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Volume XIX                                  JULY-AUGUST 1974                                Number 6


Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


(This reprint from our July 1964 issue is as pertinent now as then.)

Many persons, after having read the headlines of today’s newspaper, will sigh deeply, and remark that, “The world is surely going to the dogs.”

It happens that this particular expression of pessimism has been in common usage throughout the world, at least since the earlier days of Greek history, some hundreds of years before the birth of Christ.

Your editor can only remark that the “dogs” must be very patient, because they have waited so long.

A casual perusal of almost any newspaper in this country today, is likely to bring about in the mind of the reader, the conclusion that the world is one seething, fuming mass of evil, full of injustices brought about principally by the deep laid plots of self-seeking individuals. While there is a considerable amount of obvious truth in this conclusion, there is no apparent justification for a belief that the world is, on the average, any worse today, than it has been at any time in the past.

The fact is simply that our present civilization is becoming more conscious of evil than it has been in the past. The combination of almost instantaneous communication of news throughout the world, and the growing realization by man, of his basic responsibility to his fellow man, has brought about a degree of awareness of injustice, inequities,

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and general evil such as has never before existed. It is not that the world is becoming more evil, but that mankind is becoming more acutely aware of the evils which have always existed.

Evil works smoothly, efficiently and almost unnoticed in darkness, but cannot long continue to exist when exposed to the light of human understanding. Therefore the present rate of exposure of evil through-out the world should be taken as an encouraging sign of human progress, since it is necessary to understand a given situation before practical steps may be taken to correct or to improve it.


Man cannot live unto himself. Except in rare cases, little is gained either on Earth or in Heaven when man lives alone, seeing only his way of accomplishing his work on earth. Each man must realize he has some-thing of value to do besides attending to self. People come together as neighbors, friends, family, for a particular reason … it is that each may help the other learn life’s lessons, so they may eventually be free from this earthbound body. We, who seek truth, should understand that the people we mingle with every day are the ones God expects us to en-lighten when and where we can. How happy we are when someone is able to do this for us!

To learn the truth of Friendship, offer it to a stranger! When two people meet, opposite in nature, in thinking, in acting, they have a Heaven-sent opportunity for the greatest friendship, wherein one helps the other understand many things. How wonderful to have a friend who knows you! He knows when your privacy should not be disturbed, when he can drop in unannounced, when he should not repeat the things you tell him, and you know similar things about him. You can trust him to do the right thing. He permits you freedom of action and thought, and you are able to BE YOURSELF in his company.

When you help a friend grow in spiritual stature, you are serving God. There is much confusion and misunderstanding among the people of the world because so many of them live in violation of the impersonal laws of the universe. There are laws of cause and effect that govern social relationships, as well as gravity, and they are just as inexorable. Countless people do not know that they are breaking these laws, that this is the reason for many of their miseries . . . they just know some-thing is badly out of kilter in their lives. Should a friend appeal to you for counsel, tell him he can discover these natural laws for himself if he will sincerely seek for them with no preconceived ideas. Those fortunate

JULY-AUGUST 1974                 3

ones who live in constant awareness of the universal laws are blessed by harmony, usefulness and joy, despite the fact that many of them have

severe handicaps to overcome. They are the men and women of our world who command the highest respect and love from their fellowmen. Friendship is needed everywhere. One trouble with our world today is that many people are trying to get what others have. With some it is food, clothing; with others it is education, but in a great many places it is freedom. Those who have freedom should value it and share it with others.

Friendship flourishes best in the free atmosphere that exists between equals. Perhaps there is something of far-reaching importance here. When men who are white or brown, black or yellow, can meet on a basis of equality, then they can call each other ‘friend’. There are un-seen differences between the races; indeed, the outward differences of skin color are but an indication of this. Each race is learning specific lessons from life, and has something peculiar to itself to contribute to the culture of the world. When we understand this, the differences that before were puzzling and perhaps a source of irritation on both sides, become enlightening. Friendship is the building up of thoughts of understanding, one for another. As individuals, we are drawn to people who are most like ourselves, since like seeks like. But this does not mean likeness of outward characteristics, but inner ones.

Most people in the world are on the spiral path of ascending spirituality, whether they know it or not . . . whether they like it or not. Those above you will help you; the ones below you, you help. It is a common chain of friendship that binds men together in the closeness of brotherhood, through which God touches our lives and speaks to us. MARGARET LITTLE


As people attempt to struggle against the day to day problems which confront them, they frequently close their eyes in lack of understanding to the mysterious and often exciting world in which they as human beings are a part. Very seldom do we in our technological society give credence to the sudden and unexplainable experiences of psi conscious-ness. These encounters, consisting of sudden flashes of knowledge concerning a particular object or event, are usually taken for granted.

Have you ever had the experience of knowing what someone is thinking? Most of us have. This meeting of mind and matter is only part of the extra-sensory qualities of the human body. And these particular traits, exhibited by most individuals, are roughly defined as Extra-Sensory

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Perception or ESP.

As more and more people become aware of the ever increasing importance of psychical phenomena, it becomes necessary for scientists and investigators who are intellectually honest and fearless to continue their studies and research by developing proper methods of trying to separate fact from fiction. To truly understand the world of which we are a part it will be necessary to distinguish between scientific and technological forces and extra-sensory energies. It is for this reason that many professors and instructors are beginning courses in psychical studies and related parapsychological fields. Although some academic institutes are reluctant, courses are being incorporated into already existing departments. One of the best places to start a course in psychical research is in the psychology department. Many courses in parapsychology on the high school level originate in the areas of English, Social Science and Math.

In college, most courses in parapsychology carry only undergraduate credit although more and more universities are starting graduate level courses. Many of these deal with independent student-designed research. On the undergraduate level, most of the time is taken up by lecture oriented courses. At present, over 68 parapsychological projects are being conducted in affiliation with numerous colleges and universities across the nation. Among the largest institutions included in this number are the Universities of California, Minnesota, Denver, Pittsburgh; Brown and Yale Universities; City College of New York and St. Joseph’s College.

Each day more societies and institutions are being formed to meet the ever increasing interest in psychical phenomena. Students seriously considering a career in psychical research are advised to join several parapsychological associations. Perhaps the best known society, opened to the general public, is the American Society for Psychical Research. This society, formed in 1885, believes that all information concerning psychical occurrences should be made known to the general reader. This is done through publications which reach educational institutions across the world.

A relatively new research group is the Advance Institute for Psychical Studies. This institute was formed in 1972 for the purpose of investigating certain psychical phenomena which are alleged to exist. The society attempts to bring the resources of modern scientific techniques to the study of such parapsychological phenomena as extra-sensory perception and psychokinesis. During the last year, this institute has attempted, through scientific experimentation, to find the actual cause of psychical occurrences. The A.I.P.S. along with the American Society for Psychical Research attempts to disseminate information by its lecture

JULY-AUGUST 1974                 5

series and workshops. On request, students and other interested individuals are supplied with background information and material for term papers, theses and research projects. The society also attempts to increase understanding from a scientific and historical viewpoint the areas of reincarnation, sorcery, divination, possession, witchcraft, UFOs, werewolves and vampires.

At present the A.I.P.S. is endeavoring to spread the importance of parapsychology and psychical research by means of student societies. If this plan is successful several leading colleges and universities across the United States will also include psychical research societies as part of their student organizations.

As the Institute and others like it continue to advance the cause of research, one thing becomes apparent. If parapsychology is going to survive as a science, interest must be shown not only by scientists but by every person who is interested in understanding the secrets of the mind. (My thanks to the Mississippi Educational Association and to Mrs. Marianna Brannon.)


Director of The Advance Institute for Psychical Studies,

University of Mississippi

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Don’t seek to live

somebody else’s life;

it’s not you …

You have no right

to put on a false face,

to pretend you’re what you’re not,

unless you want to rob others.

Say to yourself:

I am going to bring something new

into this person’s life,

because he has never met anyone like me

nor will he ever meet anyone like me,

for in the mind of God

I am unique and irreplaceable.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Science should regard anything as possible so long as it cannot be proven impossible by facts based upon observations.


6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

to assume my friend is a very dangerous thing

i have a thought to share so come closer and i’ll tell you what i feel …

there seems to be a problem …

one larger than you and i … but if we talk

it over the wrinkles can be ironed …

it started in the beginning the day that i assumed you understood me …

and i understood you …

to assume, my friend, is a very dangerous thing . . .

to assume is like thinking a person can swim and asking can he, after

throwing him in …

to assume is like telling another what they call pain

is shame and finding out later …

you were the blame for

their pain and shame . .

yes to assume, my friend, is a very dangerous thing …

to take another for granted, could create a gigantic panic … to try to

reproduce another’s mental eye, is like trying to take the water out of

the rain … making it fall dry . . .

then asking oneself why …

my opinion of this situation is very clear to me . . . in order to have

harmony, there must be free, true communication which will enhance

cooperation . . . for to assume, my friend, is a very dangerous thing …

to have confidence there must be no pretense …

guessing games are ok for a kid or two, but when it comes to real life …

to each other we must be true . . . if and when questions or little doubts

arrive, don’t hesitate . . . investigate, then interrogate with an oral reply,

for, to assume, my friend, is a very dangerous thing!

FA YE ALLEN (Copyrighted)

JULY-AUGUST 1974                 7


(This is the last in a series of four articles on the “Orient Odyssey” of Understanding Member-MALENE ENGLESTAD-of Santa Monica, Calif. The 38-day trip was made during April and May 1973.)

INDIA (con’t.):

A morning’s flight brought us to JAIPUR, capital of Rajasthan, India. I remember how the Maharaja of Jaipur made the headlines when he died in a polo game 3-4 years ago. One of his four palaces-Rambach Palace-has been turned into a tourist hotel by his wife, very active now in government work. A palace built 400 years ago becomes an experience beautifully decorated rooms, extensive gardens, marble carvings, even in bathrooms. Plumbing antiquated but I was surrounded with huge embossed roses, nude bathing beauties and deer!

My room reminded me of a ballroom. Two huge fans were whirling above, and when the electricity stopped about 4 a.m. I had to open the double doors, hoping to catch the slightest breeze. Dawn was slithering through, the air was considerably cooler but the promise of another hot day was imminent. An eerie ghostly sound attracted my attention. The call of a peacock!! Looking around I witnessed the unusual sight of a huge peacock jumping-one could not call it a flight-from the rooftop to the garden below. Strangely graceful in spite of its clumsy body, and extremely colorful …

JAIPUR has been called the Pink City, a fantasy in stone: Palace of the Winds built of pink stone; an ancient observatory, with giant astrological monuments used to this day; another Ancient City. We took an elephant ride to the top of the hill-rather an uncomfortable experience . . . a slow plodding gait. There we found the very fascinating ruins of the Amber Fort and Palace, situated in a mountain pass. Once more we were amazed at the symmetry of the walls, beauty of carvings and in-lays of flowers and leaves, and the huge courtyards. The whole area covered two hills facing each other. The parapets, ramparts, the extensive measures for protection against invaders revealed the history of mankind. For centuries armies and kings have dominated the world. However, today there is no fortress, no place to hide, no alternative but to work for peace among nations. The atomic age has brought us to the point of no retreat.

Our last stop in India was BOMBAY-“Gateway to India”. It is a beautiful city with lovely parks, surrounded by water, deluxe hotels, the famous Hanging Gardens, and the Tower of Silence of the Parsees, and many other fascinating points of interest. But Bombay stinks!! To me the smell, even at the most deluxe hotel, the Sheraton, was unpleasant.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Without adequate plumbing, water supply and electricity, more tourist hotels and bigger apartment houses are still being built … India is beyond us … one forgets the heat, the dust and poverty and remembers memorable experiences. I am sorry I tried to visit India at this time of the year, when even nature seems to be conspiring against her. Parched, dry land silences nature and the smells become more pronounced in the heat … poverty becomes more evident as the soft cloak of nature does not afford any distraction to the viewer. But, also, it was the best time to see the naked truth. And, I would love to go back!

There was a sign of relief when we once again embarked the Singapore Airlines: very clean, hot towels to wipe away the dust, good food and drink, on our way to SINGAPORE. We were suddenly catapulted into a realm of green trees and blue waters, and fantastic cloud formations, as far as the eye could see:

I wish I could see the entities which dwell in the realm of clouds . . . They must be majestic, wonderful beings loving beauty, harmony and pure light . . . They build towers of such symmetry, mountains of such majesty . . . Blue and white is their domain with a tinge of pink when sunlight penetrates.

SINGAPORE has become prosperous through its tourist industry, and progressive ideas. It is famous for its Botanical Gardens, Jade House and the Tiger Balm ornate gardens, a gaudily painted fantasyland.

BALI is a land of rainbows. They are all around. Bali is beautiful to look at . . . Coconut trees as far as the eye can see, and rice fields in all stages of growth . . . and it smells of sea shells and clean air. Hinduism in its simplest form: Constant gift offerings to the gods . . . joyfully performed; abundance, an easy life which demands little, gives freely; very close community feeling; wood carvings; exquisite silver works and batic weaving.

We finished the tour with a day in Djarkata, two days in Manila, then Hong-Kong and the Chinese border.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


In The Far East

(UFO News, Special Report, CBA International, Yokohama, Japan)

SILVERY DISK OVER KOREA- A hundred people watched a mysterious silvery object which appeared over the heart of Seoul at about 1:12 p.m., on February 28, 1974. The witnesses said that it was stationary for a while, but later descended very slowly toward the west, against the wind. Some policemen observed the object through binoculars and reported

JULY-AUGUST 1974                 9

it looked like awash basin, emitting brilliant lights from its body. They estimated its height at about 2000 m. They watched the object for over 5 minutes, until it disappeared. It was about two hours after the object was sighted that several people reported two more objects speeding eastward. And, the following night, four orange luminous objects, with trails, were reportedly over the Port of Pusan, watched by several seamen. The objects were as big as drums, the witnesses said, but there was no sound. (Credit: Kim Chong)

OBJECT SEEN IN HONG KONG- It is reported that at about 6:30 p.m., January 15, 1974, a large mysterious object was observed over Victoria Peak, famous sightseeing place in Hong Kong. It was observed for about 3 minutes by several American tourists and some Chinese. They said the object was glowing, looked like a lantern, and was reddish orange in color. It flew from SE to NE, very slowly, and sometimes it stopped in the air, eventually it went straight up and disappeared into the clouds. (CBS-H.K.)

Mystery Rocks Buenos Aires Sky

Air traffic controllers’ radar screens “started to rock like crazy,” ac-cording to a report in Buenos Aires’ newspaper, El Telegrafo, September 20, 1973.

The Central Observatory of the National Meteorological Service gave the following statement regarding the tremendous explosive noise: “There isn’t any atmospheric phenomenon so far registered that can produce such a huge sound.” The aftermath of broken windows, and fallen rubbish, however, indicates the sky stampede constitutes some sort of very real detonation.

Police de Province, Buenos Aires were investigating, but as of September 20, had no ready answer to the cause.

The Air Force reported “no combat device of supersonic characteristics or capability had either flown over the capitol or the Province.” An Air Force speaker said the sound barrier was not broken by any plane.

The Army also denied involvement, stating, “nothing has occurred in Army jurisdiction.” Conjectures that gunpowder caused the explosion were thus eliminated.

With no possible explanation from the scientific set, or police and security officers, public opinion has given hand to all sorts of conjecture and hypothesis. One possibility, a powerful extraterrestrial air ship could have disintegrated over the city, was expressed by El Telegrafo’s reporter.

Recent Buenos Aires reports have cited military personnel having

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

sighted “strange objects in the skies,” while enroute to Marl Del Plata, a beach resort. Just last August, drivers stopped their autos to observe rare evolutions of a UFO, a strange object which changed colors constantly, ascended vertically and suddenly flew off horizontally at an “incredible speed.”

El Telegrafo concludes, therefore, there is enough margin to suppose the mystery of the “huge sound” of the eighteenth might conceivably be one of the unidentified objects which “could have gone through a technical disaster and exploded.”



Children, Pigment and Prejudice

(Eau Claire, Wisc. Leader-Telegram, July 25, 1973)

The University of Wisconsin Extension Division, in June, sponsored College Week, in Madison. Among the courses offered was “Children, Pigment and Prejudice,” by Marlene Cummings, Human Relations Coordinator for the Madison public schools. Mrs. Cummings, in her work, helps groups of young children overcome prejudice.

Mrs. Cummings focuses her teaching on each person’s placement in the human family. How do we all fit? This should be a natural part of each child’s learning, Mrs. Cummings feels. It also helps each child feel good about himself and others, so he’s happier and is more successful in what he wants to do.

It gives each person protection from some of the injuries that prejudice can cause. A child learns to value himself, to recognize prejudice. When prejudice is directed at him, he may be hurt, but he knows he’s not wrong. The person with the prejudice has the problem.

This protection is needed for many kinds of minorities. Not only those with “different” eyes or skin color, but those who are thought to be too fat, too tall, too short or to have too many freckles. Adults sometimes laugh at such problems as being minor, but they aren’t minor to children suffering from them. It’s been proved that, even as adults, these minorities suffer job discrimination. The people who most con-form to the “average,” “normal” person are hired first.

One study done with first grade children showed that if you were fat and a girl, you would be most likely to suffer rejection. In this cartoon test of discrimination, the next more likely to suffer is the black girl, then the poor girl. Reaction to the physically handicapped child varied, but the hippies were preferred.

All these attitudes were fixed by the age of 6. The study helps show that all of us are prejudiced. This is important to remember. Remember

JULY-AUGUST 1974                 11

your own prejudices, the ones you had and are still working on, so you don’t become judge over others.

She cited her prejudices. As a black in an all black neighborhood, she grew up without learning about other groups of people. She knew Indians were to be feared, that they were savage; books and TV told her so. However, there was the fact that they were fighting an enemy common to blacks-the whites.

Mexicans wore big sombreros and slept under trees. The whites, of course, looked all alike, were untrustworthy, a “fierce monster, built up in your mind.” She learned to fear, but not hate, the whites, to learn they were prejudiced.

“I had not learned that this (prejudice) was a human trait,” she added. It was only after high school she began seeing different kinds of prejudice in herself and others. She was astonished to learn that some white people hated or feared groups of other white people. Until then, she knew nothing about ethnic prejudice, the German against the Italian, the Irish against the English.

Prejudice is fear or hate of a culture group, she noted. It’s not limited to race.

The first step in overcoming prejudice of any kind is recognizing it. This comes easier to some than others. Some children, some teachers are not equipped to face this, Mrs. Cummings noted. They’re not ready because they see the breakdown of prejudice as threatening them. Prejudice is a barrier that helps keep them safe. They see it as a defense.

It’s true that prejudice keeps others out, but it also keeps the person who has it in. It locks him into a prison. Prejudice is an emotional disease in which the individual can’t control himself, Mrs. Cummings explained.

Her approach is to teach children about the human family. Getting to accept this and the differences in that family is the basis of getting children to accept the differences. It gives each child a secure place while giving others theirs. Only when a person feels good about himself can he give up prejudice and try to work out of it.

Then Mrs. Cummings helps the children see what prejudice is, why people have it and what the facts are about different kinds of prejudice. Once the children are led to see the facts, she lets them decide what they will think. She teaches facts, not values.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The peace of the world is neither made nor broken in the halls of state nor battlefields of nations. It lives or dies in the minds and hearts of men.


12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

poet’s corner


That which I know not,
I can not fear.

Those that do not speak,
I can not hear.

He who stays away,
I won’t befriend.

To those that do not ask,
I can not lend.

To he who will not share,
I will not give.

With those that won’t speak truth,
I can not live.

JULY-AUGUST 1974                 13

From one who won’t explain,
I can not learn.

From he who asks no help,
Away I’ll turn.

But he who shares and cares,
I would defend.

And he who speaks and loves,
Could be my friend.


(15 years old)


The strength of love holds worlds in place,
The suns and stars in God’s embrace,

The same love beats the human heart,
And there perfection has its start.

To have more love, you just give more,
For all that’s good-the open door.

Love’s way says, “Give-if you would hold!
If you want health, or friends or gold!”

To gain from life all that you can
You must give love to God and man.

Love’s way of life is, Love and Give,
The only happy way to live!


In Memoriam

We Remember you fondly


We bless you to peace, fulfillment and Joy in the realms of spirit.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Energy Sources

(Houston (Texas) Post, 1/30/74)

Houston police test cars using synthetic lubricant have passed their 30,000-mile point-and they are in such good condition that the department expects to drive them another several thousand miles without a change of oil. If the synthetic proves usable in standard-make cars, it could be used to free vast quantities of petroleum for other uses across the country.

Methanol-wood alcohol-for gasoline offers another promising substitute. One part methanol to nine parts gasoline gives up to 10 per cent better mileage and 50 per cent less pollution than unadulterated gasoline. The trouble so far is that we don’t make enough methanol-a billion gallons annually rather than the 10 billion we could use. We make it from natural gas, but it could be made from garbage. Union Carbide is developing equipment to produce methanol from garbage, and Dr. Thomas B. Reed of M.I.T.’s Lincoln Laboratory believes we could develop it economically within two years.

Garbage, still a tedious problem for Houston, may soon prove one of the most important sources of energy for Houston and the U.S., being of inexhaustible supply. Nashville has almost completed a $16.5 million plant that will process half the city’s daily garbage to heat and air condition 38 downtown buildings. If the Nashville plant proves practical, it should inspire cities throughout the country to follow suit.

Los Angeles has an experimental plant that processes garbage from a landfill to make methane to power a 300-horsepower engine. If the trial plant works, the site will provide power for 300 houses and the engineers will build similar plants on six other landfill sites.

The United States will of course go on with its development of nuclear energy as the best, long-range bet for the future. Scientists are working on solar, wind and tidal power. But the oil shortage should have taught Americans a valuable lesson: Diversify.

New Use Found For A-Plants

(The Blade: Toledo,Ohio, 4/19/74)

Agence-France Presso

PARIS- French nuclear engineers have started an interesting sideline

JULY-AUGUST 1974                 15

horticulture-as part of a research program on what to do with cooling water when it emerges from nuclear plants.

They believe using this heated water for agricultural purposes will not only save on fuel but will also solve a big ecological problem arising from the discharge of heated water after it has done its cooling work inside the nuclear power station.

Experimental greenhouses are in use alongside the “silo” reactor at Grenoble. Lettuce, strawberries, flowers, pineapple, and fruit tree cut-tings are being grown.

About two-thirds of the greenhouses in France are heated, most of them by fuel oil.

Seas May Die in 10 Years

(The Cincinnati Post, 3/26/74)

HOLLYWOOD (UPI): Jacques Cousteau, best known of oceanographers and explorers of the sea, made a statement this week that should shock the socks off every inhabitant on the planet:

“In 10 years there will not be any fish remaining to take out of the ocean.”

The distinguished inventor of the aqualung and other underwater de-vices surely must have been overstating his case.

“Not at all,” said the Frenchman. “I could not be more realistic. I am not an alarmist. But I know that the rate with which the oceans are being depleted and befouled by man that we can no longer harvest the sea as we have.

“We keep taking out and putting nothing back. It is a fact that if an area of the ocean no larger in size than Switzerland were farmed and cultivated like the land, there would be more fish and other sea life than there is now.”

In addition to his 65 films on a variety of undersea fauna, Cousteau has written 31 books on the subject of the sea, including a 20-volume encyclopedia.

He stresses over and over again conservation and concern for the environment. He has beseeched governments, including the United States, to pass measures to protect the environment.

Iceland’s Volcano Heat

(Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch 1/23/741

VESTAMANNAEYJAR, Iceland (UPI -The Helgafjell Volcano, once a symbol of devastation, is now Iceland’s answer to the energy crisis.

The long dormant volcano roared to life one year ago, burying homes under a river of molten lava and apparently kinning this port town.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Now, a new, volcano-heated town is rising on the hot ashes.

Some 2,500 of the town’s original 5,200 residents have returned to their old homes. And with the aid of volunteers from all over the world, they are taming and harnessing the heat-energy of the 6,000-year-dormant volcano.

The latest eruption stopped on July 3, 1973. When the eruptions ceased, scientists began experimenting with the thermal power in the lava to heat homes.

They concluded the lava contained enough heat to warm all houses on the island for the next 20 years.

The first home was connected Sunday by pipe with a hole dug into the edge of the hot lava. Inside the hole workers put spiral pipes and pumped water through. By the time it reached the home, the water reached a temperature of 149 degrees.

Scientists are now thinking of heating the town’s new hospital by this method.

A Living Looking for Ghosts

(Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune 1/15/741

DURHAM, N.C. Bill Roll makes his living looking for ghosts. He is a $19,000-a-year professional parapsychologist. Roll hunts ghosts as director of the Psychical Research Foundation, a non-profit organization, of which he is the sole full-time staffer.

The foundation charter limits study to “life after death.” One theory Roll and others toy with maintains that human consciousness extends beyond any individual . . . that it doesn’t disappear at death but may continue to exist in ghostly form, evidenced by psychic phenomena.

These psychic happenings seem to occur in two major forms, as poltergeist disturbances and hauntings. Poltergeist phenomena occur around individuals while hauntings are related to places.

“My purpose,” says Roll, “is less to prove that these occurrences actually happen than it is to find out the natural processes behind them. The real story is what these phenomena tell us about human nature and the world. Are they something radically different? Or will they fit into the picture as science has developed it? That is what I am trying to find out.”

In some 20 years of investigating he says he has found only one authentic haunting and six poltergeist cases.

Majority Polled Believe in Devil

(Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune 5/1/741

NEW YORK (UPI)- Most Americans believe there is a devil, but a

JULY-AUGUST 1974                 17

minority believe people can be possessed by Satan or demons, according to a Louis Harris poll released Monday.

The poll showed 53 per cent of those polled believe in the existence of the devil, and 36 per cent think someone actually can be possessed body and mind by a demon or the devil.

Fifty-two per cent of those interviewed said they did not believe in demonism-the physical and mental possession by the devil or a demon but 5 per cent of those who were interviewed said they themselves or someone close to them at one time actually had been possessed.

‘Yeti’ Footprint

(Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune 4/29/741

KATMANDU, Nepal (UPI)- The head of a Japanese expedition searching for the legendary “yeti” or “abominable snowman,” said last week his team has photographed footprints of a monkeylike beast at an elevation of 15,000 feet in the Himalayas.

Toshi Ishikawa, 27, said the footprints were found in the Annapurna Range in central Nepal. He said no one in the team saw the animal that made the tracks, which were 11-1/4 inches long and 10 inches wide.

The “yeti” is the larger of two such “snowmen” believed to exist by the native Sherpas. The smaller animal is known as “miti.”

Footprints of what were believed those of the “snowman” were first found in the Himalayas in 1921 by a British expedition.

Report on Tonopah

Early May, Tahalita Fry and “Billie” Thompson visited Tonopah. They report that Dr. Fry’s new project-Solar Energy-now has a successful working model. And, that much of the crop from nearly an acre of garden-planted in corn, potatoes, cabbage, etc.-is to be stored, in anticipation of any possible food shortage. Dr. Fry says he hopes to have enough food to be able to help others in need.

The Harlow Merricks are experimenting with plants and practicing organic gardening on all crops.

The Brian Bakers of Washington, D. C. have moved to the Tonopah Center, as two more active members. We hope there soon will be others to join in the activities.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

For one soul that exclaims, “Speak Lord, for Thy servant heareth,” there are ten that say, “Hear Lord! for Thy servant speaketh,” and there is no rest for these.


18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

Visitors From Other Planets

(Channeled by the Spiritual Hierarchy through NADA-YOLANDA; Mark-Age Meta-Center, Inc., 327 N.E. 20th Terrace, Miami, Fla. 33137 $10.00)

The Visitors From Other Planets is a 334 page volume, which, in 201 messages, covers “the chronological history from 1957 through 1973 of the mental communications from extra-terrestrial beings who are appearing in our skies in UFOs. The visits and communications are from the etheric as well as physical planes. It is the dedicated service of all channels “to lead, to guide, to teach, and to demonstrate” to earth man so that he may be lifted from the third into the fourth dimension-al frequency in this coming New Age. The book’s stated purpose is to “Welcome Visitors from other Planets.”

Here is offered a historical reference text of materials released by Mark-Age, throughout the years, as pertains specifically to Operation Show Man and Operation Landing Light. Though thousands of messages have been received only a small sampling can be offered in this book. Presented also are some of the “out-of-body” experiences of Yolanda, primarily “for understanding by and confirmation of those who have or will have experienced similar beyond-the-physical experiences.”

The cover jacket indicates the scope of the volume by listing the nature of the subject matter offered:

Extra-terrestrial Spacecraft – origin, type, sizes, personnel, assistance, demonstrations, landings, equipment, contacts, visits

Communication – interplanetary and interdimensional, mental telepathic, ESP, electromagnetic beam

Contacts – physical, mental, etheric, astral

Man – earth, other planets and dimensions, spiritual nature and heritage and powers, history, future sons of God, reincarnation, seven bodies

Earth – latter days, history, transmutation, catastrophes, millennium,

JULY-AUGUST 1974                 19

spiritual government

People – Archangels Michael and others, Sananda, Jesus, Moses, Buddha, ascended masters

Experiences – Spiritual, psychic, ESP, healing, consciousness expansion, spacecraft, dreams, interdimensional communication, mental telepathy

In addition, to assist in the study of any particular topic, an index is provided, as well as the Study Guide which suggests areas of exploration, i.e., Thought Power, Aid to Earth, etc. Thus, while the book can be read sequentially, it is also designed to be used for research of particular subjects of special interest. The Glossary covers names and new age terms.

Here, then is a book to read chronologically, to be picked up to peruse for purposes of meditation (each message is entitled as to con-tent) or a volume for research and special studies.

Further, it will enhance the reader’s understanding of our “visitors from outer space” which understanding is a prerequisite for further communication. As Zumah states (page 248), “We cannot land our craft nor can we walk among you, in a certain manner of speaking, as conscious contacts and communicating visitors . . . without our preparation and your preparation simultaneously meshing on a certain level.”

Bulletin boArd

Friendship By Mail

In the interest of promoting a greater understanding among peoples of this earth we should like to reactivate our Friendship By Mail Project.

Whoever you are, wherever you live, if you are interested in corresponding with someone in another country, please write to Merlin to be put on our letter exchange listing. A few facts about yourself-age, interests, etc.-would be helpful.

The sooner you write to Understanding, Inc., the sooner you will

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

find a new friend, or friends. We await your mail.

Buffalo Unit Elects New Officers

Congratulations are offered to the panel of officers for the coming year of our Unit #37, Buffalo, New York. Chosen were: President, Robert Schatzel; Vice-President, Cora Prantner; Treasurer, Casimer Nowak; Corresponding Secretary, Eleanor Kazmierozak; Recording Secretary, Lois Dietrich; Chaplain, Rose Schatzel; Official Hostess, Veronica Nowak; Librarian, Raymond Hutchings; and UFO Chairman, Norman Weis.

Mrs. Marie A. Hale, long time President of the Unit will be moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico shortly. Said Marie: “I hope I find a similar group out there because in no other organization does one find the opportunity to learn what true Understanding really means. This is unique, something to be sought after and cherished.”


6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.


U.F.O. MANUAL       50c U.S.         75c CDA.       $1.00 OVRSS PPD.

Michael J. Campione,                      2202 New Albany, Cinnaminson, N.J. 08077


Pamphlets by Wayne Aho, $1.00 each; postage-25c.

(See “Divine Fire” by Steiger.)

LORDS RETURN – His words concerning events 1960-2002

MOJAVE DESERT EXPERIENCE – night with a spacecraft

PROPHETS RETURN -1974, a crucial year

New Age Foundation            ·          Box 867          ·          Eatonville, Wn. 98328

PHILIPPINES-GUIDED TOURS TO THE FAITH HEALERS.      $1130.60 Basic, $1257.20 Peak season, inclusive, 15 days. Now Cancer, Coronary, Multiple Sclerosis, Blindness, Deafness, Tumors, Diabetes, Blood Clots, Arthritis, Sinus Lumps, Varicose Veins, Spastic Colon, Hemorrhoids, Prostrate treated, with 5 minute treatments, no Anesthesia, no pain, no infection, with 70% success. Enjoy vacation as well.

UNIVERSAL TOURS           ·          105 Miller;      ·          Bend, Oregon 97701


of the “Lady of Light” have appeared in the past in times of crisis.

NOW Her glowing form, seen by thousands, signals major changes and world events SOON to come.

YOU can know these prophesied events and the sobering, inspiring meaning behind them. READ what Ray Stanford, a well-documented psychic, has to tell of the original SECRET OF FATIMA … never told before.

SEE for yourself how FATIMA PROPHECY: Days of Darkness, Promise of Light SOLVES the mystery of today’s crises. Apparition photos included.


To: A.U.M.,’ P.O. Box 5310, Austin, Texas 78763                                                            E4

Please rush postpaid ______ copies of Fatima Prophecy, beautifully clothbound, at $6.95 each (Texas residents add 5% tax). My check or money order is enclosed.  If dissatisfied for any reason, I may return the book in good condition within two weeks for a complete refund.

Name ____________________________________–

Address __________________________________

City/State _________________________________ Zip ________________

*Association for the Understanding of Man, a nonprofit corporation













By Dr. Daniel W. Fry

To Men of Earth


White Sands Incident

(softbound)                                         $2.00

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

(hardbound)                                       $3.00 (softbound)                                         $2.00

Steps to the Stars

(softbound)                                         $1.50

Atlantean Fire Crystals &

Physical Basis of ESP

 (Cassette Tape – 90 min.)   $3.50

Merlin Publishing Company

P.0. Box 105 · Merlin, Oregon 97532

Please include postage – 20c a volume