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VOLUME XVII                             NOVEMBER 1972                                    NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The October issue of the Understanding Magazine announced an Essay Contest, open to all readers, based upon the Area of Mutual Agreement. To aid the contestants we promised to print, in this issue, some significant excerpts from the Proposal. Thus, in lieu of the usual editorial, we offer the following:

For untold centuries man has cried “Peace Peace!” and there has been no peace. Thousands of intelligent and dedicated men have devoted their lives to the search for peace, and uncounted millions have fought to the death for it. It is time we faced the fact that peace can never be reached through any direct approach. It is not as gold, which can be obtained by continued digging, nor is it a treasure which can be had at once, if only one knows where to look! Peace is simply the automatically resulting product of complete understanding between man and man, between state and state, and between all men and God. When such understanding exists, there is no need to search or to work for peace, it exists automatically, but until understanding has been achieved, no amount of effort for peace can ever be successful. Let us therefore, direct our thoughts and our efforts toward the goal of complete understanding. While this goal may, as yet, be somewhat beyond the reach of man, it is only to the degree in which it is approached that we can find peace.

As a first step in the achievement of world understanding, we must begin, for the first time in the history of this planet, to create the only

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

foundation upon which a true social science, or any other true science can be built. There are no obstacles except the magnitude of the task, and its great success in its application to the physical science, should demonstrate to everyone how well it works! Let us consider therefore, the following proposal.

Some presently existing international organization should be enlisted, or a new one created if necessary, for the purpose of sponsoring a world wide congress, composed of representatives of every major and, insofar as may be practicable, every minor nation, race, ideology and philosophy. In the ideal case there would be a representation of every group of people whose members have any thought patterns which are common to the group. The delegates from each nation, race or ethnic group shall be chosen only by the group which they are to represent, and shall be persons who are fully aware of the basic thinking of the group. The Congress shall have one purpose only. To determine and to document, through the minutes of the meeting, all of those principles, postulates and rules or methods of procedure which are found by all of the delegates, to be generally accepted as valid principles of the social relationship of mankind. No attempt shall be made by any individual or group to influence the thinking, or to mould the opinion of any other individual or group, since the purpose of the congress is not to deter-mine what the people or the world should think, but only to discover what they do think! Any suggestion or postulate which, after brief discussion, is found to be unacceptable by any delegate, shall immediately be dropped from consideration, and the next suggestion shall be taken up. (If, however, the majority of the delegates find the item to be acceptable and it is rejected by a minority, a note will be made describing the discarded principle, and the reasons given, if any, by those who rejected it. Although no reasons need be given for the rejection, the notes may prove helpful to any subsequent congress which may be held for the purpose of enlarging, updating or amending the original document.. In any event, they should prove helpful in the understanding of the thought patterns of the various groups.)

A number of sample postulates should be prepared in advance of the first formal meeting, but after these have been considered, each delegate, in turn, shall have the right, and the duty, to propose additional. items for consideration by the assembly. Each suggestion shall have a direct bearing upon the relationship of man to his fellowman and/or upon the means by which that relationship may be made more successful, more productive or more enduring. They shall be stated in the simplest possible terms so that they may readily be understood by all. Each suggestion shall be individually considered, and accepted or rejected by a vote of

NOVEMBER 1972                     3

the delegates. Those postulates or suggestions which are accepted shall be recorded as documented and recognized factors in the social science. For convenience and order in making the suggestions, they should be grouped into specific areas of human needs, human desires, human relationship, ecological requirements, etc. They should begin, in each of the fields, with the simplest proposals or postulates that can be conceived and expressed, since a foundation must be built upon the ground, and not at some distance above it, (as has heretofore been our habit in any approach to the social science.)

In the area of human needs, for example, the following postulate might be offered, “Resolved that it is more desirable that all persons should have available to them, a sufficient amount of nourishing food, than that most of them should suffer constantly from hunger and mal-nutrition.” (Note that this is purely an academic question, and its acceptance would not bind the delegates to any course of action what-ever, but would only establish the validity of the principle. At first, such a proposal might seem to be so obvious as to be ridiculous, yet the fact remains that its universal acceptance has never been tested or documented. If it were accepted, (and it probably would be if the proposal were made at a time when the assembly had been without food for some hours,) it would then become a recognized and documented principle, and the way would be opened for other equally simple and basic suggestions as to possible means for the implementation of the first. It should always be remembered however, that the purpose of the congress is not to solve the problems of society, but only to create a tool with which those problems might successfully be approached.

At first, progress would be slow, as the delegates struggled with the unfamiliar task of breaking down their ideas and beliefs into the simplest possible expressions, but would soon be discovered that the more simply the concept was expressed, the more probable its acceptance by the assembly. (A fact which has long been forgotten by our politicians, diplomats, and even most of our statesmen.) As the number of building blocks in the foundation grew, one by one, and as the delegates began to realize, most of them for the first time, the remarkable similarity in each other’s thinking, when reduced to fundamentals, the confidence, the enthusiasm and the rate of progress would steadily increase.

In the area of human relationship, the beginning postulate might be, “Resolved, that it is better that man should live in peace and cooperation with his neighbor, than that his works and his goods should be destroyed, and he should be maimed or killed in battle with his fellow-man.” Such a postulate might, or might not be accepted; but if it were, then other simple concepts leading to implementation might be considered.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Such an approach to the social science may seem to be childishly over-simplified, and indeed it is, but if we are ever to succeed in building a true science, we must begin at the beginning, and we have never yet done so. A similar process was employed in the development of the physical science, and its success speaks for itself.

When the congress has completed it’s deliberations, when all principles, rules and methods of procedure that can be conceived by the delegates have been considered and voted upon, the resulting document shall be translated into all of the principal languages of the world, and made available to all people as the foundation document and reference work of the social science.


Nearly everyone doodles. Students doodle while listening to a lecture. Businessmen doodle during conferences. Even diplomats and presidents doodle. What most people fail to realize is that while they are doodling, they are actually revealing a great deal about themselves. Both psychologists and handwriting analysts agree that doodles are, indeed, “pictures of the mind.”

The case of one man undergoing psychotherapy may prove illustrative in this respect. For years Bill had doodled a tight pattern of crisscrossing lines which the psychiatrist noted symbolized his feelings of confinement. As analysis progressed and Bill opened up, the lines be-came looser and finally disappeared altogether. The progress of Bill’s therapy was parallel by the change in his scribbles.

Noted graphologist observed in her book YOUR SCRIPT IS SHOWING that “doodles are the true unconscious pictures of our personalities.” If this is so, how do we go about deciding these cryptic messages of our subconscious minds? Doodle analysis is a three step process considering the shape, symbols, and form of the scribble.

First, let’s consider what a doodle’s shape reveals about the artist. Round doodles are indicative of a friendly personality. People who employ these circular shapes in their scribbles are more outgoing socially.

Doodles containing gradeful wavy lines display the artists capacity for musical appreciation. This isn’t necessarily his musical ability, but, rather, his ability to appreciate fine music. (Fig. 1)

Angular shapes present in doodles indicate an aggressive personality. (Fig. 2)

The artist that doodles geometric shapes has an alert mind and executive abilities. Many successful business men doodle thus. (Fig. 3)

NOVEMBER 1972                     5

A combination of shapes present in a doodle indicate a combined or complex personality. (Fig. 4)

The realm of symbolism is a crowded one full of figures, faces, and scenes. It would be virtually impossible to present a complete list of symbols used in doodles here. What we will do here is explore the broad basis of symbolic analysis.

The key to understanding the symbolism in doodles lies in two words – common sense. For instance, weapons indicate suppressed hostility; hearts a sentimentalist, etc.

Stars, upward bound arrows, ladders, and the like, indicate one who is aspiring toward a goal. He’s one whose “reach exceeds his grasp” so to speak.

Triangles and other geometric forms are symbolic of a clearly patterned well organized mind.

Faces display the doodlers innermost feelings about people. Ugly distorted faces show a skeptical grouchy mood, while pretty faces indicate a person who is socially active and likes people.

Those who doodle decorated birds and animals display a great deal of imagination.

Folks who sketch flowers wish to be of service to others.

Star crosses and other religious symbols show religious aspirations. Doodles consisting of specialized symbols of a vocation or hobby

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

shows that the artist’s mind is taken up with that activity. (Fig. 5)

These may not be easily recognized symbols so we must move on to our third area of analysis — form.

In analyzing form we look at how a doodle is situated on the page as well as how it is constructed.

Doodles that form to the left indicate that the doodler’s interest is in the past. Conversely, those that form to the right show that the doodler is looking forward to the future.

Downward bound doodles indicate a pessimistic or depressed mood while upward bound ones display an optimistic or happy disposition. Doodles which dwindle to a pinpoint suggesting a precarious position clearly reveals instability.

A large figure that is being systematically sectioned into smaller parts displays an ability to break down a basic idea into its component parts. The artist whose doodle consists of small figures added to a central figure has the capacity to build from a basic idea. Many authors doodle thus. (Fig. 6)

Doodle analysis is a fascinating field of graphology. With it you can understand yourself and others better. The techniques are simple, the only question left is whether or not you have courage enough to apply them.

Charles V. Main


Scientists are seeking, in various ways, to produce food for the steadily increasing world population. A report of their efforts was detailed by Kenneth Nichols in the Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal of May 24, 1972.

At the University of Miami researchers are working on ways to turn garbage into high protein food. Work is also about to begin on experiments that could produce high-quality food from thin air. The British have announced that they have discovered a method to turn ordinary starch into high protein food. Space scientists at NASA are doing promising work “on extracting nutritious food from carbon dioxide (and thus, eventually from the air)”. At Louisiana State University researchers are producing protein out of old newspapers, discarded sugar cane stalks and even petroleum.

The University of Miami team, headed by Dr. William Whelan, seeks to create food from the air by finding “a bug” that can convert carbon dioxide directly into protein. “By bugs Whelan means tiny sophisticated micro-organisms like the bacteria in a cow’s stomach. A cow eats grass and turns it into protein and steaks.”

A British milling firm sought the means to use left-over starch resulting

NOVEMBER 1972                     7

from production of “high protein” bread. They discovered a micro-organism that would feed on the starch and produce proteins. Since

starch crops, i.e., rice, potatoes, etc., grow more readily than cattle, this British discovery could provide proteins to areas of need such as Africa, Asia, Latin America, etc.

Scientists feel they may be close to finding the bacteria that will break down cellulose. Here, then, would be a means to recycle much human waste since nearly two-thirds of the solid waste in city dumps consists of various forms of cellulose. Finding the “bug” comes first, then experiments to produce an efficient mutation. Sought are bacteria that live at 130-180 degrees, an environment that kills disease bacteria and viruses.

At NASA’s Ames Research Center in California work is being done, even as Miami University, to extract nutritious food from carbon dioxide. NASA seeks “a nearly sufficient food for long space journeys”. The technology would have benefits for earth man as well by providing the “energy-giving bulk of the human diet” though proteins, vitamins and minerals would need to be added.

The scientists efforts are two-fold: to feed a hungry world and to reduce the increasing problem of waste disposal. Their present efforts promise much in both areas.


Report from Quebec, Canada

(Cosmos-Express, Jonquierre, Quebec, Canada, August 1972)

CAMPBELL’S BAY, QUEBEC – Mrs. Donna Mercer declared on July 19, 1972, that she observed, on several successive nights, a mysterious light in the sky at about one A.M. On Monday, the 17th, she said she watched the first appearance. Disbelieving her eyes, she called her children out to watch the object, later she phoned the police, who dispatched three men to the scene.

News of the incident spread and each evening about 30 people gathered on Mrs. Mercer’s property to gaze at the orange luminosity. The school principal, Mr. J. J. Lunan, said the object was red on top and that the object displaced itself too quickly to have been a satellite.

For many years reports of strange brightly luminated objects in the skies have been emanating from Campbell’s Bay (50 m. N.W. of Ottawa), and neighboring vicinities. In Chapleau and Westneath circular scorched areas have been found on the ground immediately following the observation of an unidentified flying object.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

UFO Police

(UFO Kontakt, Danish IGAP Journal, N r. 4-1972)

According to the international newsletter UFOIC, a new task has been imposed upon the village constables of France – they shall keep a look out for Flying Saucers.

The French constables have been provided with a small and easy questionnaire to be filled in, if they run across a saucer. It is emphasized that the constable carefully describe any person seen in connection with a Flying Saucer.

An article in the official organ of the police says that village constables are well qualified to join the search of Flying Saucers.

World report

Disheartingly Uninformed

New Zealand Herald, 9-8-72

NZPA-Reuter, Swansea-Some people’s hearts sink, others wear theirs on their sleeve, and some people are all heart.

But one thing is certain – half the people interviewed in a recent survey did not know where their hearts are in their body.

The survey, in the Scottish city of Glasgow, also revealed that two in five did not know the location of their bladder, 57 per cent were uncertain about the whereabouts of their kidneys, and a surprising 80 per cent had no idea where their stomachs were.

The results of the survey were revealed at a scientists convention in the Welsh industrial city of Swansea.

Scott Sees Moon Colonization

New Zealand Herald, 11-11-1971

NZPA-Reuter, London – Astronaut David Scott, commander of the Apollo 15 lunar mission, said yesterday that colonization of the moon was a practical proposition.

NOVEMBER 1972                     9

He told newsmen in London that the Apollo 15 mission last July, which put himself and fellow astronaut James Irwin on the moon for the longest time yet, paved the way for indefinite lunar habitation.

“If you provide sleeping provision, food and light you could live on the moon indefinitely. It means colonization is a very practical proposition,” he said.

Earlier, Irwin said he and Scott could have stayed beyond their nearly three days on the moon if they had had extra food and water.

Scott predicted the eventual manned exploration of many planets in the universe. In particular, men will definitely explore Mars as he has done the moon.

UFO Stops His Car

The Cleveland Press, 8-25-1972

WAUKESHA, Wis. -Greg Faltersack told police he was driving along a lonely country road surrounded by mist and woods when he saw the thing.

He was returning home on a familiar route to nearby Sussex after visiting his girl friend.

Suddenly the electrical system in the 18-year-old’s 1963 Plymouth went dead, Faltersack braked, skidded nearly 25 feet across the road and halted on a shoulder.

The night was hazy, but he had no difficulty seeing what he described as a large orange circular object 20 to 30 feet in diameter hovering at tree-top level.

After about 10 seconds, he told authorities, the object made a strange beeping noise, and took off into the sky and out of view.

Faltersack then could start the car, but the lights, horn and radio wouldn’t work. He drove home and called the Waukesha County sheriff’s off ice.

Their report described Faltersack as “stone-cold sober,” and extremely upset and nervous, unable even to light a cigarette.”

Sgt. Charles Hughlett of the sheriff’s office speculated that the foggy condition may have created strange reflections.

Deputies Report UFO

The Cleveland Press, 8-25-1972

MANHATTAN, Kan. – (UPI) – An unidentified flying object approached within a mile of a Riley County sheriff’s car Wednesday morning when the car’s emergency lights were turned off.

Officers Larry Henry, 35, and E. J. Bernard, 25, said they saw the object near Randolph, Kan., in Northern Riley County. When they pulled

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

their car off the road and turned on their red lights, the object appeared to shy away.

The two officers described the UFO as triangular in shape with a long, pointed front, white in color with a yellow halo around it and a blue flame shooting out the rear.

Stingless Bees in Taiwan

(UFO Kontakt, Danish IGSP Journal #4, 1972)

A log full of bees left British Honduras a few months ago to settle in a new home in Taiwan. At least that’s what Desmond Slattery, field director of the Jungle Academy of Natural Sciences, and the Republic of China hope.

Besides being stingless, the Royal Mayan Bee has other unique characteristics, according to Slattery. It is not as large as the American honey bee, but one Mayan bee does the work of 10 others, he contends. The Mayan bee stores its honey in a pot instead of a cell, making it easier for a human to remove it from the hive. The honey supposedly tastes much different from that of other bees, and unlike other kinds, does not crystallize.

The Mayan bees booby-trap the hive, covering it with a sticky resin to capture their natural enemies. The adult population of a colony ranges from a few hundred to as many as 80,000 bees.

Sing Troubles Away

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., 9-1-72

NEW YORK (UPI) – Navajo Indian medicine men and their traditional methods of psychiatric care are making a comeback. Traditional) trained Navajo “singers”, work on the belief that illness is a result of disharmony with the universe, according to a report in the latest issue of The Sciences, published by the New York Academy of Sciences.

The report “Medical School for Medicine,” describes how they bring about the restoration of harmony through the proper ceremony or sing. All members of the patient’s family must take part in a sing. The duration depends on the intensity of the illness. In a very serious illness the sing or ritual chant may go on for five to seven days, involving from 50 to 100 hours of singing.

Big Foot Report

Mail Tribune, Medford, Ore., 8-24-72

LANDER, Wyo. (UPI) – Big Foot is back and local residents around the Wind River Indian Reservation aren’t particularly happy about it. Police said Wednesday they have been receiving reports for about a

NOVEMBER 1972                     11

month of a 12-foot-tall hairy animal with two toes roaming the back-woods area. Two teen-agers, Curt Laninger and Tom Hernandez, told police this week that the creature had chased them while they were riding horses near the reservation.

The two teen-agers said it took about four-foot strides and had one arm bent up like it was crippled.

Big Foot is the name Indians gave to a legendary creature that allegedly left enormous foot prints in the wilderness area.

Bill King, the Wind River reservation police chief, said searchers in the area of the sightings found “fiar prints” of a large foot with a higher than normal instep and two toes. He said local residents had seen the animal only at night and usually near water.

Big Foot, unlike the abominable snowmen of the Himalayas, apparently is a wanderer. Sightings of the creature have been reported in years past as far west as Northern California and as far east of the Kansas plains.

Social Uses of Satellites

Reader’s Digest, May, 1972

Sometime in 1973 or 1974, NASA will launch its advanced ATS-F communications satellite, whose power will be so great that its re-broadcasts of programs from earth may be picked up by antennas made of glorified chicken wire costing $200, and fed into specially modified home TV sets.

During the first years of its existence, it will be used to conduct educational and medical-assistance programs in isolated Rocky Mountain hamlets of the United States. A year later, it will be nudged along the equator to the longitude of India where, through television receivers set up in 2000 villages, it will teach millions of illiterate Indians to read and write, improve their farming methods and combat disease. In no other way could the economically pressed Indian government afford such a vast undertaking, in a land that has only one television station and speaks 15 major languages and hundreds of dialects.

Brazil has appealed to be next in line for the unique service.

Laser Heals Wounds and Burns

National Enquirer, 8-13-72

A mysterious new medical use for laser beams has been discovered. They can quickly heal wounds and burns, but nobody can yet explain why.

Experiments in Hungary on animals and humans showed that even wounds which did not respond to any other treatment were shortly healed after exposure to laser radiation.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Scientists at Budapest’s Surgical Clinic No. 2 explained that the radiation causes scar tissue to form fast over the most stubborn injuries allowing these wounds or burns to heal rapidly.

Laser beams are composed of high-intensity light rays that can be aimed with needlepoint accuracy.


Instinct comes to all life. When it assists the animal, it is equal to a visit from a power that is hidden to the physical life but that comes to the brain to whisper its guiding command. It is a part of universal thought, and without its aid, the animal would perish. When a glimpse of coming events enters the mind of a human being, it is like a whisper of universal thought.

Begin the habit of putting into concrete form the whisperings of in-tuition and of presentiments, the flashes of genius, and you will find these visits growing with rapidity. Thought lives for the one great purpose of taking form. A written fact is a concrete form of thought. To reread it many times builds up the source of that thought. If the thought is intuitive, save it, remember it, refer to it, and you will stimulate that function of your mind. This has been the chief trait of every genius that has ever lived.

To this habit of turning thought into concrete form add the habit of seeing thought in life everywhere. Add the enlarged memory you secure through a series of lessons. Add the battle against your ancestry, by driving out fifteen of your worst traits and bringing in fifteen good traits to take their place. You can make yourself what you will: great, grand, splendid, supreme in mind and thought, and honored wherever you are known.

You have another mind, a higher mind, an immaculate mind. You are not conscious of its existence, because your physical mind looks backwards only. Your heart and sentiment may yearn and hope for the future, and your physical mind may reason that there is no future beyond this world. But, your higher mind knows the facts. This mind is part of the space. The universal thought, as it prevailed before it took form, is still ever-present; it is the matter it has created; but still lives as mind in every-thing, and is the controlling mind of the universe. To be part of that mind is everything– here and hereafter.

You are adding years. No one who preceded you on this earth is now alive except those of the present generations. All have gone, their bodies returned to the earth from which they came. But, they had minds that were part and share of the great universal mind. If the physical mind dissolves, it is certain that the universal mind does not. It lived long before

NOVEMBER 1972                     13

matter was formed – and it will live on as long as there is meaning in the word forever.

Every sound life seeks to look into that port of the future that follows death. But, the reasoning mind cannot reason out a future existence. Then the heart tries and we call it religion. But that is often a blind leader of the blind. It ameliorates the misery of living, but brings no triumph either here or hereafter unless it opens up the higher mind. The noblest forms of religion do, in fact, bring us in touch with the universal thought. But all true religion is natural. It compels recognition and acknowledgment of a direct responsibility to the power that made us and that controls our destiny. By its inspiring influence it clarifies the brain and lifts the veil of all mystery. As far as it is possible to ennoble human life, all efforts must be made to eliminate undesirable inherited traits, substituting those more desirable.

versal thought.  But all true religion is natural. It compels recognition and acknowledgement of a direct responsibility to the power that made us and that controls our destiny. By its inspiring influence it clarifies the brain and lifts the veil of all mystery.  As far as it is possible to ennoble human life, all efforts must be made to eliminate undesirable inherited traits, substituting those more desirable.

By so exalting the mind, you will come into close touch with the _ Universal Thought, which is your higher mind. As habit has given in-creased foresight to great men in practical affairs of this world, and the deeper cultivation of that habit has made them impregnable against the mishaps of the future, so the same power in higher uses may be invoked into looking beyond this world. No man has the right to live and die without doing what he can to penetrate the darkness beyond. Hints as strong as lightening strokes have been given in the visits of instinct, in-tuition and inspiration, but, they have often been cast aside. It is time to make use of them.

Here are some suggestions of things you can do:

1.      You can start purifying your mind; it needs rendering.

2.      You can secure the companionship of your higher mind and thereby come in touch with universal thought, or the creative power of the universe of which your higher mind is a part.

3. You can come into a light so clear and strong that you will know, beyond all doubt, that there is a future for you, both here and here-after.

For, God surely has blessed us with many wonders, with yet more to come, when we open up the doors within and the windows of our mind to see.

Rev. Joseph V. Russell

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING



Man’s real enemy is not his fellow man, however loathsome he may appear through biased lenses that portray him as such, but rather the circumstances and conditions that make it possible to view him in that light. Man’s real enemy is not his fellow man, but attitudes born of ignorance, greed, selfishness, fear and prejudice.

A friendly smile – a warm handclasp – a kind word – a good deed – even a good wish or silent prayer in a man’s heart for his fellow man, ripples on and on to the ends of the earth.

Understanding is a mental process which enables one to:

Read between the lines on a man’s face –

See him as he is –

Know why he thinks, talks and acts as he does –

Grant him the right to do so –

Accept him as a brother.

Blessed is the man who donates a keg of nails to the building of a boy’s clubhouse, for nails are important in building. But happy is the man who is in there hammering – giving himself to the project.

Words without works come ringing back with the emptiness of an echo. It is what we do, rather than say, that impresses youth.

We cannot escape our duties and obligations to society by deeding them to the next generation. It is good to show youth the way. It is better to walk with him. It is best to make him a partner rather than an heir to our problems.

Charles G. Tennent

Book reviews

 Biological Transmutations

NOVEMBER 1972                     15

(Louis C. Kervran (English version by Michel Abehsera), published by Swan House Publishing Co., P.O. Box 638, Binghamton, N.Y., $2.75 – Paperback.)

In 1959, Louis Kervran, a French scientist, commenced publishing his findings of the peculiar biological phenomenon of the transmutation, in living organisms, of one chemical element into another. This had been observed spasmodically during the past two centuries. In the course of his work, Kervran carried out thousands of experiments. He presented his findings in a series of small volumes, in French.

Michel Abehsera undertook to collate these words into the English language; and has written for everyone, scholar, layman, or college student. The writing style is free flowing and easily understood.

It is within everyone’s ability to comprehend the biological transmutations as long as there is a desire for true knowledge. The understanding of the Biological Transmutations requires nothing more than casting aside all rigid thought while studying them. The principles affect every phase of our existence; if you need potassium take salt; if you need calcium take organic silica; foods rich in manganese provide the iron needed; sprouting rye grass seed transmutes magnesium to potassium.

“The serious error of scientists consists in their saying that reactions occurring in living matter are solely chemical reactions, that chemistry can and must explain life. That is why in science we find such terms as ‘biochemistry’. It is certain that a great number of manifestations of life are produced by chemical reactions. But the belief that there is only chemical reaction and that every observation must be explained in terms of a chemical reaction, is false. One of the purposes of this book is to show that matter has a property heretofore unseen, a property which is neither chemistry nor nuclear physics in its present state. In other words, the laws of chemistry are not on trial here. The error of numerous chemists and biochemists lies in their desire to apply the laws of chemistry at any cost, with unverified assertions, in a field where chemistry is not always applicable. In the final phase the result might be ‘chemistry’, but only as a consequence of the unperceived phenomenon of transmutation.”

This book presents a daring hypothesis, solid and thrilling. Daring, for it appears to be opposed to the classical conception of nuclear physics and biology. Solid, for the invoked and observed facts are very many, sustained by sound reasoning argument. Thrilling, for it opens new perspectives and horizons in biology, medicine, energetics, physics, agriculture,

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

and similar areas. Of special importance is the place it will occupy between the scientist and the metaphysician.

If you wish thought provocation, this book has it.

Paul K. Miller


Dear Dr. Fry:

It occurred to me that you might be interested in the application of the central idea found in your AREA OF MUTUAL AGREEMENT and so it is that I am reporting how a group of social studies teachers used it in their Workshop last summer.

The local teachers, in a social studies work session, were given the task of deciding what concepts and what values should go into our social studies curriculum on the elementary school level. The State of California has mandated that each school district do this.

Because our values differed, we did not make any real progress at first, and because our time was so limited, I knew it was part of my responsibility, as the leader, to find some method to bring us into greater unity without sacrificing individuality. I played a tape by you on “The Area of Mutual Agreement” and gave the group copies of the tract. They agreed to try it out, and it worked!!

We developed a core group of agreed-upon concepts and values. We, as you had recommended, by setting aside any idea that had any opposition to it, until we came to one, no matter how seemingly small, that we could agree was to be included in the curriculum. The method was fair and efficient, so people’s feelings were positive and attitudes were cooperative. In eight days we had the heart of the curriculum completed and were on our way to reconsider some of the ideas that had been rejected on the first go-around.

From the success demonstrated within the Workshop, I know there can be other applications of THE AREA OF MUTUAL AGREEMENT – perhaps in classrooms and family groups. Its simplicity makes it worth trying.

Most sincerely,

Peggy Shackelton


you must realize that you are God in the form of you and that everyone else is God in the form of himself … The Divine Essence of the Whole permeates all of the parts . . . Now is the time for man to consciously and joyfully move into a new order of higher life

NOVEMBER 1972                     17


If you do not feel the brotherhood of man and the Oneness of the Universe you are violating the truth of truths.

The problems confronting mankind are not primarily those which can be solved by harnessing the forces of nature to service and comfort. Man’s strength and resource lies in his awareness of his unity with First Cause, with the Spirit of Infinite Life within him.

We aim to realize, at last, the truth of our being, to reach the place where we are never separate even for an instant from the consciousness that we are living and moving in and as a part of Spirit. When this goal has been reached by all humanity there will be no more sickness, poverty, war or death.

There is a Divine pattern for the microcosm — now that we are aware of this, let us surrender to it; unite with it; experiment with it. Let us desire that Oneness in which we are not less ourselves but infinitely MORE for having advanced literally into a new form of life of which Teilhard writes . . . “the further liberation of consciousness.”

We pray his prayer: “O God, grant that after having desired, I may believe and believe ardently and above all things, IN YOUR ACTIVE PRESENCE . . . “

In total agreement and with blessings,

Dr. lrma Glen

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Essay Contest Reminder

As announced in our October issue, Understanding, Inc. is sponsoring an ESSAY CONTEST based upon the AREA OF MUTUAL AGREEMENT proposal of Dr. D. W. Fry. This thesis proposes a World Congress

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

to determine the “areas of mutual agreement” in the Social Sciences, such as long ago determined for the Physical Sciences. (A copy of the booklet will be mailed upon request to each contestant. Also, see editorial.)

The purpose of the contest is to obtain a preliminary list of short and simple proposals to be submitted to such a World Congress.

Prizes offered: First prize – $50.00; Second – $25.00; Third – $10.00; Fourth, Fifth and Sixth – $5.00 each; Seventh through Tenth – One year subscription to Understanding Magazine.

All entries become the property of Understanding, Inc., and prize winning entries will be published in the magazine.

The judges shall be the editors of the magazine and Mrs. Florence Bohnert. The closing date is November 30th, 1972.

No single proposal shall be more than 40 words in length, and shall have a direct bearing upon the relationship of man to his fellowman and/ or upon the means by which this relationship may be made more successful, more productive or more enduring. A list of ten or more such proposals shall constitute an entry in this contest.

The contest is open to everyone except the Judges and their immediate families, so begin now to list your ideas as to the proposals which should be submitted to the World Congress.

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In the Spirit of Christmas

Now is the time to write to OPERATION MAIL CALL for the name and address of one of our servicemen overseas. Surely we all have time for one more holiday note or greeting for a lonely chap across the seas.

Do write to: Operation Mail Call, 502 Hill St., Coventry, R.I. 02816. A stamped, self-addressed envelope will be most helpful.

NOVEMBER 1972                     19

Poet’s corner


We hate because

We hate ourselves.

We hate because

We don’t know how to love.

We hate because

Our lives are so shallow.

We hate because

There is nothing else to do.

We hate because

We see in others what we don’t have:

The beauty of soul.

Harry Shupak

The Enemy

Be kind to your enemies,

You may be one of them.

Ed Eaglo

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING


We are all familiar with the Three Mystic Monkeys of the Japanese, and the ordinary explanation of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Yet these quaint monkey figures are called the guardians of the Path, and the deeper significance is that of silence. For as we gain control of the outer senses of seeing, hearing and speaking, then do the far more potent inner senses corresponding to the outer begin to function. Each sense has an inner within it. “One who is always talking seldom says anyone worth listening to,” is an illustration of the need of control.

Allan J. Stoves


Our Father, we thank Thee for the privilege of living in these days of change, that through Thy Love, Thy Wisdom, Thy Strength we may render a worthy service in the earth.

We thank Thee for the knowledge that evil is even now bringing quick destruction on itself. We thank Thee that we have a part in bringing the new Heaven and the new Earth into manifestation.

It is with joy and gladness that we open our hearts and our minds to Thee that the White Ray of the Christ may radiate through us to all men everywhere; that all who will respond to Thy Spirit may be guided in the path of right action; that those who stumble in darkness may be brought into the pathway of Light; and that those who falter with discouragement may be filled with hope and cheer.

We thank Thee that the healing, cleansing flow of the Spirit of Life is now filling us with perfect health in body, in mind, and in spiritual expression that those around us may see that we have been with Thee and learned of Thee.

We thank Thee, Father, that in Thy Power, in the Love of the Christ, and the Ministry of the Spirit, Thy Will is now being accomplished.



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The story recounts several incarnations and gives deep insight into life beyond death.

SUNRISE is an outstanding gift-book.

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