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Volume XIX                                  SEPTEMBER 1974                                  Number 7


Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Although the evolution of any human society or civilization tends, gradually, to approach some ideal format, the progress is seldom smooth, and never continuous. Each short, and usually rapid advance will be followed by a leveling-off period, during which the true merits of the advance are tested, and the flaws, if any, are discovered. This period frequently ends in a state of uncertainty as to what should come next. Sometimes that uncertainty may become chronic, and may undo most of the benefits of the previous advance.

If a society or civilization is to make firm progress, it must be led by those who are truly dedicated to such progress; who really believe the things they say, and who practice themselves, the advice they give to others.

In our present era of over sophistication, few social leaders, and even fewer political leaders actually practice the things they preach to others. Political leaders blame our constantly increasing rate of inflation upon the citizen, and take drastic steps to limit his income. At the same time, taxes are raised in tremendous jumps at every opportunity, and without any consideration of the citizen’s ability to pay them. A large percentage of the huge sums so extorted from the public are then thrown away on totally needless political boondoggles which result in no benefit whatever to those who are forced to pay for them. Congress

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

spends hours discussing the means by which the citizen can be dissuaded or prevented from demanding wage increases, and in the last few minutes of the session, they casually vote themselves a 30% increase in salary, and a similar increase in their expense allowance! The utter hypocrisy and cynicism of such acts can only leave the citizen with the feeling that he is living in a dog-eat-dog society in which his elected leaders, who made such extravagant promises while seeking election, are actually concerned only with their own welfare, and care little or nothing about his. The revelations of the Watergate investigations have, of course, done a great deal to confirm the belief that public officials do not consider themselves the servants of the public, as they are supposed to be, but are actually ruthless competitors in the struggle for existence.

What this country needs most, in its present confused situation, are a few naive and unsophisticated leaders like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. Men who said corny things like, “Honesty is the best policy”; “A penny saved is a penny earned”; “Give me liberty or give me death!”; and who really meant what they said. Although there are undoubtedly such men living today, few of them would be willing to enter politics and thus subject themselves to the demoralizing influence of the political system. It has been said that the greatest problem in the United States today is the overabundance of politicians, the paucity of diplomats, and the total lack of statesmen. Whatever the truth of the matter, it is obvious that the political sys-tem in the United States must undergo considerable renovation before competent men will be willing to enter the arena. If Watergate helps in this process, it will be worth all of the nuisance it has entailed.


During my many years with the Big Brothers in New York City, I have met some 7,500 boys and young men. I can recall vividly many names, faces, and experiences.

I did not remember, however, the young man who recently walked into my office and said: “I’m Bill Green. Five years ago you got me a job which I still have.

“I sat in this very chair,” continued the young man. “You phoned the department store, remember, and said you had a ‘gentleman’ in your office looking for a job as a stock helper.

“Frankly, I thought you were kidding. Me-a gentleman? That’s a laugh! Nobody had ever called me that before. I was always called a ‘bum’ or a ‘no-account’ or a ‘Hey, you!’

“Anyway, you called me a gentleman, and it did make me feel good! In fact, that day I vowed I’d try to become a gentleman.”

SEPTEMBER 1974                   3

How little it takes to change a person’s image of himself, his outlook on life, or his entire world! Often it takes only a single word of praise or encouragement. It may take just a smile or a pat on the back.

If I were to sum up “Big Brother” work in a few words, I would call it “Adventures in Understanding.” For that is what the volunteer Big Brothers and the professional staff members try to do. They try to understand, befriend, and guide the fatherless and disadvantaged boys whom they serve.

One older boy, Steve Ellison, told his Big Brother one day that he had held eighteen jobs in less than a year. He seemed to take great de-light in his dubious distinction.

Ordinarily, his Big Brother might have questioned such an erratic job record. But with Steve, it was different. The young man was a mulatto. Abandoned during his infancy, Steve had experienced rejection after rejection by parents, relatives, and neighbors. Fellow pupils, and even some teachers, made his life miserable in school.

As the Big Brother got to know Steve better, he could well under-stand why numerous jobs meant so much to him. Every new employer made him feel more wanted. Every new job enhanced his image of himself.

The need to be accepted was indeed a strong one with Steve. His peculiar job pattern, therefore, was no real source of concern for the Big Brother. He well understood. Later, however, the Big Brother and I did help Steve to form career plans with definiteness and continuity. We were able to persuade him that job-hopping did have its disadvantages.

Fifteen-year-old Tommy Soto went to his Big Brother’s office one day and asked for some rubbing alcohol. The Big Brother was at first struck by the boy’s odd request. Tommy wanted to apply the alcohol to a freshly made tattoo on his right arm.

After dabbing his “skin portrait,” obviously a great source of pride and joy to the boy, Tommy asked his Big Brother whether he had some work for him. The lad was badly in need of a haircut and some clothes. His shoes were worn through, and he was wearing no socks.

The Big Brother had Tommy do several make-work jobs around his office, and then he gave the boy five dollars.

“Gee, thanks a lot!” exclaimed Tommy as he was given the money. “Now I can get a tattoo on my other arm-and guess what? You will be the first to see it!”

As you might imagine, the Big Brother was somewhat stunned by the boy’s plans for the money. His first impulse was to reprimand the lad severely. He wanted to tell the Little Brother to buy shoes or a

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

shirt or get a haircut or something. But he held his tongue. He said the words from the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi that quickly came to mind:

“O divine Master, grant that I may

not so much seek …

To be understood as to understand. . . .”

The Big Brother realized that Tommy was reaching for happiness (Heaven, if you will) in his own particular way. He realized that, at the Little Brother’s level of understanding, he had every right to do as he pleased with his money. The fact that his values differed from the Big Brother’s did not give the volunteer the privilege of censuring him. It was a situation, and there are thousands of them in the Big Brother experience, that called for understanding.

The Big Brother was also impressed with Tommy’s sense of gratitude. That was another reason why he could not and must not get angry at the boy. The Big Brother was to be “rewarded” by Tommy. He would have the “honor” of being the first to see the new tattoo.

Through every experience with every boy or young man, I learned something about the dynamics of human behavior. I became more sensitive to each one’s emotional needs. Many volunteers down through the years have told me that they also develop this awareness.

When one begins the Big Brother experience, he is apt to see primarily through his physical eyes. He sees only delinquency, depravity, degradation, defeat, despondency, and sometimes total disaster.

But soon his spiritual vision begins to sharpen. When his physical eyes see only the worst in a boy or young man, with spiritual vision the Big Brother sees the lad’s ultimate worth. When his physical eyes tell him there is only depravity in an individual, the volunteer’s spiritual eyes see human dignity-even divinity.

When the Big Brother’s physical eyes lead him to believe there is only poverty in an adolescent’s life, spiritual vision enables him to see the boy’s great potential and purpose.

“And what does the Lord require of

you but to do justice, and to love

kindness, and to walk humbly with

your God?”

If you are interested in having an exciting personal adventure-and a most rewarding one-in friendship with a Little Brother, get in touch with Big Brothers of America, 220 Suburban Station Building, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103. They will gladly give you the address and telephone number of the Big Brother chapter in your area.


SEPTEMBER 1974                   5


Some animals, notably cats, can find “their” human family again, though that family has moved to a strange city. This is, indeed, an unusual ability. How do they do it? Is it some sort of internal radar in action?

Examine a snowy dandelion head and see how the seed is constructed so it may be wafted aloft by the slightest breeze. The parachute-like filaments, so delicate they can be destroyed by a touch, are ideal for the purpose of floating the seed away. Isn’t this a beautiful pattern?

A small child has so much to learn, yet while it is small it is learning faster than it will again-absorbing language and myriads of facts about the world and its own culture. What is the capacity of a tiny brain? The brain grows and develops, yes, but the capacity is there for who knows what discoveries, work, leadership.

Everything in nature, everything in form grows to a pattern. There is beauty in every fern frond, eucalyptus leaf, kitten ear, glossy feather, or even an egg. There is mystery in processes we do not fully understand. Anyone open to learning through observation is able to appreciate the endless variety, subtlety and sheer imaginative genius of the world we live in. Simple appreciation is beginning knowledge of God, and one of the aspects of prayer. Wonder in its literal sense is akin to awe.

Even though many forms are extremely beautiful, perfection is not to be found in the form, but in the ideal pattern. Divinity, the source of the pattern, is the unseen reality behind the appearance of things. Not only does divinity animate the form, constituting the brotherhood of man, it is the heart of consciousness. Our own individual conscious-ness is something we share with God, in small degree to be sure, but conscious awareness is capable of unlimited expansion. There is not just man and then a tremendous leap to God. There is an orderly progression starting with the minerals of the earth, which are aware in their fashion. We used to think there was an “inanimate” world, but now we know each mineral has its own atomic structure and is never still. Does iron know/feel it is iron and not something else-copper, for instance? Plants respond to thoughts of love directed to them, so they must be aware, on some level, of such thoughts. This testifies to the oneness of life and the power of thought. Animate awareness ranges all the way from an amoeba through insects, reptiles, fish, birds, to mammals and human beings with all their varied perceptions. And consciousness goes on expanding in men who have relinquished their humanity. These advanced beings are of every degree between man and

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

God. We are on a marvelous march which has no ending-only continuance.

This idea leads naturally into the concept of reincarnation. To those spirits who are weary of the unending struggle with the outside world and with the inner recalcitrant self, this is a frightening thought. They assume that another incarnation will be like this one-discouraging. Five hundred years from now, with the rate of change what it is today, there will certainly be a far different civilization here-perhaps one worthy of the name. What will it be like?

The Christian world also rejects reincarnation because it is not taught in the sacred book. However, the Bible does tell us to be perfect, “even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.” How is that to be accomplished in one short life? There is a very great deal to learn, (some of it unlearning false beliefs) and it takes time and experience to expand awareness.

Some of the problems of our time are so huge as to defy solution. In an era of expanding consciousness, however, our viewpoints and attitudes will change and the answers to some of these bugbears will become obvious. Some will simply vanish as we view them from a higher condition and recognize them for the illusions they are. Be re-assured. Many of our friends and neighbors are exceptional in their perceptions. Let us be careful not to put burdens from the past upon these people. They need the best of our love and intelligence. Let us listen when they call for something fairer, cleaner, kinder, to heal the sore spots of the world. When you feel a response, ACT, or the Divine call falls on deaf ears.



We hear much of the Tree of Life in mystical circles. It is a revered symbol in spiritual study. But it can be applied to the material life also. The tree reaches both inward to the earth and outward to the heavens for nurturing. When the tree root system remains superficial, the tree will be weakly. If there is no light, the tree is sickly. Both must be balanced for it to grow strong and mature.

People thrive very much the same way. A small understanding of the material world in which we live can be as stagnating to our spiritual growth as concentrating totally on the material world. The spiritual student can too easily overlook a chance for growth by taking his material world for granted.

It isn’t necessary for us to become college graduates to grow. The public library remains an often ignored source of knowledge. Today, for instance, one may know nothing of a radio except that when it is

SEPTEMBER 1974                   7

plugged in and turned on, a sound comes out. A basic book on radio and a few hours of study can give a basic understanding of what happens inside the radio. A new dimension is thus added to radio listening for one would understand as much as one cared to study about it. It might even stimulate a whole new hobby.

Not everyone, of course, is capable of learning the same things. There are a multitude and more of subjects to interest each of us. Do you enjoy a flower garden in your yard? Ask yourself what you know about what mother earth does with the seed you offer. Would it not add to your pleasure to see in your mind what will happen inside those seeds so carefully planted? Everything man knows about seeds is printed somewhere. The search itself can be of absorbing interest.

If sports is your great love, ask yourself where the sport began. How are the items you use in playing it made?

How about a fresh look at your job? No matter what field of occupation you engage in, it had to start somewhere. Wouldn’t your work be more interesting if you knew more about its origins and development?

It isn’t necessary for us to know what happens inside a radio to use it. Still, one novice gained her first real understanding of how the soul is related to the body by learning how a radio is animated mechanically by electricity.

Modern life has made it so easy for us to enjoy so many pleasures without understanding any of them. We should remember, however, that soul expresses itself through the mind. It logically follows that every time we stimulate new brain cells by seeking out understanding of some aspect of life we have been taking for granted, we offer the soul another tool with which to work.

Learning about the world around us can help one along a chosen spiritual path. It will also provide an opportunity to make this life as interesting, rich, and varied as we want it to be.



“For those who think that there is a lack of saucer activity because there are so few, if any, reports in the newspapers, I would remind our readers that at each monthly meeting of UNDERSTANDING Unit #37 of Buffalo, New York, I have prepared listings of saucer sightings and landings which have covered up to ten typewritten pages per month,” so says Norman Weis, Unit UFO Chairman. He added, “And, these were only the most interesting ones.

“From the latter part of 1973 up to the present time (June 1974)

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the massive UFO sightings have included over 125 landings with 40 occupant reports from over 30 of our states and 10 foreign countries. And so, millions saw UFOs in 1973 alone,” continues Mr. Weis’s report, as given in the Unit quarterly bulletin-Sounds in Space.

The UFO characteristics reported included circular and cigar-shaped machines; multi-colored lights; versatile maneuvers – with humming and hissing sounds; beams of light from UFO surfaces; ground markings; severe animal reactions; terrified witnesses and other features, reports Norman Weis.

He notes that there seems to be a pattern revealed on the sizes of the UFOs. The smaller, dome-shaped ones are from 20-30 feet in diameter; the cigar-shaped ones from 100 feet to 300 feet, in the majority of cases.

“You might say,” continues Mr. Weis, “that the reports are world-wide in scope and that there is a belief that Government agencies are in process of changing their attitudes and policies towards UFOs. It is true that the scientific groups are slowly opening up their minds to the reality of UFOs, with a center in Northwest Illinois, with a toll-free telephone number for those who wish to report a saucer sighting. This is also supposed to include police departments nationwide.”

The report continues: “Headlines in the National Tattler, in March, said, ‘SIGHTINGS BY 26 ASTRONAUTS CONFIRM UFOs SPIED ON SKYLABS AND MANY OTHER SPACE SHOTS!’ I spoke to Dr. Ed. Gibson recently, from the last SKYLAB, about the three red objects that followed their ship and he suggested that they were bits of peeling from the side of the ship! When I asked about the UFOs he said he couldn’t say he had seen any but . . . that didn’t mean they could not be there! How do you like that!”


(From ONLY IN AMERICA by Harry Golden. Copyright 1958 by Harry Golden, with permission of Thomas Y. Crowell Company, Inc., Publisher.)

I have a rule against registering complaints in a restaurant; because I know that there are at least four billion suns in the Milky Way-which is only one galaxy. Many of these suns are thousands of times larger than our own, and vast millions of them have whole planetary systems, including literally billions of satellites, and all of this revolves at the rate of about a million miles an hour, like a huge oval pin-wheel. Our own sun and its planets, which includes the earth, are on the edge of this wheel. This is only our own small corner of the universe, so why do not these billions of revolving and rotating suns and planets collide? The answer is, the space is so unbelievably vast that if we reduced the

SEPTEMBER 1974                   9

suns and planets in correct mathematical proportion with relation to the distances between them, each sun would be a speck of dust, two, three and four thousand miles away from its nearest neighbor. And, mind you, this is only the Milky Way-our own small corner-our own galaxy. How many galaxies are there? Billions. Billions of galaxies spaced at about one million light-years apart (one light year is about six trillion miles). Within the range of our biggest telescopes, there are at least one hundred million separate galaxies such as our Milky Way, and that is not all, by any means. The scientists have found that the further you go out into space with the telescopes the thicker the gal-axies become, and there are billions of billions as yet uncovered to the scientist’s camera and the astrophysicist’s calculations.

When you think of all this, it’s really silly to worry whether the waitress brought you string beans instead of limas.


For Seven Months Scientists Silent

(From UFO-Nachrichten No. 210, March 1974. Translated from German by A. Maske, Diamond Bar, Ca.)

PARIS, JAN. 31st, 1974.-The steadily growing number of world inhabitants who report sightings of “Flying Saucers” and giants from other planets, will soon have unblemished scientific support. The news media in France recently made public the fact that: On the 30th of June 1973 pictures of UFOs were taken from a (British-French) “Concorde” supersonic jet, going at twice the speed of sound.

Leading scientists were on this plane. They kept their UFO sighting secret for seven months, because they could not find a plausible explanation for the phenomena they had witnessed and photographed. The astrophysicist Serge Koutchmy from the Federal Scientific Research Center, CBRS, said: “It is absolutely possible, that there is life on other planets, and there is no reason to believe, that we on earth are the most intelligent beings.”

The “Concorde” was on a flight over the African country Chad at a 56,000 foot altitude, with scientists and the latest instruments on board to observe a total solar eclipse, when a source of light approached the plane. (A mirage is impossible within the stratosphere.)

The strange object came near to the plane and was captured in a series of photographs. Andre Turcat, the test pilot who risked the first flight with the “Concorde” and is known as a man not easily unnerved, said: “It was a strange and bewildering experience.” The pictures show a disc with a calculated diameter of approximately 650 ft. and a height of between 260 to 300 ft. The lower part appeared to be green and the

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

object seemed to be two stories high. The pictures were finally made public and shown on the French Television Network on Saturday. The head of the Department for Space Rockets in the French Center for Space-Research, Claude Poher, an UFO expert, said on Thursday that he believes it possible, that “Flying Saucers” have already picked up people and returned them to earth after examination. Exactly as many ridiculed witnesses in many parts of this globe have already affirmed.

Mystified By Sky Object

(As reported in Zenolog of New Zealand, Nelson Evening Mail, 1/18/74.)

Hoping to spot Comet Kohutek last night through their 60mm. refractor telescope, Nelson amateur astronomer Mr. T. deBruyn and his son stumbled across a sight which has mystified them.

On each of four occasions and at different times they saw a moving object which, through the telescope, looked variously round, cigar- or torpedo-shaped or oblong.

Mr. deBruyn said they were using the telescope from their home in Hampden Terrace when at 8:09 p.m. under Mars, they saw a round light which was moving at speed. “It went through Taurus, the belt of Orion, under Canis Major and set in the east,” he said. “It was in view for about one minute and its magnitude was about minus 1.”

While the two observers were speculating what it might be they noticed a second object which was either cigar-shaped or oblong. It was in the same area of the sky. They saw it at 8:12 ‘and lost it a minute later. “They were very difficult to follow with the telescope,” said Mr. deBruyn. At 9:20 p.m. a much slower moving object was seen under Mars, under the Pleiades and Taurus, but they lost sight of it at Saturn at 9:22. Then at 9:30 p.m. they spotted another object, again under Mars, over Orion and under Sirius, which set in the east a minute after they first saw it.


Euthanasia: Two Approaches

[By Marjorie Hyer of Times-Poet News Service; in Dallas (Texas) Times Herald, 5/28/74]

WASHINGTON – “When there is no hope of recovery; when the patient is suffering and the family is suffering; when the debts are mounting up; when the hospital bed is needed for other patients . . .”

In such circumstances, the Episcopal clergyman suggested, euthanasia may be “an offering unto God.

“I’m saying: We may offer our death to God by giving our lives-by taking our lives-just as we have offered our lives to God.”

“Suffering can be incorporated into one’s life in such a way that it has a redemptive meaning,” a Roman Catholic ethicist countered.

SEPTEMBER 1974                   11

“it would be a distortion to solve the problem of suffering by eliminating the sufferer rather than learning how to cope with the problem. I believe that to cause the death of the patient-to commit euthanasia-would be a distortion of religious values.”

The discussion of euthanasia between the Rev. Michael Hamilton, a canon of Washington Cathedral, and Dr. Warren Reich of the Kennedy Center for Bioethics climaxed a day-long workshop at the National Presbyterian Center. The topic was “Who shall die?”

Both the speakers have written extensively on the topic, which is emerging with increasing urgency from centuries-old taboos of society. They found much common ground.

Neither would advocate use of “extraordinary means” to prolong life.

The commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” Dr. Reich observed, “should not prevent us from letting someone die their own distinctive death.”

He opposed extraordinary measures in cases where the patient had “a personal conviction that he ought not accept this treatment”-as in cases of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ opposition to blood transfusions, in cases where costs would be exorbitant and prohibitive and in cases where great pain and discomfort from life-extending treatment militate against it.

Euthanasia, the overt act to terminate life, was the sticking point.

“I don’t think we should identify the will of God with nature taking its course,” Canon Hamilton said.

“Neither should we let the availability of technology determine our actions. The fact that we have these new powers does not mean that it is God’s will for us to use them,” he said.

Canon Hamilton agreed with Dr. Reich’s contention that pain and suffering, properly dealt with, can have a “redemptive value.”

“It can be very meaningful; good can come of it,” Canon Hamilton said, in the case of those who can incorporate it into their life.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

He loves each one of us

As if there were only one of us.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Botanists concerned that air pollution makes leaves fall far too early and many threaten trees with stunted growth, are trying to develop a tree that thrives in dirty city air, according to the National Geographic Society.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Artificial Blood

(Daily Courier (Grants Pass, Ore.) 6/6/74]

CINCINNATI, Ohio (AP)- A University of Cincinnati scientist has produced what he believes is a practical artificial blood.

The liquid, an oxygenated fluorocarbon, also may be breath-able by a submerged human, leading to several possible medical benefits, he said.

Dr. Leland Clarke Jr., inventor of the heart-lung machine, disclosed the development, now nearly ready for clinical testing, in an interview with The Associated Press.

“We feel over the long run there will be many advantages of artificial blood over natural blood, especially in organ profusion and preservation,” the 55-year-old medical inventor said.

“Many thousands of people die each year because they can not get the proper kidney for transplant. I feel its first use will be in kidneys, because it can keep kidneys alive for several days.

“That’s just one area. It can be stored easily and does not have any blood types, and it can be sterilized, unlike natural blood which carries hepatitis and other blood-bone diseases.

Clarke said that in the early 1960s he read about another scientist suspending brain tissue in silicone oil to obtain brain wave readings. He said that later he realized that silicone oil was capable of carrying as much oxygen as air contains.

“I went to the lab, took off my coat, poured the silicone oil into a beaker, bubbled oxygen in it, put a rat into it head first and he just kept on breathing,” Clarke said.

Clarke said he has also subjected cats and mice to the experiment of breathing the liquid while submerged and they do not gag or choke.

He said he began serious work on oxygenated fluorocarbons in 1967 and soon he will try liquid breathing himself.

If future human testing bears out his theories, Clarke said his laboratory liquid could be used to treat sickle-cell anemia, eliminate the bends of deep-sea diving, eradicate the problems of transfusing human blood and be of use during space flight.

SEPTEMBER 1974                   13

Two Sighting Reports

(From the files of Steve Erdman, St. Louis, Mo.)

At Dyersburg, Tenn., Doug Viar, News Director for WTRO said he and his wife observed an UFO while returning to Dyersburg from Memphis, about October 24, 1973, which first appeared as a star. At that point he turned out the car lights and noted the UFO showed erratic flight, as it glowed orange and moved nearer.

The two followed it to the area near the Memphis Naval Air Base, 20 miles north of the city. Later they saw a second UFO in the general direction of the base. Residents have reported many UFOs.

“I can’t say for sure it landed at the base, but it certainly seemed to,” said Doug Viar. Someone said that a British hovercraft was assigned to the area. Agnes Fite, public affairs officer, said: “There were no hover-craft nor experimental aircraft on the field that morning.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

George Shilling, Sr. and his wife saw an object in the California sky that they compared to a “great pulsating heart.”

The Shillings were on the way to a fishing camp, when, on October 19, 1973, they saw an oblong-shaped light with jagged edges. “It got bright and then drew up like it was pulsating, like a giant heart,” said Shilling. “It had jagged edges and it appeared to contract and expand.”

“As we were watching it, a ball of fire shot out of it-I mean it was moving-very bright, towards Grand Isle. It was out of sight in a second.” “We’re not overly religious people,” said Mrs. Shilling, “but it gave me the feeling that any moment we would hear God’s voice.”

“I know we saw something we’d never seen before,” Mrs. Shilling continued. “It was weird in shape and very high. It appeared to be over land . . . a beautiful color-a bluish green. The more you looked at it, the more you wanted to look at it.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Acid Rains Seen in East

(Daily Courier (Grants Pass, Ore.) 6/17/741

NEW YORK (AP)-Two ecologists say that despite air pollution controls and sometimes because of them, increasingly acidic rainfalls are threatening East Coast farm crops and forest growth.

Writing in Science magazine, Dr. Gene E. Likens and Dr. F. Herbert Bormann say that over the past two decades the acidity has increased between 100 and 1,000 times normal levels, also speeding up corrosion of manmade structures.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Dr. Likens, an aquatic ecologist at Cornell University, and Dr. Bormann, a forest ecologist at Yale University, blame anti-pollution devices fitted on smokestacks to remove the visible solid particles from the smoke emissions.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Iceberg Water

(Daily Courier (Grants Pass, Ore.) 5/26/741

BRASILIA (AP)-Brazil is studying the possibility of transporting ice-bergs from the South Pole to make up for shortages of fresh water in several northern and northeastern cities, declared Prof. Azevedo Neto in a lecture at the University of Brasilia.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

What is Death?

(Daily Courier (Grants Pass, Ore.) 6/3/741

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP)- The meaning of death has become shrouded in legal complications.

To arrive at a current definition, 180 men headed by a Memphis authority on legal medicine are working to produce a uniform, legal meaning of “death.”

“There is a point in death when there is absolutely no possibility of continued life,” said Dr. McCarthy DeMere, chairman of an American College of Legal Medicine committee. His group hopes to get a definition to present to the August 14 meeting of the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates in Honolulu.

DeMere, director of the Institute of Legal Medicine at Memphis State University and a holder of degrees in both law and medicine, said, “I believe we can determine that point with what knowledge we have in medicine at this time.”

The creation of life-sustaining machines and the development of organ transplant techniques have complicated death, DeMere said, and the actual time of a person’s death has become a basis for courtroom debates: “Different tissues die at different times.”

He believes it will be at least five years before a uniform definition of death is accepted by the ABA and the Uniform Law Commission and ratified by each state, but the definition will be legally binding after it is accepted by the U LC.

Life May Exist on Other Planets

(Grit-News Section, 4/28/74)

A mammoth communications network connecting civilizations in the Milky Way may sound like pure science fiction, but it is a possibility

SEPTEMBER 1974                   15

being seriously considered by prominent scientists.

“We have now reached the age that happens but once in each civilization’s history,” said Dr. Frank Drake, of Cornell University at Ithaca, N.Y. “We can join the family of mature civilizations that have been in contact with each other for millennia.”

Drake was one of the speakers at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Francisco. Col-leagues backed up Drake’s promise that there is life on other planets.

“Exceedingly complicated beasts lived on earth 3,000,000,000 years ago,” said Dr. Carl Sagan, director of the department of planetary studies at Cornell. “This was only 200,000,000 years after earth became inhabitable. And this implies that life is easy to form.”

From observation and logic, scientists believe that most stars have planets. New beginnings of life have been created in laboratories, and amino acids have been taken from the core of meteorites.

The major unanswered link in the chain centers on a genetic code needed before living organisms can be formed. Is there a universal code, or do these building blocks of life vary?

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Predicting Quakes Scientific Success

(By Don Kirkman in The Cincinnati Post, 4/11/74)

WASHINGTON: Two groups of U.S. scientists have successfully predicted earthquakes for the first time in the United States.

Using techniques developed by Russian earthquake experts during the 1960s, the American groups successfully predicted a small quake last August in New York’s Adirondack Mountains and a modest-sized shocker in January in southern California.

They successfully applied the Russian theory that strain increases in rocks before a quake.

At best, the two successful forecasts represent the first “baby steps” of earthquake predicting in this country, but they may open a whole new field that could save lives and money.

Eventually, scientists hope to be able to forecast major quakes registering 7 and up on the Richter Scale six months before they happen.

Spiritism Active In Brazil

[Springfield (Ohio) News-Sun, 4/28/74]

SAO PAULO, Brazil-(AP)- Spiritism-a religion that believes in clairvoyance and reincarnation-is active in this South American country. But Brazilian mediums are critical of U.S. spiritualists who charge money for séances.

“Mediums should always work for free,” said Reinaldo Soares Pinheiro,

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

general secretary of the Sao Paulo Spiritist Federation. “The Gospel says that mediumistic powers are given free.”

Mediums here make it a point to differentiate themselves from most of their counterparts in the United States. “There they call it spiritual-ism. In Brazil it’s spiritism,” Pinheiro explained.

Brazilian spiritists say the purpose of their religion is to establish links between human beings and God. One way they try to do this is by communicating with the dead, using clairvoyance-the power of perceiving things not readily noted by the senses-and psychography -the ability to record the words of dead people.

The Spiritist Federation in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most populous and industrialized state, was founded in 1936. It seeks to develop mediumistic powers in young people and offers spiritual guidance to the population in general.

Since the federation does not charge for its instruction, it must raise money from donations and an annual spring fair and auction.

Poet’s corner


Criticize without offending

Help without injury

Tears without crying

Laughter without frowning

Is a Spirit full of KINDNESS.

A kiss without passion

A love without loving

A body without feeling

Is a Soul without BELIEVING.


SEPTEMBER 1974                   17


A NASA scientist of awesome knowledge,

In a press conference at his college,

Said he had spoken with an alien creature;

(A typical hoax for the Sunday Feature!)

Oh, he had tapes and photographs

And strange artifacts that were good for laughs;

Apparently, cranial cavitations

Caused him to suffer hallucinations.

Later, while plowing with my mule,

Cogitating on that NASA fool,

When, BOOM! And a flash across the sky;

Did something just go whizzing by?

“Not a meteor,” I swore as it started to rain;

Ain’t got no schooling, but it shore is plain;

That scientist is crazy, but I’m not, you know-

I just seen a gin-u-wine U.F.O.!


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Dear Dr. Fry:

During the early part of September 1973, several children and I went for a walk up Windy Creek Road in Glendale, Oregon. The time was between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. when we started out. On our return home, Steven Foster, age 12, and I spotted a strange reddish glowing object up over the mountains opposite our home.

We watched the cigar-shaped object, which seemed to be moving moderately slowly, until it disappeared behind the mountain. The other children had also seen it, but could not really determine what it was.

At first we thought it was a plane with the sun’s reflection from it, but as we kept walking we could make out about a three-inch cigar-shaped object. All in all it was in sight from five to seven minutes.


/s/ Barbara S. Rhodarmer

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

I Know Who God Is

(I Know Who God Is by Edwin Brunell Hodshire, 81 pages. Published by Vantage Press, 518 West 34th St., New York, N.Y. 10001; Hardbound $5.95.)

At the outset the author comes on quite bluntly to ask whether the reader is sure of his faith. If the answer is yes, the author suggests that one read no further. He then takes the novel approach to literally bind the remaining pages together with a ‘paper shackle’-the links of which read “Don’t break this shackle unless you are searching for truth based on logic.”

This fascinating book was written for those who wonder and speculate on the origin of the Universe, and who still question the origin of human life and intelligence. Though the pages are few, the concise presentation delivers the message. In his search for “Who, What and Where is the Creator,” Edwin Hodshire carries out a methodical, realistic, and logical mental search for the truth. It starts in the here and now and goes back to a time before-the-beginning.

Using Einstein’s equation, transposed, the author describes, step-by-step, how and why the universe was created. He explains why the planet was populated by all sorts of living reproducing things, including man as the superior animal.

Hodshire theorizes that every human infant, born since our long ago ancestors earned the right to receive the CREATOR’S universal gift of Immortal Energy, takes in the maximum amount of Immortal Energy which that particular brain matrix will absorb when the newly-born child draws in the first few voluntary breaths. He then presents proof of this theory. The author contends that here and now man stands on a plateau, not fully utilizing this Immortal Energy to become a true human-being; fair and just and honest and logical.

The author then presents a differentiation between the brain and the mind and formulates an hypothesis as to their intimate interdependency. Hodshire sums up his work showing how he has applied this logic to

SEPTEMBER 1974                   19

end his own search for the truth.

Edwin B. Hodshire has spent the greater share of his life as a research and development engineer in the automotive field. While still active in this field, he now spends many long rewarding hours searching, developing, and writing logical theories on major social, moral and like problems, which affect all of us, every day of our lives.


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He says he will be happy “to hear from you or any of your friends who may wish to join us in our pursuit of TRUTH as we share together, care together and grow in UNDERSTANDING of all we know, that which we have yet to learn and accepting of each person we meet, no matter where they are or how we find them on life’s path.”

This is so with all our Units. Why not join today as a Unit Member in your area, or as a National Member, sharing caring through our Understanding magazine!

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20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

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The Living Love Center (1730 La Loma Ave., Berkeley, CA. 94709) for Handbook To Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes, Jr. $2.00.

The Vantage Press (516 W. 34th St., N. Y., N.Y. 10001) for Wisdom From Beyond, compiled and edited by Ruth Shaver. $3.95.

A.U.M. (P.O. Box 5310, Austin, Texas, 78763) for Fatima Prophecy by Ray Stanford. $6.95

The Theosophical Publishing House (P.O. Box 270, Wheaton, III, 60187) for I Was A Monk by John Tettemer (Fr. Ildefonso). $1.25.


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