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VOLUME XVI                              AUGUST, 1971                                          NUMBER 8

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Adolescence is a period of transition during which the child goes through the difficult, and somewhat traumatic process of becoming an adult. It is during this period that, if he is to be successful in life, he must begin to stand upon his own feet, make his own decisions, and accept personal responsibility for the consequences. He must also begin to develop his own philosophy of life. During this process, he inevitably comes into frequent conflict with the beliefs and habits of the current adult generation.

The severing of the umbilical cord is the first major trauma of the infant, and the necessity of severing the `apron strings’ by the adolescent youth frequently brings about a. similar state of discomfort, confusion and apprehension. In neither case is the individual fully conscious of the cause of his trauma, but in each case his reaction of resentment and protest is much the same.

The resentment and, protest of the present teenage generation has, however, an even deeper and more significant cause. It stems not only from the self doubt and insecurity of the individual youth, but also from his growing realization of the self-doubt and insecurity of the entire ram! Twenty years ago, a gentleman of considerable wisdom and discernment made the following observation-“Most of the

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

thinkers of your race are well aware of the critical dangers inherent in the use of nuclear weapons, but there is another aspect of the problem which is not so generally realized. Unless a considerably greater degree of amity can be reached between your various world governments, the very existence of such weapons will eventually defeat the purpose and destroy the functions of your society and civilization, even though they may never be used! Think for a moment! Societies and civilizations are created and maintained by men of wisdom who think and work for the future! What man will be willing to dedicate his life and work to the benefit of generations yet unborn when the entire race of mankind may be reduced to ashes within the next twenty-four hours? Unless some means can be found to reestablish a reasonable degree of security within the next decade, the mental attitude of your next generation will inevitably become-“Future? What future? Let us eat, drink and raise hell while we can, for tomorrow we will be gone!” “The insecurity of your youth will manifest itself in many ways, but principally in various forms of protest and revolt against existing concepts, institutions and constituted authority.” (end quote.) Compare his twenty years old prediction with the situation in which we find ourselves today!

Four years after the above analysis was made, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists for February, 1954, carried an interesting and most significant article entitled “Panic, Psychology and the Bomb.” Written by Philip Wylie, internationally known writer, scientist and psychologist. In his description of the effects of the mere existence of nuclear weapons, Wylie said, in part, “Our public is already exhibiting, on a massive scale, a variety of “Symptoms” which, in clinical psychology are known to be the results of deeply repressed fear. These symptoms, classical in nature, are called hysterias. “Hysteria” (in the technical sense used here) is a form of self-deceit. A stratagem for psychobiological defense against the undesirable, the unknown, the intolerable–in short, that which is painfully feared. The defense of the individual assaulted by any fear he cannot or will not face literally is repression into the unconscious. But the energy of the repressed fear cannot be made to disappear: it must exert itself along some course of motion which, in psychology, is emotion. But a person acting by that “stratagem” is one, obviously, who acts illogically and irrationally therefore inappropriately. It has been found that repressed fear may

AUGUST, 1971                           8

thus be converted into many forms of action (and stasis) to supply an “outlet” (however inappropriate) that tends to hide from the individual his real fear, and at the same time, to give him a sense of having “done something” about it. The subject is unaware of his true fear, and proportionately oversensitive in his use of whatever substitute mechanism he has unconsciously selected as a defense of his presumed integrity.” (end of quote.) Remember that these words were written in February of 1954, more than 17 years ago, and during those years no substantial improvement in international relationship has been achieved. We may flatter ourselves that we have become adjusted to the “sword of Damocles,” and that “general nuclear war has become unthinkable.” Yet, in the inner recesses of our minds, we all know that the unthinkable does sometimes occur.

We now have an entire teenage generation, born and reared under this constant, if tacit, threat of instant annihilation. Is it surprising that they react strongly and emotionally against any act or event which may seem to increase the probably of their own extermination? Is it strange that the unconscious expression of their deeply buried fears and long dormant resentment, should sometimes take on bizarre and weird forms? On the contrary! It would be even more amazing if it did not!

Understanding the problems of youth may lead to a greater degree of tolerance, but will not, of itself, solve these problems. Before we can begin to work effectively for the future, we must take some specific steps to assure ourselves (and each other) that there will be a future toward which we dare to look.

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WE HUMANS are a proud species. We abhor the faux pas, the blunder, the foot-in-the-mouth, and especially that embarrassing condition called, “standing there with egg on our face.” Smeared with it, our wounded pride bleeds profusely. We grit our teeth, moaning for the opening up of the proverbial hole in the ground, but to no avail. No matter how we wish for it, death never comes. It can’t — for the truth of the matter is that pride wounds are not killing wounds.  They are instructive wounds.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

A man learns to skate by staggering about making a fool of himself. Indeed he progresses in all things by resolutely making a fool of himself.

Those are the words of George Bernard Shaw. Yes indeed! The same “terrible old man” who was one of the most famous egg-slingers of all time. But by virtue of his words, we can be assured that he was no stranger to embarrassments of his own.

It would seem then that the difference between those who pulled away from a typical Shaw barb, and G.B.S. himself, was in the area of interpretation. To the `pulleys-away,’ making fools of themselves was to be avoided at all costs, whereas, G.B.S. considered it a necessity, a thing to be sought after with great resolution.

Thus we have opposing interpretations, but with a common denominator. It is the element of TIME, and oddly enough, the very thing that separates them. Those who fear the egg-on-the-face stigma live eternally in the Present. Whereas, those who uphold Shaw’s attitude move ever forward into the Future.

We must learn to crawl before we can walk. Even before crawling we must do a lot of flopping around on our bellies-hardly a dignified occupation, except for a fish maybe. And, what about the crawling stage? Have we no pride-slapping the floor with our palms and knees while our rumps wave in the breeze?

“Not fair!” cometh voices from indignant parents, “Babies don’t think; of such things. They’re too busy trying to reach their destinations.”

“Ahhh” answereth the ghost of George Bernard Shaw, “Exactly!” Exactly indeed. So we must ask ourselves just what is our destination.

If it is a placid life in a crib, we’ll have no problem at all. There, we’ll make no sudden moves that might cause a chorus of titters. There, we’ll not learn to talk, thereby invoking the danger of saying something foolish. Nor will our unexercised muscles allow us to reach out to another human being, thus incurring the pain of possible rejection. What’s more, our faces will remain clean-a bit pasty perhaps-but nevertheless egg-free.

However, if this is our choice, we must expect nothing in return. We must obliterate in ourselves one of the most basic instincts within the human entity-the desire not just to be, but to became. We must

AUGUST, 1971                           5

swallow our complaints that the polyunsaturated limbo we have created is so globule-free that we fear death from boredom rather than from embarrassment.

On the other hand, if our Destination lies “up and out” of the crib, things will not be easy at all. We’ll get so much egg on our faces that only those who know us best will be able to see the grins of satisfaction showing beneath. But we will have moved. We will have learned by trial and error how to crawl, then to walk, then to run-and maybe if we’ve latched onto the best egg-remover of all, a personal sense of humor, we’ll do as the Wright Brothers did-learn to fly.

Best of all-while the “Crib-set continues with their vain attempt to get from point A to point C without crossing the bumpy road of point B, our traveling wounds will have long since healed. All the scars will be as the memorable window stickers on a well-seasoned automobile. We will be ready for the next phase of Universal Existence with the real meaning of Pride tucked neatly in our pocket- “We were never afraid to try, just because someone might laugh at us” the same pocket in which we keep our personal calling cards which read, “HAVE EGG-WILL TRAVEL.”

-Marjorie Hyslop

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“The Futurist,” publication of the World Future Society, devotes much of its April 1971 issue to Man’s Future in Space. From an article by Thomas O. Paine entitled: What Lies Ahead in Space? we offer only these few paragraphs.

Under the caption: If Life Does Not Exist On Other Planets, Man Will Bring It, Mr. Paine asks-Is man unique in all the cosmos? Is there no other planet, circling one of the hundred billion other stars in our galaxy or a star in one of the ten billion other galaxies visible in our telescopes, where conditions also favored the spawning of our basic molecular structure? It seems incredible that we alone would have made the step to intelligent life.. . Man may indeed be unique, but the odds against it approach a thousand billion billion to one.

Mr. Paine then continues thus: “We are moving closer to an understanding of man’s place in the violent universe as the tangled mysteries of molecular biology are being unraveled and as the laws governing the evolution of stars and planets are being established by astronomical

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

observations from earth and from orbit. The direct search for extra-terrestrial life is now being extended by spacecraft throughout the solar system, and by giant radio telescopes which have made several searches for distant broadcasts from intelligent life on planets circling stars far distant from our sun. Every experiment has so far been negative, but the search will continue.

“In seeking life on other bodies in our solar system, we must look not only for forms similar to life on earth but for life forms totally foreign to our environment that might be capable of existing in the atmospheres or on the surfaces of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or their satellites. We do not know what may exist, but we are upon the verge of knowing.

“If no life is found elsewhere in the solar system, that in itself will be an important discovery since it will establish limits on the conditions which must exist for the evolution of life elsewhere. These specific conditions can then be sought in other regions of the universe. With increasing understanding of planetary evolutions, we should be able to pinpoint our future search for intelligence, sending electro-magnetic signals to the most promising planetary systems with which communication might be established.

“Establishing the existence of extra-terrestrial life would surely rank as one of the major discoveries in the history of science; even greater would be communication with other intelligent beings on distant worlds. Either of these events would inevitably and significantly alter the philosophical and religious beliefs of mankind. Our human culture would be profoundly affected by the realization that, as we journey through a universe whose infinity we can hardly comprehend, we are in company, with other living beings evolving on their own distant worlds.

“But if extraterrestrial life is not found in our solar system, we can only say that there is no life on our moon or the planets, yet. For man himself can be the bearer of life from the blue planet to other worlds across the void of space … Perhaps this is man’s role in the evolution of our solar system. Our generation has taken the first step: we have carried life out to the moon.”

(Copies of the April issue of “The Futurist” may be had for $1.25 from the World Future Society, P.O. Box 19285, Twentieth St. Sta., Washington, D.C. 20036.)

AUGUST, 1971                           7


Jainism, a Hindu religion intermediate between Brahamnism and Buddhism, founded about the 6th century B. C., prohibits the burning or burying of the dead. Thus it is necessary to have assigned places, called Dakhmas, where the dead are brought and exposed to the vultures and wild dogs.

In Bombay, India, the place assigned is not far from the famed Hanging Garden, and it is called the Tower of Silence. It is a structure somewhat in the form of an amphitheatre, but with three levels instead of three seating sections. It is open above, having no roof but very high walls.

When a Jain dies, a religious ceremony, is held for three or four hours, and then the body is brought to the Tower of Silence. It is disrobed by the priests and placed on the proper level in the pit, as one level is for men only, one for women, and one for the children. No one may enter the Tower of Silence except the priests who place the nude bodies there.

Waiting in the many trees surrounding the Tower of Silence are hordes of vultures. As soon as the body is left, the vultures swoop into the pit. Rama, our guide, told us that the body of a child or lean person could be cleaned in as little as 10 to 15 minutes, that of a heavier person in about 30 minutes.

After the vultures have finished, the bony skeleton is all that is left. There is, of course, a religious basis for this practice. God is all things-body and matter. Body and matter are produced from food; the body is nourished by food from the time of its birth to the time of its death. At its death, it will again pass into food, and the cycle is completed very quickly by this method.

-Rosalie Davis # 1

——— ♦ ———


No wonder you’re smart!

Your brain has ten billion nerve cells to record what you see, hear, feel, taste and touch. More than 100,000 miles of nerve fibers in your body transmit these messages at speed up to 300 mph. There are more interconnections in the human nervous system than there are atoms in the universe. A computer sophisticated enough to cover the earth!

-Defender (Feb. 5, 1467)

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


A soothing rain during the night bathed the majestic pines and verdant mountains providing a bright, clear dawn to herald the beginning of the 1971 Understanding Convention in Merlin, Oregon on June 17th. Under an azure blue sky flooded with mammoth, billowy-white clouds, members and visitors arrived from as far south as Florida, and San Diego, California to attend this Northwestern Metaphysical conclave.

Never before in the history of Understanding, Inc., has there been a more happy, congenial group of conventioneers, nor a more inspired panel of speakers. Every topic of New Age interest was presented and explored. Among the participants, the vibrations were so good and the consciousness so high that complete conversations were held without a mouth opening, nor a sound uttered. All in all, it was a most valuable experience with harmonious blending of many diverse thoughts, viewpoints, and disciplines presented and received in a manner complimentary to students of the New Age and their capacity to live their lives and conduct their paths with true understanding.

Speakers gave not just of their knowledge and experience, but of themselves. Few (if any) participants went home without the opportunity to chat informally for as long as they wished with all of the speakers. The convention was highlighted by small, unstructured discussion and question groups around all of the speakers during coffee, meal, and leisure time. Speakers gave instruction, hints, and valuable demonstrations of their interest fields to any who approached them. This willingness on the part of the speakers created a true “workshop” experience within the atmosphere of “family concern.” Hosts Tahalita and Dr. Dan Fry, like all good hosts, were ever present to look to the needs and comforts of all, but were, at the same time, subtly in the background, leaving center-stage for their guests. What a refreshing phenomenon that was! And what a relaxed, free-flowing exchange of ideas it promoted. There was little feeling of schedules, protocol, or tender feelings for there was no need-each and everyone shared to the extent of their interest and provided limitless opportunities for everyone else to get the greatest possible good from attendance. Tah and Dan, we salute you.

M. C. Iver Jones on the microphone, Tenor Jerry Register on the vocal chords, and Harold Linquest on the organ and piano, competently

AUGUST, 1971                           9

directed a program which virtually kept all present on the edge of super-hard metal folding chairs while the impressive list of speakers each contributed “their thing” to the success of the whole. The series of 50 minute lectures separated by generous stretch and snack breaks was as follows alphabetically

Heather Buckley, Tapes of Children; Dr. William and Patricia Budnick, Actual Films on Heaters of the Philippines; Rev. Jon Diegel, Techniques of Meditation; Dr. Patricia Diegel, Annalee Skarin and Sex and the Spiritual Life; Jay Fair, Discovering Self and How to Relate to Others; Rev. Willard and Amelia Fuller, God Power and Can God Fill Teeth?; Dr, Dan Fry, Common Denominators and The White Sands Incident; Dr. Irma Glen, Living Spiritually; Aleta Johnson, And Her Spirit Guide; Alexander Kurtz, Hypnosis; Robert Ravelletto, Bahai; Rev. Joseph Russell, E.S.P. Development; Jack Schwarz, The Human Aura; Charles Sloan, The Promises of Jesus.

To point out any particular speaker for commendation would be impossible to do. Each and every one gave his best and made the joint effort of all a complete and meaningful experience for everyone present.

We missed you this year (if you were not there) and want to serve fair warning that in spite of the effort it will take, 1972 Merlin will be even greater. Begin planning now to take your vacation with us and further the cause of both personal and universal Understanding.

-Jay Fair

——— ♦ ———

world report

May Be 10th Planet

Medford Mail Tribune, June 20, 1971

OAKDALE, N.Y. (UPI) – A celestial body has been discovered which may be the 10th planet or cluster of planets in our solar system, an astronomy professor at Dowling College said today.

Henry C. Courten, 42, said he accumulated “strong evidence” that there is a celestial body or cluster in solar orbit closer to the sun than Mercury while he led an expedition to southern Mexico during the eclipse of the sun on March 7, 1970.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

He said his findings have been reviewed by NASA, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the U.S. Naval Observatory, leading to the conclusion the object, or possibly several small objects, are fragmentary remains of an earlier sun grazing comet or an intramercurial planet.

The astronomer said the object probably is quite small, less than 500 miles in diameter with a high orbital inclination of more than 12 degrees, and located nine million miles from the sun. Mercury, previously thought closest to the sun, is located 36 million miles from it.

Litter On the Mountain!

Time Magazine, June 7, 1971

When five Oregon University students, along with two teenagers, reached the 17,200 foot level of 22,320 foot Mi. McKinley of Alaska, they found heaps of junk, discarded by previous climbers, plus tons of paper blown around the mountain by 100 m.p.h. winds.

Appalled by the litter on North America’s tallest mountain, the climbers smashed and burned junk and backpacked some 380 pounds to a camp at the 7,400 foot level. This impromptu collection, however, barely made a dent in what is probably the earth’s highest and unlikeliest garbage dump!

Astronaut Sends Message

Columbus Dispatch, Tues, June 22, 1971

DURHAM, N. C. (AP)-Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell said Monday four persons on earth participated in the extrasensory perception experiment he conducted during the Apollo 14 flight in February.

Mitchell said he used 25 numbered cards in the experiment, in which he attempted to send a thought message to the four as to what the symbol on each card was.

Mitchell said he had told the four other participants that he would try the experiment on six specific occasions, but he could only find the necessary 20 minutes or less on four occasions. He said two of the four recipients whose score was highest got 51 correct answers of 200 guesses.

He said chance would have meant only 40 correct.

Mitchell said, “This is an acceptable significant result in the other sciences, but parapsychology is more conservative and considers such odds as only suggestive or extra chance performance.”

AUGUST, 1971                           11

He said he has been interested in ESP for a long time and plans to conduct similar future experiments.

“We’re much too uninformed, unknowledgeable in this mechanism of telepathy or ESP to project its uses, but I think once we start to understand what the mechanism is, then we can start talking about uses.” Mitchell said his own ESP experiments during space travel had produced results “far exceeding anything expected” but that scientifically, they were only “moderately significant.”

Life’s Origin

Medford Mail Tribune, June 18, 1971

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (UPI)-The Space Agency said today scientists at its Ames Research Center here have discovered what may be “a basic pattern” for the chemical evolution of life in the debris of meteorites.

Dr. Cyril Ponnamperuma has discovered in the newly analyzed Murray meteorite “exactly the same 18 amino acids” plus two other chemical configurations, which were found last December in another meteorite, a NASA spokesman said.

The discovery of the same chemical formations of amino acids-the so-called “building blocks of life” in two different meteorites “appears to be the first conclusive proof of extraterrestrial chemical evolution,” NASA said.

chemical combinations speculate that over hundreds of millions of years, various types of energy discharges finally produced complex Dr. Ponnamperuma said the discovery “of this identical- complex pattern of amino acids and pyrimidines in two meteorites could mean that this is a basic phase in the chemical process leading to life.

Both meteorites are believed to be about 4.5 billion years old and are of a type thought to have originated in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Scientists who believe life evolved through increasingly complicated combinations which could reproduce themselves.

Is There Life On Mars?

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., May 12, 1971

CAPE KENNEDY (UPI)-Recent laboratory findings have added fuel to the intriguing scientific speculation that Earth is not alone in harboring living things.       . ..

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

If there is life elsewhere in our solar system, scientists say the planet. Mars is the most likely habitat.

The first opportunity to search for life there will come in 1976 when two Viking spacecraft are scheduled to land on Mars with biological detection instruments.

However, new clues to the possibility of life forms on the red planet may be forthcoming late this year from the Mariner television satellite scheduled to reach Mars.

Three U.S. spacecraft already have explored Mars from afar and their photographs showed a planet that looks surprisingly like the moon. Mars, however, does have an atmosphere, mostly of carbon dioxide with a little water vapor, and its poles are capped with what appears to be dry ice.

Since Mars is farther from the sun than the Earth, it is cooler. But scientists saw it as not too cool in equatorial regions for life to survive. The chances of primitive life on Mars improved with a report in March that tests at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., showed that organic material may be produced by sunlight on Mars. “This is the most favorable indication for a Martian biological evolution that we have had in the last five years,” said Dr. Norman H. Horowitz, one of three biologists who issued the report.

One of the phenomena on Mars that has been considered a possible sign of vegetation is a wave of darkening that spreads from the polar regions to the Martian equator during the spring and summer.

The Mariner satellite launched by the space agency this year will investigate this color change periodically from an orbit that will bring spacecraft television cameras within 530 miles of the Martian surface.

The space agency said it is possible water may exist in the form of permafrost beneath the Martian surface and heat escaping from the planet’s interior could melt this ice and provide a source of water for organisms. Such water probably would form a cloud and the satellite could photograph such a cloud and the agency said that correlated with water vapor and temperature measurements from the spacecraft, could indicate an area acceptable for life forms.

The satellite will swing into Mars orbit in November and one of its main objectives will be to map the Martian surface and look for the most promising areas to be explored by the life hunting Viking robots.

AUGUST, 1971                           13

10,000 Year Old Seeds Germinate

(Crops and Soils Magazine, June-July 1971)

Canadian botanists have grown healthy plants from seeds believed, to have been dormant for at least 10,000 years in frozen soil in the Yukon Territory. The arctic lupine plants are undoubtedly’ the oldest living organisms on earth.

The oldest seeds previously known to have germinated were those of the sacred locus, found near Tokyo in 1951. These were estimated to be 2000 years old.

The lupine seeds were discovered in 1954 by a mining engineer, Harold Schmidt, permanently frozen in silt from 10 to 20 feet below the surface, along with a rodent skull. Mr. Schmidt kept the skull and seeds in a dry place for several years which prevented natural germination. A paleontologist later studied both the skull and seeds and related them to similar findings which date back to 14,000 years by radioactive analysis.

A. E. Porsild took the best looking seeds and placed them on a wet filter paper. Six germinated within 48 hours. They were then transferred to pots in a greenhouse and grew into vigorous plants indistinguishable from ordinary Arctic lupines.

——— ♦ ———


Pollution has become Public Enemy No. 1. It is no longer a potential threat somewhere off in the vague future. Pollution is here because pollution is YOU. So many of us seem to think that because we intellectualize about our ecological state of affairs, that somehow we are exempt from the responsibility of direct action. But talk is cheap-it doesn’t buy us extra time and talk alone is not going to solve our problems.

Let’s consider just one aspect of our environment-our water sources. Have you ever stopped to consider the extent a simple shampoo or bubble bath affects our water supply? Or the soapy pollutants that go down the drain as the washing machine empties? Perhaps you think your contribution in this area is negligible because you are only one person, but keep in mind that soaps and detergents are “need” items everyone uses them in one form or another day in and day out..  Now

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

multiply this abuse by the number of people we have and the amount of non-degradable poisons dumped into our waters daily becomes staggering. 40% of all water pollution is caused right in the home by you, and me.

There are still other undesirable effects of today’s caustic soaps and laundry compounds. A rash or burn caused-by the “burning” effect of the cleaning agent, such as hand burns from dish-washing and skin ;burns from detergent residue left in clothing after laundering are common complaints. Many products on the market today contain ingredients, that cause corrosion of the metal parts of the washing machine.

Our water supply is limited and it does have a saturation point. Therefore, we must start immediately to correct the imbalance. Live what you know-use only bio-degradable, phosphate-free soaps and detergents that break down into a simple chemical compound which Nature re-arranges into new materials. There are several lines available that are concentrated, have multiple uses, and clean as well as anything on the market at a far lower cost to the consumer. Share your knowledge and your products-be an instigator for ecological living. Most of all, don’t procrastinate; procrastination is the death of time and time is running out. Start now to end water pollution.

We have further information available about how you can do your part in controlling the pollution of our national water sources. Please indicate if you are an organization, group or individual, and write, Shaw Enterprises, 1722 Westwood Blvd., Suite 106, West Los Angeles, Calif. 90024.

——— ♦ ———


Latest UFO Reports

The Evening Star, Dunedin, New Zealand, April 27, 1971

A mysterious flying object similar to the one sighted north of Patea on Saturday night has been seen by a Mosgiel woman.

Mrs. K. L. Round, of 53 Stirling Crescent, said she saw an object like “a flame of fire” above her television aerial between 11.30 p.m. and midnight on Thursday.

She estimated the object to be two or three yards long and about two inches wide and bar-shaped. Surrounding it were “a dozen or more small objects.”

AUGUST, 1971                           15

Mrs. Round thought no more about the object until she read about the sighting north of Patea. “It seems to have been the same one,” she said.

She examined the object through a small telescope but could not see any more significant detail.

The chairman of the Beverly Begg Observatory in Dunedin, Mr. A. J. Doig, said the object sighted by Mrs. Round did not appear to be any normal astronomical phenomenon such as a meteor which would last only a second or less and was “strictly in the U.F.O. category.”

He said the observatory had had one or two reports of UFOs in the last two or three weeks. A Pine Hill woman reported a slow moving golden object the size of a full moon, but not quite circular in shape.

It was to the east of her house and moved slowly across the sky and disappeared quite suddenly.

Later the observatory received another report of apparently the same object from a couple who were motoring just north of the city. These sightings could not be explained in terms of normal astronomical phenomena, Mr. Doig said.

Taupo can expect visits by a number of unidentified’ flying objects over the next few weeks, according to an Auckland N.A.C. pilot, Mr. B. L. Cathie, states a Press Association message.

Mr. Cathie has written a book on UFOs and he can predict fairly accurately where they are likely to appear by using a mathematical equation he has worked out.

“I am not surprised to hear of sightings in the Taupo area,” he said. “In fact I expect there will be many more.”

Last week a single UFO was sighted on the Napier-Taupo highway and on Saturday night a number of people reported seeing an object over the Wairakei Valley.

On Sunday, two Taupo residents watched an object through field glasses. They reported it had red, green and yellow lights.

Later, the same people, along with several others, went for a swim in the A.C. thermal baths in Taupo. The sky was “littered” with at least six UFOs they said. They saw one UFO over Opepe, where a sighting was made on April 14, two east of Mount Tahara, one over the lake itself and another near Acacia Bay.

“We are sure they are not from outer space,” one of the party said.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“We feel they are man-made, but would like to know what’s going on as we have all been very skeptical about such sightings in the past.” Red, green and gold motionless lights have been seen in the sky over Ngaruawahia in the last two nights. The lights do not appear in the same place each night.

Courtesy Apollo Verein, Box 27, Otahuhu, N.Z.

Unidentified UFO Seen

The Evening Star, Dunedin, N. Z., April 26, 1971

NEW PLYMOUTH (PA).-A mysterious flying object seen in the sky north of Patea by numerous people early on Saturday night has yet to be identified. The object appeared as a long streak of flame in the sky to the northwest of Patea. It was watched for about five minutes by many residents in the town, from the time it was first noticed at 5.55 p.m. until it disappeared at about 6 p.m.

A Science master at the Patea High School, Mr. B.K. Chamberlain, said to the naked eye it appeared as a long streak of flame

Mr. Chamberlain used an astronomical telescope to follow the UFO. The object looked like a rocket emitting a trail of flame six to eight times its own length. After maintaining its height consistently, the object disappeared into cloud on the New Plymouth side of Mt. Egmont. The exhaust flame looked far bigger than anything a conventional rocket would produce, Mr. Chamberlain said.

“It was so conspicuous that a lot of people must have seen it,” he said. The object was not a meteorite, as these always travel at a faster speed, and never follow a flat trajectory, Mr. Chamberlain said. Through the size of the object in relation to the telescope lens, Mr. Chamberlain was able to make an estimate of its size. If it had been 20 miles away, it would have been 100 ft. in length, he said.

In silhouette the object appeared to be “cigar-shaped” with an obvious tail, he said.

The director of the Tikorangi Observatory, Mr. D. Whelan, carried out a periodic search for the object most of Saturday night. Although nothing was sighted, Mr. Whelan said he had tracked an “eccentric” light in the sky to the southwest, several weeks ago.

Courtesy Apollo Verein, Box 27, Otahuhu, N.Z.

AUGUST, 1971                           17

book reviews

(Evolution of Man – Spiritual – Mental – Physical, Mark-Age, 327 N.E. 20th Terrace, Miami, Fla. 22127.  $6.00)

The Evolution of Man (206,00,000 years on Earth) is the third in a series of texts issued by Mark-Age of Florida in which the wealth of the material, channeled by of the Sun, has been compiled and coordinated according to subject matter.  In this case the text is concerned with man’s evolution, devolution and re-evolution-physical, mental and spiritual-during a 206 million year cycle which is to end by 2000 A. D.

The purpose of the book is to offer mankind “sufficient information to awaken the subconscious memories that will aid in rending the veils which have prevented man on Earth from knowing himself and have kept him entrapped for millions of years.”

Contrary to the scientific approach in which spirit gradually impregnates matter, the revelations here offered consider that man has devolved, fallen from his 4th dimensional being ness “Into the human and subhuman form to use the Earth plane as a schoolroom for experimentation and exploration. Becoming entrapped it (man) lost the use of spiritual and psychic senses and became confined to experiencing only through the five senses.”

Spiritual interpretations and explanations are given for many myths, legends and Bible accounts-Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel; Atlantis and Lemuria; the way of Jesus, etc. The functions of the Spiritual Hierarchy, its former earth plane geographic locations, space craft and space brothers, the Seven Rays, the creation of man’s many bodies (mental, astral, etc.) are but a few of the other subjects considered.

The range of subjects is broad and significant and leads town understanding of how and why we are in the here and now. Also given are guidelines by which we as individuals, and members of mankind, can contribute toward our return to our spiritual heritage as God Beings of the fourth dimension-by the end of this century.

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To aid the reader in understanding the material, particularly if the concepts presented are new ones, an excellent glossary of 267 New Age terms is provided. Also given are a chart of the seven divine attributes in their relationship to the Seven Rays of Life, as well as a helpful summary of the major time cycles discussed in the text-from the beginnings 206 million years ago throughout the next 2000 years.

Evolution of Man could answer for you your questions: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? You may even be prompted to join the Light workers of the world who seek consciously to hasten man’s return to his spiritual estate of 206 million years ago!

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Space Odyssey-and Beyond

San Francisco Examiner, Feb. 10, 1971

Somewhere in the deeps of pre-recorded history an animal that walked on its knuckles stood up and became a man.

It happened when the creature became intellectually curious about the world it was living in-and not because of hunger pangs, or because of mere boredom with familiar surroundings.

It happened because the animal that became a man somehow senses a finger beckoning him to the exploration of forbidding hills and fearful rivers. Because they were there.

By responding to that challenge, by meeting its tests and by enduring its disappointments and tragedies, mankind has developed from aimlessly roving tribes to the grandeur of Apollo 14.

Along the way, always, the explorers who expand and enrich the lives of their fellows have been hampered by the grunters.

Grunts of self-satisfied disdain accompanied the first explorer on his lonely way. Aside from momentary thrills, grunts of bored television viewers too generally have dismissed the tremendous but now familiar exploits of the latest moon visitors.

This does not seem to be the place to recount either the heroic or the scientific achievements of astronauts Shepard, Mitchell and Roosa. All have been fully covered in the news columns.

What does need emphasis, we think, is the vast difference between heroes epitomize man’s questing spirit and those critics who question the motives, the usefulness or the cost of further space exploration.

AUGUST, 1971                           19

Men are exploring the moon in person because it is there and because it can be done in person; And because the moon is the first step toward solving the still much greater mysteries of our surroundings.

Despite the grunters, the questioners, the bored or the faint-hearted, there can be no real pulling back in the space odyssey of modern explorers

Beyond the Apollo series of moon probes lie plans for a space station reached by shuttle ships. Beyond that lie the planets and the stars and the limitless possibilities open to men able and eager to accept their challenge.

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