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VOLUME XVI                              MAY, 1971                                                  NUMBER 5

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


In our last issue, we examined the `Game Plan’ of our Federal Administration, designed to halt inflation by artificially restricting purchasing power. We discovered what we (and the administration) should have known from the beginning, that, while a shrinking money supply may force some decrease in demand, it will inevitably bring about an even greater decrease in production. The net result is a small supply of goods and services, a large increase in unemployment, more welfare to support the unemployed, higher taxes to support the welfare programs, and finally, even higher prices for those goods and services still available. Such a game plan can only succeed in halting inflation when the average standard of living has been reduced to a level totally unacceptable by any technological society.

It would seem that a more practical approach to the problem might be achieved by substituting the planned stimulation of production for the present concept of forced limitation of demand.

We tested the `Game Plan’ by projecting it to its logical conclusion, and found that it could only balance supply and demand when both had been reduced to zero. If we apply the same test to the stimulation of production, we may find that absolute balance can only be achieved when both of them have been raised to infinity. Yet it seems far more

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

pleasant to contemplate a future in which both supply and demand are infinitely great, than one in which both are at zero!

With our constantly increasing technology, there is virtually no limit to the goods and services that can be made available, so long as the process is rewarding to those who carry it on.

For several decades, our governmental agencies have placed constantly increasing penalties upon almost any form of success in business and industry, while their various subsidy programs have offered many bonuses and consolation prizes for failure. In spite of the tremendous obstacles placed in its path by government agencies, business and industry have managed to grow considerably, yet the growth rate has not been nearly as great as it would have been if there had been fewer obstacles. Our gross national product, huge as it is, could easily have been twice as great, and there would then have been twice as much money available for taxes!

Apparently, our political leaders have never read the story of the goose who laid the golden eggs, nor have they ever studied the history of the `Fomento’ program which, in a single decade, converted San J van, Puerto Rico from one of the poorest cities on earth, to one of the richest’.

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(From Norman A. Weis, Buffalo Unit No. 37, comes this report of his findings on the new science of Radionics.)

This report concerns the Magnetic Aura, scientist De La Warr of England, and Dr. Douglas M. Baker, also of England.

Dr. Baker, when very young, lived in South Africa and became acquainted with the native lore and beliefs. After becoming a medical doctor, his psychic abilities and scientific discoveries led him into the field of ESP and the Occult, and his severance from the medical profession.

The ideas given in this article are in some cases so far out that it really takes an open mind to accept them, just as it was not easy, not too long ago, to convince people that Television was a possibility. If I could tell my grandfather, could he come back, that I could look into a glass screen in my living room and see in color something happening in another part of the world, he would call it a miracle or assume that I was crazy.

England has been the seat for the development of the De la Warr Magnetic Camera. This is a huge apparatus, entirely different from what we know as a camera, taking up an area about nine feet square.

MAY, 1971                                   3

We all know that all things-human and otherwise-radiate emanations. With humans this is called the Aura. Heretofore, only those gifted with extra sensory powers could see this aura. Now, the Magnetic Camera can photograph the aura in all the glory of its shooting colored emanations. No longer is the Aura something which skeptics can deny.

A seed, given air, water and light, will immediately begin to develop. Such a seed put under the Magnetic Camera reveals a picture of the Tree it is to be! A drop of water, so studied, showed the emanations of its atoms and salts. When blessed with a religious ceremony, the Misty Figure o f Christ Upon the Cross was superimposed upon the other emanations.

Dr. Baker thought highly of the Zulus, who never permitted another to gain a hair, nail paring, or anything else from their bodies. Whoever could obtain these was able to harm the owner, because there is a rapport between your body and any part of it that is separated from it, as a hair, etc. We call these people savages, but apparently, we are the “Johnny -come-latelys,” just now discovering the science that these people knew for thousands of years.

As an example, when Dr. Baker was young in Africa, his brother was bitten by a deadly poisonous snake, a Puff Adder. Everything that could be done for him was tried. He was in a coma and thought to be on his death bed. A witch doctor friend came and asked, “Did you kill the snake?” They answered, “Yes, the snake is dead.” The witch doctor then said, “Then the boy will live as the poison will lose its strength.” This was the case, the boy lived.

What I am trying to say is that there is a rapport between you and your blood. A blood shot on a clean blotter, touched only by you, sent to Dr. Baker will reveal the condition of all your organs, and even hint at the future conditions of organs not up to par. Thousands have been treated for high blood pressure, from England, on a basis of a blood spot, with the sending device to which distance is immaterial.

We are familiar with Ted Serios of Chicago who concentrates in front of a lenseless camera and the developed film shows the picture that was in his mind! This is, of course, proof that thought has power! A remarkable thing about this experiment is that in 1928 when the Japanese tried thought photos instead of a picture evolving, words describing the portrait came instead!

So, we have every object-bodies, metals, minerals, wood, relics, photos-everything sending out emanations of some kind. And, now there is a camera that can photograph all these radiations, even the entire magnetic field that surrounds every human being.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Science is now being forced into the Occult, or what has been thought of as the Occult, whether or not they like it. Einstein said: “There is not a difference between Physics and Metaphysics, it is a continuum. It is science going from the seen into the unseen.”

Too many of our scientists are still unwilling to recognize and accept these new concepts-because they do not understand them, refuse to investigate them. They are prone to disregard these important discoveries. The cure for Ricketts, which immobilized the British Navy in 1700 was known then by a doctor. It was to eat fresh fruit (Vitamin C), yet this cure was not accepted for 100 years! Now that the New Science of Radionics has been born, let us hope that its great benefits will come soon and not 100 years from now!

——— ♦ ———


Color yourself black and certain doors would instantly close, irrevocably out of reach.

Color yourself suddenly, unaccountably, leprous. The same person you were yesterday, save for that tiny sore on an arm or leg or face, growing and spreading, you are now, with the blessing of medical diagnosis, a menace to society.

Color yourself epileptic. You look the same, act the same, even wear the same clothes. Except that sometimes you have a sensation of falling and black out for a time, you haven’t altered in any sense of the word.

But the world has. People you considered friends now frequently give you the “cold shoulder” for no apparent reason. Others are too well-bred to drop you completely. There is, however, still the snobbish sensation of distaste beneath their pose of amicability. Even those related to you find it difficult to hide a subtle sense of revulsion.

But this, at least is bearable, especially if the one you love most is able to accept the “new you,” live with it and love without reservation anyway.

The matter of earning a living is not so easily resolved. The day you awoke in a clutter of desks, bewildered and slightly out of focus, everyone was sympathetic and kind, solicitous in the extreme.

One compensation for the deficit is a new awareness, a perceptiveness you never knew heretofore. Every day your new sensory talent develops more keenly. Sometimes you’re almost able to read others’ thoughts.

The next time you pass out at work, embarrassment weighs the air, clear as a bell. The occasion of your third infraction is well nigh unforgettable. You cannot but know judgment has been passed, and

MAY. 1971                                   5

you’ve been found wanting. The worst part of it is, there isn’t a thing you can do about it.

The real reckoning is “saving face,” preserving your self-respect despite rejection, hostilities and real down-to-earth snubs. Even love cannot spare you this. This you must face alone, bear it as best you can, and reconcile yourself to the unbearable.

Otherwise, you cannot endure living in a world which is no longer the same, a world which has changed radically, overnight, in every sense of the word.

This is what I shared. This is what I saw. This is where I began to learn about compassion, to put myself in another’s shoes, and see how he feels. This is where I learned about sheer determination-seeing a man I loved rise and fall beneath the weight of his cross, even as another Man did, centuries ago.

To be epileptic is to alienated, to know humiliation intimately, to suffer degradation too deep for words, or even tears; to be epileptic is to be lonely.

I cannot but rejoice that much has changed since Napoleon and Van Gogh succumbed. Modern research has perfected new and better drugs to control the spasms; erected shining, antiseptic clinics in their behalf and even provide psychiatric care. Even the working world has begun to accept their integration into their midst.

All that remains is for each of us to love them.

Eleanor M. Wilbur

——— ♦ ———


There never has been and never will be a time when man has no power supply. There has been no real occasion to worry about dwindling supplies of fuel wood, coal, oil, gas, uranium or any others. As man evolves he discovers new sources, each more powerful. Also, each is less physical in nature. Man has gone from solids to liquids to gases to atoms. His final and all powerful step will be to recognize Spirit as the only power. Then he will be shown how to make use of this power without intricate machinery for conversion to energy.

(Mark-Age : How to Do All Things)

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


(Continuing the adventures and misadventures of Dr. Fry on his lecture and interview tour of Europe.)

Arriving in Seattle, we found we had some time to spare before the departure of our S.A.S. Transpolar Flight, and we spent that time, most enjoyably with several new found friends.

When the time came to board our plane, another small problem arose. It seems that a group of 125 members of the “Sons of Norway” organization had chosen this time for a visit, en masse, to their homeland. A special flight had tentatively been arranged for them, but when the dispatcher observed that our flight had a relatively light passenger load, he calculated that, by the judicious use of the “Pressure Packing Process,” he might be able to get the entire 125 extra passengers, together with their voluminous baggage aboard our plane in addition to its regularly scheduled passengers, thereby eliminating the need for a costly second flight. The packing process was completed one hour and twenty minutes after our scheduled departure time, and we finally found ourselves airborne but devoid of virtually all of the creature comforts normally associated with air travel. Every seat was filled, and the huge mass of “hand baggage” stowed on laps, the floor, and in the aisle, made any sort of movement almost impossible. Even the rest rooms might as well have been on the moon for all the chance we had of reaching them. Oh well-it was only a 14 hour flight, and even counting the hour-and-a-half we had waited in the plane before take-off, the period of close confinement was only 16-1/2 hours. During the latter part of this period we sat silently considering whether a forced landing might not be preferable to a burst bladder.

In the midst of our meditation, and in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, the sun rose above the horizon, disclosing an endless panorama of huge ice floes, separated from each other by a few yards of open water. Truly a beautiful and awe inspiring sight, but one which left the viewer with the firm conviction that this would not be a good place to attempt a forced landing! Fortunately, no actual need arose to do so, and our plane finally came to rest safely, not in Goteborg, Sweden, as was scheduled, but in Oslo, Norway. (The destination of the 125 extra passengers.) Here we all were ordered off the plane, complete with our baggage, so that the plane could be thoroughly cleaned while it was being refueled. We were all ushered into the airport and through customs. (No one bothered to explain why this was necessary since, in a few minutes we would be taking off again with the same baggage)

MAY, 1971                                   7

Once inside the airport we were left strictly to our own devices for the 20 minutes still left before the announced take-off time.

(Editor’s Note-The use of the second person singular becomes too complicated at this point, and so the author will revert to the use of first person singular for this portion of the narrative.)

Upon finding myself abandoned in the Oslo Airport, my first act was to stagger through the waiting room, laden with 4 pcs. of heavy and cumbersome baggage, in search of the S.A.S. departure desk, so that I could ascertain the number of the gate through which we would re-board our plane. Fifteen minutes later I located it, in a small alcove at the extreme end of the upstairs portion of the lobby enclosure. When I gave my flight no. to the clerk and asked the number of the gate through which I would board my plane, the calm reply was, “Oh-you can’t get on that plane, it has already left! You will have to take the next plane which will leave in three hours.” (I began to have the frustrating feeling that every airport official in the world had joined in one determined conspiracy to prevent me from arriving in Sweden on time, if at all.) I knew that the plane could not possibly have been cleaned, re-fueled and taken off in the time elapsed since we had left it, and I was certain that, if I could only find some way to get out into the landing area within the next few minutes, I could still board the plane. The dispatch clerk was of no help whatever. He was too busy making out a meal ticket so that I could enjoy a free meal at the airport restaurant while I waited the three hours for the next plane. By the time he had finished making out the meal ticket, I had reached a decision. Accepting the ticket with a brief “Thank you sir,” I picked up my baggage, distributed it about my person as best I could, and started, at a dead run, back the way I had come! This act was, of course, equivalent to driving the wrong way on a one way street, and was certainly contrary to all of the rules and regulations in such cases, made and provided, and probably against the peace and dignity of the sovereign state of Norway. My only hope was that the sheer audacity of the act might freeze the officials into stunned inaction for the few seconds that would enable me to get past. and beyond them. And so-like a charging bull, I hurtled back through the entrance corridor, ignoring the exclamations of the startled officials, and the fingers vigorously pointing in the opposite direction. I may have been the first airline passenger ever to go out backwards through the customs Entrance desk! I doubted that any of the officials would actually shoot me, and I felt that once aboard my plane I would be relatively safe.

The surprise maneuver proved to be a complete success, and in two minutes I was back on the plane, and still on schedule. (I have no doubt

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

however, that in the long winter evenings, Oslo Airport employees still tell strange tales of the crazy American, who did not know that one cannot go out through the Entrance corridor!)

——— ♦ ———

The June Convention of Understanding, Inc.

The weekend of June 18 through 20 has been selected as the occasion for the Second Annual Convention of Understanding, Inc. The Convention will be held at the International Cultural Center of Understanding, 2200 Merlin Road, Merlin, Oregon.

Although this is early April, as we prepare this release, it is already evident from the list of speakers, who have confirmed their participation in the events, that it will be another educational, inspirational and heart-warming gathering, as it was in June of 1970.

Dr. Daniel W. Fry, Founder and International President of Understanding, Inc., will open the meetings with a prayer, to the organ accompaniment by Dr. Irma Glenn. Dr. Fry is also scheduled to give two lectures.

Master of Ceremonies for the events will be Jay Fair, psychologist, counsellor and Director of the Study Groups of San Diego. The title of his lecture has not yet been decided.

Other speakers include: Dr. Patricia Diegel of the Universal Truth Centers, Inc., of Sacramento, Calif., who will lecture on “Ascent of Narcissus” (the story of Annalee Skarin);

Rev. Willard Fuller of the Rolling Stones Ministry who will speak on “God Power from Within and from Beyond Ourselves”;

Rev. Jack Schwarz, Founder and Director of the Aletheia Association, whose subject will be “The Aura”;

Marina, world traveler, teacher of health and Hatha Yoga, who will offer a 30 minute lecture on: “Hatha Yoga” to be followed by a one hour class session. And, Dr. Eugene E. Whitworth, Great Western University, San Francisco, whose subject will be “Esoteric Philosophy.”

Dr. Irma Glenn, Doctor of Religious Science and internationally known for her spiritually oriented music, will provide the organ music for the Convention. She will also give a lecture entitled: “Living Spiritually.”

For evening meditation, Mr. Charles Sloan will recite the “Promises of Christ Jesus” to the music of Dr. Glenn at the organ.

The evening programs will offer square dancing, an accordion

MAY, 1971                                   9

interlude by Rev. Aleta Johnston, as well as nightly meditations. Hopefully Ormond McGill can be present for an entertaining evening of hypnotism.

While incomplete, the above program indicates the nature and mood of this Second Understanding Convention. We suggest that you use the Advance Registration coupon (back cover of this magazine) to assure your participation in these sessions.

——— ♦ ———

The Aletheia Association will hold its 13th Anniversary Convention at the International Cultural Center of Understanding, June 27, 28 and 29.

——— ♦ ———


Landing of an UFO

(Vimana, Helsinki, Finland, Nr. 2/1970)

While farmer Kalle Lasala, living at Pikkukyla of Naamagankyla, Pudasjarvi, on November 28, 1969, was looking out. of the window of his home, he saw a bright light ball in the sky, descending straight downward. He at once awoke his daughter, Aino Toivainen, who sighted the same light ball, which emitted a broad intense beam shooting straight into the sky. The light beam gained in intensity the lower the ball descended. The sighting took place at 2200 in the evening.

The light ball landed behind a ridge. When the ball was lying on the ground, or very close to it, broad light beams showed the landing site, which was estimated to be at a distance of 3-4 kilometers from the spot of the sighting.

Later, two men went on skis to the landing site. Behind the ridge there are two woodland pools of which one lies in the right direction. The men found an ice-free spot in the middle of the pool, circular in form. Previous to that date, no ice-free spots had been detected in the pool. Conclusion : The writer would like to point out that the periodic sequence of the sightings of Pudasjarvi is probably unique in Finland, as also is the mass concentration of UFOs and the concentration of the phenomena in areas containing ore.

Thirteen investigations by means for forms have been carried out, as

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

well as numerous interviews. Eight new items have appeared in the newspapers circulated all over the country and the same number in news in the local press.

UFOs In Argentina

(A.O.A. International UFO Newsletter, Vol. 1 No. 3)

Bahia Blanca, February 8, 1970.

The incident happened at 3 P.M. near a desert area named Las Salinas, at about 30 km from No. 22 National Road.

Ricardo Hector Radice, 25, a policeman, was driving a jeep near Bahia Blanca, Buenos :’fires Province. He said, “I was driving at a low speed when I observed to my right a tiny light that was moving toward the ground. As I was reaching the place where it was landing, I could see it very well, and I was surprised to know that it was solid, more like an object than a cloud. It was not a vision, or a mirage, it was something real and weird that was just in front of me.”

Mr. Radice, who had not been interested in flying objects before, said, “I was not afraid during the observation. I was quietly sitting, seeing the strange scene. The object was reddish. I could not see landing wheels, portholes nor antennas.”

Policeman Radice told of his encounter with the UFO to his superiors and stated that he had really sighted something unknown that could be connected with those so-called UFOs.

——— ♦ ———

world report

Man’s Ability To Live & Work In Space

(by Al Rossiter, Jr.)

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Oregon 3/17/71)

CAPE KENNEDY (UPI) — The chief physician for America’s astronauts says there are still some serious doubts about man’s ability to live and do useful work for long periods of time in space.

MAY, 1971                                   11

“I think it’s important for us to realize that we have real questions about the limitations of man,” said Dr. Charles A. Berry, director of medical operations at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston.

Berry, who has watched U. S. astronauts increase their exposure to weightless space from five minutes to 14 days without difficulty, said he personally doesn’t agree with most of the doubts that have been raised in this country and abroad.

But he said “we do have some serious questions and we need data to provide it. We can’t just have opinions about it.”

The answers will come from America’s first space station, Skylab, set for flight in 1973. It. is designed to keep three men in orbit for up to eight weeks at a time and it will be equipped to maintain a close watch on the pilots’ health and working ability.

The longest time spent in space so far was logged by Soviet cosmonauts Andrian Nikolayev and Vitah Sevastyanov in Soyuz 9 last June. They spent 18 days in orbit and reported more difficulty than expected in getting used to the pull of gravity cm earth after their return. Apparently, manned flights of several months’ duration will require development of special measures and means to prepare the organisms of cosmonauts to withstand reentry G-loads and to facilitate readaption to the earth gravity conditions,” Nikolayev told U. S. space engineers last October.

“I think the worst thing that could happen to us is that we would have to provide some sort of reconditioning regimen which would be used prior to reentry,” he said.

——— ♦ ———

Life Expectancy May Jump

(Columbus Dispatch, Wed., Jan. 13, 1971)

(Scientists Studying Ways of Replacing Worn-Out Cytoplasm, By George Graff )

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.- In the last six centuries, man’s average life expectancy has doubled to the point where he can now expect to live 74 years. (‘an he double it again?

Consider the startling prediction made here recently:

“The day is approaching when man may live 140 years-perhaps longer. Science will discover how to retard the aging process in human and the lifespan will be doubled.”

The speaker was Dr. Donald H. Andrews. a biophysics professor at

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Florida Atlantic University (FAU), who made the prediction to a group of physicians.

The key to such a remarkable achievement, Andrews says, will be discovery of a way to replace worn-out cytoplasm, a complex liquid existing inside each of the 100 trillion cells in the human body. As a person ages, this cytoplasm breaks down just as motor oil loses body after long use.

“Within the next 10 or 20 years,” Andrews told the physicians, “Men and women might take a pill, get an inoculation or undergo treatments with radiation or supersonic vibrations to induce their cells to generate fresh cytoplasm.”

The implications of such a medical breakthrough are enormous. It is far from certain that the human species is prepared to deal with the difficult social and economic conditions that such an increased life span might produce.

——— ♦ ———

Magic Bullets for Dope Addicts

(Science Digest, April 1971)

The Federation Against Drug Addiction announces that “Magic Bullets” to immunize against drug addiction are on the way.

Vaccines that will blockade the receiver so that he cannot get “high” on heroin, are proving out in laboratory tests. The agents, Cyclazocine and Nalaxone among them, liberate the addicts from dependence on opiates, eliminate withdrawal symptoms and immunize against further drug abuse, say the researchers, and are not themselves habit forming.

——— ♦ ———

Noise and Health

(The Futurist, Feb. 1971)

The world’s noise level is doubling every 10 years, according to the National Geographic Society. Experts warn that the future rate of increase may be even worse, with the use of more machinery and automobiles and with the advent of the supersonic transport, which will trail a sonic boom 50 miles wide in its wake.

Exposure to sounds up to 85 decibels is generally considered safe, but continuous noise above this level damages the microscopic hair cells that carry sound from the ear to the brain. Commonplace sounds today are above that level and gradually rupture these hair cells. Noise can thus deafen.

MAY, 1971                                   13

Scientists are discovering that virtually every bodily function is affected by noise. Workers in noisy factories have developed abnormal brain waves and “hopscotch” heartbeats. Children living near noisy factories and airports suffer from noise damage leading to heart trouble and stunted growth. Even unborn fetuses may be permanently damaged by violent noises such as sonic booms.

——— ♦ ———

Magic Spells & Soccer

(New York Times, 2/22/71)

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb. 21-The annual accounts of Gor Mahia, one of Kenya’s leading soccer clubs, show that the club spent more than $3,000 on witchcraft last year.

The money was used to solicit advice and forecasts from witch doctors before matches.

Sports leaders in Kenya officially disapprove of witchcraft in soccer, but, in spite of many social and cultural changes, it shows little signs of losing its hold.

Most leading Kenya clubs employ a witch doctor and play few games without consulting him on strategy and their chances of winning. Before important matches, sentries patrol the stadium to see that no one places a charm upon the ball.

Clubs usually refuse to announce the names of their players in advance for fear that they might be bewitched.

If a club has a run of bad advice-more than three unsuccessful prognostications the witch doctor is dismissed in favor of one more competent.

——— ♦ ———

Power and the Moon

(Chicago Tribune, Wednesday, February 10, 1971)

The interdependence of widely separated people was dramatically illustrated when the first Apollo 14 moon walk caused a 5 per cent power cutback throughout New York City and Westchester County. When the television networks ended their coverage of the walk, the demand for power dropped by 88,000 kilowatts, and the cuts could be restored.

That what two men do on the moon can reduce the power available in North America’s largest metropolis illustrates in a spectacular way how modern technology has woven millions of strangers together into one

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

UFO Class

(Topside, publication of Ottawa New Sciences & Contact Group, Winter 1971)

Mr. Henry H. McKay, UFO researcher, associate member of CAPRO and NICAP, is presently conducting a ten week course on Flying Saucers-Fact or Fantasy? at the Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

This course is “designed for persons interested in a greater understanding of this unidentified space phenomenon. It will cover organizations, publications and a practical aspect of research. A group discussion format with an exchange of ideas and theories will be the approach used.”

(Understanding literature has been sent to Mr. McKay)

——— ♦ ———


(The following philosophical comments were contained in a letter to Dr. Daniel W. Fry (3/8/71) from the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Los Angeles, Calif.)

Krishna Consciousness

Krishna Consciousness philosophy is eternal but was written down 5000 years ago by an incarnation of God names Vyasadeva for the fallen souls of this Age. This is the Age of Kali and began 5000 years ago and is 432,000 years long! The symptoms of this Age are chaos, confusion, quarrels, hypocrisy, very shortened life spans, poor memory, etc.

Prior to this Age of Kali there was an ancient civilization that existed throughout the entire world. It was highly advanced, both spiritually and materially, and was a peaceful culture. This culture was called the Vedic Culture. Krishna or God was the center point of this culture, and the purpose of the society was to revive their eternal relationship with the Supreme Lord, according to His instructions. That is what the human form of life is meant for, thus there was happiness and prosperity for everyone throughout the world.

The scriptures that we use come from this culture written specifically for us because they knew the symptoms of this Age. The great sages

APRIL, 1971                                15

discussed, after Krishna’s disappearance from this planet, as to what would be most beneficial for mankind in this degraded Age, since not too many people would be truly interested in spiritual affairs.

Veda means knowledge. The Vedas contain all knowable knowledge! All the sciences have already reached perfection but the people today have no knowledge of the Vedas. The highest science is the Science of God and the self. The Vedas contain knowledge of the past, present, and future, and supply the answers to the problems that are plaguing the world civilization today. These solutions are not theoretical but are very practical and applicable.

Recently our Society-The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Inc. was asked by the Canadian Government to help them solve their drug problem in Toronto, Canada.

Krishna Consciousness is a big topic of conversation in India now. Thirty thousand people assembled to hear our spiritual master. His Divine Grace Swami A. C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada speak. We also recently had a talk with Mrs. Ghandi. The mass assembly took place in Bombay, last week, and more people are expected to attend this week and next.

Our spiritual master is translating these ancient Vedic scriptures from the original Sanskrit as they were, unchanged 5000 years ago. Our spiritual master is in a 5000 year old disciplic line of succession-where this dim knowledge has been handed down from one fully self-realized soul to another. There have been commentaries on some of this literature but the interpretations are like poison because the knowledge is not realized, just speculated!

Ty Hadman

And So Was Galilee

(An Understanding Member sent us this verse which was received from a prison inmate with the following prelude: “Just returned from worship. It’s a beautiful day. God is manifest everywhere. I spoke this poem at service.”)

“Father, where shall I work today”?

And my love flowed warm and free.

“Tend that for me.”

I answered quickly, “Oh, no, not there;

Why no one would ever see

No matter how well my work was done,

Not that little place for me.”

He answered me tenderly.

“Nazareth was a little place, and so was Galilee.”

Paul Ready

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

The Understanding Texts

(Understanding Texts, Arthur J. Burks, $2.50. See Bulletin Board)

The Understanding Texts was written by Col. Arthur J. Burks, known to many of you as Akashic Record reader and author of many New Age metaphysical books.

The book is small, only 70 pages, and mimeographed, but its contents are significant to all who seek to know Self. It is not something to be read once and put aside. It is a text, to be studied.

The book is a guide for what the author proposes as our goals in life “First, to create; second, to spiritualize body and environment, and third, to spiritualize conscious or mental mind.”

The subject range is wide and includes personal fulfillment, meditation, the chakras, healing, soul and spirit, polarity, death, karma, wars, past lives, etc., etc.

Though briefly presented the subject matter is offered for self-review before acceptance. The book is interspersed with questions to be answered by the reader, and one is constantly reminded to Think! Think! And only as you Think will the text have real value for you.

Here is offered a springboard for your own spiritual growth, with the admonition, however, to “Accept nothing, investigate everything-your own taste is the only eventually dependable criterion-even if you listen to the tastes of others.”

Study the Understanding Texts, take the time to ask and answer the questions from your own inner knowing. Your expanded awareness and understanding of what and who you are will be your reward.

MAY, 1971                                   17

Prisoners for a Day

The Cummins Prison Farm, Arkansas, is the scene of a new concept of punishment — prison for a day – for first offenders with suspended sentences.

According to the Arkansas Democrat of March 14, 1971, which relates in detail the day of three young offenders, the new approach is an experiment sponsored by Pros. Atty. Sam Weems of Des Arc.

First offenders in felony convictions, who would ordinarily receive suspended sentences in Weem’s 17th Judicial District, now receive one-day prison terms as a condition of their suspended sentence. Upon completion of the “day” the youngster’s original guilty plea is changed to innocent, thus wiping out his felony record-if he stays out of trouble.

Felony convictions deprive the individual of the right to vote and to serve in the armed forces. He cannot obtain a license to practice medicine, law or barbering. And, employers hesitate to hire a felon. Further, prison sentences can often start a youngster on a never-ending cycle of crime.

The description of the arduous prison day cannot be detailed here, but, interviewed at the end of the day, one of the young men said: “They treated us rough. If we had been prisoners, we would have had an even harder time. I’ll never come back here, not even to visit.”

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New Age Foundation Reports

Wayne Aho of the New Age Foundation reports that the 10th Northwest Space Symposium will be held in the Mt. Rainier area July 17, 18, and 19. Speakers and public invited. $1.50 a day for adults, $1 for students.

The New Age Foundation also will hold its Summer University-June 18 to July 18-which includes wilderness survival. All this on a low cost plan. Teachers and students may write for additional information to P. O. Box 867, Eatonville, Washington 98328.

The Foundation hopes to purchase property in the vicinity of Mt. Rainier “to search for ancient records from a civilization that lived here 10,000 to 25,000 years ago. Volunteers needed.”

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