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VOLUME XVIII                             NOVEMBER 1973                                    NUMBER 9


Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


It is often assumed that science and superstition are opposites. That if one allows himself to become interested in superstition, it will inevitably lead him away from the paths of science. The truth is that superstition is usually the forerunner or starting point of science.

In the first American Dictionary of the English Language the word science is defined as, “The orderly and intelligently directed search for truth.” The word superstition is defined as, “Belief without concrete knowledge of immediate causes.” (Note that there is nothing in this definition to indicate that such a belief is necessarily fallacious, it simply indicates that the basis of the belief has not yet been demonstrated through the usual processes of science.

All of mankind’s original knowledge comes to him through a process of observation, experience, deduction and extrapolation. (There are also, of course, the elements of inspiration and intuition, but these do not constitute original learning, they are simply the acceptance of knowledge offered from a higher source.)

As man goes through life, he observes that certain events or conditions are usually followed by certain other events or conditions. It is natural to assume, therefore, that the first event or condition is the cause, and the second is the effect. If a simple and understandable connection can be shown to exist between the assumed cause, and its effect, the relationship between the two will be accepted as a part of science,

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

but if no such connection can be shown, the assumption that they are cause and effect will be considered to be only ‘superstition’. It frequently happens, however, that the reason no direct connection can be found between the assumed cause and its assumed effect is that both of them are actually effects of some other, and unobserved cause. For ex-ample-It had been observed for centuries, that when smoke from a chimney descended to the ground, instead of rising into the air, rain was likely to fall within a short time. The resulting belief that descending smoke was a harbinger of rain, was dismissed by such science as existed at the time, as being only ‘superstition’ since there was no understand-able way that newly created smoke, coming from a chimney could possibly know whether or not it was going to rain!, and there was no understandable way that smoke, by descending, could cause it to rain. When the science of meteorology came into being, however, it was learned that both the descending smoke and the rain which frequently followed, were caused by an atmospheric condition of high humidity and low barometric pressure. Since this condition cannot be directly ob-served, without special instruments, the connection between descending smoke and rain or stormy weather, was dismissed for centuries as superstition and (too often) as ‘nonsense’.

Much of our present science was once superstition but, because observation of connected events and conditions usually occurs long before the nature of the connection is understood, there is always a large remaining area of superstition. Man observes many patterns in life which he does not understand and cannot explain, yet his need for logic and understanding is so great that he will create some kind of explanation for each pattern he observes. Some of these explanations will prove to be sound, while others may have serious flaws. (This is just as true of science as it is of superstition. Science is constantly faced with the necessity of updating and correcting some of its past dogma which has be-come unsupportable in the light of new discoveries.) Since man is basically a rational being, however, his explanations, whether classed as science or superstition, will usually be found to contain elements, if not the entire structure of truth.

As time goes on, the imposing edifice of science is gradually built from the elements of truth usually found first in superstition.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many, not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.


NOVEMBER 1973                     3


“Give your aid to the few strong hands that keep the powers of dark-ness from gaining a complete victory.” So runs a line from Light on the Path by Marie Corelli. This is the fundamental purpose of the individual within the occult group, and at the same time, the purpose for which the occult group exists. The occult group is the principal unit through which the Spiritual Hierarchy functions, and as such, depends upon for its very existence.

By “Spiritual Hierarchy” we are not here discussing some tenuous or imaginary group of superhuman. We are discussing those of us who are working together consciously to preserve and enhance the physical and, if you will, the spiritual evolution of this planet. Only ignorance has conceived as superhuman the awareness of spiritual reality, and as white magic the discernment and right use of its psychology. It has nothing to do with relative intelligence, this perception, since any animal possesses it at all times. What it does have to do with, in its positive capacity, is conviction, determination, and idealism.

Since before the dawning of civilization-probably since the beginning of time-there has always been the opposition of two camps: those who have dedicated themselves to the preservation and evolution of Life. In both camps, the many have been the followers, the few have been the leaders. When the many have been swayed to the side of good, we have had golden ages; when the dark ones have gained control, we have had dark ages. In any case, the struggle for power is perpetual, and neither side can ever afford to relax its efforts without the danger of defeat. That danger is very grave; it is far more than a mere matter of life and death.

Thus, it is imperative that the occult group understands and fulfills its purpose correctly. In this way only can the forces of good maintain control. When a large number of such groups are active throughout the world-plying their “white magic” wisely and properly-indubitably the present defeat can be turned into a victory. And that victory can be permanent, if the conviction, determination, and idealism of the groups is permanent.

However, when conviction falters, when idealism capitulates to immorality and sensuous pursuits, when determination is replaced with fear and guilt, then the dark forces have scored a victory. This is what our deviations are teaching us; the old moral laws and ideals were not merely mechanisms of authoritarianism. They were our ramparts of defense against the forces which could otherwise undo us. Like Communism, the “New Morality” is feasible only in an ideal world, and as long

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

as this struggle between the forces of good and evil persists-which seems likely to be forever-it is a luxury in which neither side can afford to indulge.

Thus, we have to go back to where we left off, and start all over again. For our aberrations, we must forgive ourselves and each other. We must take what we have learned as a result of those aberrations, make new resolutions, and with the added wisdom of experience, stick to them with determination that does not falter. Each individual involved in this work should see the welfare of the entire world as his own personal responsibility. If enough of us do see it that way, learn to work together constructively and rightly, and understand the true nature of what we are trying to accomplish and the only methods which will make it possible, we can make it.

The fact of evil is very real, but its complexity can be very misleading. There are indeed few who really desire evil for its own sake. Most of its advocates are merely rebels against what they consider hypocrisy, people who care nothing except for their own power and pleasure, people who are angry with a world they consider unjust. In other words, ‘.hey are people just like you and me, except that they have given up the struggle, and hopefully, you and I have not. We have chosen to continue to give our “aid to the few strong hands that keep the powers of dark-ness from gaining a complete victory.”



No better advice has ever been given man than that of Solomon: “With all thine getting, get understanding.”

In this sea of life, there appear to be minds many. In actuality there is but One Consciousness. “How” each individual is capable of handling that consciousness is “what” is manifesting. All men are evolving in their own way. Each person seems to make his own mistakes due to his lack of or need for clearer understanding. Each person is a law unto himself.

One’s attitude toward others is always an outward reflection of his own inner belief. What he believes about himself invariably colors his relationships with people. One must relinquish all negative feelings and realize that inner hurts are caused by negativity, wrong reactions or in-action. ‘Tis literally true-“It is done unto us as we believe.”

The most important goal in life should be to attain Spiritual Under-standing. This can be attained by sincere desire. There are many illuminatingly glorious books available, metaphysical courses to study, lectures

NOVEMBER 1973                     5

to attend. Ministers, Practitioners and Teachers are always happy to assist the earnest seeker. However, a major way to attain Spiritual Understanding is in the very living of life.

Understanding operates and is applied on the mental and spiritual levels. The universe is sustained and maintained by Divine Intelligence. God is the One Supreme Power. Divine Law is perfectly balanced-the Law cannot be broken. However, man has been given freedom of choice and man can temporarily break HIMSELF against the Law. If he is not in tune with the infinite, distortion and confusion engulf him. Each and every one is on his way back to the Father’s House. Some are returning by way of the clear channel and the harmonious road; the others by the road of torture. “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.” When man is mired deeply enough and has suffered sufficiently, he then begins a soul-searching process.

These “school of life” experiences are good because they teach man the need to face himself squarely. To be honest with oneself, one must awaken to the need for thorough purification of his mental and emotional household. Man must detect and eject the “motes” from his eye-prejudices, greeds, fears, prides, all negative feelings and attitudes. He cannot begin to understand his fellow-beings until he FIRST clearly understands himself.

This requires honest searching within, being ever alert to his own feelings and thoughts; constant prodding to clear away any negativity that tries to latch onto his consciousness. PRACTICE is most essential for proficiency in understanding just as practice is necessary for a musician to reach technical perfection, rhythm, feeling and harmony. Until absolute perfection is reached by the musician an occasional discordant note sounds out; the rhythm is off beat. So it is when striving for the pinnacle of Spiritual Understanding-a note may unexpectedly appear (a discordant and imbalanced experience manifest itself). All mistakes, as man recognizes them, must be corrected, forgiven and not repeated.

Purification of motives is very essential. Any striving to reach UNDERSTANDING should not be for the purpose of self-gratification, nor for self-glorification. Even the motive of working for the developing of inner peace can be a selfish motive. It should be combined with purpose of giving and being of service to uplift our fellow men. One’s motives should always be for the good of all.

UNDERSTANDING is a God Principle Activity which is constantly functioning at all levels. SELF is ever-evolving. Each of us in this stream of life is a “broadcasting” and a “receiving” set. Our presence is felt by the vibratory frequencies we transmit. Thus, it is very important that our conscious endeavor should be to solve the lower law of MAN KNOW

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

THYSELF so that the Higher Law can enter, and gradually lift up the lower planes. By this all evolve. As we reach the higher vibratory frequencies of Spiritual Understanding, having cleared our consciousness thoroughly, we become a clear channel, love and light appear, which are the essence of Spiritual Understanding. Understanding is attained, and then comes a CLEAR KNOWING and knowing “Why” we Know. At this point understanding promotes itself. It becomes a Way of Life. Love and compassion are ever flowing. One finds that he has developed flexibility, realizing that each is on his way back to the Father’s House, evolving in his own way. Feelings of jealousy, competitions, inferiority or superiority become meaningless. We realize we are in Eternity. We awaken to the realization that old values are constantly being outgrown and new ones being born.

Understanding steps up the vibrational frequencies, lifting all to a brighter, happier, more abundant, harmonious and beautiful life.



Man seeks an understanding of the ultimate and the ultimate is cosmic energy, or as we may know it, Feeling, with the capital ‘F’. Without cosmic Feeling, Man could not exist in form.

Cosmic Feeling is within every human being and every life form, but only Man has the ability to understand it. Some people you may have heard say that the human form is the most perfect to realize God; that is to realize the cosmic energy, to understand creation and the creator. It is true that no other form is as adaptable as Man, and Man has dominion over all other life forms on Earth. At least he thinks he has!

We are able to understand others best by identifying ourselves with them and we do this by first understanding the cosmic Feeling which is also in them. Through this feeling comes compassion, kindness, etc., and a fine expression: affection. We become ‘actively’ submissive to our understanding of the Divine will as we call it, for Man on Earth. The feeling has given us a relative understanding which is the pathway toward a relative absolute expression, a perfect human relationship. Love, I believe, is best described as Feeling. Love is certainly something we feel, and because it is the ultimate expression, for without it we could not exist, we can relate this feeling to cosmic feeling until we know enough to understand that they are one and the same thing.

The feeling of love, in fact, is an awareness of cosmic feeling, an aware-ness of the energy and source from which we are perhaps privileged to

NOVEMBER 1973                     7

exist in the life form we know, and have been taught to understand as Man. Love is that feeling children have when they are affectionate towards one another, when they outwardly touch one another, uninhibited and without sex or colour problems. Later, as they mature they become aware that adult Man’s behavior is different from their own, and they then try constantly to relate, but as the world slowly changes and ideas and new beliefs form, we see that the growing child finds more difficulty in accepting the change. Of course children can be very cruel to one another generally over abstract material things or influences from adults, TV and similar things.

There is also, of course, the self-preservation instinct most acute in the small child but this can be curtailed by helping children identify with the whole. By helping them understand one another through an awareness of Feeling. I once learned of a child of five years, who came home crying one day from school because the other children would not let him love them. Things like this must make us more aware of the depth of the problem. A problem we can only hope to solve by understanding ourselves and by relating to the one thing we all have in common: Cosmic Feeling. Without an understanding of cosmic feeling, with-out understanding of our creator, we will never know once more our true identity.




As new as the day before yesterday, I was born
In the midst of a wondering world

Yesterday each idea came to life
When I arrived as its expression.

Yesterday, no one had known
that I ever would exist.

They were busy in life.

Today I am born again.

Each day as new as the day before,

Each day as wondrous as the day I was born.

I go in my way, doing good for my brothers

And slowly, heads have turned,
to fix their gaze upon me.

Yes, yesterday, I was born,
and today I am born again.


8                                                                                            UNDERSTANDING


Why do people try

To kill, hurt, and fight?

Just to claim their land

And show off their might?

Or is it to show how strong

They think their bodies are

Or is it to get an excuse

To visit the local bar?

Why can’t they see the way

Why can’t they see the light

Instead of asking for peace

Then turning around to fight?


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Of all the things I’ve tried to say,

This may be the hardest.

To express the love within my heart,

And to know quite how to guard it.



Body, I forgive you your pains, your aches, your non-functioning, your periods of prostration, your lines, your lumps, your fatty and flabby degeneration, your aging . . . because now I understand that I have done it all to you-not you to me. It is I that should say,

“Forgive me, Body, for the white bread I fed you today. It was served me, I ate it, but it did not nourish you. I could-I should-have left it on the plate, a silent rebuke to those who call it food.

“Forgive me all the ignorant years that I stuffed you with candies, with cakes, with pastries-oh, many, many other sorts of non-food bulk and faulty mixtures-with liquid slops of carbonated, sweetened, chemically colored and -flavored water; with overcookings after pouring the goodies down the drain and the peelings to the pigs; with unfresh food long packaged on the shelves, long pulled from the ground, long severed from stalk or tree.

“Forgive me also for withholding too often the raw, sweet, fresh, un-

NOVEMBER 1973                     9

cooked produce that cleanses and sustains life and energizes it for its work on earth.” In city years I had forgot the flavorful, savorful taste

of corn or carrots fresh-plucked from the farm-the farm, composted with care by one who loved the soil and husbanded its fertility.

So, too, should I plead, “Earth, 0 Earth, forgive us our many mistakes.”

“And, Body, forgive also the irregular eatings, the over-eatings, the missed meals, the midnight and later-than-midnight snacks!

“But more than this, my Body, forgive my forceful deprivations of sleep when I foolishly thought that prolonged mentation gave more satisfaction than rightful rest in phase with Mother Earth’s cycling.

“Forgive the years I kept you living in smog-filled, noise-polluted air, and the many months on end that I failed to provide sufficient, complete, and regular exercise.

“Forgive the butchers and the druggers of the flesh whom I permitted to experiment on you because we did not know.”

But “ignorance of the law is no excuse” and so for such abuse we paid.

“Forgive these and other undisciplined, wanton ways of abusing you. Yes, these are the words I should address to you.

I marvel at the way life does persist against great odds. And you have housed this life and let it course through you with precious little help from me. So now, dear Body, if I convert my plea into reform, will you renew for me my lease on you, that I may still have years ahead to learn why I am here and who I am and what I yet must do?


(First Rights Only)


Most People Don’t ‘Grow Up’

(Denver [Colorado] Post, Oct. 4, 1972)

By Sandra Dillard, Staff Writer

Most people don’t grow up. They get older, but remain at certain levels of immaturity all of their lives, according to psychiatrist Glenn V. Koch,

“Only 4 per cent of adult Americans ever reach the level of self-freedom and self-understanding necessary for complete maturity,” said Dr. Koch, who spoke Tuesday at a free seminar entitled “Getting Along With People.” The seminar at the “Downtown Adventurer’s” auditorium of May-D&F, was sponsored by Learning for Living, an innovative adult education group.

“In order to become completely mature,” said Dr. Koch, “people

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

must involve themselves in new, direct experiences. They should do this even if the new experiences cause them anxiety and seem to interfere with their formal beliefs. People should free themselves of the fear of trying new things.”

Dr. Koch said people must understand the level of maturity at which they are functioning and also understand the level of maturity of the person with whom they are dealing in order to get along effectively with others.

Dr. Koch said people acquire three kinds of knowledge in their life time: formal, which is second hand, “something that someone, usually our mother, told us;” informal, which is gained from direct experience, and technical, which also is formal, but taught in a structural setting such as school.

“It is the first kind of formal knowledge that gives us the most trouble,” said Dr. Koch. “This is the kind of knowledge which hasn’t been tested or proven, but has been passed on from generation to generation, for example, political or religious beliefs. Neurotics are people who have been taught one thing formally, and then get out into the world and find out differently and can’t deal with it.”

He explained that the way people deal with the three kinds of knowledge determines the level of maturity they reach.

Outlined the Levels

Dr. Koch outlined the seven levels of maturity in descending order. The seventh and highest level, that of complete self-freedom and self-actualization, is the most desirable and least attainable, he said. People at this level combine the ability to look at all sides of an issue with a tolerance for the formal beliefs of other people.

The sixth level is self-understanding, the ability to understand and get along with yourself and others, utilizing informal experiences, and possessing the ability to look back and evaluate one’s formal experience.

At level five people begin to form self-solutions to problems, drawing from direct informal learning experiences as well as formal.

The fourth level is mimicry where people imitate and pattern their thoughts and behavior on that of some successful and admired model. Most people reach a point between the fourth and fifth level in their struggle toward maturity, Dr. Koch said. “Some 65 per cent of the American population fall into this group,” he said.

“President Nixon is an example of someone who functions at level three,” said Dr. Koch. “Persons at this level are oriented towards following all the rules and are locked into cultural mores. They are convinced that following the rules will get them what they want.

“The rules can either make or break this kind of person. Any organization

NOVEMBER 1973                     11

is an example of an entire group functioning at level three.” They Seek Control

At level two people seek control of others, seeing them as possibly interfering and dangerous influences who may keep them from getting what they want.

Level one Dr. Koch described as the level at which infants function. “A baby believes he is the whole world and that anyone else is insignificant or a mistake,” said Dr. Koch. “We seldom meet people at this level, because they often end up in prison at an early age.”

Koch taught at the University of Denver from 1966 through 1970. In 1970 he received the Outstanding Faculty Award from the University of Denver. He now has a full-time psychiatric practice.

Learning for Living is a nonprofit adult education group functioning our of 16 centers throughout the Denver area.

To register for classes, write the Learning for Living Office at 231 Detroit St. or call 322-6364.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Latest Enquirer Poll Results:

90.8% Oppose Creation of Human Life in Laboratories

(National Enquirer, Aug. 12, 1973)

Enquirer readers are overwhelmingly against allowing scientists to create human life in a laboratory, according to latest results of a recent Enquirer opinion poll.

Of 1,363 ballots received, 1,238 readers, or 90.8 percent voted “no” and 125 readers voted “yes.” The Enquirer does not take sides in its opinion polls. We do present opposing views to help readers make up their minds.

Our July 1 issue carried the views of physician Frank J. Ayd Jr., editor of the “Medical-Moral Newsletter” in Baltimore, Md., and Joseph Fletcher, professor of Medical Ethics at the University of Virginia.

Dr. Ayd said the creation of life in a test tube is morally and ethically wrong.

Professor Fletcher said the creation of artificial life “could prevent inheritance of dread diseases or tragic handicaps.”

(Editor’s comment: Since the creation of ‘Human Life’ in the laboratory is far beyond the capability of any earthly science today, and is likely to remain so for at least a few decades, the controversy is purely an academic one.)

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Piety toward God is meaningless unless it encourages compassion toward one’s fellow man.


12                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Dying from the inorganic we developed into the plant. Dying from the vegetable kingdom we rose to the animal. And leaving the animal we became men. Then why should we fear that death will lower us? The next translation will make us angels. From angels we shall rise and become what no mind can conceive; we shall merge in Infinity as in the beginning. Have we not been told, “All of us will return unto Him”?



A South American Experience

(La Nacion, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Aug. 29, 1973)

BAHIA BLANCA.-An unidentified flying object was seen by several people between Medanos and Bahia Blanca in the early hours of last Sunday. However, Eduardo Fernando de Deuce, Argentine, a mechanic, 32 years old, married, living at 19 Cordoba Street of this town, had an experience regarding this matter.

At 3:15 A.M. he was returning home from an evening with some friends, when not far from Medanos a person at the road-side made a sign to get a lift, which he did. At that moment Deuce did not pay any attention to his passenger nor his silence.

After about 25 km. his motor showed signs of trouble. He gave it more petrol, accelerated, and after another 50 km. the car stopped. He got out to see what was the matter, when he saw on the road a huge object which he mistook, at first sight, for an upturned bus with a blue and two white lights. He looked more attentively and it seemed to him that there was a row of small windows from which shone a greenish light.

At that moment there shone from the UFO, as he called it later, which was some 30 to 50 meters away from him, an intense light which blinded him and he felt a heat all over his body to a point that he was afraid of burns. Instinctively he hid behind the door of the car and saw how the UFO moved slightly to the side and touched the ground and then shot away at full speed. Deuce returned to his seat, saw that the lights, which had remained in contact, were on again, and the motor started. He then looked for his passenger, but did not see him. He drove back for about 500 m. looking for him, and then not finding him, drove to this town.

He went straight to the broadcasting station LU2 and related his experiences. Later when questioned by the police whether he thought

NOVEMBER 1973                     13

there was a relation between the stranger and the UFO, he said he thought there was, as the latter had behaved oddly, did not speak, and

answered his questions only in some unintelligible whispers. Deuce made a declaration before the Federal Police.

Similar sightings had been observed by Mr. & Mrs. Anibal Pato, not far from Algarrobo, and yesterday by young Juan Carlos Oro of the Battery Base of the Marine Corps. The latter was traveling with seven other people in a bus at 7:35 A.M., going to school, when a large UFO of great luminosity hovered for about 30 seconds over the vehicle.

Book reviews

Mysteries of Life

(MYSTERIES OF LIFE by Sueko Sakai. Published by Vantage Press, N.Y. $3.75.)

This is a warm and sensitively written book relating the author’s personal psychic experiences.

Her introduction to psychic phenomena began with an ouija board when she received communications from her Japanese ancestors.

This book is written from a diary that she kept through the early years of the development of this psychic gift. She has been very helpful to many people by using her talent of extra-sensory perception for their benefit. She believes this is her destiny, that God created her to atone for her ancestor’s sins and to help the afflicted.

The experiences that Miss Sakai shares with us are very artistically expressed. Among her psychic abilities is the reading of cards. She is a very extraordinary person and has created a very interesting and colorful book.


The Story As Told

(THE STORY AS TOLD by Jalil Mahmoudi, Naturegraph Publishers, Healdsburg, Calif. $2.00.)

This is a small volume, only 64 pages, with 33 illustrations, in brown and blue tones. Yet, it is a treasure which you will often read and cherish the messages given!

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The Story As Told is authored by Dr. Jalil Mahmoudi, Professor of Sociology and Languages at the University of Utah. He has also written other books in Persian and English.

Perhaps because so much is given in so few words it is difficult to de-scribe this spiritual text, in which even the format is part of the message. In semi-poetic imagery is offered the spiritual messages of the world’s avatars-Noah, Abraham, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus, Muhammed, Bab and Baha’u’llah.

We quote a passage to give you the depth of this small book:

Through my Messengers

Whom I sent

According to your need

At various time and various places

To teach you

How to Live together

and love each other ….

and then follow the teachings of each of man’s great spiritual teachers. Read it often and cherish the teachings so beautifully reviewed!

c. H.


Dear Friends:

I noticed a review of your magazine in the Natural Life Styles No. 3 and thought perhaps I could bring to your attention a path toward understanding oneself and an expansion of awareness.

Our world today is filled with strife and trouble and more and more people are reaching out for answers, for alternatives to the way their lives are lived. Some are trying to change the environment, creating new communities in the woods, traveling or working for an ecological way of life as tools for survival. Others, at the same time, are looking towards teachings and studies of consciousness, such as those delving into psychology, parapsychology, drugs, yoga, metaphysics, New Age religions, Jesus People, macrobiotics, and other paths, in an attempt to find a higher self-awareness.

ECKANKAR, the ancient science of Soul Travel, or the science of Total Awareness, is a direct path to self-realization and God consciousness. Once self-realized, one is aware of himself as Soul. He gains a 360° viewpoint and is above the MEST universe, which is Matter, Energy, Space and Time. He becomes totally conscious of all his bodies (physical, astral, causal, mental, etheric), yet is a free agent and can dwell in this higher consciousness at will.

Those interested in Truth should certainly be aware of ECKANKAR. Sample literature is available from P.O. Box 5325, Las Vegas, Nev.. 89102.


Debbie Burns

NOVEMBER 1973                     15

World report

New Bible May End Controversy Among Faiths

By George W. Cornell, AP Religion Writer

NEW YORK-A common Bible, the long-cherished dream of the Christian unity movement, has been completed.

To be published in the United States, it has approval of Protestant, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox leaders in this country, in Europe and Asia.

Ever since the 16th century reformation of the church, contrasting versions of the Bible have been a major cause of division among the separate branches of the faith, particularly among ordinary members.

“They use a different Bible,” was the usual expression of the presumably impenetrable wall of division, with little awareness how slightly the Bibles really differed.

But increasingly in recent times, that wall has been breached with joint Bible research, joint commentaries and joint regional editions of Scripture, a sequence culminating now with the broad-scale issuance of the new mutually approved volume.

An international ecumenical group, the RSV Bible committee, now headed by the Rev. Dr. Herbert G. May, of Ohio’s Oberlin College, has worked out the presentation and format of the new Bible.

It consists of the RSV Old Testament, a translation produced by an inter-Protestant committee in 1952, a 1971 revised edition of the RSV New Testament, and seven intermediary books, known as “Deuterocanonical” by Catholics and as the “Apocrypha” by Protestants.

Although the basic translating was done 20 years ago by the National Council’s inter-Protestant group, it now also represents Catholic and Orthodox scholars, and the texts now have across-the-board endorsement, including seven midsection books previously omitted in some cases.

While the Protestant reformers excluded the books from the “canon” of inspired Scripture, they nevertheless were included in Protestant Bibles of that era in between the 39 Old Testament books and the 27 New Testament books.

Luther himself, while holding that the seven books were not essential,

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

said they “nevertheless are useful and good to read.”

They also originally were included in the King James version of the Bible of 1611, long the principal Protestant version until production of the RSV. However, commercial publishers subsequently dropped the books out of modern editions to save paper.

The books, meanwhile, remained in Catholic Bibles as parts of the Old Testament, although they had not been included in the Jewish canon of the Scripture.

In the agreed on common Bible, the books are included, as Catholics always have insisted, but they are placed in a central, separate section, as Protestants originally placed them.

The new Bible also is annotated, meaning it includes notes of historical, geographical and other explanation, a long-held Catholic practice and one frequently used by Protestants.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Flurry of Calls

(Lompoc Record, Lompoc, Calif., June 19, 1973)

Military and civilian police took a flurry of calls early this morning, reporting sightings of an unidentified object.

The craft was described by witnesses as a pulsating light that moved at a variety of speeds, hovered, darted behind local hills and emerged again, and reportedly landed in Pine Canyon.

A spokesman at Vandenberg Air Force Base said that air police received two calls from Mission Hills at 12:45 A.M. reporting the pulsating light, which one witness reported to be alternating red and green, soaring over South Vandenberg.

A team of air police checked Pine Canyon but found nothing irregular, it was reported.

The first two calls began a rash of telephone messages relating sightings of the object that were then made to the Lompoc Police Department about 1:30 A.M. and later to a local radio station. Many of the calls were from Lompoc but some were from Santa Maria.

According to Base spokesmen, there were no military helicopters air-borne over Vandenberg at the time of the sightings nor does the Air Force have knowledge of civilian craft aloft at that time.

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Strange Cloud Movements Over Venus

(From Los Angeles UPI Files)

Cal Tech astronomers studying Venus from a mountaintop observatory south of here, said Sunday that strange cloud movements over the

NOVEMBER 1973                     17

Venetian surface further indicate the planet has some sort of four-day weather cycle.

What’s happening on Venus, the scientists said, is that its thick top cloud layers rise and fall nearly a mile with an undulating, “Accordion-like” motion.

“We seem to be observing a fundamental feature of Venus’ weather dynamics that are not explained by current theories of atmospheric circulation,” the scientists’ report said.

Dr. Louise Gray Young, and a small team of Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists recently compiled their infrared analysis of the mysterious planet, after months of study atop 9,000-foot Table Mountain near Wrightwood.

Planetary tests were conducted last fall using the observatory’s 24-inch telescope and Coude Spectrograph. Infrared studies, they said, indicate that the Venus weather pattern shows a planet-wide fluctuation of carbon-dioxide levels, by as much as 20%, which creates a rhythmic cloud movement during a four-day cycle. (Previous ultraviolet observations of the planet by other astronomers indicated a similar cycle, but this is apparently the first indication of what role carbon-dioxide plays, the science team reported in a recent issue of the Astrophysical Journal.)

What mystifies the Cal Tech team, they said Sunday, is that such strange cloud movements require huge amounts of energy but that it, “is difficult to see where it could come from, on a slow-revolving planet with low solar radiation.” The “Mystery” planet is completely veiled by a 15-mile thick cloud layer. It rotates once every 243 days, making it difficult to absorb enough solar energy for such cloud movement.

Dr. Young said they hope some of their questions will be answered when Mariner 10 conducts its “Fly-By” in early 1974, en route to Mercury. Special instruments aboard the spacecraft are equipped to “see” through the Venus cloud shield.

UFOs Hover Over Georgia

(UPI, Sept. 1, 1973, Sandersville, Ga.)

Unidentified flying objects which hover overhead, change color and revolve as they move, were reported sighted over central Georgia Friday night for the second straight night. Ray Smith, of radio station WSNT reported seeing the objects, and said several persons had called the station to report sightings. Sightings were also reported in Camilla, Ga. He said that many of the persons reported they had also seen the moving objects Thursday night but hesitated to report them then, “Because they feared people would think they were crazy.”

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Reports of the mysterious flying objects came from police in Albany, Dawson, Cordele and Adel, Ga., Thursday night. Reports also came from Leary, Pelham, Ashburn, Vienna, Moultrie and Leesburg, Ga.

“We’ve seen about ten or twelve of these things,” Smith said. “They’re generally blue in color, but change into red and sometimes green. They’re smaller than some stars, and change colors, kind of like a kid’s top. Most were in the south sky, where others were reported Thursday night.” Another sighting of the same kind of objects was reported also on Thursday night.

A military spokesman at Dobins Air Force Base, near Atlanta, said several persons had called in to report UFOs, but he refused to say whether any follow-up was being conducted.

More Reports from Georgia

(Medford (Oregon) Tribune, Sept. 3rd]

MANCHESTER, GA. UPI-Two policemen said that they had spotted a “white glowing object” with blue lights, speeding across the horizon early today. It was the fourth straight day Georgia residents have re-ported seeing unidentified objects. Two state troopers said they used binoculars to track the latest UFO near this west Georgia town. They said the craft had a “blue and a white light on either side and some-thing hanging underneath.” Local authorities reported about 20 phone calls from other persons claiming to have seen the UFO.

A newspaper publisher in Camilla photographed one of the objects Saturday night. Chester A. Tatum, publisher of the Sowega Free Press, said the craft had a “ribbed type design” and hovered some 1,000 feet above land.

Military authorities have refused to comment about the rash of UFO sightings.


A Piece of White Paper


If we were asked for what things are we most thankful, would we think to number among our many blessings a sheet of white paper? I lived for several years in a section of India where paper was unknown. When 1 first showed some of these children of Nature a piece of paper it was to them a great surprise and curiosity. They wanted at first to use it as an ornament. to twist it into various shapes and to place it in the lobes of their ears. Paper that had pictures upon it was most valuable,

NOVEMBER 1973                     19

and for a page out of an old Montgomery and Ward catalogue I could buy a whole day’s labor.

But in our own country, do we appreciate the many ways in which a sheet of paper may serve? One can take a piece of paper and trans-form it into a promissory note which the bank will accept. Or out of a piece of paper can be trade a check which the butcher, the baker, and candlestick maker will accept in payment of a debt just as he would accept gold. Again, a musician can write a hymn or song upon a piece of paper that may be sung the world over, or one may write a letter that will warm the heart of a friend. By means of a sheet of white paper we may send tidings beyond the sea and convey information and affection to lands afar. Have you ever thought of all the constructive helpful ideas you can express on a whole package of writing paper? How many hearts can be made lighter, how many minds can be relieved from anxiety and worry, and how many lives changed for the better through the use of a package of white paper!

How the people of ancient tithes who had to write on stones, wood, banana leaves, and even on parchment, would have appreciated sheets of white paper! But white paper may be a blessing or a curse according to what we write upon it. May we ever thank God for the sheet of white paper and cause it always to radiate goodness, truth, and beauty of sentiment.

Bulletin board

Congratulations Due

We offer congratulations to Mrs. Hazel Walton, as the new President, and to Mrs. Teddy Pernigotti, as the Secretary-Treasurer, of Unit #76, Klamath Falls, Oregon.

The Unit seeks to extend its membership. If you live in the area, please write to Mrs. Pernigotti (2030 Vine St., Klamath Falls, Ore.

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Buffalo Unit Presents Rev. Noel Street

In September, Unit #37 of Buffalo, New York, presented as their lecturer of the month Rev. Noel Street. His topic was “Reincarnation and the Law of Karma,” with demonstrations of “looking back” along the soul’s history of persons present.

UFO Chairman, Norman Weis offered his usual interesting UFO re-port.

Regular monthly meetings of the Unit are now being held at the Internation Institute, 864 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo.

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Infinite wisdom reveals the answer to all my problems.

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