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VOLUME XV                               FEBRUARY, 1970                                     NUMBER 2

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


During the past few years, both “tradition” and the “status quo” have lost much of their previously respected and venerated positions as standards of reference in the judgment of human morals, ethics and general behavior. The human race is rapidly moving into an era of almost universal protest.

The art of protest is, of course, a highly diversified one, having many forms of expression. These run the gamut from self-immolation as practiced in India and in some parts of South East Asia, through various forms of violence to the person and property of others. Some protesters, mindful of the adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword,” have employed the written word as their agent of protest. The success of this method of self-expression depends largely upon two factors; first, the explicitness and second, the validity of the complaint. Too often the written protest makes veiled reference to mysterious groups of nameless men in the “establishment,” who control our destinies according to their whims, and to vague times, places and methods by which their ends are attained.

It is, therefore, a rather novel and somewhat refreshing experience to receive an article of protest which fairly bristles with facts, figures, times and places, especially when it is written by an astute gentleman

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

who is sufficiently advanced in his profession to know whereof he speaks. (Even though he must write his protests under a pseudonym in order to remain in that profession.)

We have with us today an article of the above type written by a man whose name and position in the aerospace industry would be recognized by almost everyone in that industry (if we could print it). The article, entitled “UFOs-Protesteth Too Much,” covers a lot of ground in a number of directions. Unfortunately, we do not have enough space in this issue to print the entire article, and even if we could we would run the risk of hearing our readers say, “Methinks the author doth protest too much.” However, there is some good stuff in it so we are printing what we can.

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A UPI release by Joseph L. Myler, dated March 13, datelined Washington, D. C., carries the theme “UFOs will be largely forgotten like the bogus spiritualism of yesteryear.” The words are attributed to Dr. Hudson Hoagland’s article in the American Association for the Science’s magazine “Science.” He and others protesteth too much!

As the president of the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, Dr. Hoagland should be able to integrate events on this small planet and arrive at correct conclusions. However, since he seems to have deserted his field for parapsychology let’s do his thing and integrate available data.

The topic for today is one of general interest-money! We’ve all heard the defense budget is huge because of the war. That tape is losing its oxide from constant replay. What do we have to show for the money? A surplus of fighting equipment?

Defense contractors are getting it all? Really? The Wall Street Journal reported that McDonnell Douglas dropped 15,310 people in 1968-69. The West Coast is “dry-town U. S. A.” and city planners are looking to tourism to take up the slack!

Space is taking it all? Not true. NASA rocket development has stopped and Apollo has been slowed. California, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama have Ph.D.’s wives taking in sewing to keep families eating.

FEBRUARY, 1970                      3

The Poverty Corps? Nape! The minorities aren’t any better off than they were.

The budgetary drain started in 1962. Suddenly, more money was missing than could be accounted for. It was as if the country was in the middle of World War II without anything to show for it! Airplanes? The TFX! Missiles? Sorry about that too! Supersonic transports? No again! The question then, as now, where is the money going?

Meanwhile those pesky UFOs kept showing up in the darndest places. A farmer’s swamp in Michigan. A dynamite shack in New Mexico. A woods in Germany. Jungles of Brazil. Chasing cops in Oklahoma and Kansas! Antarctica. Russia, New York State. Northwestern University. International organizations sprang up to study Ufology. Publications pyramided. Wire services were clogged. Intelligence pipelines were plugged with UFO news!

The scientific and technological development of the last few decades has taken gobs of money. But, about half-way through the manned rocket and computer revolutions someone turned the money spigot off-to open it somewhere else? Like a stream which disappears on the surface but continues to run underground?

What was new? When queried the Rodger Babson Gravity Research Foundation in New Boston, Mass, testily retorted that the research stacks at Cal and Southern Cal should be investigated!

Feelers were put out in those directions and a little activity was visible! Seems a Dr. Steward Way of the University of California, Santa Barbara, was developing Electro-Magnetic Propulsion for use in submarines. Dr. Way, working on a Navy contract, had (by 1966) constructed a submarine prototype which worked! Other information regarding EMP applications to airplane wing and fuselage surfaces also became visible! That idea, tested in a Northrup, Inc. wind tunnel, reduced propulsion energy requirements!

The EMP propulsion principle is a simple concept, as simple as junior high school science! If you place a wire between the poles of a “U” shaped magnet and then pass an electric current through the wire, the wire jumps away from the magnet in response to “Lorentz” forces.

If you make a submarine the magnet, and the surrounding water the wire; or an airplane the magnet, and air the wire, you have a no moving parts propulsion system! It seems Diet Smith’s space coupe

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

in Dick Tracy might not be more comic strip fiction

While we are on the subject, let’s explode one more money myth about UFOs… Question … How much money was really authorized for the U of C study? ..:$300,000. .. ½ million, or what? No two stories are the same. Dr. Sauncers book UFOs-Yes! makes much of the amount of time various “experts” devoted to the project. Why? Because with educated guesses for salaries and things, one can determine the project’s cost and from the cost the relative importance! And, the total cost for the project has been very carefully hidden from the public! Glossed over, or not stated, were costs for computers, buildings, utilities (the phone bill was terrific) travel expenses and so on.

Allusion to these facts of life were obliquely made in the famous “Look” article and news accounts when mention was made of the “remote” location of the “powers-that-be” with relation to UFO Headquarters, Woodbury Hall! Dr. Condon’s office was in the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics building on campus. Woodbury Hall was not!

It was a new complex situated on a knoll south of Boulder! Complete with antennas on the roof, a parking lot for cars and electronic vans, and the usual “cyclone” fence and guards! Area visitors were shown the site by prideful townspeople.

Quite an effort for something which doesn’t exist, whether men from space or Terrestrial powers!

— Boffo

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Seeking a settlement to a discussion about who should be first in the kingdom of heaven, the disciples asked Jesus. Jesus called a child and placed him in their midst and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter into the kingdom of heaven. Who ever humbles himself like this child, he is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18-1-4)

The significance of this statement has been recognized for years. However, current knowledge obtained from psychological studies concerning the learning ability of children zero to six years of age adds considerable dimension to this statement.

FEBRUARY, 1970.                     5

At the beginning of life a child is a helpless creature, who is able to perform only the basic functions necessary for survival. Unlike other miniature products of nature he does little by instinct. He must learn to accomplish almost every act that growing up requires of him. This process of transition is education at it’s best.

The thrill of watching this marvel unfold is a rewarding experience. This bundle of uncoordinated energy will, in six years correlate itself into a partially self-contained dynamic form. It will be able to walk, use its hands, discriminate smells and sounds, and speak its native language. This period of development is one of spontaneous reaction. One day he awakes and utters a syllable, later a word, and finally a sentence. Nothing seems planned, it just happens.

Why is he able to initiate this process of transformation with very little help? Primarily because he is created in the image and likeness of God. Every learning experience finds its way into the soul and becomes part of his being.

This distinguishes the child from the adult. The adult uses his will to control what he learns. Therefore much of his learning process involves rote rather than actual experience. A considerable amount of the knowledge an adult obtains never finds its way into the fabric of his soul. Instead it remains locked up in his intellect.

Many of man’s decisions are based on emotions which are directly related to the soul. Numerous times man’s actions do not reflect the total extent of his knowledge. Conditions present in our society and the world support this fact.

It requires considerable vigilance to get through one day without suffering some adverse experience caused by an emotional explosion. Friendships fractured, ulcers created, and marriage vows broken are a direct manifestation of our emotional state. While we use our intelligence to explore the genetic code and perform heart transplants, we allow our emotions to control our attitude about skin differences. We strain our brains and budget in an attempt to conquer space, while we allow our emotions to jeopardize our security of inner space. Emotions have been a significant factor in creating world conditions which demand 43 cents of every tax dollar be spent for national defense, while we spend only 11 cents for education and other social programs.

Existence of these conditions clearly indicate that education in its

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

present form offers no guarantee to the continuity of mankind. We must find some way of blending knowledge into the fabric of the soul so that it is reflected in our emotional reactions to life’s experiences. (Written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tables of stone but on tables of human hearts-Corinthians II-3-3) .

The word educate in its original form “E-ducere,” means to bring out that which is in man. How well do our educational institutions fulfill this requirement? In many areas there is room for considerable improvement.

Our first mistake is that we equate education with life-time earnings. We have built an education system whose primary purpose is to mold human potential into cogs for the wheel of economics. We are experts at devising subtle methods of reward and punishment, acceptance and rejection in an attempt to force a child into normalcy. Any child that cannot be forged into a block of conformity makes us feel uncomfortable. We either reject him or treat him in such a way that he is forced to reject us.

What can be done to help improve this situation? Some faint rays of hope are appearing on the horizon. The fact that individuals are unique and therefore function on many different levels is beginning to influence our educational policy. The Montessori method of instruction is one example where an effort is made to create an environment which correlates learning and experience. Children who are exposed to this type of program consider learning to be a joyous adventure; rather than a dreaded task … Other schools are experimenting with free learning programs. The basic requirement of this program is to create an educational environment where the instructions obtained can be combined with action in order to produce a more total learning experience. By the use of computer, television and other technological aids to education this program can be greatly expanded. The absence of a grading system in this type of program removes the need for cheating in school.

However, the area of greatest concern is the parents’ attitude toward education. The world will continue to be deprived of many potential benefits offered by education, until parents realize their children’s educational instructions must do more than enable them to acquire economic stability and maintain status quo. The first requirement of any educational system should be to enrich the soul. First seek

FEBRUARY, 1970                      7

the kingdom of heaven and all his righteousness, and all the rest of these things shall be added unto you.-Matthew 6-33).

So it is that educators and parents, both, must be concerned with an educational program that will develop the total potential of all children inheritors of heaven and earth.

-Cecil M. Wright

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I looked at a rerun of “The Al Jolson Sory” some time ago on television, and found myself laughing through tears. In just a few short minutes of brilliant creative expression, Al expressed elation, tenderness, joy, fear, pity, disappointment, resignation and longing. By enabling me to experience these feelings with him, he made me feel kin to the whole world. There was a healing magic about it, something that is becoming harder and harder to find.

I grew up in a small Michigan town, before the advent of the present existing emotional ice age. It was perfectly natural to show emotions then. When you went to a movie with a sad ending, you could hear people all over the theater blowing their noses, a large number of them would even leave the show with tears still in their eyes, We cared for things and for each other, and we didn’t hesitate to show it. We weren’t very good at hiding our feelings and we didn’t try. Feelings were a living language that kept us in touch with each other, not as mere spectators but as participants in a never ending drama.

Since then experience has taught me again and again that the secret of getting along with people is to “recognize how they feel, and let them know that you know.” When we say of someone “He understands me” we are really saying “He knows how I feel.” We mistrust feelings and moods because they change, yet changing moods and feelings are perhaps the surest indication of a healthy personality. It is when our feelings and moods don’t change that we should be concerned. To go through life in only one mood is like trying to play a trombone with a stuck slide. In the end, the only way you can mean anything to another human being is to share his feelings.


-Reno Lane

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8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


We never have much time to do all that we would like. Time is a spectre, a ghost that flits in front of our weary eyes, weaving enticing patterns of future promises, but truly fickle at heart. She never keeps her promises, but leaves us tired, dusty and empty-handed.

Time is the most devilish aggressor that man faces during his walk on earth. Too much time. .. he misuses; too little time.. he misuses himself. We are a slave of the clock, a mechanical monster that beats its steel components at a steady but deadly pace, laughing at the travesty of the warm pulsing human trying to match its gutless dance.

Free yourself of the affliction. Do what you must for this horrid taskmaster, but let it be only a token subservience. Reach upward to the heavens, and beyond. God and all the universe are within the grasp of mortal man. Yours is the kingdom of all that was, is and will be. Make it live for you, now, here, at this moment.

The spirit is the true source of all glory. You are only as complete and whole a person as your soul is a complete soul. Your soul can soar unshackled by human bondage, and through life itself, live through eternity, a flame burning brighter and brighter, nourishing all that it warms with the richness of human love and compassion.

The capacity for love is great; nurture it and feed it, care for it as the great gift that it is, immortal in its ability to recreate again and again the love of one human for another.

And remember always, the clock, a mechanical convenience, built for man by man; keep in mind, you are the master. You have the sole and ultimate responsibility for what you are and where you progress.

Herein lies the most fundamental lesson of the universe:

Time is indestructible, but most unreliable; so guard it jealously and selfishly. Use it with precious care. Do not try to place too much material fal-de-ral in a certain length of time, but rather take time and make it fulfill the needs of your personal development.

-Mary A. Rogers

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The frightening thing about tomorrow’s history is that it will have to consist of today’s current events.

– Harold Coffin

FEBRUARY, 1970                      9


In a “Question and Answer” exchange on T.V. Oslo, September 30, 1969, between Mrs. Kari Mannsaker and K. Ramachandra, editor of the Religious Digest of Ceylon, the following exchange took place. Question: Do you believe in the development of a new type of human being? With less aggressions, less fear, and other sets of values? Answer by K. Ramachandra : Yes. I believe in a new order of things ; in divinised man, in harmonized humanity and spiritualized existence.

Science which has hitherto been concerned with delving into the secrets of Nature is now turning its attention to the inner world. Our ancient seers discovered these inner secrets. They spoke of a Universal Mind. Modern psychologists have already got a glimpse of it. They accept that minds are net separate spatial entities. They are not objects in space. There are no sharp boundaries between one mind and another. The power of thought to influence one another through telepathic-like process is accepted and praised. We are now regaining what the animals, birds and insects already possess.

When civilization comes to a crisis, as at the present moment, a few evolved ones, here and there, withdraw into the inner world of man and get a glimpse of the Reality behind, and return to the outer world for the service of mankind. These people form a “Creative minority.” I have met such groups of men and women all over the world. Their ideal is “One World” and “Unity of mankind.” Their work is in Silence and Solitude, and it is more enduring than all the activities of the noisy political world, where aggressions, jealousies, rivalries, etc., etc., reign supreme, disturbing the atmosphere. When more and more people turn their attention to this inner life, they not only transform themselves, they transform their families, friends and communities. This is the new order of life I envisage. This is not a utopian dream or fancy, but an actual fact. I am speaking from personal experience of men and matters.

Another important matter I wish to mention here is the Movement for a World Government … It is an absolute necessity in this nuclear age, if we want to save humanity from total annihilation. The world is already united physically through science and technology. Let us give it a psychological unity and spiritual basis. I admit that these

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

are the possibilities and probabilities in the development of a new type of humanity, free from rivalries, aggressions, fear and hatred, but only if the human race does not destroy itself by clinging to political forms which modern weapons have rendered obsolete, and to out-grown social customs, economic theories and religious practices.

(If you would like a copy of this leaflet, a reprint from the Religious Digest of December 1969, why not send an International Postal Coupon to K. Ramachandra, Jayanthipura, Talangama, Ceylon.)

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world report

Instruments of God!

The Hartford (Conn.) Courant, Thurs. Dec. 11,1969-by F. J. Welsh

A versatile Killingworth man — artist, teacher, Bible scholar, amateur scientist and gadgeteeris — also the author of a fascinating book, “God Drives A Flying Saucer.”

He is Robert L. Dione, 47, ex-paratrooper, now an art teacher at Old Saybrook Junior High School.

In his slender volume Dione presents a totally new and revolutionary concept of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects), their existence and their meaning. In brief, he says they are instruments of God.

And God, he says, is not supernatural but “is much like man whom He created in His image.. . and what sets Him apart from man is His technological superiority.” Dione marshals evidence to show God as the head of a race of super technological beings who are conducting an experiment with mankind as their subjects.

These beings visit or reconnoiter the earth on flying saucers, the author says. He calls them “saucerians” and he finds evidence of their activities all through the Bible. Miracles, for instance, are not at all miraculous, Dione insists, but illusions produced with the help of UFOs.

Of course, some people still don’t believe there are such things as flying saucers, despite a Gallup Poll indicating millions of other people

FEBRUARY, 1970                      11

have seen them. Dione, for instance, said he saw three-one in ’59, two in ’67.

But Art Teacher Dione never mentions flying saucers to his students. Why?

“Because this is controversial material,” he said. “Even some folks who see flying saucers don’t want to talk about it. They hardly believe it themselves and have trouble making other people believe it. Like a friend who said to me: I saw a flying saucer but you’re the only one I told.

You understand … but others might not.”

Nowadays with men walking on the Moon and proposing trips to Venus and Mars, there is every reason to concede Dione’s concept of God and Space and UFOs might fall within the calculus of probability. He can’t understand people who dismiss his views as unthinkable.

Water Resources Under Sinai Desert

Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) News, June 4, 1969

TEL AVIV (UPI)-The Sinai desert is a barren and hostile land fit only for the Nomads and their camels which roam its wastes. Israeli hydrologists have discovered water there and it may become the key to Mideast peace.

The desert stretches from the sand dunes along the Mediterranean across the sandy plateau known as El Tih to the barren masses of crystalline rocks known as Gebel Katherina which rises 8,651 feet into the sunlight. One of the mountains is thought to be Mt. Sinai where Moses delivered the Ten Commandments.

The Egyptians obtained some manganese ores and oil from the Sinai but it was never fully explored until after the Israelis drove to the Suez Canal. It was the search for new oil resources that led to the discovery of vast underground water resources.

Israeli geologists said they have discovered “vast water reserves hundreds of yards beneath the Sinai sands” and that during the next few months, when the desert shimmers in the summer heat, they will study their findings and map later investigations.

Bringing the water to the surface, where it could transform the desert wastes, would be a formidable and expensive enterprise according to Prof. Jacob Bentor, geology department chief at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The water discoveries are as important politically as they are economically.

If the stalemate in the Middle East continues and Israel remains in the territories it occupied after the 1967 war, the Sinai could, if the water supplies are sufficient, be turned into an area for resettling the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees who live in the Gaza Strip and on the occupied West Bank.

The investigations have another aspect far Israel. The area is similar to that of the Negev Desert in southern Israel and scientific knowledge gained in the Sinai might be applicable to the Negev. Geologists say the discovery of water in a certain strata in the Sinai might indicate chances for finding water in a similar strata in the unexplored areas of the Negev.

Stress May Affect UFO Sightings

Boston (UPI)-Two Harvard scientists believe that the frequency of sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) may be due in part to the stresses of everyday life.

In a paper presented Friday to the opening of the 136th convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Drs. Lester Grinspoon and Alan D. Persky said “a significant fraction” of reported UFO sightings probably resulted from the viewers’ regressions to “more primal modes of thinking.”

The doctors said persons with psychological disorders were more likely to fall back on “this primary process thinking” than persons enjoying relatively good mental health.

But, the paper said, almost everyone was susceptible to that type of regression during times of stress.

“While there is no question that it is conjectural, we are suggesting that a population of emotionally disturbed people is more likely than a non-disturbed population both to be attracted to the possibility that we are being visited by extraterrestrial forms of intelligent life and to make observations which support this possibility,” Grinspoon and Persky said.

Prof. J. Allen Hynek of Northwestern University said the whole UFO study could suffer a serious setback if the Air Force destroys the secret portions of 22 years of records.

Hynek, a consultant to the Air Force during its UFO studies, said some summary cards had already been destroyed.

FEBRUARY, 1970                      13

He said the secret sections of the records contain some “hard core cases” of sightings where the observer was mentally stable and did not confuse the sighting with natural phenomena.

The Air Force announced earlier this month it was ending Project Blue Book, its lengthy study of UFO’s.

Glacial Ice Tapping

The Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Dec. 9, 1969

WASHINGTON (UPI)-A while back a U. S. Geological Survey scientist noted that “about three-fourths of all the fresh water in the world-equivalent to about 60 years, precipitation over the entire globe-is locked in glacier ice.”

It now develops that experimenters in Chile are testing ways of tapping this fresh water bonanza in their part of the world, and are getting encouraging results.

According to Science News magazine, the Chileans dusted Coton Glacier in the Andes with a black powder (largely consisting of soot) and succeeded in speeding up its flow of meltwater.

In a time when pollution is poisoning more and more of the world’s streams and lakes, yet unexploited sources of pure water daily become potentially more valuable.

Black things absorb more heat from the sun than do white things. So it follows that if you make white glaciers black they will melt faster than they would do otherwise.

According to Dr. Cedomir Marangunic, Chilean polar scientist, the experiment proved that fresh water can be economically procured this way. About 350,000 cubic feet of additional meltwater a day was produced for each square kilometer (four-tenths of a square mile) thus treated.

The cost was $2,900 a square kilometer. The Chilean National Electric Company, which footed the bill, got back its investment in 81 days of extra water production. It uses the water to generate electricity. Theoretically, glaciers can be managed in two ways-to increase their rate of melting and to retard it. To conserve glaciers, and thus store their locked up water for the future, you would coat them with some insulating material, or resort to cloud seeding to increase snowfall.

Meier of the Geological Survey noted that in North America “the

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

volume of water stored as snow and ice in glaciers is many times greater than that stored in all of the lakes, ponds, rivers, and reservoirs on the continent.”

Oxygen Aid to Memory

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Nov. 4, 1969

NEW YORK (UPI)-In many aging persons the powers of memory, awareness and judgment decline and they come to the state called senility. Four scientists think they have hit upon something to do about it. That is intermittent breathing of pure oxygen at pressures considerably higher than the atmospheric.

Senility has never yielded to any treatment but it seemed to yield to this one, the scientists said in reporting their experiments with 13 old men hospitalized because of senility.

The improvements were spectacular even by objective measurements and were, in the words of scientists, “highly significant statistically.” By the subjective measurement of what other people saw in them before and after, it was perhaps even more impressive.

“Much remains to be learned. It is not likely that the treatment modifies basic degenerative processes, but we know of no other form of therapy that offers statistically significant improvements of function,” one of the scientists said.

Fake Quakes May Control Real Ones

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Dec. 9, 1969-by Duston Harvey

BERKELEY (UPI)-Natural earthquakes may someday be controlled by man-made ones, according to a federal expert.

Dr. L. C. Pakiser, chief of the Office of Earthquake Research and Crustal Studies at Menlo Park, Calif., told a science writers’ seminar that a pair of recent Nevada nuclear tests provided the first unplanned earthquake control experiment.”

He said a 1.1 kiloton underground test at Benham in the Nevada Test Site triggered 10,000 aftershocks over a nine-mile area during a four-week period of 1968.

A similar test at nearby Joram a few months later also caused earth tremors-but not in the area of the Benham aftershocks.

“The second test didn’t reactivate the zone of the first aftershocks,” Pakiser said. “This indicates the stored stresses in the earth’s crust may have been released by the first explosion.”

FEBRUARY, 1970                      15

Pakiser envisioned a day when man-made earth tremors caused by nuclear tests or other means may release “the energy stored in quiet stress areas-energy which otherwise would be dislodged in great earthquakes. He noted that man had also caused earthquakes by dumping radioactive wastes into a deep well near Denver and by placing excessive loads of water on the surface behind big dams.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

Japhalein-Mother Ship of This Galaxy

(Japhalein-Mother Ship of This Galaxy, Marcap Council, Dept. DF, Route 4, Arlington, Wash. 98223. $5.95)

First published in 1961, Japhalein—Mother Ship of This Galaxy has recently been re-issued in a new format. The introduction by Ed O’Neal, editor of Orion Magazine, portrays the author, E. Blanche Pritchett, Ph.D., founder of the Marcap Council.

The Space ship Japhalein was built 7000 years ago by the combined creativeness and skill of the planetary beings of this galaxy, after thousands of years of consultation. Its purpose is to monitor all thoughts within the galaxy to “prevent a needless waste of time” among planetary beings. The ship is 11 miles in diameter, 10 levels high, and it is capable of containing 24,000 people, though at the time of the writing only 18,000 were in residence.

Fantastic! The author agrees that to some the account will be as fiction, but others will KNOW the truths given in the book. In either case, it is interesting, thought provoking reading, for much more than a visit to JAPHALEIN is given.

Several visits to this mother ship in the spiritual rather than physical body, conversations with the spiritually advanced beings, a dedication to serve mankind, all are given in detail. Visits to Tibet, the

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Kremlin, the Ghost City under the Sea are also related. Discourses are offered on planet 666 (the Earth) ; matter, energy lenses, mental telepathy, history of the planets of the solar system, and “knowledge of the future.”

Some startling new perspectives are presented-the significance of Karl Marx’s economic philosophy; the nature of the planets, Heaven and Hell, resulting from man’s erroneous thinking; and the evolutionary pattern of “the Father’s many mansions.”

Although the book contains but 169 pages, this review has covered but a few of the many subjects considered. Of the book, E. Blanche Pritchett herself, says: Beginning on the first page you are transported into a world that has been mentioned in, prophecies, bibles, and through the mouths of seers for many centuries, each telling a piece of the story of the planning and order and function and growth of the universe and its people.

The reading of JAPHALEIN, MOTHER SHIP OF THIS GALAXY could open for you new doors of understanding of the worlds we are just beginning to know.

——— ♦ ———


The Wheel of Life Foundation

A remarkable work is being done at the Wheel of Life Foundation, Kirkland, Arizona, by Reverend Ted Pierce and his wife, Oleta. Reverend Pierce has had bestowed upon him the gift of permitting a person to see, in great clarity, his former embodiments. The individual involved becomes aware of the type of body, the circumstances or karmic acts which led to its death, and the actual death itself. The astounding thing is that Reverend Pierce experiences the death situation with the subject involved.

Rev. Ted Pierce has had a wide reputation as a spiritual healer for some time. However, this particular activity began in February 1969 during a routine “laying on of hands healing,” to the surprise of every one present. He steadfastly maintains that he is only acting as a “channel” in transmitting this ability of recall, and in or of himself does nothing.

The “sessions” are conducted is this manner. The individual, who has requested the service, reclines on a table. No attempt is made

FEBRUARY, 1970                      17

by anyone to alter the state of consciousness of the person in anyway. Rev. Pierce seats himself in a chair at the head end of the table and assumes an attitude of waiting. His hands are placed on the table near the head but not touching it. He does not enter into any apparent altered’ state of consciousness. His wife stands immediately behind him where she places a hand on each of his shoulders. This is done for two reasons: 1) To keep him from falling when he shares ‘the death throes of the individual; and 2) to complete the male female Principle of the Natural Law of One. On a nearby table are kept a supply of ice water and face cloths, as Rev. Pierce often requests that ‘his throat and forehead be wiped.

The important result of these “sessions” is that the person readily recalls each experience, and the building in each life of the karma which has been transferred to the present. Irrelevant details seem to fade away, leaving only the knowledge pertinent to now. This ready recall seems to appear most vividly in the form of “flashbacks” which occur either in the sleep state or during meditation.

Statements made by the majority of those contacted to date, for follow-up purposes and documentation, have also volunteered the information that bodily complaints which have defied all types of treatment in this lifetime appear to have corrected themselves. We do not, under any circumstances, wish to convey to the reader that we have knowledge of the power of the mind or spirit-nor is any pretence made as to the understanding of psychological or physical processes which are apparently in action. We are seeking to publicize this work only in order to seek understanding from any similar experiences others may have had at the hands of someone, and to continue to follow-up the readily apparent effects upon the life of each individual with whom we have come in contact. As always, in those things which deal with Mind or Spirit, the individual exercises his freedom of choice to either accept or reject anything which may have transpired.

In the observation of the individuals involved, it has been noted with interest, that his hands will always go to the points of injury which have caused violent death, or to rest quietly on the forehead in instances of “natural death.” Other interesting observations: some will lie completely still during the entire “recall” while Rev. Pierce will go into the violent death throes; others will scream and moan, and speak in foreign tongues, some of which have been identified, others not.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Rev. Pierce states that each person apparently chooses his own area of desired recall, and when enough information has been gained, the Power, as he chooses to call it, is turned off and the session terminated.

Up to now, there seems to be a common experience verbalized by each one-an awareness of a better self-understanding, and the “feeling” of the removal of a great weight. Changes in body postures have also been noted.

Every effort is being made to thoroughly document each case, and to maintain the proper follow-up. We realize that the proper time lapse has not yet occurred with some, or possibly with none. We only seek to understand not only that which has transpired here, but to determine if others have knowledge of, or know of themselves, where this work is being done elsewhere. We sincerely believe that a “shared experience” will provide you with food for thought, even though you may choose to reject the entire experience.

We seek, even as you do, to understand those laws and forces which govern our existence. Each day we hope that our activities here will have attracted a certain Someone who will give us knowledge, and instruction, of this Thing which has suddenly appeared among us.

All are invited to visit the Wheel of Life Foundation, or to write to: Star Route, Box 49, Kirkland, Arizona 86332,

-Jack L. Thornton, Ph.D.

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Peace, the goal of the U. N.

Peace, the prayer of Christians

Peace, the subject of heated debates,

Just what is peace?

Where does it come from?

Who has it?

He Who said, “My Peace I give unto you” possessed it And, those who receive His message have the gift of understanding.

Understanding is the challenge of the human mind; the knowledge and acceptance of ourselves and others

for what we are;

the truth beyond the fog of prejudice;

FEBRUARY, 1970                      19

the force which gently dissolves the barriers of hate; Understanding moves the human mind to sacrifice

ease in lieu of sacrificing principles to settle for quietude.

Understanding yields true peace born from the tranquility of order, wherein the senses are subject to reason and reason to faith.

-M. Pauline Hughes

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20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

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