that had been part of ancient MU.

Easter Island is the strange island in the South Pacific that contains gigantic monoliths and mysterious stone figures which science is at a loss to explain. The construction is so unique, and they are so huge that they could not have been made by the savage uncultured people who live there now.

There are bound to be different beliefs about the great civilization of MU. This may not even persuade you to believe in Lemuria. What-ever the feeling, this has got to be one of the most exciting mysteries on hand today.

(Sources: Galaxy Series Tape Recordings, Hatonn; James Churchward, Lost Continent of MU; George Hunt Williamson, Secret Places of the Lion.)


Second New Zealand UFO Convention

Norm Wardell of Apollo Verein (1958),      Otahuhu, N. Z., traveled 600 miles to attend the Second New Zealand UFO Convention. It was sponsored by the Tauranga UFO Investigations Organization, a one-day affair, attended by over 500 people.

The people of this town -Tauranga-population 20,000-seemed to accept the Convention “with the dignity it now deserves” according to Mr. Wardell, and appeared flattered that the convention was being

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

held in their town. The sessions were opened by the local Member of Parliament, and the various UFO groups, of both islands, supplied the panel of speakers.

The newspaper item from the New Zealand Herald of April 21, 1975 gives further details:

Staff Reporter-Tauranga

Nobody mentioned little green men or things that go bump in the night in Tauranga at the weekend when the second New Zealand convention on UFOs (unidentified flying objects) was held.

Many of the questions, though intelligent, were merely aimed at clarifying points rather than searching out the authenticity of UFOs.

This was to be expected as most of about 500 people present were believers in the theory that UFOs exist.

The few mockers who came to the forum evening on Saturday, did not let themselves be heard apart from the odd snigger, and there was little open questioning as such from the assembled delegates.

Much of the questioning dealt with clarification of points but a more human element was introduced by three of the panel, Messrs. B. Dickeson, M. Williams and V. Harris.

These three, firm in their beliefs, steered clear of the spiritual and more tantalizing questions on the existence or otherwise of UFOs and tended to win the audience with down-to-earth answers to even the most improbable question.

The experts were divided on whether one should approach aliens or an alien craft landing on earth.

Some of the panel, composed of experts in various fields of extra-terrestrial study, believe aliens come from outer galaxies and solar systems.

But Mr. Williams said he could subscribe to the theory that the beings and their craft were from earth and had traveled around in space, defeating the confines of time, before turning up once again at their home base.

This would mean that thousands of years ago the ships had left earth on exploratory flights and had now returned with little ageing of the crews. Time in the ships would have moved at a different pace from that on earth.  Questions also dealt with two theories which have come to the fore in the past few years the bigfoot and human hybrid theories.

The hybrid theory suggests that man is the offspring of matings manipulated by space people. Many thousands of years ago the “gods,” or spacemen, created the form of man and periodically come back to earth to check on his progress.

The bigfoot theory realizes that mutations of the species have occurred as the “gods” have tried to perfect the species. Such mutations could be the yeti, the bigfoot of the United States and the Coromandel man.

The general feeling of those at the convention was that the meeting had been a success.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

My freedom to swing my arm stops somewhere before it hits the other fellow’s nose!


JULY-AUGUST 1975                 11


I Love You

The highest tribute any man or maid can give unto another living soul is to say “I love you.”

To say “I love you” means admiration beyond the power of words to tell. Some say that love is blind, but it is not so. Rather, love alone sees the true self of the one who is loved, and love alone is the sunshine in which life yields its purest harvest of the soul. The eyes of love alone can see what is hidden from other eyes. Love can build mansions where only hovels were before love came.

To say “I love you” means an inner longing for companionship too deep for language. Some there are with whom we talk, and share our latest thoughts. Some there are with whom we dream, and share our highest hopes. Some there are with whom we make common cause and share life’s struggles. But deeper far is that sweet fellowship where-in the touch of hand or heart speaks its own language of the soul until we fully understand as we are fully understood.

To say “I love you” means an affirmation of allegiance more sacred than any other human lips can make. That is why love never disappears, but finds new wonder with each passing year, so that it truly is said of the one who is loved, she is as much and more than all I dreamed in the first moment when my heart first sang within me “I love you.” Love never grows old.

To say “I love you” means a trust that knows no limits. Love gives to the uttermost, and asks only the joy of loving service in return. He who says he loves, and seeks to get and not to give, has not fathomed the meaning of love, for love is always self-less. Love is always eager to believe the best, slow to anger, boundless in patience, and rich in forgiveness. Love never wearies of helping the loved one.

As storm and sunshine fall across life’s way, the dearest, the deepest, strongest words heard by any man or woman are “I love you.”


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

A Good Friend

More may be accomplished by talking over personal difficulties with a good friend than by long sessions in a doctor’s office.

“A good talk with a close friend can solve problems, or at least put them in perspective before they become overpowering,” says Dr. Joseph Matarazzo, head of the medical psychology department at the University of Oregon.

“One of the problems we face today is a scarcity of friends. Almost

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

without exception, when I ask a young person who his best friend is, he can’t tell me.”

Dr. Matarazzo blamed many mental breakdowns on the lack of close interpersonal relationships, which he says have been replaced by identification with big, impersonal groups.

Thank God for the blessings of true friendships. Seek to be a good friend to others and be willing to put yourself to inconvenience in order to be of service to persons in trouble.

“A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he that has found one has found a treasure.” (SIRACH 6:14)

Teach me, 0 divine Master, to reach out in friendship to those who are friendless.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


The building of the Understanding Pyramid at our Tonopah Center has been completed, and has already been used in a weeklong series of tests and experiments performed by the research team of Philip Podhola and Madelyn Bingham, of the Kirlian Research Associates in Tucson, Ariz., who came up from Tucson especially for that purpose.

The experiments included Kirlian photography, which was used to test the effect of the pyramid upon the Kirlian radiation of people, plants and even seeds! The results of the tests are now being evaluated in Tucson, and will be published when the evaluation has been completed.

Many others have spent various periods of time in the meditation chamber, usually with interesting and significant results. The meditation chamber is a room within the pyramid, seven by seven feet square with a seven foot ceiling. As many as six persons have been in it at one time, but the results are usually more pronounced when only one or two occupy it.

The pyramid itself is sixteen by sixteen feet at the base and ten feet two inches in vertical height. The Apothem, or slant distance from the center of the base lines to the tip is 12 feet 2 1/2 inches, which gives an angle to the vertical of 51 degrees, 51 minutes as in the Cheops pyramid, whose base is 440 cubits long and whose height is 280 cubits, which if reduced to their smallest common denominator is a ratio of exactly 7 height to 11 base. (280 divided by 40 equals 7, and 440 divided by 40 equals 11.) A simple ratio which all of the mathematicians who have devoted their lives to seeking significant ratios in pyramid measurements seem to have overlooked.

JULY-AUGUST 1975                 13

All test results of “Pyramid Power” will be published as they be-come known, but instead of just reading about them in the magazine, why don’t you take a little time off and come to Tonopah so that you can experience them for yourself!?






14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


UFOs Play Sky Tag

Centralia (ILL.) Evening Sentinel, 4/4/75. See Letters to Editor also.)

Five unidentified flying objects described as bright, revolving, multi-colored lights which lit up the countryside were sighted by about 10 persons near Lake Centralia last night.

The sightings were made by members of the family of Loren and Lola Donoho and some friends.

Mrs. Donoho said her son, Steve, 18, was driving near the lake at about 9 p.m. when he saw a “bright, shining thing” in the sky. He could not determine the shape.       ‘

The object stopped above him and appeared to be “as big as a car,” she said. The object was flashing red, green and blue lights which lit up a nearby field. Donoho rolled down the car window, but could not hear any noise from the UFO.

He went home and called a sister, who didn’t believe his story until she came outside and saw the object, Mrs. Donoho said.

By this time the big light was in a field, hovering not far off the

JULY-AUGUST 1975                 15

ground, “as high as a two-story house.”

“They had never seen anything so bright. It shined up the country-side,” Mrs. Donoho said. The children told her, “Mom, you won’t believe this. We have a UFO in the field.”

Mr. and Mrs. Donoho and others all saw the object, then “saw two more raise up out of the field to meet it. They seemed to play tag, darting sideways, flashing lights and revolving. Finally they got up higher and we spotted five of them.

“They would meet each other and then go away, separating completely, with one of them in the north, south and every direction, and then they would come back together,” Mrs. Donoho said.

“You could see them stop in the sky and then glow green and move toward each other. It was very weird.”

The group watched the lights until about 11 p.m., when they seemed to disappear in different directions.

The house is located in a fairly remote area where there are few house lights. Mrs. Donoho said the night was very dark, the stars were out and visibility was good.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Tooth Immunization Revealed

(Houston Post, 4/12/75)

LONDON (AP)- A British scientist claimed Saturday his team of researchers has taken a major step toward preventing tooth decay through immunization. Prof. Thomas Lehner of the Department of Oral Immunology and Microbiology at Guy’s hospital in London said experiments using bacterial cultures on Rhesus monkeys had produced a significant decrease in tooth cavities caused by the bacterium Streptococcus Mutans.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Mice Diet Set for Students

(The Galveston County News, 4/18/75)

GLOUCESTER, England (UPI)- Six schoolgirls will eat sparrows, star-lings, hedgehogs and mice for a week to find out if they can survive. “If things come to the crunch in the world and we all have to fall back on natural resources, said Peter Driver, a biology instructor at a girls’ high school, “we need to know what can be eaten and how to catch and kill it.”

The experiment has come under fire from nature lovers worried about those sparrows, starlings, hedgehogs and mice.

“I find this whole thing unpalatable and I shall discuss it with my colleagues to decide if we are going to take any stand,” said Charles

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Cuthbert, a field officer for the Gloucestershire Trust for Nature Conservation.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

A Disintegrator

(The Houston Post, 4’20’75)

A microwave disintegrator that can convert nerve gas, defoliants and toxic materials into useful chemicals has been developed by scientists of the Lockheed Research Laboratory, the Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland and the University of California.

Funding of a commercial-sized disintegrator is now being negotiated by Lockheed and the Environmental Protection Agency.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Polar Snow May Clean Atmosphere

(Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune, 4124175)

PULLMAN, Wash. (UPI)- Snow on the poles of the earth may be cleansing the world’s atmosphere, according to two Washington State University researchers.

Dr. R. A. Rasmussen and K. Jerry Allwine of the WSU College of Engineering’s air pollution research section said they studied surface snow at the new Scott-Amundsen polar station and found high concentrations of chlorinated hydro-carbons and fluorochlorocarbons such as freon-11.

“This means that as global circulations bring air in contact with the polar ice, trace gases are being frozen out,” they said.

“The findings are significant because they add to our understanding of global air chemistry and the scavenging mechanisms nature operates.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Chinese Spoil Kids, Too!

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., 513/75)

By C. G. McDANIEL, AP Science Writer

CHICAGO (AP)- Chinese grandmothers are accused of spoiling their grandchildren just like American grandmothers, says a child care specialist just back from China.

“All the grandmas want to do is feed them,” young Chinese mothers complained to her.

That is one reason young mothers like to place their children in day-care centers, said Bernice Weissbourd, who spent January in China with 20 other educators specializing in early childhood education.

About half of the preschool children in China participate in organized day-care programs, while others are cared for by grandmothers,

JULY-AUGUST 1975                 17

she said in an interview Monday.

She said many Chinese mothers favor day-care centers for their children so they can play with others and learn, but they let the children remain with grandmother so as not to hurt her feelings.

Young Chinese mothers are now career-oriented so it is likely that in the future, as they become grandmothers, this type of care will disappear, she said.

In cities, day-care centers are attached to factories and babies are placed there as young as 56 days of age.



URI: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller

(URI: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, Andrija Puharich, Bantam Books, $1.95)

The book, URI, is described as “A fantastic psychic document! The man who reads thoughts, bends metal and moves objects with his mind now reveals the true source of his powers!”

Andrija Puharich’s purpose in writing this book is to bring to all people all over the world the facts about existing super-beings and their message to man today. Puharich maintains that Uri Geller was selected to be the ambassador of an advanced civilization, the intermediary between an untold number of messengers and the controllers of the Universe.

Because of the importance of what is reported by Dr. Puharich let us examine the credibility of the author and let his background speak for him. As a scientist and scholar he has made contributions to medicine, neurophysiology, mind science and medical electronics. In his Carmel Laboratory he served as consultant to industrial corporations, foundations and universities. Research led him to Mexico to study the secret rites of the Chatina Indians, to Hawaii at the invitation of the last of the Kahuna priests. Puharich became the first non-Hawaiian to be initiated into the Kahuna priesthood. From 1963-68 he led a number of medical expeditions to Brazil to study the unorthodox surgery and healing powers of Arigo. This is only a part of the rich background

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

of Andrija (related in the book) that eventually led him to Israel in 1971 to investigate the phenomena of Uri Geller.

The author’s skepticism gives way to belief as he too becomes involved in a series of events above and beyond normal human understanding.

The resulting journal is a document that provokes controversy even though inquiries have determined the authenticity of the amazing gifts of Uri Geller. In a chapter entitled “The Battle for Truth” the author enumerates the many attacks made upon the validity of these powers. The turmoil continues as articles appear in print attempting to expose Uri as a fraud. Only you can be the judge.

Read and evaluate, for your opinion is what matters. The idea of super-beings, super-intelligence guiding the Universe is a comforting thought welcomed by most of us mortals. I believe I heard your “Amen.”



Dear Editor:

A few nights before the five objects in this news clipping (see World Report: UFOs Play Sky Tag) were sighted, my son, Kenny, 14, and I saw a round, purplish, luminous sphere high in the sky, to the East (i.e., toward Centralia). It looked like a moon, but it was not the moon.

It would hover for a few minutes and then drop abruptly to what appeared to be hundreds of feet downward. It would then swing as though on a pendulum, like a yo-yo (up and down) and then in a pendulum fashion again. And, then, again the up and down movements.

We had been visiting and first noticed the object upon getting into our car, which was facing East. We watched for 10 minutes or so, and upon arriving home watched it for another 15-20 minutes longer. Kenny says that after we came into the house he looked at the object through his binoculars. It traveled in a circular pattern, came to a dead stop, then dropped in a vibrating tornado fashion. It then shot in a westerly direction, out of sight.

We did not report our sighting experience and had forgotten about it until we read the account in the Centralia (III.) Sentinel of five objects being sighted in the same general area.


(signed)          Mary L. Killion

JULY-AUGUST 1975                 19


A New Unit-Portland, Oregon

Understanding, Inc. Charter #84 was recently mailed to our newest Unit in Portland, Oregon. We offer congratulations to the officers and members of the Portland Unit and wish them every success in their efforts “to promote a better understanding among all peoples of earth, and of those not of earth.”

Officers chosen to serve for the first year are: President, Dolores Murphy; Vice-President, Judy Preheim; and Secretary-Treasurer, Maynard Kautz.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Another Understandorama

Mrs. Esther Ellsworth of Unit #71, San Bernardino, Calif., will sponsor another Southern California Understand orama, September 7th, at the Griswold Inn, 515 W. Foothill Blvd., Claremont, Calif.

Speakers include Winifred Babcock, Wayne Guthrie, Henry and Diane Nagorka, Dr. Derald Langham, Pat Wortman and Virginia Hughes. There will be Workshop time in the evening for each speaker.

Please write to Mrs. E. Ellsworth, 1456 Hwy 395, #27, Fallbrook, CA. 92028 for additional program details.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

New Age Foundation Sponsors Meetings

FOURTEENTH ANNUAL CONVENTION-NEW AGE FOUNDATION OF EATONVILLE, WASH. July 26-27 noon to ten p.m. daily at Indian Village, half mile from Longmire entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park. Salmon barbeque five p.m. Sunday-$2.50. Registration-five dollars per day; ten dollars for two days includes salmon barbeque. Special family rates. Camping available. Speakers from California, Oregon, and Washington. Write P.O. Box 867 for details.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

AQUARIAN UNIFIED MOVEMENT July 28-29 at NAF, Eatonville, Wash. Seminar for leaders and interested members of all constructive groups to discuss plans for sanctuaries and programs for the new age. Registration-$1.50 per day. Submit your ideas in advance, if possible to: Miss Jeanette Tully, Star Route, Ashford, Wash. 98304. This is the year we must find ways of UNIFYING our efforts. United we stand; divided …… ???


6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word. FREE FLYING SAUCER booklist (150 titles). Plastic bumper stickers, “Flying Saucers Are Real, The Air Force Doesn’t Exist,” (50¢). Read about the underground and undersea saucer bases of the Space People in 10 issues of “Flying Saucers International,” ($5.00). Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs, Box 84, Northridge, Calif. 91324.

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By word or phraseology will enhance your writings-teachings. Send tape or script. Confidentially yours. Offering. Shelah, P.O. Box 11177, Oakland, CA. 94611.

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 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

“COLOR TEST available, and your SOUL TONE determined. Interpretation and individual analysis sent by mail-$15. Write for particulars and color test cards. Mary Bassano, 275 Lake Oak PI., Brick Town, N. J. 08723”

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U.F.O. MANUAL       50c U.S.         75c CDA.       $1.00 OVRSS PPD.

Michael J. Campione,                      2202 New Albany, Cinnaminson, N.J. 08077


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To Men of Earth &

White Sands Incident

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Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

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Steps to the Stars

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