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VOLUME XVI                              MARCH, 1971                                            NUMBER 3

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Until relatively recent times, most anthropologists and many archaeologists considered all legends of prehistoric continents and advanced races of man, now sunken beneath the sea, to be nothing more than fanciful creations of imaginative minds. It was simply unbelievable that any highly developed state of civilization or technology could have existed before the present one. To those who considered seriously, the legends of long gone civilizations and technologies, the principal objection was always the same. Where are the cities, the artifacts and the bones of such races? Why have more of them not been found?

There are, of course, several logical answers to this question. The first is-If the previous races inhabited land areas which are now beneath the surface of the ocean, only extensive deep diving operations could uncover the evidence, and even then most of it would be buried too deep for recovery. The second is simply that most of the more complex artifacts created by man have a shorter life expectancy than his bones. After a few thousands of years, most metals will have dissolved, oxidized or returned to their natural compounds, while the calcium of their bones may remain relatively intact. Also, it must be realized that the abrupt termination of any advanced technology would

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

be likely to result only from a cataclysm of such magnitude that the artifacts as well as the race would be destroyed or deeply buried.

During the past few decades, the date of man’s advent upon this planet have been pushed back through time by a continuing series of new discoveries until the original estimate of a few thousand years has become at least several millions.

From the primitive matrix of the genus Homo, (which still exists in several parts of the earth, relatively unchanged through the centuries) an advanced technology can develop within a period of four or five thousand years. Having reached its peak in local areas, it may be destroyed by natural or self generated cataclysm, and return to the animal level of the original matrix, all within a period of twenty to thirty thousand years.

Since there is now convincing evidence that man, in some level of development, has inhabited this planet for several millions of years, (some estimates put it closer to 20 million) it is obvious that he has been around long enough for dozens of complete cycles of civilization to have come and gone, leaving little if any trace. There is no reason to doubt that some of the technologies may have reached higher levels than any which now exist, and that some of the races may not have been destroyed, but may simply have abandoned the plant, even as we may be forced to do within the next century!

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When Solomon, reputed to be the wisest of men, was told by his Lord that he could have anything he wanted, he only asked for “an understanding heart.” The heart which understands through feeling, rather than mental analysis, is able to accomplish more in the long run than can cold analysis alone. It is only when people feel a need that something is done to reach that need.

Science has made recently, the greatest advances in recorded history. It has put men on the Moon and made astounding possibilities in medicine-exchanging organs, etc., but all this is excellence of the mind only. No equal efforts have been made to feel compassion deeply, making it the real motive of the brotherhood of which we speak so much. Little effort has been made to understand the causes of war, air and soil pollution, the starvation of many and affluence among

MARCH, 1971                             3

others. Endless committees are created for the study of the elimination of poverty, the woes of underprivileged nations, and such, but little is done because the real interest of the committee is on the dollar rather than the people to be benefited.

The “understanding Heart” is not the physical pump that keeps the body going, but is that inner soul center which has always been associated with the heart. We say a cruel person is “heartless,” or of a poor worker that “he hasn’t his heart in it,” or we speak of a “heartfelt joy” or goodness.

This spiritual faculty is inherent in most people if they would but give it a chance to function, and would not override it with too much attention to physical gain, to practicality. It is only when we feel the seriousness of a situation that we get busy and do something about it.

Fear has its uses in the evolution of humanity. We seem to learn much only under the lash. Fear and fury at injustice are emotions of the heart, evil things in themselves, but as Cardinal Woolsey said in Becket, “Actions reprehensible in themselves, but necessary at the moment.” Rage at the tremendous injustice in the treatment of the masses brought about the revolutions which have distinguished (or stained, according to one’s point of view) the last and present centuries. Yet, by their very horror, they have brought about a balance and greatly benefited the masses of the people.

Solomon, in the incident of the two women who both claimed the same child, used the wisdom of his heart, his understanding of mother love, and used the tool of fear to save the child’s life.

The word compassion means to suffer with. And, compassion, or feeling with, as Algeron Blackwood has so ably put it, makes us understand both our neighbor and ourselves. The understanding heart judges our fellow men justly.

Science, however reluctantly, is admitting the existence of other dimensions than the physical in which we live. The life of the mind and the life of the heart in balance make for true civilization.

A perception of the Divine and Natural laws which make for true civilization, when followed, will bring about the peace and happiness about which we talk so much but do so little. Awareness of what we truly are, all of us, some advanced, some just beginning, the long evolutionary climb, is a quality of the heart, the beginning of understanding and achievement.

Racquel de S. Marshall

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING


Last night, yes it is getting clearer now, I can remember. . .. There was a party. And people, Oh God, the people! … and then, the sugar … in the refrigerator . . . I took two of them and —

The lights were dimming. I was very cold at first, Oh, I thought I would freeze to death and suddenly, as if by magic, horrible voodoo magic. … The temperature in the room was well over a thousand degrees. I have never been so terrified!

An hour passed, I remember crying out in agony. I was standing on fire, not fire, but red hot coals glowing, burning my feet. . . the skin, the bone, until my feet were only red coals and ash themselves. And I saw snakes and lizards, not ordinary snakes and lizards, but horrible grotesque, gigantic lizards. I stood no taller than midway of their fat and slimy legs, and snakes a good quarter-mile long and Oh God in Heaven, can it be? I’m not at the party, I’m in Hell! Hell! I’m no longer human and not on earth but burning in Hell, and I’m going to die the most horrible death.

The most unbearable agonies and-but God is this a way to die? In Hell? But I’m not yet dead nor am I alive. I’m in a state of transient being, of limbo, neither here nor there, Heaven help me, can it be? Yes, it is. It’s Psycho-Assility! Oh God please help me out. Help me! Help me-and then from nowhere at all he came.

The most terrifying, weird and sickening disfiguration advanced upon me. I could not move, I could not scream, I knew the temperature was now a million degrees. And this thing, with each nearing step he took it got hotter and hotter. Could it be? Yes, I thought, I’m sure it is. It’s him, oh God, it’s really him. Satan!

“I am the supreme ruler of Hell, and you are an intruder. You shall be punished.” Try to picture the state of shock and terror that my mind was in … and the pain! I cannot tell in words the pain experienced as my body was being burned and melted into a hideous black char. Then, suddenly, without warring, He seized me by the arm and I was dragged into a large hall, studded with diamonds, white hot steel, the walls of gold and the floor of burning coals. At the end were two very large, very hideous iron doors, burning at temperatures impossible to measure.

The doors swung open and there was exposed to my sight such an

MARCH, 1971                             5

incredible horror that I collapsed from sheer panic. Bodies! Thousands of terribly misshapen, detestably grotesque bodies-but not bodies really. They were souls! The souls of thousands of sacrilegious idiots like me!

When I had been revived by Satan’s reminding me of my own hideous crime, I asked if I, too, was to be added to this odious collection of Hell! “no, you shall pay for your crime in a different manner. You will live again, to teach others of the consequences.” “Oh, Lucifer, might I possibly have the pain removed from my soul?” “But, wicked man, that which you experience is net yet pain. The pain is yet to come !” One cannot imagine my alarm at such a cruel statement.

He then clamped chains of melting iron around my legs, and a strange and agonizing collar about my neck. Upon completion of this crucifixion he called in an attendant. I cannot sufficiently describe this creature! He was somewhat of human shape and yet he was compiled of burning ash, with singeing coals for eyes. He was surrounded by orange and yellow flame, with the disgusting odor of burning sulfur reeking from within his body. Imagine, if you can, calling this figure a body.

The attendant was told to lead me into section 70, and this he did. Although the attendant was, unfortunately, Russian and could not speak a word of English, he did somehow manage to get across to me that I should consider myself extremely fortunate, that few people. ever left Hell.

Section 70 was a small cubicle, about the same size as an average kitchen with walls of liquid silver and sparse furnishing of burned cinder-wood. From a leak in the roof came the purest gold that any human ever has or ever will set eyes upon.

Here in a far corner of the room he chained me down tightly to a bed of burning lignite. The sick odor of charring skin and human fat had begun to fill the room as I lost consciousness. No sooner had the attendant chained me down than a second attendant, a creature of vague similarity, entered and the first left. The second was a harsh, cruel beast weighing between one and three thousand pounds, I’d say. He had with him a long tri-prong fork.

He laughed out loud in a cold, cruel cutting voice, and then, without any hesitation and obviously with great pleasure, began penetrating my inner soul with it. Again and again, he pierced me harder

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and harder, deeper and deeper into my soul until I finally, with a last dying effort, screamed out in agony-God in Heaven Save me . . . Save Me … Save Me. . . .

I awoke drenched in a cold sweat. I sprang up-and like a wounded dog I fell to the floor. I lay there for sometime before I once again attempted to rise. This time, though my weak legs shook and trembled, like those of a new born colt, I made it up, and was able to hobble into the bathroom. I washed my face in ice cold water, and quietly, privately, I said to God and myself, “Thank you God, for one more chance.”

Kenneth Dunlap

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(This article is based upon a speech given by Dr. C. H. Yeang, of Penang, Malaya, printed in a Penang newspaper. Dr. Yeang is the sponsor of the well known Pink Sheet, entitled: World-Wide Divine Love Radiation Service, of which almost 400,000 copies have been distributed throughout the years.)

The source of Yoga resides in the ancient scriptures of India – the Vedas, Gitas, Upanishads, etc-but it is meant for the whole of mankind. For centuries countless millions throughout the world have used ,the systems and disciplines of Yoga to attain physical and mental youthfulness, and peace of mind.

Yoga has no theories, no hypothesis and no speculations. It is an exact science and its postulations regarding the body, mind and soul have never been disproved by scientific investigations. The ancient seers of India seemed to display such a thorough knowledge of the human body, its nervous system, the mind and consciousness, that medical science will continue to be puzzled and humiliated in its probings into the fantastic claims of Yoga.

Let us approach the subject without superstition, religious prejudice, mysticism or occultism. Once you are free of these mental blocks, you will be encouraged by tangible results, from the very beginning of your exercises.

The simple elementary exercises are suitable for women and children and the old, but the advanced exercises can be very exacting and time consuming for the serious students whose aims are high and

MARCH, 1971                             7

ambitious. In the modern world perhaps 15 to 30 minutes a day is all that can be spared.

The simple exercises are easy to master. They are postures which somehow conserve nervous energy, whereas kinetic exercises of sports result in the accumulation of toxic products in the muscles which require removal, hence increased breathing and panting.

In Yoga a balanced mode of living is necessary; it is not for him who eats too much or too little; nor for him. who sleeps too much, or too little. You are the scientist, the instrument, the laboratory and the material at one and the same time. Yoga says you do this and you do that and these are the results. Go ahead, experiment for yourself, in yourself, by yourself and through yourself the rest is up to you.

Your self-being will then be in the process of becoming and there will be no limit to your expansion of consciousness. Indeed, Yoga is an expansion of your body, your mind, and your consciousness. Yoga affirms that you are master of your fate and captain of your soul, whereas the vast majority of people are slaves of their body, their intellect and their emotions.

Through Yoga the individual masters his total being. He is then free from the control of his thought-desires and his selfish feelings, which lie at the root of all disharmony and unhappiness in the world.

The first step consists of a moral and ethical life, one of coming to terms with our environment and avoiding conflict in our associations with our fellow creatures.

The second step consists of simple as well as complicated postures, involving the stretching of nerves, ligaments, joints and muscles, bringing about massaging actions affecting the internal organs and endocrine glands, with increased blood flow to the head.

As you progress with your daily exercises, something happens to your body, your mind and your emotions. You will be aware of psychic transformation, you will feel joyous and peaceful, you will find your body is lightened, you can work with greater clarity of thought and calmness of mind. You will then desire to proceed to the practice of concentration and meditation, which is the third step.

The third step consists of three phases. The first is a withdrawal of the senses, a concentration of the mind that will endeavor to cut out your reactions to eternal stimuli. This is followed by a deeper concentration on an object, mental image, or any important part of

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the body. The final stage of deep concentration-Samadhi-is meditation that culminates in oneness with the Universal Consciousness, a union with the Divine.

This is the most blissful state one can imagine, the “peace that passeth understanding.” The nearest I can tell you is that there is an ocean of Light, seen and yet not seen, because the eyes are closed, and the consciousness is absorbed in this light. There is no sound and no body awareness. It is Silence and Peace.

Know Yoga only through Yoga. Yoga becomes manifest through Yoga. It is a personal revelation and there is no vicarious attainment. One must go it alone.

The eternal message is: “If you people of the world want peace and happiness, then you must meditate, meditate, meditate.” This sums up the Wisdom of the Ages.

——— ♦ ———


Understanding is being promoted in many ways, by many groups. One of these is the National Foreign Language Weeh, sponsored by Alpha Mu Gamma, the National Collegiato Foreign Language Honor Society.

The objectives of Alpha Mu Gamma, in promoting the National Foreign Language Week (March 23 to April 3) are stated as: enlightenment, friendship and sympathetic understanding of other peoples and their cultures.

Specifically the N. F. L. W. stresses the importance, need, and rewards of language study. It shows that direct communication is more accurate and contributes to a speedier understanding. It fosters a vigorous language program and makes both the student body and the community language conscious.

The N. F. L. W. shows how the study and appreciation of other cultures are important in promoting better relationship between peoples and arouses an interest in peoples and ways which are different from ours. It promotes further study of foreign cultures by both children and adults.

True education concerns itself with the student’s character development, including the building of proper attitudes toward others. N. F. L. W. stresses proper attitudes toward other people and their cultures

MARCH, 1971                             9

by students in all subject fields and at all levels, with the hope that these will lead to lasting practices throughout their lives.

This program is endorsed by many. John F. Dulles, former Secretary of State, has said: “Interpreters are no substitute. It is not possible to understand what is in the minds of other people without understanding their languages, and without understanding their languages it is impossible to be sure that they understand what is in our minds.”

Clifford R. Randall, President of Rotary International 1959, holds that “Understanding is the need of our times: Understanding of the new world which science has created and understanding between peoples of different countries who must learn to live together if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels.”

Further information on the programs of this group may be had by writing to: Alpha Mu Gamma National Office, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, Calif. 90029.

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world report

Global Problems Put to Computer

(New York Times, Oct. 4, 1970 by Walter Sullivan)

ROME, Oct. 4-An extraordinary organization, known as the Club of Rome but with worldwide connections, is operating on the premise that the world’s problems have become too complex and interrelated for resolution by the human mind.

It has therefore commissioned a group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, headed by a leading authority on systems analysis, to seek to program the world’s problems and their interactions into a computer.

The members of the club-about 50 scientists, economists, management and systems – analysis specialists educators and business leaders do not expect this experiment known as “World 2,” to solve those problems. But they feel that only through the development of such techniques can the world ultimately be saved from the growing menaces of technology.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

According to Aurelio Peccei, the Italian business leader and management specialist who is the central figure of the group, the goal of the computer experiments is not to predict the future but to identify what factors in the world situation are critical in determining the long-term evolution of civilization.

As described by Mr. Peccei World 2 represents the state of the planet in terms of primary variables and 30 or more subsidiary variables.

The five prime variables are world population, capital investment in industry, capital investment in food production, the world inventory of natural resources and the level of man’s interference with nature, notably by pollution.

The interactions and feedback influences of these variables on one another are described in some 40 equations.

“The human mind,” said Mr. Peccei, “can comprehend only two or three variables.”

Another Home for Man

(Dayton Daily News, Friday, October 30, 1970)

SANTA MARIA, Calif.-(AP)-The planet Venus, now a boiling, lifeless cauldron, could be turned into a lush, green tropical world and give man another home in the universe, a college professor said Thursday.

Dr. Matthew F. Norton, a professor at American university in Washington, D. C., said the introduction of plants into the atmosphere of Venus by man could start a process that eventually would cool off that torrid planet-second closest to the sun-and make it habitable for man.

Venus, smaller than earth, is shrouded by an atmosphere of carbon dioxide gas which keeps heat trapped on the planet, said Norton, who presented a paper on Venus Thursday at the Western Space congress.

The surface temperature of Venus is about that of boiling water and not now suitable for life as we know it, he said.

By introducing an algae-like plant into the cooler layers of the Venusian atmosphere, said Norton, man could begin a process of breaking down carbon dioxide into its basic elements: carbon, which would collect on the planet’s surface, and oxygen, which would replace the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

MARCH, 1971                             11

Through the process called photosynthesis, plants use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into growth-producing carbohydrates, while oxygen, un-needed by the plants, is released.

Turning On With Alpha Waves

There is, as we all know, a trend among the young to reject the technological, hurry-hurry West in favor of the timeless, contemplative East. But youth, when it comes to labor-saving shortcuts, can still appreciate technology. Take the little earphone device named Aquarian Alphaphone-its purpose, according to the young Californian who manufactures it, is to telescope tap to 15 years of Zen meditation into a few easy hours.

The claim is not quite as crazy as it sounds. The device lets a person listen to the sound of his own brain waves. The normally alert human brain emits a mixture of different wavelengths. A few years ago Japanese scientists found that Zen masters, when in profound meditation, discharge large amounts of a particular kind of brain wave called alpha. The implication that alpha might somehow be the key to Zen-style wisdom-or at least to deep tranquility-has prompted scientists to elicit pure alpha from ordinary people as well. The best method is to wire up a subject to an electroencephalograph and relay back to him over a ‘loudspeaker the distinctive low buzzing sound of whatever alpha he spontaneously produces. With this continuous prompting, the subject soon learns the proper mental posture to produce more and more alpha.

In the Alphaphone, which works on the same feedback principle, the cumbersome machinery of the lab has been compressed into a handy battery-powered package that anyone can commune with, any place, any time. So far, it has created no instant sages. But it is helping a lot of people to relax and a few even to sustain a mild alpha “high,” which is a lot safer than drugs.

Two Galaxies In Interstellar Dust

Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune, Jan. 12, 1971 By Duston Harvey

BERKELEY (UPI)-Two massive galaxies, overlooked by astronomers for thousands of years because they are nearly obscured by interstellar dust, have been discovered by a team of California scientists.

One of the “new” galaxies-only three million light-years away in

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

earth’s galactic neighborhood-may be larger than either the Milky Way or the Andromeda galaxy.

The find was reported in The Astrophysical Journal.

The new galaxies were designated “Maffei 1” and “Maffei 2″ in. honor of Paolo Maffei,” a young Italian astronomer who reported finding two strange “objects” on infrared photographs he made in the Laboratory of Astrophysics at Frasceti, Italy. He published a brief report in 1968.

Robert Landau, a graduate student in astronomy at Berkeley, read the report and concluded the “objects” seemed likely to be much larger and brighter than they appeared. They were located in an area where interstellar dust is so thick it blocks out all but 1 per cent of visible light and 6 per cent of infrared light.

Their conclusion was that “strong circumstantial evidence” exists that the brighter Maffei 1 is a “large, normal elliptical galaxy” in the vicinity of the local group. Maffei 2 appears to be a large, nearby, spiral galaxy.

The “local group” includes the Milky Way, Andromeda and three smaller satellite galaxies.

Obscuring dust made distance calculations tricky, but the astronomers used several tests to arrive at a “reasonable estimate” of three million light years for Maffei 1.

The two dust-obscured galaxies, located between the constellations Perseus and Cassiopeia, eventually will be visible from earth. As the solar system rotates with the Milky Way Galaxy, they should come into view in about 10 million years!

Construction of the Pyramids

(New York Times, Nov. 15, 1970, John C. Devlin)

A retired engineer, specializing in ancient structures, had told the American Museum of Natural History that he has found evidence he believes answers one of the great engineering problems of all time the construction of the pyramids.

The general assumption has been that at least 100,000 people, using brute strength, in the days before the pulley, derrick or winch, dragged, pushed, lifted manually an estimated 2.3 million blocks, weighing from 2½ to 14 tons to a height of 480 feet, using ramps.

While on a trip up the Nile, engineer Olaf Tellefsen, saw three men moving large stones to the water’s edge. The primitive piece of equipment

MARCH, 1971                             13

the men used was a triumph of elementary physics. The men put a sling under a two-ton stone and while one man held the sling in place, the two others with him piled stones on the other end of a “see-saw” of heavy timber to raise the big stone, allowing rollers to be placed under it. The small stone counterweights were then clumped.

Mr. Tellefsen said he could envision hundreds of such devices being used, thus reducing the manpower requirement from the assumed 100,000 to a few thousand.

——— ♦ ———


(Pearl Buck in A Bridge for Passing)

“Some day we shall know. What day! That day, perhaps when ;saints and scientists unite to make a total search for truth. It is the saints, the believers, who should have the courage to urge the scientists to help them discover whether the spirit continues into life of energy when the mass we call the body ceases to be the container. Faith supplies the hypothesis, but only scientists provide the computer for verification. The unbeliever will never pursue the search. He is already static, a pillar of salt, forever looking backward.

There are no miracles of that I am sure. if one walks on water and heals the sick and raises the dead to life again, it is not a matter of magic but a matter of knowing how to do it. There is no supernatural; there is only the supreme natural, the purely scientific. Science and religion, religion and science, put it as I may, they are two sides of the same glass, through which we see darkly until these two, focused together, reveal the truth.

On the day when the message comes through from over the far horizon where dwells the “great majority,” the dead, the proof will reach us, not as a host of angels in the sky, but as a wave length recorded in a laboratory. A wave length as indisputable and personal as the fingerprint belonging to someone whose body is dead. Then the scientist, recognizing the wave length, will exclaim, “But that’s someone I know! I took his wave length before he died.” And he will know that at last a device, a machine, is able to receive a’ message dreamed of for centuries, the message of continuing existence, which we call the immortality of the soul.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Or perhaps it will not be a scientist who receives, but a woman, waiting at a window open to the sky.

The Lesson of History

(Clinton Eye, Clinton Mo. June 15, 1967)

Abraham Lincoln, a hundred years ago, said:

“You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

“You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.

“You cannot further the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred.

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

“You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn.

“You cannot build character, and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.

“You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.”

——— ♦ ———


New Zealand News

(The Otago Daily Times, New Zealand, Mon., Sept. 21 1970)

An unusual flying object seen by two young men in Waiwera early yesterday morning remained unidentified last night. Meteorological officers ruled out the possibility of a weather balloon or an aircraft.

The two men, Ian Higgie (25) and Mr. Neil Black (33), saw the object at 1:15 a.m. yesterday when they were sitting in a car outside Mr. Higgie’s home in Waiwera South, about six miles north of Clinton.

Mr. Black said last night the object, glittering with blue, yellow and white lights, descended slowly to a height of 500 ft. where it remained for half a minute before climbing vertically at the same rate. It then disappeared towards the east at an increased speed.

Meteorological officers in Dunedin and Invercargill said last night the object could not have been a weather balloon.

The Invercargill office said there had been no reports of unusual meteorological phenomena in the area and ruled out the possibility of the object being an aircraft.

Reports from Argentina, South America

CORDOBA-August 28, 1970.

Mr. Anibal Bloix of Santa Fe Street 950 and Mr. Jacinto Molina of Mosconi Street 336, both residents of Cosquin, reported to the local police office that while they were on duty at the complaint department

MARCH, 1971                             15

of the E. P. E. C. about 8 p.m., there was a sudden lowering in the electric current of the power lines, fuses blew up and several machines stopped. They went out to look for the trouble and after having localized it were about to repair it, when they happened to look up at the sky, and there, at a considerable height, they saw an unidentified flying object hovering perpendicularly over them. They stood there blinded by the intense yellow light emanating from the strange and mysterious object. Then it disappeared. They could not say in what direction, neither could they describe its shape on account of its blinding light. Both witnesses maintain that the interruption in the power supply was due to this luminous object, as it was hovering just over the place where they had discovered the defect. Besides the atmospheric conditions all over that region were quite normal, and they could not find any other factor for the defect.

SALTA, August 10, 1970.

Mr. Jose Rolando Caro of Tucuman declared that while he was traveling in his van at a place about 25 km. from this city and about 8 p.m., there suddenly appeared a blinding light coming from an oval object, which also emitted a strong humming sound. The strange object seemed to follow the vehicle for some minutes, then disappeared, only to reappear in front of him. The speed of the UFO was incredible and its length about 15-20 metres. It remained stationary for a few minutes over the road at a height of 200 m. and then disappeared towards the east leaving a bluish trail behind it.

On the other hand, workers at the farm of Santa Teresa, situated not far from Campo de los Mogotes, in the same region, have often seen strange luminous objects. This caused a panic among the workers, who refused to work after dark, too much impressed by these “apparitions.”

——— ♦ ———

The whole reason for being here on Earth is to learn the Right use of Life through Self-Control, Self-Discipline and Self-Correction. It is not the other fellow, it is me who is to do the mastering of my thoughts, my feelings, my speech, my actions, my grant of life.

-Hope (Aug.-Sept. 1970 P. 20)

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

Entrance to Golden Age of Aquarius

(MARK AGE PERIOD & PROGRAM, subtitled ENTRANCE TO’ THE GOLDEN AGE OF AQUARIUS. Published by Mark-Age Meta. Center Inc. Miami, Fla. $10.00)

This is one of the few books that have come to Understanding, Inc. that is both physically and spiritually beautiful. The dust cover is very esthetically colorful, and the actual book cover is exquisitely finished in gold and white.

The Mark-Age Period is explained as being the time period of forty years, from 1960 to the year 2000, during which will be ushered in a New or Aquarian Age. The Mark-Age Program is designed to assist mankind in the transition of emerging from the old age to the Golden Age. This program is part of a hierarchical plan to awaken man’s spiritual identity and latent powers to bring forth on earth a spiritual society.

Mark-Age is a focal point through which the spiritual forces from higher realms work. Present in this book are communications which have been received from these spiritual beings, channeled through the staff of the Mark-Age Meta-Center. The purpose in delivering these messages to the public is to help all earth understand and work for the awakening of man to the upliftment of everything on earth into the fourth dimension.

Included in this special digest of messages received is a glossary designed to give definitions and explanations of spiritual terms and of individuals involved. Also included is a very complete and cross-referenced index.

Given are over 350 brief, spiritually inspiring, inter-dimensional

MARCH, 1971                             17

communications received from 1958 to 1970. Many messages are credited to Jesus, the Apostle Paul, John-Mark, Mary, Glo-Ria (Gloria Lee), but many others are included as well.

While the messages included in this book are but a small portion of the material which has been received through Mark-Age during the last ten years, yet this comprehensive digest gives the basic instruction and information needed to understand the Mark-Age Program and the mission it is to accomplish.

-Flo Bohnert Unit 1

——— ♦ ———

Parts of the Whole

The clear, innocent eyes of the small boy

peer into the wrinkled, grayed countenance

of the unknowable thing called grandmother.

His tiny, smooth, inexperienced hands

are tremblingly clutched

by the arthritic roughness of the strange being.

Imminent death encounters recent birth.

Desperate hopelessness faces careless joy.

Eternity is personified.

-Jeff Barnard

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“The greatest boon You can bring to man today is certainty. Certainty depends on faith in a divinity that is Creator of All of creation omni-present in all creation. To this end, I here give you my concept of God in all things, so that you shall never again feel apart from God.

“The Power that twirls a mist to star and grinds a sun to star dust, I term God. The Energy that shoots through all quintillions years of space, I term God. The Great Activity that moves the sea and turns a billion suns; the Mind that has called forth a Betelgeuse and now creates electrons; the Love that makes true brothers of the stars and stores up sweets for bees; the Life that urges man to produce man,

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

fern to produce fern, and atom, atom; the Joy of stars eternally on wings of flight, of birds at dawn, or running waters, singing leaves, of all the laughter and the mirth and cheer and dancing merriment of earth, the joy of knowing God is God, and Life is Life and Joy is Joy – I term God.”

(Brown Landrone in My All-God)

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bulletin board

Charter Presented

On the 21st of January Dr. Daniel W. Fry personally presented the Charter to our newest unit San Jose, California, 80. Following the presentation Dr. Fry lectured on his “Area of Mutual Agreement in the Social Sciences.”

Officers of Unit 80 are: President, Mr. J. Ray Chenoweth ; Vice-President, Mrs. Becki Chenoweth; Secretary, Mrs. Susan E. Holt; and Treasurer, Mr. Lee Allen Holt.

The Unit has elected as a special project the establishment of “An International Prayer Chain.”

Convention Reminders

The Second Annual Understanding, Inc. Convention is scheduled to be held at the International Cultural Center of Understanding, in Merlin, Oregon, June 18 through 20.

MARCH, 1971                             19

The 13th Anniversary of the Aletheia organization will be marked by a Convention, also at the International Cultural Center of Understanding in Merlin, June 27 through 29.

If you were with us last June no more need be said. If not, plan to Join us in a very special togetherness that involves warmth of friendship, mind stretching concepts and spiritual expansion.

Books Received

It is with thanks and appreciation we acknowledge the receipt of the following books

The Single Reality (trilogy) and The Palestinian Mystery Play, by Preston Harold & Winifred Babcock, from the Harold Institute, (P.O. Box 11024, Winston-Salem, N. C. 27106).

Survival in this Nuclear Age, by Lysa Waring, from Marianne Francis (Solar Light Center, 7700 Avenue of the Scan, Central Point, Ore. 97501).

Witches, Spacemen or What? From Harry F. May (P.O. Box 2157, Canoga Park, Calif. 91306).

From Drs. John and Louisa Aiken, their book – Explorations in Awareness;

From Mrs. Donald Gray, several volumes on Paraphyschology for the Merlin Library;

From Mr. Jan Golumski of Canada, several volumes on UFOs; From Mrs. Helen Betancourt, several texts on Metaphysics for the Merlin Library, and

From the Philosophical Library, Inc. (New York) a copy of Mission of Man by Aaron Hillel Katz.

We regret we cannot review all the texts received-the books are too many, the reviewers too few! But we are happy to place the books in our libraries for the use of our Membership.

Thank You! Thank You!

It is with gratitude and appreciation that the staff of Understanding, Inc. acknowledges the donations of individuals and member units. Funds have been received, and already used, for general administrative expenses, for the International Cultural Center of Understanding, and for the printing of Dr. D. W. Fry’s “Proposal: The Area of Mutual Agreement in the Social Sciences.”

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Your financial generosity is needed to carry on the program of “promoting a better understanding among all peoples of earth, and of those not of earth.”

Thank you-one and all!

Starting Next Month

Beginning with next month’s issue, there will be a series of articles covering your editor’s recent lecture and interview tour of six European countries. Our sincere, though somewhat belated thanks and appreciation will be tendered to those in each country, whose interest and kind assistance made the trip possible.

This series of articles has been delayed in order to allow time for a complete analysis of the trip, and a careful appraisal of its results in the progress of Understanding.

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by Helena E. Ruhnau

Relates many experiences on the Higher Dimensions and Planes of living. Also, information not before given. There are several illustrations. Send for your personally auto-graphed copy.


By the same author, LIGHT ON A MOUNTAIN. First edition copies still available.                       $6.00

Those who have read the manuscript say it will some day rate high as a Classic.


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Gilbert Holloway  (hard) $4.50

Stranger at the Pentagon

Dr. Frank E. Stranges …….. $3.98

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Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

Welcome to the Understanding family!


P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Oregon 97532.