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VOLUME XVI                              JUNE, 1971                                                NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Many years ago, a well known philosopher said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” During the past month, however, we have witnessed the debut of an instrument of international politics which seems to be far more powerful than both of them together. We refer, of course, to the simple, and hitherto seldom appreciated device known as the Ping-gong Paddle.

For more than twenty years, both the pen and the sword have been used alternately, and sometimes simultaneously, in the continuing effort to soften up the rather jaundiced view the Red Chinese have taken of world politics in general, and the U.S. Foreign Policy in particular. Although several millions of dollars worth of time and effort have been devoted to the pen, and several hundreds of billions have been spent upon the sword, (not to mention the hundred thousand American lives expended in Korea, Viet Nam, etc.), no appreciable dent had been made in the Red Chinese armour of cold hostility and inflexible resolve. Then, without prior warning, a miracle occurred. A half-dozen politically naive, but sincere and friendly teen-agers, armed only with Ping-pong paddles, invaded the forbidden territory behind the bamboo curtain, in a five day campaign of conquest, and, although they were defeated in almost every encounter, still came away with a

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

victory which all of the armed might of the United States, and the carefully planned maneuvers of its top politicians had been unable to accomplish in twenty years.

Such a feat deserves careful study and analysis, in the hope that our political leaders may learn something from it, as the leaders of Red China did. The Chinese Ping-pong teams were acknowledged to be the world masters of the sport, and when our teams accepted the invitation to play against them, our players knew, in advance, that defeat was virtually inevitable. Consequently, the Chinese political leaders were somewhat surprised when we accepted the invitation, since they had long held the opinion that the U.S. engaged only in contests which it felt reasonably sure of winning. When our team arrived, smiling and friendly, played their best, took defeat cheerfully, and still remained friendly and cordial, the Chinese leaders were still more surprised. They were discovering, perhaps for the first time, that some Americans are more interested in people than in victory, and some of them can be quite normal, and perhaps even likeable human beings.

Because the team matches were rather widely broadcast in China, our youthful representatives were able to bring this fact to the attention of a considerable portion of the Chinese populace and thus, in a few short days, were able to bring about more basic, people to people understanding, than had been achieved by all of our politicians in as many years.

——— ♦ ———


Robert Louis Stevenson once declared that “every man has a sane spot somewhere.” If I were a policy-maker faced with Viet Nam, I would act as though I believed this statement, for then I should be more likely to encounter sanity. This is so because we usually find about what we set out to find. Therefore, I would feel it a political duty to reach for and touch that spot of sanity said to lurk in every man – whether North Vietnamese, Russian, Mao Chinese or North American.

But it is not an easy job to strike sanity. Stevenson did not refer to an area or even a streak of sanity, but a sane spot. If it were an easy matter, there would be no basis for this article. Perhaps no geographical area in the world today is so strongly prodded by its frightening subconscious urges as is the East. Likewise, perhaps no area is so driven in the race to conquer by its blindly mechanical “moral” force and “rationality” as is the U.S. Do these two presently colliding impulses

JUNE, 1971                                 3

have a common denominator? A pragmatist observing how forces work might say that they do, both joining in unholy alliance with destruction, in that they tend to ignore that lonely spot of sanity in man which he needs to spark his will to live. No, it was never easy to deal with Viet Nam. But what we can aim at is making ourselves into “possibilists,” ever alert to explore the possible and to keep pushing at its limits.

I would begin this by confronting my enemy in the East at the point where he is most vulnerable. A nation – enemy or friendly – is most vulnerable to issues presented in the light of its own traditional concepts and therefore in its own language. Why should war and peace prove an exception to this rule? I would probe, through students of sociology and comparative religion, to find those issues and values to which the other fellow is sensitive. The next step would be to couch these issues in his terms before presenting them.

(A concrete example of what is meant by another’s sensitivities can be seen in the Russians. In our dealings with them, we learned that they were most sensitive to being called “uncultured,” or “niekulturny;” but what did “culture” mean to them? Some of our diplomats soon learned that it meant not exposing to view the strip of their legs between cuff of the pants and top of the sock, among other eccentricities (as they might seem to us).

I would give the enemy an image to live up to, then, created from his own traditions and terminology. Then I would “sock it to ‘im” in the following specific ways.

I would appoint a commission of lawyers in the main which would include one of the best Quaker legal minds, as well as a Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Buddist, Moslem, and a follower of Confucius. By including a Quaker, I would hope to have a group of men not afraid to see and speak in terms of “the inward light” in every man and to follow their own maxim, “Speak truth to power.” Each religious faith could contribute from its own forte and from its internationalized experience on all soils in the down-to-earth ways of man and his power structures. The lawyers could contribute on the basis of international law. Such a commission would add a new sort of third force image and should constitute the best force of Possibilists available.

I would then send this august body of men to any place, land sea, or air, where it was desired to conduct negotiations. These negotiations I would couch from A to Z not in diplomatic parlance but in Oriental concepts, For example, the following could be among those pursued.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

1. The concept of “li” (pronounced lee,) meaning propriety, which Confucius thought of as the central principle unifying all his teachings. It includes ceremony and courtesy, but is more than these. It is being sensitive to any situation and responding in the suitable way. It rests upon a fine sense of personal dignity and respect for nature and all beings.

2. The concept of the philosopher and poet in government. This is an honored Viet Namese tradition received also by way of ancient China. Philosophy, more so than diplomacy, is the art of the possible. Philosophers, knowing where the razor’s edge of the possible lies, operate there.

3. The concept of Yin and Yang. This is the early Chinese religious idea that all things have come into being through the interaction of two forces, Yang and Yin. The most familiar Chinese symbol, a circle bisected by an S curve, represents them. Yang is the male, Yin the female. Yang is light, Yin darkness. For an ordered life, Yang and Yin must work harmoniously in rhythmic alternation between a static condition and a dynamic activity. Nothing is all one or the other; nothing stays up in the air; everything seeks its balance. Putting war and peace to the North Vietnamese in terms of Yin-Yang and their own history should underline the psychological and historical necessity for finding some sort of balance point.

4. The sense of respect for those who excel in the practice of calligraphy as a high art, as Mao Tse Tung, for instance, was said to do. Here is still another concept of reverence for balance we might use. Calligraphy is surely an example of the equilibrium of forces that push and pull, as our modern abstract artists who owe it a debt of gratitude would testify. It might be flattering, as well as sensible, to acknowledge one of our cultural debts such as this. The seating together of those aware of and alerted to putting universal principles of balance into such contexts as calligraphy and Yin-Yang just might produce a plan for an entente to which the generals and the politicians on both sides could connect.

5. The concept of human-heartedness. Instead of presenting the North Vietnamese with the lineup of their atrocities, why not point up their failure to live up to the time-honored Oriental concept of human-heartedness? It is easy to label as atrocious any “cruel” act on the part of the enemy to save lives on his side by relieving us of ours as expeditiously as possible. We could try calling attention to their acts as the lapses of human-heartedness that lead to building up bad karma, or

JUNE, 1971                                 5

fate. To put is positively, we could call on the North Vietnamese to acquire good karma for themselves by demonstrating their own Oriental-named quality of human-heartedness. This might implant seeds of self-doubt about their sense of purpose or mission and thus dent their self-confidence. It might turn armies away from their leaders. We could stress that Buddha’s way would be to shoot to miss – not forgetting that Christ’s way would not greatly differ.

6. The concept of “jen,” which means all right behavior depending upon oneness with other people. The appeal to the first principle listed among the six, “Ii,” will bring a quarrel to quick settlement. But the one who is in the right remembers the principle of “jen” and does not press his advantage, thus allowing his opponent to save face, or self-respect.

The foregoing are examples of concepts held by the North Vietnamese which we could turn to our advantage should we will to believe in and employ the necessary cerebral jujitsu. After holding up such a mirror to our worst enemy, the mirror by which he can see reflected his own values and his own potential, will he still be our worst enemy? Maybe not, because he will see in the mirror that eventually he will become the prisoner of his own acts, each act having generated the next, until the betrayal of himself as a man is completed.

If I were the policy-maker who did all the foregoing and found that I  still failed, then I would consider myself entitled to point our with British historian Arnold Toynbee speaking about Viet Nam: “Most countries except the U.S. are conscious of having had enormous failures, of having made enormous mistakes, of having committed enormous crimes, if you like, and having survived. This is rather healthy.”

-Juliana Lewis

——— ♦ ———

Belief in our spiritual heritage, an unshakable faith in man’s ability to perfect himself, the conviction of a continuity of life which cannot be snuffed out, the warmth of heart laughs freely, accepting beauty and sensitivity, ugliness and depravity as different scenes in the heroic pageant of human progress: these are the ingredients of optimism and trust. To live in hope we must first acknowledge the majestic reaches of life.

-Jean van Mater

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING



(Norman A. Weis, Buffalo Unit #37, in offering this two part article on the Psychic Developments of Russia, states that he has had to cram much information into a few words. Whole experiments have been covered in a single sentence!)

It is true that under the heading Psychic in the dictionary the following are not even mentioned: telepathy, hypnotism, healing, precognition, psychokineses, levitation, eyeless sight, dowsing, acupuncture, prophecy, witchcraft, etc., etc., which makes one a bit angry. It is said that our scientists know about all these things, but the Public does not. And, all reports about these things are made in a joking manner. Whether this is under instructions or due to ignorance, who is to say? But the result has been a stupid attitude and an outlook in a tortoise shell of disbelief.

Only ten years ago Parapsychology was not known in Russia! One by one famous names in Science became involved and we are indebted to Schroeder and Ostrander for bringing us much information about Russian progress. The Russian Government has subsidized all the scientists in this research! They have plunged into the Psychic field with feverish activity and examined every facet. In this article it would be impossible to tell you of the great number of experiments that went into the conclusions presented in just a few words.

In comparison, the United States spends nothing while Russia spends 20 million rubles a year on Psychic research. Russia aims at the use of Psi. We are still trying to prove it is real. Russia says it is a new science. We have ESP as an unwanted stepchild. Russia and its Communist Bloc are doing the research as a Team. We have a few dedicated men working along. Russia publishes articles of their discoveries. U.S. journals do not welcome ESP. Russia has enthusiasm. We have skepticism and hostility. Russian scientists who have the gift of ESP talk about it. U.S. scientists who have ESP do not wish to admit it. So – our attitude is all wrong.

Nikolaiev and Naumov telepathed 2,000 miles apart, upon demand and they sent images, light flashes, sounds and code messages. It was found that another mind could intercept these messages and return a faked answer! Instruments were developed showing the reception and change in brain waves. Negative emotions caused sickness; flickering lights at different rates on each eye caused rotation and sea-sickness.

JUNE, 1971                                 7

Positive emotions added 1,500 white cells to the blood, and white cells are disease fighters. Negative emotions took away 1,600 white cells! Here is scientific proof for positive thinking and health. Jesus said: “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Wolf Messina, a famous psychic, was able by suggestion to walk, unquestioned, through hundreds of guards into the Kremlin and into Stalin’s private office. The great abilities of Nelya Miklailova with Psychokineses showed her able to move wood, plastic, metals, glass, with her mind. The work of the Russians is to find How It Works and Use It.

Russian Cosmonauts tried ESP in outer space with better results than at sea level. We have no such training in our program. Dr. Zigel in 1967 opened the truth of the Saucers to the people. Hypnotic trance was induced by telepathy 1,000 miles away. Insomnia was cured with this power. Russian experiments indicate that Magnetic waves do not carry telepathy. Soviets seek the mechanism of ESP. To use for espionage? Steal state papers? Wreck an auto or plane? Shoot a rabbit when really killing a man? Control of race attitudes? Mold a man’s conscience? Russia will keep this secret.

Their Cosmic Biology will become Astrology, and the Soviets are being led into many fields which they have denied as illusions. Soviets have proved the power of a gaze or look as a force. They seek the answer to homing birds, insects, animals. Fish can detect magnetic fields. Magnetism parallels telepathy. The brain radiates an unknown type of energy. In the future PSI will link us to all forms of life!

Artificial reincarnation by hypnosis made untalented artists become a Raphael and then become excellent artists! Time is a form of energy and links us all in the Universe. This energy of time is denser near the receiver of an action and thinner near the sender. ESP happens via Time Energy.

Eyeless Sight is a serious study with great results. Colors have a certain feeling – red is sticky and light blue is smooth. Dowsing is proven with great experiments. All things emit radiations. Kerlian’s magnetic camera has photographed the Human Aura and magnetic fields around humans. No longer is this to be denied by skeptics. The Russians are probing an energy body that duplicates the physical. Discovery of an X Energy which is not blood and not electric is a great revelation.

The Soviets have even gone into Healing and laying on of hands. Photographs show a transfer to Bio-plasma of the patient! They have

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

gone into Acupuncture, which was an art of healing in antiquity for thousands of years in China. Now the Soviets examine the 700 skin nodes and why acupuncture works. Invention of a Tobiscope showed the Soviets exactly where these nodes are located.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

There is more! To be continued in our next issue. (Readers are referred to Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain by Ostrander and Schroeder for additional information.)

——— ♦ ———


Having regained my seat on the S.A.S. plane, in spite of the best efforts of the airport personnel to prevent me, the gremlins apparently gave up their futile struggle, and the balance of the flight was made without noteworthy incident, except that our plane, which was supposed to be headed for Goteborg in Sweden, headed south instead, and landed at Copenhagen, in Denmark. Here it took a well earned rest while some of the passengers, including myself, transferred to a smaller shuttle plane, which deposited us, safe and sound, and only slightly the worse for wear, at our final destination, the Goteborg airport. We arrived, miraculously, only a half-hour or so behind our original schedule.

Douglas and Birgitte Keiller, my host and hostess to be, were waiting patiently at the airport, and after greetings had been exchanged, and my baggage had been passed by customs and transferred to their car, we set out for their home near Saro, a small town about 25 miles south of Goteborg. After partaking of a few light refreshments, and visiting for a short time, I was escorted to my room, where I immediately prepared to retire. Since I had, by that time, been some 32 hours without sleep, I had no difficulty in finding it at once, and lapsed into a blissful state of unconsciousness which continued until almost eight in the morning. The next few days were extremely pleasant ones, spent principally in exchanging ideas and philosophical concepts with my host and hostess, and exploring the historical city of Goteborg, (or Gothenburg, as it is usually known here.)

One of the greatest rewards to be gained by working for world understanding is that one meets such wonderful people, and in the

JUNE, 1971                                 9

Keillers I found friends who were worth going any distance to meet. (I could, in fact, write several books concerning the wonderful people I met in Europe, and perhaps some day I shall, but if I were to include all of that material in this series of articles, at least 5 years would be required to print them all in our monthly magazine, so I must restrict my narration to the most noteworthy of the events which occurred there.)

Several meetings were held at the Keillers home, with interested and interesting people coming in from various parts of the country to exchange views and information. After these meetings were completed, the Keillers and I drove to Stockholm, where we attended a most interesting gathering which included a number of leaders of U.F.O. groups in Sweden. One of the highlights of the Stockholm visit was a two hour interview with Dr. Tor Ragnar Gerholm, Professor of Physics at the University of Stockholm. Dr. Gerhom, who was born in Broklin, New York of Swedish parents, is one of the leading authorities in several phases of nuclear physics, but even more important, he is a deep and ardent student of the social, ethical and religious implications of man’s progress in the physical science. While our entire discussion centered about the area of international agreement, it was highly encouraging to me to learn how completely our thoughts and concepts were in agreement on this vital subject. At the conclusion of the interview, Dr. Gerholm presented me with an autographed copy of the new English Language Edition of his well known book `Physics and Man’ which I found to be an exceedingly thought provoking and very well written, and which I shall treasure in my personal library.

(To Be Continued)

——— ♦ ———


The world can be no better than the people who populate it. Indeed, the state of the world conforms precisely to the aggregate mental activity of all mankind. Our environment, whether immediate or far-reaching, is the result of what we precipitate through conscious and unconscious thought. The world today is exactly what all its inhabitants expect of it and contribute to it. Only when mankind really wants the world to be better, will the world become better. Every person is directly responsible for everything he enjoys and suffers in the course of his lifetime; and every iota stems from his thoughts.

-Richard Kieninger in “The Lemuria Builder”

September 1970

——— ♦ ———

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1971

9:00 P.M.       Registration – J. Fair – Ivor Jones – M.C.’s

1:00 P.M.       Opening Prayer – Dr. Daniel Fry
Music by Dr. Irma Glen
UNDERSTANDING Theme Song – Jerry Register, Soloist.

1:30 P.M.       Marina – Introducing Hatha Yoga.

2:00 P.M.       J. Fair – Parapsychology

3:00 P.M.       Dr. Eugene Whitworth – Part I – Scientific View of Mysticism


4:00 P.M.       Patricia Diegel PhD – Annalee Skarin

5:30 P.M.       Dinner

7:00 P.M.       Dr. Daniel Fry – Atlantian Fire Crystals

8:00 P.M.       Delight & Ormand McGill – Mental Magic

9:00 P.M.       Rev. Willard Fuller – God Power from Within & Beyond Ourselves Closing Prayer – Dr. Irma Glen


10:00 A.M.     Dr. Daniel Fry – Common Denominations

11:00 A.M.     Marina – Hatha Yoga Expert

12:00 A.M.     Lunch

1:00 P.M.       Jerry Register – Solo
Alexander Kurtz – How to Talk to Your Subconscious

2:00 P.M.       Rev. Joseph Russell – E.S.P. Development

3:00 P.M.       Dr. Eugene Whitworth – Part 11 – Scientific View of Mysticism

4:00 P.M.       Orma Lee – Sees the Future

5:00 P.M.       Aleta Johnson – And Artura Her Spirit Guide

5:30 P.M.       Dinner

7:00 P.M.       Jack Swartz – The Human Aura

8:00 P.M.       Rev. Willard Fuller – Can God Fill Teeth?

9:00 P.M.       Delight & Ormand McGill – Hypnotism Prayer – Dr. Irma Glen

JUNE, 1971                                 11

SUNDAY, JUNE 20, 1971

10:00 A.M.     Prayer – Dr. Irma Glen
Dr. Irma Glen and Charles Sloan – The Promises of Jesus

11:00 A.M.     Marina – Hatha Yoga

12:00 A.M.     Lunch
Jerry Register – Solo

1:00 P.M.       Patricia Diegel, PhD – Sex & The Spiritual Life

2:00 P.M.       Joy Fair – Metaphysics Parasy

3:00 P.M.       Amelia Fuller – Radiant Life Counsellor

4:00 P.M.       Dr. Daniel Fry – “The White Sand Incident”

5:00 P. M.      Dinner

7:00 P.M.       Dr. Irma Glen – Living Spiritually

8:00 P.M.       Dr. & Mrs. Wm. Budnick – Healers of The Philippians

9:00 P.M.       Orma Lee
Closing Prayer – Dr. Irma Glen

——— ♦ ———

world report

Brain Signals

(New York Times, Mar. 13, 1971-by Harold M. Schmeck Jr.)

There was a chimpanzee in California with a talent for playing ticktacktoe.

Its trainers were delighted with this evidence of learning, but they were even more impressed by something else. They found they could tell from the animal’s brain waves whether any particular ticktacktoe move would be right or wrong. It depended on the chimpanzee’s state of attention. When the trained animal was properly attentive, he made the right move.

The significant fact was that the scientists were able to recognize that state. By elaborate computer analysis of brain wave signals they were learning to distinguish what might be called “states of mind.”

This was far more ambitious than simply detecting gross states of

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

arousal, drowsiness or sleep. It was a new step toward understanding how the brain works.

The chimpanzee, and the research team at the University of California at Los Angeles, have graduated from the ticktacktoe stage now, but the work with brain waves is continuing. It has already revealed some surprising insights to the brain’s behavior during space flight. It shows promise of application to social and domestic problems on earth and even to improvements in human learning.

It is part of the large ferment of modern brain research in progress at laboratories throughout the United States and abroad. Involved are all manner of creatures from men and monkeys to rats and mice, goldfish, flatworms and Japanese quail.

The ultimate goal is to understand the human brain – that incredible three-pound package of tissue that can imagine the farthest reaches of the universe and the ultimate core of the atom but cannot fathom its own functioning. Each research project bites off a little piece of an immense puzzle.

Moon People

(“Saturday Sports,” Auckland, New Zealand, Feb. 20, 1971. Courtesy of “Apollo Verein,” Otahuhu, N.Z.)

When the American astronauts went to the moon they landed on its roof. That is why they saw no life. The moon people live in great cities beneath the lunar surface, a Kenya witchdoctor and his many followers believe.

The witchdoctor, Njenga Mungai (46) has been following the American and Russian space shots with great interest. He even attended a film showing by the United States Information Service of an Apollo moon landing.

At the film showing Mungai met European amateur astronomer, Phillip Wagner, who agreed to let the witchdoctor look at the moon through his telescope. A few nights later, Mungai, dressed in tribal regalia, spent nearly an hour gazing at the moon, blowing on a native horn and scribbling on the dusty ground.

At first, he insisted on pulling the eye-piece to the center of his forehead. But after Wagner showed Mungai a view of the moon through the telescope lens the Kikuyu tribesman was fascinated.

He explained that the craters of the moon are great holes caused by explosions during years of warfare, and that the people of the moon

JUNE, 1971                                 13

had gone to live underground for safety many years ago. Mungai promised that on succeeding explorations, astronauts would come in contact with the tribes of the moon.

Witchdoctors are dying out in Africa as education and enlightened governments press for educational reforms, but as one American said, “You can’t laugh at the witchdoctor. He might be right.”

Modern Cave Homes

(UPI, London Financial Times, Grants Pass (Ore.) Courier, Mar. 3, 1971)

Paris: Townspeople in France, eager to escape from the noisy cities, are showing a new interest in cave dwellings: many have converted these man-made holes into comfortable, holiday homes.

Advertisements offering such cave dwellings in the Loire Valley do not necessarily conjure up a mental picture of pre-historic man. The caves command a market value just as does conventional property.

Traditionally, the caves have been and still are the homes of the Touraine and Anjou peasants since before Caesar’s Gaul. Apart from their numerous domestic uses as homes, storerooms and winecellars, evidence in the form of wall paintings still comes to light of secret religious heresies having been practiced in them.

In the troubled Middle Ages they provided shelter for villagers, while during World War 2 the Resistance used them as hiding places. Use of the caves began early for the local limestone was appreciated for its softness and ease with which man could cut into it. The result, however, is an unsophisticated form of architecture.

The inhabited cave dwellings of our affluent age all have electric light and most modern comforts, yet the architect’s basic simplicity remains. Dwellings usually run lengthwise, along the cliff to provide air and light. Prices – two bedrooms $12,000 and up!

Soil, Glass Breeds Life In Sunlight

(Columbus Dispatch, Mar. 24, 1971)

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) – Three scientists sterilized fine soil and ground glass then bombarded it with ultraviolet radiation. The result: indications that Mars could support a form of life.

Drs. Norman Horowitz, Jerry Hubbard and James Hardy

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

experimented for a year at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology.

“Our findings show that organic material is probably being produced by sunlight on the surface of Mars,” they reported.

They simulated Martian soil with baked earth and crushed glass, and the thin atmosphere with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water vapor.

They said the gases combined with the soil and glass and, reacting with ultraviolet radiation like that which reaches Mars in sunlight, formed organic compounds just below the surface.

“This is the most favorable indication for a possible Martian biological evolution that we have had in the last five years,” Horowitz said. “There are still many uncertainties, however, which won’t be resolved until we land on the planet.”

An Apple A Day

(Prevention Magazine, February 1971)

Egyptian scientists may have found why apples keep the doctor away. M. A. El Nakeeb and R. T. Yousef say the pectin in apples kills bacteria. They claim that the antimicrobial power of apples is more beneficial than its vitamin C content.

Space Science Problem

(San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle, April 18, 1971, by William Flynn)

PALO ALTO – A major problem of the 1970’s is the transfer of aerospace technology to non-space problems, says physical scientist Charles J. Cook of the Stanford Research Institute,

“Transferring technology can be very profitable,” Cook says.

The research scientist contends that development of aerospace and moon-shot technology need not be wasted – if exploration of the universe is slowed down.

Individuals and firms, not the nation as such, must make use of the transfer of knowledge, Cook says. The process requires a special skill and a special attitude, he adds, and “it can be learned.” Cook gives these examples of the transfer of space devices to earthbound work:

• A device is developed to measure the skin temperature of an astronaut during a space mission. It may be used to solve problems involving temperature measurements of hospital patients.

JUNE, 1971                                 15

• An apparatus is developed to analyze very small dust samples collected in space to determine their molecular and elemental chemical composition. The same instrument could be used by a criminologist to link a suspect with a crime.

• Devices are developed to measure the composition of the upper atmosphere. An automotive engineer could take this instrument and use it to determine the molecular contents of piston engine exhaust in an effort to define a smog problem.

Transfer of space devices to routine living always requires and “adaptive engineer,” Cook said. He also emphasized that timing in introducing the product is vital to its success. The transfer also involves the profit margin.

“We must learn how to transfer efficiently and thus convince our political leaders to apply our current broad technological base and skills to solve critical generic problems.”

——— ♦ ———

book reviews


(Natural Life Styles, #1, 53 Main, New Platz, N.Y. 12561, a quarterly magazine, $3.00 per year)

Natural Life Styles is not a book, though it contains as much information as many small volumes, but a new magazine, which is to be issued four times a year. In size it is rather large, 11 by 16½ inches, and contains 88 pages.

Its purpose is stated: “An organic guide for living. We attempt to serve as a responsible information exchange for people tuning in on

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

themselves and their environment. Real Food for the body and soul is our chief concern … painted cakes do not satisfy.”

The periodical is amply illustrated (on each page, in fact) with photographs, wood cuts and sketches of people, plants and places. Offered also are sources for allied literature – books and periodicals – as well as a variety of unusual advertisements. The Table of Contents lists over seventy titles, some covered but briefly, others at considerable length. One wonders, actually, with so much offered in the first issue what will be the nature of future editions?

The range of subjects is varied, indeed, something for everyone, and more than once! Articles include: Supermarket Survival, American Indian Cooking, Environmental Art, Sauna and Tea, Herb Gardening, Grain Grinding, Plastic House, Use of the Sun, and Chicken Power, as examples.

Other articles consider, in depth, metaphysics, macrobiotics, Steiner’s Anthroposophy and Bio-Dynamics, as well as such practical matters as homesteading, growing wheat grass, baking with yeast, and camping equipment.

You may find yourself reading articles in areas you previously ignored, thus adding to your understanding of many ways of life, other philosophies and life goals. You will sense the brotherly concern of each for the other that together we may create a new and better Life Style for All.

Should you be prompted to investigate for yourself this new publication, send One Dollar to the publishers – and Read for Yourself!


Australian Sightings

(U.F.O.I.C. Newsletter, Sydney, Australia #28)

Chester Hill was the locality of a sighting, May 15, 1970, by Miss Janice Gray of Yagoona, at 8 P.M. The night was clear and stars as well as half-moon were visible. Only one object was seen and “appeared as a round shape with a vibrating white light.” It appeared as large as a ten cent piece held at arm’s length, and was “very bright white and suddenly changed colour to pink, then faded to an orange amber colour.” Apparently well-defined and solid, the object moved from West to East, gradually losing height but retaining a steady speed until disappearing. The object left a vapour trail which was “spiraling upwards – not trailing behind” as one would expect.

JUNE, 1971                                 17

The following report was received from Mr. Keith Basterfield of Adelaide. On October 1, 1970, at 8:18 A.M., Mr. Basterfield, his father and sister were driving along Anzsc Highway when the sister sighted the object.

Mr. Basterfield writes: “My sister first drew our attention to an object which she saw through the front windscreen. I was able to see an elongated strip in the sky; my father verified that this was what he saw, later. However, as he was driving, this was all that he saw. However, my sister and myself were able to see what happened. One object was seen which changed shape – initially elongated, then circular, with definite size, and finally pinpoint of light until disappearing.

As the shape changed, so did the luminosity. While the object had the circular shape, it appeared to be half the size of the moon and gave off an intense light…”

From the observer, the object had a bearing of about 100 degrees and an angle of elevation of about 25 degrees above the horizon. After 45 seconds the object had diminished to a pinpoint and eventually disappeared from view. At the time of the sighting weather conditions were good — there was no cloud cover.

A check concerning a weather balloon launched that morning revealed the balloon had a bearing of 180 degrees, and an angular diameter of less than 1 minute whereas the object’s bearing was 100 degrees and the angular diameter 15 minutes.

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(The following material has been excerpted from a letter written to Dr. Daniel W. Fry by Stephania Syphens van Audel of Holland. She says of herself, “It is from a Dutch lady who has three times seen UFOs and who heard your talk at Haarlem, Holland.”

Now that the Laser Ray has been discovered, all war-making will be over forever! I think the UFOs know this and they will wait for this. When the Laser ray is used for one minute it will tell the world “Stop All War!” Its importance is that after it is used, even once, (how terrible that will be!) mankind will understand that war is impossible, and then we, the idealists, can begin to work to build up together a new world , for which we are longing.

The UFOs will be accepted when wars are over-won and nuclear weapons are no longer useful. This is a great fact for the idealistic and peaceful world.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

You know, of course, that Laser means: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Briefly, it is the strongest light. This light is constant. Not only can it destroy cities and mountains, etc., but it is useful, also, for operations of the most difficult kind. It goes through diamonds and bones and everything else on earth! It travels in an absolutely straight line and can make a very small hole in the moon or in a skull, or anything else.

We can reach with the Laser ray the macrocosms, the stars, as well as the smallest point in the brain of ours. This wonder ray came from the scientists who produced electronics and thermodynamics, etc. It emits wonderful colors. It will be used by radio telephones, etc. By 1972 it can be used for war – to destroy every foe, soldiers and equipment.

At last everyone can build his own Laser-beam. The Golden Morning for a peaceful world is beginning. Let us ask the UFOs to help us so that we shall have peace and brotherhood in the Aquarian Age!

-Stephania Syphens van Audel

Amsterdam, Holland


Thoughts On Outer Space

(Times-Recorder, Zanesville, Ohio, Aug. 13, 1969, by Jim Bishop)

As man probes deeper and deeper into outer space, scientists are beginning to worry that, if life is found on another planet, earth people will lose faith in the existence of a God. For a time, I thought that the fear was a facade of mockery, but I now realize that many people of good religious faith hope that there is no life anywhere else.

This, of course, is egocentric. There is no reason to suppose that, if God made the world in seven days, he fashioned only this earth and left all the hard work of making suns and planets by the trillions to someone else of superior craftsmanship. He made it all, or He made none of it.

The biggest mistake of man, since he stopped walking on his knuckles in the forest, is that he believed all the universe revolved around him and his insignificant planet…

Across the vastness of space, which has been studied by astronomers to a distance of more than one billion light years, there is reason to

JUNE, 1971                                 19

believe that there are thousands of other planets on which conditions of light and heat, water and cloud, may be close to conditions here. Why would any intelligent creature suppose that God would favor our ball of mud above all other?…

Nothing can make me believe that all of those billions of galaxies formed themselves, and learned to spin in precise orbits without collision…

In my opinion, life exists on other planets kindred to ours. It may be inferior intellectually or superior. Most of the people who fear it seem to think that such life is far in advance of ours. Maybe. I have no proof of anything except my beliefs.

Point One is that I cannot conceive of this solar system forming itself. It had to be executed by One whose power and intellect are so superior to mine that I cannot comprehend His work…

Point Two is to ponder about God Himself. Faith in God is far different from faith in an organized religion … (whose) communicants are busy trying to establish friendly rapport with an Infinite Being who tests the faith of all by leaving no clues that He ever existed.

We want proof. So far, there is no incontrovertible proof. He is, or He isn’t. Man wants to believe in God because it hurts to think that, when death occurs, it is a dreamless sleep with no future. That, too, is arrogant ego…

The scientists are afraid of what they may find out there. I am not. A long time ago I saw my Grandpa Tier plant a wild cherry seed. When he was old, a tree stood in his backyard, bearing sweet fruit. There is no learned scientist on this earth who could make a seed. Any seed…

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Dr. Daniel W. Fry recently put on a 90 minute cassette tape two full

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13th Anniversary Convention

Jack Schwarz announces that the 13th Anniversary Convention of the Aletheia Association is to be held at the International Cultural Center of Understanding in Merlin, Oregon, on June 27th, 28th, and 29th. It is entitled: The Aquarian Age and Humanity.

June 30th will be an Excursion Day to visit the future site of the Aletheia College Grounds and a tour of the nearby Oregon Vortex and Mystery House.

For a program of details please write: Aletheia, P.O. Box 334, Selma, Ore. 97538.

Dr. Holloway To Visit Merlin

Dr. Gilbert Holloway, author of ESP and Your Super-Conscious, and founder of the Christ Light Center of Deming, New Mexico, will be in Merlin, Oregon, the week of July 11-18th.

Dr. Holloway will hold a series of evangelistic meetings at the International Cultural Center of Understanding, 2200 Merlin Road. Further details in the July issue.

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