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VOLUME XVI                              APRIL, 1971                                               NUMBER 4

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


For the past several years, our Federal Administration has declared that one of its principal objectives is the curbing of the chronic inflationary processes which, during most of this decade, have constantly lowered the purchasing power of our currency. Unfortunately, in its effort to combat inflation, it has examined only one side of the coin, apparently being unaware of the well known law of physics which states that, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. (No one has ever succeeded in lifting himself from the mud by pulling on his own bootstraps!)

The Administration is aware of the equally well known law of supply and demand, and in its `Game Plan’ it apparently reasons thus:-1. Inflation results when demand exceeds supply. 2. The surest way to halt inflation is therefore, to reduce demand until supply over-take;; it. 3. Since no act of government can reduce either the needs or the desires of the individual, the only way to reduce demand is to prevent him front satisfying them. 4. This can readily be accomplished by drying up the money supply and making credit both costly and difficult to obtain. This `Fool Proof Game Plan’ seemingly ignores the simple fact that the sources of production are even more sensitive and quicker to react to a shortage of money, than is the individual. (There

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

is no law of man or nature that compels the producer to continue his production if the process becomes unrewarding, whereas the individual, if he is to survive at all, must continue to consume on some level. Therefore, the first effect of a money shortage is to reduce production, thereby worsening rather than improving the ratio between supply and demand. The great increase in unemployment which inevitably results, places a constantly increasing tax load upon those who are still producing, squeezing their profit margins and forcing them to raise their prices if they are to continue’ to produce. Such a policy can never reduce the cost of goods or services, but it will eventually result in many of them becoming totally beyond the reach of the average citizen.

One of the best known methods of testing any theory or postulate, is to project it to its ultimate or logical conclusion. If we apply this method to the present `Game Plan’ the find that the only certain method of halting inflation is simply to eliminate all money, all credit, and every medium of exchange, thereby ending all demand. By doing this would, of course, also eliminate all production. Then we could all I’ve to death gracefully, serene in the knowledge that we had, at least, achieved a perfect balance between supply and demand, by the simple expedient of reducing both of them to zero!!

For those who would prefer a less drastic solution, we will have alternate suggestion in our next issue.)

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It makes strong men out of tweak ones, serenity out of strife, beauty out of ugliness, peace out of chaos and it can move mountains.

To those people who do not truly know this word and live immersed in it, they have missed life’s greatest happiness. To those who have experienced it and live to perpetuate it, they know it as Love, with a capital L. Not physical Love as between male and female, but something greater, truer and more lasting-a Love that brings quiet satisfying peace of mind and grows into something beautiful.

This is the type of Love you might feel towards your mother, father, sister or brother, or perhaps you experienced it as a child toward a close friend or a pet. It’s the kind of Love you feel when you reach out to brush another’s tear. It’s the warm tender feeling you

APRIL, 1971                                3

get when you lend a hand to someone badly in need of help, or when you pet a dog or feed a hungry kitten. It’s a kind, quiet, helping Love that when practiced over a period of time, returns tenfold. It bathes both heart and soul in self satisfying contentment, and ascends to an apex mere words cannot express.

Love can be achieved by anyone who really desires it, rich or poor, young or old, famous or unknown. Certain people have a natural capacity for understanding, and can capture this Love very quickly. some learn it very slowly, for others it may take a lifetime, but it is worth the effort.

Oh, you have to fight to achieve it, but not against the world. It is a fight of self discipline. One must learn to radiate Love before experiencing its joy.

Many people rose to fame and fortune because they possessed this Love. Some found it so wonderful they tried to teach it to everyone they could reach. Others held it so precious that they gave their lives for it.

Abraham Lincoln possessed this elusive Love and used it trying to achieve freedom and equality for all Americans. He brooded many times over man’s inability to Love his fellowman. His achievement left us a wonderful heritage and inspiration. His example gives us insight to what can be achieved with Love.

Love is a power so great that it made a poor unknown boy into a president, famous and influential, and another unknown country boy into an international lecturer, capable of drawing audiences numbering thousands. (Evangelist Billy Graham).

Doctor Tom Dooley’s Love built a hospital overseas, a benefit to thousands. Dedicated doctors and nurses give of this Love constantly by fighting to sustain human life. Most any occupation seems to thrive on Love.

Monsignor Fulton Sheen and Dr. Vincent Peale taught this sacred Love. Yartin Luther King gave his life for it.

This four letter word has been written on protest signs across our nation, but I wonder how many truly understand what type of Love this sword should convey? Had both protesters and those protested against, fully comprehended this great Love, no violence could have ensued. If we all knew- this Love, protesting would be outmoded.

This Love we instinctively feel for ourselves in many ways. When

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

threatened physically, we seek to protect ourselves. If someone throws a book at my face, I automatically do one of the following: My hands instinctively try to catch it, or shield my face. I step aside or duck to protect myself. Try this experiment if you doubt me. Have some-one throw a book at your face at different speeds and note your own reaction.

if a violent storm hits suddenly, we seek shelter to protect ourselves. We protect ourselves because we care about (Number One). We Love ourselves.

When we are cut badly and blood flows too freely, we try to halt the bleeding or cry out for help. Some of us even faint, we become so afraid for ourselves. We are truly concerned with Us; we Love ourselves.

When we grow hungry or thirsty, we seek food or water, and if either is kept from us long enough, we will light amazingly to acquire it. We Love ourselves so very much; we will fight for our existence.

We make mistakes and forgive ourselves. We look into mirrors for our most admirable traits, and overlook our faults. We worry about our future. We do many things to please ourselves. We give to ourselves freely.

Repetitious? Yes. With all this self Love, it doesn’t leave much room for anything else. How many of us will try to go this far for any fellow human being? How many of us can constantly show this same protective, concerned, forgiving Love to all we meet along life’s pathway? How often do we look deeply into a friend, acquaintance, or stranger of any race, creed, class, (or of any appearance) for their most admirable traits, overlooking their faults and forgiving their mistakes? How sincerely do we feel about others? If a stranger of another race, creed, and class, (dirty and in rags) was hurt or hungry, Would we go to the same lengths to help him as we would for our-selves? Would we fight as hard to protect or please another (known or unknown) as we do for ourselves? Can’t we Love one another as we do ourselves?

Church membership in 1969 was 63.2% of U. S. population, and is increasing. That’s a majority of U. S. citizens who are supposed to believe in brotherly Love toward mankind.

But–have we really tried, or are we hypocrites parading under false labels?

-Yvonne LaLonde Carlson

APRIL, 1971                                5


Effects of our present electronics revolution are many, some less obvious than others. John Spiers, in an article, “World Unity and the Media Revolution” (Religious Digest, Ceylon, # 66-67) has some interesting comments concerning changes in the media of communication. These changes, he states, have created “two sets of differently conditioned people with the outlook and culture that go with them.”

While the printed page may take pages to describe a scene or an event, communicability through electronic devices “gives instant involvement in whatever is happening anywhere in the world.”

We share with you Mr. Spiers’ analysis, in his own words. “In this new age, print-dominated teachers, professors, businessmen and politicians are one and all obsolete. All are academically isolated. On the other hand, the under-twenty -fives  are out of sync with the pandits and the isolationism of the ‘establishments’ — modern mass media, during tile last quarter of a century, has left the world of print for the world of sight and sound. You can read about a clash between Blacks and Whites with, perhaps a twinge that this is horrific reading. The nature of the print removes you from actualization. But on live TV, you are not only confronted with the event, you are made a participant, with movement and all the wild medley of screams and gunfire and the excited comments …

“If you have been print-conditioned you are poles apart from the under twenty-fives (and all the generations to come). They have been conditioned to the sound world, globally, even before they went to school by modern electronic media.” Hence a generation gap.

Generations are living together without understanding because the reader belongs to a different world than the viewer-listener. Where reading is a step by step process, viewing is an “all-at-oneness.”

Mr. Spiers further notes that the modern youngsters can study only against a background of sound; that the print conditioned man dislikes the telephone. “For the elders it is a noisy world. For the young it is just the world which they know, period.”

With telstar facilities on the increase the pattern of electronic instant communication will continue to change men’s attitudes and actions. With reference to “student revolt.” Mr. Spiers says, “Students don’t see the point of sitting in a classroom when there is no need for

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

it. With modern media they can listen-if they want to-anywhere; at home, or by the seaside, or under a tree. The old will just have to take it.” We have need to understand this global change and the implications upon the “collective psyche of mankind, and on the need for new and interesting changes in the transmission of wisdom.”

“Man is united by the character of the instant ness of these world, unifications. The teaching requires no further demonstration. It has reached beyond words as a global happening. Here is everywhere.”

Surprising, therefore, are the results of the electronic revolution. Through a universality of experience can came understanding and unity among men. Perhaps even the present “generation gap” can be erased!

——— ♦ ———


Thinking man has ever pondered the why and wherefore of his existence, and has ever sought to ally himself harmoniously to the Cosmos or God. To only a few has come the answer and experience sought, the experience we term Cosmic Consciousness. Among these fore-runners of the new upward evolution of mankind are such notable personalities as Jesus, Buddha and Dante, to name a few. This faculty of cosmic consciousness has been experienced also by lesser men to a lesser degree.

The study of evolution has pointed out three major advances: the coming of life into matter; the appearance, or self-consciousness. We and the attainment of personal awareness, or self-consciousness. We are now about to approach a fourth advance-the state of cosmic consciousness, which has been described as being “that state of mind into which an individual may enter during which he is conscious of the cosmos. In this state of mind, he becomes intellectually and emotionally aware of the universe as definitely and closely related to himself. He recognizes himself as an integral part of the universe and even in spirit identifies himself with it. He partakes of its creative nature. . .

Although primitive man had a mind, he was not aware of himself as a separate entity, he was conscious but not self-conscious. In the beginning, even the consideration of a single thought was a major effort! But the gradual increase in ideas and concepts led to man’s

APRIL, 1971                                7

awareness of himself, distinct from the rest of the universe, and enabled him to treat mental states as objects of consciousness.

First there was the percept– a sense impression. Primitive man was merely aware of percepts, but with his ability to grow and develop throughout the ages he accumulated these percepts to such an extent that special ganglia developed to handle them, and these in turn permitted further accumulation. Then came the time when man could combine these percepts into recepts, which are like composite photo-graphic images. The accumulation continued until the recepts were combined into concepts — recepts which have been named.

With the substitution of concepts for recepts the need for language, for identification of the concepts is essential. Thus language and self-consciousness are intimately related.

The next step in this development is to be a combination of the concepts into what has been termed intuition. This is the faculty of cosmic consciousness, the fusion of concepts into intuition which can grasp the whole at once.

Richard Bucke explains the nature of this new cosmic consciousness as: a consciousness of the whole cosmos in its purpose and orderliness; an intellectual enlightenment which puts the individual on a new plane of understanding and existence; a moral exultation, with con-sequent joyousness and feeling of elevation, and freedom from sill; and lastly, a sense of immortality, that he already possesses eternal life.

According to C. F. Potter, the cosmically conscious person seems… “more responsive to the vibrations of all things about him. His psychic sensitivity Inns been intensified by his experience. He has been charged with comic electricity. . . and is receptive to waves which duller minds fail to record.”

However, in any attempt to adequately describe the personal experience of those who have been possessed of this new quality, we encounter Ir a language barrier. For every word or group of words there is a concept, and for every concept a word. But, in the case of the cosmic illumination the experience > has not been general enough among mankind to develop the appropriate common vocabulary: there is no basis for common definition. Impressions and emotions are slippery of definition and in the instance of cosmic awareness, more so. Jesus termed the new faculty “The Kingdom of God,” because of

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the peace and happiness which is characteristic of it. Buddha termed it “Nirvana” because it eliminated such things as the sense of sin, fear of death, desire for wealth. Mohammed called it “Gabriel ;” Dante termed it “Beatrice,” and Walt Whitman referred to it as “My Soul.”

It should be noted that entrance into the realm of cosmic consciousness does not presuppose that man will at once know all the presently unknown, any more than the dawn of self-consciousness made knowledge of ourselves immediately available.

In describing the experience: there is first the feeling of what is termed “subjective light,” the feeling of being surrounded by a flame colored cloud, immersed in a rosy light, but it is soon apparent that the light is not external, but within. Next, there is a feeling of moral elevation and the feeling of intellectual illumination. There is also a sense of immortality, described by Bucke as ” … he did not come to believe, he saw and knew that the cosmos is not dead matter but a living presence, that the soul of man is immortal, that the universe is so built and ordered that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all . . . and that happiness for every-one is in the long run absolutely certain.”

As mankind achieves this higher level of consciousness the problems which beset him today will be simplified. His will be the knowledge, intuitively gained, of the nature and significance of the universe for which he has so long searched. Gone will be his doubts as to the basis and validity of the moral sense, for this new advance is predicated on morality. Forgotten will be his animal instincts which now beset his life and conflict with his higher aspirations. Eliminated also will be the personal factors of greed, jealousy and the desire for private possessions, etc. Religious differences will be merged, and “each soul will feel and know itself to be immortal.”

Thus, the future for mankind is bright with hope, and for you, personally as well, as you seek to expand your conscious awareness through spiritual studies and meditation.

(For further study we suggest, Richard Bucke’s Cosmic Consciousness.)

——— ♦ ———


From the Brazilian Bulletin, December, 1970.

I climbed the high mountain before dawn, and stood there to watch

APRIL, 1971                                9

the sun rise. As the lovely, smooth glow crept over the horizon, I stood in awesome wonder. God is great-so great, I thought.

I looked down over my world and there I saw my brothers, millions, billions of them.

As the sun became brighter, I watched as the soldiers all stacked their guns, their bayonets, and all their lethal weapons into a pile and then these soldiers sat around the pile, unarmed, at peace.

As my gaze spread out over the rest of the world, I saw all men of war doing the same thing. Peace had arrived on this my land, and on all the lands of all my brothers.

Then I gazed out over the oceans and behold all the submarines were filled with students of the undersea life. These vessels of war had been redesigned, so they could be used as schools for study. I saw the ships of war converted into pleasure ships. I saw planes flying overhead, dropping notes of hope and cheer to the population below.

And I let my gaze spread out over land and sea, all over the world. The farmers were tilling their soil. The venders were vending their wares. The children were going to school, being taught love along with the wisdom of the ages.

I saw lovers loving. I saw mourners consoled. I saw my brothers becoming strong and brave. I saw illness disappearing. I saw smiling faces, outstretched arms, happy, cheerful expressions of all of God’s children.

Everywhere I looked I saw the still waters and the green pastures where all those dwelling in the busy cities could go to rest.

I saw cups overflowing. I saw tables spread with banquets, but there were no enemies before whom these were set, for the world was at peace. The world was loving. The world had come through all its perils triumphantly.

And I looked up and I said, “Thank You, Father.” And I looked within, and I said “Thank You, Father.” And I looked around, all about me, and I said, “Thank You, Father.” For knew it was God-the God dwelling within each of us-Who had given us the freedom of choice between war and peace; between love and hate; between life and death. And we, each and every one of us, had chosen peace; had chosen love; had chosen life.

So be it.

Margaret Stephens

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

Flying Objects Sighted

(The Register, Sandusky, Ohio, January 23, 1971)

NORWALK (Ohio) -Flying saucer reports came in numbers today, following several incidents in the Huron County area last night.

Individuals driving in the Willard area thought at first they were witnessing the forced landing of a large jet airliner-but they proved to be wrong.

One woman, undergoing treatment at an area hospital for injuries suffered in an unrelated auto accident, reported to law officers she had seen “a flying school bus.”

A man, driving on Niver Road, near Willard, with his wife and child, thought a large plane was going to crash into his car, so he flashed his bright lights at it.

One Huron county lawman driving near Greenwich saw the huge object, and another lawman in the Willard area reported seeing it moments later.

Nobody knew for sure what the large, flying object was, but it reportedly flew around the southern Huron County area around 9 p.m. Friday. One thing is certain-they all saw the same object and despite the fact the sightings ranged as far south as Tiro, in Crawford County, and north of Willard, the sightings were reported within minutes of each other.

Capt. John Warner, Sheriff, said that none of the witnesses had spoken to each other prior to the sightings, yet all described the object identically.

It was diamond-shaped, with a glass globe on the front.

It had red and white lights at either point of the diamond and two red exhausts in the middle of the underside, reports state.

Warner said there was no estimate of speed since the object, which ranged in width from 25 feet to 50 feet, was travelling at a rather slow rate when it was sighted.

The object, whatever it was, was there, reports state. Too many people saw it and overcame their hesitancies to report it. Warner

APRIL, 1971                                11

said he felt the number of reported sightings and the close descriptions increased the credibility of the sightings.

Object Lights Sky

Columbus (Ohio) Despatch, Jan. 27, 1971

JACKSON, Ohio-Reports of distant strange lights in the sky were received by police agencies throughout southern Ohio Tuesday night. A young couple here reported a close-up encounter with a brightly lighted moving object at the southwestern edge of the city around 7 p.m. Jay Chase, 19, and Ruth Spry, 17, both of Jackson were driving on a county road near the old Jackson Iron and Steel plant when they saw what looked like the moon rising ahead of them.

The couple said the light came quickly up in front of their car hovering above the ground until they backed up their car.

They said it changed color from orange to purple and followed them. They stopped at a house to get residents to look at it but got no answer. While they were at the house, the object hovered just beyond the garage less than 100 feet away. The couple returned to the car and, while driving back to town, saw the object rising in the sky.

“It got bigger and bigger,” they said, before it faded into the distance. The object changed from orange to blue and purple and back to orange, they said.

The couple immediately reported the sighting to Jackson police. Other police agencies in the area received reports of distant lights.

Ocean Pollution

(Science Digest, March 1971)

And, if man wonders whether he can really pollute such a vast expanse as the sea, here are some objects that came from five miles down (the Puerto Rico Trench) : empty paint cans, fruit juice cans, flip-top lids of beer cans, clinkers from steamship fire rooms, pieces of old aluminum, empty beer bottles and flashlight batteries.

——— ♦ ———


`Saucers’ Startle Mineiros

Brazil’s very scientific Center for Investigation of UFOs released a report earlier this month that said pointblank the “flying saucers,” seen over Belo Horizonte and much of the state of Minas Gerais on

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

November 24-27 and 29, were not hallucinations, planets, the moon. or anything else that could be readily explained.

The report went on to assert that the evidence of “hundreds of observers”-many of whom it quoted-pointed toward “a mother ship” and many “scout ships” which skimmed over the area and even, at one point, emitted “light rays” which kept observers from approaching too closely.

The report of the Minas Gerais “saucers” came a few days before the New York report (sent out by United Press International but not published in the press) of flying saucers seen over Central Park in New York City by a sports figure and a UPI reporter.

The two reports coincided in their description of the objects as “round, somewhat foreshortened, with a dark silhouette surrounded by a thin glow, emitting luminous jet trails, with sadden starts and accelerations, of a size more or less that of the moon as seen from earth.”

The prestigious head of the Brazilian Center, Hulvio Brandt Alexio, declared  that “the consistency of the information, coming from many responsible people, the clear perception of strange characteristics, the duration of the phenomenon over a wide area—these are factors which exclude the hypothesis of illusion or self-deception.”

Brazil has reported several thousand sightings of flying saucers in the past 15 or so years. As a general rule, its newspapers, unlike those in the United States, have continued to report the observations.

UFO Near Oulu, Finland

Mr. Pentti Nissila, investigator for the Finnish UFO organization VIMANA, on October 1, 1970, interviewed Mrs. N. N. who saw an UFO in the vicinity of Oulu in 1967. His description of the case follows:

On October 10, 1967, Mrs. N. N. was walking home from the district of Tuira. She had just passed below a minor power line, when she felt atmospheric pressure and noted a bright light above the electric lines, which seemed to be moving from the nearby plant at Typpi Oy. At the same time she heard peeping which ended when an object came to a stop near the electric wires. From the black under part of the UFO thin shank came out, touching for a while the outermost electric wire, and produced a sound like electric crackling. After the shank appeared into the object, irregular peeping was heard again. The object made a tour over the electric wires and stopped, then started

APRIL, 1971                                13

moving again and swished swiftly, following the direction of the wires. At that moment the dog of the house. who happened to be in almost the same direction, began to howl.

Thereafter, the object changed direction, shooting more obliquely upward. It quickly became smaller and disappeared from sight. Mrs. N. N. told that when she saw the object, she tried to run, but had no control over her limbs.

Watches Men At Work

(The Otago Daily Times, Dunedin. N. Z.. Dec. 9, 1970.)

Perth. -Mine workers at the desert town of Meekatharra, in the heart of Australia’s boom prospecting areas, reported yesterday that flying saucers had been watching them at work.

An orange-and-white “thing” hovered and hissed for two hours in the sky over an open-cut copper mine to the east of the town, 500 miles north-east of Perth.

Mining camp supervisor Mr. Tom Murphy said: “It was first sighted by night-shift workers … they woke their work mates and we all watched it up there in the sky.”

Several sightings of similar unidentified flying objects have been reported in the area in past weeks, according to Department of Civil Aviation officials.

Credit: Apollo Verein. Otahuhu. N. Z.

——— ♦ ———


We have promised our readers that we will do a series of articles dealing with our recent European lecture and personal interview tour. The journey, however, proved to have so many facets of interest and importance that it is somewhat difficult to determine just where or how to begin.

(Your editor has always had a certain reluctance toward the use of the ‘first person  singular,’ and so habitually claims the privilege of the ‘Editorial We.’)

For some years past, your editor has received occasional invitations, and in several cases, urgent requests to visit Europe, and has always felt that, in the interest of basic understanding, as well as for the purpose of closer personal contact, the visit should be made. Un-fortunately, it is not very practical to go to Europe in a rowboat, and

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

all other means of transportation would have required more funds. than we were able to amass. Consequently, when our good friends and benefactors, the Keillers of Sweden, not only tendered us an invitation. but accompanied it with a plane ticket, we prepared, at once, to depart.

We have been unable to find words to express adequately, our deep appreciation for the kind and generous assistance of the many persona who made the subsequent lecture and personal interview tour both possible and successful. There were so many who gave us a helping hand that even to list their names in this first article, would require more space than we have available, but we shall attempt to mention and to thank them as we go :.long. In any event, they may be assured that they are all listed in the Honor Roll of humanity, brotherhood and understanding, and none of them shall ever be forgotten. Our flight to Goteborg in Sweden, was beset by a number of Gremlins, (small untoward events,) which kept us on our toes, and made the trip anything but monotonous. In the first place, when we reached the Medford airport, where our flight was to begin, we were casually informed by the gentleman at the departure desk that our flight 812 from Medford to Portland, was one hour late, and consequently we could not hope to make connections with our scheduled flight 610 to Seattle, or our S.A.S transpolar flight from Seattle to Goteborg. Thus our entire flight program was threatened with disaster at its very beginning!

Three factors enabled us to overcome this first formidable obstacle. These were (in the inverse order of their importance.) 1. Our resolute determination to make the flight on time in spite of the perversity of aircraft or their schedules. 2. An unusual and very strong ‘tail wind’ which got us into Portland in about half of the usual time. (The fact that the tardy pilot was ‘pouring on the coal’ may also have helped some!) 3. The fact that flight 640 from Portland to Seattle was also late! And so, at this point all was well, and we were still on schedule-(The further adventures and misadventures of this European Pilgrim-age will be chronicled in coming issues of this magazine, but because they seem to be narrative rather than editorial, we will not usurp the editorial page for their presentation.)

Dr. Daniel W. Fry

APRIL, 1971                                15



Clara Mills Ward in Fall, 1967 CSA Newsletter

So strong are some of today’s steel alloys that four one-inch square bars will easily support the weight of a 125-ton jet airliner.

The new alloy is called TRIP for “transformation induced plasticity” steel. In fact, it can be stretched like “silly putty,” without fracturing its molecular structure. More important, when TRIP steel reaches the point of crack-inducing stress, a solid state chemical reaction is triggered, that blunts all cracks just as they begin, then fills them in to prevent major wounds. The chemical change precipitating this self-healing process takes places on a mere atomic scale and can be observed only with an electron microscope.

It is a new combination of alloys, normally used in various kinds of stainless steel. The only variation from the production of ordinary stainless, was the deformation of the steel at temperatures from 500 degrees to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit.

It occurs to me that an analogy may be drawn here with healing. What mental or spiritual process will produce the change in a human physical body to precipitate self-healing?

Cut of past emergencies we have drawn strength and progressed. Trouble (apparently) stokes the fires of purification. The scientific fact that they have invented TRIP by extremely high temperatures may be inferred (by educated intuition) to mean the fires of purification through which a soul must endure to transmute or transform the dross.

This TRIP process may well have wide application in other areas of metallurgy or of soul progress, as may be shown in further comparisons: Present human behavior is the foam of misrule. The ‘nature’ of one’s mental states select our conditions, and routes us over the roads of our choice.

We “live, move and have our being in God,” and in the feeling, thinking, measuring, purposing and desiring are our godlike qualities of soul expressed. When we fail in this in any compartment of life, then, in that degree disharmony, and disease prevail. It is not that He is not present but that we are separated from Him and wherein that failure has been a prolonged ore, then disorder is suffered.

In the measure in which we seek to return; in that measure will

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

He again be present to us. Not merely a return in belief, (for that will not bring Him back), but a return to that quality of life which is termed godlike. In the quality of being loving, humble, gentle, pure, upright and balanced in all our ways.

Thus, we should pray that we be willing to return in the quality of our life: our living, feeling, thinking, seeing, doing; this will entail recognizing wherein we have failed and its acknowledgment. If this be our constant prayer and we seek to transform ourselves; especially wherein  we have failed to be in balance; then; because in so doing we are obeying the laws; He will so touch us that there will take place these processes which (if we can endure them) will heal us. But it is only as we are willing for this to happen, in His way, ac-cording to His love, if the attitude is reverent and the motive pure, then the way is open. We can be transformed.

——— ♦ ———

America II

(AN ALTERNATIVE FUTURE FOR AMERICA II, Robert Theo-bald, Swallow Press, Chicago, 111. $2.00. Softbound)

If you are interested in the under currents of social change which are causing present day problems inasmuch as treatment is fragmentary rather than basic, you will find Robert Theobold’s America If fascinating reading.

The text is not a book per se. but rather a series of essays and speeches by Robert Theohald during the past six years. The selection of the material was based upon three questions: What are the present cities, and what type of future do they imply? What would an alternative,  humanized future look like? and, How do we begin to invent this alternative future?

APRIL, 1971                                17

The chapters contain some repetition of concepts but this merely serves to emphasize the new perspectives offered. The chapters are subdivided into well captioned sub-sections, for emphasis and easy reference. The format, thus, is appealing and convenient.

Since the values and attitudes of the industrial era are no longer applicable to our socio-economic climate, the time has come with “our abundance of material goods and our growing capacity to produce without human toil” to consider changed views as to the nature and purpose of man, himself.

One of the most interesting views offered is a change in the psycho-logical thesis that it is only by “the carrot and the whip” that man is motivated. According to Abraham Maslow, the new postulate holds “that man will strive for self-realization, self-actualization if he is provided with the means to satisfy his more basic needs.” This attitude then leads to the proposal of “a guarantied income for all men” with projections of the effect of such an economic policy.

Also considered are the present power structure; minority group revolts leading to fascist suppression; family and community patterns and life styles; education; work and leisure; as well as other aspects of man’s relationship to himself and others.

You may not agree with the alternatives offered in all instances, but you will concur that change should be directed and evolutionary rather than haphazard or revolutionary.

Do read this fascinating book with its many new and thought stimulating alternatives for our future. Then join what Robert Theobald claims are needed: the World Problem Solvers. The volume contains a “Working Appendix” with brief descriptions of a great many organizations dedicated to various means for creating a future in which the dignity and spirituality of man himself will replace our present object-oriented goals. Contact these groups to learn of their work and/or to present your personal suggestions.

——— ♦ ———


We continue to find many who are interested in the spiritual quest, in the search for meaning. The number seems to be increasing. for there is a growing realization that “things” do not bring happiness as our advertisers would have us believe. Even putting a man, or many men, into space, or on the moon, will not bring more happiness

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

or more peace. For even if we go to the moon, we take ourselves by going farther and faster, on wheels, on wings, in space vehicles; but whenever we pause in our feverish activity we find that we, the problem, are still there. Like a dog with a tin can tied to his tail, the faster we go the faster our problem goes with us!           –John Aiken

——— ♦ ———

poet’s corner

The Right Kind of People

Once where a prophet in the palm shade basked

A traveler chanced at noon to rest his miles.

“What sort of people may they be,” he asked,

“In this proud city on the plains o’erspread?”

“Well, friend, what sort of people whence you came?”

“What sort?” the pack-man scowled; “why. knaves, fools.”

“You’ll find the people here the same,” the wise man said.

Another stranger in the dusk drew- near.

And pausing, cried, “What sort of people here

In your bright city where yon towers arise?”

“Well, friend, what sort of people whence you came?”

“What sort?” the pilgrim smiled,

“Good, true and wise.”

“You’ll find the people here the same,”

The wise man said.

Edwin Markham


APRIL, 1971                                19

Bulletin board

Speakers Confirmed

Program planning for the Second Understanding Convention, June 18, 19 and 20, at the International Cultural Center of Understanding at Merlin, continues.

Two more speakers have been confirmed: Rev. Willard Fuller (Can God Fill Teeth) and Dr. Gilbert Holloway (You and Your Super-Conscious).

Make plans to attend the Understanding Convention, tour beautiful Oregon during the week, and then attend the Alethia Convention on June 27, 28 and 29. You will have a vacation long remembered!

Passing of a Friend

Word has just been received of the transition of John Wesley Root, October 12, 1970, in Inglewood California.

John Root, teacher, philosopher and author of A Trip In the Night, was a long time member and server of Understanding, Inc. He was one of the original members of the Inglewood Unit 15, served for years as the Understanding Coordinator of our California Units, and for a time was Circulation Manager for the Understanding Magazine.

He will be missed by many as a friend and fellow worker.

Understandorama In May

Mrs. Esther Ellsworth of San Bernadino Unit 71 announces the presentation of another Understandorama in Apple Valley, California, On Sunday, May 16th.

24                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Details were not available at press time. However, previous Understandoramas have offered excellent panels of speakers and have been enthusiastically received. For information, write: Mrs. Esther Ells-worth, P. 0. Box 626, Morongo Valley, Calif., 92256. A stamped self-addressed envelope would be helpful to a busy person.

Recognition Plaque Awarded

From Mrs. A. Hale, President of the Buffalo Unit 37, comes word that one of their members, Norman A. Weiss, was awarded a plaque of Recognition at a recent meeting.

The honor and plaque were bestowed upon our Buffalo Unit Member, Mr. Weiss, by the Allied Saucer Association, and presented to him by Director Doris R. Fickelsher. It was given in recognition of Mr. Weiss’s efforts and researches for truth.

Congratulations, Norman, from the Understanding Family’. It is still true “that a prophet is not recognized in his own country.”

More Books Received

We acknowledge with thanks and appreciation books received by Understanding Inc., which include:

The Single Reality (Trilogy) and The Palestinian Mystery Play by Preston Harold and Winifred Babcock, from the Harold Institute, P. 0. Box 11024, Winson-Salem, N. C. 27106.

Survival in this Nuclear Age by Lisa Warm, from Marianne Francis of the Solar Light Center, Central Point, Ore. 97501.

Witches, Spacemen or What? by Harry F. May (P. 0. Box 2157. Canoga Park, Calif. 91306)

We regret we cannot review all the texts received – the books are too many, the reviewers too few! But we are happy to place the books in our libraries for the use of our Membership.


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by Helena E. Ruhnau

Relates many experiences on the Higher Dimensions and Planes of living. Also, information not before given. There are several illustrations. Send for your personally auto-graphed copy.


By the same author, LIGHT ON A MOUNTAIN. First edition copies still available.                       $6.00

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