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VOLUME XVII                             AUGUST 1972                                           NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


One of the principal roadblocks in the path of technological achievement seems to be the inherent tendency of advanced scientific training to blunt the imagination of most of those who receive it. Very few of our major achievements in technology have come from the top men in the scientific community. (Perhaps because they knew, better than others, the great difficulties involved.) The first successful aero-plane, for example, had to be designed and built by a pair of bicycle mechanics, be-cause the scientists knew that such a thing was impossible, and would never have wasted their time in such foolish efforts.

It is an interesting, though unfortunate fact, that the possibility and the practicality of virtually every great technological advance has been denied, and frequently ridiculed, by top men in science, almost up to the moment of its successful demonstration.

Even after many types of aeroplanes had been built and flown successfully, the famous astronomer William H. Pickering, said, “The popular mind often pictures huge flying machines speeding across the Atlantic, and carrying many passengers, in a way analogous to our modern steamships. It seems safe to say that such ideas must be wholly visionary. Even if a machine could get across with one or two passengers, the expense would be prohibitive to any but the capitalist who could own his own yacht.”

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

In 1932, Dr. F. R. Moulton, astronomer at the University of Chicago, stated most emphatically, “There is no hope whatever for the fanciful idea of reaching the Moon, because of the ‘insuperable’ barriers to escaping the earth’s gravity!” In 1933, Lord Rutherford, the great British Physicist knew for sure, and repeatedly stated in public that, “Anyone who looks for a source of power in the transformation of atoms, is simply talking moonshine!” In the 1940’s, no less an authority than Admiral William Leahy, Chief of Staff under President Truman, said, “The A-Bomb is the biggest fool thing we have ever done. The bomb will never go off. And I speak as an expert on explosives.”

The foregoing are only a few of the many expressions of ‘expert opinion’ on file in our archives, but they should serve to illustrate the point. It seems very fortunate that we still have, in this country, as well as in the rest of the world, a few men who have imagination and determination, but who are not sufficiently ‘Educated’ to know that what they propose is quite impossible!


Opposition is the great contemporary slogan of the younger generation which turns more and more away from traditional forms and structures in order to go its own way. Frequently this is not mere political rebellion against the establishment but simply a manifestation against outmoded social norms. This phenomena explains the popularity of “beat” and “pop” basements, the success of the many clubs of the younger generation, the entire underground movement.

Often one is under the impression that this is more an escape from the responsibilities toward our modern industrial society, an escape into a romantic illusion of the  simple life similar to that of the youth movements at the turn of the century.

the meantime, the industrial society has asserted itself more effectively. The  threat of mass production, mass media, over-population and the like looms over all, and the concept of democracy becomes dubious in its accepted form. The relation ship to a new, highly industrialized society, however, can neither be improved by revolutionary gestures, nor with an escape into an underground movement or an LSD trip.

Rapidly, we are nearing the year 2000, the Atomic Age. Not an escape from responsibility is needed, but rather a revival of political and social norms in order to  maintain democracy and human dignity. The young people sense acutely the end of an era without being able to find a new way–therefore their escape into rebellion.

In this dilemma the older generation offers no assistance. Instead of acting with dispatch, the responsible groups, bound by tradition, continue to confer in unwieldy commissions and to postpone action. They know no other solutions than to threaten the effervescent groups with police and special laws which, unfortunately,

AUGUST 1972                            3

bring Hitler’s method to mind.

At the same time, we find a glorification of youth which, in turn, leads to a feeling of uniqueness in the younger generation. They forget that youth alone is not all, and that in a few years they, too, will be older, and that achievements alone will be important in our modern industrial society, be it capitalistically or socialistically oriented.

When we examine the claim of the younger generation to individuality, we discover, to our surprise, a lack of personality, which the younger generation attempt to disguise with long hair, mini-skirts and other attention-getting superficialities. The objective observer sees merely a picture of uniformity rather than individuality.

Another parallel with the youth movements of fifty years ago is found in the fact that almost all belong to the middle class and there is little contact with the blue collar class, which, after all, is a large part of our population. Thus, the rebellious youth becomes part of an exclusive group which believes it has a sure-fire method to lift the world off its hinges. And yet, they, with only a few exceptions, do not acknowledge the intricate interactions within our industrial society where disruptive actions will cause sharp reactions–which will result in crises of unemployment, thus further widening the gap between the two groups.

Yet, the rebellion of the younger generation is timely and right, because it forces those responsible for the welfare of the country to realize that all our political, legal, moral, sexual and educational structures evolved in the 19th century and have now become antiquated. Rebellion, per se, however, is wrong when it claims to have the only acceptable solution.

Cooperation alone can help evolve the new era. It is the privilege of youth to exaggerate while the elders must temper this by showing understanding towards youth–rather than conferring in the old leisurely ways of the past. The elders must adjust to the pace of the technical age or else step down.

R. Caltofen Segura

Dusseldorf, Germany


Rodolfo Caltofen Seguar

Dusseldorf, Helmsholtstr 35


1.         Age must serve but not dictate to youth.

2.         Age must lead but not drive youth.

3.         Age must inspire but not conspire against youth.

4.         Age must spread but not clip the wings of youth.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

5.         Age must pave but not block the path of youth.

6.         Age must liberate but not regiment the life of youth.

7.         Age must spiritualize but not ceremonialize the religion of youth.

8.         Age must refresh and gladden but not oppress and dampen the spirit of youth.

9.         Age must unify and integrate but not divide and separate the forces of youth.

10.       Age must now lower but unfurl the flag of youth; must not imprison it in the concentration camps of terror, starvation and death, but give it freedom to construct the mansion of hope, plenitude and life; must invite it to abide in the House of Song and Assurance but not in the hermitage of fear and melancholy.

If Age cannot do this, then Age has no message for Youth – then Age must retire either gracefully or disgracefully and let Youth through its own thought, speech and work, its own knowledge and ignorance, its own follies and wisdom, its own trial and error, its own glories and shame, its own dreams and fantasies, its own blood, sweat and tears, its own victories and defeats – lay the foundation of a lasting global union of nations, races, peoples and religions.

Mirza Ahmad Sohrab

(Courtesy of Oasis, Vol. 22 #3)


(We are always pleased to offer the thoughts of young people – in this case of a 15 year old member of Understanding Unit #1 of Merlin, Ore.)

Do you try to understand others and their ways, or do you give judgments wrongly? Understanding takes in all people and if we had more of it, our world would be a better place in which to live.

Understanding covers a lot of things which are all related. It means to be sympathetic or to have a tolerant attitude toward someone. It may even be an insight or a harmonious relationship with others.

In everyday life we are constantly comparing others to ourselves and wanting them to be the way we think they should be. There is a saying “A book can’t be judged by its cover”, so it is with people. Their outward appearances or attitudes aren’t always the right things to go by, if you are passing out free judgment.

Attitudes may be used to cover up their real personality or feelings. An example of this is the common snob. Everyplace has one. The impression from the first meeting with this person is usually that they think they are better than you.

If you could get inside this person, you would find something very different and

AUGUST 1972                            5

shocking. A living example of this is a man I met once. He acted as if everyone was supposed to bow down and kiss his feet. I was really put out and passed him off as a snob. But I came to find out that he was really very insecure. He didn’t have a college education and his only pay was as a fireman. His wife, as a result, was the supporter of the family. In order to look like the head of the family, he thought he had to act in this superior way. I am sure that there are other reasons for his actions because it is not very often that one reason can be the only cause for such a great put-on.

People like this may have been hurt by those who are inconsiderate. People who don’t care about others, compare them to themselves and look for things to criticize. The people who receive the criticism may not want to take a lot of knocks, so they shut out the world in general and raise a barrier.

A way to break down the barrier (or at least to weaken it) is by listening. Some-times all a person needs is to sit down and talk. They will feel much better after talking to someone who sincerely listens. They will know you are a considerate per-son and won’t be afraid to tell you their real feelings. They know you are not going to criticize them. You can also use your eyes when someone is talking to you. Instead of wasting words, why not say “I understand” with your eyes? That way you won’t interrupt their thoughts. Looking at their eyes is a good way to tell what they are feeling and mean to say, too. If you have a sincere feeling say it with your eyes. Who-ever it is meant for should get the message. The person you listened to will feel better and they may even thank you for your help!

There have been commercials on the radio about love. One of them is especially in contrast to this. A girl brings home her boyfriend to introduce him to her father. Her father tells her, “Not right now, I’m too busy”. Can you imagine how neglected and unwanted she must have felt? Something as small as an introduction would have taken only five minutes of his time, but he couldn’t spare that for his daughter.

The person who listens gets helped, too. He may find that others are much like himself and through this he can understand himself and others better.

Along with understanding comes love, appreciation and care for others. Usually it is just the small things that count. A little consideration of how others may feel and how you would want to be treated if you were in their position is all it takes.

As for love, you can show it by realizing others have their own ways and thoughts. No two are the same, so why should you try to change anyone?

Soon you will appreciate every person you meet as a wonderful chance for communication and for a good relationship.

The experience of being in understanding with someone will make your day and someone else’s too. Try it!

Val Bohnert, Age 15

Unit #1

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


The Third Annual CONVENTION OF UNDERSTANDING, June 23-25, in Merlin, Oregon, was blessed by beautiful, warm days — the lovely clouds, some lenticular, intensified the blue of the heavens above. But, the gathering was blessed by much more — with wisdom shared, understanding and fellowship.

If the staff found the International Cultural Center of Understanding building somewhat cold and dismal, early Friday morning, when they arrived to complete preparations, when they closed the doors on Sunday evening the very structure seemed to vibrate with a contagious warmth and joy — indicative of the shared communication among the like-minded, loving souls who had attended the sessions.

To merely list again the speakers and their subjects cannot convey the real essence of the interactions between audience and teachers. Further, as we lack the wit of the Master of Ceremonies, who introduced each personality so fittingly, we shall share with you our impressions of the Convention.

It was a deeply personal, inner experience to share the Open and Silent Prayers, and to meditate, to the accompaniment of spiritual organ music, where player and instrument were one. It was a new experience to find the guitar, too, was an instrument for soul uplift, with the player attuned to the Infinite.

The teachers, wise in many different areas of human and divine understanding, gave so much. We were offered philosophy, science, parapsychology, healing, messages from space beings and from those (children as well as Bishop Pike) who had made their transition from earth life, esoteric interpretations of Biblical passages, and so much more. There were charts, art work and even a movie to enhance our understanding.

Our awareness of Who and What and Why we are was expanded. We learned of “where man has been” and “where he is destined to go” if he will consciously and persistently seek the Truth Within.

Divergent as seem the themes, they were, in actuality, grounded in the know-ledge that ALL IS ONE, though viewed from different perspectives at different times.

It was a wonderful Convention, an opinion shared by those who participated, young as well as old. And, as one woman was overheard to say, “It’s the best I’ve ever attended and I have been to ten others!” Already we anticipate the next one when each shall again be filled according to his need.

Probably no man ever had a friend he did not dislike a little; we are all so constructed by nature that no one can possibly entirely approve of us.

E. W. Howe

AUGUST 1972                            7

World report

New Meat

New Zealand Herald, New Zealand, April 1972

A revolutionary new plant “meat” which, in nutritional terms, is claimed to replace ordinary meat, has been launched in Britain by a food firm.

Having the texture of meat, but made from wheat gluten and defatted Soya flour the new product, Vitpro, contains vitamin B12 normally found in food of animal origin – liver being the richest source.

School authorities will be urged to use it, unflavored or savory, in school meals. A spokesman for the firm said: “It is also more economical than meat and can be used in a greater variety of dishes.

‘Big Foot’ Print Found

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore. 6-17-72

OAKRIDGE, Ore. – A huge human-like footprint found three miles east of here appears to be that of “big foot,” a Eugene man who wants to capture one of the hairy beasts said Monday.

Gordon Kliewer, head of a non-profit organization dedicated to capturing one of the legendary primates, said, “We’re quite firm it is the footprint of one of our hairy friends.”

The footprint was found by fishermen near here over the weekend. They said at first they were afraid to report it for fear of ridicule.

Kliewer said the print, which is 17 inches long by 7-1/2 inches wide and 1-1/2 inches deep, had to be made by a creature weighing 650 to 750 pounds.

Kliewer said discovery of the print in Lane County will help fulfill the goal of capturing one of the hairy primates because “it gives us a little better understanding of the areas and terrains they are in.”

Chemicals Chase Birds

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore. 6-1-72

MANILA – Chemical pollution apparently has forced birds to fly away from the vast banana plantations in southern Philippines, in the province of Davao del Norte. Many wild game hunters have complained after expeditions to some forests with-in the banana communities that wildlife, especially birds, have vanished because of lethal effects of chemicals used by plantation companies in disinfecting banana trees.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Cargo Cult Leader

New York Times, 4-4-72

YANGORU, Papua New Guinea – The leader of a “cargo cult” with headquarters in this remote jungle village has just been elected to the Papua New Guinea House of Assembly, or parliament, by an overwhelming vote.

As a member of the House, he may vote on such questions as when this vast Australian-administered territory of 2.5 million Melanesians, plus a few thousand whites and Chinese, will become self-governing and then independent.

The successful politician, Matthias Yaliwan, is said to have more than 60,000 followers who have paid to join the cult, which regards as sacred objects a used photographic flash cube and the gaudy cover of a paperback mystery by Agatha Christie.

Mr. Yaliwan thinks that he himself is destined to be the leader of the country.

In an interview the 43-year-old former handyman declared in Pidgin, the English-based common language of the country, that his object in the House of Assembly would be to promote immediate independence and himself as “big fella leader o’long Papua New Guinea” – in other words, head of the Government.

Mr. Yaliwan’s success in the election is seen as a measure of his cult’s influence. “Essentially, the cargo cults are the result of a culture clash,” a Pennsylvania-born expert, the Rev. Francis Mihailic, said.

” ‘Cargo’ is the Pidgin word for anything the Europeans have that comes in ships or planes,” he explained. “They can’t understand how the European gets all that stuff, so they connect it with magic.”

Reacting in the way that their culture has prepared them to react, Melanesians imitate the white man’s rituals, in an effort to create “cargo.”

They have sat at tables and moved meaningless papers around, have talked into contraptions made of tin cans and string to look like a telephone, and have sat in front of boxes painted to resemble refrigerators, expecting cans of beer to materialize inside.

The cultist’s belief in the creation of wealth by supernatural means is reinforced by local interpretation of passages in the Bible dealing with miracles, authorities say.

Sight in Missing Eye!

Oakland Tribune, Oakland, Calif. 8-20-71

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – An Asheville eye specialist has suggested that tests be made at a recognized eye institute on a 9-year-old boy who says he can see out of an eye which was removed three years ago after being damaged in a fireworks explosion.

A reporter and a photographer for the Asheville Times said they saw the boy

AUGUST 1972                            9

locate, identify and describe a variety of objects while his good eye was covered.

The specialist, Dr. William F. Powell, says extrasensory perception is a possibility, The family talks of a “miracle.”

The boy, David L. Pelletier Jr. of Black Mountain, N.C., first claimed to be able to see from the left eye on July 6. A plastic eye replaced the real one in the surgery. His father, David L. Pelletier Sr., says he was advised by an eye surgeon in Asheville, Dr. Sprinza Weizenblatt, that all nerves which might contribute to vision were taken out after the fireworks accident.

Haight-Ashbury Follow-up

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore. 5-24-72

SAN FRANCISCO – Whatever happened to the youngsters who trekked to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury to become hippies and thumb their noses at the “Establishment?”

Scientists four years ago wanted to know what the answer would be and started keeping tabs on 250 young drug users.

The researchers for the Haight-Ashbury Research Project have been able to keep in touch with about 80 per cent of the volunteers they have been studying, says project director Stephen Pittel.

Generally speaking, he said, most of them have become “resocialized” or dropped back into society.

The most nearly resocialized come from families “with a more authentic involvement in the community” than the others, Pittel said.

He said 70 per cent of these have parents who are regular church goers, compared with 15 per cent for those the scientists considered the least resocialized.

Fewer drugs are being used by the subjects than four years ago. The only drug showing a significant increase is alcohol.

Pittel said 60 percent have continued to use psychedelics and marijuana but  at considerably reduced rate.

Pittel says the youths have become more conventional in some ways but their ideas haven’t changed much.

“They still think of themselves as much more hip than straight,” he said, “but they’ve found it too much of a hassle to remain dropouts.”

Acupuncture Helps Doctor

Citizen-Journal, Cols., Ohio 5-12-72

SAN FRANCISCO – Two Chinese acupuncture experts have relieved the arthritic

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

hip pains suffered by the president-elect of the California Medical Association. There’s no question there is considerable relief of pain in my hip – the pain I had when I came in is essentially and literally gone,” said Dr. Thomas Elmendorf of the needle treatment.

The Willows, Calif. doctor had steel needles placed in his hip, behind his knee and along his lower back by Dr. B. C. Plan, a former Hong Kong herbalist; and Dr. Leung Kok Yuen of Vancouver, B.C., who heads the North American College of Acupuncture.

License for Witch Doctors

Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio 5-7-72

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia’s witch doctors and medicine men must soon be licensed. The order came from Health Minister Le Siok Yew in new legislation which government officials say is expected to be approved by Parliament.

The bill was drawn up after authorities in neighboring Singapore linked several deaths to folk medicine found to contain arsenic.

Garlic vs. Mosquito Larvae

Ladies Home Journal, June 1972

With DDT discredited as dangerous to wildlife and possibly to man, the search for safer pesticides continues. Garlic has long been known to kill bugs, and scientists in Bombay now have isolated two garlic components that, in dilutions as low as five parts per million, kill mosquito larvae.


Let’s imagine for a moment planting one apple seed. A tree sprouts and grows into maturity producing many bushels of apples. Now, take all the seeds from these bushels of apples and plant them. By continuing this process you would eventually have enough apples for everyone in the world to have all the apples they wanted. The same principle can be applied to a grain of corn, wheat, or in fact anything that nature produces.

Further evidence of the abundance principle of nature can be found in the new way nuclear scientists are breeding power. By using what is called a Breeder Reactor they have been able to set up a situation where the original plant, while producing enough power to set its own turbo-generators spinning, also supplies enough surplus energy to sustain the plant’s continued operation. Besides that, it is estimated that in twenty years time it will create enough extra energy to operate another plant equal

AUGUST 1972                            11

to the original in capacity output.

If the principle of abundance is truly a Divine principle, then all the scarcity in the world is man-made. Of course; if it is man-made, it can be corrected by man.

You say that is fine as theory; but how do I, as an individual, go about removing scarcity from my life?

Early in my writing career when I was struggling to find ideas for articles I happened to meet an older writer. During our conversation I mentioned my problem to him. “That’s no problem at all”, he informed me, “I take one idea and by the time I have finished developing it I generally have acquired two or three more ideas for future articles.”

He told me about the time he had an interview with a successful businessman. During the interview the man mentioned how much he depended on his secretary. On the way out of the office my friend made an appointment to interview the secretary. Thus, he had two salable articles instead of one. He said his problem was that he simply did not have time to pursue all the ideas he obtained.

The effectiveness of this principle is not limited merely to writers or any other occupation.

A friend of mine who is a salesman in an appliance store won a sales contest simply by making a list of people to whom he had sold major appliances in the last six months. He called everyone on the list and inquired as to how their appliance was working. He made notes of any problems and promised to have a serviceman stop by and check them out. Naturally, people were pleased by his concern. He ended the conversation by asking them to tell any of their friends who might be interested in purchasing a major appliance to stop in the store and ask for him. He has never stopped reaping benefits from this idea.

The manager of the service station where I usually trade took over this station three years ago. Prior to that the station had been opened and closed intermittently for some time. He was warned by the previous owner that there were too many ser-vice stations in the area. Construction of a freeway nearby had altered the route of much of the through traffic. All in all, it was just a bad location.

However, the new manager was not to be deterred. He hired competent help, paid good wages and offered first-rate service. In a short time the good word spread and now he has to turn work away because he just doesn’t have the time or space to do it. He has the same problem as my writer friend.

Some people think being a waitress is sort of degrading work. But, I know a lady who makes lots of money being a waitress and is very happy doing it. Of course, she is on her toes. From the moment you sit down in her section you have her attention. No waiting five or ten minutes for the menu and ice water. She’s always there to refill your coffee cup at the right moment. I asked her how she managed. Smilingly, she

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

said, “I don’t really know, 1 guess I just tune in on people.” I left her a good tip as do most of her other customers.

These stories represent only a few of the ways the abundance principle can be applied on a personal basis. Regardless to your position in life, there is something you can do now to bring the influence of this abundance principle into your life.

If God had not intended for us to live in abundance, he would certainly never have so thoroughly woven this principle into the structure of nature.

Why not use it? Today! 

Cecil M. Wright


This deals with prophecies, promises and things in nature which will bring about changes, on this planet and other planets in our galaxy and other galaxies throughout our universe, which will broaden present experiences.

I suspect this is in regard to very high degrees of radiation, initiated from a single element in our universe, changing the vibration of both the visible and invisible – the seen and the unseen elements throughout. Understand, changes are constant, but in this case and because of the enormity it is periodic.

From what I can gather, the changes that are to occur here will give ground to what sages of old have tried to tell man on this planet, that there is much, very much mere to our existence than what meets the eye.

The principal of all that there is, both internal and external, visible and invisible, “creation”, will bring about this fact. Our concept of existence will change. Because of the magnitude involved there will be great movements on this planet – now occurring throughout, i.e., earthquakes, extreme weather conditions, climate changes, through natural causes and man made occurrences, as wars, accidents, etc., both subtle and in magnitude, will provide new conditions for a more subtle, universal thinking and existence.

Higher and finer beings (Man) from other planes, which have been watching and guiding us in the past, whom we have called God, Eternal, Jehovah in the Western world and sages, adepts, initiates, such as Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, Lord Mohammed and Lord Krishna, who were born on this plane to both experience and enlighten man, their efforts will soon come to bloom. For this is the next step, of an eternity of steps, which will provide this plane with a broader means of experience.

We have been preparing for this since the dawn of time – the Bible in the Western world, old writings, mythologies and legends throughout other cultures, have indicated this.

And now the state is being prepared. Nature is about to expose another of her glories for MAN to behold.


AUGUST 1972                            13

Poet’s corner


One day as I lay thinking

my third eye revealed itself to me

and through it I could see

all that had been a mystery.

I saw my soul descending

through the cosmic night

coming here to earth

to start its homeward flight.

As I entered the beautiful sea of life

a body was given me

to protect my precious light.

The Silver Cord is united

and tied to earth I am

but I myself can turn within myself

to find myself and know that I Am.

An illusion will never hinder me

for everything is thought-

But No! I AM NOT!

James E. Workman, Jr.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING



I THINK IMMORTALITY is the passing of a soul through many lives or experiences; and such as are truly lived, used and learned, help on to the next, each growing richer, happier, and higher, carrying with it only the real memories of what has gone before.

I seem to remember former states, and feel that in them I have learned some of the lessons that have never been mine here, and in my next step I hope to leave be-hind many of the trials I have struggled to bear here and begin to find lightened as I go on. This accounts for the genius and great virtue some show here. They have done well in many phases of this great school and bring into our class the virtue or the gifts that make them great or good. We don’t remember the lesser things. They slip away as childish trifles, and we carry only the real experience.

Louisa May Alcott


Fred Somebody, Thomas Nobody, Peter Anybody and Joe Everybody were neighbors. They were odd people and most difficult to understand.

All four belonged to the same church, but only one attended regularly.

Everybody went fishing on Sunday or stayed home to visit his friends. Anybody wanted to worship, but was afraid Somebody wouldn’t speak to him. So guess who went to church. Right! Nobody.

Really, Nobody was the only decent one of the four. Nobody did the visitation. Nobody worked on church.

Once, they needed a new Sunday School teacher. Everybody thought Anybody would do it and Anybody thought Somebody would do it. And do you know who did it? Nobody.

It happened that a fifth neighbor (an unsaved one) came to live among them. Everybody thought Somebody should try to win him. Anybody could at least have made an effort. You probably know who finally won him to Christ—Nobody!

Farmland News

Archbold, Ohio

A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he knows some-thing.

Walter Mizner

AUGUST 1972                            15

Book reviews


(Lama Foundation, 1971, San Cristobal, N.M. Distributed by Crown Publishing, 419 Park Ave. S., New York, N.Y., 10016, $3.33)

How to review this unique, compelling and spiritually uplifting book – REMEMBER – BE HERE NOW- is the question. Since the inner impact is difficult to express we offer the outer and the obvious.

In format itself the book is unusual: 8″ by 8″, separated into four sections, with varying paper textures and colors, assorted inks, and a great variety of letter types. And, to read the Core Section the book must be turned 90 degrees!

The first section, entitled; The Journey, is the story of Dr. Richard Alpert, Ph.D., his spiritual search and transformation into Baba Ram Dass. As he explains it, the journey had three stages: the social science, the psychedelic, and the yogi, each contributing to the next. This story is Dr. Alpert’s sharing of his “internal journey”.

The next section, entitled, From Bindu to Ojas, is the Core Book. (Bindu, the lowest, and Ojas the highest, form of energy.) Printed on a brown paper, abundantly illustrated with sketches, the printing varies almost from line to line, it flows horizontally, vertically, around and through the drawings. The text, in which one concept flows into the next for over 100 pages, stimulates an inner knowing towards Cosmic Consciousness and Oneness. The spiritual, inner impact of this section must be experienced, it cannot be put into words.

The third section, entitled, Cook Book for a Sacred Life, a Manual for Conscious Being, is a series of dissertations, exercises and “potent quotes” to aid the seeker on his journey toward enlightenment. The introduction here notes that “Everyone’s needs are different and everyone is at a different stage along the path, but as with any recipe book, you choose what suits you”. Among the many offerings of “ingredients”

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

are expositions on Readiness, Renunciation, Asanas, Eating, Pranayam, Time, Space, Dying, etc. There is also provided a Glossary of terms, since many of the words are more familiar to the Eastern rather than the Western world.

The final section, entitled, Painted Cakes Do Not Satisfy Hunger, is the bibliography. This section, again on different paper and with different ink, is divided into three parts: Books to Hang Out With, Books to Visit With Now and Again, and Books Its Useful to Have Met.

So much for the format and nature of the contents of REMEMBER – BE HERE NOW. The inner excitement, the questions and answers, the uplift, the knowingness and the aspirations are a subjective, personal experience that only a reading of this unusual text will provide. BE HERE NOW removes many veils of illusion, offers practices for self-growth and knowing, and makes more real that expanded aware-ness of cosmic consciousness we seek. The “trip” will differ for each reader, yet, we highly recommend the journey for all seekers of Truth, Light and Love.


N.Z. Herald, April 24, 1972

Staff Reporter – Tauranga

A woman reported sighting an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Tauranga on r–:day night, but that was the only indication that extra-terrestrial visitors might be interested in a convention of people interested in them.

About 600 people attended the first national convention on UFOs in Tauranga or Saturday. They were mostly “Ufologists,” but there were a few with open minds some declared skeptics.

Theories about UFOs were propounded and attacked. Not all the speakers believed in UFOs.

Mr. B. C. Musker, a sixth year engineering student representing the Auckland University UFO research group, set out to disprove Captain B. L. Cathie’s harmonic theories.

However, Mr. Musker conceded: “The weight of evidence about UFOs leads me to suspect that there are some phenomena we are unable to satisfactorily explain, but I am not certain whether they are physical craft or psychic experiences.

Mr. B. Dickeson, representing the Timaru UFO research group said he did not believe in UFOs but was interested in observing them.

He advanced the theory that UFO sightings reflected the state of society and claimed there was a definite link between sightings and television programmes.

AUGUST 1972                            17

Because of a definite social trend to censor people who reported UFOs in New Zealand, only one in three sightings was reported, Mr. Dickeson estimated.

The man who claimed to have been in a spaceship, Mr. I. Boyes, aged 26, a Canadian now living in Auckland, is promoting a group known as Integral Structures Systems Utopia.

The group claims to have been formed by the Intergalactic Administration and to be in contact with people from other worlds. It also claims to have been given details of how to build a flying saucer.

The group has plans to bring a space fleet from Taurus by 1979 to stop mankind from destroying itself, to help form a world government under the biocratic system and abolish the monetary system.

Mr. Boyes later told a Herald Reporter that he was telepathically attracted to a space craft 100 miles from his home in Welland, Canada, in 1961. He hitchhiked the distance and was later taken on board it.

Mr. Boyes said the craft was circular and about 100 feet in diameter and was manned by three crewmen who came from the coniferous age of earth. They had time-traveled to the present.

Mr. P. Austin, of Auckland, editor of the UFO magazine Contact, said biblical angels had been envoys and messengers.

The discussion went on late into Saturday night and continued informally yesterday morning. There was no doubt about the interest of the people there.

But a Tauranga engineer who listened carefully to the theories went away convinced that very few of them were technically sound.


There are many groups which work “to promote a better understanding among all peoples of earth” – each in its own way. We, here, present to our readers the work of the International Cooperation Council (ICC), as given in their bi-monthly publication – THE COOPERATOR.

The Cooperators believe that if man had a broader view of the meaning of his existence, he would begin to realize the pettiness, the triviality of the deadly competition which is responsible for most of his present troubles – war, race conflicts, pollution of nature, crime and starvation. What is required is a change in human nature. Cooperation must eventually replace competition.

Interim projects of The Cooperator include: (1) cooperation between science and religion in the study of the evolution of man’s psychic structure and its survival of bodily death; (2) establishment of a “World Authority” capable of enforcing peaceful relation between all nations; (3) elimination of the original source of competition by

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

providing sufficient food to supply all mankind; and (4) arousing the women of the world to use their power to obtain peace.

The ICC is a non-profit coordinating body of autonomous individuals and groups, each seeking in its own unique way to contribute constructively to the global transformation of our time. Based upon the principle of “unity in diversity among all peoples”, the ICC is an experiment whose goal is to foster the emergence of a new universal man and civilization, serving the well-being of all mankind. Utilizing the methods and knowledge of modern science in concert with valid insights of religion, philosophy, and the arts, the creative activities of ICC cover a spectrum from the search into man’s inner nature to dynamic social action.

In the ICC “Declaration of Interdependence” the following cooperative action is encouraged:

To advance human fellowship through mutual trust, understanding and respect;

To champion the uniqueness of the person, human dignity and universal rights;

To strive together to discourage hostility, exclusiveness and brute aggressiveness;

To foster an enlightening synthesis through education, planning, human encounter and service;

To build with joy a world civilization of freedom, justice, and peace founded on reverence for life;

To insure that all factors of man and nature are returned to balance for the health and good of all; and

To provide present and future generations with the opportunity for maximum realization of their potential.

(If you are interested in the details of the work of the ICC send for a copy of THE COOPERATOR, 75d, 17819 Roscoe Blvd., Northridge, Calif., 91324.)

Much ill feeling would be avoided if it were only realized that People do not repel each other — but Ideas do!

As war is, therefore, the consequence of the mounting up of group ill-feeling, set in motion by this battle of ideas in the world of causes — and all group ill-feeling is built up of individual ill-feeling, then it is obvious that we are each and all individually responsible for war.

Yvonne Brennan

What we are — is God’s gift to us.

What we become–is our gift to God.

AUGUST 1972                            19

Bulletin board

Spiritual Awareness Seminars

C S A of Kaemont, Georgia has been holding a series of summer Spiritual Seminars. Still on the program during August are sessions on Mental Cybernetics, Advanced Yoga and Creative Awareness.

Write C S A, Box 7, Lakemont, Ga., 30552, for particulars.

A Plaque for Understanding

From Mr. Carl Pernigotti and Klamath Falls (Ore.) Unit #76 has come a beautiful hand-carved wooden plaque, listing the presently active Units of Understanding on copper name plates.

Mr. Pernigotti is indeed a skilled artist! The carving depicts our emblem, the world with crossed hands. The truly three dimensional upraised hands are beautiful-and powerful-something very special. The plaque will be hung in a place of honor at the International Cultural Center of Understanding that all may enjoy this labor of love, made for and to Understanding.

Our deepest thanks go to Carl Pernigotti and to the Unit of which he is a member.

Buffalo Unit Elects Officers

From Mrs. Marie A. Hale, newly re-elected President of Unit #37, Buffalo, New York, has come a letter telling of the Annual Dinner Meeting and Election of Officers for the coming year.

The dinner meeting was held on May 12th and attended by 35 unit members. The following will serve the Unit in the coming year:

20                                                                                       UNDERSTANDING

President                                     Marie A. Hale

Vice-President                            Veronica D. Nowak

Treasurer                                     Casimer F. Nowak

Cor. Secretary                             Cora Prantner

Rec. Secretary                            Kathleen Hutchins

Librarian                                       Raymond Hutchins

UFO Chairman                            Norman E. Weis

Congratulations to the new staff and wishes for another fruitful year for the Unit in “promoting a better understanding among all peoples of the earth, and of those not of earth”.

Dana Howard

We note, with a prayer, the passing of Dana Howard, April 1972. Dana was be-loved by the many who knew her personally, and by many others through her spiritual teachings, given through Diane of Venus.

Study Group Proposed

Rev. E. A. Larsen is interested in forming a Study Group for those in the Grants Pass, Medford, and Ashland area.

Rev. Larsen has been a Coordinator for the Mark-Age Associates (of Miami, Fla.) for many years and would enjoy sharing his study of the Mark-Age materials with others.

If you are interested, write: Rev. E. A. Larsen, P.O. Box 685, Ashland, Ore. 97520

Dirty Windows

How dirty appear

Our neighbor’s windows

When we neglect

To clean our own.

Ed. Eaglo

Understanding, Inc. P. O. Box 22, Sta. C. Pasadena, Calif. 91104

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by Antita in Tala & Enrica

refers to the rising Sun of the Aquarius dispensation.

This fascinating story of Eternal Love and Life is an excellent introduction to the Cosmic Laws of Karma and Reincarnation, as well as a springboard to deeper conscious unfolding of the reader’s own divinity.

The story recounts several incarnations and gives deep insight into life beyond death.

SUNRISE is an outstanding gift-book.                                              $4.50

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