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VOLUME XVI                              JULY, 1971                                                 NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


During the past few years, we have heard many persons express their opinions concerning the merits, or the lack thereof, of the United Nations organization. Most of these opinions have been negative in nature, and usually fall into one of three general classes. 1. “It is simply a great waste of time, effort and considerable money.” 2. “It is much like a three ring circus, amusing and entertaining to watch if only one could see everything that is going on.” 3. “It is just a deep and well planned conspiracy by a few politicians to take over control of the world!”

Of the minority group, a few people think the U.N. is doing a fairly good job under the ‘circumstances’, while the remainder simply say, “It’s all we have, God help us, and if we don’t support it, we’re all done for.” If one studies the causes of this, almost universal lack of confidence, it becomes apparent that it is the unfortunate, but inevitable, re suit of the two basic weaknesses of the organization. First, the lack of communication, and second the lack of representation. Except for a few brief, and usually vague references in the daily newscasts, the average citizen has no way of

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

knowing what the U.N. is doing, or attempting to do. In general, the U.N. works only between governments, making little effort to inform the people, and frequently taking considerable care to conceal the exact nature of its negotiations from them. Thus the U.N. actually represents only governments, without reference to, or liaison with, the people The only function of the public being, as always, to pay the bill, and to suffer the consequences of decisions which it had no part in making, and did not even know were being made.’

During the course of a lecture to a service club recently, we took occasion to ask how many of those present knew the name of their representative at the U.N. Although more than 100 prominent and successful business and professional men of the community were present, not a single one could answer the question. After a few moments of embarrassing silence, we were forced to admit that we did not know either.’

While a few of our more informed citizens may be able to give the names of those chosen by the government to represent it, no citizen has ever been consulted as to whom he would choose to represent him. Unfortunately, there is a difference, and in that difference lies the principal cause of the failure of the U. N. organization to achieve a position of respect and confidence among the people.

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Lately I have thought a lot about ‘listening’ and how we don’t seem to give time enough to ‘listen’. How often you hear a little child complain, “Mummy, you’re not listening!” And how easily the mother replies, “What do you want?” And mostly the child does not really ‘want’ anything, only to communicate.

Our whole life through we seem to slip up on this, replying to our own thoughts instead of to others’, because we just don’t listen. And the same counts in our inner self.  We are so busy being busy that we don’t stop to listen to our own inner voice. Come the times we need to listen, we are too emotionally involved to hear. How different we would be if we did; and how different our relationships with others.

-Hannie Struve, South Africa

JULY, 1971                                  3


One can be with many people and feel truly alone-parties, people; etc., and it means nothing. It is only when there is someone with whom one can share; even in unspoken words or an understanding glance, a knowing smile that the loneliness disappears and is replaced by a deep feeling of tranquility, harmony, peace and unity. This is, I believe, the recipe for that which constitutes “happiness. ” People waste so much time actually running away from the very thing they want most -“happiness” and then feel their only solution lies in self-denial, self-punishment and stubborn pride, What a pity! -running away until it is too late, and then spending the rest of their lives in self-incrimination!

I see those who talk of nothing but “LOVE and PEACE. ” trying to achieve the “CHRIST-LOOK, ” getting lost on their “magic potion” of POT and LSD-seeking euphoria, while wearing “their symbols” of worship and literally becoming parasites to humanity, ” the very thing our country is fighting to save!

Feelings of animosity, bitterness and vindictiveness are in actuality a destructive form of nature. We are “Born-Free” (as the song says) with many sides to our nature. Anger can be a “good-tool” when it is used constructively. It helps us stand up and fight against all adversities and gives us the strength to motivate in the right direction, standing behind our true convictions, principals and our loyalties. Our first loyalty is to our “individual-self. ” “Know thyself and unto thine own self be true.” We can never change what we are, think and feel basically.

The most beautiful gift we are given from the time we are born is in essence the most beautiful four-letter word in our English language and it spells out L-O-V-E. Unfortunately it is the most misused of all meanings in life. All of the money in the world cannot buy this beautiful gift. It cannot be possessed, used, demanded or taken for granted. It has many facets; Nature’s beauty, blue skies, trees, flowers, and the lovely music we hear-but most wonderful of all is the human being! To be able to communicate, relate and feel deeply toward another person is the most gratifying of all gifts. It is a feeling which permeates the mind, spirit, soul

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and body. The price we have to pay can be extremely painful at times and can cause one to suffer and be filled with anguish, because it means becoming involved and feeling for another person, feeling compassion, and having a great deal of patience and understanding.

No two people are alike and this is good. We learn from each other as long as we are sincere and use our feelings genuinely. One can never run away from oneself. Pretension is the weakest form — a big “sham!” One cannot exist simply in a scientific, materialistic world without the knowledge of the deeper more meaningful things in life.

There are “two roads” we may choose of our own volition. “THE PRIMROSE PATH” is the easy one. It is filled with outward gaiety, lots of laughs, completely materialistic, hypocritical and living for the ‘almighty $$ sign,’ with absolutely no depth and no feeling. The price in the long run will be many stabs from the ‘thorns’ and certain destruction in one form or another.

The OTHER ROAD is in facing reality and by far, much more painful; full of pitfalls, pot-holes, rocks and even gigantic boulders to climb and cross over. The bruises can be brutal and one can fall many times but this is where that “constructive anger” comes in handy, to help one get up and for one’s convictions and beliefs. The reward in the end is worth the “battle-fatigue, ” with peace, serenity and the ultimate in “happiness” — the true meaning of that “beautiful word.”

We are all endowed with nature’s best weapons: faith, hope, courage and determination!

-Sarita L. Haines

* * * * * * * *


Did the legends concerning the exploits of the gods of ancient mythology have their origin in man’s imagination, or may they be vague and distorted accounts of actual events?

Tales about the divine beings of Greece, Rome, Central Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and the Indians of the Americas have the same pattern. There were gods who could fly, become invisible, appear in several places at the same time, speak through the mouths of animals. Eventually they went to war among themselves. The result was mutual annihilation.

JULY, 1971                                  5

The thunder-bolts of Zeus, Thor, Jupiter, Wodin, or Itzama (depending upon the land from whence the story comes) hammered the home of the gods into nothingness. The heredities were no more. Only their saga remained, to be told and retold by successive generations of men.

It could be that such legends are not merely conceptions of our ancestors’ fancy, but memories of their past. Perhaps they are fragmentary recollections of accomplishments of a now-forgotten age; a record, not wholly inaccurate, of events that took place in civilizations which flourished, and perished long before our own.

Suppose that an ancient culture which had evolved much as had our own had been destroyed by nuclear war. How, would the descendants of the survivors, living in forest or cave, hunting with axe or spear or bow, have told the story of that catastrophe? How would vague recollections of television, moon-shots or atomic explosions have been explained, generations later? In what ways would such memories have been described (for a long time probably only verbally) by one generation to another?

Man, struggling slowly upward in a world from which all scientific knowledge had been blacked out, might well have doubted that mere humans could have accomplished such feats Such powers, he might think, could have been possessed only by superhumans.

Myths relate how Apollo drove his gleaming chariot across Grecian skies, and how in India Viehnu and Indra likewise rode the heavens. If an ancient civilization had produced the airplane, and some terrible cataclysm had blotted out that culture, memories would still have existed. Tales would have been told by the old people. Their descendants would have garbled and distorted those stories. Later generations would have attributed the power to fly only to the “invincible deities who ride upon their radiant summit of the clouds as upon a well-balanced steed. “

Stories about man’s achievements in television and radio would also be too wonderful to be believed. Eventually the only remnant of the memory of broadcasting would be such tales as of the Central American Indian Itzama, who spoke, invisible, from the clouds, or of the Greek Orpheus, whose lute could be heard all over the world.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The motion pictures of that forgotten age, with identical films shown at the same time in many communities, might have become the legend of Mercury, who traveled with such speed that he could appear in various places almost simultaneously. The Walt Disneys of that day could have lingered in men’s minds as the myths about Loki or the American Indian Manitou, who could make voices seem to issue from the mouths of beasts.

Never having known or seen people who used planes, radio, television, motion pictures or telephones, the belief might very well develop that such beings had not been men and women at all, but a race superior to man– a race of gods.

Descendants of the survivors of a nuclear war, huddled in their caves, would not have talked of a struggle between nations that wiped out the civilization which humans had gradually been achieving by centuries of work and thought. They would not have spoken of devices of destruction laying waste towns and cities and slaying all living things nearby. They would not have described blockbusters, rockets and hydrogen bombs.

They would have told the story as we have it in the ancient legends – as a war between gods. The would have talked of superhuman beings turning against one another their miraculous powers, hurling mountains and bolts of lightning, until there were no more gods. And only helpless humans remained impotent against the forces of nature, remembering cloudily, and relating in legend and myth, the unbelievable achievements of those radiant personages of the past.

Richard S. Ullery

* * * * * * *


On the morning of August 12th we again departed from Govik by car, this time on a more extended trip. Our first destination was Storlien, a small town and recreational resort, on the Swedish-Norwegian border, about 90 miles east of Trondheim, Norway. The purpose of this stop was to attend the confirmation exercises for a graduating class, of which Mrs. Keillers daughter was a member. The afternoon ceremony was both interesting and impressive, and in the evening, there was a reception banquet and entertainment for

JULY, 1971                                  7

everyone. While in Storlien, we also found the time to hike to the tops of several nearby mountains, a simple task, but one calculated to test both the endurance and sureness of foot.

On the morning of the 15th we drove to Trondheim, Norway, where we spent a pleasurable and instructive day, touring and studying the historic city and its massive cathedral. We lectured, the following evening, for a relatively small but attentive and appreciative group, and in the morning, headed south toward Oslo. We stopped over for the night at the home of our friend Knut Ashing in Eidsvoll Knut, who is an Industrial Design Engineer, as well as the head of the Interplanetary Cooperation Association of Norway, speaks excellent English (one of the results of his four years at the University of Washington, in Seattle,) He had many questions, and the discussion went on far into the night. Old Jupiter Pluvius, in cooperation with the weather man, were doing their best to bring about a nationwide flood, and there was little we could do except sit inside and talk, and hope that the house would not float away before morning! Fortunately, it did not, and the next evening we lectured for a good sized group in Oslo. Having completed our scheduled tasks, we returned to Govik the following day, but before leaving Oslo, we stopped for a two hour interview at the office of the Vi Menn Magazine, which, in turn, published a lengthy and well illustrated article.

Back home in Govik, we spent several busy days writing, studying, and building some electronic gadgetry. We did find time however, for a little swimming and even some plain and fancy lawn mowing. (We have a considerable number of fairly interesting color pictures of our activities in Europe, but unfortunately our magazine has not yet reached the stage of development in which we can use color pictures. When it does, we will be able to illustrate many of our activities better than they can be described in words.)

Out next lecture trip was scheduled for Wiesbaden, Germany, sponsored by our friend Karl L. Veit, publisher of UFO Nachrichten and many UFO books, and President of DUIST. We will describe this trip in detail in our next issue.

* * * * * * *

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

Proverbs 18:2

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


(Part 2)

(This is the continuation of an article by Norman A Weis of Buffalo Unit #37. The June issue stressed the Russian Government’s sponsorship of research in all aspects of man’s psychic faculties as compared to the American attitude of skepticism. Examples of Russian results in telepathy, hypnotism, aura photography, etc., were given).

We must not forget that Rasputin controlled any bleeding of the Royal family with hypnotism and so controlled Russia! Can the mind gain great power? Yes. Bulgaria found ESP valuable in medicine, therapy, education, rehabilitation. All facets of ESP were studied.

Their Suggestology is a very exciting new kind of mind expansion and will revolutionize education and speed learning SO times faster than at present’ They have already proved this. In three months the Russians completed a three year course in French:

Way back in 1919 the Czechs used dowsing to defeat Hungary, and had a trained clairvoyant who could read all secret plans of the enemy as well as sit in on their secret meetings.’ The Czechs say that man is threefold and the third aspect is Psychotronic energy. They claim that Hitler was a clairvoyant and involved with the Occult and Black Arts!  The Czechs say: “To avoid falling into grips of the Dark Powers we must understand PSI and what incredible energies it controls. ” Kafka believes that sensitives have a thinner aura. Pavel Stepanik is an answer to skeptics as he can demonstrate ESP on Demand!

Astrological Birth Control is studied at a Czech center and they have found a way to (1) Control birth without pills, (2) Help all women deliver full term babies, no miscarriages, (3) Insure healthy babies with no defect, and (4) Choose a boy or girl!!

The shape of the Pyramid of Cheops gives it power. The Czechs have marketed a small cardboard pyramid into which you place your used razor blades and they again become sharp! Hats in this pyramid shape relieved headaches! Whatever is happening in the pyramid defies all laws of science and electronics!

JULY, 1971                                  9

Pavlita designed Psychotronic generators. The secret is in the shape. Various articles of many different shapes were shown, all small, up to 6 or 7 inches in length. Your body contact is able to charge these objects and they then retain the charge and are able to run a small motor; pick up any metal or wood, water or cloth. Is this the energy of the Mystics?

Dr. Karagulla of California says: “Human society is faced with a breakdown, or a breakthrough in consciousness to match Science. ” Vasielev says: “The discovery of the energy of PSI is as great as finding Atomic energy. “

The Russians toil endlessly to stumble on to the secret of the Universal Mind. To Russia it is a practical thing and can make them great. It can improve every facet of life! Their efforts are to key into a new dimension of Universal Energy and unused human potential.

Has America become sterile and devoid of vision? The explosion to find these truths will have to come from the American people to demand this knowledge. Is it not time we got serious? This is a matter of survival! We are in a life and death struggle and stand where Science and Religion can at last blend. We must be tolerant of sensitives who have been persecuted for centuries- even unto death. The Challenge has come. A universe awaits that has no North, South, East or West.


The New Zealand Truth newspaper of March 23, 1971 offers a feature article  entitled: Flying Saucers- All These People Can’t Be Wrong! Or Can They?

The article is lengthy and gives series of New Zealand sightings, beginning in August 1962. From this long list we offer only the later incidents.

October 8,1969: A Thames woman saw a “bright, spinning light” across the Firth of Thames. “It was round and saucer shaped and looked like the flying saucers in “The Invaders”, she said.

November 15,1969: An unidentified diamond-shaped object, which changed colour and emitted beams of light, was sighted by a Mania couple and their farmhand. ” It was white, green

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

orange and red alternately, and moved rapidly towards Hawera, before coming slowly back to Eltham, ” they said.

November 16,1969: A Hikurangi dairy farmer, and his family , were woken when their bedroom was flooded with light “just as bright as daylight”. When they looked out, they saw a bright orange-yellow light behind a belt of pine trees. They watched it for about 10 minutes, before it moved away. “Neighbours’ dogs began a chorus of barking, at the time the light was seen, ” they said.

January 28,1970: Eight people watched in awe as a kite shaped silver object slowly revolved high in the a it over Hillcrest, Hamilton. This sighting was in the afternoon and was visible for 25 minutes, before it became too small to see.

May 8,1970: The head teacher of Richmond School, Maraenui along with other teachers and most of the pupils, saw a “brightly shining object, which became stationary. It was an elongated, oval shape, but suddenly became like a transparent ball. ” They watched it for three or four minutes and then it reverted to its original shape and went off in a westerly direction. The head teacher said he had tried to orientate the sighting with an aircraft or weather balloon, but could not reconcile the many peculiarities of the object.

And so it goes.

A complete list of recorded sightings, with all the details, could fill a book.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

The newspaper, in following weeks, promised articles on “eerie circle finds”, in-depth study of New Zealand sightings, including interviews with UFO believers and unbelievers.

G. W. Saenbury, N. Z.

From Buenas Aires, Argentine, “La Razon”, May 2, 1971

Mar del Plata. Last night about 9 p. m. Armando Lenzi with his family were walking along the seaside, when their attention was called to an intensely luminous object over the coast. This unknown object having an elliptic shape remained several minutes stationery over the same spot, and its very strong light caused many of the occasional passersby and neighbors of the street along the coast and Pueyrredon to join Lenzi and observe it. After this time, the light started to change from a violent red to blue, after which it moved with unusual speed

JULY, 1971                                  11

towards the west, making a half circle before disappearing in the darkness of the horizon. “A Flying Saucer”, said the many witnesses of this occurrence.

Later on, it was learned that a cameraman of a Buenos Aires television channel had been able to film this happening so that, it the filming has been successful, it will be possible to see exactly the characteristics of this strange object.

It is not the first time that Flying Saucers or Unidentified Objects appear over the Pearl of the Atlantic (Mar del Plata). On July 11, 1968, from the control tower of the local airport, a flying saucer was seen going in zig-zag from west to east. On the same day, at the intersection of the Maritime Boulevard and Avenida Luro, several witnesses observed three non-identified objects making strange maneuvers with extraordinary lights. In August of the same year, four persons traveling by car near this city saw two luminous points on the road, and when coming nearer, found that they were two objects with a shape of soup plates but connected together, which after a few minutes, disappeared at great speed.

These are a few cases of a subject which remains an absolute mystery.

P. S. The films taken in Mar del Plata were subsequently shown on television– one could see a very bright round light moving over the city lights, but due to the intense light no shape of any object was visible.

From a South American correspondent.

* * * * * * *

world report

To Kill Pain

(Reveille Newspaper, London, England, week of Nov. 22, 1969)

The relief of continuous pain is always a great problem for the doctor, especially if his patient has an incurable disease.

A professor of neurosurgery in San Francisco, making a special study of this subject has come upon a remarkable fact. He has found that if small electric shocks are given directly to the spinal cord then it is possible to stop

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

pain impulses traveling to the brain. Although the messages are being transmitted from the painful area they are intercepted on the way. By adjusting the strength and frequency of the shocks it is possible to allow all other kinds of messages to pass through, only pain is stopped.

To carry out this treatment two platinum wires are placed very accurately on the surface of the spinal cord. These are led out to a tiny radio receiver placed under the skin. A battery operated radio transmitter is worn externally, and it is this which transmits the impulses which eventually reach the spinal cord as tiny shocks.

The patient himself can adjust the strength of the impulses until he feels his pain disappear, and can keep it on as long as he wishes.

G. W. Sainbury, Mangawhai, N. Z.

Wine as Medicine

(New Age Assembly Bulletin, Glenburnie, N. D., April, 1971)

Wine usually pops up in the salon with the women and songs, but now its trickling into the hospitals, the old folks home and even onto the psychiatrist’s couch.

A group of physicians and nutritionists, who just completed a year-long study of the grape, say wine is good for everything from heart disease and anemia to diarrhea and premenstrual swelling.

They say it’s not only a nectar of the gods, but it’s a food containing iron, calories and vitamin B.

It also stimulates appetite in the ill and the aged and conversely helps fat people lose weight.

The doctors and food experts, who conducted their study for the Wine Institute of San Francisco, also pointed out that the antibiotic properties of wine may come in handy when the waters of the world become too polluted for human consumption.

“In the ancient world, ” the report says, “wine was the ‘secret weapon’ which enabled armies to triumph in the field – simply because it acted as a prophylactic against typhoid and dysentery. “

The experts also contend wine might be used to aid psychiatrists in in-depth interviews because it relieves tension and acts “as a force against alienation, powerlessness and social isolation. “

JULY, 1971                                  13

Dr. Salvatore P. Lucia, professor emeritus of medicine at the University of California and coordinator of the study, said wine aids the heart patient by relaxing the smaller blood vessels, by lowering cholesterol in the blood, by helping the body rid itself of excess water and by relaxing nervous tension.

“Wine aids in the recovery of patients who have undergone surgery, ” he said, “and can be useful in the prevention of iron deficiency anemia. Dry wine can even be given to diabetics as a protection against cardio-vascular conditions.”

Board members said they plan to continue their research with further studies on how wine induces relaxation and sleep and an investigation into the use of wine in patients recovering from hepatitis.

Members also pointed out that Americans imbibed 267 million gallons of wine last year.

And they didn’t even know they were drinking — medicine!

Classified Nonhumans

(Daily Courier, Grant’s Pass, Oregon, May 26, 1971)

Oklahoma City (UPI)- Hayden C. Hewes documents and classifies men from other planets who have landed on Earth. “Type 1 is about three and one-half feet tall, ” Hewes says. “his arms are long, his head pointed, and he is seen wearing a seamless metallic garment.

“Type 2 appears more humanoid and could easily be taken for the guy next door.

“Type 3 is hairy nonhuman which probably is trained for reconnaissance operations, ” he says.

Hewes will present this information along with other “facts” he has gathered this weekend at a Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) symposium in San Antonio, Tex.  Hewes is head of the Oklahoma City-based UFO bureau.

In his two-hour presentation at the symposium, Hewes said he will show 80 slides of alien vehicles which have landed on Earth.

SST Danger to Ozone Layer

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Oregon, May 18,1971)

Berkeley (UPI) – Exhaust gas from supersonic transport (SST) jets could break up the ozone shield surrounding the Earth and let in “blinding and even lethal” ultraviolet radiation from the sun, a University of California scientist said.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

A layer of ozone molecules surrounds the Earth, protecting it from dangerous radiation from the sun. Dr. Harold S. Johnson, a former dean of the University of California College of Chemistry, said gas released by exhausts of highflying SST’s would speed up the reactions that destroy the ozone molecules. The result, Johnson said, would be the opening of a “window through the ozone in the stratosphere” and which would allow “harsh” radiation to reach the surface of the Earth.

Johnson said his findings have been presented to President Nixon’s Science Advisory Committee in Washington.

“And the magnitude of the new problem is far greater than the questions raised earlier by some scientists about the effect of added water vapor in the ozone region. “

The scientists said the essence of his findings was that oxides of nitrogen discharged in exhaust gas from SST aircraft would provide a powerful catalytic or speedup effect on reactions that destroy ozone molecules. “

Johnson said research showed that 500 SST’s in worldwide service for two years could reduce by half the total field of stratosphere ozone.

The discovery becomes critically important with the knowledge that SST’s are designed to fly at 65, 000 to 70, 000 feet, the same region where the ozone layer is most heavily concentrated, according to Dr. Johnson.

The professor said, “With the slow process of up-and-down mixing in the stratosphere the ozone destruction could spread and continue long after SST flight had been stopped. “

Devils and Demons of Brazil

(San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle, May 2,1971)

Rio de Janeiro– Progress may be gradually stamping out superstition but the devil and the witch still enjoy a prominent place in the imagination of the people in some parts of rural Brazil. Imbued with centuries-old legends of Portugal Africa and the native Indians, some Brazilian peasants believe as profoundly in the existence of demons as in the existence of God. So deep-rooted is their belief that some do not pronounce the devil’s name for fear he will materialize in front of them.

JULY. 1971                                  15

There are more than 150 names for the devil in Brazilian ballads and dictionaries. This in itself is a sure sign the demon plays a more important part in Brazilian folk culture than in ours. One may still buy the prayer of St. Cyprian against hexes and black arts of macumba (Brazilian form of voodoo); “All evil spirits besieging my house and my body disappear hence and never more return!. . . Recite 5 Our Fathers, and 5 Ave Marias. . . , “

Man and All The Elements

(The Times Recorder, Zanesville, Ohio, February 8, 1971)

Ancient Man recognized four “elements” – earth, air, fire and water. A century and a half ago, man was concerned with obtaining less than a score of chemical elements to survive and to support his industries.

Today, notes William L, Newman, a scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey, we must locate sources for more than 80 elements, many of which are needed in large quantities. In the past decade alone, 16 elements have been added to the list required to nourish the industrial sinews.

They bear such exotic names as palladium, ruthenium, praseodymium, ytterbirum, thulium and erbium. Many of these elements attained commercial use during the past few years because of new developments in color television and lasers.

A total of 104 chemical elements are now recognized. Many are short-lived radioisotopes created in reactors and not found in nature.

“But by the end of the 1970’s, ” predicts Newman, “I suspect that man will find important uses for nearly all the known elements. “

And God gave man dominion over the earth and everything in it ….

Life Might Exist On Other Planets

(Medford, Oregon Mail Tribune, April 14, 1971)

Washington (UPI) — Every few months we get new  hint s that space may be widely sown with the seeds of life. But more and more scientists are coming around to the belief that life — perhaps intelligent life – must exist on other planets in the vast universe.

Astronomers probing deep space have detected in interstellar dust clouds at least 10 molecules of the sort thought to have

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

been produced in the long period of chemical evolution which preceded emergence of life on Earth.

This had led to the surmise that basic materials are on hand even before potentially habitable planets come into being.

The complex molecules thus far discovered far out in space are numbered among those which constitute the building blocks of amino acids. Amino acids in turn are the building blocks of proteins which are essential parts of all living things, including human beings.

Last year scientists studying a meteorite that fell near Murchison, Australia in 1969, identified five amino acids of the kind found in living cells on Earth as constituents of proteins. This was the first positive identification of amino acids of non-earthly origin.

It is believed the Murchison meteorite came from the asteroidal belt of small planets between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter in our own little corner of the universe.

Just recently, scientists working with soils and gases like those believed to exist on Mars produced laboratory evidence that sunlight could create life building blocks on the red planet

Evolution of chemical molecules into amino acids and amino acids into proteins and proteins into even rudimentary life forms, such as viruses, is a long and chancy process.

Nevertheless, Dr. Edward J. Olsen of Chicago’s Field Museum recently noted:

“Life may be vastly more prevalent in the universe than we ever imagined. “

* * * * * * *

Lectures on Tape

In response to many requests, Dr. D. W Fry has put on a 90 minute cassette tape two full lectures, entitled: The Atlantean Fire Crystal and The Physical Basis of ESP.

The tapes are available from the Merlin Publishing Co., P.O. Box #105, Merlin, Ore., 97532 at $4. 50 each. If larger quantities are required for your group, write for a special quotation.

* * * * * * *

Pray as you will but hate not those who pray in some different form. You may be very wise but they are not all fools who think differently from you.

Shiva Kumar of India

JULY, 1971                                  17

book reviews

The Palestinian Mystery Play

(by Winifred Babcock — based upon The Shining Stranger by Preston Harold — $2.95 paper-back edition. Distributed by Dodd, Mead & Co., 79 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y.10016

Today there is a need for concepts and ideals to be shaken out, dusted off and evaluated as to their worth for this New Age. This need is reflected in uneasiness, riots, strikes, and the activities of the young who so desperately seek a practical “religion” even though the spiritual paths they tread seem diabolical at times. THE PALESTINIAN MYSTERY PLAY is an attempt to supply an understanding of Jesus, our Bible and God; it discusses the “secret programming” of the Inner Messiah which each person carries within himself and brings this wondrous activity into the light of day. It is suggested that Jesus used hypnosis to insure that his words would be remembered and repeated in perfect context, and we are aware that hypnosis now is an accepted friend of many medical men, and is no longer considered a “black art”. Jesus carried out His Destiny, which was implanted in His mind (programmed) by His parents and those who were to oversee His development, but He also taught us that the self-sought martyrdom of the many reformers, truth-bearers, world-savers who appear profusely today is not the Messianic role– Jesus brought that role to our attention and it was then completed.

One thought in this book, outstanding as far as today’s humanity and its problems is concerned, is that Christian realism should evolve to Cosmic Humanism -we should work, love and pray not TO Jesus, but WITH Jesus.

The author of THE SHINING STRANGER was a scientist, who

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

thought as a scientist, but who had a spiritual understanding of the basis of all sciences. He offered the idea that many scientists, along with creative artists in music, writing and all other expressive arts, have received inspiration and answers to questions from “out of the blue”– and this is considered to be the source of Jesus’ words and miracles– He called upon His “creative substance” and was able to obtain positive results. This “creative substance” is stored in the psyche of each one of us, available to us through scientific manipulation.

Kekule, who brought to our understanding the “Structural Theory” did not work it out mathematically or scientifically he fell into a reverie and watched a “dance of the atoms” through which he discovered the theory. Most of us have known such rewards when we have turned our problem over to the Creator when we prepare for sleep, knowing we will find an answer within our minds when we awake. Edison and other famed scientists have given credit where credit was due and admitted that many ideas sprang full-blown from the “creative substance”, the subconscious, or whatever one may wish to name this reservoir of spiritual strength and ideas.

When “Legion” was cast into a herd of swine and send to destruction, we were shown how to free ourselves of the repressed, subliminal fears we have accumulated, and which we often merely push into our subconscious selves, where such negative forces can grow and become stronger; when “Legion” is cast into our physical bodies they give rise to disease, but they can be handled effectively and sent to destruction through thought-control. THE PALESTINIAN MYSTERY PLAY gives so much spiritual analysis of “religion” that only bits and pieces can be presented in a review, but it certainly does present practical suggestions for the progress of humanity through spiritual development.

As the health of each cell of our body more or less determines our general physical condition, so does the mental, emotional and spiritual health of each of us have an impact upon humanity. Reading this book, understanding its tenets and putting them into practice in our personal lives, will enable each of us to be a positive force for spiritual living — and at today’s more practical and scientific level.

Dorothy Low

JULY, 1971                                  19

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Buffalo Unit Reports

On May 14th Buffalo Unit #37 held its Annual Banquet and Election of Officers at a very spirited gathering. Congratulations are in order for the following:

President: Mrs. Marie A. Hale

Vice-President: Mrs. Rita Herrnreiter

Treasurer: Mr. George Adams

Cor. Secretary: Mrs. Cora Prantner

Chaplain: Mr. Casimer Nowak

Librarian: Mr. Raymond Hutchings

UFO Chairman: Mr. Norman Weis

During the evening the Unit gave recognition to several of its dedicated, long term servers. For his tape work for the Unit and his dissemination of the principles of Understanding to other groups, Norman Weis was presented with a cassette Tape Recorder. Life Membership Certificates, created by Marie Hale and Jane Klar, were presented to George Adams and Cora Prantner.

The Books by Mail Library, sponsored by Unit #37, will soon be operational again under the direction of the new Librarian, Raymond Hutchings. Write to the Unit if you are interested in borrowing books.

To the Buffalo Unit we extend wishes for another fruitful year!

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