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VOLUME XV                               AUGUST, 1970                                          NUMBER 8

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


As this issue of the magazine goes to press, your editor will be arriving in Saro, Sweden on the first leg of a 20,000 mile journey for Understanding. The purpose of the trip is twofold; first to deliver a series of lectures which have been requested for several years, and secondly, to discuss at length with a number of interested persons, in Sweden and in other countries, the principal and foremost project of Understanding Inc.

As most of our readers know, this project involves the sponsorship of a world wide congress for the sole purpose of determining and documenting the total area of mutual agreement in the minds of people throughout the world. This is, of course, a task of such magnitude that the Understanding organization, working by itself, could never hope to accomplish it successfully. We may, however, by an all out effort, succeed in bringing the concept, and the vital necessity of its consideration, to the attention of a substantial portion of the world population. In any event, since the continued existence of our civilization almost certainly depends upon the successful completion of such a program, we must make our maximum effort on the widest possible scale.

A great deal has been written in this magazine, concerning the

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

area of mutual agreement, and the means of documenting it, but perhaps the concept has not always been made as explicit as it should have been. In future issues we will present several articles dealing with the subject in the simplest possible manner, so that every reader will understand exactly what we propose.

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(A report by Charles R. Sloan.)

The consensus of public opinion showed clearly that the first annual convention of the International Cultural Center of Understanding, and the dedication of the new building were most meaningful and successful.

The center was blessed by the delegates from thirty-two states and five foreign countries, representing their groups of Understanding. Dr. Daniel Fry, founder and President of Understanding, gave the dedication address, with a warm welcome and with bits of wisdom for all. At 3:00 PM he officially opened the convention with an address on, “Areas of Mutual Agreement,” after which there was a panel discussion group in which most of the speakers and the audience exchanged thoughts and opinions.

During the evenings there was inspiring entertainment including the artistry of the beautiful Pleanchai, who performed authentic dances of her native Thailand. World Dances by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis, and Dances From the Far East by that superb dance team, Sujata and Asona, (who also had full house attendance for their excellent Yoga class instruction.) Also, there was the Jack Schwarz Jr., Trio, who gave several good “Rock” sessions for the more than fifty enthusiastic teen-agers, (and most of the older folk who joined in from time to time,) and one evening there was square dancing for all, plus an exhibition dance by professional performers.

There was a glittering galaxy of nationally and internationally known speakers which included the Rev. Damien Simpson, who also acted as Master of Ceremonies; Rev. Jack Schwarz, who headed the Aletheia portion of the convention; Dr. Roland T. Hunt, Yogacharya, D.D.; L. D. (Pat) Cody, Director of Aero-Space Education, U. S. A. F.; Dr. Marianne Francis of The Solar Light Center; Fred Kimball, who holds interesting conversations with animals; Dr. Gina

AUGUST, 1970                           3

Cerminara, of many talents; Samuel Bousky, Scientist-lecturer; Dr. Myron S. Allen; Dr. H. M.; A. vn Ginkel ; Dr. Milan Ryzl, and Mr Monty Wooley.

The Rev. Dr. Irma Glen was most generous with her great talents as one of America’s foremost organists, playing many of her own compositions as well as some of the time hallowed classics. Her lecture was most inspiring, and was followed by a forty-five minute recital of her original, “Music Prayer Therapy,” which was a blessing for all.

Cap all of this with Dr. Dan’s lecture on “The Curve of Development,” and a most outstanding convention came to a glorious conclusion by having included “Something for Everyone,” toward our mutual understanding.

Dr. Dan and his lovely wife Tah, dressed in their finest, awarded certificates of merit for all of the unsung heroes and heroines behind the scenes who gave so much of their time and efforts to make all welcome and at home in unified UNDERSTANDING. Our heartfelt thanks to each of you! (And bless you, Billie Thompson, for making our new home a reality NOW.)

The writer was a witness to this joyous occasion, and is, looking forward to the second annual convention in 1971. Will you be there? Plan on it and enjoy the feast as did the 375 in attendance this year in Merlin, Oregon!

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Living is a response to that which is around us-to things, to experiences, and to people. Friendship broadens and enriches our power of response, so it broadens and enriches us. It is not only a source of delight but it is also creative, highly so.

Ideally, we should gradually acquire friendships which match the whole range and variety of responses of which we are capable. But, only the most fortunate of us will manage to do that. In fact, we can get on well enough with a pattern of friendship which falls some way or another below the ideal, but if too much of ourselves is left unnourished by our existing friendships we shall come to feel restless, and dissatisfied, without knowing why.

Of course there are plenty of other good reasons for these feelings,

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

but poverty in friendships is a common unsuspected cause. That is why those with an acute sense of something missing in life should look to their friendships to see if they may be, least partially, to blame.

Persons whose life of friendships is not a rich one fall, as a rule, into one or another of two groups. There are those whose friendships are so few and undeveloped that they receive little of the assurance, companionship, comfort and support, for which we all depend upon from friends. The others, although they may have a wide circle of friends, are short of the mental and emotional stimulation they need, because their range of friendship is much too limited.

To take the first group, those who want to have more friends, but find that they cannot manage to do so, are usually persons who somehow inhibit the growth of friendship between themselves and others. One of their common difficulties is self-distrust. Persons burdened with an overdose of this (and we all have some) are quick to shrink away from others, at the slightest discouragement, real or imagined. It is as though they believed their personal gift of friendship to be such a sorry thing that no one would want it. This belief is a fiction. Friendship, or friendliness, is in short supply in society, and whoever has some to give, in a simple, uncomplicated form, is sure of a welcome.

Sadly enough, it is often sensitive and imaginative persons, who actually have a great potentiality for friendship, who shrink from the very contacts through which alone they could acquire friends. These with much self-doubt should remember that friendship is by nature expansive. The direction of those short of friends should be towards others, not away from them.

The twin of this mistake is seen in those who strive too hard to make friends. It is very easy to feel that our small gift of humanity is not enough, that we must add something special to ourselves if we are to be acceptable to others.

A University student, with little self-assurance but good brains, found herself, after a year in college, without any real friends. She so undervalued herself as a person that she felt she must sell herself to others by dazzling them, on all occasions, with her powerful intellect. In great need of affection, she strove harder and harder to impress others as friendships receded farther from her. Under guidance, she learned to relax more in company and began to make friends.

AUGUST, 1970                           5

This ever-ardent striving for acceptance defeats its own ends because it makes for embarrassment and tension which inhibits friendliness. “Making friends” is really a poor phrase because it suggests effort. We cannot “make” friends. What we can do is to create the conditions in which friendship can grow. This includes a relaxed, accepting, undemanding attitude towards others.

Those who are short of stimulation, because their circle of friends lacks sufficient variety, may be sharply aware of their quandary, or completely unconscious of it. Since the former understand the nature of their problem, we shall concentrate on the latter, who do not.

When a family grows up and leaves home the mother, particularly, misses the presence of her children and their friends. She explains away the gap she finds in her life as loneliness. There is an element of loneliness, of course, but what she often fails to realize is that all the facets of her personality which her children stimulated and drew out are now being neglected. Consequently, to compensate for the departure of the children, she should attempt to meet new and different people. These new friends can restore to the mother’s life fullness and richness that often seems to slip away when the children are gone.

Similarly, those whose circle of friends has been stereo-typed for sometime may be aware of something missing in life. If our social life is limited, that is, exclusively to one group of people, making the same responses over and over again, other elements in our personality are left unused.

We need the assurance of a stable group of friends and acquaintances, but we should venture beyond this when opportunity offers, or our mental life will be limited to the ideas, interests and attitudes of the group. Those who restrict themselves to a single group often feel restlessness and exasperation which they find difficult to explain. Incidentally, the group itself will benefit if its members expand their friendships beyond it. A group in which the life of friendship is ingrown is likely to degenerate into a rigid, narrow clique.

A friendship that is over-possessive often ends in a bitter disruption. Each one of us is at the same time so varied and so limited that no one individual can ever completely match the personal potentialities. of another individual. This situation means that persons in a possessive relationship may feel frustration and resentment, mounting and mounting, until an explosion occurs. Once again we may notice

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

that friendship thrives best in a relaxed, expansive environment. Naturally, friendship is something far too delicate and intuitive to be taken apart by analysis. I have dealt with only a few of its broader aspects, with the general conditions friendship needs in order that it may flower and flourish.

TITA of the Philippines

——— ♦ ———


As was shown by the late Dr. Johannes Greber, that which is within the individual reflects outwardly and effects all who come into contact with this reflection.

When I was a young man I worked on a ranch. It was a poor ranch and I did not get much of a salary-but I would have worked there for nothing just for the opportunity to be around the remarkable couple who owned the ranch.

One day I said to Bill (not his real name), “Why are you so happy?” “My friend,” Bill answered, smiling, “I am happy because I try to be moderate in all I do, because I live in a country which does not oppress me, because I have work to do.” He paused, then added-as though hoping I would understand-“Most important of all, because I am at peace with God.”

I stared at him helplessly.

“What Bill means,” Marie said softly, “is that he-and I-have lived long enough to know that there must be a God, a Creator, who set everything in motion, Who made the raw materials in the first place. You have to have something to work with before you can do anything, you know.”

That I could understand, and I still remember swallowing hard as emotion stormed through me. They meant that they were happy in the knowledge that they had given so much and felt, of their own free well, that they should respond constructively and joyously.

So many today have not come by this knowledge, partly because education has placed great emphasis on material things. Religion, too, has altered its original theme-that the individual is all important-by relegating effort, reward and penalty to society rather than to the individual.

What is the result? Such negative, chauvinistic attitudes create in a

AUGUST, 1970                           7

person brittle ambition and selfishness … but on a subconscious level. Consciously, such a person believes, by dropping the old axioms for the new, that he is serving the cause of humanity, that he is finding new freedoms.

But his thinking is faulty, without consideration for first causes. He forgets that, while nations are founded on cooperation, it is cooperation based upon individual initiative and obedience to basic laws.

When I was about to leave the Sanders, Bill said to me, with a half smile, “You are young, my friend, but you will not stay that way long. The next few years are so important. They will solidify a pattern of thinking which will be your guide forever afterwards. Don’t think I’m trying to preach to you or that I’m always happy. I’m neither. But I went through all of this myself … and a kind friend gave me a push in the right direction. Then I looked for someone who felt as I did. I was fortunate indeed to have found Marie!”

What could I say at nineteen.. . Yet his words have never left me. I have tried to apply them to work, to play, to life in general I try to help those around me and to be my own man in the sight of my Creator.

It really does not matter what Name you use in mentally speaking to the Source of all wisdom. What does matter is that you give credit where credit is due.

Christ is reputed to have said, “My yoke (yoga)is easy!” What he meant, I think, was that those who believed should form a correct code to live by and to be true to self as part of this code.

How well I recall those several occasions down through the years where superiors approached roe with suggestions that I compromise my integrity in favor of ambition. To be honest with self, you must know when to say “Yes” and when to say “No.” You have to realize that you must live with yourself and that you will not always be a human.

You have to live for today, but with one eye on the future-yes, even the far future. Not the actual future itself but how your words and actions today will effect your status tomorrow. . .or many, many tomorrows from today.

In my search for the essence of the Sanders’ philosophy, I found a life partner who is compatible with my code. She has a profound effect upon all with whom she associates.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Dr. Johannes Greber lived this way. He was true to his God and to himself and, in turn, to those around him. He reflected a light which lingers long after his death ….

“The first law of the Universe,” Greber once said to close friends, “is understanding-and the second, love. Therefore, living with understanding and, loving all things, in justice you grow, and the fruits thereof are faith, hope and patience. Love is charity-quite the opposite of greed, from which all evil stems.”

-Rex Eidson

——— ♦ ———


(This information was sent to us by one of our New Zealand correspondents. It appeared in the Otago Daily Times of Dunedin, N. Z., November 6, 1969, datelined Canberra, Australia.)

Research workers studying prehistoric man in Australia have a unique advantage-their subject can answer questions. Though few Australian Aborigines today live as prehistoric hunters, many still hold the ancient beliefs of their tribes and know well the rituals, myths and modes of life of their ancestors.

Scientists believe the study of Australian Aborigines living today may throw light on the customs, social organizations, beliefs and way of life of the primitive hunters and food gatherers living in parts of Asia and Europe 10,000 years ago.

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies says research is making it more and more evident that the Aborigines form a unique natural laboratory for the study of man and his customs … The changes in some customs and characteristics, and the equally significant lack of change in others, are being studied today with the help of the Aborigines themselves.

Modern studies of Aborigines seem to be touching on the fundamentals of human life in society-how language develops, how races evolve, how the culture of a society conditions the capacity for knowing and understanding its members.

Research is already demonstrating that the genetic makeup and blood groups of such a geographically isolated race provide invaluable evolutionary and comparative data. Considered over the thousands of years during which they developed, the Aborigines’ legal, economic,

AUGUST, 1970                           9

social and ritual customs and systems provide unique research opportunities for anthropologists.

The Institute says the most urgent anthropological task is the need to map the hills, rocks, water holes and other places mentioned in Aboriginal mythology. The mythology maps reveal the journeys of the ancestral spirit beings on routes that link up over vast areas of the Australian continent.

The many areas of research are adding new chapters of the prehistory of Australia and causing some long-held theories to be changed. The Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies is desirous of preserving as much of the cultural heritage of the Aborigines as possible in the process of their integration into a machine-age society. With the establishment of a Federal Office of Aboriginal Affairs a national survey is being made to collate all the information required to assist the Aborigines undertake productive enterprises and to find their place as citizens of Australia. Millions of dollars are being considered for projects designed to make thousands of Aborigines self-supporting. Among the proposals put forth by the Federal Government is a role for the Aborigines in the Australian tourist industry. They will be encouraged, by the government, to help restore and maintain Aboriginal works of art, give dance performances professionally, produce original works of art, and work as rangers and guides in national parks. Thus shall be bridged another gulf that has separated the past from the present.

——— ♦ ———


From Green Bay, Wisconsin, Mr. Henry Marshall writes:

I want to say a word on behalf of a minority group-a different word, a different group … I am only one person but I DO have a MESSAGE.

This minority is not vocal nor articulate. It is not organized. It makes no marches, protests, threats nor demands it injures no one. It has no prejudices. It is docile and dependent. It is humble. It is, like the Beatitudes.

This minority is the mentally retarded-many of whom also have physical handicaps as well. If you know any, then you know how wonderful they are-sweet in nature, patient, affectionate, friendly.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

What they do NOT need nor want is sympathy, pity, overprotection. What they need is acceptance, interest, attention, involvement. They need to belong. They need to be useful-as much as they can. They need to be understood-for just what they are.

Every community in the country needs to be acquainted with these youngsters-to see first hand how worthy they are, how interesting, how much fun. This is what I want to say. . . but I need lots of help. I just want people to get this message-the more who get it, the more likely a few of them are to take some action, and a lot of it is needed.


Hire a retarded worker-yes, a retarded worker. Why?

Well, not just to make yourself feel noble,

Not just to give him a chance to be active and useful.

Not just to make him feel whole, complete, vital, necessary.

Not just to give him an outlet for pride, for self-fulfillment.

Not just to offer him that exhilarating taste for independence.

But because you will like him —

You will like his zeal and zest for work.

You will like his earnestness, his passion to please.

You will like his docile way, his eagerness to learn.

You will like his cheerfulness and affability.

You will like his strong desire to belong, to be accepted, to be on the team-and you’ll admire his loyalty.

Because your people will like him —

He will give them the privilege to knew what the retarded are like-that they are worthy of knowing.

He will give them a reason to be considerate and understanding and he will give them the example.

His presence will remind them that just being normal is a rather considerable blessing,

He will give them an incentive to match his output of effort.

Because you will furnish a good example to the business community.

Because you can tell your friends that it is fun having this worker in your shop-that it is a healthy, rewarding experience-and that they should do likewise.

Should you feel moved to assist Mr. Marshall in his efforts to promote understanding of the Mentally Retarded, please get in touch with him at: 150 Kenney St., Green Bay, Wis. 54301.

AUGUST, 1970                           11

World report

Abominable Snowman Seen Again

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., June 8, 1970

KATMANDU, Nepal (UPI)The Himalayas’ legendary creature–the Abominable Snowman -has been reported sighted again. Don Whillans, 36, a member of the British expedition which successfully conquered the south face of the 26, 700-foot Mt. Annapurna, told a news conference Saturday he saw the Yeti on a moonlight night.

“I saw the Yeti March 25 at the camping base at Machhapuchre during the Annapurna climb,” Whillans said.

“In my 13,000 foot high camp I was restless and not getting proper sleep. Suddenly, I saw a taller human figure moving in the bright, moonlight, snow-reflected night about 500 yards away on a ridge. It was about 2:30 a.m.

“I rushed and collected my binoculars which showed a strange human figure very similar to a huge gorilla or an abnormal-sized chimpanzee. I watched the creature moving slowly for half an hour before it disappeared in the thin atmosphere.

“My efforts to photograph the Yeti did not materialize because of poor visibility.”

The following morning, Whillans said he visited the spot where he sighted the Yeti and found markings similar to those previously published and purported to be the creature’s footprints.

Artificial Sea Weeds

San Francisco Chronicle, June 2, 1970

AMSTERDAM-The Dutchman has a new weapon in his unceasing battle against the sea: artificial seaweed.

The North Sea is encroaching on the coasts of Zeeland, Terschelling and Rottumerplat, and the response is an experimental planting of a “seaweed” made of lightweight polyproprene.

Similar experiments are under way in the United States, Britain and Denmark.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Earthquake Eased by Ball Bearings

Grit (Williamsport, Pa.) May 10, 1970.

High-rise buildings in earthquake-prone California may be built safer if they rest on ball bearings an inch in diameter that are sandwiched between steel plates in the foundation of the building.

Marc S. Caspe, 34, an engineer in Belmont, Calif., has a patent pending on the technique. He estimates the system would cost about 30 cents a square foot in new buildings, at least 40 percent cheaper than present earthquake-resistors.

Park Stresses World Peace

(Christian Science Monitor, May 19, 1970-By Helen S. Phillips)

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH-Tucked away in a quiet corner of this city is a bright jewel of a park where, it is said, beauty speaks in many languages. Aptly named the International Peace Gardens, this lovely showplace brings together the horticultural artistry from 19 countries and proceeds to weave all 19 separate, authentic gardens into one colorful, breathtaking whole. The result is a unique civic attraction that provides the visitor with a world tour in miniature.

The approach beneath a peace arch and through stately wrought iron gates sets the scene for a riot of color and native artistry beyond.

Not Giving Up

Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune, June 17, 1970

PEORIA, Ill. (UPI)-Instead of welcoming the unknown, scientists have become “defenders of the status quo,” a university chemistry professor and believer in unidentified flying objects said Saturday.

“Some of us in the scientific community have fallen into a security trap. Theories and ideas make us prisoners, and we begin to look on them as creeds instead of tools,” Professor Allen P. Utke said.

Utke was one of the main speakers before about 160 persons at Bradley University Saturday for a weekend midwest UFO conference. He and others at the conference are dissatisfied with the results of the widely publicized UFO investigation conducted under government auspices by Dr. Edward U. Condon.

Utke suggested that pressure should be put on Congress through public opinion and petitions demanding a thorough investigation, thus “outflanking” the scientific community.

“We (UFO believers) will be better prepared when the next bunch of sightings come,” he said, “and, there will be a next time.”

AUGUST, 1970                           13

Another speaker, Ted Phillips Jr., an employee of the Missouri Highway Department and amateur astronomer, described “burn circles and saucer nests” found at scenes of UFO landings.

Philips said there have been 128 reported cases of circular areas, from two to 72 feet in diameter, where vegetation has been destroyed and matted down during a saucer landing.

“The significance is that you have not something that flies away into the distance and disappears, but something that can be examined. It leaves us with tangible evidence, although we can’t explain it,” Phillips said,

Dutch Telescope

Christian Science Monitor, May 6, 1970

WESTERBROOK, The Netherlands (AP)-The world’s newest and biggest radio telescope, probing 8 billion light years into space, is beckoning United States scientists to Europe.

“There is almost a brain drain in reverse,” said Dr. Ernst Raimond, superintendent of the observatory to be opened here June 24.

Many U. S. scientists want to come to Europe, Dr. Raimond said, because Europe has a more ambitious radio astronomy outlook than the United States.

The observatory has 12 parabolic radio telescopes each 25 meters in diameter and spread over a one-mile area. Scientists from many countries recently toured the plant.

Dr. Raimond said in an interview that his new telescope system could be compared with Britain’s Jodrell Bank, whose 250-foot dish is used extensively for near and deep space research.

Westerbrook can reach farther, he said, but Jodrell Bank gives “a better overall picture.”

Dutch astronomers are hoping to probe the mystery of the start of the universe which, according to the “big bang” theory, originated about 10 billion years ago.

——— ♦ ———


Space Ships Skip Earth?

ALFRED-A number of eminent scientists are confident that interplanetary flights are taking place within our galaxy but they seriously doubt that any such flights are being made to the planet earth, Dr, Dan Q. Posin recently told an Alfred University audience.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“Flying saucers” are not apt to be space ships visiting earth, mainly because earth does not have a society which is scientifically advanced enough to extend hospitality to beings from other worlds, the speaker said. Dr. Posin is professor of physics at De Paul University, author of 25 books, and a featured television performer on scientific programs.

Dr. Posin stressed that the tremendous scientific advancement which man has made in recent years has equipped him to contemplate trips to other planets of our solar system, but he added, there is no evidence to suggest intelligent life on any of them, and suggested to his listeners that they try to imagine the scientific progress that will occur in the next 50 or 250 years as man seeks to reach farther into space.

He then called attention to the fact that among the 100 billion stars in our galaxy there are a great many stars which are billions of years older than our sun. Their planets are also billions of years older, he noted, asking “where will we be in two billion years?”

Scientists who wrestle with the problems and probabilities of interplanetary space travel hold the opinion that those societies advanced enough to undertake such voyages would go only to planets with which communications first were established. “Why go where there are no replies?” he asked.

Earth has established no such communications although there have been efforts to pick up meaningful signals from space, said Dr. Posin. For that reason scientists doubt that earth has had any visits from outer space.

Secrets of Advertising

A recent issue of Time Magazine featured this full page advertisement by Cambell-Ewald Company, advertisers. Included was a plaster masked head figure with but one eye revealed. (As we are known, so may we know ourselves!)

Each of us wears a Halloween mask all year long.

We have to, to keep our nerve ending hidden. To keep our hopes, and needs, and hang-ups, our fears and prides and prejudices, our irrationalities and our cry-buttons from hanging out for everyone to stare at.

Or step on.

We wear these shells to work, to lunch, to meetings, and to church. We always keep them handy for when friends drop in. And adjust them for which friends drop in.

AUGUST, 1970                           15

It’s this shell, whether it be button-down Edwardian, or denim, that confuses a lot of us in advertising. If we’re not careful, we find ourselves writing to the mannequin, instead of to the man inside, which often makes our ad cute but not convincing, beautiful, but not believable, “swinging” but without substance.

Shell-talk forgets that inside each of us, no matter how old or young we are, is a person who is worried about his money, his age, his looks, his health, his happiness, his family, and whether people like him. Or hate him. Or worse, simply ignore him.

The secret of advertising, then, is to crack the shell, to talk to the man inside the man.

Simple it is, but easy it isn’t.

It takes an uncommon understanding of people, great sensitivity and skill, and the discipline to use them every single time.

But it means the difference between an ad someone skips over and an ad someone reads all the way to the end.

——— ♦ ———


Report from Belgium

September 24, 1969, Zellik, Belgium: This aerial phenomena took place on September 24th at 20.10 hours. Mr. Camille Breeus, a 65 year old architect from Zellik, a suburb of Brussels, went for a short walk with his dog near his home.

While looking at the sky and the stars he saw suddenly corning from the northern horizon, a noiseless and luminous object. The thing, which was like a Delta wing, stopped not far above the house. The object was a mixture of blue and white color, like phosphorescence at night.

Shortly after this first apparition a second object, the same as the first, appeared from the same direction. This one stopped on the left of the first Delta wing. After some minutes the last apparition went out as if “switched off.”

The body of the first UFO was a reddish-yellow color and emitted a shower of sparks from the back. Numerous fine lines, phosphorescent, ran the whole side from front to back. Concerning the second, the illumination covered two thirds of the body, one third, which was the middle part, was as black as night.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The estimated altitude was 2000 meters and dimensions at arm’s length about two meters.

(The article first appeared in “Visiteurs Spatiaux,” Belgium, and was quoted by the “UFO Chronicle Quarterly” of Kent, England.)

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

Strange Creatures from Time and Space” by John A. Keel. Published by Fawcett Publications, Inc. Paperback, 75c.

This book is recommended only for those readers who are not prone to nightmares and who are capable of controlling their imaginations. The colorful cover of this fast-moving book is eerie enough to separate the weak from the strong. But for those who are intrigued with the unusual, this book offers an efficiently presented and comprehensive “encyclopedia of monsters.”

From the “Big Foot” of California, to the “Bird-Man” of West Va.; from the ocean depths to the skies above us; from every part of the planet earth, there are monster stories included to excite anyone.

Mr. Keel has done a fantastic job of compiling the information supplied from myriad sources into a factual, fascinating and fearsome account. He delves quite thoroughly and convincingly into each unusual creature report that is available, and collaborates his results with references to the Bible, Indian legends, and to various published works.

A remarkable theory is presented by Mr. Keel. He feels that “creatures and strange events tend to recur in the same areas year after year, even century after century.” Mundane explanations do not seem to fit the known facts. We have to stretch our minds a bit and extend our imaginations into the paranormal. The sudden appearances and

AUGUST, 1970                           17

disappearances of the wild, unknown creatures all over the world, even in densely populated areas, suggests that they have some means of transportation or else they are deliberately dumped here and retrieved by some form of transportation. Although unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are frequently seen in these same “window” areas, they, too, manage to appear and disappear before the bewildered eyes of Air Force pilots.

“Obviously, something far more complicated is involved. Same specialists are now toying with theories involving concepts of the fourth dimension.. . They speculate that another world exists outside our space-time continuum and that these myriad objects and creatures have found doors from their world to ours in these “window” sectors . .. No matter what the source, something strange is engulfing our planet. It does not matter if the Unbelievables are coming from some distant star or from the fourth dimension. They are here.”

Perhaps there are those of us who should not close our eyes and minds to this subject. Maybe we should lift our heads from the sand and admit that Black Magic exists as well as White Magic. Perhaps someday we, too, might be “driving down a deserted country road late at night and in front of our car we will suddenly see. ..”

-Flo Bohnert, Unit 1

EXPANDING HORIZONS, by James A Long, published by Theosophical University Press, Pasadena, Ca., paper-bound at $1.95.

Amidst the flood of astrological, metaphysical and occult literature now available, occasionally a gem is found-a concise presentation of metaphysical truths; a book that clarifies such truths in the minds of those who have already acquired some understanding of spiritual principles; a book that is dynamic in its ideas and so of interest to those who have already acquired some understanding of spiritual principles; a book that is dynamic in its ideas and so of interest to those who have not yet savored the delights of such material. One such book is authored by James A. Long, since 1951 international head of the Theosophical Society at Pasadena, Calif. This is a book which gives the “meat” of discussions held during extensive lecture tours, many with knowledgeable yet still-searching young people. It has been his goal to help those who were seeking a workable philosophy for daily living, a sensible approach to spiritual enlightenment, both lacking in

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so many churches today. If you often find it difficult to form sentences that will express your own beliefs clearly enough for a beginner, if you often wish you could put a suitable book into the hands of the earnest seeker, EXPANDING HORIZONS will be an asset if added to your library. It gives succinct data on Destiny, Karma, Life Beyond Death, God’s will and Predestination, Conscience and Intuition, plus wonderful interpretations of The Lord’s Prayer, the Golden Rule, the Six Glorious Virtues of Buddhism, to name but a few of its exciting treatises.

-Dorothy Low

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If a Child Lives With…

If a child lives with criticism,
he learns to condemn.

If a child lives with hostility,
he learns to fight.

If a child lives with fear,
he learns to be apprehensive.

If a child lives with pity,
he learns to feel sorry for himself.

If a child lives with ridicule,
he learns to be shy.

If a child lives with jealousy,
he learns to feel guilty.

If a child lives with tolerance,
he learns to be patient.

If a child lives with encouragement,
he learns to be confident.

If a child lives with praise,
he learns to be appreciative.

If a child lives with approval,
he learns to like himself.

If a child lives with recognition,
he learns that it is good to have a goal.

If a child lives with honesty,
he learns what truth is.

If a child lives with fairness,
he learns justice.

AUGUST, 1970                           19

If a child lives with security,
he learns to have faith in himself and those around him.

If a child lives with friendliness,
he learns that the world is a nice place in which to live.

With what is your child living?

(Contributed-Source Unknown)

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The beautiful Rogue River Valley town that sprang into life on June 19, 1970-at 12 noon-with the formal Dedication of the new hall of Understanding, Inc!

With Governor Tom Mc Call’s lovely letter, which may be reprinted at another date, Merlin became the talk of countries and towns, far and near.

This, our first Convention at the International Cultural Center of Understanding, was a huge success, as our cars became taxis to motels and airports. They came from Florida, New York, New Zealand, Thailand, and India. Much of the United States was represented in person or by wire. Motels were filled, our homes were filled, our camp grounds were filled, even our back yards were filled.

We were, oh, so happy! Our smallest day at the Registration Desk numbered 202. This continued on for a full six days!

Purucker Music West furnished our lovely organ which was played by the lovely and talented Dr. Irma Glen.

Our County Commissioners-Kenneth Jackson, Joel Barker, and Louis D. Ringuette-were kind enough to give up their noon hour to be at our Dedication. They won a lot of votes on the next time around. Mine will be first.

Our Wilma Thompson, builder of the International Cultural Center of Understanding; Rev. Damien Simpson, of the Universal Mind Science Church and Rev. Jack Schwarz, of the Aletheia Association, MC’s and trouble shooters; healers, entertainers, co-partners-put them all together and you have what it took to have our Good Convention.

-Tahahlita Fry

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bulletin board

Colorado Convocation

The Annual Rocky Mountain States Space and New Age Convocation will be held in Montrose, Colorado on August 15-16-17.

Among the speakers listed are: Wayne Aho, Nelli Lewis, Tarna Halsey, Jay Fair, Robert Short, Stan Ferguson, plus others.

For additional details please contact: New Age Foundation, P.O. Box 857, Eatonville, Wash., 9832, or Ray Mollenhauer, 1978 Windsor, Salt Lake City, Utah.

UFO Clippings Needed

Since UFO sightings are, no longer considered national news, we depend upon reports of local sightings sent to us by our members and correspondents.

We ask that Understanding members please send us all UFO news printed in their local newspapers. One Dollar credit toward an Understanding Gift Subscription will be given for each item used in the Understanding Magazine. Thank you for your cooperation.

June Convention Tapes

Tapes are available of the many excellent lectures given at the June Dedication and Convention-June 19-24.

Please write to Rev. Jack Schwartz, P.O. Box 334, Selma, Oregon, 97538 for details on titles and prices. A stamped, self-addressed envelope could speed the reply!

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Narration and original, inspirational music by Irma Glen. Timely, Provocative, Soul-Filled.


Spoken by Charles R. Sloan with correlative Organ Music by Irma Glen, called “the Organist who prays as she plays”

Side 2: Transcendental Organ Music

Other Recordings by Dr. Glen



LIST PRICE: $5.95 each …………. ALL FOUR $20.00


Music, Ecology and You                                              ______

The Promises of Jesus                                               ______

Music Prayer Therapy                                                 ______

Music A Bridge to Higher Consciousness                ______

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State __________ Zip ________

Californians add 5% sales tax. Please enclose check with order. Post paid.

Order From:

Numinis Recordings:

1119 San Pasqual Valley Rd.

Escondido, Calif. 9.2025.

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Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

Welcome to the Understanding family!


P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Oregon 97532.