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VOLUME XVII                             MAY-JUNE, 1972                                      NUMBER 5

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


There is an unfortunate habit among scientists and laymen alike of judging the effect of nuclear explosions only in terms of the measurable physical energy- released. Since the announcement of the first `Hiroshima Atom Bomb,’ the energy yield of nuclear devices has been measured in ‘Tons of T.N.T.’ This standard of measurement is, however, a deceptive one, as some scientists are beginning to suspect, and as we all may someday learn to our sorrow. Conventional explosives, such as nitroglycerine or trinitrotoluol (T.N.T.) act by converting the solid or liquid substance of which they are composed into a large volume of gas at very high temperatures and pressures. The incandescent gas rushes outward with explosive force. shattering other objects in its path. The process involves only a relatively simple rearrangement of the atoms within the molecular structure of the explosive material, and the resulting heat and pressure are the only causes of damage to the surrounding area. In the case of nuclear explosions, however, the atoms themselves are torn asunder, releasing a part of their binding energy in a number of forms of radiation. In calculating the total effect of nuclear explosions, the physicist usually considers only the blast effect, the radiant heat, and the amount of Alpha, beta and Gamma radiation. These are readily detectable, and can be measured with considerable precision by the scientist. What is not so commonly realized is that

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

another form of radiation is also emitted by the atom when it gives up a part of its energy in either fission or fusion. This radiation cannot readily be detected by any instrument now in existence on this planet, but, although it is as tenuous and as ethereal as the neutrino, it can, and does, create a definite and inhibiting effect upon all forms of life, even at great distances from the site of the explosion.

With all its study, research and investigation, over many years, medical science has not yet succeeded in isolating or measuring the flow of the `Life Force’ or `Vital Energy,’ which causes the atoms of inanimate matter to join together in the incredibly complex molecules found in ail living matter. Yet they know that such a force must exist, and they continue to seek means to detect and measure it. If such an instrument were available to the scientist today, it would show, almost at once, that the less tangible form of radiation produced by the release of the atom’s binding energy tends rather strongly to inhibit or ‘short-circuit’ the flow of vital energy in virtually all forms of life. Exposure to this radiation does not cause death, unless the dose is very very large and, consequently, its insidious effect may not be realized by its victim, especially since the dulling of the senses and the lowering of the ability to reason are in direct proportion to the dose received. The great danger inherent in this form of radiation is its penetrability. Like the neutrino, it does not interact with matter, and therefore passes easily through any depth of rock, earth or even metal.

The nuclear scientists who believe that their massive underground explosions do no damage to human life, because the earth and rock covering usually prevents the escape of alpha, beta and gamma rays„ seem to be totally unaware that the most damaging radiation of all passes as readily through the rock as it would through air, or even through space. It radiates, in gradually lessening intensities, to all parts of the earth and, while it does not interact with matter, it. does react with several forms of energy, including `Life Energy.’ Its negative effect in this case, tends to reverse the normal processes of evolution. There is no place where man can hide from its effects, and no material can shield him from it. Most of earthman’s wars, and other forms of mass insanity, coincide in time with the massive eruptions of binding energy radiation from the sun during periods of high sun-spot activity, and when any star becomes a `Nova’ the effects set back the processes of evolution upon many planets, even ones which may be light-years away.

MAY-JUNE, 1972                       3


Once upon a future there was a LITTLE TOWN in the southwest-corner of Ontario. There may have been other towns too, but the few people still existing in the LITTLE TOWN had lost touch with them, way back in 1972 when communications had been cut all the world over..

So, for the purposes of this story, the LITTLE TOWN is the only one to concern us.

It was in the year 1980. The buildings in the LITTLE TOWN were unchanged, and the Town Hall still an historic building, although no one bothered about it now.

The LITTLE TOWN drowsed under its plastic shroud. It was dark. Those babies born since 1972 had never seen the sun, although presumably it shone as brightly as ever above the grey blanket which pressed onto the dome above them. As a matter of fact, it was because the babies had never seen the sun that the LITTLE TOWN had been saved from extinction thus far.

To compensate them for their deprivation they had developed a much more acute sense of COMMONSENSE than any ever used by adults in the pre-pollution days and, therefore, by the time they had orally completed Grade 2 and graduated to Grade 3 they were capable of some pretty extraordinary survival suggestions.

It was one of the hours of what had become an eight year night, and the Mayor and two Councilors who were left as figureheads in the LITTLE TOWN were having an emergency council meeting.

Had one been able to see them, it would have been noted that they were distinguished from the other citizens by the fantastically deep wrinkles in their foreheads. They’d had a heavy task, and it was be-coming heavier.

“If we can keep the level of pollution as it is at present, and if one of those Grade 3 kids comes up with another idea for lessening pollution within the next month, we may be able to exist for a further six months,” said the Mayor. “By then,” his flat, heavy worried voice lightened a degree, “perhaps some of the Grade 2 kids will have some new suggestions to throw into the hat.”

“Councilor Plusorius, how say ,you?”

Adam Plusorius took a deep breath. He’d only been called to council a short while before and, as the junior member of three, he hadn’t been consulted up to now. In addition to this. he’d taken conditions for

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

granted and hadn’t realized things were as serious as the Mayor’s words indicated. Besides he had his own problems.

Scraping his memorized bank balance from his mind, and remembering that every good Christian must do his best for others (he’d been a great one for Church way back in the days of his youth when smoke had meant dollars), he answered: “We’re all right in here. That new anti-breath pollution pill is doing a fine job … no cause for worry. Let’s table it.”

The meeting adjourned and the three men felt their way from the building, each heading by touch alone towards his own home.

Adam Plusorius, whose eyebrows, had they been visible, would have reminded one of supine dollar signs with a gleam beneath to match, felt his way along the railing surrounding what had once been the fire station, along the brick wall of what he felt was a memorial to life itself, the Bank … and stopped with his hand on the handle of the Night Wallet chute. He gave a sob. All that he’d ever lived for was in there. Beautiful dollar bills. Ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties and hundreds.

His mind boggled at the thought, but finally he tore himself away and moved slowly onward.

Six more months perhaps, if one could rely on the sense of a nine-year-old or less. No more light, no more steaks, no more fish, no more water, no more money… all polluted, except the latter… MONEY! Everything had been polluted now for eight years and perhaps there was only six months to go.

But money would remain when all else was gone. When HE had gone! Something in his brain snapped. Soon he would be gone too. Circumstances and that great, man-made cloud of poisonous air pressing down on the dome high above the houses, had prevented him from ever making any more money. He had one thought in his mind now. He wanted to SEE a dollar bill, just once again, before his spark went out.

Pushing open his door he raced down to the basement, felt around under a pile of old newspapers and boxes until his fingers touched a small tin box. Wrapped in paper behind it was a long slender roll which he unfolded lovingly. He’d stolen it. The only thing he’d ever stolen by means of entering. After all he was a Christian and Christians had morals. He had nothing on his conscience except this one candle, which

MAY-JUNE, 1972                       5

he’d taken from the church the day before it, too, had closed in 1975. A candle to light him to Heaven.

Drawing a dollar bill from the tin box, he felt it. It felt just like any other piece of paper two and three-quarters of an inch by six inches, unless one could see the dollar sign. He held it close to his eyes. No use.

Finally, with trembling fingers he fumbled behind the old furnace and took out a match box. lie struck an illicit match and lit the candle. It would burn for a long time … no one would know, no one could see. Besides, a burning match and candle couldn’t do that much harm. But he couldn’t see the flame. He could only feel the unaccustomed warmth of the candle. His eyes would grow used to it any minute now.

Then, before his eyes could see the bill, for the sight of which he yearned, he gasped as the candle ate up the atoms of oxygen which had been the balance point of the atmosphere.

As the candle flickered out, Adam fell dead to the floor, the dollar bill green in his hand, and the smoke from the gutted candle drifted upwards through the basement door and away.. . to obliterate the LITTLE TOWN.

Alwine Franke

——— ♦ ———


It sometimes seems that the most difficult word in the English language to understand is the word `understanding.’ If you should ask each of a dozen different persons to define the word `love’ you would be likely to get a dozen different definitions, each one fairly precise in nature, but varying in some respects from all others.

If you should ask the same persons to define the word `understanding’ YOU might get no replies at all, or if some were forthcoming, they would probably be so vague and general as to have relatively little meaning.

Some persons who have been members of the Understanding organization for ,years, may still be heard to ask, “But what is Understanding? What does it do, and how does it function?”

One of the best definitions to be found in present day dictionaries is the following-“Understanding-The faculty by which one comes to know the true nature of things and conditions, and to grasp the full and true meaning of information conveyed to him by others.”

s                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Understanding is the most priceless faculty possessed by man, but unfortunately, like other priceless things, although it may be greatly admired, it is seldom used.

Earthman is still largely a creature of habit, emotion, dogma and inculcated bias. We are endowed with reason, but the primary use we make of it is to create logical excuses for doing what our emotions and habits impel us to do. The dogma and the inculcated bias result from what Professor Sumner once described as, “The innate laziness of human nature whereby each generation takes for granted the conclusions of the last generation, merely to save the trouble of thinking for itself.”

One of the redeeming factors of what is usually known as the “Revolt of youth,” or “The generation gap,” is that youth, by automatically questioning or denying virtually everything taught by the older generation, literally forces both generations t o think for themselves, and will eventually bring about a considerable increase in the existing level of understanding.

Daniel W. Fry

——— ♦ ———


One explanation of the so-called psychic power of telepathy is that persons who are close, that is, lovers or loved ones, can communicate mentally, especially in times of stress or emergency.

This view, however, explains the phenomenon in terms of a “power” that certain individuals are born with or acquire. I have frequent telepathic experiences, yet I do not consider myself unique nor do I possess any mysterious power. I will explain my understanding of it after I relate my most recent experience.

I was reading The Origins and History of Consciousness by Erich Neumann, more specifically about the Great Mother mythological archetype. While continuing to read and reflect upon the passages, at the same time I began thinking of a friend and how an experience with him-getting my hair cut-had reminded me of my mother. I continued reading, and also continued concentrating on the image of this person. In the midst of doing so, the phone rang and it was this person.

Since this has happened before, I decided to try it again mainly to rule out coincidence. It was around six-thirty P.M. I began to concentrate on another person with whom I have a close relationship. I mentally

MAY-JUNE, 1972                       7

asked him to phone me, knowing that he did not return home from work until around seven-thirty. I returned to my reading and when this person called me about an hour later, I was not surprised.

Man is spirit-energy-cosmic mind-ONE. The unity of mankind is not something we have to work for politically or socially. We arc already unified, we are all ONE, a unification of infinite variety. It is. the KNOWLEDGE of this unity that is missing, not the unity itself.

Oneness on the Universal scale is equivalent qualitatively to oneness. of man. Man is microcosms.

Thus one person can communicate telepathically in the same sense that man talks to himself. Since we are all different aspects of the same unity, it is obvious that we should be able to communicate mentally with each other. In other words, itself “talking to” itself-itself meaning the Universal Self, or what Hindus call the paramatman.

In the same way, clairvoyance, foretelling future events, can be explained by the knowledge that time is an illusion on the cosmic scale, and since man is microcosms, time is likewise an illusion on the earthly scale. One can get the “past,” “present,” and “future” if he knows the key.

Why do only certain individuals know the key to clairvoyance or telepathy, if all people are ONE, parts of the cosmic unity? Knowledge of the truth of oneness is the “power.”

Entity X cannot communicate telepathically with entity Y (1) because he does not KNOW that he can and (2) because he does not KNOW that he is ONE with the universe. He believes that others have this power because they are gifted, unique or mystic. He does not KNOW that the belief of a separate self is an illusion of his everyday working mind.

As Yoga and other ancient teachings outline, this universal knowledge is within all of us. It is not magical, nor is it based upon a belief in a god, although it can arise through adherence to one of these. But it is ALWAYS the individual transforming himself, rather than any outside influence, that awakens the ever-present truth within him.

The realization of ONENESS can come through any number of means: meditation, fasting, Yoga, belief in a god, LSD, or love. What is most frustrating is that one cannot tell another how to awaken him-self. One can only point the way by convincing him of this reality, of pure unitary consciousness of which we are all a part.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Enlightenment has nothing to do with intellect, logic or reason; in short, it bears no relationship to thinking.

Whenever people relate, they can do so on the level of each asserting his “l,” his ego, or there can be the realization that the seemingly separate egos are actually consciousness meeting itself, in infinite variations on a theme.

In Erich Neumann’s words: “Humanity as a whole and the single individual have the same task, namely to realize themselves as a unity.” It is this apparent contradiction that Western man has difficulty accepting. But it is a reality that a growing number of enlightened individuals are discovering. We are One.

David Batterson

——— ♦ ———


On January 23rd of this year the Sunday Herald of  Auckland, N. Z. published a report on the work of Erich Von Daniken. 36, Swiss author of a best seller-Chariot of the Gods.

Mr. Von Daniken planned to spend 10 days in New Zealand researching material for his forthcoming book-Vas God An Astronaut? The book claims that the earth was visited by beings from space millions of years ago. His New Zealand studies will include research on the “Moeraki Boulders,” Maori rock drawings, and Auckland Museum records.

“There is something inconsistent about our past, about our archeology and our religion,” he said. He believes that all about us are pieces of a giant puzzle and that the pieces of this mosaic should be brought together.

Archeological studies, according to Von Daniken, indicate that early man had far greater knowledge than is generally believed. “I claim that our forefathers received visits from the universe in the remote past. Even though I do not know who these extra-terrestrial intelligences were, or from what planet they came, I nevertheless proclaim that these strangers annihilated part of mankind existing at that time, and produced a new, perhaps the first homo-sapiens.” Signs seemed to indicate that visitors helped lift early man from a primitive level.

Though Von Daniken received a Catholic education he read many

MAY-JUNE, 1972                       9

books which sent him on his quest for answers not provided for by his religion. His hotly debated theory is unacceptable to theologians but some archeologists, and space scientist Dr. Wernher Von Braun are willing to admit “It could have happened.”

As to unidentified flying objects, Von Daniken say, “In all my years of travelling, I have never seen a UFO, but I have spoken to scientists who say they have. After studying the facts, I believe that. UFOs exist, I have found nothing to prove that they come from another planet .. . but I am not interested in modern UFO sightings-only those that might have some bearing on our past.”

Mr. Von Daniken says that perhaps in a few years we shall know the truth, and if he is eventually proven to be in error he will be the first to admit it.

——— ♦ ———



To me, happiness is something that I have. It is the natural state of my serenity of beingness. Happiness is the inner joy of being! It is knowing that I Am Being! It is knowing that I am obligated to no person. It is knowing that I have the ability to prevent events and other people from interfering with my happiness by not doing things that would bring about retaliation and reaction. It is knowing that I have kinship with the Creator and his creatures, without trying to covet, possess, or misuse. It is knowing that “all is right with the world” at any given moment. It is knowing that I alone have the right to decide upon my own involvement, participation, and every other action of my life that can interrupt the serenity and bring about periods of unwanted stress. It is knowing that I can consent to unwanted stress, periodically, if it truly serves some good purpose, because I know that all such things are ephemeral. It is knowing what is meant by the two statements from Holy Writ : (1) “All is fair,” and (2) “This, too, shall pass away.” And, perhaps most important of all (to me) is that I know, after meticulous self-examination, that I have not fallen from the path; that I am living my life according to His rules.

To me, happiness is mine to keep and protect. I can only lose happiness when 1 fail to create it!

Blanche Pritchett, Ph.D.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING



Ivar Jones, M.C.



FRIDAY, JUNE 23rd, 1972

9:00-Noon      Registration

12:00-1:00     Lunch

1:00 P.M.       Opening Prayer – Charles Sloan

Understanding Theme Song – Gene Kovalenko

1:30 P.M.       Human Family – Dr. Daniel W. Fry

2:30 P.M.       Our Air Space World – Pat Cody

3:30 P.M.       Expand Your Eye Q – Hazel Morgan

4:20-7:00 P.M.          Dinner

7:00-7:50 P.M.          Panel – Speakers of the Day

8:00-10:00 P.M.        Psychic Demonstration – Jan Cutler


10:00 A.M.     Opening Prayer – Dr. George King

10:15-10:45 A.M.      The Troubadour & His Lady – Marianne Francis & Gene Kovalenko

10:50-12:00 Noon     Religion, Parapsychology & Science – Ted Markham

12:00-1:30 P.M.        Lunch

1:30-2:20 P.M.          Lords of the Flame Speak – Dr. George King

2:30-3:20 P.M.          Children Beyond the Veil – Heather Buckley Neville

MAY-JUNE, 1972                       11

3:30-4:20 P.M.          You and Color-Rev. – Jack Schwarz

To 5:00 P.M.  Solos

To 7:00 P.M.  Dinner

7:00-7:50 P.M.          ESP – Rev. Joseph Russell

8:00-8:50 P.M.          America, the Fulfillment of the Prophecy of Daniel – Rev. Daniel Bleise

9:00-10:00 P.M.        To Men of Earth – Movie – Dr. Daniel W. Fry


10: A.M.          Opening Prayer – Dr. Irma Glen Sloan

10:15-10:45 A.M       The Troubadour & His Lady – Marianne Francis & Gene Kovalenko

11:00-11:50 A.M.      12 Mind Powers – Rev. Joseph Russell

11:50-1:00 P.M.        Lunch

1:00-1:50       Spiritual Art of Seeing – Hazel Morgan

2:00-2:50 P.M.          Operation Prayer Power – Dr. George King

3:00-3:50       Biblical Symbolism & the Western World – Rev. Daniel Bleise

4:00-4:50       Understanding – Dr. Irma Glen Sloan

5:00-7:00 P.M.          Dinner

7:00-8:00 P.M.          SURPRISE!

8:00-10:00 P.M.        Psychic Intrigue – Jan Cutler Closing Prayer

DECIDE NOW TO ATTEND! “You will experience New depths of feeling in Understanding.

All Sessions will be held at the International Cultural Center of Understanding, 2200 Merlin Road.

Inquiries should be mailed to P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Ore.` 97532

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Was It a UFO?

By Sill Hill, The Muskegon (Mich.) Chronicle, March 9, 1972

An object was sighted in the sky west of Muskegon Wednesday night and before it disappeared it was observed by police officers of at least four departments, personnel on duty at the control tower at Muskegon County Airport and men of the U.S. Coast Guard Station, as well as numerous citizens-

The first call was received from Carl Van Dam, owner of Norton Manufacturing Co., who spotted it first as he left his firm.

Mr. Van Dam said that when he first observed the object it was approximately 30 degrees above the horizon and was giving off a “yellowish white” light. He said he then pulled into a car wash where he and the attendant watched as it traveled slowly across the sky with the light dimming to blue then to a green and then going out.

As he was about to leave the attendant pointed up in the sky and the object had reappeared, traveling extremely fast with the light of brighter intensity than before.

“Suddenly it stopped,” he said, “about where it was originally and the light dimmed and appeared to grow larger in size.”

Upon arriving home he telephoned Central Dispatch and talked with shift supervisor Ralph Sircher.

Mr. Sircher contacted Muskegon Township officer Fred Taylor. Mr. Taylor stated he too had observed it.

Township Police Chief Lawrence Clarke then called, saying he was looking at it through binoculars Other citizens began calling.

North Muskegon Police Chief Robert L. Kerschner and Sgt. Harold Merkle, also sighted it.

The Coast Guard was notified and they too said they had sighted it . . . as did a Chronicle photographer.

More citizen calls were received saying that the Coast Guard frequency, Channel 16 on the UHF band, was filled with a code transmission that was so strong it blocked out voice transmissions.

The Coast Guard was contacted again and personnel on duty said

MAY-JUNE, 1972                       13

they were receiving the coded sounds but were unable to make any sense out of them. They didn’t know where they were coming from, a report said.

A federal government source said today they were under orders to make no official comment until the investigation is completed. The investigation is being conducted by the Coast Guard district commander’s office.

Youth Overcome Barrier

Sunday Republican, Waterbury, Conn., Feb. 13, 1972

WOLCOTT-Students taking Spanish courses at Wolcott High School are going one step further than learning Spanish in the classroom. A new approach in relating the language to the world outside is being made at the school.

A group of these students donate their time, one afternoon a week, to work with the immigrant children of Merriman School under the guidance of John Dwyer, a faculty member of Wolcott High.

This program was undertaken two years ago to aid the children of Portuguese and Puerto Rican heritage whose native language proves a handicap in their everyday school work.

Working on a one-to-one basis with the youngsters, subject areas are tutored, while giving the youngsters a chance t o develop their English conversation skills. Children learn through the traditional phonic drills and word repetitions, but the most important aspect of the program is the personal contact between tutor and pupil.

The program was inaugurated in 1969 at the high school by John Dwyer, when he tried to find a way to make the teaching of Spanish more relevant to the needs of the community. Students now have an opportunity to remedy a problem in the community at large while earning two academic credits for their efforts. Many of the students participating in the program have expressed a desire to enter into the field of bilingual education.

A Laser to Destroy `Junk’ Satellites

By Gobind Behari Lal, San Francisco Examiner, March 19, 1972.

A new laser has been invented which may have the power to destroy space satellites which have been creating an expensive junk-heap around the earth since 1957.

The inventors of the new laser beam, the Aerospace Corporation of Los Angeles, have told the American Institute of Physics the laser could

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

be sent up in another satellite to destroy the other useless space objects. The inventors claim that the new laser will be able to penetrate the atmosphere. It might possibly be used as a new anti-missile device. The new laser beam uses helium gas and fluorine in gaseous forms and then hydrogen gas to form high-penetrating infrared light beams.. In short, what the laser does is convert helter-skelter waves of light into one intense light wave. This produced nearly 1800 watts of power..

Unexpected Encounter

Tiller and Toiler, Larned, Kansas, Feb. 28, 1972

An unexpected encounter with a mystery light Saturday evening on the outskirts of Larned left Johnie Beer, a Larned High School junior, shaken and frightened.

Young Beer told his parents that a big, white light appeared before his car as he was leaving Larned, around 9 P.M., headed west for the farm home. Johnie said the light lowered down in front of the car and kept about 100 yards ahead. He said it frightened him and he slowed down and speeded up, but the object kept right in front of him.

“When Johnie turned north at Riverside School the object circled and traveled in front of him,” reported his mother, Mrs. Wayne Beer. “As he turned west to the farm the light turned again and followed him into the farmyard where it hovered over the corral.”

Johnie ran into the house and drew the drapes. When his parents arrived, halt an hour later, they saw nothing.

“But the next morning, the bottom two wires of the corral looked like they had been cut and twisted up in a pile in the corral, and several of our milk cows had burn spots on their backs,” Mrs. Beer said. “In the burn spots the hair was singed on the skin, ranging from the size of a person’s fist to larger circles.

Carolinians Sight Speeding UFO

Citizen-Journal. Columbus, O., Mar. 16, 1972

NEWTON, N.C. (UPI)-Police officers in three towns in Catawba County reported seeing an unidentified flying object which hovered, circled and flew silently at great speed-early Wednesday.

Witnesses said the object was round and gave off a bright, reflecting greenish-blue light that “blipped like an electro-cardiogram.” It was faster than a plane,” said Sgt. M. L. Moore of the Newton Police Force, who spotted the object about 12:30 a.m. It went across at a heck of a speed.  It was a weird thing. I tell you.”

MAY-JUNE, 1972                       15

Municipal police in Hickory and Maiden, about 10 miles north and south of Newton, and two deputy sheriff patrol cars reported sighting the mysterious object.

——— ♦ ———


Children of the Hippies

By Robert Strand-Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., March 15, 1972

DAVIS, Calif. (UPI)-What will happen to the children growing up in hundreds or perhaps thousands, of hippie communes?

Will they become another burden on society? Or will they blossom into adults widely admired by their contemporaries of the future? With the help of a team of observers, Dr. Bennett M. Berger, a sociologist at the University of California at Davis, is seeking some answers. They are observing children in 36 California communes, large and small.

“The dominant view of communes toward children is that they are human beings, and all human beings are worthy of love, respect, but not necessarily attention,” he said in an interview.

“That doesn’t mean they don’t get attention, but rather that it isn’t of the obligatory sort. Child raising is not seen as a job in which the parent should get credit or blame for the outcome.

“Children (in communes) are regarded as people with their own karma, their own astrological predispositions,” Berger told UPI. “A child’s behavior is attributed to his karma and the parent’s ego is not involved.”

Since hippie parents reject the conventional definition of adulthood, calling it death, Berger said the parents think they can learn from children values that they treasure-spontaneity, wonder, innocence, passion and love.

“The children seem to be littler kids among the big kids who are their parents.”

Besides observing the children and interviewing the parents, Berger’s researchers hope eventually to interview the grandparents.

This three-generation perspective would seek to determine if the parents are rejecting the grandparents’ values, or in reality “carrying their elders’ values forward,” as some studies have suggested student activists are doing.

Berger has no strong evidence upon which he can speculate how the

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

commune children will turn out when 21. But as the communes tend to erase “age grading,” he thinks they may abolish adolescence. He said the children are treated as little adults almost from the beginning and by age 13 they might be expected “to carry a full share of the load.”

“Life in rural communes is rather primitive, and the connection between effort and reward is more visible. If you don’t chop the wood” there won’t be a fire.”

Berger said apparent characteristics of commune children are openness to strangers, independence and aggressiveness.

“I have never seen any kid strongly reprimanded,” he said. “I have never seen a child hit by a parent.

“If the children fight, the general attitude is to let them solve their own problems, short of mayhem.”

An unresolved matter in many communes is what to do about school – Some communes will attempt to include a teacher in the group and conduct their own schooling. If a child wants to attend public school-something against which the hippies are biased-Berger feels the communards would have to say okay.

“In a sense, the communards are like the anti-busing people,” he said-“They want to keep direct control over their children. They believe in the right of a family to raise its children as it sees fit, and without interference from the state.”

Book reviews

The Varieties of Healing Experience

(Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine, 314A Second St., Los Altos, Calif. 94022. $5.00)

On October 30, 1971, the Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine,

MAY-JUNE, 1972                       17

under the sponsorship of the Lockheed Management Association, held .an Interdisciplinary Symposium in Palo Alto, Calif. This text-The Varieties of Healing Experience-is a transcript of the seven fascinating reports given that clay “exploring the psychic phenomena of healing.”

The Academy is pledged to become a catalyst for bringing together the known and unknown in the field of healing for the enrichment of .all mankind.

The stage was set for the speakers to follow by Jack H. Holland, Ph.D., in his talk “Parapsychology and Medicine in Perspective.” Dr. Holland stressed the need for open-mindedness and curiosity as well as a consideration of possibly wild solutions to questions, as man seeks to understand what is behind the phenomena.

Raymond K. Lilley, D.D., addressed the group on Healing and Your I.Q.-the Relationship of the Elements of Spiritual Mind Healing.” As a minister, Dr. Lilley explored the relationship of religion and parapsychology. His I.Q. is the Individuality Quotient-your awareness of individuality.

“Bio-Feedback for Mind-Body Seif Regulation: Healing and Creativity” was the subject of Elmer Green, Ph.D. His talk covered such subjects as consciousness expansion, psychological disciplines and self -awareness. The Bio-Feedback experiments concerned learning of one’s self by conscious control of normally involuntary processes. A detailed study of experiments with India’s Swami Ramas’ on voluntary “heart stoppage” was given not with emphasis on the phenomena, but for its implications for self-healing by man.

“The work of the Brazilian Healer Arigo” was explained by Henry K. Puharich, M.D., based upon his personal observations of Arigo. Dr. Puharich lists 10 qualifications for the “perfect healer” and notes that Arigo exhibited all but three-he could not heal himself, could not heal at a distance, nor could he regenerate tissue.

William A Tiller, Ph.D., explained “Radionics, Radiesthesia and Physics.” Among the subjects discussed are human energy fields, interaction of mind and matter, the Delawarr radionic instrument, the seven Yoga principles of man, acupuncture and the chakra-endocrine system.

“Russian Parapsychology and the Cayce Concept of Healing” was explored by William A. McGarey, M.D. The psi abilities of two Russians,

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

acupuncture, and the body-energy fields as understood by Cayce are. some of the highlights of this address.

The session was concluded with an address by Robert A. Bradley, M.D., entitled: “The Need for the Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine.” From his personal paranormal experiences, Dr. Bradley has come to the conclusion that medicine is incomplete if it does not include aspects of body-mind-soul interrelationships, and that these need publicity.

You will enjoy this series of lectures which cover many facets of healing not ordinarily considered by the medical profession. You will also rejoice in the new attitude which offers prospects of united efforts by medicine and parapsychology to better understand and to heal man.

——— ♦ ———


Reports From Australia

(From Jan.-Feb., 1972, UFOIC Newsletter, William E. Moser, Sydney, Australia.)

June 27, 1971:

Mr. L. McNamara, who lives at Lindfield, at 1:30 A.M. was locking up his home when three bright lights attracted his attention. Each was a ball of light, pulsating and brighter than the moon. He watched them hovering for about two minutes, then they disappeared gradually, much like a TV tube being turned off.

August 12, 1971:

Gregory Curry, a student from Lmu Plains, at 10:35 P.M., observed a star-like object which changed to dull red, then to flashing or pulsating red light. He says the object had the appearance of studying the ground, slowing down, then speeding up as if searching for something.

August 14, 1971:

Ann Gebrhardt, at 7 P.M., was traveling by car with her husband along Landsdowne Road, near Penrith, when they saw a gleaming light which attracted their attention. It was football size, bright orange, pulsating and moving downward, disappearing behind a tree.

September 30, 1971:

Miss Flynn, who lives at Randwick, reported that at 7 P.M. she way sitting in a car park at Clovelly Beach. She noticed a light out to sea,

MAY-JUNE, 1972                       19

which was fairly bright, and remained stationary for about 5 minutes. Then it became dimmer and moved slowly southwards. She and her friend watched it continue down the coast until it reached a point some-where around Maroubra when once again it became very bright, and then after about one minute seemed to disappear into a group of houses. They drove to where they thought it had gone but there was no sign of it.

Miss Flynn remarks that she was somewhat skeptical of UFOs before this.

(All sightings were around Sydney, N.S.W., Australia.)

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