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VOLUME XVI                              JANUARY, 1971                                        NUMBER 1

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


(Given on October 31st at the Annual Meeting of Understanding, Inc.) The Understanding organization has now reached the age of 16 years, and the period of transition during which the child becomes an adult, and several significant changes take place. It is usually during this period that the youth chooses its ultimate goals in life, and develop its pattern of working toward those goals, whatever they may be.

The Understanding organization, hawing reached this period in its life, must now begin to do the same.

It is true, of course, that Understanding has, from its beginning, had the general purpose and goal of bringing about a greater degree of understanding throughout the world, and also that understanding must first be attained by those who propose to disseminate it. And so, Understanding, Inc. has, for the past 16 years, wandered, like the children of Israel, through the Wilderness of Misunderstanding, bigotry, selfish ambition or total apathy, constantly seeking, and occasionally finding the precious jewels of understanding which are the objects of its efforts. Even when these are found, like diamonds in the rough, their value is not always obvious to the casual observer. They must be cut and polished so that each of the many facets may reflect the light of truth.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

In our groping search for understanding the mortality rate has been very high. During the past 16 years your President has signed more than 10,000 membership cards in the organization. 10,000 people who, at one point or another realized the absolute necessity of a substantial increase in World Understanding  and by their membership, pledged themselves to assist in its achievement. More than half of them have fallen victim to the insidious creeping apathy which constantly whispers, “Let Joe do it! I’m much too busy, my bridge club meets this afternoon, and we have a date for supper and the theatre tonight. Besides it might cost something and, with the increase in prices lately, I hardly have enough for myself. The world has got along without my help in the past, and since I am only one person, I couldn’t do much anyway.”

Another 30% wander down some alluring side path of temporary or specialized interest, such as dietary programs, abstract philosophy, the money system or political action. While each of these specialized paths is important in its own way, when anyone becomes engrossed in any of them to the exclusion of everything else, he is lost to the mainstream of understanding. It must also be realized, of course, that many of those who joined Understanding did so in the first place because they were interested in some special facet of Understanding’s program, they will leave to pursue their specialty in some other group.

This year’s annual report shows that of the more than 10,000 persons who have joined the organization since its inception, less than 400 paid their dues for this year. Of these there are about a dozen dedicated members who really grasp the simple fact that their own welfare, their own lives, and those of their children, depend upon the rate at which understanding is propagated throughout the world.

Therefore, if the Understanding organization is ever to become a successful implement of World Peace, its first task must be to bring the vital importance of Understanding to the attention and understanding of its own members!

Also, some means must be found of raising at least the minimum amount of funds necessary for the existence of any organization. Today, our membership dues are $2.00 per year, or less than 4 cents per week, and the great majority of our own members have in the past neglected to forward even this. One cannot help but wonder how

JANUARY, 1971                         3

much these people think their lives, and the lives of their children, are actually worth?

The United Nations Organization spends tens of millions of dollars each year, and has not, as yet, come up with a single practical solution to the problem of nuclear weapons, or for that matter, any of the other major problems which constantly threaten the existence of all society and civilization.

We ‘e do have a solution offered to us by one whose race has long since solved the problems with which we are now faced, and who solved them with the same methods and tools which are now being offered to us.

The method, as described by Alan, has been presented to, and enthusiastically accepted by some of the best and foremost minds of Europe, Asia and the Americas. It remains now to present the concept to the world. The presentation may prove to be the most important and vital project in the world today, since it deals with the continued existence of mankind and civilization, without which existence no other project will have any significance.

During the discussions that will take place today as the business meeting progresses and in the Workshops to be held tomorrow, one fact should be clear in our minds, the time has come when the Understanding Organization must begin to take its necessary place in the world, or it must admit it has failed its purpose.

Of the more than three billion people living upon this planet today, less than one in a thousand has ever heard of the Understanding organization which is working earnestly- and continuously for their welfare and, perhaps, for their lives.

How many persons have you told about Understanding this year? How many have you invited to become a part of this vital and timely-project?

Each member could, without any cost, and without undue effort, mention the organization to one or two persons each day, and say something, of its purposes and its efforts. Of those who learned the nature of the group, at least two or three percent would become interested enough to offer their assistance, and there would soon be enough interested members to complete the tasks which we have set for ourselves. Academic interest and moral support are fine to begin with, but if we are to succeed, we must all become involved!

We must not permit the tombstone of this civilization to read-It died because no one really cared.

4                                                                                            UNDERSTANDING


It was a warm day, the 12th of July 1966, and I was trying desperately to dig out an existence as a taxi driver in Merced, California. Business was very slow so that left me to cruise the city in search of a fare. I approached the corner of 17th and M streets. There, standing by the drug store, was a very stately gentleman, who by the cut of his clothing was a man of much wealth, a diplomat, or traveler from a place far beyond the shores of our country.

He was wearing a suit that was of so fine a texture that it had a sheen similar to that of a fine new metal. I know not its composition but it was beautiful. I did not think this unusual as Merced is the Gateway to Yosemite National Park and we had many occasions when wealthy people from other countries stopped at our town before departing for the Park.

He raised his hand to indicate lie wished to ride my taxi. I came to a screeching halt, as fares were hard to come by. When lie sat down in my taxi, I asked him, “Where to?” He stated, “Take me to the perimeter of your city.” “In which direction?” I asked. “To the North will suffice,” he replied. We started toward the north end of town and on the way he remarked, “Might I borrow your etching pad?” I assumed he wished to write something personal for himself to keep. I handed him the pad on which I recorded my calls. He wrote on a sheet in the back of my calls. This I did not discover until I checked in my money for the day.

We arrived at the starting of the freeway ramp where I asked him “How far?” He stated “This will be adequate.” I stopped the cab and let him out. He asked, “What is the tariff?” I told him it was seventy cents, and he then handed me a new dollar bill that was with-out a wrinkle or bend of any kind. He, then, stated, “I hope this will suffice.” I thanked him, turned around to start back to town, but as I looked back, as I usually do for the safety of my customer, I received the greatest shock of my life. He was gone! Disappeared completely! I stopped the cab, got out to look for him, but to no avail. He could not have gone onto the Freeway or over the side, as there was a high fence with barbed wire on the top over which no one could climb.

When I checked out for the day I found some writings on the pad of which I had no previous knowledge. He came by later in “his vehicle” and told me what the writings contained-their message.

JANUARY, 1971                         5

I have given only one of my experiences. It may not be destined to convince you of the presence of flying saucers or the beings they carry. But, if you read this with an open mind and think on it you will know it is true.

It is my hope that the same enthusiasm be used to explore the understanding of our fellow man as was used in the past few years to investigate Flying Saucers. If this is done in a very few years planet Earth would be a much better place in which to live.

Harvey E. Campbell

Understanding Member

——— ♦ ———


“Law And Order” rings the crescendo cry of the citizenry as riots, crime and a fear filled aura beset the city streets. The increasing incidence of serious crimes and confrontations has raised the call for corrective measures: better surveillance, sterner laws, stiffer punishments. A frightened populace grows discomfited by this fear, and forwards the cause of control, and law and order to combat it.

No one can fault the people wanting protection. Surely the right to reside in one’s own home or to walk the streets of one’s neighbor-hood without untoward incident is expected and cherished by all. When the prevailing atmosphere is fear, when the average citizen is continuously frightened by the conduct of his fellow men, the resultant plea can only be for a resolution of the problem. As the problem broadens, the plea gains force and resonance. The fear and frustration give birth to emotional expression, to a fervent demand, to a well founded necessity that forges its viewpoint in a three word slogan Law And Order.

But what kind of law and order? Or will any brand suffice? Does the necessity for a solution to the problems automatically give sanction to any means deemed suitable?

“The streets of our country are in turmoil, the universities are filled with students rioting and rebelling, Communists are seeking to destroy our country, Russia is threatening us with her might and the republic is in danger. Yes, in danger, from within and from without. We need law and order-we can not survive.”

Such statements as the above are made all the time, though the

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

kind and quality of the law and order required is usually not delineated. The question remains as to whether those who seek law and order seek relative contentment at any price?

Adolph Hitler, who spoke the above cited words in Hamburg, Germany in 1931, saw the same need. But Hitler’s dehumanizing approach to and inhuman treatment of people would have appeared as such even to a class of life lower than man. Nevertheless, his philosophy, his doctrine gained considerable support among those who sought temporary relief without regard to the long term consequences. One then wonders if something similar could happen again. One wonders whether the majority will subscribe to a program of nationalism or totalitarianism that is differentiated from Hitler’s Germany only by the name by which it is called.

Cures are needed, to be sure. Injustice does exist, and its mere specter gives rise to complaint. But justice is a fragile and elusive commodity, one which requires ever attentive and profound consideration. Hopefully it is with justice that man will attend to the aberrations of his fellow men. Hopefully it is with regard for fellow human beings that man will seek to resolve the problems of the city streets. For as much as individual men will strive to act justly and in the interest of humanity itself, so much will humanity prosper. And a prospering humanity- will have room to see to its neglected.

Walter N. Scott, Jr.

——— ♦ ———


(The following is taken from a Newsletter of Drs. John and Louisa Aiken of Socorro, New Mexico. The Aikens were physicians for 30 years but the death of their two sons led them to seek for a better understanding of life. After much study of ESP, psychic phenomena, mystic religions, and the religious use of psychedelic consciousness expanding drugs, they have traveled over the continent sharing with others the fruits of their wisdom.)

We find a restlessness, especially among the younger generation (and some of the older, too), and a reaching out for a more meaningful way of life. Perhaps it is Life itself, urging us to a new breakthrough, for this urge seems to be world-wide. And, with a little understanding

JANUARY, 1971                         7

on our part, we can cooperate with Life in what may be the next step in human evolution-our spiritual enfoldment. There are laws of the Spirit which are as fixed as the laws of matter, and which we must learn and observe if we are to cooperate effectively with Life. Three of these seem to me to be very important, and perhaps you will find them worth considering.

First: To Accept Myself As I Am. So many say that they can not do this. But, at this instant, I am what I am. This is what I have to work with. It does not at all mean that I will not do all in my power to make changes in the direction which seems to me to be right and constructive. But What I Am At This Moment is what I must use in making those changes, no matter how inadequate it may seem. Just as in a card game, the hand which has been dealt to me (or which I have dealt to my self!) is the one with which I must play, as best I can. If I will accept myself As 1 Am This Moment, then I will have so much more energy for growth, enemy which I have been wasting by rejecting myself.

Second: To Accept Others As They Are. No matter what any other is doing, thinking or feeling, If I Were That Person, I would be doing, thinking, feeling, exactly as he is. With background, training and understanding (or lack of it), I could not do other than he is doing. The only one I can change is myself. We can help others to change only if they open the door to us. And, in the final analysis, perhaps the only way we can really help others to change is by changing ourselves! And so, if I can stop judging, condemning and criticizing others, I have another great reservoir of energy available for growth, energy which I have been wasting by rejecting others’.

Third: To Accept the Situation In Which I Find Myself as the one which will best promote my own growth at the moment. In any case, my present circumstance is what I have to work with. It is the “hand of cards” which Life (and my own choices) has brought to me. If I run away from it, 1 may have to face the same situation again until I do work it out. I can work very hard to make changes in my circumstances, if they do not seem ideal, just as I work to change myself. But At This Moment, myself as I am, and my situation as it is (including people as they are) constitute the material of Life, the “hand of cards” with which I have to work. If I can recognize and accept this fact, then I am on my way to greater growth.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

And now, my formula for best learning to apply these three acceptances? To do the very Best I can, Now, with what I have (and am) now-and grow on! I may not be able, as yet, to accept fully myself as I am, but in this too I will do the best I can now; I will do my best to accept others as they are, and the situation in which I find myself. As I make the attempt, I learn a little to do it better and so Grow On.

As we do this, we are Saying Yes! to Life. Life may then grow us, live us!

John Aiken, M.D.

(If your group is interested in a lecture by Drs. John and Louisa Aiken when they are in your area, please contact them at P. O. Box 1097, Socorro, New Mexico, 87801.)

——— ♦ ———


South American Report

(La Nacion, Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 10, 1970)

Bahia Blanca-A brilliant unidentified object was seen on Saturday midnight between the seaside resort of Chapalco and Medanos . – . The news was widely commented on the local broadcast and television stations, but both the municipal authorities and the Town-Mayor denied it and said it did not exist.

The provisional police-officer, Ricardo Hector Radice, 25, married, who had been three years in that district and five in another, made the following declaration:

Last Saturday, at 23:50, he was returning from Chapalco in his ‘ utility. He was alone, driving towards Medanos, after having left some other policemen on duty in Chapalco. Exactly at 17 km from Chapalco and 27 km from Medanos, at a site called La Salinas, where there are two salt excavations … he was taken aback by an unusual sight. At one side of the road he saw as if a bright object was suddenly lit up. It was oval, but looked more like an inverted cone and from its upper part, which was wider, there shot out rays of a brilliant light, which looked like those children draw of a setting sun. The rays seemed to lose themselves in the sky. The strangest light came from this upper part, while the rest of the mass seemed lit up by an opaque light. The object was suspended in the air not far from the ground

JANUARY, 1971                         9

and some 400-500 m. in front of him. He advanced towards it with his car in low gear.

“The light was so strong,” he said, “that it was reflected in the windscreen and on the paint of the car and I was blinded. The sighting lasted a little over a minute, and I was in an absolutely normal physical and psychical state. Suddenly, as it had appeared, the light went out, as if it were switched off. The mass (object) changed its position: it was now more tenuous, and then it shot away at great sped towards the north-west and disappeared.”

The police-officer continued for some 600m., then stopped his car and got out. He examined the site for about 15 minutes, trying to find some traces of burnt mass, but found nothing. Later, he was told that there had been some controlled fires in the area. He answered that, in fact, as a police-officer, he had investigated these fires, but they had taken place earlier in the afternoon. He reaffirmed that he did not speak of anything that had not existed or that he had not seen, and added that in his quality as a police-officer and in view of his service record, he could not now indulge in inventing visions.

Report from IGF of Sweden

Sten Lindgren, President of the Inter Galactical Federation of Stockholm, Sweden reports as follows:

At about 0:30 P.M. the 3rd of May, 1970 a member of our group and his wife are on their way home from a couple of friends. These are his own words:

“I often take a look at the sky and so I have come to see things you usually do not observe. Before I see these things I often have a strange feeling that I can most properly describe in this way-when you are at school and waiting for a test being distributed and you know be-forehand that you have made a good test, just not how good (a kind of positive expectancy).

“Such a feeling existed also this night and I checked the sky extra carefully. For a moment I saw five red discs with hazy outlines, pass in a V-formation (their horizontal motion was wave-formed). Then they disappeared behind some houses. My wife saw them too.”

Dunedin, New Zealand Sightings

Dunedin (N.Z.) Evening Star, Sept. 14, 1970

An unidentified flying object was sighted by several people in Dunedin and at Brighton at 6:45 on Saturday night.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

At least four Dunedin citizens and two persons at Brighton saw the object and have all reported similar observations. The sightings were made in perfect conditions with no cloud and a three-quarter moon aiding the visibility.

The Director of the Beverly Begg Observatory said he had had several accounts of the sighting and from all accounts it was a meteorite. One of the persons who made the sighting had seen several meteorites before and discounted the possibility of this being one because of its large size and because of the course it was traveling.

“It was as big as a large truck seen from a distance of half a mile,” he said.

Most of the descriptions picture it as a very bright orb of light with a triangular flashing tail, but persons varied in their accounts of the direction in which it was traveling.

Courtesy “Apollo Verein”

Otahuhu, New Zealand

——— ♦ ———

world report

Space Can Shrink Heart

(Los Angeles Times, Oct. 27, 1970 – by Marian Miles  Times Aerospace Writer.)

Visiting Soviet cosmonauts told Caltech faculty members that a long space voyage could shrink a man’s heart to the size of a chicken’s.

Maj. Gen. Andrian Nikolayev and Vitali Sevastyanov, who orbited the earth for a record 18 days in Soyuz 9 last June, pointed out that in the weightlessness of space a powerful heart is not needed and it starts to shrink.

The two cosmonauts, who had difficulty standing, walking and sleeping after their return to earth, described the human body as a wise organism that rejects what it does not need.

“It tend. to laziness,” Nikolayev said, adding that a readjustment period required by the two crewmen after the flight was due to a

JANUARY, 1971                         11

lessening of body calcium during the 18 days of weightlessness. The calcium deficiency, he noted, was 8 to 10%, particularly in the lower extremities, with less loss in the head and arms.

At the faculty session, Dr. Harold Brown, Caltech president, asked the cosmonauts if they felt that within five to ten years man will be able to remain in space for many months and perhaps fly to other planets and return.

“We flew for 19 days and more data analysis is required before we can make statistical decisions,” Nikolayev answered, “but men must be able to exercise more aloft. And on long flights, simulated gravity will be necessary if he is to adapt to space flight and still be able to work when he returns to earth.”

Discipline Needed

(Post-Advocate, Alhambra, Calif., October 29, 1970)

Johannesburg, South Africa-The world-wide fad of permissiveness among young people is, zoologically, indefensible.

No mammal species could hope to endure without discipline-rigid and often harsh discipline. For the species Homo sapiens to try it, viewed from a purely biological point of view, is unnatural and hazardous.

Most mammals, according to a recent African studies of animal behavior in the wild, are magnificently square when it comes to bringing up junior. They use a great deal of affection but they are also liberal with corporal punishment. Behaviorists are coming to the conclusion that both are vital in preparing young animals in the art of survival. But the one without the other is as useless as a balloon without its skin.

Elephants have been seen giving their youngsters painful whippings by using their trunks, and junior’s squeals echo around the bush for miles. Baboons often put their young across their knees and spank their bottoms. At night when monkeys climb into trees the troop leader whacks all who are late.

Psychologists, taking a belated but energetic interest in motherhood in the wilds, saw some interesting and often pathetic sights. Among the best mothers kept under observation were jackals. Jackal mothers are very affectionate but are quick to bite if their young make mistakes when learning to hunt. because of the intensity of jackal hunting

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

the over strictness of the mother is necessary. To survive in the wild it is necessary to split as soon as possible.

The jackal mother leads the young on a hunt, far from home, sets them on their prey, and, as the preoccupied pups rush off in pursuit, the mother leaves, leaving the lost and bewildered cubs to make their own way in life.

It can be argued that man is now intelligent enough to throw off disciplinarian methods that once molded him for adult life. But it isn’t necessarily intelligence that counts. It is wisdom that is the key to survival.

Evanston UFO Class

(Chicago Tribune. Oct. 19, 1970)

A class of 15 north shore men and women are attending a class on UFOs at Evanston High School.

The course is advertised as the “only academically approved study of unidentified flying objects.” Its instructors, Walter Laub, physicist and salesman for electronic equipment, and Sherman Larsen, a life insurance salesman and president of the Chicago chapter of NICAP-National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena-have been using National Aviation and Space Administration and Air Force reports as base material.

“We are not trying to make believers or unbelievers in UFOs,” Larsen has said repeatedly. “We are attempting to suggest the philosophic and administration problems that would arise should such a thing as discovery of intelligent life among the stars be confirmed.”

As a basic premise of the course Laub and Larsen are using a Brookings Institution report thru NASA to the House Committee on Science and Aeronautics, made during the first session, 87th Congress. This says in part:

“Since intelligent life may be discovered at any time via radio telescope research presently under way and since consequences of such a discovery are unpredictable, two research areas are recommended

“Initiate historical and empirical studies of behavior of peoples and their leaders when confronted with dramatic and unfamiliar events or social pressures. Such studies might help provide programs for meeting and adjusting to implications of such a discovery.”

Laub and Larsen are suggesting that if such a discovery comes

JANUARY, 1971                         13

within the next two decades it will be by way of the radio telescope rather than in “face to face meetings with it.” They have both moved somewhat “away from belief that extraterrestrial vehicles have been seen on earth,” they indicated yesterday.

Electronic Pollution

(Condensed from Time Magazine, October 26, 1970)

Under “Science,” Time Magazine discusses Electronic Pollution which can be caused by any piece of electrical equipment. Such devices crowd the atmosphere and the space above — with “stray, mischief-making radio waves.”

Electro magnetic interference (from car ignitions, transistor radios, micro-wave ovens, broadcasting stations, etc.) can interfere with electronic computers as well as heart pacemakers and electrically operated prosthetic limbs. Astronomers, using radio telescopes, are troubled by terrestrial signals at frequencies similar to those being detected.

Ham radio operators, reportedly, jammed the airwaves in the Moscow area so thoroughly the airport controllers were “unable to bring a plane down in bad weather.” And, built under a flight path to an airport, the Internal Revenue Service computer center found its tax records erased from stored magnetic tape.

Aware of the situation, scientists are now working for solutions. But, says one FFC official, “the smog will be with us for a long time. We’ll have to suffer with it for several years at least.”

Exorcising Ghosts

(San Francisco Chronicle, July 20, 1970-by Marian Breen)

Djakarta-When everyone is away from the wealthy home the servants refuse to go inside to put the meat in the refrigerator. We asked why? We were told that the ghost of an honored servant, who died recently, frightens the four servants when they enter the empty house.

“How absurd,” we told our Indonesian friend, who we felt certain was more rational than the young servants. But, instead of hearing his laughter of ridicule, we were told a story of how he dealt with the supernatural world.

Some years ago he and his family were eating breakfast. Suddenly there was the sound of banging. Someone was throwing rocks against

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

the house. Outside, he could see no one, yet the sound continued for 20 minutes, and for 20 minutes every morning for the next 18 days. Asking his friends about it he was told the usual stories of spells. cast over people’s homes, for in Indonesia if you want someone to move or if you just don’t like someone, you bribe a tukun-a sort of witch doctor-to perform his art on the person. To stop the effect of the black magic, the victim must also seek a tukun.

Our friend decided he was not going to be the victim of witchcraft. and instead used what he called Western psychology. On the 19th morning when a large rock crashed into the room, he climbed upon the roof and shouted: “Whoever is doing this will come to me tomorrow and beg my forgiveness. If he does not, he will be paralyzed for the rest of his life.” He repeated the curse.

It worked. Never again were rocks thrown at his house. He said that he still wonders if he successfully scared a ghost, a human, or if he broke a spell.

——— ♦ ———


When we see great conflicts and terrible tragedies arise we wonder, indeed, why people did not avert such awful conditions and problems. Neither Governments nor Churches can, of course, remedy ills, prevent vice or check criminality or delinquency merely by means of coercive measures, or with doctrines and promises. All great social problems have their root in profound mental complexes which arise from a dire lack of borer as well as outer education. It is preposterous to speak of solving human problems without going deeply in the mind of people, and in this respect, no religious doctrine can by itself re-habilitate any individual. Neither can Divine interference of any sort become valid when people are not duly prepared for living according to an awakened and dynamic conscience, an alert and creative mind, a noble and uplifting heart, and a serene and enlightening spirit.

-“Cosmic Voice

The Universal Cultural, Humanist, Religious and Spiritual Alliance for modern Times, Inc. P. O. Box 4293-Grand Central Station, New York City, N. Y. 10017 (U. S. Contact)

JANUARY, 1971                         15

Poet’s corner


The earth came from the sun, they say,

Blasted off and hurled away,

A molten mass of seething heat,

No living thing could near it come.

Eons passed e’er it cooled enough

So rain from out the mist

Could rest upon the molten mass.

Then torrents pouring slowly cooled

The red-hot seething clay.

The cooling inside shrunk,

The outer crust folded and dried.

Mountains came in fold on fold,

The crust conformed to the inner mold.

We know not how long it took

To prepare the earth for life of man,

Or if man is the final goal.

We only know that a task so grand

Did not just happen and blindly expand

 A mighty logic, a mind supreme

Guided the task, each step related.

In the beginning, God created.

Dad Weed

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Does Telepathy Really Work?

(Family Weekly, Austin American-Statesman, Aug. 23, 1970. Article by Hans Holzer, author of ESP and You and Truth About Witchcraft.)

Can people talk mind-to-mind at great distances without using telephones, radio, or other intermediaries? It seems that way, according to overwhelming evidence that direct links between minds occur frequently.

Take the Arctic explorer, Sir Hubert Wilkins, for instance. Some years ago he and psychic Harold Sherman had made a pact that they would communicate with each other over the miles. Sherman would keep a record of what he “saw” clairvoyantly, while the explorer would keep a log of all his activities. On returning to America, the two men compared notes. More than 80 percent of the entries matched.

Telepathy works best spontaneously and especially when ordinary communication is impossible for one reason or another. In times of danger, many a distraught mother has heard her little one crying far away, only to rush home to find that the child had fallen or was ill and in need of immediate attention.

Not all telepathic communications involve danger or disaster. Some ordinary things can be subject of such mind to mind contacts, the need to send a message to someone immediately when the facilities are available.

One of the reasons such communications require a urgency, a genuine need to get through, may be found in the concentrated effort this requires on the part of the person trying to make that contact. Without that need, the emotional cause is absent, and apparently it makes a difference. Despite exhaustive tests in clinical laboratories, telepathy was never successfully explored in this manner. In fact, some of the strongest psychics, who have shown themselves capable of spontaneous ESP on many occasions flop dismally when subjected to the confining conditions of the lab. Telepathy can be developed, however, by simply allowing it to come into use whenever conditions call for it. A desire and open minded approach for it to work are helpful, plus the ability to relax oneself emotionally and physically so that no secondary thought interferes with the primary ideas one is trying to “send out.”

Experiments with the same two persons tend to improve

JANUARY, 1971                         17

the channel of communication, and if there exist personal or emotional ties between the two telepaths, so much the batter.

If there is such a thing as a “world mind,” then some psychic people can certainly take part in it, and perhaps some of the creative genius in existence is due to the drawing upon of that vast reservoir of knowledge.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

COSMIC ASTROLOGY: The Religion of the Stars-June Wakefield, CSA Press, Lakemont, Georgia 30552-Soft-bound $3.25 postpaid.

Astrology is a spiritual Science when developed and utilized with the consideration of all natural and Divine Laws, from study of THE ONE, the Creator and the Source, down through various levels of consciousness to the natural elements of physical existence, Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Today there is an upsurge in humanity’s interest in occult and metaphysical subjects, evidenced strongly in increased numbers of “coffee-table astrologers.” However, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and to one who would understand Cosmic and Universal forces, much background is essential.

COSMIC ASTROLOGY presents such background; it develops the theme of the spiritual potential of this fascinating science, it interprets the area of symbology through discussion of planetary and zodiacal signs, it teaches of polarity in the heavens, it offers information on the nature and function of the planets and signs, indicating also each one’s connection with the physical body of man, it develops the concept of the Trinity (the underlying Truth of nearly every religion) which is action of two (polarity) to produce a third. Houses and aspects are also considered.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

This book does not delve into the mechanics of erecting a horoscope, which  information is available in many books and through study courses but does give the reader a depth of understanding lacking in the mere interpretation of one’s Sun-sign, the latter being a dominant factor in life, but often so strongly modified by other forces that a person is not recognized as a native of his or her particular sign. However, COSMIC ASTROLOGY will increase one’s interest in, and his respect for, this science which is so rapidly becoming one of the most powerful sources for guidance and inspiration in the New Age.

One interesting study made of the symbology of zodiacal glyphs has to do with Taurus, and possibly you are one who cringes when a well-meaning exponent of astrology says “of course-he must be a Taurus” when gazing at a virile male; yet Taurus is a feminine sign, and many natives are quiet, unassuming and “meek” men and women (the word “meek” used in its Biblical connotation, meaning strength of humility, not a weakness). I quote from COSMIC ASTROLOGY: “Their very stubbornness makes one wonder if the term “bullheaded” did not come into use somewhere after the living symbol for Taurus was changed from the cow to the Mill … It is amusing to note that the ancients spoke of the “melodious cow” as standing for Taurus, instead of the bull.” Note the formation of the horns in the symbolic glyph for Taurus, and reach your own decision.

COSMIC ASTROLOGY is enjoyable as well as informative-written for the one who wants to know more, yet is not able to really study the science in all its ramifications-yet may lead the reader to wish to pursue further knowledge.

Dorothy Low

Clever Man

An educated man keeps his mind open on every question until the evidence is all in. He listens to the man who knows. He never laughs at new ideas. He cross-examines his own day dreams. He knows his strong point and plays it. He knows the value of good habits and how to form them. He knows when to think for himself and when to call in an expert to think for him. You can’t sell him magic. He lives for forward looking,, outward looking life. He cultivates a love of the beautiful.

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