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VOLUME XVIII                             APRIL 1973                                                NUMBER 3


Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


One of the most significant aspects of travel in space appears to be the sudden and remarkable expansion in the consciousness of the astronaut which invariably results. Every one of our astronauts who have made the trip to the moon, and even those who have made only orbital flights, have experienced the immediate increase in human perception and under-standing that space flight brings.

For many decades the science of astronomy has taught men about the immensity of the universe, and the relative insignificance of the tiny sphere upon which he lives. Yet, while man lives only upon that sphere, constantly driven by the ruthless competition of modern life, and the pressing need to achieve the things by which his success in life will be judged, the earth is likely to remain the only sphere of immediate importance, and the immensity of the universe merely an academically accepted fact, to be pondered briefly during occasional periods of relaxation. When, however, earthman journeys outward into space to a point from which he can look back upon the tiny cloud-flecked globe which had been his universe, he cannot help but feel the pettiness and the ultimate

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

futility of man’s habitual struggle for the individual goals of money, social position and power. It is, perhaps for the first time, brought forcibly to his consciousness that if the entire planet, with its billions of struggling humans, were suddenly to vanish in a gigantic nuclear explosion, it would be unlikely that the rest of the universe would even notice the event, or feel any sense of loss! Only Man’s creator would be saddened by his demise, and so the astronaut is inevitably drawn closer to that creator and to the significance of His creation.

The mind-expanding effect of space travel is best illustrated by the statements made by many of the astronauts, almost immediately after their return to earth. For example, Edgar Mitchell, of Apollo 14 said, “My whole view of myself, my role in life, my philosophy about myself and mankind has changed immensely.” James Irwin, of Apollo 15 said, “It’s made me a warmer, more human person. We all came back with new understandings and new perceptions. We are keenly aware of the necessity for all men to work together on the planet so it may continue its travel through space peacefully just as we traveled through space.” Rusty Schweickart, of Apollo 9 said, “I am not the same man. None of us are. I completely lost my identity as an American Astronaut. I felt a part of everyone and everything sweeping past me below.” Charles Duke, of Apollo 16 said, “I was overwhelmed by the certainty that what I was witnessing was part of the universality of God.” Bill Anders, of Apollo 8 said, “Seeing the earth from out there evoked feelings about humanity and human needs that I never had before.” Tom Stafford, of Gemini 6 and 9, and Apollo 10 said, “You don’t look down at the world as an American but as a human being.”

The above statements are but a few of the many, remarkably similar ones, that have been made by returned astronauts. An entire book could, and perhaps some day will, be written concerning the changes in personality and outlook that space flight brings. Ed Mitchell described the phenomena in these words, “You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world and a compulsion to do something about it.”

Perhaps space travel will prove to be the ‘touchstone’ which earth’s spiritual leaders have been seeking for centuries. The one cohesive force strong enough to overcome the countless artificial barriers that earthman has erected between himself and his neighbor. If enough understanding can be generated on earth to keep our civilization going for one more generation, it may be that space travel will have become common enough so that a trip to the Moon can be made a standard part of the inaugural ceremonies for every person elected to public office.

APR I L 1973                               3


Life’s cycle of age-youth-maturity-age-youth, etc. can be elusive. Because of death’s illusion of finality, the cycle often appears to be a straight line, with a beginning-birth and youth-and a very dead end. To me, it seems that a clarified view of life’s cyclic nature and a fresh look at such words as youth, age, old, end and death could improve my relations with folks in other generations; with my own “seasons”; and even with nature. Life, itself, offers some clarifying; tangible illustrations, and speaks here in the first person.

My situation as a living being is that of water being poured from one cup into another: both my full cup and the one I am going to fill are necessary. For example, my full cup holds the liquid that my next “young” cup needs to bring it to life. The filling process that joins the two cups can be a fulfilling one, literally, if seen as such.

Sometimes the full cup is called “old” because of its fullness. But, I am the liquid, not the cup. The liquid is ageless, the deepest and highest me. (It is interesting to note that altus, meaning high and deep, is one of the Latin roots of old; and that two of its other roots mean to grow and to nourish.)

Ok, if I realize that I am the liquid, not the cup, there is no need to fear or shun that fullness, in me or others, called age, which soon will give away its contents again to youth; for I am always full. Also, as liquid and not cup, I need not worry over getting filled, used up, and discarded. My life is never used up nor lost in dying. It is only “loosed”-as one more cup turns loose my liquid to continue its ageless flowing.

The river nearing my home tells the story, too. “I am now my head-waters matured; I am now broad, quieter and slower. I have nearly spent my energy. At the shore my rivering ends and I will become part of the sea. But soon the sun, through evaporation will give me a new potential energy and individuality, and I will leave home again. Some call my going “youth”; and “age” my coming home. I will evaporate and cloud and-full of potential energy fall-I will travel to the mountains of my newest headwaters. There my potential will start to move kinetically. I will fall as rain; then as spring and rapid creek and river, with my going-away gift-potential-homeward pulling me.”

The garden offers another helpful picture: there I am in a green sprout, and over there, in a pod. I live through the seasons of my differ-ent forms, but I am not those forms, and my life has no season. In winter, one form will end, and I may appear to end with it. But, I will begin again. (It is interesting that two of the roots of end mean and and before,

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

both indicating continuity.) Every winter-end comes just before another spring beginning.

It is in that pod falling from the ripened tree that I carry over winter a seed containing my next green sprout. Death is just the emptied pod I leave behind. Some call me “young” in the seed or sprout, and “old” in the pod. I am neither old nor young, but ageless. If I remember that fact, I can see and appreciate life beyond season inside all the old and young forms around me.

It looks as if I reap this fall and winter what was sown last spring; but, also, I sow this winter and reap from it next spring. I sow in every season and reap constantly, grateful, not only for spring’s offerings to winter, but, also, for winter’s gifts to spring.

(I look forward to reading the experiences and ideas of others on this subject. Mail to Understanding, Inc., Merlin.)



(Excerpts from a talk given at the 3rd Annual Understanding Convention, In Merlin, June 1972, by Dr. Irma Glen, noted Minister, Organist and Composer.)

In recent years there have been increasing indications that the necessity for simple understanding is being recognized.

The dictionary defines Understanding as “beyond prejudice, open-mindedness, tolerance, and release from preconceived concepts and opinions.” Let us add to these compassion, empathy, and receptivity to the new and the unknown.

I have always loved the Indian Prayer: Great Spirit, before I judge or criticize another, cause me to walk a mile in his moccasins. The Indian knew that the same life that indwells in him, also indwells his brother.

Understanding, like peace, is a personal thing. It must first be in individual hearts before it can become effective in the family, the community, the country, the world, or in the universe. Therefore, we have no right to expect that the sorrows of mankind can be cured by scientific, political, or economic means.

After travelling worldwide, in the on-the-scene-study of most of the major religions and many of the minor ones, I feel that Understanding, like Religious Science, is a correlation of opinions of philosophy, discoveries of science, and revelations of religion applied to the needs and aspirations of man.

There is only one thing that costs more than Understanding and that is trying to live without it.

APRIL 1973                                 5

Don Blanding wrote an interesting epitaph: “Do not carve on stone or wood, he was honest or he was good. Write in smoke on a passing breeze, seven words, and the words are these, telling all that a volume could, ‘He lived, he laughed, and he understood.’ “

Let me quote another great friend, Manly P. Hall, who says, “The word Understanding is strangely derived from the concept-to stand under. Perhaps in ancient days men walked alone in the desert in the darkness of night and there stood under the heavens. About them and above them, they sensed the triumphant motion of the universe. They beheld stars and constellations like the writings of some strange language. Within themselves they realized and understood something of the mystery of that divine power in which we live and move and have our being.

All of the great religions teach The Golden Rule, the sacredness and dignity of human life, and the recognition of the unity of God as the one benevolent parent of all created beings. Each recommends honesty, honor and virtue; living according to the laws of Truth, the worship of God and service to our brother men. How can faiths so united in principles still be in conflict with each other and attempt to hold a competitive relationship?

The only answer is: Lack of Understanding. We have permitted artificial boundaries of language, race, nation, and sect to obscure our goal. Now we have Understanding, Inc., founded by Dr. Daniel W. Fry, an organization whose purpose is to build the House of Truth in this world. To this labor many sincere persons are dedicated, for it takes more than the work and genius of one man to promote so colossal a project. The enthusiasm, faith, and receptivity of us all is needed.

“None has the time to investigate thoroughly all the areas of human and divine relationships,” says Dr. Fry, “yet, by our sharing of Under-standing gained we help others to grow. Not every neighbor accepts our New Age concepts, yet by judicious use of example and experiences we can create curiosity to investigate new subjects.”

Whether we attend a church or not we should remember that our temple is within us. Each of us is a living, walking church and the only bible some people will ever read is the life we lead and the example we give. What you do or say today might just be the catalyst of a planetary oneness.

The principal efforts of Understanding, Inc. are toward the search for basic points, or areas of mutual agreement, throughout the world, which may serve as seeds for the growth of mutual understanding.

Dr. Fry received his ideas from communicating and associating with a person not born on this earth, who warned that the world was on the

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

brink of scientific knowledge that would enable the nations to destroy the planet and that they would if they did not work for Understanding. (Send for Dr. Fry’s “The Problem of Survival-The Area of Mutual Agreement.”)

Thinking persons realize that fear is the basis of many diseases as well as of most misunderstandings, and that many other misunderstandings often derive from ignorance of the science of semantics. For instance, someone says to another, “I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

The real understanding, then, is to grasp the true meaning of information conveyed to us by others through their words, forms of speech, and through their behavior. Of course, before complete understanding can take place, we must have the desire to understand. We must take into consideration another’s conditioning, his circumstances, past experiences and frames of reference.

Thank the God that is for the many, many groups, known and un-known, throughout the world who, with their awakened membership, seek unity in diversity among all people-seek understanding.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


“Marvel not, Ye must be born again.” Jesus said it, but like many Biblical quotations scholars differ as to its meaning. It would appear that the material universe in all its parts must reflect a spiritual prototype or counterpart. The physical entity is born into the physical plane. I wish to postulate that the spiritual man is incubating in the physical entity at the time of birth, the physical body being the shell of the egg, the egg entity, being placed on the earth which is really the Womb of God, for the preparation of a second birth into the Spiritual Realm.

As on the physical plane there are short and long pregnancies as well as still births and abortions, so also is the entity’s period of gestation in the earth realm of varying periods of time. Those poor souls who would seem not to develop at all could not be ready for birth into a world of no physical substance, but as nothing in the Physical Universe can be lost or destroyed, so should we expect to discover that no spiritual energy could be destroyed. These still-born spirits, like dead cells in a battery, wait to be recharged for another incarnation, which is really for the sole purpose of preparing for a spiritual birth.

The earth and the fullness thereof is the reproductive system of the

APRIL 1973   7 Creator’s body. The caterpillar, if it thinks, probably thinks it is all, for it dies with the emergence of the butterfly; and the butterfly has prob-

ably forgotten his lower state, but it is of no matter. The past, present and future are all one unit. You can not be conscious of the existence of existence in the realm of time anyway. Our spiritual food received through our everyday experience is assimilated and we grow in spirit, or it passes through our days as undigested waste and we starve spiritually. What is your state of Spiritual Pre-natal Health?



Communication From Within

One of the things that puzzles the world today is the question: Can animals communicate with us?

The important thing for us to realize is that all life draws from the same source of intelligence, and therefore can communicate. This intelligence is in all life, from our domesticated dogs, cats and horses, to the wild beasts, and even insects.

This communication is not the ordinary flap-jaw gossip and small talk. It is the Universal Mind speaking in and through all of us.

Surprisingly enough, when this communication comes about, no audible words need be spoken. But, don’t forget, that even if this “no speech” is a way to communicate from within, you should still communicate out loud.

To be successful in this correspondence we must keep our feelings about the form of life to which we are speaking on our own level. Even the insect, amoeba, or dog must be considered by us as being of equal intelligence.

The book Kinship With All Life by J. Allen Boone, tells of some of his experiences with animals. Strongheart, the famous dog known for his intelligence as a movie star, is one of the examples. Mr. Boone took care of Strongheart (or was it vice versa?), and he soon had different ideas about dogs, rather than the usual feeling of “He’s just another ‘ol dog.” In one episode, Mr. Boone decided to take Strongheart to the back-country, which the dog loved. The dog was nowhere to be found, but as Mr. Boone thought of taking Strongheart out, the dog came bounding in the house. Strongheart had received Mr. Boone’s thoughts, and under-stood them.

In another instance, Mr. Boone and Strongheart had dropped in on an

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

old friend, who was a lawyer. This man had two clients with him, and when the dog saw these clients he immediately charged one of the men. Later, :, check into this person’s history told that this man was a “dirty dealer.” He had taken advantage of people for years, but he couldn’t fool Strongheart.

Experiences with creatures other than human occurred regularly to Boone. In his book, he tells of rattlesnakes, wild ponies, ants and many others.

Among these were the Zephers-the neighborhood family of skunks. Mr. Boone personally met Mr. Zephers one evening and invited him to re-turn soon with his family. Amazingly, the Zephers returned and came each night to visit the Boone garbage can. The knowledge Mr. Boone gained from these skunks was great. He found that they had some very excellent qualities. They lived as a family unit with no juvenile delinquency or parental friction. He found a mutual love, consideration, understanding, and confidence expressed by this family, the Zephers.

When Freddie, the Fly, was introduced into the book, a picture started to form in our minds. Freddie had probably decided that our friend was ready for another lesson, when he landed in the center of Mr. Boone’s magnifying mirror as he was shaving. The very fact that Freddie looked as though he was on the subject’s nose must certainly have been an interesting experience. Of all the places which Freddie could have landed, why had he picked the bathroom-and of all places, why had he landed on the mirror? Coincidence? It is doubtful.

Freddie is the last creature told of in Kinship With All Life, and the most meaningful. For here we have found the answer. Freddie was a common everyday housefly, yet he knew who was open to communication, and therefore landed right before his nose.

All things on earth have this consciousness and ability for communication from within. It only needs to be developed and put to use, once we are aware of it.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

We are apt to be humble when in need, but if the way is smooth we readily assume an independent air. Refined is he who remains modest and reflective.


APR I L 1973                               9


Youth who want to be a part of Understanding’s youth action know we are anxious to receive more mail from you. This includes those of you in countries other than the U.S.A.

Send your thoughts, ideas, stories, poems, quotes, or anything which you want to share with those of Understanding. We will try to get everything published in our magazine as quickly as we can.

You don’t have to be a member of Understanding to contribute to this, because we are doing this to bring the young people into closer contact than we have had. This is to share!

Send your contributions to:  Valorie and Pete Bohnert, c/o Box 206, Merlin, Oregon 97532 U.S.A.


A New Believer

(PORT DOVER MAPLE LEAF, Ontario, Canada, August 4, 1972)

Mr. James Pugsley, of Brant Hill, told the Maple Leaf he saw a huge luminous object in the sky on Thursday evening and watched in amazement, as he could hardly believe his own eyes.

It was about 10 P.M., as he was gazing in the direction of the Big Dip-per, when this apparition came in out of the northwest. It was like a huge disc or sphere, and was luminous with light blue or green tinge. As it crossed the sky, Mr. Pugsley saw it for a matter of 3-4 seconds.

It went behind a bank of clouds, and then as he searched the sky, he saw it as a white flash proceeding in the direction of the Nanticoke area. Mr. Pugsley said he has never before seen anything like it, but is now convinced that unidentified flying objects are not the figment of some-body’s weird imagination, but are real, and do actually exist.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

A Strange Glow

(LANGLEY ADVANCE, B . C. Canada, October 26, 1972)

Two residents of Aldergrove were awakened at 4:30 Wednesday A.M. by a loud, unidentifiable sound emanating from somewhere in the vicinity of their home. Rising to investigate, they observed a bright light rising swiftly in a southeast direction from their home.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The light which was seen by Mrs. Marg Kocsis and her brother George, “appeared to be spherical, and was so bright that for a few seconds you could have read a newspaper by the window.”

Mrs. Kocsis reported that it was very quickly gone but “while it appeared to be rising swiftly into the night, there was also a very loud sound as of rushing wind.”

Whatever is the explanation for the strange occurrence, it was apparently not lost on the animals of this particular farm. “They kicked up a terrible fuss of howling and barking in the presence of the noise and light, and when they disappeared, they settled down,” said Mrs. Kocsis.

Her report went on to describe the weather conditions. “It was not yet sunrise, and there was a fairly heavy fog, so that the moon could not have been seen, even momentarily. I can’t imagine what the explanation could be. It was a very strange experience.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but, far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.



(A prayer offered by Mrs. Tahahlita Fry at the Charter Presentation Exercises for Unit No. 78, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)

Let us pray that strength be given to us all, who work for a world of reason and understanding, that the good that lies in every one’s heart may, day by day, be magnified, and all will come to see more clearly, not that which divides them, but that which unites them; and that each hour may bring us closer to a final victory, not of nation over nation, but of man over his own evils and weaknesses, that the true spirit over this group, with its joys, its hope, and above all, its abiding faith, may live among us in true understanding, and the blessings of peace be ours, to build, to grow, and to live in harmony and sympathy with others, and plan the future with confidence, and in perfect understanding of God and Man.  Amen.

APRIL 1973                                 11


Man’s Basic Needs

The December 1972 issue of The Futurist offered an article by Charles W. Case and Robert L. Lasron, of the University of Vermont, entitled: “Preparing Educators for the Future.” Quoted in this article were the tenets of Abraham Maslow as to man’s basic needs. The relevance to Dr. D. W. Fry’s “Area of Mutual Agreement” is obvious. We quote:

“The late Abraham Maslow, former Brandeis University psychologist, contended that all men share certain basic needs which can be arranged in a hierarchy of five levels:

“1        Physiological needs:  To survive, man needs food, clothing, shelter, rest. As the imperative requirements for staying alive, these represent the most elemental needs.

“2        Safety or security needs:  When physiological needs are satisfied, man wants to keep and protect what he has. He starts to try to stabilize his environment for the future.

“3        Social needs:  As his environment becomes more stable, he seeks to be part of something larger than himself. He has social needs for be-longing, for sharing and association, for giving and receiving friendship and love.

“4        Ego needs:  These are the needs that relate to one’s self-esteem (needs for self-confidence, independence, achievement, competence, knowledge) and one’s reputation (needs for status, recognition, appreciation, deserved respect of one’s peers).

“5        Self-fulfillment needs:  Finally comes the need for growth, self-development, self-actualization. As the capstone of all his other needs, man wants to realize the full range of his individual potential as a human being.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

A man’s life is only justified by his efforts, however feeble, towards better understanding. And to understand better is to become more attached. The more I understand, the more I love; for everything that is understood is good.


12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

poet’s corner


Two roads diverge before our gaze,

On each can speed inventive skill,

On one to blast, on one to bless,

According to our wish and will.

Deciding hour is striking now! ! !

From here a greater future starts

If we direct and use our brains

With love and wisdom from our hearts.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


A railroad crew in Pegu

discovered a monster Buddha

garbed in gold

and reclining on carved supports

of unbelievable beauty and complication.

APRIL 1973                                 13

Removing the outer raiment

of lizards, birds and vines,

the Burmese restored a godhood

and worshipers were invited.

I like this evidence of

the reversible Asian mind –

in search of the iron future

they stumbled instead on the past

and came forth with flutes

and with garlands to make it welcome.


(First Rights Only)


There Is No Hurry

Time is a man-made concept. The universe knows nothing about it. The job of keeping the planets, stars, and galaxies rotating properly and behaving themselves is a timeless matter.

We can assume the universe has been doing this forever-and will continue to do so for eternity. At no time will it be worse off for “wear and tear.” And it will never watch the clock.

In stark contrast, man-a creature of the universe-feels that he has but a brief span as a living entity. He reasons that time “marches on” and that he must make the most of it. This proves his undoing.

Time does not pass through or by us; we are the ones who pass through time. It’s as if we were crossing a bridge, which represents eternity. The faster we hurry across it, the sooner we get to the other side. But things won’t be any different once we arrive. So why the hurry?

Perhaps man would live a lot longer if clocks were thrown away; if everything weren’t dated and timed; if birthday anniversaries were never acknowledged or celebrated; if the words “young” and “old” were not part of our vocabulary.

One thing is certain-the rush to meet time schedules of every kind hastens our path through eternity.

Before you continue to hurry and scurry about, living by man-made deadlines, just stop and consider-take time. Don’t let it take you.


14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

UFO Reported


Sheriff’s deputies received a report of an unidentified flying object near the Carousel Trailer Court early Sunday morning.

Frank Allen, 27, who lives at the trailer court on U.S. 23 north, told deputies he was on his way home from Chillicothe at 12:30 and saw a football-shaped object hovering about 100 feet above the trailer court.

Allen described the object as being 75-100 feet long and about 50 feet in diameter with red, yellow, and green lights which glowed on and off. Allen said it hovered for about 10 seconds before it traveled west and straight up. He said the object was gray and made no sound.

Allen said he has never seen anything like it before. Asked if he thought it was a flying saucer, he said, “I don’t know. In this day and age it could have been anything. It might have been something from our own Air Force.”

Witch Doctor Calms Employees


A U.S.-owned factory in Singapore hired a Malaysian witch doctor to try to restore order among women employees seized with fits of hysteria. One section of the firm’s television and appliance assembly plant was shut down for the third time in a week because of hysteria seizures among 100 women employees, company officials said.

A security guard and several of the plant’s employees said a 50-year-old witch doctor from neighboring Malaysia and three assistants entered the plant and burned incense in an attempt to calm the employees and cleanse the premises of evil spirits.

“The management probably doesn’t believe in bomohs (witch doctors) but they know the girls do and probably thought it was a good way to get things back to normal,” one employee said.

Mysterious outbreaks of hysteria are not uncommon in Singapore and Malaysia. They usually affect groups of people, mostly women, and occur in chain reactions.

APRIL 1973                                 15

Ethiopia Site of Spiritual Revolution

(NEWS-SUN, Springfield, Ohio, 1-7-73)

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – A tremendous spiritual movement that may prove to be one of the greatest conversion movements in Africa’s history is taking place in southwest Ethiopia.

According to the Sudan Interior Mission, more than 10,000 animists publicly renounced spirit worship and became Christians in a three-month period last year.

Over 20,000 people have been baptized and 100 new churches have been established in the last three years in one province.

The movement is credited to a new spirit of evangelism among the well-established churches which have sent scores of witness teams into remote mountain areas.

UFO Sighted in Kansas

(SOUTHWEST TIMES RECORD. Ft. Smith, Ark.. 8-25-72)

ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) – An unidentified flying object was re-ported sighted just east of here early Thursday by an Arkansas City Traveler newspaper reporter.

Beth Lilley, the reporter, said she saw the object hovering in the sky to the east of Arkansas City. Three police officers had sighted the object and called Miss Lilley.

At 4:20 a.m. she reported she drove to the top of a hill within the city limits where the officers had first observed the object.

Miss Lilley said it appeared as an extremely large and bright object somewhat round in shape with varying lengths of apparent light rays beaming from its edges.

Within a few moments, she said, a large, glowing circle appeared around the object and twinkling red lights could be seen on what appeared to be the front of the object.

Miss Lilley said that within two to four minutes, the bright glow seemed to be absorbed into the body of the object.

Unidentified and Flying

(PALM BEACH POST, West Palm Beach, Fla., 9-13-72, by James Quinland, Staff Writer)

“I saw 11 of them-and don’t drink,” said Mr. Smith.

Smith’s neighbor, at the Holiday Plaza Mobile Park on Haverhill Road, also saw 11 of them, pulsating with red, yellow, green, white and blue lights.

Smith said, convincingly, “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing so I called my neighbor, and he and his wife looked and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Then we called the sheriff’s office. And the deputies came and they looked and they said they couldn’t believe what

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

they were seeing either.”

A call to the airport Tower followed, by the deputy. The Tower said there was nothing on the radar, but they did see something.

Shining UFO Seen

(SIERRA SUN-BONANZA, Truckee, Calif., 8-9-72)

An unidentified flying object was reported above North Star Development in the wee hours Friday.

Tom Garrett of North Star reported sighting a circular, shiny, light colored object, about 30 feet in diameter at 12:40 A.M. It was hovering above the development, making a whirring sound similar to but less noisy than a power drill. It had no lights, Garrett told the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department at Truckee, and after holding there a few minutes, moved northeast. Garrett said he tried to follow it in his pick up truck, with lights off, but lost it.

He told sheriff’s deputies he was entirely sober and thoroughly scared.

Positive Penmanship Affects Life

(WACO NEWS TRIBUNE, Waco, Texas, 10-26-72, by Jeannette Branin, Staff Writer)

At 14, Bruce was a crazy mixed-up kid. He was sick, sick, sick.

His mother, a student of graphology, took a sample of his handwriting to her instructor.

The instructor studied the letter and said that the boy was disturbed, physically ill, chronically fatigued and psychosomatic.

“We can correct much of it by correcting his handwriting,” said the instructor.

He began to take lessons in handwriting that eliminated negative indications and emphasized positive ones. In less than a year, says his instructor, his appetite improved, he abandoned the use of drugs, became relaxed emotionally and improved in his studies.

“Bruce has entered college this year,” said Charlotte P. Leibel of Miami, his instructor.

“He is studious and well-adjusted, and his health has improved tremendously.”

Mrs. Leibel had put into practice the theories advanced in her book, Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life.

“It does work that way,” says Mrs. Leibel. “By learning to abandon what is negative in our handwriting, we reprogram our subconscious mind.

“Handwriting is therapeutic. To practice positive-traits handwriting is to change your basic attitudes from negative to positive.”

It’s being used at the University of Sorbonne to help children with neuroses and varied emotional problems.

APRIL 1973                                 17

Book reviews

Life Is As You Give It

(LIFE IS AS YOU GIVE IT, talks by Louis Conde (Lahissa). $3.00. Order from Editor Ellen Gibbs, 2803 N. Victoria, Peoria, Illinois, 61604. Published by Richard R. Smith Publishers, Inc.)

Lahissa was a spiritual lama from Tibet and he brought to America his messages of the universal laws of life. In this country he became known as Louis Condé and as he spiritually ministered to soul-sick people, he also acquired the respectful title of “Doctor.”

This book contains seven of his last public talks. Also included in this 155 page volume is a section on “Selected Gems from Lahissa’s Teachings.” These are brief paragraphs which are truths that he expressed and lived. One, for example is: “Life is eternal-it is everywhere, but in different forms and stages of development. Evolution is going on and will go on through eternity,” and also “What is thought? Thought is the greatest potential force in existence. It is a power that you cannot see, you cannot touch. you cannot weigh, you cannot smell-and yet it is something very real.”

These talks are refreshingly written and it seems as though Mr. Condé is speaking personally to the reader. He uses real life examples from his experiences to illustrate the truth he is explaining. In this way, the realization of the idea, or truth, becomes vivid and understandable.

In the talk on “Mind Development: Emancipation from Human Miseries” Mr. Condé states: “Indeed, my dear people, it is mind, development of mind, that will emancipate humanity from all its ills. It is, after all, not your physical condition that causes troubles. It is mind-your mental condition, because mental disharmony is the cause of physical disharmony.”

The talk entitled “Co-Operation Between Employer and Employee”

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is a very important one for our readers who are employed in any type of business. This chapter will give you an entirely different outlook on your job and it may mean the difference between your success or failure with progressive promotions. Mr. Condé says, “My dear people, the purpose of the New Teachings is not to give you something way up in the clouds, out of your reach, but something that is constructive to you right now, that will help you to help yourself . . . There is never an employee. You are never working for somebody else-you are always working for yourself.”

Members and subscribers to Understanding, Inc., will agree with Mr. Condé’s statement: “All planets have life-life is everywhere.” He goes on to say in his talk “Thought Vibrations” that “Life will adjust itself to any environment, to any condition; and it is only a question of time when scientists through their microscopes will find that there is life in what to us is the most deadly gas or acid or anything else-there is active life just the same.”

We find this a most remarkable book and one that we hope our readers will obtain and study. Louis Condé has offered us instructions, examples and information on the universal laws and our responsibility to them and to ourselves.

Perhaps we should end this review with a Gem from Lahissa’s Teaching: “And last-the Seeking of Truth and Understanding. Seek and you shall find. Seek knowledge and a better understanding of things-not narrowing yourself by what someone has given you, or accepting without any effort of reasoning or analyzing, but seek, and knowledge will come to you. Seek-and the seeking is endless.”


Merlin Unit No. 1

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Only by accepting change, only by adjusting to it, can we continue to develop and grow. We can’t begin our journey into tomorrow if we cling too tightly to the past.


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When you find that you are in the wrong, change your course and prepare to back down gracefully. Avoid the folly of carrying your fallibility as a concealed burden.


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