June 1975

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VOLUME XX                               JUNE 1975                                                 NUMBER 5

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Many articles and several books have been written during the past few years concerning the rapidly accelerating rate of change in the rules, habits and concepts of our society.

The book called Future Shock written a few years ago, predicts that severe mental and emotional strain will result from the constant need of people to reorient their thinking and adjust to new social patterns. There are however some underlying facts and functions of society which must remain in force and effect if any form of society is to exist. If these are known and understood adjustment to any type of change is much easier and more quickly achieved. Some of these basic facts and functions were described in this magazine in 1957 but because a complete understanding of them now seems to be more important than ever before, they will be reprinted with appropriate updating in future issues. They are designed to assist in the understanding of international, national and personal problems by discussing in the simplest possible terms, the human motives and factors which bring about these problems.

Society: Part 1

The first step in the study or consideration of any subject should be to define the subject to be considered. What is society? What does the word mean? The dictionary defines ‘society’ as, “A system whereby

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

men live in organized communities, regulated by custom and law. Wherever man is found upon this earth, some sort of social system will also be found to exist.” This definition while it serves as a starting point offers little in the way of understanding of the causes and purposes of society.

Every society results from the operation of two principal factors or motives the first of which is the gregarious nature of man. His instinctive desire to become a part of the group, his need for recognition by and fellowship with the group all stem from his conscious or unconscious realization that all men are but parts of a great whole which in-finitely transcends the bounds of the individual, and without which the individual would have no significance just as each leaf is an individual thing, but one that could have no purpose or significance apart from the tree on which it grows.

The second factor is the continuing desire of man to improve the conditions of his daily life and the realization that this improvement can come about only through close cooperation between individuals.

Since man as an individual being has not yet become a perfect part of the whole of life, when groups of men live in close proximity to each other, there will inevitably be cases of overlap or interference between the desires, the rights and the actions of one person and those of his neighbors. If one man plans and puts into effect a certain course of action, he may thereby prevent his neighbor from putting into action some plan which he has made. Unless some means are arranged to moderate or control this area of interference between the rights and actions of individuals, a constant friction and dispute will develop which will prevent the achievement of the purpose of a society if indeed the society itself is not destroyed.

The agency which society creates to control the areas of interference between the rights of individuals is known as ‘government.’

In the ideal society, each individual voluntarily surrenders a certain portion of his right to do as he pleases, to the custody of the group. He does this in expectation that he will receive in return benefits whose value outweighs the value of the rights which he has surrendered.

From the rights of individual decision which have been surrendered to the government, a pattern of conduct is formulated which then applies to all. This pattern of conduct when precisely defined is known as the “Law.” One of the rights which must be surrendered to the group is the right to enforce observance of the law by any suitable means. Obviously if each individual could choose for himself whether or not to follow the law, he would not actually have surrendered any of his right of choice and the friction between individuals would be as great as ever.

JUNE 1975                                  3

There are other patterns of conduct which develop spontaneously within any society. These patterns, known as custom, have no specific means of enforcement and are observed by the individual only because of his desire to be accepted and respected by the group. These will be discussed at length later in this series but our next issue will deal with the factors which determine the amount or degree of law necessary to the proper functioning of a society and the simple criteria by which the true value of any society may be determined.


In the few years since concern about environmental abuse began, this concern has become widespread. At the present time it is rare to find a person who has not at least heard the claims and counterclaims that make up the portion of ecology available for public concern and it’s generally thought to be a forward step for conservation of our planet’s resources, that so many have become informed in so short a time, but I fear it’s not enough.

Even with the vast numbers who have taken up the challenge of helping humanity toward a plan of ecological sanity, so much remains un-done, and our time is certainly limited. I’d like to agree with the optimists who count on human knowledge or perhaps even human instinct for survival to set things right in the end. Somehow, though, depending on such seems dangerous at best. Human knowledge, for the most part, still seems to be trending toward destruction (at least in the sectors of society who can and do decide where humanity is going). Human instinct, for man certainly must retain instinct, would be a telling force against ecological suicide if it had not been almost ignored in favor of the ability to reason. Human life in our time is a kind of battle to deny instinct and reason the opportunity to work together at a balance.

Doubting as I do the conventional hopes of those who see humanity in its present state as capable of self-preservation, it’s natural to explore the causes and solutions. When you look at different cultures around the world, you can’t help but notice that before the invasions of modern technology, they were all harmonious with their various natural environments. It seems that the Industrial Revolution, spreading out-ward from Europe, was the basic key factor that began “environmental degradation.” Even before the advent of Industry had seriously harmed the ecosphere of this planet, it had made its inhabitants lives poorer through overcrowded cities, poor working conditions, etc.

We can’t look at industrialism as the first ‘act of the play’ so to speak. There’s a long and complex prologue, best embodied in the word Ideology. As other writers have pointed out before, there is a curious

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

twist in the ancient past which made ideology into a weapon against the earth and humankind.

I am talking about the advent of the Judeo-Christian worldview. In no other ideology has the correctness of human domination of and aloofness from nature been so strongly stated. The role of monotheism plays a major part in this by denying the divinity of anything save the one master. You see, when nature and life, which had formerly been considered divine (witness the polytheistic gods, who were essentially embodiments of natural phenomena) are made inert and virtue less it becomes standard practice to allow little or no value to them. How easy it was to despoil what had become without value we can well guess. We can all remember the instructions in the book of Genesis in which man is told to “fill the world and subdue it.” Unfortunately this is just what we did, to the point now that the earth is filled and subdued almost  beyond its ability to survive…

Going from the assumption that the above is accurate, it’s pretty sure that any solution we might apply will have to cope with centuries of accumulated practice. It’s not so much a change, as a revolution of thought that is needed. Even now, in the face of the obvious harm we’re doing to our planet, a great many pay lip service only to conservation. Most potently this is true of governments, political representatives, scientists, and public utilities, the very ones who should determine just what we will do in answer to the global threat of environmental degradations.

As I said, if people are becoming concerned, fine, but it’s not enough. Those in positions of power and authority must be made to realize that their proper concern is the health and continuance of humanity and of earth, and not a continuance of the exploitive use of our planet and the fouling of its ecosphere, as in the past.



In Ceylon in 1963, with only 150 reported cases of malaria, and no deaths, DDT spraying was discontinued. Five years later malaria had exploded to 2,800,000 cases, claiming 12,000 lives. DDT spraying was resumed.

Such situations are often ignored by pesticide alarmists in their well-intentioned zeal to preserve the environment. But what of man? George T. L. Land in his recently published book-Grow or Die-takes issue with practices and predictions which would preserve the environment at the expense of “human behavior which is oriented toward growth” as evidenced by three billion years of evolutionary change.

JUNE 1975                                  5

Mr. Land contends that dire forecasts by ecological conservationists of civilization’s imminent collapse are based on erroneous assumptions:

1.         That the present delicate balance of nature must be maintained.

2.         That our tech no-industrial society will upset this delicate balance by its continued growth.

Examining the concept that growth of the tech no-industrial society will destroy our future by upsetting the balance of nature ideal, Mr. Land considers the three assumptions involved.

1.         Equilibrium is a natural and healthy state to achieve and maintain. Natural balances actually move from one transitory state to another. The normal course of nature produces continuing imbalances and is evolutionary. Static environments deny evolution and are a prelude to death and extinction.

2.         Man should adapt to his environment. This assumption views evolutionary changes as an adaptation to environment, omitting the observation that all “living things act as environmental transformers, perpetually pressuring their environment, impelling themselves and their offspring into more effective forms and behaviors. . .”

3.         Nature is good and man is evil. The present world crisis is viewed as man against nature whereas a return to the natural state would mean abandonment of some of the restraints man has used against “a merci-less nature,” i.e. DDT as cited earlier. “Technology,” says Mr. Land, “is as natural as trees. When nature exhausted purely biological means of transforming the environment, homo sapiens arrived and continued this evolutionary task through extra-biological means.”

How, then, shall we evaluate man’s present position relative to the idealized “balance of nature”?

Man’s creation of tools, machines, technology and industry, rather than transgressing the laws of nature actually have extended and amplified natural processes. Man has not waited for nature, with her slow and irregular manner, to supply his needs. He has produced artificial substitutes which surpass the biological predecessors. Now, by extra-biological means eyesight has been extended with lenses; hearing with amplifiers; legs with vehicles; brains by computers . . . “Man is not simply a part of nature, he is Mother Nature’s partner.”

What some have termed “man’s degradation of nature” has actually reduced the catastrophic effects of plagues, famines and floods, which are part of the balance of nature. Man, thus, creates a new balance of nature, over and over again as the evolutionary growth cycle continues.

Mr. Land reminds us that “frenzied alarm over ecocide generates the insidious camouflage that hides the truly apocalyptic human suffering of today. Pollution? Eight of ten humans lack sanitary disposal, and

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

seven of ten still are without adequate supply of safe water. Over half of the human race lives with hunger, which drains energy and stunts body and mind . . . Rebalancing the books of disease, starvation and misery is our mission, not protecting nature’s balance and its extravagant claims on the sufferings of the human race.”

Considering the concept that the rapid growth rate will destroy our future by upsetting nature’s delicate balance, the ecologists and conservationists have overlooked the natural laws which regularly “generate crisis and just as naturally, through evolution, meet the challenge

. Organic growth rates change radically as an organism grows, not only in amounts of growth change but also in kinds of growth change …

“Evolution, natural selection, growth and maturation of nature’s systems help us understand our own evolution. From an evolutionary perspective, mankind shows signs of vigorous health rather than being a terminal case, doomed by the blind tyranny of technology . . .” so feels George T. L. Land.

(As a counter to the “Destruction Ethic,” the above data has been extracted from the Futurist of February 1975. For a complete study of this perspective, we suggest our readers review two articles in this issue-“The Evolutionary Crisis” and “Grow or Die: The Unifying Principle of Transformation.”)


including a conversation with

Jukkha III, on UFO’s

In a cabin, somewhere in the beautiful forests near the Vermont-Quebec border, there was a recent meeting of the Scut Flet society, an organization of spiritual /psychic adepts and aspirants. “Present” at the meeting, was a being known as The Grand Orion, whose very existence was being challenged by certain skeptics who had been invited.       ‘,

The Grand Orion dismissed their arguments about whether he was “real,” or a “hallucination,” and pointed out that this was “just the sort of twaddle that philosophy has thrived on for centuries,” and that such trivial debates were a stumbling block to the development of higher levels of insight.

During my lengthy conversations with the chief public spokesman for Scut Flet, a gentleman with the rather flamboyant title of Jukkha III of the Outer Realm, I learned of the revolutionary new “modes of thought” that are being developed at Scut Flet, and I received many mind-boggling insights into numerous areas of thought, such as: the inner patterns of the psyche, ecology, the nature of consciousness, a method for developing psychic ability using a mode of thinking known as the “Random Synchronization of Energy Patterns,” and many other

JUNE 1975                                  7


Of particular interest, were Jukkha III’s comments on extraterrestrial life, which I quote from an interview l did with him on that subject. “They are already here. It’s just that they are too abstract for us to see. They are too far out of reach for the average human to interact with. Their normal level of consciousness is so high, that it is way above even our highest levels of psychic activity. Nevertheless, there are people on this planet who are so highly attuned that they have been able to notice their presence on certain occasions, and to interact with them, albeit in terms that would be very difficult to describe.”

I asked him about UFO sightings. “People try to translate these sightings into terms that we can understand within the framework of con-temporary human thought, and most people naturally adopt a scientific frame of mind. What they fail to realize is that these mysterious craft are so completely integrated into the consciousness of the extraterrestrial beings, through millions of years of evolution, that problems of piloting and navigation have become completely subliminal activities, so that these craft are actually guided across the surface of the planet in the same absent-minded way that we might move our eyes across a painting we are admiring. Thus, the UFO’s often appear to flit about in a manner that seems rather erratic to us humans, who naturally expect these super-intelligent aliens to pilot their ships in a more orderly and scientific manner.”

I also asked him about the actual “beings” themselves, if they have physical bodies, and whether we might meet them face-to-face.

“Well, I imagine that to come face-to-face with a being who has more power at his disposal than does the whole human race combined, would be a rather frightening experience. It would probably put you in a state of severe shock. But these beings have a relationship to their bodies which is quite different from our own. From where their consciousness resides, their bodies are a long way down, beneath vast realms of activity that are completely unknown to us, and beneath areas of manifested energy that we would think of as spiritual, psychic, emotional, intellectual, and so on, so that the level of the physical body that we would see as their person, to them would seem more like the tip of a finger. They might use this physical form, their thoughts, and voice, to probe you, much as we might tease an ant with our fingertip, to observe its reaction.”

Jukkha III had much more to say on this topic, which would fill many pages. At one point, he asked me to consider the idea that when animals are snarling at each other and threatening to fight, if a human steps in, they will usually become less aggressive and back off. In the

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

same way, he believes that one of the reasons that extraterrestrial life is ” gradually making itself known on earth, is to help give men and nations a healthy sense of humility about our place in the universe.

He said, furthermore, that he expects these other-worldly visitors to make a more definite appearance sometime this year, in several locations on the planet, one of those being in the Vermont area, as well as continued activity in the region of Ohio. He added, however, that he believes that “the only real hope of meaningful communication with extra. terrestrials will not come through trying to confront a landed UFO, but will depend more on our own inner development in the psychic and telepathic realms.”


(Your questions relative to the concepts here offered may be sent to the writer at P.O. Box 1142, Pointe Claire Postal Station, Pointe Claire, P.Q. Canada H9S 4H9.)



(Infinity Newsletter, Spring 1972 by David D. Graham)

Metaphysics means many things to many people . . . In essence the word refers to that which is above or beyond the physical or material, and basically, that is what Religion is all about. Many, including clergy-men, have the universal reaction to Metaphysics as being “too abstract” to be practical, and considering the view of Metaphysics taught by most seminaries, they are right.

Had my earliest exposure to Metaphysics been via such tomes as Spencer’s First Principles I am sure that the subject would have been dropped then and there. But, I was fortunate in that my early studies began with the writings of Emmet Fox and the teachings of Unity … so, by the time I read the “deeper” or more abstract works, I already had a good basis in the pragmatic teachings that we can apply to our daily lives.

Even the most fundamental churches, whether they realize it or not, are attempting to teach their followers basic metaphysical subjects. Let’s take just a moment to review the teachings of Jesus, literally. Did He not spend a great part of His Ministry healing? Did He not say, in reference to Spiritual Healing, “These things I do, ye shall do, and even greater things!” Did He not advise us to pray that what we seek has already been done? Did He not prove Himself to be The Way shower? These are the things that the fundamental teachers mouth in their Sunday sermons and Wednesday night prayer meetings, but I wonder whether they really believe these Great Truths. They are there, in black

JUNE 1975                                  9

and white, in the same Guide Book we all use, The Bible . . . Many of the institutionalized churches are today rediscovering these ancient truths, and showing marvelous results with their group studies. In some ways it means an about-face for the minister, who previously set God above and beyond reach, and considered Miracles something that happened only in the dim past when Jesus was here in the flesh.

The churches today are finally realizing that God is indeed a very personal Power that does care about our health and well-being, and is available for the asking. In general, pragmatic Metaphysics teaches us that sickness is the absence of Health-that evil is the absence of God.

Divine Mind has given us free-will, and from this choice stems most of our trouble, for we too often take the “easy” route, which more often than not, proves to be the wrong one. Cosmic and Natural Laws were set in motion at the beginning of time, and it is not necessary for God to intervene in order for the prayer to be answered. He has already answered the prayer . . . it is only necessary that we align ourselves to Universal Law, the Good side of the ledger, and it will be impossible for anything but Good to happen.

While God is Personal, and cares for each and everyone of His creatures, the gift of free-will allows us to make our own choices, and these are obviously not always according to God’s Will, or Universal Law. The acceptance of the belief in The Higher Power is in itself deeply rooted in Metaphysics, and the Holy Bible is one of the greatest examples of Metaphysics known to mankind.

A good example of a Fundamentalist minister who uses metaphysical healing techniques is Oral Roberts, who bases his every move on Scriptural teachings … it is not Oral Roberts who heals, and he is the first to admit this, but he serves as channel for Divine Healing to take place, and it is the faith of the person seeking the healing that allows the Healing Force to come through.

If you consider Metaphysics to be “too abstract,” then I suggest you give it a bit more thought, for Thought is the name of the game called Metaphysics, or at least one of its names . . . “As a man thinketh, etc. . “

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Remember Heaven is not a place to be reached when you die, nor earned when you leave earth, but instead … it travels with you.


States of mind are not altered by change in circumstances or surroundings, but circumstances and conditions are altered by changes in mental attitudes.


10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The great pyramid at Giza in Egypt, is about to give rise to a much smaller twin brother (or sister, as the case may be) at the Understanding Center in Tonopah, Arizona. A 1/47th scale model of the Cheop’s Pyramid is being erected here, as an instrument of research, a food storage room, and a place of meditation and rejuvenation.

After several weeks of careful study and planning, the engineering details were drawn and the concrete slab, upon which it will be erected, was poured. The length of its base will be 16 feet on each side, the height will be 10 feet two inches and the apothem, or slant height, will be just over 12 feet, to give the correct angle of 51 degrees 51 minutes.

There will be a small meditation chamber, 6 feet by 6 feet with a 7 foot ceiling, so that several persons can, if they wish, enjoy the restorative influence of the vortex created by the pyramid’s shape, at the same time.

It is hoped that pictures of the completed pyramid, or at least the final stages of completion, will be available for next month’s magazine. The pyramid when completed will be an excellent instrument of research into the properties and influence exerted by the pyramid-created vortex.

JUNE 1975                                  11

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


(CBA International, Special Report, Jan. 1975, Yokohama, Japan, The Daily Yomiuri, 1 17,75)

MORIOKA (IWATE)-More than 20 unidentified luminous objects were seen flying south over the Tohoku district and Ibaraki-ken in the Pacific coastal areas of Honshu Wednesday evening.

The first report of the unidentified flying objects was made by Noboru Komukai, 41, a furniture dealer of Koma, Tamayamamura, who saw more than 20 luminous bodies flying across the sky in the west at about 5:58 p.m. when he was in front of his house.

Komukai immediately notified police.

Shortly afterward a middle school student in Tamayamamura made a similar report to the National Latitude Observatory in Mizusawa, I wate-ken.

At about 6:00 p.m. many residents of coastal areas extending from Iwaki, Fukushima-ken in the north, through Hitachi, Ibaraki-ken, to Nakaminato, Ibaraki-ken in the south, reported that they had seen about 20 unidentified flying objects.

The Onahama Meteorological Station in Iwaki received similar reports from about a dozen residents of areas extending from Miwamachi, Iwaki, to Tomiokamachi, Fukushima-ken, a distance of about 50 kilometers.

The color of the luminous bodies changed to orange while they were flying across the sky, the residents said.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Research Reports From Denmark

(As in the past, we bring to the attention of our UFO researchers an information source which may be of considerable interest to them. We have recently received, from IGAP Information Service of Denmark, a copy of “Special Report # 1” of the UFO Contact Journal.)

This Special Issue of UFO Contact presents in detail, with many illustrations, four in color, the 16 sightings of Jorma Viita during 1974. Jorma Viita is a 24-year-old Finnish carpenter working in Odense, Den- mark, who, once or twice a week at least, has been out alone watching for UFOs with camera ready. He says, “I realize that it could be easy to fake these pictures, but being without support of any witnesses I can-not do else than assure that the pictures are genuine.” He has promised to seek witnesses on future sighting excursions and “an alarm chain has been established between Viita and three others in the Odense area.” Jorma has indicated his willingness to undergo hypnosis tests, if required by proper authorities, to establish his veracity.

This 34-page journal covers each of the 16 sightings, with photo-graphs and diagrams of the various types of craft seen. The editor, H. C. Petersen, in his “conclusion” has examined each report “pro and

JUNE 1975                                  13

con” as to its validity from his understanding of UFOs, and he notes ” , . . may I suggest that we-all of us-consider the whole material an informative and interesting piece of research material. No more, no less -so far.”

Jorma Viita, up to February 25, 1975, has had five more sightings one of which is considered “sensational.” It is expected that additional sightings during the year will offer supportive evidence to form more certain conclusions.

Understanding has been privileged to quote from this copyrighted material. You may order your own copy of the UFO Contact from: IGAP, Tvaerhave 6, Molholm, 7100 Vejle, Denmark. The price is $2.00.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Not long ago I heard a story which helped me to understand that life is made up, not of great sacrifices nor duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindnesses given to others are what win love and pre-serve the heart.

Some years ago a very busy executive was rushing to catch a train. He had about given up trying to live a “personal” daily life because of the great demands on his time-speaking engagements and administrative duties in his organization.

This particular morning, en-route to the Grand Central Station, he promised himself that he would try to be a Christian that day, instead of merely talking about it. By the time he had picked up his ticket he was late. He charged across the lobby with his bags, on the ramp he heard the “all aboard” call. He was about to get on the train when he bumped into a small child with his suitcase. The little boy had been carrying a new jigsaw puzzle, the pieces of which were now scattered all over the platform.

The executive paused, saw the child in tears, and with an inward sigh stopped, smiled, and helped the boy pick up his puzzle as the train pulled out.

The child watched him intently. When they had finished picking up all of the pieces, the little boy looked at the man with a kind of awe. “Mr.,” he said hesitantly, “are you Jesus?”

And, for the moment the man realized that on that platform he had been.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The secret of life is not to do what you like, but to like what you do.


14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Every man is his own ancestor,

Every man is his own heir,

Every man creates his own future

And inherits his own past.

We are what we are

Because we have been what we have been,

Thus perfect justice rules the world

And the tail of the serpent

Is forever in its mouth.


Vultures Dying From Pollution

(The Houston (Texas) Post, 3/22/75)

 SAO PAULO, Brazil (UPI)- The pollution that is killing the small animals that drink from the rivers of Southern Brazil has begun killing the vultures that feed on bodies of the animals, an environ-mental specialist reported.

“Within a few years the vulture will be a zoo attraction,” said the specialist, Dr. Paulo Roberto Delia, a member of the Center for Toxicological Studies in Porto Alegre.

The vulture is a very common bird in Brazil, especially in the south, and is under government protection.

Delia told reporters vultures are disappearing because they feed on ducks, frogs and snakes killed by chemical pollution in the rivers. The bodies contain such a strong amount of the poisons that it kills the vultures also, Delia said.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Ancient Ills of Egypt

(Houston (Texas) Post, 3/23/751)

DETROIT (AP)-Studies of an ancient Egyptian mummy have disclosed that some of the health problems blamed on modern industrial society may have been around some 2,700 years ago.

In a scientific paper on their findings, a group of researchers from

JUNE 1975    15 various fields reported evidence that such arterial diseases as arteriosclerosis were common in ancient Egypt. (Interest in the research is motivated by the desire to learn how the disease evolved.)

Whatever the cause of such disease, it is an ancient one, and not some-thing that appeared recently under the stress and strain, or diet of modern life.

The mummy-dubbed “PUM-II”-also indicated evidences of silicosis of the lungs. “Air pollution is not new,” the scientists declared. “Ancient human remains from widely separated locales have contained carbon deposits in the lungs similar to those seen in PUM Il.”

The researchers noted that some carbon deposits found in ancient human remains “presumably resulted from inhaling smoke from fires.” They said that carbon itself causes very little damage to lungs unless accompanied by such toxic substances as silica.

Pulmonary silicosis is common to miners, quarry workers and potters, but “the hands of PUM II are not those of a manual worker,” they said, “so his silicosis is more likely due to the inhaling of sand during sand storms common in Egypt.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Two Reincarnations

(South Middlesex Sunday News, Framingham, MA. 1/26/75, by Edward F. Roby)

ELKTON, VA. (UPI)- Delores Jay, a 52-year-old mother of four, wife of a Methodist preacher, excited parapsychologists and reincarnation believers with her claim that under hypnosis that she lived as the illiterate daughter of a burgermeister in Bismarck’s Germany. Mrs. Jay has also told of living in a small hamlet in Indiana.

Neither Reverend Carroll Jay nor his wife, Delores, believe in reincarnation or the occult and are puzzled by the “hypnosis” conversations. In 1969, Rev. Jay, an accomplished hypnotist, set out to demonstrate that reincarnation cannot be proved through hypnotic regression. In-stead he found his wife regressing to a lifetime in Posy County, Indiana as Laureen Tuttle. Then in 1970, the manifestation as Gretchen Gottlieb emerged, speaking in German, a language unknown to Mrs. Delores Jay.

Researching the Indiana lifetime Rev. Jay seemed to find some corroborating evidence of the places mentioned, but not of all facts revealed. The Gretchen Gottlieb personality interested Ian Stevenson, parapsychology professor at the University of Virginia. Prof. Stevenson has studied reincarnation reports for 20 years, and suggests that Mrs. Jay may actually have lived as Gretchen.

Jay and Stevenson taped 18 trances in which Mrs. Jay, speaking as Gretchen in German, revealed sketchy details of her life between 9 and

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

16. Not many of these can be reconciled with German historical records but there are some details that indicate the possibility of a lifetime in Bismarck’s Germany. And, then there is the fact that Mrs. Jay has denied any knowledge of the German language, used during trance.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Laser Light and Music

(The New York Times, 1/16/75)

The laser beam is a formidable, man-made light that travels straight and narrow, without dispersion. It has been widely used for science and even for surgery. Now, at the Hayden Planetarium in New York, the laser beams are harnessed to concerts, and the results are rather eye-catching.

Laserium, as the concert is called, consists of projections of laser light-rendered harmless-in brilliant patterns overhead in suitable conformity with recorded music, which ranges from Aaron Copland to Johann Strauss to Lake and Palmer.

The Concert begins with the firmament, stars in the night. “Then the laser lights streak and leap and bob and weave over the dome, fantastic reds, greens, whites, blues and so on. Now they are cobwebs delicately interwoven, then they are jitterbugging straight lines in happy molecular movement.”

Laser Images, Inc. a California concern markets the concert laser projection system, states that though the basic program is the same, the laserist who operates the keyboard during each performance brings to it something of his artistic self, so the performance varies from location to location.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Big Foot News

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Or., 2/18/75)

PUYALLUP, Wash. (AP)-A Washington State Patrolman who spends some of his spare time in pursuit of the elusive Sasquatch says he has seen the animal and owns a plaster cast of what may be a track left by the “bigfoot.”

“I’m convinced. There really is something out there,” trooper Mark Pettinger of the WSP’s Tacoma office said in a recent interview. “Sasquatch? I don’t know. I call it that for lack of anything better. “I’ve seen him twice in the two years I’ve been tracking him,” Pettinger said. “He is fully eight feet tall, hairy and has a human-like face.”

Last Jan. 23 some outdoorsmen in the area found prints which Pettinger investigated.

“I’ve seen hoax prints and they’re usually very flat, very regular,”

JUNE 1975                                  17

said Pettinger. “These showed a definite arch, and the heel was sunk deeper than the toe, as should be the case . . . .”

Pettinger says he believes the seven new prints were about four days old when they were found. They are 15 inches long and measure eight inches across the base of the toes.

“We measured his stride at 12 feet. He took one step from the shoulder to the center of the road, and another to the other shoulder. It took him only four strides to climb a bank (which) I had to go up on all fours.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

If all men thought alike the infiniteness of life would be expressed in a very finite way.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Handbook of Homemade Power

(HANDBOOK OF HOMEMADE POWER by the staff of Mother Earth News, 374 pages, published by Bantam Books, paperback $1.95.)

Alternative Energy Sources that you put to use now!

Heat your home with the sun! Use the wind to make electricity! Power a shop, house or farm with a water wheel! Run natural gas appliances even your car-on methane that you produce yourself! Cook on a wood-burning stove! Yes, there are answers to the energy crisis . . . and this book tells you how to make them work for you.

Even before the first issue of The Mother Earth News – an ecology magazine-was published on January 1, 1970, its editors were predicting today’s (and tomorrow’s) energy shortages. It was only natural, then, for the publication’s staff to regularly dig up and feature first-hand re-ports from people who had already found ways to beat the developing power crisis.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Folks like Steve and Holly Baer heat their strikingly modern home with the sun (and 90 recycled 55 gallon drums). Tom Oates, a North Carolina craftsman, still uses DC electricity produced by a water wheel he installed nearly 40 years ago. L. John Fry, a South African pig farmer, has completely powered his house and barns for over six years with methane gas extracted from his animal’s manure. Henry Clews now operates two homes and a business on electricity made with a windplant. Mark Gregory never forgot that a house can be kept comfortably warm by burning that most traditional of all renewable resources … wood.

The best of this priceless alternative energy information-and many additional tips, facts and ideas-have been compiled into one extremely valuable and timely handbook, a handbook that can help you completely leapfrog all the electrical brownouts, fuel oil allocations, gasoline rationing, and other desperate measures now offered as “solutions” to the energy crisis.

Yes, there really is an Energy Crisis.

We live in an increasingly industrialized world, a world that quite foolishly relies far too heavily on two non-renewable fossil fuels (natural gas and petroleum). We have already burned up the most easily tapped reserves of these power sources … and it will be both more difficult and more costly to supply ourselves with gas and petroleum in the future. Many experts even predict that we will completely exhaust the remaining stocks of these fuels within thirty years.

And, it will affect the way you live.

The days of cheap and virtually unlimited energy are over. If you continue using our society’s “traditional” forms of power, you are going to pay more for the privilege of consuming less; your house will be cooler in winter and warmer during the summer; you will spend your vacations closer to home; you will breathe more pollution as you burn “dirtier” grades of petroleum; and you will always suffer from the nagging thought that “they” might shut off your source of fuel at any time.

Surprisingly enough, you do not have to put up with the hard times that are ahead. And, you do not have to put up with them now! You can heat or cool your home, run a shop or factory, operate your own car, cook your own food-in short, supply all your energy requirements -with non-polluting, completely renewable sources of power that you control TODAY. The nearest necessary hardware, in most cases, is al-ready available and this book tells you where to find it. Or, you can build your own and this book tells you how.

Sections: Wood  Water  Wind  Solar  Methane

JUNE 1975                                  19


As-You-Like-It Library

Carole Fisher, Librarian, extends an invitation to the readers of Understanding Magazine to use, without cost, the books of the “As-You-Like-It” Library.

The library has accumulated so many books, since its inception in 1963, listings have been made according to subjects covered, from Astrology to UFOs, including Healing, Masonry, Tarot, Parapsychology, etc. We suggest you write Miss Fisher for a list of the categories avail-able and make a choice according to your particular interest of the catalog you desire.

The address is: 915 East Pine, #401, Seattle, WA. 98122.

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A Name is Chosen

Eleven names were offered for consideration, nine National Directors made the choice of the name for the Tonopah location of Understanding, Inc. activities on the 55 acres of land donated to us by Rev. Dr. Enid S. Smith.

The winner of our congratulations and the Five Dollar Prize money is Mrs. Hazel Walton, of Unit #76, Klamath Falls, Oregon.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Lecture Calendar

At the Weekend Workshop at Tonopah, Arizona-May 17-18-Dr. Daniel W. Fry will speak on his CURVE OF DEVELOPMENT, this to

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

be followed by a discussion of the subject. The weekend will explore, also, “The Spiritual Aspects of Meditation” under the direction of Mrs. Florence Fry.

On May 24-25-26 Jessica Madigan will sponsor a Workshop at Pacific Grove, California. Dr. D. W. Fry is scheduled as one of the speakers. Jessica Madigan also is sponsoring a three-day Seminar, at Las Vegas, Nevada, at which Dr. Fry will speak on the 4th of July.

For details on these two sessions do contact Jessica Madigan, 4139 Camino Real, Los Angeles, California 90085; Phone: 213-221-1645. Dr. Fry is scheduled to speak at the National Convention of the American Society of Dowsers, Inc., to be held at the Elephant Butte Resort Inn, Elephant Butte, New Mexico (8.7935). The Convention will be held June 21-25. Call the Inn at Elephant Butte-505-894-6631-for particulars.

From August 2 through 9, the Frys will be at the Mingus Mountain Camp, Arizona, operated by the United Southern Methodist Camp Conference. This Retreat is sponsored by the ARE. Dr. Daniel W. Fry will talk on “Religion in the Home,” while Mrs. Florence Fry will serve as Master of Ceremonies.

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6c per word per insertion 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

“COLOR TEST available, and your SOUL TONE determined. Interpretation and individual analysis sent by mail-$15. Write for particulars and color test cards. Mary Bassano, 275 Lake Oak PI., Brick Town, N. J. 08723”

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PREPARE-MONTHLY OPPORTUNITY NEWSLETTER. For Living, Practical, Personal Solutions in Our Times. Money Back Guarantee. Sample Copy $1.00. Twelve Issues $11.50. Box 1889-U, Seattle, Washington 98111.

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U.F.O. MANUAL       50c U.S.         75c CDA.       $1.00 OVRSS PPD.

Michael J. Campione,  ♦ 2202 New Albany, Cinnaminson, N.J. 08077


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

To Men of Earth &

White Sands Incident

(softbound)     $3.00

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

(hardbound)   $3.00

(softbound)     $2.00

Steps to the Stars

(softbound)     $2.00

Atlantean Fire Crystals &

Physical Basis of ESP

(Cassette Tape-90 min.) $3.50

Merlin Publishing Company

Star Rte #588F, Tonopah, AZ 85354

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