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VOLUME XVI                              DECEMBER, 1971                                   NUMBER 12

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


(For the benefit of those readers who are also members of Understanding Inc., we report herewith, the President’s message, given at the Understanding annual meeting, Merlin, Oregon, on Oct. 23, 1971.

Friends and fellow members: As you know, the principal purpose of this yearly meeting is to examine the record of the activities and the accomplishments of the past year, and in the light of that examination, to chart the course of the organization in the year to come.

We are now in our 16th year. During all of that time, we have directed our efforts almost entirely toward the search for simple understanding, especially in those areas in which it is vital to the welfare, the progress and perhaps even the existence of mankind. No dogma has been propounded, nor has any member been required, or even urged to accept any particular way of life, or any principle of living. Although our 16 year program of search and analysis has yielded some tangible and demonstrable results, we have never urged those results upon anyone, nor have we attempted to lead our fellowmen in any specific direction. If, however, any organization devoted to the welfare and progress of humanity, is to have a valid reason for its existence, it must at some point, begin to make practical use of

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

whatever knowledge and experience it may have acquired during its years of search and study.

Analysis must lead to synthesis, and the product must be made available, not only to the membership, but to all of mankind. This organization, which has in the past been basically introvert, must now become extrovert. The various news and communication media which, in the past, have largely been ignored, and in some cases, even shunned by the membership, must now be courted and won so that others may become aware of the organization, its nature and its work. Every unit should notify every newspaper, radio and television station in their area, of every event on their calendar. Many of the media will, of course, ignore the notices at first, but the cumulative effect of repeated notices will eventually cause them to be published.

Each member must find reasons to bring the organization to the attention of his neighbors, his friends, his public officials, and even strangers. (There is no reason to be ashamed of Understanding, although some of our members act as though they were!)

Our own publication must be substantially enlarged, both in its content and in its circulation. The membership must be increased several fold, and a larger number found who are willing to become involved in the business of world understanding. These objectives will not easily be reached, but reach them we must if Understanding Inc., is to justify its existence and fulfill its purpose. Our entire world society is rapidly approaching a crisis of confidence. Being more and more unsure of its ultimate goals, and more doubtful of the means through which they should be approached. The rate of change in basic concepts is accelerating in every direction. If complete chaos is to be avoided, if the fabric of society is to remain intact, new leadership must appear. Leaders who understand that the ways of the present can never be forced back into the ways of the past, but must be guided, gently but firmly, into the ways of the future.

If we, the members of Understanding Inc., do not choose to lead, we can at least offer some council and guidance to those who do! We must come down from our ivory tower of impersonal observation, and become a functioning part of society. Whether we welcome the test or not, the events of the coming year will determine whether our organization has any right to use the title “Understanding.”

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DECEMBER, 1971                    3


Jesus performed many miracles, but He told us we would do greater than He was doing. We, in our slow, plodding way, are getting there. Jesus was a simple man, but He was a knowledgeable scientist. The only time we realize that He was a scholar is when the Bible speaks of His teaching in the temple.

No doubt, He had been a student of metaphysics for a long time. There were years unaccounted for in His life, when it is believed He may have been studying in Egypt. His miracles show a definite knowledge of metaphysical law. He never for one moment doubted. “Father, I thank thee that thou heardest me,” He said before Lazarus arose from the dead.

I believe we are on the path to these “greater things” that lie said we would accomplish. We are taking the slow way, or what we term the scientific way. But we have a tendency to forget that God is omni-science.

We, in this day and age, are a bit too prone to separate science from religion. We fail to see that Paul was right when he said that faith was the substance of things hoped for. The substance is that which stands under the manifestation.

In other words, Jesus, the metaphysician, could lay hold of substance and immediately bring it forth into something tangible. It takes us much longer. When Jesus needed money, He took it directly out of the mouth of a fish. Now, all metaphysicians understand that when a fish is mentioned in the Bible it usually symbolizes an idea.

Scientists, artists, authors, inventors, or workmen of any kind get ideas originally before they can bring forth the manifested result. Just so, a seed must be planted and nourished and cultivated before it takes the form of a plant.

Thus, man uses idea to form a product or a concept of a workable theory and puts it on the market. Money in the man’s hand is the result provided he correctly interprets and uses the idea. A slow way? Maybe, but at present, it is our way.

There is a story told of a Swami who came to New York and asked two men to dine with him in a restaurant. The Swami had no money in his hand as he walked up to the cashier. Both men saw only the bill, but as it was slipped through the window, currency of sufficient.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

worth to cover the dinner charge was lying on top of the bill. I like this story and I believe it. But, whether or not it is literally true, I am convinced that similar acts are performed by metaphysicians much more frequently than we realize.

Jesus changed water into wine spontaneously. We are using synthetic means for fermenting fruit, but it still takes us longer than it did Jesus to make wine. However, our modern winemakers have been accomplishing what the winemakers of long ago would have called miracles.

Jesus healed the sick. Our scientists, after years of study and struggling have developed many “cures.” Of course, any truthful physician will admit that he “of himself” does not effect the cure.

We have made spectacular strides in the science of healing. These healings are brought about through man’s scientific approach to the subject. Spiritual healings are being accomplished every day. These latter are brought about through man’s direct spiritual approach to the subject.

Jesus calmed the storms. Our scientists have for years erected lightning rods, built dams, made flood gates, etc., to curtail the results of storms. Now, we are seeding hurricanes.

Jesus walked on water. Peter tried it, but failed until he accepted the spiritual help given through his Master’s hand. Just a tiny bit more faith would have enabled him to do it alone. May I compare our astronauts walking in space? This seems so miraculous to us, but it is a fact, a very definite and well documented fact. Science has made great strides, but the idea of such things has been since the beginning of time.

We have to remember that there never was a time when electricity was not, and hasn’t the atom always been there waiting for us? It has taken us a long time to interpret such knowledge and correctly put it to use. Once again we are making strides toward those “greater things.” Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Later, He Himself, was raised from the dead.

For years cardiologists have been massaging hearts that have stopped beating. There are vivid stories of the experiences those so-called “dead” have gone through in the intervals between cessation of “life” and the re-awakening of it.

DECEMBER, 1971                    5

Could not heart transplants be another method of raising the dead? Might we not say that Jesus took the high way and that we are taking the low way?

-Margaret Stephens

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Part Three

(With the special permission of Janice Aurah Kramer, from her forthcoming book: On Being Aware and Expanding Your Consciousness.. The full text of this serialized article may be had from Miss Kramer,. P.O. Box .6515, Edendale Sta., Los Angeles, Calif. 90026. A donation for printing and postage would be appreciated.)

To grow wisely, be as aware as you can of your senses, throughout day and night, both inwardly and outwardly. And when you have a particularly meaningful experience, let the emotions flow as awarely as possible while it is happening. Experience the boredom, the joy, the restlessness, anguish, physical pain, nightmare and/or orgasm. with as much as possible of your total being. Live each experience.

After experiencing the event, it may be important to you to re-experience. If you were dissatisfied, think what you might have done differently. If pleased, store the behavior in mind for future use. But, remember, the same solution may not work in a similar situation. Each second of your life, you become different as new experiences create change. No two instances in time are the same, and this can be valid enough reason for you to want to be as receptive and flexible as possible. If each instant is never to be lived again, the more responsible you are for self, the more meaningful your life experience will be. Use your mistakes. Every experience has something to teach. Did you learn?

Unfortunately, some persons do not examine their past behavior, especially if it is painful. They shut off the memory and are afraid of facing truths of self. The result is a neurotic person who has emotional blocks in his personality. This crippled person, then, may seek another who meets his needs, but the needs are not healthy. A merger of the negatives of each person then can occur-the dependent person finds someone on whom to lean, the comic finds an audience, the young girl

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

(no matter what age) finds a father figure in her choice of mate, the critic a victim, the loser a sympathizer, etc/etc/etc. By supporting each others’ hang-up, each may be held back from growing. You must face the truth of yourself to change in a meaningful way.

Holding back from pain, then, retards growth. Erase the pain from your past by examining and then burying it. Learn to use the past, not carry it. The past has been experienced the only way it could have happened. No “shoulds,” “ifs,” or wishes change what has been. Regrets weigh down and build up guilt, which can explode behind the pressure-or turn inward. And eruptions/depressions are the sad, empty, lonely places in self that need fulfilling.

Examine the pain. Look into the unfinished business of the past. Face the guilt. In person, in writing, in head or in journal, face up to your burden. Talk to those who betrayed you, move into their consciousness, allow them to tell you the what and how of their actions/reactions. Understand your behavior in relation to yourself and to them. Then tell them how you received and played back the sad/sick games. Unravel your pain-then erase it. Soon you’ll find, with diligent awareness games, that your present goes along much more smoothly and your past doesn’t hold you back.

Live in the now. Use each moment as wisely as possible. The less you squander self, the more freely you live. Do not despair when you fall back upon yourself. The lesson just was not learned well enough. But remember how it feels to be full of light and joy and love. Visualize the light in your head. Feel it in your body. And send it to self-and others-when the pain returns. Most importantly, learn to listen to yourself-to the still, small voice inside which will guide you-if you become quiet enough to listen.

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I WAS brought up within sight of enemy territory, on an isolated farm in No-Man’s-Land. Only a stone-throw away lay a strange foreign land, full of terrifying strangers who, I was told, hated the Scots. It was called England.

I had been led to believe that the English were our bitterest foes, slinking across the Border to steal our sheep and cattle and to burn

DECEMBER, 1971                    7

down our Abbeys, which still lay in ruins. The very farm on which I lived had been the scene of many a blood-thirsty battle in the bad old days. There were still plenty of scars to prove it, including the tumbledown remains of a look-out tower on the hillside where the sheep were now peacefully grazing.

Here, they used to fire the beacon in the old days when they saw the enemy coming. Now I played house in the ruins, keeping a watchful eye on the Border, ready to raise the alarm if the English came in sight.


I smell the blood of an Englishman!

I was disappointed to see nothing more warlike on the horizon than the baker’s horse or the postman on his bicycle. Where was the enemy? My home-made catapults and bow-and-arrows remained unused. I never smelt the blood of an Englishman.

The trouble was that there was a kind of wilderness on the Border nothing but wild rolling hills which were Scottish one moment and English the next, though they looked exactly the same to me on either side. Could it be that the human beings were alike too? But how could such terrible people as the English be human?

I was soon to find out. I met my first foreigner at the village school where I was a Mixed Infant. So was she, and more mixed than I was, for she was English! She had cycled over from that dreaded other place and spoke with a strange accent. Her ancestors had killed mine, and I was not going to let her get away with it. At last I had a chance to get my revenge. What did it matter if she was twice my size?

I taunted her about her dreadful deeds, and received in return my first black eye, which led to something amazing. My enemy picked me up, dusted me down-and we became firm friends. Me! fraternizing with the English!

From then on, I forgot about the past, and found out for myself what lay across the frontier. Enemies? Nonsense! They were just people, like ourselves. And, looking at Scotland from the other side, I began to wonder if perhaps we were entirely blameless. Had we not done our share of foraging? There were scars on both sides, but surely they would heal.

My black eye certainly did, though it was a beauty while it lasted. I was proud, in a way, to have such a wound. Prouder still to have made a new friend. Soon we were sharing the best of both worlds. We

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

became bi-lingual. She taught me her local dialect, and soon her conversation became coloured with Scotticisms.

We exchanged songs, too. She sang to me Northumbrian ditties about a little fishy in a little dishy, while I, in turn, introduced her to the bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomond.

Before long we were eating our school lunches together, sharing the contents of the paper bags we carried with us each day. Her home-made bread had a finer flavor than mine. She liked my cheese and barley scones, and I was only too willing to sample her gingerbread even though it was baked in an English oven. In fact, I began to forget that she was English. She was just a lassie, like myself.

When I ventured over the frontier into enemy territory I was surprised to find that the grass was green, that the cows had four legs (just as in Scotland) and that there was actually heather growing on the other side. looking every bit as Scottish as it did on mine.

Though our tongue was different, not an unkind word did I hear from any of “the English.” My new friend played the same games as I did, with bats and balls, with hoops and skipping-ropes, with dolls that looked much the same as mine, though hers wore a blue dress and mine a tartan one. Talking of tartan, my friend’s greatest ambition, I discovered, was to own a kilted skirt like mine. I begged my mother to make one for her, for her birthday, and proudly carried it over the Border in a parcel, coming in peace and not in war.

Her present to me was even more surprising. A pet lamb. It followed me home from school and settled down amongst the alien flock, fraternizing-as I was doing-in happy harmony. Our friendship was now firmly cemented. Her parents came over the Border to visit mine, and not a drop of blood was spilt on either aide.

The frontier was still these; but gradually I forgot to notice it. I still played house in the ruined tower, but never bothered to look for the enemy. Instead, I watched the horizon to see if she was coming my English friend who had taught me that we are all the same kith and kin, no matter on which side of the Border we live.

All old scores were forgotten. How I wished they could as easily be erased from the history books as they had been from my heart.

–Lavinia Derwent

——— ♦ ———

DECEMBER, 1971                    9



On Sept. 21, at 7:00 P. M., We took a plane from Gothenburg, Sweden, to Helsinki, Finland, on the final leg of our European pilgrimage. Our hosts-to-be were waiting for us at the Helsinki Airport when we arrived at 9:30 P. M. They immediately escorted us to their home for some light refreshments and a short get-acquainted session. At 11:00 P.M., we were advised to get some sleep, as the next day would be a busy one, (and they were so right!)

The group in Finland has excellent organizational ability, and advance preparation for the lecture had been very thorough, in spite of the short notice on which they had acted.

Early the next morning, the first newspaper reporter arrived for an interview and, before he had finished, several more had arrived. When we had satisfied them, we had just time to get to the radio station for our scheduled appearance there. We had a late luncheon at the art studio of one of the group members, and several more reporters and cameramen were present to record the proceedings for television.

The lecture that evening was held in an auditorium with a seating capacity of six hundred, but so effective had been the pre-lecture publicity that, not only were all of the seats filled, but several hundred persons had to be turned away for lack of space.

After two very successful and well received lectures in Finland, we again took to the air. This time for Amsterdam, Holland, where we were met by our good friend Husana Berg, Organizer and leader of the I. C. S. A. (International Center for Self Analysis,) and head of the Holland division of Duist. She had arranged a banquet and a private lecture for one hundred invited guests, (The maximum number the hotel banquet hall would hold comfortably.) Since the lecture was a private one, no approach was made to the news media, but of the one hundred persons invited, virtually all of them attended! (Perhaps setting a new record for percentage of attendance at an invitational gathering, although it must be realized that the prospect of an excellent dinner may have been a greater attraction than a talk by a mediocre speaker such as your editor.)

On the following day we spent four most interesting and pleasant hours at the home of Will and Ina Langenberg, of Hilversum. Mr. Langenberg, an executive of the Phillips Corporation, was very interested

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

in the proposal to document the `Area of Mutual Agreement,’ and we discussed the matter at considerable length. Late that afternoon, in company with our friends Per-Axel Atterbom and his wife May, we departed by car, for London, doing a little sightseeing along the way, and stopping over for the night in an ancient but comfortable hotel in Belgium.

The next morning we enjoyed an excellent view of the famous “White Cliffs of Dover,” as our auto-ferry came into port there. Traffic was heavy, and it was early evening when we reached London. There we had the pleasure of a completely extemporaneous and informal, but very pleasant and informative discussion session with several members of London’s leading U.F.O. organization.

The European pilgrimage officially ended with this meeting, although there was, of course, still the task of getting a flight from London to New York. Two commercial passenger planes had been hijacked to Egypt only a few days before, and strong security measures were being taken at the London airport. As we passed through the boarding gate, our briefcase triggered the alarm on the metal detection instrument, causing a moment of excitement and suspence, until inspection of the case proved that the metal was only a pair of scissors, rather than the gun which the guards had fully expected to find. With my reassurance to the airline personnel that we had no desire to go to Egypt, or even to Cuba, we were permitted to board the plane. The flight itself was uneventful and, a few hours later, we arrived at LaGuardia Airport, ending one of the most interesting and enlightening pilgrimages we have ever made.

Author’s note-As we stated in the beginning, we could not possibly tell of all of the people who assisted us during this journey, there simply would not have been space in the magazine, but we do remember, and our gratitude will always go out to them.

——— ♦ ———


What Would Christ Do?

(From The Lemuria Builder, April 1971)

Did you ever get into a puzzling situation and not know what would be the correct thing to do? Did you ever try to take shortcuts in your

DECEMBER, 1971                    11

work, then rationalize that what you were doing was really alright? I have discovered a little trick that almost forces one to do what he really thinks is best in any situation.

It is to ask yourself, “what would Christ do in a similar situation?” Hopefully, one’s mind has a. picture of Christ that is so fine that one’s answer to what He would say could never be a series of rationalizations, excuses and alibis.

If you apply this comparison the next time you are puzzled as to whether you should say good morning to that fellow at work who gives you such a tough time, or allow the car in the next lane to get into your lane, or even that most serious of situations-should you take out the garbage even though it isn’t your turn?-you will find that it works. The more you ask yourself “what would Christ do in a similar situation?” the more you will find yourself doing better works and deeds.

If you are in doubt as to whether you should incorporate techniques such as this one into your life in order to help you become the better person you wish to be-just ask yourself, “What would Christ do…?”

by Benjamin Drell

——— ♦ ———

world report

Strange Lights

Strange clusters of lights have been reportedly seen hovering over Hollywood lately. And Stanton T. Friedman, a  Redondo Beach nuclear physicist, says the weird phenomena may be space ships from other worlds exploring the earth. “I am absolutely convinced the earth is being visited by intelligently controlled vehicles from off the earth,” he declared. “If our lunar excursion modules land on the moon-with Mars landings and even landings in other solar systems seriously discussed-what in all logic and reason is there to prevent earth excursion modules from landing on our planet?”

Friedman. who has been investigating unidentified objects (he prefers

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

the term “earth excursion modules”) for 12 years, founded the California UFO Research Institute, in Lawndale, early this year.

“We very much wish to help lift the ‘laughter curtain’ connected with UFOs and to encourage people to report both excellent sightings from the past and UFOs that they observe in the future,” he explained. The physicist is especially interested in hearing from anyone who may have seen some strange objects in the Hollywood area, recently.

“On Thursday evening, Aug. 26, at around 10 p.m. a family looking southeast from the corner of Orlando and Beverly witnessed a strange cluster of lights,” Friedman said. “We have one confirming witness who was east of that location and also described an odd cluster of lights.”

In addition, on Saturday evening, Aug. 28, two independent reports came in of a very odd phenomenon observed in the southwestern sky at around 10 p.m. It seemed like the moon or a crescent-shaped orange object fading in and out about three times. Both witnesses indicated it was the strangest sight they had ever observed.

Others who may have seen the strange objects may telephone the institute’s 24-hour answering service, (213) 378-0207, or write to the institute at P.O. Box 941, Lawndale 90260.

“We hope everyone will report to us when they see anything that looks like UFOs,” Friedman said. “We will not give anyone embarrassing publicity and will treat everyone seriously.”

Teaching by Horoscope

Time Magazine, Oct. 18, 1971

The president of the New York City board of education last. week suggested a novel teacher’s aid: astrology. At an educational forum, Isaiah E. Robinson said that “if astrology is correct, some classroom problems of misbehavior may be caused by pupils whose birth signs conflict with those of other children, or possibly their teachers’.” It may be, Robinson suggested, that teachers should take the planets into consideration to understand the kids better. Presumably, a Taurian heaving erasers at an Aquarian may have his cosmic reasons.

‘Disc-Like Object’ Reported

The Parkersburg (W. Va.) News, Sept. 13, 1951

WASHINGTON (UPI)-It was a dark, rainy night when a Maryland farmer looked out over one of his fields and saw a “kind of a disc

DECEMBER, 1371                    13

shaped object” apparently hovering above the ground near his home. The outline, he said, could be seen quite clearly in the flashes of lightning. Otherwise, the farmer could see only the lights inside of, or attached to, the object.

That description is not from the dusty archives of the Air Force’s discontinued Project Blue Book of sightings of unidentified flying objects. It is from the current files of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) which is alive and functioning, if not flourishing, in the nation’s capital.

The described sighting took place at Westminister, Md., on Sunday, Aug. 1, and now is being investigated by one of NICAP’s regional teams of volunteers.

Vatican School

The Pittsburgh Press, Oct. 17, 1971

VATICAN CITY (UPI)-Spooks, demons and things that go bump in the night have found a respectable position at Rome’s Pontifical Lateran University.

It has an Austrian priest-psychiatrist, the Rev. Andrea Resch, teaching a course in which such phenomena as poltergeists and possession by demons are seriously considered.

He tells students there are some things that cannot be explained by normal means, and he examines “psychic phenomena”-including séances and what happens during them, water divining, the levitation and bilocation of saints, miracle cures, stigmata, ghosts and even ouija boards.

And he promises “practical experiments” in extra-sensory perception, mental telepathy and spiritualism.

Although the Roman Catholic Church bans participation in séances, it makes an exception for scientific researchers.

Astrology and Birth Control

The Parkersburg (W. Va.) News, Sept. 28, 1971

NEW YORK-The Czechoslovakians are testing a new method of birth control that, thus far, has been proven to be as effective as the pill. The method? Birth control by astrology.

The Czechs claim that birth control using a “cosmogram” is 98 per cent effective-as effective as the pill, and without the side effects. Moreover, they claim that the “cosmogram” can be utilized to prevent

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

miscarriages and birth defects, to choose the baby’s sex, and to help sterile women bear children.

The method was stumbled upon by a Czech psychiatrist, Dr. Eugen Jonas. In 1956, Dr. Jonas noticed in his practice that some women experienced heightened sexual desire in a recurring cycle. An astrologist by avocation, Jonas began to correlate this cycle with birth data and astrological charts.

All of this has led Jonas to some very interesting conclusions. First, he has decided that the position of the sun and moon at the time of a woman’s birth offers the key to her fertility. It indicates the days on which she may conceive for the rest of her life. By abstaining from intercourse on these days, she may avoid pregnancy; or if she wants to conceive, she has only to choose these days.

In addition Dr. Jonas claims that miscarriages and birth defects result when conception occurs at a particular junction of the sun, moon and planets.

——— ♦ ———


(From The Symphony of Life by Donald Hatch Andrews)

If I could wave a magic wand before you and give you the power to perceive all the invisible sights and inaudible sounds around you at this moment, what would you see and what would you hear? . . . The room is ablaze with dazzling lights. The chairs, the tables, the floor, the ceiling, and the walls are prismatic crystals, sparkling with a thousand shades of red, yellow, green and blue such as you have never in your life seen before. Your clothes are on fire with a million microscopic rainbow flames…

I now press the magic wand on your ears. Suddenly you are aware of a hurricane of sound beating upon you, as if a thousand symphony orchestras were magically squeezed into the room all playing fortissimo. For every object near you is resonating with its own strange, peculiar music. The table booms like a hundred bass fiddles doing a bolero. The lamp is trilling like a dozen flutes. The carpet is caroling. In this very book you hold in your hand, you hear a chorus of a thousand voices. And your body is vibrant with the most complex music of all.

From “Sunrise”

DECEMBER, 1971                    15

Poet’s corner


Laid on Thy Alter, my Lord divine

Accept my gift this day for Jesus’ sake.

I have no jewels to adorn Thy Shrine

Nor any world famed sacrifice to make.

But here I bring within my trembling hands

This will of mine-a thing that seemeth small.

And only Thou, dear Lord, can’st understand

How, when I yield Thee this, I yield mine all.

Hidden therein Thy searching eyes can see,

Struggles of passion, visions of delight,

All that I love or am or fain would be,

Deep loves, fond hopes and longings infinite.

It hath been wet with tears and dimmed with sighs,

Clinched in my grasp till beauty it hath none.

Now from Thy footstool where it vanquished lies,

The prayer ascendeth, Oh may Thy Will be done.

Take it, Oh Father, ere my courage fails

And merge it so in Thine own will that e’en


If in some desperate hour my cries prevail

And Thou give back my gift, it may have been

So charged, so purified, so fair hath grown,

So-one with Thee, so filled with peace Divine,

I may not know or feel it as my own

But gaining back my will, may find it Thine!

author unknown


Let peace encircle all the earth
Let men walk hand in hand

A living bond of brotherhood
A voice from land to land

——— ♦ ———


Sighting Mystifies England

(National Enquirer, Oct 12, 1971)

By William Dick and David Klein

The British Ministry of Defense is investigating a report of a mysterious unidentified object seen in the sky over Aldrige, Staffordshire, England, by 10 police constables and numerous civilians. One of the constables took 12 pictures of the object, 11 of which the Chief Constable and the Ministry refused to release or discuss.

Newspapers throughout England reported the sighting and the fact that the Defense Ministry, scientists and the police said they were mystified as to what the object was.

“I was always a nonbeliever in UFOs before, but now I’m convinced there was something very unusual in the sky that night,” said Constable Leslie Leek, 25, six years a policeman, who photographed the object.

The sighting took place in the early morning hours of August 16. At 2:30 a.m., Constable Leek answered a telephone call from an Aldridge resident who claimed an object was hovering over his garage.

“I thought it was just a nut calling and didn’t believe him, but he kept insisting. I finally drove over in a patrol car. There I saw it,” “Hanging over the garage about 1,000 feet up was an egg-shaped object.

DECEMBER, 1971                    17

It seemed to be very big indeed. It was a bright, silvery yellow and just seemed to hang in the sky.

“Suddenly it started to move, and continued moving very slowly this convinced me that it was quite near and I was not mistaking it for a star. It was a clear night, fine weather and no clouds.

“I raced back to the stationhouse to get a camera and told the other officers what I’d seen. They and our telephone operator, Mrs. Joyce Smith, came with me.

“When we returned it was still there, moving slightly from side to side. It changed from silvery yellow to an orange-like color as we watched.”

Constable Leek said it was at that time he took the photographs. Mrs. Smith told The ENQUIRER the object “was shaped like an egg,” but sometimes changed its shape to that “of an inverted saucer.” “At one time or another, about ten officers sighted the object,” she said. To make sure we were not “seeing things” I drove a couple of miles away and observed it from that angle. The shape seemed to change slightly when seen from there.”

After being watched for over two hours, the object began to move off, Leek said. “We chased it in a car, going southeast, until we were moving too fast for safety. We stopped. It seemed to race away eastward at high speed, its color changing to bright orange, and it disappeared.

“It was too big to be the planet Mars and it moved back and forth as we watched it.”

On the same night, at about 12:15 a.m., in Tynemouth, about 200 miles from Aldridge, Wolfgang von Metz, a mathematics teacher, and James O’Brady, an engineer whom Metz met in the street, said they saw an object in the sky that they described as saucer-shaped, “hovering, and moving slightly from side to side.”

They saw it “flash away” after about two hours, they explained to the ENQUIRER.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said, “We have no trace of anything in the area at that time that might have been mistaken for the object. We are investigating.”

A spokesman for the scientists at the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope said, “We thought at first it might have been Venus, but since the full reports came in we cannot now identify the object.”

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

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Election of Understanding, Inc., Officers

At the Annual Understanding, Inc., Meeting in Merlin, the weekend of October 23-25, 1971, the following officers were elected to serve for the coming year

International President, Dr. Daniel W. Fry; Executive Vice-President, Mr. William A. Mansfield; Vice Presidents-Dr. Olin Byerly, Mr. T. Yale Hurt and Mr. Francis Kipp.

Honorary International Directors-Mr. Per Axel Atterbom, Sweden; Mr. Anthony Brooke, England; & Miss Edith Nicolaisen, Sweden. National Directors-Dr. Daniel W. Fry, Mr. Harvey E. Campbell, Mrs. Angela Kilsby, Mr. Thomas Tucker, Mrs. Tahahlita Fry, Mr. Wayne S. Aho, Dr. William Budnick, Mrs. Wilma E. Thompson, and Mr. E. T. O’Connor.

Other Officers-Recording Secretary, Mrs. Clara Bonner; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Viola Moore; Treasurer, Mrs. Kerttu Campbell; Membership and Organization, Mrs. Florence E. Bohnert : Magazine Circulation, Mrs. Clara E. Ledbetter; Geographic Files, Mrs. Esther Ellsworth; and Friendship by Mail Chairman, Mrs. Aleta Johnston.

Congratulations to the newly elected Staff of Understanding! May it prove to be a year of mutually rewarding returns “in understanding.”

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International Cooperation Council Festival

The International Cooperation Council serves all groups which seek to foster “the emergence of a new universal man and civilization based upon unity in diversity among all people.”

The ICC is holding its Seventh Annual Festival on the weekend of January 8 and 9, 1972, at the new Los Angeles Convention Center, off Harbor Freeway at Olympic Blvd. Theme of the Festival is : Cultivating and applying the New Consciousness, with keynote speaker Willis W. Harman of the Stanford Research Institute. Adults $5 students $3.

Additional information: ICC, 17819 Roscoe Blvd., Northridge, Calif. 91324. Phone (213) 345-8325-or dial Mankind.

Aletheia Seminars in Merlin

Jack Schwarz, director of Aletheia, will be holding another session of seminars at the International Cultural Center of Understanding, 2200 Merlin Rd., on the weekend December 10-12 and again the weekend of December 17-19.

The seminars are entitled: Nature’s Mysteries Unveiled, and will consider such topics as Metaphysical Affinities of Botanicals, BioChemics and Bi-Polar Energies; the Ancient History of the Earth; Astrology, Tarot Color and Music.

Single Sessions are $5.00 (students with card $3.00) and full weekend $20.00. No fee for those under 16.

Additional information may be had from Jack Schwarz by phoning Selma (Ore.) 4765.

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I’ll clean the corners of my heart

And sweep out all debris, Because this

time I wish the year, a bright and happy me!

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THE ATLANTEAN CHRONICLES By HENRY M. EICHNER AT LAST! Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Atlantis! The Atlantean scholar will use this book to check on the possible locations of this lost continent. He will also use it to locate English language stories about Atlantis, as over 100 books are reviewed. $9.50 from Fantasy Publishing Co., Inc., 1855 W. Main St., Alhambra, Calif. 91801.

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While researching, with an Edgar Cayce technique, for answers to technical questions, John Langdon Watts and his associates were contacted by people from outer space-from Venus.

Discourses took place for over one year. The author, John Langdon Watts, was requested to write two books. One concerns the life of the Venusians, the other their religion. Religious Philosophies of the Planets, now finished, is available for $1.50, plus 25 cents for postage and handling. If not available from your favorite bookstore, can be ordered direct from



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