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VOLUME XVI                              SEPTEMBER, 1971                                 NUMBER 9

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


New concepts in human relationships, no matter how simple and practical, have long gestation periods in the collective human mind. Habits of thought are even more tenacious and persistent than habits of action. Any skillful appeal to human emotions or instinct, will have an instant effect upon the thought patterns and the resulting actions of the individual, but to influence human behavior through appeals to logic and reason is a slow, arduous and usually thankless task, which is seldom undertaken by even the most sincere and astute of leaders.

The dedication of our organization to the pursuit of simple under-standing, devoid of appeals to bias or emotion, was done with full realization of the immense difficulty, and the personally unrewarding nature of the task. It was also realized, however, that man can no longer afford to be guided principally by his emotions or his instincts; they have often led him into tragedy in the past, and now could lead him into total oblivion.

Some means must be found to emphasize the logic of the proposal rather than the emotional appeal of its proponents. Understanding magazine chose this principle as its editorial policy, and for years was quietly ignored by almost everyone. Although copies of the magazine

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

have, over the past 15 years, been mailed to each of four Presidents of the U. S., none has ever so much as acknowledged receipt of them. Yet the encouraging fact remains that three of these U. S. Presidents have incorporated in their public addresses, verbatim quotations from the magazine’s editorial pages. These might, of course, all have been coincidences, but if they were, they were truly remarkable ones! During the past few years, there have been increasing indications that the necessity of simple understanding is being recognized by the world. A constantly increasing proportion of the public has learned to discriminate between the verbose propaganda blast which appeals only to the emotions, and the simple fact, simply stated, which appeals only to the reason. Understanding magazine has, from the beginning, chosen the latter policy, in spite of its lack of general appeal, and will continue to maintain it in the larger magazine format now being planned.

Despite the obvious confusion of the world today, there are growing evidences that the principles of logic and reason may yet become accepted guidelines in the future progress of man.

——— ♦ ———


WHAT makes it possible for me to become one with my fellow man? The human experience of living is what makes it possible. How else could I know the joy of accomplishment except in the actual accomplishing? How else can I know the sorrow of losing a loved one except by actually losing one?

In the living, winning, losing, loving is the knowing, growing feeling, experiencing that develops the nerve endings, sensitivities, responses necessary to becoming truly aware of oneself and one’s reaction and interreaction.

Each new awareness sharpens the senses and creates appreciation for other humans, their sufferings and joys.

It is as though we are holding a bag of responses somewhere in our bodies. Not automatic body responses, but emotional responses built by the process of living.

We may feel we are self sufficient, equal to life and what it offers, but until life tests us, we won’t be sure.

In times of stress, when our small worlds crumple, is when we must

SEPTEMBER, 1971                  3

have human responses. Unless we have our own bag of responses with which to relate gestures of humanness, we will be unable to tune in, join the circle of humanity and flow along in that sense of oneness, comfortable in the knowledge that this too will pass. It always has and always will. Others have walked the path of stress or sorrow and arrived safely at the other side, often enriched, renewed and up-lifted from the experience.

In joy there is also need for a bag of responses. At times, the pain of joy is overwhelming. One feels they will burst.

Then there are all the myriads of feelings that float in between! All building a bag of experiences to be dipped into as needed and used as the ground work for interrelation to others around us for sharing or feeling.

After a lifetime of these rises and falls, curves and straight lines, one comes to be one with all in conscious awareness because one comes to see that one is all with him.

No thing is his exclusively in the realm of living experience. The sense of being on the head of a pin is excruciatingly painful. Such a relief to be off. And there is the growth. That feeling of relief. Later recognition of another’s being on that pin brings a sense of relief that it is not you. Still later, compassion takes the place of relief. That sense leads to the experience of being one with the sufferer.

In all ways, this awareness of oneness will run through our lives. Association with everything around us becomes acute. The desire to ease will prevail. It is not possible to avoid pain for anyone anymore than it is possible to avoid job. You have walked that path. Your bag of responses reminds you.

Perceiving these thoughts, you can understand why not one of us would want to make anyone’s life more difficult.

And finally the realization that we are all one living, laughing, loving, dying out of which will grow the desire to support and enrich each other never again to turn ourselves away from our fellow man.

Carol Reif

——— ♦ ———

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


WITH only limited opportunities to understand how such things as axes, sewing machines, trucks and outboard motors come to be, many groups of Melanesian people believe that the cargo brought by ships to their islands is really intended for them, but is intercepted by the white man. They further believe that if they can only learn to practice successfully the magic which the European knows, the foreigners will disappear and they, themselves, will possess the wealth which is right-fully theirs. When that clay comes, they will never have to work; they will never be hungry; they will never be sick; they will never die.

Thus, from the fertile soil of misunderstanding, frustration and discontent have sprung many forms of what are generally called cargo cults-cults based on a belief in a time, a millennium, when the white man will go away and the native islander will have all the “cargo.” These cults are led by prophets, usually Christian, who believe that they have the power to perform the necessary magic.

The cults began to appear as soon as Europeans came to the islands with their coveted axes, knives and cloth. The Melanesians soon learned, however, that they could not have these things unless they worked very hard for the mines or plantations. And sometimes, even after working very hard, they still could not have them, for the labor recruitment systems practiced by the early Europeans in these islands amounted to virtual, or actual, slavery.

During World War II, when vast quantities of radios, food, jeeps, plan’s and all the other paraphernalia of war were carried ashore from a seemingly endless stream of cargo ships, the cults gained new impetus and spread like wildfire, especially in New Guinea which had been the least explored, exploited and affected by the modern world. The appearance of Negro GIs greatly reinforced their belief that the black man could share the wealth once he learned the secrets.

In the Melanesian mind, the secrets were not equated with any natural system, however, but only with ritual and magic. It was generally believed that the manufactured goods themselves contained the magic. Imitation radios, landing strips in the jungle, flagpoles flying European clothing, and bamboo radio towers were built in the hope that the magic would be released.

A recent manifestation of the persistence of the belief in the tenets

SEPTEMBER, 1971                  5

of the cargo cults has occurred in the East Sepik District near the town of Wewak in New Guinea. A Christian tribal leader and self-proclaimed prophet in the district has interpreted a passage of the Book of Revelations to mean that the wealth is hidden underground. He has decreed that a ritual will be performed which will reveal the treasure.

He says that he will die by crucifixion on July 7, on a concrete land survey marker atop a mountain near Wewak. To complete this ritual, a small boy must be sacrificed, also. This done, he claims that the survey marker can be removed to reveal the cargo beneath and he and the boy will be restored to life.

Judging by past experiments of cargo cultists, should the plan be carried out and fail to reveal the treasure or to restore the prophet and boy to life, faith in the ritual would not be lessened. Rather, the cultists would only believe that stronger and stronger magic must be found.

The cults present a most perplexing problem to the Australian authorities, who administer the government of New Guinea as a United Nations Trust Territory. If authorities try to actively suppress the cults, it would only reinforce the New Guineans’ belief that the white men don’t intend to share their secrets. If, on the other hand, the authorities take no steps to stop this most recent plan, two persons will die-one of them a small boy.

The Australians have tried to share their “secrets.” For generations, individual planters, miners and government officials have attempted to explain the manufacturing processes and economic principles which have enabled them to acquire “cargo.” But, with the ingrained belief that the only real power is supernatural power, the cultists are unimpressed by these explanations, and regard even photographs of manufacturing processes only as evidence of greater magic being performed.

In other areas of Melanesia, where longer contact with European cultures has enabled the islanders to gain a better understanding of the real origin of the material wealth of the foreigners, the ideas have altered somewhat. Rituals decreed by other cargo cult leaders in these areas have indeed helped the Melanesians to sham the white man’s secrets. Sometimes, laborers have been forbidden to work until their wages were increased; sometimes a ritual demonstration for better education or better working conditions has been ordered. These rituals have helped the islanders to share the “cargo,” but have made their

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

governments uneasy about possibly leftist, subversive elements attempting to work through the cults. In many cases, this charge has probably been true.

Eventually, better understanding will come to the New Guineans, too, but for the time being it still seems to an estimated 15,000 people there that only magic and sorcery will bring the millennium to them.

Mary A. Browning

——— ♦ ———


Mind and Thought

The study of mind and thought stands for the greatest advance in civilization the world has ever known, and for the highest development of personal power in the individual. It has long been suspected by the ablest thinkers and investigators that thought and matter are one and the same, but different forms of each other; that every substance is a condition assumed by thought, and is thought itself. The men whose names shine forth as leaders of modern knowledge have found their researches tending to one conclusion; that the universe is filled with thought, which is ever-present, all powerful and omniscient, occupying all space and throbbing in every part of the sky and in all created matter, including life of every kind, material and otherwise. The sublime philosophy of Emerson which is accepted by all theologians, touched this conclusion and showed the way to it in one direction but fell short of the goal.

The purpose of this universal thought has been and is to take Form; first by building of itself material abodes in which to live as tenants from the lowest conditions of intelligence to the highest estate of the human mind. This process of taking Form accounts for all things that are, for all life that exists, and for the presence of man on earth.

The human body is a part of the universal thought, and the human mind is universal thought itself. That the latter has absolute power over the former is proved by the teachings through life.

It is common experience of man to possess a power he does not exercise. He does not know his own strength like the caged lion who contents himself with remaining in a narrow abode he could tear to pieces in a minute if he knew he had the ability to do so.

SEPTEMBER, 1971                  7

All forms follow laws that seem blind, for they proceed along regular routes and are swayed by the conditions that surround them. The human mind is a type of this drifting. It is the slave to habits both in thinking and in acting; and like the lion in captivity, does not know that there is a vast range of freedom close at hand that may be had by the least effort.

The physical body is a part of the universal thought left to the influence of these blind laws. The trouble with the human mind is that it permits itself to be controlled by the physical conditions of the body, when the opposite is intended.

It has been proved that the mind can master the body, but the body actually masters the physical mind. When the mind turns from the influences of the body and looks outwardly to the source from which it sprang, powers come to it. A clearness of knowledge is one of those powers.

This truth is self evident. It is reasonable, practical and sensible. Every- thinking person knows that life consists of physical influences holding mastery over the physical mind. For the first time in the history of your world let the master (your soul consciousness) rule the master. A new view of life will follow. A new civilization will then come upon the earth.

-Rev. Joseph V. Russell

New Age Assembly

Glen Burnie, Mo.

——— ♦ ———


(Mr. H, L. Ellliot, in his editorial of July 6, 1971, in the Grants Pass, Ore., Daily Courier, reported these significant developments as “spin-offs” of our outer space research.)

Space research has done as much for groundlings as it has done for astronauts-perhaps more-and NASA has sent out a list of the benefits accruing from this work.

Within the list-but by no means all of it-are some of these -Quieter jet engines are being developed, and work on a new super-critical wing should make future aircraft go farther on less fuel.  Remote sensing, by satellite, of various earth resources, such as a use of NASA developed instruments, designed to explore the evolution

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

of planetary atmospheres and the origins of life, to analyze and help to control and eliminate smog on earth.

-A corn blight watch, tracing its development and its spread. -Monitoring by satellite of air, water, land, forest and crop conditions, mapping of ice movements and ocean currents, mapping of geo-logic, hydro-logic, vegetation and soil phenomena and even detection and determination of the location and extent of oil slicks.

-A NASA scientist conducting basic research into the effects of space radiation on body cells has discovered cellular linkages that may aid in understanding certain types of cancer.

-Doctors can watch a movie of the beating of a patient’s diseased heart-identifying dead spots or scar tissue and other malfunctions.

-A small computer that can continuously monitor changes in blood pressure and heart output has been developed by NASA.

-NASA and Stanford have applied sonar to heart and blood circulation studies making possible fast, doctor’s office determinations of conditions.

-A brain sensor and radio transmitter system developed for space medical research appears to allow major improvements and treatment of schizophrenia.

-A computer used to enhance pictures radioed back from the moon and Mars has been successfully used to analyze pictures of human chromosomes. This gives better results in a tenth the time previously required.

-A pilot’s pressure suit saved the life of a young woman whose internal bleeding could not be stopped by other procedures.

-Satellite weather watches on hurricanes and tornadoes have saved thousands of lives and crops. The weather service estimates 50,000 would have died in Hurricane Camille in 1969 if they had not been warned to evacuate.

-Techniques used in space to separate chemical fuels in booster rockets are being adapted to separate oil from natural waters, to reduce pollution.

-Other work done in developing high performance in rocket engines is being used to reduce industrial pollution.

-An entire industry has grown out of research and development in communications satellites, reducing the cost of a single telephone channel across the ocean from $16.000 to $600.

SEPTEMBER, 1971                  9

These are but some of the gains, but it should now be obvious that for the relative pittance spent on space research, the “spin-off” benefits to mankind may be immeasurable in value. Such gains should not be discounted, lest we lose a gain that will save our own lives someday

——— ♦ ———


On August 26th of last year, your editor, in company with our good friend Per Axel Atterbom, departed from Govik bound for Wiesbaden, Germany, on what was destined to be one of the most interesting and significant safaris of the European Pilgrimage.

The trip from Sweden to Germany by auto requires two short ferry crossings, the first from Sweden to Denmark, and the second from Denmark to Germany. Little time is lost on these crossings, however, since they last just long enough for a leisurely meal to be enjoyed in the ship’s dining room. While it is possible to make the trip in one day, it makes a very long and tiring one, and since we did not get an early start, we stopped over for the night at the Hotel Berlin, in Hamburg, and resumed our journey on the following morning.

Traveling on one of German’s Autobahns, or freeways, can be an interesting experience, if one has calm nerves and a fatalistic philosophy. Since virtually all of the traffic consists of small ‘compact’ cars, it was not considered necessary to make the lanes as wide as they usually are in U.S. freeways, but the roadway is very smooth, flat and well engineered. There is no speed limit, the only legal requirement being that each driver must move into the right hand lane when being overtaken by a faster car. The average speed is about 145 kilometers, or 90 miles per hour, and many of those cars which are capable of it travel at even higher speeds. Such a highway, if located anywhere in the U. S. would almost immediately result in a carnage of death and destruction, yet in the several extensive trips which we made on the Autobahns, I did not see a single accident or even any evidence that one had recently occurred! There must be a lesson of some sort to be learned from this situation. Perhaps it is that the German driver, being relieved of the constant fear of being arrested for speeding can devote all of his attention to his driving!

We arrived in Weisbaden early in the afternoon of the 27th and checked into Hotel Taunus where we were met by our good friend Karl

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Veit and his charming wife Anny, who immediately drove us to their home for an extended session of social and serious chatting, and a very enjoyable dinner. Karl, as most of our readers know, is the editor-publisher of UFO Nachrichten, the world’s largest newspaper specializing in UFO Phenomena, and the head of DUIST, one of the largest UFO organizations.

On the 28th we spent most of the day at the Veit’s home visiting and discussing many things. Mrs. Veit’s mother, Clare Muller, was indispensable in these visits because of her excellent knowledge of the English Language. In the evening we were invited to a large dinner party at the Taunus Hotel where we dined sumptuously, and answered questions until 1:00 in the morning. On Saturday the 29th we lectured for a large and interested group in the Kurhaus (one of the most impressive and historic auditoriums in the city.) The lecture and question period lasted from 3:00 to 7:00 P.M., after which we, and a consider-able portion of the audience, repaired to the Taunus Hotel dining room where the discussion continued without slacking until 1:30 A.M.

To be continued

——— ♦ ———

world report

Will a Cow Eat Your Newspaper?

(Modern Maturity, June-July, 1971)

The answer to the question above is yes-if you grind it up and add a little molasses.

That yes may prove important in two ways: Feeding old news-papers to farm animals can re-duce their competition with men for croplands that supply direct human needs; it can also aid the fight against pollution.

The U. S. Department of Agriculture is attempting to make sheep and cattle more efficient users of materials that man cannot eat and that pose disposal problems, thus contributing to pollution. As part of this effort, animal scientist David A. Dinius ran a number of experiments with newsprint, though any wood byproduct would have served the same purpose.

SEPTEMBER, 1971                  11

In one trial, Dr. Dinius simulated a winter feeding situation, blending ground newsprint with molasses and a mixture of nutrients and minerals. In preliminary trials, steers rejected the taste without molasses; but preference trials with both printed and unprinted paper indicated they did not reject the ink.

A finishing trial utilized four rations: One contained no roughage; one contained ground timothy hay; two contained newsprint as the only roughage, one at 5 and one at 10 per cent. Other ingredients were similar to the wintering study rations. The average daily gain for steers fed the various rations varied only about 6 ounces.

Carcass evaluations after the steers were slaughtered showed no adverse effects from the newsprint and no differences among steers fed different rations.

Just Call Him 181213 3 1234 5

(Time Magazine, July 12, 1971)

By 1975, nine years ahead of Orwellian projections, every West German Citizen may be officially known to his government by a twelve-digit number. The government has sent the Bundesrat (Upper House of Parliament) a proposal that would identify each person by six digits indicating his birth date, a seventh his sex and century of his birth, the next four to distinguish him from others born on the same day, and the last a “control” number-which would make Chancellor Willy Brandt Number 181213 3 1234 5 or something very close to that.

The number will follow a person from birth until 30 years after his death when, presumably, he would be expunged from the computer. The government explains the move on grounds that its voluminous registration system is being computerized. It also hopes to eliminate the confusing snarls that sometimes arise in a country where many people have the same surnames (there are 600,000 Mullers alone in West Germany). Israel and the Scandinavian countries already have such systems, and a number of others, including Japan, are preparing to follow suit.

Witchcraft Course

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) June 23, 1971

DENVER (AP)-The Denver Free University, in its lists of course offerings, notes there is a $10.90 surcharge for course No. 32-Introduction to Theory and Practice of Witchcraft.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The surcharge is “to cover the costs of candles, bats blood and other items which will be needed for the practice part of the class,” the school says.

UFO Spotted Near Defiance

Columbus Dispatch, July 14, 1971

DEFIANCE, Ohio (AP) -Residents and police of Defiance, Paulding and Van Wert counties followed what was described as an unidentified object in the sky Tuesday night before it disappeared in Van Wert Co.

First sighted over Defiance, viewers described it as a bright star that moved toward the west. There was no immediate explanation for the sighting. However authorities said it may have been a weather balloon.

Population Control-India

(New Fork Times, April 13, 1971)

The rapid growth of India’s population-up 107 million in the last 10 years-may be slowing.

India’s 1971 census shows a population of 547 million, 14 million under an earlier projection of 561 million. A Chandra Shekhar, India’s census commissioner, believes that family- planning programs have had more impact than expected.

If the estimate is verified, it would likely provide new encouragement to the birth control programs of other over-populated countries.

Population Control-Great Britain

(National Enquirer, July 11, 1971)

Unless Britain’s population explosion is checked, the country will have to consider licensing people to have babies, according to a population growth expert.

“In 20 years we may have to consider licensing babies,” said Dr. Malcohn Potts, medical secretary- of the International Planned Parent-hood Federation.

He urged the British government to heed a warning by a committee of Parliament that “the Government must act to prevent the consequences of population growth becoming intolerable for the everyday conditions of life.”

The government committee on Science and Technology said the country’s population could rise by 11 million to 66 million by year 2000 if growth is not checked.

SEPTEMBER, 1971                  13

Earth Pull Felt On Moon

Portsmouth Times, Portsmouth, Ohio, April 24, 1971

MOSCOW (AP)-A Soviet astronomer says the moon has molten rock churning around inside it and that this volcanic activity sharply increases when the moon passes close to earth.

Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, of Leningrad’s Pulkova Observatory, said he believes “that under the influence of the earth’s pull, the surface of the visible side of the moon may bulge as much as 6-1/2 feet.

“At such moments, it is furrowed by mammoth crevices through which streams of lava flow out,” Kozyrev said, according to a Tass dispatch today.

Could It Be?

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Aug. 4, 1971

KARACHI (UPI) -Pakistanis are getting pretty high on “miracle” sponge water which they claim can cure diseases, madness, and help barren women to conceive.

In Karachi, the sponge-like substance is soaked in sweetened water or tea for an intoxicating brew reported to be as strong as liquor. Kept in a jar of water, the sponges soon multiply. They are being sold for $30 each.

Karachi University microbiologists who studied a specimen of the sponge described it as belonging to the culture of aerobic microbes which require oxygen from the air and tend to multiply when kept in water.

The Pakistan Medical Association has appealed to the public to stop drinking the “miracle” sponge water, but some Pakistanis say the doctors fear their incomes would be reduced if people were to start curing themselves with water.

——— ♦ ———


From the Scandinavian Newsletter

(No. 1-2, April 1971)

North Finnish- UFO- Wave: There have come many reports from the Kuusamo area in North Finland the last few months. A government official reported to the Oulu UFO Club that during the night of Jan. 10 – 11, between 2.50 and 3.10 he sighted 16 very bright glowing UFOs over the Kuusamo community. They flew in an echelon formation, the

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

lower ones at a height of about 300-400 m. The objects flying higher seemed to be bell-shaped, while the lower ones appeared as elongated or flat balls. No sound was heard. The witness, who does not care to give his name because of his position, observed this phenomenon with three other members of his family.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

A Surprising Result: A study-circle organization of Eksilstuna, Sweden, is arranging a study circle in occult matters, such as ESP and UFOlogy. The organization advertised for “unexplained incidents.” Result: about 500 reports!

About 100 concerned UFO sightings and 80% of these are concentrated to a very restricted area around Kijula and Arls, near Eskilstuna. Mr. Nygren, headmaster of the organization said in an interview

“The reports are interesting. We have received independent reports of what must have been the same incident. The reports are usually of a good quality, many of the witnesses educated people, even civil engineers. Since many of the witnesses fear publicity we cannot publish any details of the sightings.”

Those Eerie Rings Again

(“Truth,” Auckland, New Zealand, May 4, 1971)

Five more Ngatea-like circles have been discovered, this time in the Taupo area. They were discovered by helicopter pilot, Mr. R. D. Nairn-At the same time reports have come in from the same area of several sightings of unidentified objects. Dozens of people reported the phenomenon. Interested people are asking if there is a connection between the UFOs and the puzzling circles.

Truth’s helicopter, piloted by Mr. Nairn, flew over the area and took aerial photographs of the circles. Four of them were in a straight line and just over a mile apart. The fifth was about a mile to the west but lined up with the last of the other four.

The circles range from between 200 and 300 feet in diameter and each covers up to 6000 sq. feet. A fungus like growth, only about three or four inches high covers the circles like a carpet. There is no other vegetation.

Captain Cathie said, “There is no direct evidence that the circles are made by UFOs, but they certainly are not man-made. They are in a

SEPTEMBER, 1971                  15

pattern, not spread haphazardly.” He also noted that it was possible that radiation or some chemical substance had penetrated into the areas covered by the circles ….

So, the mystery deepens!

(Credit: Apollo Verein, Otahuhu, New Zealand)

——— ♦ ———

poet’s corner

A Rumor

A rumor is a twisted telegraph

Which often cuts a story’s truth in half.

It clings to every passer-by, in its play,

Who does not try to tear himself away.

And grapes of wrath begin to blossom out,

And then a different story- starts to sprout-

And when the vine is withered, you will find,

The tangled maze of rot it haves behind.

Discount a half of what you see or hear,

For things are not always as they appear.

Tales are often improvised or made.

A heart within a deck is not a spade.

A rumor plucks sour grapes from every vine,

15                                                  UNDERSTANDING

And like the fish that nibbles on the line

It bites off so much more than it can chew.

Then strangles on the hook and sinker, too

A rumor tricks with prejudice and then

Goes on and on to injure other men.

It does not pause to contemplate the source,

Which gave the tidal wave of words its course.

It does not stop to scrutinize the whole,

It cannot see the goodness of soul-

It merely waits to tear the truth apart,

And ends its vicious circuit breaking hearts!

(Submitted by Mrs. Pearle Johnson-author unknown)

book reviews

UFO Books

(These UFO Book Reviews, as given in the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch of July 18, 1971, should be of particular interest to our readers.)

INTERCEPT-BUT DON’T SHOOT: Renato Vesco, Grove Press, $8.50

AGE OF FLYING SAUCERS: By Paris Flamnronde, Hawthorn, $8.95

“UFO sightings during the first three months of 1971 can be characterized by one word: lights. For reasons not apparent, there has been a steady flow- of “strange light” reports since late last year, most of them coming from the United States and Canada.”

This statement taken from the UFO Investigator, official publication of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, April issue, seems to be just one of the never-ending reminders that the

SEPTEMBER, 1971                  17

UFOs are still with us despite a sustaining lack of news coverage on this continuing enigma.

Renato Vesco deals with a highly controversial theory that the so-called “flying saucers” are indeed man made and in fact “German inspired, British planned, and Canadian built.” The author asserts that there has been and still is a monumental multi-government cover-up of information on aeronautical devices that are now being manufactured and tested within the borders of the United States and Canada.

Quoting from official German documents, he maintains that among the secret weapons intended to save the desperate Nazi from defeat were infrared-seeking “Foo-Fighters,” antiradar heat-seeking “Feuer-balls,” and above all, a wing-less German fighter plane. He states that the designs on these craft were taken by the British to Canada where they are being built.

There is much information in this book and it may just fit one or more pieces into this continuing puzzle, no matter what you believe. MANY books have been written covering all phases of the UFO mystery but Paris Flammonde tries to place what he calls the “Golden Years” of UFO sightings in their proper niche in history.

Perhaps in a way he is right. The apathy of the press and the rebuffs of the government have indeed succeeded in creating a disinterest among the public.

The author runs through almost every phase that has been connected with the UFO dilemma, covering everything from the so-called contactees to the more conservative set which includes writers, scientists, government officials and many others

Some of the more interesting questions covered are: Are unidentified flying objects from outer space? How- are UFO hoaxes exposed? Have human beings actually contacted beings from other planets? What proof is there for the truth of the contactees? And has the U.S. government actually ended its research on the saucer phenomenon?

If you are a student of UFO’s or if you have been wondering what it’s all about this is a chance to look-see. It is this reviewer’s opinion that even though it sometimes seems that the UFO obituary has been written, it might be wise not to perform an autopsy until the patient dies.

Dick Boyer

——— ♦ ———

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The thoughtful person has to cull and discard many speculative notions in these days of confusion, in his search for a philosophy or system that embodies the unifying fundamentals of ageless wisdom. He cannot afford to analyze or criticize the organizations he may leave behind. Instead, he must seek to rise above the vehicles in which religious truth has been clothed, thereby becoming more receptive to freer and broader concepts beyond the realm of pure intellect. In this effort, which requires daily reflection, the sincere seeker allows his in-tuition to lead and thus is better able to perceive truth, whatever its form. In so doing, he trains himself to move with ease among men’s kaleidoscopic opinions, perhaps, becoming in time an ambassador of peace and harmony in environments that formerly exuded only dissension or misgivings.

Helen Calta

——— ♦ ———

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New Circulation Manager

Transfer of the Understanding Magazine Subscription service was made in July from long-term server, Mrs, Edna Basmajian, to Mrs. Clara Ledbetter of Grants Pass.

Mrs. Ledbetter is both capable and eager and should soon handle the many clerical and mailing details efficiently, though there is much to be mastered in short order.

SEPTEMBER, 1971                  19

We wish to thank Mrs. Clara Ledbetter for accepting the responsibility of bringing to you your monthly Understanding Magazine regularly, and to thank her for her services to Understanding, Inc.

Our Error

We offer our apologies for not checking our copy accurately and thus causing confusion as to our proper mailing address. In the July Under-standing Magazine we gave the incorrect post box number for our mail.

All correspondence, publications and subscriptions should be mailed to: Understanding, Inc., P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Ore. 97532.

Mail sent to the incorrect address will be delivered to us, however. So sorry!

Buffalo Unit Library Service

Mr. Ray Hutchings is the recently- elected Librarian for the Buffalo Unit 37, Lending Library. He has just reprinted a listing of the many books available “By Mail” to our Understanding Membership.

The choice of books is excellent and varied-UFOs, Space Philosophies, Religion, Metaphysics, Government, as well as many papers and pamphlets on a variety of subjects.

For your personal copy of the Book List please send a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Ray Hutchings, 152 Lancaster Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 14222.

October Understandorama

We have just been advised that Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, Unit 71 of San Bernardino, Calif., is in the process of organizing another Understandorama for October 17th in Southern Calif.

The Understandorama is to be held at Griswold Inn, Claremont, Calif Details of the program should be available by the time this issue reaches you and you may write to Mrs. Ellsworth, P. 0. Box 626, Morongo Valley. Calif. 92256 for particulars

An Omission

In our Officer List for unit 37 of Buffalo, which appeared in the July issue, we inadvertently omitted the name of Gary Hernreiter as Re-cording Secretary. Belated congratulations, Gary!

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

More Books Received

We acknowledge with thanks and appreciation the following contributions to the Understanding Library

The Evolution of Man-Mark Age

Bahai World Faith-Selected Writings of Baha’u’llah-from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ravellette

Passport to Eternity-Laurence W. Foreman

The Supreme Science of the Buddha — Egerton C. Baptist And God Spoke Again, Vols. 1 and ‘– from A. Turkis.


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