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VOLUME XV                               MAY, 1970                                                  NUMBER 5

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


As this editorial is being written, Apollo 13 is well on its way toward its proposed landing site in a lunar valley, lined with sharp ridges and boulder-strewn craters. By the time this editorial appears in print, however, this mission, whether successful or not, will have become one more page of history. It seems appropriate at this time to turn our attention to that which the future may hold for us in space.

Additional lunar landings have, of course, been scheduled through Apollo 19, and most of the money required for these voyages has already been spent or committed. We have at the present time, only three advanced space projects which have any strong probability of being financed. The first is a re-usable shuttle craft designed to lower very substantially the cost of getting men and small hardware into orbit and out again. The second is the 50 or more man orbiting space station (which your editor, among others, has been advocating for several years) and finally, a nuclear powered engine for secondary rocket stages. As our friend `Boffo’ pointed out in a recent article, NASA has fallen from grace, and, in spite of its amazing record of successful flights, the space agency is moribund and barely managing

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

to stay alive. The reason for this seeming paradox has never been made clear to the public, hence this editorial.

In its initial period of rapid development during world war two, the rocket industry sold its services on the basis of weapons need alone; making little or no effort to inform the public of the multitude of `spin-off’ benefits to science and technology resulting from its program. Consequently, with the abrupt termination of the war, the industry became a forgotten step-child insofar as government financing was concerned. Frantically engaged in disbanding its army and beating its best swords into plough shares, federal agencies seemed to be totally unaware that the rocket might have any uses other than as a short range carrier of small explosive warheads. Besides, didn’t we have the BOMB? What other nation would ever dare to challenge us again? And so it came to pass that we sat upon our atomic bomb and dozed in smug apathy until we were rudely awakened by the insistent beeping of the first sputnik. Almost immediately Congress began to pour huge quantities of money into space. Rocket companies and space agencies had coffers that bulged with dollars and with demands for quick results. The race to the moon was on

Now that the race has clearly been won, and the excitement and glamour have begun to pall upon the American Public, the rocket industries and space agencies are in grave danger from the same pattern of neglect, misunderstanding and scientific myopia that cost us the lead in rocket development during the post-war years.

The average American citizen still thinks that the only thing we have gained in return for our 24 billion dollar investment in space is a few pounds of rock from the moon, and is inclined to feel that the price of lunar rock is a bit more than we can afford to pay at the present time. The true return on our investment is, of course, the tremendous advance in our scientific and technological ability that made it possible for us to go there! These advances were well worth the price, and would have been equally valuable, even if we had never gone.

If the space agencies were to present to the public a specific list of the almost innumerable benefits the public is now enjoying, and will continue to enjoy as direct products of the space program, a completely different public attitude might result.

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MAY, 1970                                   3


SINCE “seeing” is often believing, we, people of all faiths, occasionally find ourselves floundering in a sea of doubt. Perhaps the extremists are right. Perhaps God IS dead. Or, if not “alive and well in Argentina,” dwelling far from our personal doorstep.

But a firmly rooted Faith, the hardest shelter to build, is also the hardest to tear down. Therefore, we must look critically at our Faith’s. foundation. Is it based solely upon heresy from ancestors? Or, is it. their word, plus more heresy from contemporaries?

Neither base is strong enough to weather the storms of life, or the modern barrage of “Religion is nothing but a fantasy of the aboriginal mind.”  We need a multitude of PERSONAL evidence. For what would we do if the ancestral word was obliterated, or if our contemporaries were suddenly struck dumb?

Without the ability to “see” for ourselves, we would be left to the elements of fear, loneliness, and despair. Since truly it is God who whispers in our nights of darkness, “Hush, my child. All will be well.”‘

The task is neither difficult, nor time consuming. As a matter of fact, learning God’s language can become a delightful adventure. So consider for a moment the fact that men have always been referred to as “Children of God.” It is the first clue.

To see clearly above, look below. Look at the tiny ones who are YOUR children. Bring out into the light all you know about their basic natures and WHY you attempt to set their feet upon certain paths. But do not pass over this question lightly. Think deeply. Then make a list of all the reasons. If they are motivated by love, they will all have to do with the child’s ultimate happiness.

Is another clue emerging? Are children not mainly concerned with momentary pleasure? How many think past the candy store filled with goodies, to the stomach ache which will beset them later? So, laving them, don’t you sometimes refuse their desires even if it means hearing, “You don’t love me?”

Now look into your own life. Haven’t there been numerous, thwarted desires that turned out to be blessings in disguise? And what about the fleeting thoughts that warned you of danger, or which set your feet on unplanned paths which resulted to your advantage? Very simply, those fleeting thoughts are God’s language, advice

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

whispered through your own mind. And the hand that thwarts is motivated by love to keep you from hurting yourself. Don’t wound God’s feelings by accusing Him of either purposeful wrath, or deliberate desertion. Would you like to hear it from YOUR child? If you HAVE heard it, you know how you despair that they don’t understand.

However, you must remember that God’s language is running along the same “hot wire” as your own thoughts, and although the ability to distinguish is not easy, the desire to do so is a sign of “growing up.” A step in the right direction is to pay heed to those thoughts which jump into your mind unconnected to your present train of thinking.

But along with “coming of age” is the acceptance of responsibility equal to the rewards. Look again to your children, and your understanding will grow another inch. Then before pronouncing a thought to be truly inspired, test it for moral rightness. Have you ever tested a child’s capacity for common sense by asking, “If I told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?”

And always, always, look for the results of your decisions. They are guide lines for the future. If you “see” that stubbing your toe on a stone has drawn your attention to a shiny quarter lying in the road, mark it down in your mental record book. If you “see” that a cancelled party caused you to remain at home so that you were present to handle an unexpected family emergency, mark it down in bold letters.

Then, when your days seem filled with darkness, “look” for the bright, chirping bird that may flutter past your window. Your well rooted Faith will tell you it’s been sent by God to cheer your sorrow. And why shouldn’t you believe it? Haven’t YOU been forced, because of ultimate good purpose, to break a child’s heart? Then later, haven’t you slipped into his room with a bright candy stick?

Looking and listening in this manner will solve the riddle of God’s language, and you need not closet yourself with hours of deep meditation. Go about your daily work and pleasure, but keep your eyes wide open. You’ll be amazed to find that God is “alive and well” right beside you. Then give Him a wink and a smile, so He’ll know you FINALLY understand.

-Marjorie Hyslop

——— ♦ ———

MAY, 1970                                   5


A long time ago, actually about 1945, Madame Chiang-kai-shek, in a radio address, made a statement that struck at the foundations of our educational system. Referring to the development and use of the atom bomb, she remarked, in essence, that: Man’s scientific ingenuity has far surpassed his spiritual maturity.

Spiritual maturity–therein lies the crux of the matter today.

We shall define “spiritual maturity” as an understanding of the eternal truths; an appreciation of moral values, of right and wrong, on a far more comprehensive scale than the personal level; and an awareness of the destiny of mankind as a basis for common ideals and goals.

There is no question that the remarkable scientific advances of recent decades have added much to our material comforts and well-being, as well as our knowledge of the outer world, but in our concentration on test tubes and algebraic equations, have we not lost sight of the far more fundamental values of life? Should we not be reminded, in the words of Lecomte du Nouy in Human Destiny that:

“The only goal of man should be the attainment of human dignity with all its implications. In other words, all his intellectual acquisitions, all the facilities which society puts at his disposal-schools, universities, libraries, laboratories; all those offered by religion; all the occasions given him to develop his own aptitudes, his work, his leisure, must be considered by him as tools destined to improve his personality, his moral self and make it progress. He commits an error if he sees in education and instruction a means of increasing the field of his intellectual activity, his power or prestige, or a means to enrich himself materially.”

Apparently, too much emphasis has been placed on the individual and his adaptation to his physical and social environment with a consequent neglect of the broader goal and visions for all humanity. Specialization has replaced generalization in education with the result that we no longer speak with a common heritage, but each in his own field; and we lack the common insight necessary for matters that affect the world in general.

Is it not this lack of spiritual maturity that has brought about the present. insecurity, reflected in increased evidence of personal frustrations and break-downs, as well as in world-wide ideological conflicts?

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Somewhere along the line we have broken the ties that bound us together as one people, with similar objectives and ideals; somewhere we changed our focus of interest and efforts from the whole of mankind to the individual, and now it is time to reorient our thinking.

Should we not be taught, from our earliest years, that life has value and dignity; and that despite the enormity of the cosmos, which may at times overwhelm us into mere nothingness, life has a purpose and an end, and that is for each of us to seek his destiny in this broader framework? A faith we must have, whether it be based upon the religious concept of being a Child of God, or the scientific concept of being a link in the forward evolution of mankind. Each of us, at sometime, comes to the question of life’s purpose for us and for humanity. So, should we not promote an educational system which will develop in each of us a conscious philosophy as to our individual significance, our relations to society, and our place in the cosmic scheme of things? Only so can we hope to achieve the spiritual maturity which will assure us, and generations to come, of a richer, fuller and happier existence than is at present envisaged.

More specifically, our schools, even at the secondary level, since many do not continue further, should integrate our cultural heritage to make it far more meaningful than it is presently.

Let us teach enough Astronomy to show the magnitude of the universe; enough Geology to picture the great age of the earth on which we live; enough Paleontology to follow the general lines of evolution, to man; enough Biology to illustrate the complexity of plant and animal life; enough Science and Mathematics to make understandable the ever-changing concepts of the universe itself, as well as the scientific improvements for our leisure and comfort; enough History to give a long range perspective of human progress; enough Literature to evaluate some of the best thinking of all ages; enough Ethics to reinforce our values of right and wrong; and enough Philosophy for each to formulate a living philosophy for himself.

Although the above does not encompass the entire background of that which should be our common heritage, it does indicate its scope. The ground covered should not be given in separate, departmental categories, but integrated throughout the school years as a survey of all human endeavor: An Orientation in Human Destiny.

The Commission on Liberal Education of the Association of American Colleges states it this way

MAY, 1970                                   7

“The individual can best achieve this cultivation of character, mind and spirit by studying what is already known to have most worth. Civilized mankind has treasured and passed on to successive generations a precious heritage … a rich fund of proven knowledge and well tested opinion concerning man himself and his physical and social environment. It provides the long perspective of history that enables him to understand his present social and political order in the light of the past and to grasp the point of departure for a future where man can act. It is also … the expression of human aspirations, ideals and spiritual faiths in the forms of art, literature, ethics, philosophy and religion … Contact with great minds elicits the original spark of independent thought and makes him ask his own questions and solve them for himself…”

It is through our educational institutions, directed by men of broad vision, that we can and must achieve the “spiritual maturity” necessary to cope with our “scientific ingenuity.”

We ask-is this the basic challenge that foments student unrest and demands at our higher institutions of learning today? And, can we understand the problem, in their terms, well enough to work cooperatively toward a more rewarding educational concept, one that befits the needs of today?

——— ♦ ———


HUNDREDS, thousands, millions, trillions, and scads and more scads of years ago, there were lots of little and big planets and stars circling around in the Universe.

The Mind Power which had thought them into space and had been holding them there from the beginning, sent out thoughts into the void and lo! and behold! the thoughts became facts (as thoughts always do) and formed another planet-Earth. This Mind Power then thought water, air and land into being. Then Mind Power extended Its livingness into vegetation to cover the earth.

Mind Power, being all Life had to extend Itself more. It formed out over the land and sea and air and there was a more active Life on this new planet. Crawling, wriggling, squirming Life. In the air, on the land, and in the water. Thus was formed formlessness.

Then this great Mind Power saw these life extensions of Itself and

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

thought them into form, into order, into forms that could be seen with the naked eye.

As the eons went on, some grew wings, some grew fins, some grew tails and legs. And into these formed beings Mind Power thought instinct, so that they knew which should fly, which should swim, which should crawl or hang by tails from trees.

Then as the instinct became stronger in some of these living things, they grew and developed feelings and sensations stronger than heretofore. These forms of livingness still crawled, and swam, and flew, doing so through pure instinct, only their instinct told them what to do and what to feel. They began to sense comfort and discomfort.

But Mind Power was so eager for more outlets and more extensions of Itself, that Its strong desire in this direction caused some of these beings to begin to think. Thoughts began to take the place of instinct in a few of these life extensions and-a wish of Mind Power being a command-these thinking beings began to reason. They multiplied and grew and developed better and more useful means of traipsing over the ground, swimming through the sea. and flying in the air. They learned direction. They learned where to go and where not to go. Self preservation was developed in them.

They let Mind Power direct their ways. Mind Power then extended Itself more strongly and firmly into these thinking beings and they were called men and women. Mind Power kept on working in and through them so they learned how to take command of the land and sea and air. They dominated the lesser forms of life.

Eventually, man became so domineering that he thought he was thinking and doing these things of himself. He forgot that once he had squirmed and crawled and wriggled like those bits of life he was now stepping on. He forgot he was only an extension of Mind Power. So here we are now. What will Mind Power think to do next?

-Margaret Stephens

——— ♦ ———


Tiptoe Through the Theories

(This article was written by Paul Braczyk of Massachusetts, and published in the “UFO Chronicle,” Meophan, Kent, England.)

Since the dawn of recorded history the Unidentified Flying Object

MAY, 1970                                   9

has been described in both picture and word. And man, with his ever-present striving for knowledge and abundance of imagination, has sought to answer the long asked questions: What are They? Where do they come from? What do they want? In reply to this challenge, many theories have been produced. They are as many and varied as the elusive discs themselves and can take the side of the skeptic or believer.


By far the most popular explanation; it centers around the high probability of life on other worlds. If it does indeed exist, why not periodic visits to terra firma by some super-advanced civilization?’ While most investigative organizations … tend to approach this area with caution, some individuals claim to have pinpointed the actual origin. Gerald Heard said that they were insects from Mars; Dr. Robert Dickofff says carnivorous reptiles from Venus, and George Adamski said peaceful representatives from all the planets.

Natural Phenomena:

Includes the temperature inversions, optical effects, misinterpreted common celestial objects, and various other Menzel forms so well known to the U. S. Air Force and the Condon Committee …

Terrestrial Origin:

The most familiar concept being the Hollow Earth Theory, it visualizes the earth as doughnut shaped with openings at the poles. Through these polar apertures some ancient civilization, living beneath the planetary crust, makes regular visitations to the surface. As early as 1906 in the Phantom of the Poles, William Reed had stated the condition of a world within.. . later popularized by Raymond Bernard in The Hollow Earth.

Michael X Barton has a different idea … He believes that some of the saucers are “Earth-built flying machines put together with amazing ingenuity by flesh and blood Earthmen.” These earthmen are ex-German scientists now living in hidden bases, probably located somewhere in South America …

Around 1962 Dr. Leon Davidson wrote … that UFOs were nothing more than U. S. secret weapons . . .

Other Dimensions:

Borderland Sciences Research Associates believe that saucers are from the fourth dimension. . . These “etherians” can materialize and

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

dematerialize at will and are the cause of sighting reports when they become visible, along with their machines.

Allen H. Greenfield, editor of the “alternate Horizons Newsletter,” hypothesizes. . . an alternate reality exists parallel to our own. Periodically a warp occurs and the two merge, making unreality a reality.. .

Another theory makes use of an old H. G. Wells novel, only in reverse. The flying saucer occupants are really time travelers from the future using disc shaped time machines.

Un-Natural Phenomena:

Around the 1950’s the Wassilko-Serecki Theory came into being. This supposes that some of the UFOs could be living entities which reside in space. These life forms feed on energy and enter the earth’s atmosphere when they get hungry. Trevor James in They Live in the Sky presents many photographs of supposed space animals …

Spiritualistic Origins:

A rather difficult area to explain … best illustrated through Oahspean conclusions. In 1881 John B. Newbrough authored a 900 page space-age Bible called Oahspe … In it is revealed the secret of the saucers:-they are angel messengers of the Whole called Jehovih!

——— ♦ ———

world report

Disease and Jellyfish

Southwest Times Record, Fort Smith, Ark., March 19, 1970

By Gordon Grant of the Los Angeles Times

Depending on who’s looking at them, jellyfish can be beautiful or repulsive. On contact, their sting can be painful, even fatal under certain conditions.

To medical science, jellyfish are emerging as potentially priceless sources of knowledge.

Jellyfish have no brains, but nevertheless a University of California at Irvine professor feels that they may have the answers to some of the mysteries of cancer, heart disease, nervous disorders and even eating habits, of humans.

Dr. Howard M. Lenhoff, director of the Irvine marine biology curriculum, says that within the last year, researchers have found out

MAY, 1970                                   11

how-but not why-a jellyfish manages to light himself up, causing the eerie glow often seen on lonely nighttime waters. The knowledge already is being used in the study of human heart muscles.

Dr. Lenhoff has been a leader in research with a cousin of saltwater jellyfish called a hydra, a one-quarter-inch-long fresh water creature. This little animal, he believes, although brainless like its saltwater kin, might have some importance in relation to cancer, because apparently it has solved the riddle of getting rid of cancer-like growths on its own body.

Studies right now are being directed at how the hydra recognizes that he has an abnormal growth and how he gets rid of it.

Noah’s Flood

By Richard Pothier, Miami Herald Science Writer, Jan. 9, 1970

More than five thousand years ago, a great flood-Noah’s flood swept over mankind’s known world, wreaking death and destruction on all in its path. So the Bible tells us, at any rate. But now science is beginning to agree. And evidence is emerging that “Noah’s Flood” wasn’t heavenly retribution-merely man’s first great environmental crisis.

Dr. G. Ledyard Stebbins, president of the American Society of Naturalists and a University of California biologist, told the AAAS that man began destroying his environment even in prehistoric times.

“Legends of great floods are prevalent in the folk lore of many tribes and nations-the Hebrew version, with Noah as its hero, is the one familiar to us,” he said.

“Archeologists who have studied the ruins of the ancient cities of Mesopotamia have produced evidence that, in fact, a great flood did sweep down this valley about 3,000 years before Christ and destroyed all the cities that had been built there.

The evidence suggests, he added, that the flood resulted from both a heavy rainy season and the “denudation of the vegetation on the surrounding hills by cultivation and overgrazing” by the area’s farmers.

“I believe that Noah’s flood was, as the Biblical author says, a retribution for mankind’s sins.

“These were not, however, the immoralities of city people. They were, rather, the sins of over-exploitation farmers and herdsmen had been committing for centuries against their life-giving environment.”

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Leaf-Beef Coming

New Zealand Herald, Jan. 21, 1970

NZPA Special, London

Imitation meat could challenge beef sooner than many people thought, a British land service official has warned British farmers. An official of the New Zealand Meat Board spoke recently of the advances being made in Japan by “meat” made largely of Soya beans, flavored with meat extracts.

Mr. E. J. Mostyn, of the British agriculture land service, told Cambridge farmers at the weekend that food analogues could be made from Soya beans, yeasts grown on petroleum wastes, leaves, algae or fish. concentrates.

It could be a matter for debate in the future, he said, whether land was better used for recreation or agriculture when meat could be obtained from other sources.

“So far there has been no attempt on a commercial scale to suggest. that the imitations are any substitute for succulent meat, steaks and lamb chops.”

The answer for farmers was to become more efficient, he said. People would continue to buy a natural product as long as they could be convinced that the farmer was producing it in the most efficient way and at a reasonable price.

The British dairy farmer possibly had even more to fear from imitation products than the beef producer, said Mr. Mostyn.

Imitation milk and cream were good, healthy and tasty. Eventually some of the liquid milk market would be taken up by imitation milk.

Test Rabbits `Breathe’ Without Lung

Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Ark., March 18, 1970

IRVINE, Calif. (AP)-University of California scientists have found that rabbits can “breathe” without lungs, a discovery which might help save premature infants born with lung ailments.

Dr. William F. Taylor said Monday that he and two co-workers have enabled rabbits to breathe through the peritoneal cavity, which holds the stomach and intestines.

This is done, he said, by pumping a fluid saturated with oxygen through the cavity. In test animals oxygen was absorbed into the blood stream and carbon dioxide released into the fluid without the use of the lungs.

MAY, 1970                                   13

If the method proves applicable to humans, Taylor said, it could be used to treat premature infants born with a lung membrane disease.

More Sunshine

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., March 16, 1970

LONDON (UPI)-Sunshine in the month of December in London has increased by 70 per cent in 10 years as a result of smoke control, the London Buroughs Association said Friday.

In a research report, the group said winter visibility is three times better than it was in 1960 and smoke concentrations have dropped by 80 per cent since 1958.

The report said because of cleaner air, 138 types of birds can now be seen in London, compared with half that number a decade ago.

Berlin’s Silver Cross

BERLIN-The East Berlin skyline is dominated by a futuristic television tower, which resembles a giant cocktail pick thrust through a massive, silver onion. When the sun begins to sink into the west, the reflection forms a brilliant cross upon the great silvery ball.

This has caused considerable consternation for Walter Ulbricht, the Communist czar of East Germany, who doesn’t like to see his proud TV tower turned into a religious shrine. He has sent workers scurrying up the tower to realign the ball and to coat it with material that might change the reflection.

But all his efforts have failed. Each evening, the setting sun still casts a perfect flaming cross upon Ulbricht’s onion.

The sunlit cross has become a symbol of hope. It offers reassurance to people behind the Berlin wall that there is a power greater than Ulbricht.

Waste Disposal Solution

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., December 3, 1969

STANFORD (UPI)-A waste disposal unit that can handle 500 tons of garbage a day by reducing it to a small heap of sterile slag has been described to the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources and Conservation.

Gianni Siracusa told the committee the disposal unit can take everything except tin cans in its 2,900-degree furnace and reduce the waste to almost nothing-one per cent by volume and eight per cent by weight.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Siracusa heads the Sira Corp. of Los Gatos which developed the disposal unit with the help of the Food Machinery Corp. of San Jose. “This material” he said in a demonstration, holding up a piece of the slag, “is absolutely sterile. It will contaminate nothing.”

“You can grind it up and mix it with asphalt or cement for paving, or you can use the ground-up material itself for fill. You can take it out and dump it in the ocean and it will not poison anything.”

Siracusa said the automatic disposal could be operated by four men and would handle waste, including manure, industrial and toxic waste, cannery residue and even sewage sludge.

The disposal unit meets all present and future requirements of air pollution control laws.

Old Skull Found

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Dec. 6, 1969

WASHINGTON (UPI) -Scientists say a 200-million-year-old reptile skull found in Antarctica proves conclusively the icy polar land mass was once part of a supercontinent which broke up into drifting fragments.

The discovery, announced by the National Science Foundation, was hailed as “one of the truly great fossil finds of all time.”

The fossil was described as consisting of parts of the head of a Lystrosaurus, a creature two to four feet long that flourished more than 200 million years ago and an ancestor of the giant dinosaurs which once dominated life on earth.

——— ♦ ———


Plans and preparations for the Grand Opening ceremonies and lecture program of Understanding’s new cultural center at Merlin, Ore., are progressing rapidly. Since the last issue of this magazine went to press, several very widely known speakers have confirmed their appearance on the Understanding platform.

L. D. “Pat” Cody, who has, for the past 8 years served as Director of Aerospace Education for the Pacific Region U.S.A.F., has promised to bring us his most interesting and enlightening views on “Our Aerospace Heritage.”

“Pat” has just returned from an extended speaking tour of the Orient where he and the team of aerospace experts which he was

MAY, 1970                                   15

selected to lead, delivered a series of lectures to overflow audiences in Japan, Korea, Okinawa, the Philippines and Hawaii. During the tour they gave Aerospace Education presentations to most of the Department of Defense teachers in those areas, besides making presentations to classes and student assemblies from kindergarten through high school.

We are indeed fortunate that our good friend “Pat” has returned in time to share his great fund of knowledge, information, and most interesting personal experiences with us.

We shall make every effort to have a complete schedule of speakers and entertainment, for inclusion in the next issue of this magazine. If you are planning to attend this “Once in a lifetime” event, please, PLEASE, will you send us your registration, or at least a postcard, so that we can make arrangements for your comfort and convenience. Remember- The dedication ceremony at high noon on June 19th, the Understanding lecture and entertainment days of June 19-20 and 21, and the Aletheia Association’s three day convention June 22, 23, 24.

——— ♦ ———

Poet’s corner

My Forty-first Trip

Did you ever wish that you could ride
throughout the realms of space

On a great ship for a nice long trip
to some far distant place?

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Did you ever feel a desire to go
beyond the sun’s bright sphere

On a speedy flight round that orb of light
and then come back to here?

Did you ever wish that you could view
from your spaceship safe and wide

A “falling star” (or meteor)
or a passing planetoid?

Did you ever imagine that you can hear
the music of the spheres?

Would you swing along and enjoy that song
for the rest of your mortal years?

You can! You are! And you will, my friends
for you’re riding a rocky sphere

Called planet earth through the universe
as it circles the sun each year!

So open your eyes and your ears my friends
as you cruise around the sun

Enjoy each mile, make your trip worthwhile
before your life is done.

Look out at the stars and the planets bright
learn their names as they rise and fall

May you never regret that you took Life’s trip
on the back of this, our rocky ball.

-Bill Bryan


Tomorrow is not promised us
So let us take today

And make the very most of it
The once we pass this way,

Just speak aloud the kindly thought
And do the kindly deed

And try to see and understand

MAY, 1970                                   17

Some fellow creature’s need.

Tomorrow is not promised us
Nor any other day
So let us make the most of it

The once we pass this way.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

Release of the Spirit

(The Release of the Spirit, Watchman Nee, Premium Literature Co., Box 55102, Indianapolis, Ind. 46205. $1.00)

The Release of the Spirit, written by Watchman Nee (Nee to-sheng) was published for the Sure Foundation by the Premium Literature Company in 1965. Written many years before his bodily imprisonment in Communist China, for the sake of his faith, the spirit of this book would free the captive spirit held prisoner by the bars and prison walls of the soul of man.

To what extent are you willing to be broken, not in spirit but in soul, to serve God and man? Your answer may determine to what extent you are ready to reap in depth the spiritual fruits of this book.

The soul, or outer man, must break or be broken before the spirit, or inner man, can enter in with the Holy Spirit. The thoughts and emotions, and will of the soul of man, no matter how good and effective in the eyes of the world, are of no avail until man surrenders to the spirit of his inner man.

No use to blame man or circumstances, the stars or fate, or past, present or future thorns in your side. All persons and things that seem to go against you are by the hand of God urging you to submit

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

to the brokenness of soul. For, says Watchman Nee, trusting that his. spirit will touch the spirit of the reader, only through brokenness can you be reborn, transformed and walk and live in the spirit with the Holy Spirit of God that works all things together for good.

Watchman Nee is a native of Foochow in Fukien Province, South China. This, and many other books in Chinese, serve as witness to his. finding the Christ as his Savior and Lord back in 1920. This book was put together from his spoken ministry in English.

-Ed Eaglo

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

UFO Congress

The Seventh Annual Congress of Scientific UFOlogists will be held in Columbus, Ohio, the weekend of June 26-28, 1970. Closed sessions will be held for the member delegates of the American Flying Saucer Investigations Committee on Friday and Saturday. Open sessions for the public will be held on Sunday, in the Venus Room of the Sheraton Hotel.

For information write to: American Flying Saucer Investigating Committee, 1773 Lattimer Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43227.

Your Invitation

Please consider this notice as your personal invitation-members, subscribers and friends of Understanding — to attend the Dedication

MAY, 1970                                   19

and Convention at the International Cultural Center of Understanding, June 21-24. (See article for details.)

Drop us a line if you plan to be with us. Actually advance registration would be helpful with our planning for the occasion. Should you need a listing for motel or trailer sites in the area please ask for one. However, our small, busy staff would appreciate a self-addressed stamped envelope for reply.

Do share this special occasion for Understanding, Inc. with us-in beautiful Oregon!

New Jersey New Age Seminar

The first New Jersey Tri-Metro New Age Seminar will be held in the Trenton New Jersey War Memorial Building, Stacy Park, May 29, 30 and 31, 1970.

Speakers who will participate include Col. A. J. Burks, Dr. Byron Gentry, Justin Fair, Low Mortensen, Thomas Blondell, Mary Bassano, Charles Rhoades, John Shenk, Ann Koernig, and Sylvia De Long.

Tickets at the door $1.00. Advance purchase, 10 lectures for $5.00. For detailed information please check with: Harley Goldsmith, 67 Maple Ave., Trenton, N. J., or Mary Bassano, 275 Lake Oak Place, Brick Town, N. J.

A Gift – The Urantia Book

We are pleased to announce the gift of The Urantia Book to the Merlin Understanding Library. We thank the Santa Monica Urantia Study Group for their thoughtful generosity.

This 2097 page volume of spiritual wisdom is dedicated to “The Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God” (reviewed in July, 1963 Understanding Magazine). For those who may wish a personal copy, the price is $15.00, and the address: The Urantia Foundation, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, 111. 60614.

Yucca Valley Convention

Another Understandorama is scheduled for Saturday, June 6th, commencing at 9:45 A.M. The meeting will be held at the American Legion Hall in Yucca Valley.

Six speakers are on the day’s program: Col. A. J. Burks, Riley H.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Crabb, Zipporah Dobyns, Daniel Ekern, Fred Kimball and Flower Newhouse.

Contact Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, P.O. Box 626, Morongo Valley, Calif. 92256, for particulars.

Registration Fees

Registration fees for the Understanding and Aletheia Dedication and Convention have been set as follows:

First Day, June 19th-Dedication and Convention Program:

$4.00 general public; $3.00 members of Understanding or Aletheia

Following days, June 20 through 24-Convention dates:

$7.50 general public; $5.00 members of Understanding or Aletheia

Students, with student body cards, $2.00 per day.

Please send advance registrations, indicating dates of attendance, to Understanding, Inc., P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Ore. 97532, for June 19-21; to Aletheia, Jack Schwarz, P.O. Box 334, Selma, Ore. 97538, for June 22-24.

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OUTERMOST: A man risks his life to tell his UFO secret! Just one of many articles and features. Included, also, a world wide directory of UFO clubs and publications. Edited by Gene Duplantier. Reserve your copy now. $1.50 advance orders. Ready soon! Mail orders to Gene Duplantier, 17 Shetland St., Willowdale, Ontario, Canada.

FREE SUMMER SCHOOL-Survival Education (First Aid, Edible plants, canoe workshop. . .), Hydroponics, Computer Science, Memory Banks, Nutrition (New Age), Metaphysics, food canning, ESP, Many lectures while on hiking and camping trips around Mt. Rainier… New Age Foundation, P.O. Box 867, Eatonville, Wa. 98328

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A Spacewoman Speaks

Rolf Telano …. $1.50

A Call At Dawn

Kelvin Rowe …$3.00

Secret of Success  (soft) $1.65

R. C. Allen      (hard) $4.50

ESP and Your

Superconsciousness (soft) $1.45

Gilbert Holloway        (hard) $4.50

Stranger at the Pentagon

Dr. Frank E. Stranges …. $3.98

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by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                 $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Hardbound – New Edition – $3.95

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

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