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VOLUME XVI                              OCTOBER, 1971                                       NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


FOR SEVERAL decades the average citizen has been more or less aware of the constantly increasing role of mechanization and automation in industry, agriculture, and even in business. With each passing year, more and more goods are being produced ‘untouched by human hands,’ and more services are being performed by robot machinery. It is seldom, however, that we pause to consider the ultimate results of this rapidly increasing trend, even though its effects are already being felt, and will in the future have even more profound effects upon every phase of our lives.

In the book of Genesis, the Lord said to Adam, “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, all the days of thy life.” The significance of this statement is simply that before anything can be used or consumed it must be produced, and even in the cases where nature did most of the production, the task of harvesting required considerable toll by primitive man, who had only his own muscles as a source of energy. Wherever possible, however, man has always attempted to evade this basic premise.

Before the advent of automated machinery, the strong man, by one means or another, made slaves of the weak, forcing them to do most of the toiling and keeping most of the proceeds for himself. This system,

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

while sometimes fairly successful (from the standpoint of the strong), had one inherent drawback in that, by the time the master had accumulated enough slaves to make the system work well, the slaves had become numerically, and sometimes physically, stronger than the master and at some point would revolt, destroying the master and keeping the products of their labor for themselves! It became advisable therefore to find some type of slave who would never revolt. Thus the concept of mechanization, and finally of automation, was born.

In the year 340 B. C., the Greek philosopher Aristotle said, “If the shuttle could weave by itself, no one would know what to do with slaves.” Today the shuttle does weave by itself and wage slaves as well as bondmen are rapidly becoming obsolete.

Prior to the development of electronic automation, most machines still required human attendants to operate and to service them but there are now very few functions that cannot be performed better, faster and more cheaply by servo-mechanisms.

If we project this presently increasing trend even a single generation into the future, we reach some startling but inevitable conclusions. First: The level of national unemployment (as we now measure it in the United States) will have risen to at least 60% of the total population! This fact, however, need not cause any privation, since the total quantity of goods, food and services produced by the increased automation, should be at least twice the present amount. The only critical problems will be those of distribution.

Unlike man, the machine does not consume its own products. The products, if they are to have any significance, must be distributed to man. How best to distribute to man the products of the machines which have replaced him, is already becoming a problem to be wrestled with by political and financial leaders.

While it may not fully be realized, even by those who plan and pro-mote them, our present ‘welfare’ payments, unemployment insurance, social security benefits, and all other so-called Government Give Away programs, however wasteful and inequitable they may now seem, are but experimental forerunners of a general distribution system which must grow considerably as the machine continues to replace man in virtually all phases of production.

The money system, as we now know it, will have lost most, if not all, of its present significance. Money is, by nature, the artificial symbol

OCTOBER, 1971                        3

of human effort and accomplishment. The automated machine has no need of, or use, for money. It requires only a continuing source of energy and of raw materials. If the energy and the raw materials (both furnished by nature) are gathered by other machines and if the product is distributed by still other machines, the whole concept of money becomes obsolete, and even the concept of ‘private property’ becomes considerably magnified.

The factors of employment and money are already reacting to the increasing rate of automation, and will continue to do so in the long run in spite of any action taken by any branch of government. It is not that prices are going up; it is simply that the significance, and therefore the value, of money is going down.

President Nixon, in his Battle against inflation, might as well legislate against the wind and the tides as to attempt to control the value of money by personal edict at time when the whole world is be-ginning to question the merits and the validity of the present money system.

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Part One

(With the special permission of Janice Aurah Kramer we are privileged to offer this series of spiritual articles. They form a part of her “to-be published” book entitled: On Being Aware and Expanding Your Consciousness. The full text of this series (6-7 articles) may be obtained for a donation to cover printing and postage by writing to Miss Kramer, P. 0. Box 26515, Edendale Sta., Los Angeles, Calif. 90028)

To live life as fully as possible, it is necessary to know who you are, how you function, and what action, to the best of your knowledge, is in your highest and best interest. This is accomplished by self aware-ness, which means knowing and understanding what is going on inside of your head. Then, by applying this understanding in the most natural, spontaneous way possible for that moment, life will become more meaningful.

You will begin to become more aware of the subtleties of emotions, the many facets of crying, laughing, arguing, loving, hating and what-evering. This will mean being more honest, trusting, and allowing of

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

“mistakes” in self and others. Remember, mistakes are to learn. They are in the past, and the past is used to make the present more satisfying. Learn from what you consider errors-and then drop the heaviness!

Remember, too, that the eternal NOW is the most important moment in time. Do not live in the past-or in the future. Be as responsible as you can-in thought, word, and action-so that you need neither to carry shame nor guilt about past behavior. And, by being aware in the present, you then set the stage for future events in a more positive way. BE AWARE. Save yourself some pain-of-growing, but re-member, too, that you often learn the most when you suffer. Rather than avoiding events that frighten or embarrass you, face up to them and control your actions in a healthy manner. If you make a change which you consider helps you mature, then the pain has merit. Each moment is what you make it. The choice is yours. Only you are responsible for your actions.

There will be a number of ways presented in this paper of looking at and listening to self. If you glance over them, not too much will happen. If you begin to work with them, making each experience a challenge through which your highest self can respond, then a feeling of oneness with self and the universe will gradually deepen. Your body will flow more smoothly as your mind relaxes and expands with the challenge of continuing growth.

Sometimes, the growing will be frightening, puzzling, or bewildering. Remember, you never have been at this point in time before. Give yourself a chance to accommodate to the new behavior, and, to do so you may have to retreat back into your old self. Don’t be surprised if this feels uncomfortable. This once was the place where you found security, even if neurotic, but you are a different person now.

Because a new you is being evolved, don’t be surprised if you become anxious. The territory ahead is unexplored and magnificently, un-believably vast. But as you become more committed to growing up and out, you will at first be in awe because there are no horizons or guide-posts. You often will be “just beginning,” and when you get to a point where, finally, you think you know, then you will blunder. Pick yourself up. Examine your behavior, from inside and out. Then look at the actions of the others involved-and begin again.

There is no end to your growth. Take risks, and you’ll grow more

OCTOBER, 1971                        5

quickly. Learn to control in a healthy way, but also let your responses happen. Does this sound contradictory? Think about this: You have free will, despite man-made and natural restrictions. In each instant, even with its restrictions, you are the one who decides on your action. Whatever external and/or internal forces prod you, the choice is yours. And it can be spontaneous, even if you are aware of what you are going to do. If you decide to be angry, for example, will your choice of words be ones you’ll later regret? Or didn’t you give yourself a choice when you heard the words tumbling out! Will you rehearse the action in advance and stumble if the other characters don’t know their lines? Is your anger honest, or are you being angry to hurt yourself, punish others, get revenge or attention? Think about it.

Finally, remember that as you explore your mind, dark areas will be uncovered. Do not be afraid of your own mind. Each part of it is uniquely yours – the despairs, terrors, and nightmares as well as the dreams, sunspots, and treasures. Share yourself with yourself, and, selectively, give as much of yourself to others as you deem fit. Be true to your real self, and, eventually, you won’t be a stranger to yourself. Learn to communicate more intimately with your inner and outer selves.

Janice Aurah Kramer

——— ♦ ———


Despite official government statements to the contrary, the United States is attempting to contact beings on other worlds. By listening for, then answering, radio signals from outer space, the government hopes to establish contact with the civilizations at the source of the signals.

This attempt at communicating with alien civilizations is largely disguised in the form of “ionospheric propagation research” financed by the government and conducted under the auspices of some of the nation’s leading universities.

The attempts at contacting other worlds-while more intense than ever before-are certainly not new. As early as the late 1800s several U. S. scientists were experimenting with wireless communications and the possibility of sending radio signals to planets other than our own. The earliest and most significant work in this’ area was done by a young Yugoslav scientist named Nikola Tesla.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Tesla believed if one could generate enough high-voltage electrical discharge, those “bolts of lightning” could be used to communicate across the vast expanses of space.

He constructed a high-voltage generator at Colorado Springs, Colo., to demonstrate his theory. However, his thundering discharges of man-made lightning soon aroused the local populace and he was forced to discontinue his experiments. But prior to closing his installation, Tesla evidently received a reply to his booming messages.

Tesla said the signals he heard were “of such clear suggestion of number and order that they could not be traced to any cause then known by men.”

In 1924 the government organized its first publicized attempt at contacting alien beings. Curious about the possibility of life on Mars, government officials decided to listen for radio signals from the planet during August when it passed within 35-million miles of earth.

The government enlisted the help of several of the nation’s leading scientists, including Charles F. Jenkins, who had recently invented a device for recording radio signals on photographic film.

The government ordered all American radio transmitters to remain silent during the test and other nations also instructed their stations to listen for signals from space.

For a period of 29 hours radios across the world were quiet-then suddenly receivers crackled with strange radio signals-apparently emanating from beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

According to a New York Times article on August 28, 1924, Jenkins’ new device recorded the signals and “development of the film record, . . deepened the mystery of life in outer space.”

The developed film showed the radio signals-represented by dots and dashes-were evenly arranged so as to form “. ..a crudely drawn human face.”

Not until 1960 were any official attempts at contact renewed. Frank D. Drake, head of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Greenbank, W. Va.. was named to head the new experiment, which he named “Project Ozma,” for the “imaginary land of Oz, a place very far away. difficult to reach and populated by exotic beings.”

The project was in operation for only three months and according to the information released after the experiment, scientists actually listened for radio signals for only 150 hours. This means the re-

OCTOBER, 1971                        7

searchers listened for only one hour and twenty minutes a day. No wonder the official report on the project states that “no positive results were obtained.”

With the death of Ozma the government officially ended its attempts to contact alien civilizations. But in the summer of 1960 construction was begun on the world’s largest radio telescope at Arecibo in Puerto Rico.

Operation of the facility is handled by Cornell University, but the sponsor of the project is the “Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U. S. Department of Defense.”

Government interest in radio signals from deep space increased in July, 1967, when the Cambridge University radio observatory discovered incredibly regular, low-frequency radio signals from an area of space over 200 light years away.

The signals, called pulsars, received tremendous news coverage throughout the world. Arthur C. Clarke, famous science fiction writer and a noted astronomer, told a U.S. radio audience the signals represented the “greatest discovery in the history of mankind.”

The nature of the pulsars is still in doubt, though some scientists believe the signals may be produced by intelligent civilizations. While the discovery of the pulsar signals failed to produce any official response from Washington, the government did embark on another attempt at eavesdropping on the universe by launching a unique satellite called “Radio Astronomy Explorer-A.”

The purpose of the spacecraft, which features antenna 25 feet taller than the Empire State Building, is to monitor low frequency radio signals like the pulsars.

It is possible the pulsar signals, because of their regularity and signal strength, could be used as navigation beacons.

Some writers have suggested that unidentified flying objects, which have invaded American air space at will, might possibly be using the pulsar signals as navigating beacons.

It would seem likely such a theory has entered the minds of many officials in Washington-and this might explain the launch of the RAE-A satellite.

The connection between the radio signals from outer space and un-identified flying objects is obvious. The patterns of UFO sightings for decades have indicated the earth has been under systematic and periodic

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

surveillance. The threat of invasion from outer space has been the subject of many tales of science fiction. But fiction could become reality in the not-to-distant future.

When the security of a nation is threatened, that nation does everything in it’s power to ascertain the nature of the threat. It would seem that programs initiated by the government in the past few ,years-the Arecibo Project, Ozma, the RAE-A – all indicate an awareness in Washington of the threat posed by the unidentified flying objects.

Glenn O. Rutherford

——— ♦ ———


Youth Wants Contact With God and People

(Dayton, Ohio Daily News, May 19, 1970, by Rev. Malcolm Boyd, the “Coffee house priest.”)

A young Jewish student was telling me about her participation in an “underground church” on her campus. “I still go every Friday night to a synagogue service,” the student told me. “It’s stiff and formal. If you accidentally touched somebody they’d probably scream. They don’t want contact with other people. All they do is worship God

“But in our underground church, when we pass communion we reach out and touch each other. We want physical as well as spiritual or mental contact. And we need it with each other. Anyhow, isn’t God in us and here with us? Why do people always put God up in the sky or behind an altar in church or synagogue?”

Students are fed up with Christianity, yet deeply interested in religion. They are aware of spiritual values, soul as well as body, and the realm of mystery in the midst of a highly pragmatic, technological society.

In religion, as in other areas of their lives, students seek small communities that can offer meaningful human relationship instead of impersonal large crowds. “Underground churches” meet the needs of many students… Students are not afraid of their senses so one finds incense, chants, film, bright colored clothing, food, drink and occasion-ally drugs playing sacramental roles.

The Occult is assuming a new religious dimension. Students are looking away from the West toward Eastern spiritual experience …

OCTOBER, 1971                        9

Sometimes students in small communities sit on the floor for hours, simply repeating the same primitive chants, with their legs crossed, eyes closed, and smelling pungent incense. Emotion and feeling have taken the place of a coolly national approach to God. There is a re-capturing of wonder and awe. yet this is not mediated through a priest-ly figure standing between themselves and God. It comes through a direct, intimate and intense relationship of people in a group.

Denominationalism obviously plays no part in such a religious experience … They have achieved religious unity in a living room set-ting. They do not respect far-removed leaders but make moral decisions within their own indigenous communities. ..

Political action and religious impulse have come together, for many students, in proliferating “peace masses” and “liberation masses.” These are highly evangelical. Preachers shout and extort. Emphasis is placed on personal witness. People embrace each other in the “kiss of peace.” A folk-singer interprets religious meaning, with political implications, in contemporary words.

Confession can be an outpouring of many voices. Everybody present is often given a chance to speak. People stand, or sit, in a circle. Many priests may be present. but there is no “priest.”

On special occasions-at Christmas, Good Friday- or Easter-large numbers of students tend to come together for hours-long festivals or encounters, marked by multi-media presentation, music, lights, films, slides, dance and eating…

So Youth seeks contact with God and People.

——— ♦ ———


ON THE LAST day of August. after a short ‘sightseeing tour’ of the Wiesbaden area, we drove again to Hamburg where, the next morning, we boarded a plane for West Berlin. The flight through the Berlin ‘Corridor’ was made without noteworthy incident, and we arrived at Tempelhof Airport shortly before noon. We engaged a taxi at the air-port, and spent several interesting and informative hours examining some of Berlin’s best known and most historical areas. We also visited a few areas which are quite significant, although carefully unpublicized. (One of the advantages of establishing an understanding relationship

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

with taxi drivers, is that one may thereby acquire much information which is not otherwise available to the casual tourist, or even to the visiting politician.)

We included in our tour, several blocks of the infamous Berlin Wall, where we waved casually to the stony faced guards in their elevated towers. One of them even made a motion as though to wave back, and then suddenly realizing the enormity of what he was doing, froze in mid motion, and finally pretended to be scratching his ear.

In the evening we spoke for a group of college students, some of whom, apparently, were exchange students from various parts of the Soviet Union. The principal subject of the talk was ‘The Area of Mutual Agreement.’ We repeatedly stressed the very logical, but little realized fact that, if any kind of negotiation, whether between individuals, organizations or governments, is to be successful, it should always begin with a careful and sincere effort on both sides, to determine and to document all of the areas or points upon which both are already in agreement. This process creates a foundation from which both sides can work equally, and establishes common bonds which will help to prevent the two sides from pulling farther apart as the negotiations proceed.

Somewhat to our surprise, the Soviet students were quick to grasp the significance of the principle, and were very enthusiastic in their endorsement of it. There were several urgent invitations to visit the Soviet Union, and to lecture there. Unfortunately, our trip had been scheduled in advance, and we were unable to accept the invitation at that time. We pointed out, however, that the lecture we had just given had been taped, and that they were welcome to make as many copies, and to play the tapes in as many places, as they might choose.

(A few months after our return to the United States, it was announced on a television news broadcast that Premier Kosygin of Russia was planning a visit to Peking. During the course of the interview, the news man asked the Premier if he felt that, by a visit to the Chinese Capital, he could solve the problems and eliminate the dangerous controversy between the two nations. Kosygin replied, “No, of course not. Our differences are far too profound to be resolved by any one meeting. If I go to Peking, it will be for one reason only. To determine and to document the things upon which we now agree. Thus we can create a foundation upon which we can discuss later, the points upon which we disagree.”

OCTOBER, 1971                        11

It was startling to hear the very words which your editor has spoken from so many podiums during the past eight years, now coming from the lips of one of the most powerful men in the Soviet Union, but it is encouraging to hear them spoken anywhere.

If President Nixon, in his coming visit to Peking, will employ the same principle of looking first to the area of mutual agreement, the three nations may yet find it possible to take each other by the hand, instead of by the throat!

——— ♦ ———

world report

Educational TV For India

(East-West Center Magazine, Spring, 1971)

Dr. Daniel Lerner, member of an international group of consultants being organized to work with Indian authorities on the most ambitious single television project yet for India, says:

“India … is planning to establish an educational television system which will place community receivers in each of the country’s more than 500,000 villages … Most of the villages don’t even have a school, so in part it will be a substitute or supplement for primary education.”

The system is to use a satellite to be put up in 1974 by NASA, with a life expectancy of 12-18 months. By then India hopes to have produced its own satellite to take over.

The Indian government plans to use the television system for primary education, including increasing the literacy level, and for economic development, mainly agricultural.

The third major goal of the system is to increase national integration in a country which has 14 languages, many religions, and many millions of persons who have never left their villages and are un-acquainted with the cultures of other areas.

Dr. Lerner notes that this project is “the most ambitious, the most important single project I’ve ever known about in terms of the number of people that will be affected in a given period of time,”

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Recycling Cities

The Mercury, San Jose, Calif., July- 30,1971

By Pete Carey. Mercury Aerospace Writer

LOS ALTOS-“Trashpolis” may never become the name of a buzzing industrial center, but it would fit if four area engineers have their way. They’d prefer to call it a de-manufacturing center, a place where the nation would take its waste materials for conversion back into ingots of tin, drinking water and a variety of raw materials.

Essentially, the towns-perhaps six of them spread across the United States-would be giant recycling centers, cities of 100,000 or more, devoted solely to recycling the nation’s garbage.

Involved in the project is Paul de Gaston, who worked as an engineer for Westinghouse.

Other creators of de-manufacturing are all jobless engineers who work on a consulting basis for industry. They’ve spent 25 to 30 man months working on the project.

“De-manufacturing may not be the final stage of the industrial revolution, but it is logically the next phase,” de Gaston said Thursday. “We think it is as important now as manufacturing communities have been during the industrial and technological revolutions.” How do you attract people to a post-industrial Dogpatch? People go where the jobs are, said the San Jose engineer. And the cities would be like any others except they would reverse the typical industrial base. The “raw” materials are plentiful, too, in the form of billions of pounds of things Americans throw away.

Each city would be totally self-sufficient, producing its own water and energy from effluent. “We’d probably have enough to irrigate some land and have a few farms,” de Gaston speculated.

That is relatively important, since he envisions placing the towns in arid regions like the California desert, Nevada, West Texas and the Navajo Indian Reservation.

Power would come from so-called “waste products” produced by atomic and fast-breeding reactors, now encased in concrete coffins and buried at sea or in abandoned salt mines.

Admittedly, de Gaston and friends haven’t completed total cost studies, but they have received encouragement from diverse places like Stanford University, Stanford Research Institute, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory at Livermore and San Jose State College.

OCTOBER, 1971                        13

Currently, the plan is summarized in a small 15-page booklet with stacks of back-up material to support its conclusions.

If the government takes it up. however. it may someday flourish as the next step in our post-industrial economy.

How You Can Help

(Science Digest, September, 1971)

In Oxford, England, Sir Alister Hardy, retired marine biologist, has founded the Religious Experience Research Unit (RERU) to build up a body of knowledge about religious experience in the present day.

The Religious Experience Research Unit is looking for written ac-counts of religious experience. Sir Alister asks all of those who have been conscious of, and perhaps influenced by, some power, whether they call this the power of God or not, to write a simple brief account of their feelings and their effects. The report should include age, sex, nationality, religious upbringing and a return address. All replies will be regarded as strictly confidential and real names will not be used in any published accounts.

Sir Alister and his colleagues hope to study and classify at least five thousand experiences in various categories-visual experiences, touches experiences, internal feelings of an “outside power,” etc.

If you have had such an experience to share please write to: The Director, Religious Experience Research Unit, Manchester College, Oxford, England.

Ice Cap Melting Predicted

Columbus Dispatch, July 18, 1971

STOCKHOLM (UPI)-People in the Northern Hemisphere may live to experience a change of temperature and witness the disappearance of the polar ice cap during the next century.

This was one conclusion drawn by 30 scientists from 14 nations who ended a three week Study of Man’s Impact on Climate.

The conference was sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Mass., under direction of Prof. Carrol L. Wison, and hosted by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Some of the activities of man will cause important surface changes, said Prof. William H. Matthews, an associate director of MIT.

He said the most sensitive surface was the ice and snow, particularly the ice masses in the Arctic Sea.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“We recognize a real possibility that a global temperature increase produced by man’s injection of heat and carbon dioxide (C02) into his environment may lead to a dramatic reduction or even elimination in Arctic sea ice,” Matthews sad.

ESP Not Uncommon

(The Decatur Review  April 26, 1971 – by Dawn Ricchio

“Everyone has extrasensory perception,” ESP expert Dr. David Hoy, said today.

Dr. Hoy is working as an adjunct professor at Northwood Institute, Midland, Mich., in the area of extrasensory perception and nonverbal communication as a practical management tool.

“We are trying to establish the use of ESP in sales and management,” he said. “It’s a matter of mind over matter and sending thought patterns.”

Dr. Hoy said he thinks ESP is now being accepted as a science. “We are entering the age of feeling rather than the slide rule,” he said.

“I lecture at about 100 colleges and universities each year, and they, fill the auditoriums and the halls to listen to what the mind can do,” he said.

Any person who wants to can develop extrasensory powers, Dr. Hoy said. Many persons never try because they are afraid of failing, afraid they won’t be able to control the ability and afraid that the outcome may be evil rather than good, he said.

“There is a fear of the unknown,” he said.

Dr. Hoy recently completed a book that will be published in the fall-It is titled, “Ninety-Nine Notables,” and is composed of interviews with famous persons who claim to use ESP. Among them are Pearl Bailey, Mae West. Melvin Belli and Orson Welles.

Broken Bones Mended With Sound Waves

(National Enquirer, August 15, 1971)

Russian surgeons claim they can mend broken bones with ultrasonics -sound waves too high pitched to be heard. This technique actually welds broken bones together, according to the Soviets.

More than 30 children and adults have had fractures repaired in this way in an 18-month period, said Professor W. Polyakov of the Soviet Union’s Central Institute of Advanced Medical Training. Prof. Polyakov developed the ultrasonic method of bone welding with Professor G.

OCTOBER. 1971                        15

A. Nikolayev of Moscow’s Bauman Technical School after 500 experiments with animals.

A report on the treatment of humans said that broken pieces of bone are exposed, then placed in position and sprayed with a special plastic. The ultrasonic beam is passed over the damaged area until a wisp of vapor appears and the cracks disappear. The final step is to bandage the wound. In time the plastic “glue” dissolves and is replaced by natural bone.


UFO – News in the Finnish Press

The English Supplement to the Finnish UFO Magazine-Vimana-reports, extensively, in its January, 1971 issue, of UFO news reports in the Finnish Press. Twenty reports are given for the months Jan., Feb. and March of 1970, and it is indicated that these are but a fraction of all reports printed in the papers.

Several reports are listed of sightings peculiar to Northern Finland, and a detailed analysis is given of a study made of a “Remarkable UFO Case in Kuusamo.”

We list a few of the sightings given

January 3, 1970: At Saapunki, in Kuusamo a light phenomenon melted snow in the courtyard of a farmer, Mauno Talala.

January 5th: At Pudasjarvi several light phenomena were seen in the sky by a bus driver and several others.

January 5th: At the border of Seinajoki and Peraseinojoki an odd light phenomena for a few minutes followed the car of a married couple, both of them teachers from Kemi.

January 8th: At Erajarvi in the vicinity of a farmhouse. strange round traces were detected. These traces began from nowhere and ended suddenly. On the night when the traces appeared the housedog barked furiously. Despite the moonlight the farmer’s wife did not notice anything special.

January 11th: In Kuusamo a formation of 16 UFOs were seen for approximately five minutes in the sky.

January 17th: A strange light phenomenon was seen in Oulu both from a passenger plane and from the ground. Its origin is presumed to be the rocket tests performed at Kiruna.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

January 17th: At Lieto a TV Cameraman, Erkki Passkki, saw a bright, ball-shaped light in the sky. It remained stationary for quite a long time.

New Zealand Flying Mystery

(Otago Daily Times, New Zealand, July :31, 1971)

Further sightings of an orange-coloured, cartridge-shaped mystery flying object have been reported throughout Otago.

The ‘object was sighted on Wednesday by Mr. J. D. Bradley, head teacher at the Dunback primary school, who was returning from a meeting with Mr. K. Smith, head teacher of Macraes school, and Mr. Bradley’s assistant, Mrs. Skene, who also saw the object.

It was reported to have been of a flat trajectory and moving steadily across the sky. Mr. Bradley said he had seen several meteorites in the past week, which did not resemble the mystery object. He said the object changed colour from red to green and was moving in the general direction of Alexandra.

In Central Otago, it was seen by Mr. and Mrs. A. Mitchell as they were driving between Alexandra and Clyde on Wednesday and by another Alexandra woman on Thursday.

“It was very low in the sky and at one stage looked as though it would land near the Dunstan Hospital.

“The object was very bright. It moved away slowly and then faster before disappearing,” she said.

A housewife reported seeing a large golden globe shining very brightly in the sky above Cromwell Railway station, Thursday.

She called her husband and both watched it for several minutes. It moved slowly away and picked up speed as it went behind the hills. Two sightings were made in North Otago on Tuesday night, and the most remarkable one was by a woman and her two grandchildren in Oamaru.

About 8.30 p.m. she saw a small object, followed by a larger one, and another small one, moving fairly slowly north along the coastline be-fore turning inland.

The same night Mrs. Scott, of Weston, said she saw a “round, bluish-white object with a red tail” moving from north to south.

It moved slowly, and was in sight for a number of minutes. (Courtesy: Apollo Verein, Box 27, Otahuhu, N. Z.)

OCTOBER, 1971                        17

Book reviews


by Doris Heather Buckley

Published by Sherbourne Press, 1640 S. La Cienega, Los Angeles, Ca. 90035. $2.50, soft cover.

Conversations with the Beyond relates the information given to Mrs. Buckler and a group of people through the mediumship of Dan Buckler. It contains tape recorded conversations with Teachers from the Fraternity of Light, The White Brotherhood and others on topics of health, finance, transition and the meaning and understanding of life here on this planet Earth.

It relates the experiences of Mrs. Buckler’s mother who struggled to learn more about Life while she awaited her transition and follows her to her experiences afterward. Kate Shannessy, a humorous Irish woman came to talk with them through Dan just after she had passed on. She returned many times and talked with them both before and after Mrs. Buckler’s mother passed over. Walter Norton, Helen Murphy, Quan Tse, Lord Wantamo and other Spirit Guides gave valuable information and understanding of this world and the next.

This book and its companion book, Spirit Communication For the Millions by Mrs. Buckler, will give the reader a different viewpoint of life here and now as it relates to the next plane of living. Spirit Communication tells of lost and wandering souls who asked for help and what they did to guide them. It is a good guide book for others want-ing to help entities on the Astral plane.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


by Heather Buckley

Published by Sherbourne Press, 1610 La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca. 90035. $2.50.

Science of Mind for the Millions is a dynamic approach to living and believing in the world of today. It is a system of thought, action and results that can be easily applied by those who are desirous to learn how to work with Universal Law to create for themselves a better life here. It is step by step, down to earth instructions on how to overcome the things that prevent one from getting ahead in life, in health, in finance, in happiness and peace of mind.

Due credit is given Earnest Holmes and the other pioneers in Science of Mind in this Down to earth philosophy of Mrs. Buckley’s.

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Annual Meeting of Understanding, Inc.

All Officers, Directors and Members of Understanding, Incorporated, are hereby invited to attend our Annual Meeting to be held the week-end of October 23 and 24, at the International Cultural Center of Understanding, 2200 Merlin Road, Merlin, Ore.

Members of the Merlin Unit 1 of Understanding will host a Potluck Lunch and Supper on Saturday. The meetings will conclude by noon Sunday.

Your participation in the affairs of Understanding, Inc., is encouraged and will be much appreciated. Come one and all.

OCTOBER, 1971                        19

October Understandorama

Esther Ellsworth of Unit 71, San Bernardino, California, announces that the October Understandorama will be held in the Flamenco Room of the new Griswold’s Claremont Inn, 515 W. Foothill Blvd., Hwy. 66, Claremont, Calif. The date is Sunday, October 17th. Donation for the full day is $3.00.

Registration commences at 9:15 A.M. and the Program at 10:15 A. M. The speakers include: Col. Arthur J. Burks, Dr. Judith Tyberg, Paul Ready, Riley Hansard Crabb, Maria Hardy and Dr. Stephen Isaac. There will be a song leader and pianist from the Flower Newhouse Quest Haven Retreat of Escondido, Calif.

Buffalo Unit 37 Hosts Dr. Fry

On August third an informal meeting was held in the garden of Cora and Tony Prantner of the Buffalo Unit of Understanding at which Dr. Daniel W. Fry was the guest speaker.

President Marie A. Hale wrote: “There were about a hundred in attendance and all were very interested in what Dr. Fry had to say. They milled around him for an hour after the lecture…  It was all very enlightening.”

At their September meeting the Unit scheduled as their speaker, Dr. Pierrette Austin, an outstanding psychic and medium, as wall as an Auric scientist.

Mind Engineering Comes to Oregon

The guest speaker at a recent meeting of Merlin Unit 1 was Mr. Alexander Kurtz, Executive Director of the San Francisco Academy of Mind Engineering. Mr. Kurtz has devoted his career to making available in easily under-stood terms insights derived from a wide range of studies, Eastern teachings and Western psychology, age-old yoga methods and modern scientific research, etc.

He holds that it is possible to learn how to manipulate the major states of awareness and to employ creative visualization to produce ideal conditions and desires.

The latter part of the program featured a student of Mr. Kurtz, Mrs. Wilma Bronkey, in demonstrations of New Age techniques of mental mastery.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING


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Bay Area Conventions

Mrs. Angela Kilsby announces her Annual Understanding Convention in the Bay Area will be held:

October 9th at the Berkeley House, Berkeley, Calif.

October 10th at Rickey’s Hyatt House, Palo Alto, Calif.

Regret that at press time we do not have more detail, but you may call Mrs. Kilsby at 415-334-1158.


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CONVERSATIONS WITH THE BEYOND. Spirit Communication For the Millions- Science of Mind For the Millions. $2.50 each plus .26c postage and tax. 3 for $7.00. Heather Buckley. 4018 Rincon, Campbell, Cal. 95008

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