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VOLUME XX                               MARCH 1975                                             NUMBER 2

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


(This editorial is a reprint from our June 1967 issue inasmuch as we are having mail delivery problems. Dr. Fry’s copy mailed from Tonopah 10 days ago has not yet arrived and we have reached our printer’s deadline. We count on your understanding always, K. C.)

UNDERSTANDING is one of the most important and necessary elements in any successful and happy life, and in the successful development of any race. With understanding man becomes the master of his environment. Without it he inevitably becomes its helpless slave.

Understanding is not only necessary to happiness and success, it is frequently essential to human survival.

If an aboriginal native from the depths of the jungle, who knew nothing of civilization or its works, were suddenly transported to the main street of a large city and set down in the middle of a busy inter-section, he would be in great and immediate danger, and it is probable that he would be killed or seriously injured within a minute or two of his arrival, simply because he did not understand the nature of the people and the devices around him. The streetcar hurtling toward him with its bell clanging loudly would be, to him, a terrible ravening monster intent upon his destruction. If he were a very brave man and stood his ground against the charge of the monster, he would almost certain-ly be killed. If he were not so brave and fled down the tracks away from the ‘charge’ it is probable that the streetcar would still overtake him and run him down before the motorman could get the car stopped.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The aboriginal would have no way of knowing that the car was con-fined to the tracks and that it had been designed and created for the sole purpose of serving man. If by chance the native’s flight took him off the tracks the hundreds of death dealing autos speeding down the street on either side of the tracks would be equally threatening and equally deadly monsters. He could not flee to the sidewalks because they would be thronged with hundreds of strange people. To the aboriginal all strangers may be, and usually are, deadly enemies, and so there would be no direction in which he could flee. Between the autos and the streetcars he would probably die very quickly, and on his tombstone would be engraved this simple epitaph: “He died needlessly because he didn’t understand.”

In our own present day culture with its vaunted ‘civilization’ and highly technical environment, we still have the same sort of danger which arises solely from our own lack of true understanding.

Our science is constantly making discoveries and creating devices which should be the servants of man but which, because of man’s lack of understanding, constantly threaten to destroy him. Knowledge with-out understanding is like an auto without steering wheel or brakes.

The random development of any social system without a sincere and constant search for understanding, will eventually create problems which seem to have no solution, and which may well result in the destruction of that system.

If the genus homo upon the planet earth is to become a successful and enduring species it must first find a way to keep the level of under-standing in some reasonable proportion to the level of knowledge.


Although I shall speak of life and also of death in this outspoken meditation today, yet the thoughts expressed are cheerful ones if viewed in the right light.

We hear much of the “population explosion.” Not only of the ever-increasing number of babies, but also of the ever-increasing number of very old people. All are being taken care of, in our highly civilized society, or, at any rate, praiseworthy efforts are being made for their care. But we are told that soon, within ten or twenty years, there will not be enough food for everyone.

Is it not strange that no altruistic elderly person has yet freely and patriotically offered to yield his or her place to an oncoming baby? Although I cannot claim to be completely altruistic-for reasons which I shall later disclose-yet I herewith offer my place on this planet to a

MARCH 1975                              3

new-born baby, and go so far as to counsel others of fourscore and over, to consider the advisability of perhaps doing the same, wise counsel not only for the baby’s sake but for our own!

First of all, to be sure, laws would have to be passed making it legal for physicians of undoubted fine repute, to act, under a beneficent jurisdiction, to put to sleep gently and painlessly those very old people who voluntarily ask for this high privilege. Have we not enjoyed life for a long time? Perhaps there could be some day a “Death with Dignity” Board and a doctor would secure a court order for a patient who wanted to avail himself of the privilege.

Capt. Herbert Sparrow, Naval Officer who was lost with his ship in 1924, once said, when terrible storms threatened his ship, and he was urged to abandon it, “I shall never leave the ship until I am regularly relieved or until the ship is ordered out of commission.”

It has generally been considered loyal to our Creator to stand by our “ships” (our human bodies), so as to live out our “allotted span.” But times and mores change, though human sacrifices continue as of old.

Consider all our young men in the prime of life who offer themselves in war, the Christians who allowed themselves to be sacrificed in the Roman arenas and, chief of all, Christ, Himself! In all these instances life was offered freely for what was believed to be good causes.

Here I am calling attention to yet another good cause, although in this case the sacrifice entailed may be a painless one, or so we hope. According to our human judgment, it is of benefit to the one for whom it is offered (a new life), as well as to the one who offers it. We agree that it is a joy and a privilege to live, yet, let us consider for a few minutes that glorious transition from life on this planet to life on another plane, perhaps, indeed, to another of God’s planets? How erroneously is this often longed-for experience called “death”! It should be known, rather, as continued life!

Dr. Reginald Thomas said in one of his sermons: “Death is an incident of life, a benediction, answers of hope, strength, life, confidence arid peace.” (We speak as “earthen vessels,” yet to some few have been given actual experience a glimpse of life after death, an experience never to be forgotten by one who has been vouchsafed it.) The outward man perishes, but the inner man lives on. “The things that are not seen are eternal.” Here we must “bear well our yoke but must lift our sights to the eternal.”

My personal feeling is exactly expressed in these few lines quoted from Edmund Quincy:

Death, it seems to me, should be regarded as the greatest of earthly blessings-the accomplishment of our previous state of semi-spiritual existence. I enjoy this life highly-few more so; and few have more circumstances to make it pleas

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

ant to them; but it seems to me nothing to be compared with death as a thing to be desired.

For those who feel this way, the offering of ourselves for a lovely new-born baby is not indeed a sacrifice at all. Exceptional old people who, at a hundred, are still alert and useful members of society, should not be expected to volunteer an early departure. But how few can hope to be included among the exceptional!

One final “few words” which may entirely reverse the trend of my thoughts: I am struck by the final paragraph of Mr. Alinsky’s article in the July 19-Harper’s.

If man has opportunity and the power to use that opportunity, then I’ll bet on him to cross any bridge, no matter how tough and seemingly hopeless it may look. . . . “

When man cultivates the ocean beds, turns salt water into fresh, colonizes endless stars, perhaps even finds the way of overcoming old age (though is that really to be desired? Old age has many charms!) then can the very old live on unselfishly without feeling called upon to “sacrifice their disabilities”-hopefully they will have none, but yet may nurse a curiosity to “pass on,” not because there is not food enough for our mortal bodies here on earth, but because we hope to find more marvelous spiritual food in greater abundance Over There! Let us plan to give the babies their chance should it become necessary.

Today papers are full of the subject pro and con. For example, Gov. McCall’s “Argument for Death with Dignity” and Dr. Lawrence Foye’s: “Case for Maximum Care.” Surely the doctors have their hands full with illnesses other than those of old age!

“Bad days” remind me that they will come more and more frequently-the burden on others will become constantly heavier.

Since we now try, sensibly, to regulate births, why should we not use our God-given reasoning powers to decide when to make the Transition while it can be made voluntarily with dignity-a blessing to the incur-ably ill, to those in pain, or to those who have lived to reach a helpless, hopeless extreme age?


Fellow Royal Society of Arts, London


Ever stop to ask yourself just what causes quarrels? About 99°0 of the time quarrels start over petty, unimportant matters, like this:

John comes home a little tired, a little on edge. Dinner doesn’t exactly please him so he turns up his nose and complains. Jean’s day wasn’t exactly perfect either, so she rallies to her own defense with, “Well,

MARCH 1975                              5

what do you expect on my food budget?” or “Maybe I could cook better if I had a new stove like everyone else.” This insults John’s pride so

he attacks with, “Now, Jean, it’s simply not lack of money, it’s simply that you don’t know how to manage.”

And, away they go, before a truce is finally declared, all manner of accusations have been made by each party. In-laws, money, premarital promises and other issues will be introduced. Both parties leave the battle nervous and tense. Nothing has been settled and both parties have new ammunition to make the next quarrel even more vicious. Little things, petty thinking, cause arguments. So, to eliminate quarrels eliminate petty thinking.

Here is a technique which works. Before complaining or accusing or reprimanding someone or launching a counterattack in self-defense, ask yourself, “Is it really important?” In most cases it isn’t and you avoid a conflict.

Ask yourself, “Is it really important if he (or she) is messy with cigarettes or forgets to put the cap on the toothpaste, or is a little late coming home?”

“Is it really important if he (or she) squandered a little money or invited guests you don’t like?”

When you feel like taking negative actions ask yourself, “Is it really important?” That question works magic in building a finer home situation. It works at the office, too. It works in home-going traffic when another driver cuts in ahead of you. It works in any situation in life. Is the question worth asking yourself?



My name is Jennifer. I want to tell you about an experience I just had.

My teacher, Mrs. Amidon, has this real thing on teaching understanding of children with special needs. She says “special needs” is meant to place a positive, forward look on children who have difficulties. She planned a day for us that was titled “Walk In Another Pair of Shoes Day.” Some of us were glad as we get tired of hearing kids tease one another. I try not to tease others. But there is a girl in our class, Karen, who uses crutches all the time. Even though I’ve seen her having problems, I never tried to go help her.

First we had to fill in a questionnaire that really got us thinking about what kind of a day it would be. One of the sentences was: When I see a teacher give special attention to certain children I feel-circle one:

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Another was: People know how I feel about them even though I don’t ell them.-Circle one:     Yes      No            Why?

We were then shown a filmstrip narrated by Tennessee Ernie Ford en-titled “Walk in Another Pair of Shoes.” This was about a little boy who had difficulty learning. I learned a lot about differences in learning abilities, reactions to things, and feelings. I felt such a challenge to be more sensitive to how others feel.

Then came the real hard part. Each of us had to take on the role of someone with a real severe special need. We had to go throughout the entire day performing a frustrating experiment. The experiments included such things as blindfold over the eyes, legs tied together and use of crutches, arms tied to sides, writing arm in a sling, staying in a wheel-chair, and masking tape around fingers. Some of the kids kept wanting to switch experiments because of the frustration, discomfort or curiosity. Others thought it was a blast-for awhile. At first I was excited, but toward the end I felt sick to my stomach. At least I knew that when the experiment was over the frustration would be gone. But it kept going through my mind “What about the child who always has the frustration?”

For lunch time we’d been told to bring in something to eat that we really didn’t like. Some of the kids didn’t do it. They had all kinds of excuses. We talked about how hard it is to deny yourself something. My friend, Kevin, and I traded a little. Mrs. Amidon explained about special diets and how it may be necessary to substitute foods. It made me feel badly that we used to laugh at Debbie when she sat down at the table with her special tray that had stuff on it like baby food.

Have you ever taken a frustrating hearing test? That was really some-thing. There’s a Zenith record called “Getting Through: A Guide to Better Understanding of the Hard of Hearing.” It explains different types of hearing loss, difficult listening situations, simple rules for making ourselves understood when talking with people who are hard of hearing, and the use of hearing aids. And it had an “unfair” hearing test. We were told to write a list of words three different times. It was so difficult to hear them at first because the intensity, pitch, and frequency of sounds were changed. It was such a relief when the third column sounded almost like the way I usually hear words. To think that some persons hear sounds like that all the time!

In the afternoon we saw a wonderful movie put out by the March of Dimes entitled “Keep on Walking.” It’s about the remarkable adjust-

MARCH 1975                              7

ment of a child with many defects. Marty uses artificial arms and leg. He manages to type, play and feed himself. He has all kinds of problems, but such courage. His folks were great and he had loads of friends. They seemed to understand him, and he did them also. It made me feel so much better about how things can be.

During the day I picked up many new ideas. I found it is wrong to use labels such as that mental kid, the handicapped person, the retarded, and idiot as they are so negative. It’s O.K. to recognize that a problem exists, but we should first recognize the person as a whole who has all kinds of strengths. In other words I knew I was having problems. But I didn’t want the others to think only of my problems, but of all of Me.

Mrs. Amidon said we all do have special needs in varying degrees. Learning, growth, abilities, and thoughts are different in everyone causing more serious difficulties for some.

I agreed with Karen that how a person obtains help when needed is important to both the person having difficulty and the helper. What and in what way help is offered seriously affects a person with a special need.

I realize that because I know one person with a special need it doesn’t necessarily mean I know and understand all persons. I must make a firm decision to keep learning more and more ways to be kind, sensitive, and helpful.

It was said that children with needs do have some factors in common. But that doesn’t automatically mean they want to be alone or associate with people with similar problems.

Mrs. Amidon said that in order to truly understand persons with special needs we first have to honestly evaluate our own feelings. At the end of the day we had a group discussion. We had a chance to talk about the feelings we’d had throughout the day. The kids had lots of thoughts -and some words I didn’t even understand. They felt embarrassed, frustrated, curious, ignorant, aggravated, stupid, impatient, different, distracted, scared, left out, helpless, claustrophobic, encumbered, floating, difficult, tired, detached, excited, mad, giddy, condescending, lonely, insecure, and pity. The thing that struck me most was that it didn’t seem to matter what role had been taken on, the feelings that were with the frustration seemed to be pretty much the same.

Karen was smiling like I never saw before. On the way to the bus she scooted up to me and said, “I never knew other kids could have the same feelings as me. Do you really feel badly when you can’t read as fast as I do?” Somehow we seemed closer. I would like a new friend. I wonder if she would. I think I’ll ask her.

MARGARET E. CLEARY Rehabilitation Consultant

Sudbury Public Schools

Sudbury, Massachusetts


8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


People talk about “changing consciousness” a lot these days. And we often tend to think that that involves taking drugs of some kind, or else spending a lot of time doing yoga or something like that. But that isn’t so. You can “change” your consciousness, that is, change what you’re conscious of, without that much trouble, if you just allow your natural tendencies and capacities to develop.

When we say that someone is intuitive, or has intuitions, what we mean seems to be this. When we are going about our everyday work, we rely mainly on observation and routine. But if something out of the ordinary comes up, or you have to take a risk, you often rely on ‘hunches,’ ‘guess-work’-or intuition. Intuition seems to be a kind of consciousness we use when things out of the ordinary happen. Intuition seems to be the opposite of sensation and observation, for if you’re observing things, you can’t be intuitive at the same time. Notice the eyes of people when they are observing. Their eyes seem to converge on a point, and their eye muscles are tense.

Now look at someone who is intuitive. They don’t look at things, so much as allow things to look at them. They don’t focus on things, and don’t take in details, but tend to take in the whole situation. People who are intuitive don’t look like they’re looking at things. They seem contemplative, mysterious, uncertain, reflective, and are usually silent. For intuitive people, observing things is a prison of sorts. You have to be free of having to observe details if you’re going to be intuitive.

Let’s say that you’re a matter of fact, down to earth sort of person who knows how to deal with the realities of life. And let’s say you’d like to be more intuitive. Here are some things you can do.

First, you’ve got to relax; allow the weight of reality to slip from your shoulders.

Second, try not to talk for as long as possible.

Third, try not focusing your attention on anything. You can use a TV set as a way to do this. Sit down and watch TV. Notice how you try to follow the action of the characters. You’re always shifting your eyes this way and that. Now instead of doing this, try looking at the screen as a whole, and don’t allow yourself to move your eyes to follow the action. You will get a different experience when you don’t focus on the action. You will feel as if the action on the screen is going on inside you rather than out there. And as you practice this relaxed, silent, un-focused method of watching TV, you will become better at being intuitive. For being intuitive is experiencing things as if they were going on inside you, is experiencing things out of focus and as a whole, rather

MARCH 1975                              9

than paying attention to them. Also, when you pay attention, you have to do something; when you’re being intuitive, it happens to you-you

don’t do anything, you just allow whatever experiences there are to float before your eyes.

If you can learn to “change your consciousness” from active to passive, from attentive to unattentive, you will be able to move from one way of being conscious to another without much trouble-and all with-out alcohol or drugs or time-consuming and expensive meditation exercises.



When we are performing our mundane tasks during the day, washing, cleaning, mending, ironing, taking care of small children, with irritations mixed in with the love we feel for them, how do we maintain our mental equilibrium, how do we think constructively, positively and cheer-fully? Well, I think one of the simplest and most effective approaches is gratitude and appreciation, not for what we want, but for what we al-ready have and enjoy. For example:

I am deeply grateful, my Father, for health and a sense of well-being. I am so grateful that I can walk and see and hear and use my hands creatively. I am deeply grateful for the health of my family; we don’t need a wheelchair or any body braces or daily injections. I am grateful we have strong lungs to breathe in Your air I am grateful for the many modern conveniences that make living more pleasant and more enjoyable-electricity, natural gas, comfortable furniture, the sewing machine and the vacuum cleaner, and hot and cold running water. Knowing that almost three quarters of the earth’s population goes to bed hungry every night, and that millions of little children have never seen a mattress or a pillow or a wash basin or a bar of soap, I am indeed grateful for these things that I too often take for granted. I am grateful for nourishing food and adequate clothing and for friends and neighbors with whom to visit.

Perhaps one of the things I am most grateful for is consciousness and the ability to think, to hold any beautiful or constructive thought I may desire, to dwell on any pleasant memory I so choose. I am grateful that I have the capacity to release from within my heart an increasing sense of such joy and happiness and peace, that the shadows of in harmony and discord flee before the light of increased awareness of Thy omni-presence. In dwelling upon these thoughts of gratitude I find greater capacity to appreciate the great wealth I already have, and a deepening awareness of inner peace and security that is unaffected by the ebb and flow of condition or circumstance or environment. This gratitude I find

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

a powerful tool in annihilating any sense of unhappiness or friction or irritation in my thinking, and I know that as I persist in trying to assimilate and digest this spiritual nourishment, conviction replaces doubt, discouragement yields to encouragement, and a wonderful feeling of peace floods my whole being, giving me strength and hope for any task, any responsibility. As I talk to God as a child talks to its parents, the answers come, and my so-called problems melt away into the nothing-ness from which they sprang.



Loving Prayers For Soy Beans

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Oregon 11 /29/74)

By GEORGE CORNELL, AP Religion Writer

NEW YORK (AP) – With county officials measuring the results, experimenters on an Ohio farm say they found that portions of a field that portions of a field that had been the object of loving prayers yielded the biggest crop.

The case offered an unusual instance of recent stepped-up interest in psychic phenomena, viewed by many with keen skepticism. “Somehow God’s creative energy of growth can be channeled through us even to plants,” says Gus Alexander of Wright State University, who holds a doctorate in communications research and who set up the project.

It was carried out on a soy bean field near Jamestown, Ohio, with daily prayerful attention of a church group focused on six designated plots, but not on six adjoining control plots.

Alexander says the yield of soybeans receiving the special attention was increased by 4 per cent over the comparable control plot, even though the experiment had extended over only a third of the growing season.

“If put to use, our psychic abilities-our abilities of prayer-could vastly improve the world’s food supply,” says Alexander, who teaches speech communication and who began studying psychic phenomena about a year ago.

“By some means, when a person concentrates on sending his love, God channels that love to others, to a pet or even a plot of soybeans,” he said in a telephone interview.

In checking results of the experiment the Greene county agent’s technical assistant, Donald H. Tate, was on hand to weigh the yields. According to the figures, five of the experimental strips had produced heavier yields than had adjacent control strips, while in the sixth case,

MARCH 1975                              11

the control strip had a slightly greater yield.

In the experiment, a group of 10 people at Dayton’s Church of the Golden Key, supplied with diagrams of the soybean plots, took on the task of “sending love” to the experimental areas each night at 11:30 p.m. for about 40 days.

The Rev. Noel Cornely, founder and minister of the nondenominational church which incorporates ideas of various major religions and which works with extrasensory perception, says:

“These experiments deal with the direct communication of energy, as a kind of nourishment.”

Alexander said the process involves “psycho-kinesis with living things. It’s similar to what people do through prayer and to the whole idea of spiritual healing. In this case, it’s healing for the soybeans.”

Although psychic communication involving human beings has been attested by various researchers, the idea of such communication with vegetation has been generally considered far-fetched.


Report from New Zealand

(Tauranga UFO Investigation Group report given in Xenolog No. 93)

MERCER (N. Z.) 24th June 1974, 8:00-7:00 A. M.– From the house on a rise, with a small hill nearby and a range of hills about a mile from the house, direction of sighting when first seen was due North.

The first witness was Jackie, 11-year-old daughter of the Browns, who woke about 6 A.M. and noticed a very bright white/yellow light and watched it for about 20 minutes, while it moved to the left in circles and hovered. At about 6:20 she called her mother who did not re-act until about 6:30. When the mother saw it she attracted the other two members of the family to the strange light, going outside to watch.

The light was about the size of a 4-inch disc held at arm’s length, as it moved in a circle to the left. The intensity of the light altered till it looked more the size of a tail-light. Each time it circled it came back to the same spot and hovered. At its furtherest distance of travel it was between the witnesses and the hills in the distance, and was below the level of the top of the hills. It was less than a mile away and about 35-40 degrees above the horizon.

The object at one stage looked almost square and at another period looked as though it was a disc with a “hump” on its top. During the sighting, the witnesses felt sure the object moved in a circle at least eight times. The morning was very dark until just before 7 o’clock. When the morning started to lighten the object moved away and finally disappeared. Absolutely no sound was heard.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

At the latter part of the sighting Mrs. Brown flashed the house lights on and off and she feels sure the object responded. At the time of the sighting the witnesses could see Venus which was in another direction, and nowhere nearly as bright as the object.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Flying Object

(The Spectator, Burlington, Ontario, Canada 12/24/74)

DUNDAS-June Oliver of Pleasant Avenue, reports:

“It was a huge orange ball with a sphere around it. It was quite low and all of a sudden went up very fast.”

Mrs. Oliver said a check with Mt. Hope weather office showed none of its weather craft were in the area.

“It was very interesting and also kind of scary,” she said. “I called the Dundas fire department because I didn’t know who else to call.” Bruce Hill, a member of the fire department, said he and three or four firefighters confirmed the sighting.

“We went out back of the station and couldn’t believe our eyes,” said Mr. Hill. “It was very low and drifting and then started to gain altitude.”

He said it was an orange-yellow balloon with lights at he bottom. Mr. Hill said it moved slowly southwesterly.

“It really makes you wonder because it may have been a weather bal-loon or something like that,” he said. “You look at something long enough and you start to see things.”

Mrs. Oliver said she tried to view the object through a telescope, but couldn’t get it in focus.

“Other people in the valley said they saw it too,” she said.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

. . . when you think of the brain of a bee and how much it can do with so little, it seems that we ought to function better than we do when we have so much. – N. J. BERRILL

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

If anything affects your eye, you hasten to have it removed; if anything affects your mind, you postpone the cure. – HORACE

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Patience and a mulberry leaf will make a silk gown.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Love is the magnetic attraction holding all things of the universe in proper relation to one another. – ARTHUR J. BURKS

MARCH 1975                              13

Glenn Ford Believes in UFOs

(Lowell Sunday Sun, Lowell, Ma. 01852 12/22/74)

Glenn Ford, who is to appear in “Something in the Air,” a new NBC movie for television-about unidentified flying objects-finds the subject of UFOs intriguing, since he has seen at least one object which defied identification.

“I was sitting on the beach near Oxnard (Calif.) at dusk looking out at the sea,” Glenn relates.

“I wasn’t looking at anything in particular when I saw a bluish vehicle in the air.

“It wasn’t a weather balloon. I know a weather balloon when I see one. And it wasn’t a cloud. I know enough about meteorology to be sure of that.

“Besides, this craft was performing maneuvers I’m sure our government wishes our fighter planes could handle.

“I watched the thing for at least half an hour, and then it disappeared. “I told some friends in the military about it, and they didn’t say, ‘You’re crazy.’ While they didn’t confirm that I’d seen something from outer space, they at least didn’t say I was looney.

“You know, of recorded UFO sightings, only 80 per cent can be explained, and I find the other 20 per cent very intriguing.

“When you consider infinity, I think it’s unrealistic for us to assume that we live on the only inhabited planet.

“However, if intelligent beings from outer space are visiting us, I don’t think they have hostile intentions.

“I think they’ve simply come out of curiosity, to investigate.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

UFOs Over Texas

(Medford (Oregon) Mail Tribune, 10/15/74)

By Andrew A Yemma

AUSTIN, Tex, (UPI) – The UFOs are back!

A colorful circle of lights in the remote Texas hill country is said to be attracting alien aircraft that travel at 10,000 miles an hour, and a re-search group studying UFOs has released a photograph purporting to prove it.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Members of “Project Starlight International” say the photograph was taken the night of Oct. 2, and shows a brilliantly lighted Unidentified Flying Object traveling more than 10,000 m.p.h. about 100 miles above Earth.

They report that the craft made two sharp turns within 2 to 4 seconds-maneuvers that would tear a manmade object to shreds.

Ray Stanford’s group constructed a circle of about 100 lights in the seven colors of the spectrum during a number of reported UFO sightings in the fall of 1973.

In the center of the display west of Austin is a spotlight which blinks “dot-dot-dot-dash,” the numerical equivalent of the Greek letter pi, which they believe some intelligent creature might identify.

He said on Oct. 22, 1973, his crew of observers spotted two lights in the sky where stars were not supposed to be.

“They were oval shaped white objects. The four of us aimed our camera lenses at them and they turned down their lights just like a rheostat. Then they disappeared.

“Within four minutes two Phantom jets from Bergstrom Air Force Base came zooming in closer to our site than they ever had come before. They were followed by a prop plane. It’s quite possible they sighted the same things we did.”

“We are not interested in collecting UFO stuff, but scientific data and we are attempting to see if a UFO will respond to intelligent signals.

“They don’t have to be any more intelligent than we are, just about 10 years ahead of us. This kind of work is going on in highly secret projects today and we’ll probably have something like this in 10 to 15 years,” he said.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Snake-Charming Business

(The Dallas Morning News, 8/24/72)

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP)-The snake-charming business is on the rocks.

 K.N.S. Pillai used to have his own chauffeured car, big house and telephone. He could accept appointments only if informed weeks in advance. He had three full-time and four part-time assistants to help out during weekends. That was all more than 20 years ago.

Today he is a gray-haired man of 83 who earns hardly 50 cents a day with a cobra. He has moved from the limelight to a spot near a gutter in a dusty corner of the main street in Juala Lumpur.

MARCH 1975                              15

people now are not interested. Movies, television, radio, night clubs and other entertainment have pulled the bottom out of the business. “The money we get today is not for the performance. It is as though we are beggars. It is given out of pity,” says Pillai.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Jupiter-Liquid Hydrogen

(Wall Street Journal, 9/12/74)

Jupiter is a whirling ball of liquid hydrogen surrounded by two in-tense radiation belts and having an internal temperature of 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, NASA scientists said. They’ve been studying the data from Pioneer 10’s pass within 81,000 miles of the huge planet last December. Jupiter’s red spot is akin to a giant hurricane, but its red color is still a mystery. Pioneer 10 now is on its way to Saturn.

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Object Sighted Near Gold Hill

(Medford (Oregon) Mail Tribune, 9/10/74)

GOLD HILL (Ore.)-Was there an unidentified flying object last night northeast of Sardine Creek?

Greg Boles, 25, of 2518 Sardine Creek Road, near the Old Oregon Museum, saw something and the sighting at 9 p.m. was confirmed by his brother Cordon Boles, 21, and his mother Mrs. Louise Boles.

Details given by Greg Boles were: it was moving in a northeast direction towards Sams Valley and low to the horizon; after a final appearance, it vanished three times in 10 minutes, it reversed and went north; the color was blood red, but pulsating lights on the edges were orange on one side and yellow on the other; the rim was fuzzy.

Boles said that he would have thought it a search plane except that it was soundless and that the lights were not continuous.

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False Tests Peril Psychic Research

(The New York Times, Tuesday, 8/20/74)

The effort of scientists to demonstrate the existence of extrasensory perception (E.S.P.) and other so-called psychic phenomena suffered what many observers consider a serious setback recently when it was discovered that the director of one of the best-known parapsychology research centers had been falsifying his experimental data.

Until the deception was detected by the scientist’s colleagues last June and admitted by the scientist, his findings had been regarded as among the most exciting of the scientifically reputable attempts to show that psychic phenomena exist.

The disclosure comes at a time when legitimate parapsychology

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

researchers are struggling to maintain their distance from what is some-times called “the occult explosion”-the booming popular interest in astrology, witchcraft, demonic possession, figures such as Uri Geller, the Israeli entertainer, and assorted nonscientific pursuits such as communication with living plants and dead people.

The discredited experiments had strongly suggested that rats could influence the workings of a self-contained electromechanical device simply by willing it mentally.

The experiments had attracted considerable attention because it was alleged that they were carried out under strict controls to minimize cheating or biased interpretation of the results.

“Dr.     was caught very quickly,” Mr. Davis said. “Professional parapsychologists maintain a clean house.”

Nonetheless, suggested Martin Ebon, editor of parapsychology publications, “we won’t be able to live this one down for some time once it gets around.”

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Not All UFOs Are Visible

(Confidential, 5/27/74)

By Norm Miller

A group of California UFO Researchers claim that literally thousands of UFOs are circling in the air above you right now invisible to the human eye.

Using a highly sophisticated radar technique the team was able to pin-point the position of the elusive “invisible spaceships” for the first time. “As we expected,” said Joseph Lee, the man responsible for the new radar technique, “there are thousands of them buzzing the airways right now. They seem completely unconcerned with us as though we aren’t here.”

For years the theory that all UFOs are visible stayed uncontested. But with the California breakthrough, invisible UFOs will become a common, everyday occurrence in our skies.

Once the laser system is perfected, scientists hope they can learn more about who is there and why. The questions of UFOs has not only baffled the, public but also government.

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When a man becomes insistent upon having “proofs,” it is a sign that he is in the presence of something he does not want to believe and yet is unable to refute. – JOSLIN DEEKS

MARCH 1975                              17

Book Reviews

By Jesus

(BY JESUS, a Quaker Book, published 1972 by Pyramid Publications for the Friends General Conference, 1520 Race St., Philadelphia, PA 19102. Compiled by Betty Stone. 75c a copy.)

This small volume contains forty-eight stories and sayings by Jesus. It is a plain, modern, easy-to-read book which tells just what Jesus taught.

Betty Stone says she “attended Sunday School or Church Services, or both, weekly (as a child) but never had any idea what religion was about. This simple BY Jesus represents the book I wish someone had handed me long ago.”

The value of simplicity is often overlooked. This book eliminates what people have written about Jesus, and gives us what He, Himself, taught.


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Endon-The Ageless Wisdom

(ENDON–THE AGELESS WISDOM by Arthur J. Burks. Available from Understanding, Inc., Merlin, Oregon. Suggested Donation 52.50, includes postage)

Over a period of years Arthur J. Burks developed his dynamic awareness of Truth, and what seems to be an accumulation of all that he believed is written in Endon The Ageless Wisdom. How fitting a legacy he has left to those of us who knew him, who have read and cherish his many other writings.

Here we have a common sense approach, designed for easy reading, a reference of Eternal Truth expressed exquisitely by the author, who has been called by many “the grand old man of psychical research.” He realized the great need in this day and age for guidance in compre-

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

hending the natural spiritual laws of the Universe. He was aware of the confusion resulting from the deluge of multiple interpretations, the need to clarify and dispel false doctrines by going directly to the basic fundamentals of these Truths.

ENDON, as explained by Arthur J. Burks, is remembered today as Eden where we lived in harmony, with freedom and love. He beholds Love as the magnetic attraction holding all things of the Universe in proper relation to one another. Our purpose for being is to create, to spiritualize body, environment and the conscious mortal mind. This we vowed to do in a pact with the All-Powerful in the beginning.

At one point the author writes “The noblest teacher can but remind you of what is already known to you.” As you read this book Truth reveals itself, striking a responsive chord as being what it is, that which you have always known.

We express our gratitude to “this grand old man,” Arthur J. Burks, for helping us to remember who and what we are, for this wise and simplified road map directs us to that which we are in the process of becoming.

To Angela Kilsby, whose generosity makes it possible for Under-standing to offer ENDON to his members and readers, we say “Thank You.”


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Every thought or word we think or speak, be it good or bad, returns to us as certainly as we send it forth.


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Learn to laugh. A good laugh is better than medicine.

Learn to attend strictly to your own business.

Learn to tell a story. A well-told story is as welcome as a sunbeam in a sick room.

Learn the art of saying kind and encouraging things.

Learn to avoid all ill-natured remarks and everything likely to create friction.

Learn to keep your troubles to yourself. The world is too busy to care for your ills and your sorrows.

Learn to stop grumbling. If you cannot see any good in the world, keep the bad to yourself.

Learn to greet your friends with a smile. They carry too many frowns in their own hearts to be bothered with any of yours.


MARCH 1975                              19

Bulletin Board

Canada Unit #1 Reports

Our Canadian Unit has sponsored numerous interesting meetings. On one occasion Mr. Tom Thompson of White Rock, B. C. discussed the many interesting aspects of the Science of Radiesthesia, and another time Mrs. Norma Myers, well-known herbalist and acupuncture society member, discussed “Freedom of Choice in the Health Field.” At one meeting Mr. and Mrs. Allen Clarke shared their colored pictures of a trip to Iran, Russia and some other European countries. Mr. Herb Clark presented a talk on “Understanding and the Present World Crisis” at the December meeting.

If our Canadian friends are interested in attending meetings, do write: Mr. Herb Clark, P. 0. Box #91092, W, Vancouver, B. C.

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Taboo Subject

Approach with Caution-Understanding Magazine needs more sub-scribers in order to function.

We dislike to ask; we wouldn’t use force; and we do offer your money’s worth in our magazine. So tell your neighbors-tell your friends about Understanding. They’ll subscribe-You did!

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Friendship By Mail

“I would enjoy writing to people who enjoy reading Understanding Magazine. I work nights so I don’t have much of a social life and during the day my six-year-old keeps me rather busy . . .” So writes H. Spies, 5417 S. Normandy, Chicago, Illinois 60638.

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Truth on the March Radio Broadcast

“Truth on the March” radio broadcast is now heard every Saturday night over KOB, Alburquerque, New Mexico, 77 on AM dial, 10:30 p.m.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

West Coast Time, 11:30 p.m. Mountain Time. Programs involve Unidentified Flying Objects, Outer Space Visitors, The Hollow Earth Mystery, The Deadly Bermuda Triangle, Spiritual Healing, E. S. P., and other related subjects. Dr. Frank E. Stranges, Director.

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UFO Logic

We have just had reprinted, in pamphlet form, UFO LOGIC by Dr. Daniel W. Fry. It is, in Dr. Fry’s own words, “A simple attempt to shed a little of the light of impartial reason and unbiased logic upon a subject which is seldom approached with either.”

This eight-page brochure is being offered on a donation basis. May we suggest 40c a single copy (which includes postage) or 25c a copy for three or more to the same address. Please order from P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Oregon 97532.

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6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word. U. F. 0. UNcoverup. Only book world-wide with Uncensored facts. PRACTICAL details identification “friendly”-“hostile” craft, occupants. Proper Survival, Adventure, Communication reactions. Environ-mental, Energy Crisis SOLUTIONS. 50c U.S., 75c Canada, ppd. Michael H. Campione, 2202 New Albany, Cinnaminson, N. J. 08077.

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Survive the Coming Crash. 80,000 word uncensored fact filled guide S4.95. Suppressed Inventions (100 MPG Carburetors, etc.) $4.95. Simple Free Living Guide, $1.25. The Strength of Samson (Bible Secrets to Super Strength) $8.95. Nicola Tesla Inventions (480 pp.) $8.95. Stamp for list. FRY’S, 879-0 Park, Perris, CA. 92370.

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METAPHYSICAL CHRISTIAN Communal survival farm in remote primitive setting seeking members. Phoenix Farm, Rte #2, Box 50A, Leslie, Arkansas 72645.

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EDITING AND TYPESETTING for individuals, publishers, printers, and organizations. Very reasonable rates. Latest IBM computer typeset-ting equipment. Over 20 years experience in publications as Production Supervisor and Senior Editor. Query Wanna Walker, 13880 Highway 66, Ashland, Or. 97520 about your book manuscript, your organization’s publication, “job-shop” work.

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