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VOLUME XV                               JULY, 1970                                                 NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


On June 19 at high noon, the dedication ceremonies of the International Cultural Center of Understanding began. Members from more than half of the states of the union were present, as well as representatives from a number of other nations. Since the dedication was the first event of a six day symposium which is, at the time of this writing, still going on, and since the magazine must go to press, we will have to await the next issue for a full report on the activities. We will, however, quote herewith the principal parts of the dedication address, since it constitutes a rather concise statement of the organization’s purposes and policies.

Friends — We are here today to witness an event that is both solemn and joyful. Joyful because it represents the successful culmination of years of self-sacrifice, patient planning and earnest endeavor. It is solemn because we realize that each success and new achievement brings with it additional opportunities and added responsibilities.

We who have dedicated our lives to the welfare of our fellowmen, must find in this occasion renewed strength and determination to press onward toward our chosen goals. We must make of our own lives and our own actions, examples that will demonstrate convincingly, the merits of our cause.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The most important goal for all of mankind today is the achievement of genuine peace throughout the world, and this is our ultimate goal. We realize however, that genuine peace can never be achieved by any direct approach, no matter how universal the desire and how earnest the effort, because peace is not a prime entity that can be created by itself. Peace is simply the automatic by-product of complete understanding between man and his fellowman, between government and government, between race and race, and between all men and God. When such a state of understanding exists, there will be no need to search for peace, since it will follow automatically, but as long as understanding is lacking, no amount of effort or searching will ever bring about any true state of peace. Therefore, we devote our efforts to the search for points or areas of mutual agreement which may serve as building blocks from which a foundation of understanding can be created.

As we dedicate this center to the cause of International Understanding, we pray that it will, in turn, instill in our minds and hearts a new and deeper sense of dedication to the same cause.

It has been said that the mottos or slogans adopted by any public organization may serve, more precisely than any labored document, to indicate the fundamental nature of the group. Therefore it might be significant to quote a few of the “Old saws with new teeth,” as we call them, which have been adopted as working principles of understanding. Our service policy states, “There is no limit to the good one can accomplish, if he doesn’t care who gets the credit!” (Perhaps this is why we are so little known even though we have accomplished some rather worthwhile things.) Our research policy states, “It is easier to ignore or to ridicule than to investigate, but it is not as profitable!” Our peace seeking policy states, “An ounce of understand is worth a megaton of deterrent!” Thank you, friends, for your attention.

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Is it the colossus of egotism to believe that the stars are “interested” in your destiny? If this belief is untenable, is it any more tenable td believe that these same stars might be interested in the destinies of nations, or of the worlds in which we live? What about the morality

JULY, 1970                                  3

of such a belief? Or can the study of the stars and planets, which is the essence of the science known as astrology, be considered in the same breath with morality? The question of astrology versus morality may remain moot for some time, but it seems that more and more people in all walks of life are accepting the validity of astrology. To these people, it is not egotism at all, but simply common sense, to think that we are all participating in the workings of a great cosmic master plan.

One of the basic concepts of astrology, that the zodiacal sign occupied by the Sun at the time of birth is a very important determining factor in the nature of the individual, has caused a great deal of dissent and disbelief in astrology. Recently a friend of mine, a charming lady with a very fine son, condemned astrology when she learned that an alleged criminal who had been arraigned on a reprehensible crime in Los Angeles had the same birth sign as her son. This is, of course, quite a natural reaction for the uninformed person. Another example of this kind of thinking appeared in a national slick magazine recently, when a noted personality professed a disbelief in astrology because “Jackie Gleason and Liz Taylor were born under the same sign.”

But the astrologer does not concern himself with the position of the Sun alone. He does, in fact, consider the Sun sign somewhat superficial and misleading. He concerns himself also with the positions of the Moon (particularly in the birth charts of women), and the planets of our known solar system: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. Each of these planets, in addition to the Sun and Moon, says the astrologer, has its cosmic function-not only in the birth charts of individuals, but in the birth charts of institutions, business ventures, and nations.

The zodiacal signs that are occupied by stellar bodies (the term, stellar body, refers to the Sun, Moon, and all the planets, and in cases of more detailed analyses, fixed stars) assume a special significance to the astrologer. Moreover, he is concerned with these signs, not ill a vague, generalized way; he must determine the exact degree of a sign that is occupied by a stellar body. In addition, he must know whether the apparent motion of each planet is direct or retrograde, and he must learn the relationship of each stellar body with every other stellar body. Thus, we have the nine stellar bodies (excluding the fixed stars) randomized throughout the twelve signs, each of them

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

posited at a finite point in space, and the possibility that each of them is related in some manner, or in astrological language, in aspect with; some other stellar body.

And if this were not enough, we find that the positions of these stellar bodies vary in relation to Earth as Earth rotates on its axis, and according to the terrestrial location where the birth of the individual took place. Thus, we not only have the nine stellar bodies randomized in the twelve signs, but as far as Earthlings are concerned, their mundane positions are randomized throughout the 24 hours of the day, which, for accuracy’s sake must be further broken down into minutes. Therefore, when one tries to delineate character by the placement of the Sun alone, he finds himself in the position of John Muir, the naturalist, who, when he saw a single flower in a grove of giant California redwoods, wrote in his diary, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we usually find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

Another reason that many people have professed a disbelief in astrology is that its legality has at times, and under certain circumstances, been under question, presumably because the very idea smacked of fortune telling. However, very few reputable astrologers have ever claimed that they could foresee the occurrence of a specific event in a person’s life. Destiny in its broad sense, says the astrologer, is determined by character, which can be determined by studying the birth chart of the individual. This character will cause the person to create and attract certain situations which he will then cope with in his own unique way.

Nor are there “good” or “bad” birth charts. A birth chart that appears problematic because of the manner in which the planets are aspecting each other very frequently makes it owner work harder and therefore accomplish more in life; whereas, the chart that indicates an easy life may indeed create conditions that cause its owner to drift; accomplishing very little in life. But this is not at all necessary, for the birth chart is not a mandate, nor a prison that restricts our movements. It is just what its name implies: a chart, a chart that is very much the same as a road map, and from within the framework of this chart, we can, with knowledge, exercise the utmost in free will.

As astrology gains believers, we find that we may pick up some mass circulation publication at least once a month that tells us from the

JULY, 1970                                  5

front cover that “the age of Aquarius is upon us.” What does this mean? Implicitly, it means that the age is upon us when more and more we are going to believe in, and look to, astrology, for Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac, is said to have rulership over astrology. Aquarius also has rulership over all other scientific matters, humanitarianism, revolution, and abrupt changes and upheavals in the social order.

Is it too much to hope that out of the chaos of change and revolution, Man will emerge with a new understanding of himself and the many worlds in which he lives?

-Herschel Heinman

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The Christian Science Monitor of April 22, 1970, devotes a full page to UFOs. The article-It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s . .  — was written by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, especially for the Christian Science Monitor.

Of the items mentioned those of special interest to our readers include:

The Condon Report closed the door to anyone who would like to report a UFO experience to an official American Agency.

Such nations as Argentina, Australia, Britain, Canada, Chile, Greece, New Zealand and Sweden still have offices to which such reports may be made. But their governments have not instituted serious investigations of the subject.

Reports of strange sightings are still being made by respected individuals, in positions of responsibility, but they are found mostly in small town publications, for the large city dailies no longer consider UFOs as news.

Sightings have been more frequent in rural areas rather than in the densely populated areas. They have been made by respected members of the community with nothing to gain from publicity.

To accuse a group of responsible persons of mental unbalance when they witness similar unusual sights, sounds and electrical effects seems unreasonable.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, now Director of the new Lindheimer Astronomical Research Center at Northwestern University, further states “Investigators are faced then, with at least three alternatives

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

(1) The witnesses suffered a major delusion; (2) an actual craft was present but answering to a higher order of physical laws than are known to our physical scientists; (3) no material object was present, but there was something there that gave all the impression of being physically real and that could affect people, animals and inanimate objects.

“The first and third are not equivalent because a delusion doesn’t scare horses, cattle, and dogs, nor does it stop cars or interfere with radios and television sets.

“Physical scientists reject the second alternative outright, conveniently forgetting that less than a hundred years ago they would also have ruled out categorically the possibility of nuclear energy, television and space flight.

“The third, since it suggests the paranormal and is thus akin to poltergeists, ESP, and the whole world of the occult, is likewise summarily ruled out by physical scientists.

“They have settled, then, on the delusion hypothesis.”

While the Gallup Poll indicated that some five million Americans have sighted UFOs, only a very small number were actually reported to official agencies. The following table lists the reported sightings from 1947-69.



















































Study terminated early in 1969

Of the cases examined by the Condon Committee one quarter “remained unsolved, as did more than 3,000 of the 12,000 Air Force cases.”

JULY, 1970                                  7

There were “over and above the some 700′ out-and-out admittedly unidentified cases some 2,500 cases for which only tentative explanations were given.

As to the future, the questions posed are:

Will “incredible tales told by credible people” cease. . . or will highly responsible persons continue to have UFO experiences?

Where, then, can these experiences be reported?

And how will the public be informed?

Since it is unlikely that further government funding of UFO research is possible, Dr. J. Allen Hynek suggests that “A serious, quiet, continuing investigation, sheltered from the glare of publicity and supported by private or foundation funds, is the likely answer. It should be conducted by dedicated physical and behavioral scientists who meet the requirements for scientists once set down by the famous physicist, Schroedinger, father of quantum mechanics, who said

“The first requirement of a scientist is that he be curious; he must be capable of being astonished and eager to find out.”

——— ♦ ———


“Copr.” 1970 by Rose Lee Boles

Perhaps our first mistake was in allowing a statue to symbolize Liberty.

I stared at the young children in the huge symbolic head of the Statue of Liberty, then stopped a moment and listened to their beautiful original babbling of its meaning. Though each idea varied a little, they were all running along the same line, until a coffee brown hair little fellow, with matching eyes stopped, placed his hand on his chin, and looked for a moment, as if he were a thousand miles away. Then, with great concern, he turned to the guide and asked: How can a statue represent liberty anyway? An unnatural silence crept about the crowd, as he stopped a moment to ponder. A confused expression raised his dark heavy brows, and I knew from the temperance that had a certain possession of the balance of his face, that there was no need to wait for an answer.

Such a simple question, yet such depths it had! Suddenly, the true meaning of Liberty became a bit obscure to me. I immediately reached

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

in my purse and pulled out my pocket dictionary. This made me a little sad, for liberty’s not just a word! Or is it?

My mind wandered, as I turned to the L’s. I thought of the Hippies, and their “free love, love is the answer,” their shaggy hair and vagabond attire, of the black man, and his cries, “I’m black and I’m proud, black power,” of the conservative establishment, to be neat and well groomed is to be readily recognized and respected…

My eyes then fell on the L’s, then down to Liberty. I read the first definition. And it became clear to me that these people may perhaps be asking for Liberty, for the definition read: “The quality or state of being free; the power to do as one pleases . . .” Liberty. Millions of statures (outer appearances) of liberty.

And at this, even after reading and thinking a little more, the true meaning of Liberty was still as obscure as when I picked up the dictionary. If respected rights of attire and stature were liberal to all people would they really be free`’ And if Liberty is to be free, what then is free? Does individuality and “free love” mean freedom from human responsibilities? Because a man is shabbily dressed, does this mean there breathes not a responsible warm hearted human? So, he is well groomed, is he now incapable of human error? Does the whiteness of a man’s skin entitle him to look down upon? Or if he is black, should he necessarily have power?

I closed the book, and thought, though it wasn’t but one little boy, with one simple yet complex question, a grain of sand on ocean shores, it is truly the beginning. The beginning of the end of the stature of man; the dawning of the age of Aquarius. And when the stature is no more, perhaps then, the heart will beat eternally in love.

For if we were to eliminate the outer and say: “I’m not proud of my stature, neither does my color, nor my great size make me more or less than my neighbor. But I AM proud. Oh, so proud, TO BE. For I HAVE been, I AM, and I SHALL BE.”

The vastness of the universe lies within my existence. Thus, I shall explore the depths of myself, and then turn my eyes to the universe. And, my vastness will be as wings, speeding beyond the realm of time, bringing an end to the chaos of man.

From this microscopic spark, there will grow a flame, and as the evolution of man rolls on, we will surely find that there is no stature, only liberty, which means to be free, and to be free IS LOVE.

JULY, 1970                                  9

In short, it is the inner man from which comes love. When we can look beyond the attire, the skin, the flesh, and into this inner self, we will be eliminating the stature of man; putting aside the material, and function from that which we are, which can’t possibly be statue or stature, for both ARE material and Liberty, Freedorn and Love are not.

-Rose Lee Boles

——— ♦ ———


The tragedy of Youth is that it never realizes that it too will grow old. No thought of rheumatism, tablets, visits to the doctor, slowness, heaviness as it goes out into the sunlight with joy of everlasting spring in the heart. Experimentation, permissiveness, thumbing of the nose at age-old traditions, and so it goes. Indeed, youth is wasted on the young.

The tragedy of Age is that almost always it has forgotten that it was ever young, as it delivers words of wisdom and reprobation to non-listening youth. Having forgotten that it was ever young, it ever enters into battle with youth, sneering at their long-haired habits and taking refuge in forms and ceremonies that for centuries have stood the test, and suddenly, almost overnight, have become painfully and obviously inadequate.

Happy the young person who finds something of worth in the older companion. Fortunate, indeed, the aging man or woman who sees clearly purpose and reason in the young friend.

-John Snow (Caravan of East and West)

Magnificence of Divine Creation

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., 1969

Dr. Wernher von Braun, director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Marshall Space Flight Center discussed his religious views in an interview in Christian Life, a youth monthly published in Wheaton, Illinois.

Dr. yon Braun sees space travel not only as man’s new physical frontier, but also as the gateway to keener spiritual awareness of God’s sovereignty in the universe.

It signals the start of the “cosmic age,” he says, a second phase in mankind’s long development, an era in which the earth will be seen in truer perspective, as a “planet among planets,” and in which the

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

magnificence of divine creation and power will become increasingly evident.

“Through a closer look at creation, we ought to gain a better knowledge of the Creator, and a greater sense of man’s responsibility to God will come into focus,” he said.

“We must learn to consider God as Creator of the universe and master of everything. We need a greater Lord than we have had in the past.. . Our religion, our environment and our outlook have been earthbound.

“Astronomy and space explorations are teaching us that the Good Lord is a much greater Lord, and master of a greater kingdom.” Von Braun says, “the significance of religious thinking dawned on me rather late.” It was not until the latter stages of the Hitler regime, under which he had developed the V-2 rockets, that he became convinced of the primacy of “ethical values in the material world.”

“I started reading religious books, and the truth of Christ’s teaching emerged like a revelation.” He says he now finds it as difficult “to understand a scientist who does not acknowledge the presence of a superior rationality behind the existence of the universe as it is to comprehend a theologian who would deny the advances of science.”

“Manned space flight,” he continues, “has opened for us thus far only a tiny door for viewing the awesome reaches of space. Our outlook through this peephole at the vast mysteries of the universe only confirms our belief in the certainty of its Creator.”

——— ♦ ———

world report

Artificial Gene Created

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., June 3, 1970

MADISON, Wis. (UPI)-A University of Wisconsin scientific team has artificially created a gene. The breakthrough could lead to the eventual creation of life by man.

The announcement by Har Gobind Khorana, who won the 1968 Nobel prize for work in deciphering the genetic code, was made at a meeting of UW scientists

JULY, 1970                                  11

Tuesday. The development was the first time a gene-the basic unit of heredity-has been artificially produced by combining simple organic chemicals in a test tube.

Scientists previously had learned how to take small bits of genetic material out of living cells, making copies of natural genetic material in a test tube. Khorana was the first to show that genes can be synthesized from atoms or simple chemical building blocks with no natural gene required as a model in the reaction mixture.

Khorana said it might eventually permit scientists to “manipulate the biology of a living system.

“In the long distant future the knowledge might allow for genetic planning of individuals-tailoring people to fit patterns, turning out athletes or intellectuals,” he said.

Practical use of the artificial genes to produce life, alter living organisms or cure disease is, however, many years away.

UFO Sightings Reported

News-Review, Roseburg, Ore., April 23, 1970

Reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects continue coming in to the Sheriff’s office. Two such reports from unrelated areas came in about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Ronald Preston, 1898 SW Linnell, in the Green district, reported seeing a brilliant green ball falling at about a 30-degree angle.

Phil Gordon, 706 W. Pilger, also reported seeing a similar object, only he described it as hazy green. Other information coincided with that of Preston.

He said he probably would not have noticed, but his horse nickered causing him to look up.

Bones Healed With Sound

The Blade, Toledo, Ohio, Wednesday, May 20, 1970

MOSCOW (Reuters)-Soviets surgeons have successfully used high frequency sound waves to help weld broken bones and eliminate tumors, according to a top specialist here.

Prof. Mstislav Volkov, director of Moscow’s Central institute of Traumatology and Orthopedy, said in an interview with the Communist party daily Pravda that the ultrasound technique has been used in dozens of such operations and the results were encouraging.

It has also been established that ultrasound can be used as a pain-killer

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

during surgery, and patients feel no pain a day after an operation, Professor Volkov said.

He said an example of the technique’s success was a 5-year-old girl with a huge tumor which so emaciated a bone in her arm that it broke, leaving her wrist hanging limply.

Using ultrasound the tumor was removed and the gap was filled with a welded conglomerate. The wound healed in a week, and the child can now move her fingers freely.

Professor Volkov said more than 40 experiments in welding animal’s bones with ultrasonic equipment were made before the method was used in clinics.

Engineers produced a strong sort of solder between the bone fractures to be welded.

Without such protection, bones would be charred by the high frequency sound waves.

The technique is only in its early stages and much work remained to be done, Professor Volkov added.

A Day on Uranus

The Cleveland Press, Wednesday, May 6, 1970

WASHINGTON-If an observer on Uranus could see the sun, he would find that for 21 years it would climb in the sky until it reached its highest elevation and for the next 21 years it would drop toward the horizon. When it dropped beneath the horizon, it would remain out of the sky for 42 years.

Weather From Moon?

Dayton Daily News, Wednesday, April 29, 1970

MOSCOW (Reuters) -Soviet surgeons have successfully used high rope has entered a period of colder summers and winters because the moon is closer to earth than usual, creating an “atmosphere tide” that disturbs normal movements of warm and cool air.

Prone to Suicide

Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Ark., March 15, 1970

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (Reuters) -Tribal Africans involved in the complexities of Western civilization in large South African cities are more likely to commit suicide than if they stayed in their tribal homes, a study shows.

JULY, 1970                                  13

However, Africans living in cities still are less prone to suicide than South African whites.

Johannesburg, with an estimated 699,000 African and 428,000 white population, recorded 1,394 suicides in the decade that ended in 1967. Only 322 were African deaths.

Social anthropologist Dr. Peter Becker said, “Without doubt, it is mostly the process of adaptation from a purely tribal subsistence culture to a Western or industrial economy that causes pressures which may eventually become intolerable.”

“Suicide is not unknown in the tribal culture, but is becoming very much more common in the cities,” he said.

Sociologist Dr. Louis Freed said aggression in whites tended to become internalized but “among nonwhites, who are more spontaneous and impulsive, it is externalized.”

He said this was reflected in a higher white suicide rate, but a higher African homicide rate.

In a four-year period, white suicide in Johannesburg rose from 21 to 31 per 100,000. The African rate for the same period remained at four per 100,000.

Family Size Down

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., May 6, 1970

TOKYO (UPI)-The average Japanese family has declined to 1.8 children, the Health and Welfare Ministry said Monday. Family planning programs and legalized abortion have made Japan the only Asian country without a problem of increasing population. It is even feared here that a labor shortage will develop by the turn of the century.

——— ♦ ———


God’s Word need not be called on the carpet by science, but when it was, recently, apparently the Scriptures helped set an aerospace computer straight.

In Green Belt, Md., space scientists were checking the position of the sun, moon and planets to discover where they would be a century or a millennium from now, according to President Hill of the Curtis Engine Company of Baltimore.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“We have to know this so we don’t send a satellite up and have it bump into something later on in its orbit,” he is quoted in Truth and News, published by the Huffman Church in Birmingham.

The computer measurement, properly programmed, scanned the centuries back and forth until suddenly a red signal brought it to a halt. Maintenance crews were called, but the computer was given a perfect bill of health. What could be wrong?

“We have found there is a day missing in the lapsed time,” the scientists admitted. They tore their hair in utter frustration, the report goes, until one remembered a Bible story in Joshua. His associates found the story of the sun standing still “pretty ridiculous” and asked him to prove it. He did, by reading the tenth chapter of the Book of Joshua. “The sun stood still and the moon ceased … and hasted not to go down about a whole day.”

The computer went to work again, found the missing moments to be 23 hours and 20 minutes-not enough for an entire day. Forty minutes were still missing.

Another reading of Joshua 10:13 provided the answer: “. . . about (approximately) the space of a whole day.” But what of the 40 minutes?

Again the Bible provided the clue in II Kings 20. Hezekiah, on his death bed, was visited by the Prophet Isaiah who predicted his recovery. Hezekiah did not believe him and asked for a sign as proof “It is nothing for the sun to go ahead 10 degrees, but let the shadow return backward 10 degrees.” Isaiah spoke to the Lord and He brought the shadow 10 degrees backward. Ten degrees is exactly 40 minutes!

——— ♦ ———


New Zealand Report

(Sunday News, Napier, North Island, New Zealand, June 29, 1969)

“I don’t mind admitting it-I was scared!” said Napier businessman Bernie Meredith after a brush with a UFO near his Bedford Street home, early Wednesday morning.

Mr. Meredith was going home about 2:30 A.M. when he noticed all the street lights were out. “Then I saw this thing-a flying saucer

JULY, 1970                                  15

in the typical David Vincent style-hovering a quarter of a mile away,” he said.

“I stopped the car in the middle of the road and watched it for three or four minutes.” The object hovered about 60 feet above Marewa School, emitting a “greeny-white” phosphorescent glow. It was sheathed in aluminum-like metal, and a row of lights could be seen below the rim.

“I thought I would douse my lights and sneak up on it,” Mr. Meredith said. “However, I came to an intersection and put on my lights again for safety.” With his lights on full beam he headed towards the eerily-lit object.

“As I came closer I could see it was bigger than a bus-perhaps BO feet across-and it was definitely a controlled craft. There was someone in it, all right.”

He then drove the car to within 100 yards of the “saucer.” “Once they spotted me, they were gone,” he said. “It just went straight up into the clouds and disappeared.”

Before the sighting he had always treated “flying saucers as hog-wash. But what I saw was a real, solid object,” Mr. Meredith said. His story followed a similar sighting the day before when four school children at Elsthorpe, near Waipawa, saw a multi-coloured object hovering over a farm. The children, who were about 200 yards away, said it appeared like a streak of lightning and then it burst into “a lot of colours.”

In South America

(From La Razon, Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 9, 1969)

Tucuman: In Villa Nouges, a summer resort in the mountains, 30 km. from Tucuman, several holiday makers saw a strange flying object which passed at incredible speed. One of the witnesses said the object looked like a “Big egg,” which emitted a greenish light similar to that of a mercury street light. It proceeded from south-west to north-east and showed three very strong white beams. Another tourist, who lived 3 km. farther away, said the object was wrapped up in a kind of cloud. The same object was seen over Tafi del Valle, as well as over Tapia north of Tucuman.

——— ♦ ———

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

THE MASTER GAME, by Robert S. de Ropp-Delta paperback (Dell Publishing Company) $1.95

Pathways to higher consciousness beyond the drug experience-an exploration of the human psyche and of the special techniques of Creative Psychology, by which man can achieve the highest possible levels of consciousness through creation of a new BEing within himself-the second birth.

All men “play games” and should seek a game worth playing-“then play it as though their lives and sanity depended upon it, for they do!” Games may be played with material or humdrum objectives, but the wise man plays a meta-game with the objectives of beauty, knowledge and spiritual development. The MASTER GAME, when played within a religious or spiritual matrix, is that of the mystics and was given the world by Jesus, Gautama, Krishna, Lao-Tze and others.

One attempt at the Master Game is through the drug experience, which is a dead-end road, although taking one intelligently prepared for a guided tour into the land of the psychedelics can give a glimpse of man’s spiritual potential-however, continued use does not raise his level of consciousness, the aim of Creative Psychology, and is actually spiritual burglary.

Attention and Awareness are necessary, for man must know himself as the Observer, yet become part of the Observed. Discrimination in the acceptance of impressions is essential. One must learn to distinguish between the mask (persona, or personality) and the Essence (inner Divinity), as this Essence cannot be changed. Creative Psychology demands rigorous and honest self-appraisal recognition of one’s true type, education in instinctive, motor, emotional and intellectual functions so that he may achieve his potential within understood

JULY, 1970                                  17

limits, in accord with Gurtjieff’s teaching that man must develop all four kinds of intelligence if he is to develop harmoniously.

One basic tenet stressed in Creative Psychology: where inner strength is gradually attained the “guardians of the threshold” in man’s brain prevent him from seeing or knowing more than he is able to tolerate without a tendency to insanity or suicide-when short cuts are attempted, such as psychedelic experiences, the normal safety devices are bypassed and damage in various degrees often results.

Whether you are the dilettante who will enjoy the knowledge contained in the book, trying out the game for a while, or the budding mystic who will seriously follow the rules and research the wealth of reading matter suggested for further study, this Game will benefit you-no one can lose!

-Dorthy Low

——— ♦ ———


How often we forget to pursue a life of good health, yet devote much time contemplating the glory of higher wisdom.

Yet in the economy of total life, how important it is to achieve the possible maximum of health in each life!

The unit of physical life is with us now, is at hand, awaiting the fullest development possible during this incarnation. Full development, we are told, is necessary, that the ego may operate at its efficient best in all its vehicles, which at the present are the results of the Ego’s efforts through its many past lives. So, each physical life should be lived that the greatest development may be achieved. Of the higher vehicles we know less, but of the physical body we know much, and science is teaching us more every day as to its care and maintenance.

The greatest value of the physical body lies in the fact that it is the instrument by which the Ego, or Consciousness, has experience in the world or plane of matter. This experience can only be maximum when the Ego’s physical body is in a state of good physical health, properly coordinated, correctly aligned with the other vehicles, and organically sound.

As the Great Life pulses through all creation, you and I are able to effectively receive it, in so far as our bodies are in good health. Probably this may be more correctly stated, saying that the healthy body

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

is healthy because of its nature and construction, its rhythmic attunement to reception, transmission of and utilization of the Great Tides. of the One Great Life that eternally pulses throughout Creation.

The Ego stands, ever fixed on a varying point between the karma of the past and the urge of evolution of the future. This point may be recognized as it expresses the structure of the vehicles as of now.

The physical body is easily within our present area to cognize and modify. By our care we are able to assist or retard it, in the efforts towards perfection. By its care we may assist, though sometimes. unconsciously, its proper alignment with the higher vehicles of the Ego, the Ego’s growing control, manipulation and final possession. Then, more and more easily comes the permanent visitation of the higher laws of Life, the understanding and ideals for every day living.

A corollary may be added that in ill health there is inharmony in the Ego’s vehicles, and the One Life does not flow fully in freedom to its ultimates in the physical body, hence there is friction, which causes pain, disability and disease.

In reverse, let us say, everything that promotes the good health and well-being of the physical body, reacts favorably on the higher vehicles. Also, the habitual line of thought, virtue or vice, makes an imprint on the physical features of the physical body.

Man is admonished to cultivate and promote mental strength and serenity as an aid to physical well-being.

-Marguerite F. Keyser

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JULY, 1970                                  19

bulletin board

Tenth Anniversary

On May 8th Unit 37 of Buffalo, New York, celebrated its 10th year of continuous searching for Truth and Understanding, of not only our, fellowmen, but also the many facets of Metaphysics.

Forty-three members were present for the banquet and election of officers which followed. Officers for the forthcoming year are:

President-Mrs. Marie A. Hale

Vice-President-Mrs. Lois Dietrich

Treasurer-George Adams

Corresponding Secretary-Mrs. Cora Prantner

Recording Secretary-Raymond Hutchins

Chaplain-Casimer Nowak

Librarian-Mrs. Betsey Gay

UFO Chairman-Norman Weiss

Congratulations to the Membership of Unit 37! May your searchings continue to be rewarding.

Meditation Brochure

The Mark-Age Meta-Center of Florida has made available to seekers a small brochure: On Meditation. The pamphlet covers the “Why,” “How,” “When” and. “Experiments” relative to meditation.

If interested in a copy please write to: Mark-Age Meta-Center, Inc., 327 N.E. 20th Terrace, Miami, Florida 33137.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Thank You

A sincere Thank You is here extended to all who contributed time and talent for the June Dedication and Convention!

We include not only those who spoke or performed from the platform, those whose names were listed in the program, but all those unnamed others, as well, who cared for the grounds, managed the parking, served at the Registration and Book Tables, worked in the kitchen, or did other tasks behind the scenes.

Because of you the June event was a happy and significant occasion for all in attendance. Because of you we have grown in many areas of Understanding. Thank you once again.

Donors Book

A color illustrated Honor Donors Book of all who have contributed, in any way to the International Cultural Center of Understanding has been created by Mrs. Ethel Hanky of Altadena, Calif.

Art sketches depict those who labored, those who gave furnishings, stamp books, dollars, or whatever, to complete and furnish the Cultural Center.

The book will be on display at the Cultural Center building. Check it the next time you visit.

July 15 Merlin Lecture

On Wednesday, July 15th at 8 P.M. the Merlin Unit 1 of Understanding will sponsor Rev. Dr. Lee Neiman of Rockford, Illinois, in a public lecture. Admission will be by donation.

The lecture will be held at the International Cultural Center of Understanding, 2200 Merlin-Galice Road. Dr. Neiman’s talk will consider both esoteric wisdom and UFOs.

Book Rental Library

Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, Moderator for Unit 71 of San Bernardino, Calif., has made available her private metaphysical and UFO library, (supplemented by contributions by friends) for the use of Understanding members and subscribers, in person or by mail.

An attractive catalog, in the format of the Understanding Magazine, lists all the volumes which may be borrowed. Send 25 cents and a large, stamped self-addressed envelope for the catalog. The address is P.O. Box 626, Morongo Valley, Calif. 92256

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A Call At Dawn

Kelvin Rowe …$3.00

Secret of Success   (soft) $1.65

R. C. Allen                   (hard) $4.50

ESP and Your Superconsciousness

(soft) $1.45

Gilbert Holloway  (hard) $4.50

Stranger at the Pentagon

Dr. Frank E. Stranges ..       .. $3.98

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Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound             $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Hardbound – New Edition — $3.95

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

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