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VOLUME XV                               DECEMBER, 1970                                   NUMBER 12

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


“And she brought forth her first born Son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger because there was no room at the Inn.”

How many times have those simple words been used at the beginning of the Christmas story! (We used them ourselves in our Christmas editorial for 1965, but try as w e may, we can find no better way to start this one.)

The entire history of Jesus of Nazareth, his birth, his life and his ministry, is one of extreme simplicity and of constant rejection. Born to parents without lands, wealth or social position, there was no room for Him in the caste system of society which prevailed during His lifetime. Because He stressed giving rather than getting, there was no room for Him in the marts of trade or in the halls of the money changers. Because He preached humility and condemned arrogance, He was shunned by the ruling classes. Because He said “thou shalt love thine enemy,” He was despised and denounced by those in military service. Wherever He went, the answer was the same, “there is no room in our society for any one with ideals and philosophy which are contrary to every rule of success we have ever learned.” Public indignation at the perversity of his teachings eventually reached the point

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

where He was seized, tried for treason against the `State,’ condemned and executed by the most ignominious method known to man, and hastily buried in a borrowed tomb!

The centurion who supervised the execution undoubtedly walked away muttering “That is the last we will ever hear of that silly Nazarine and his ridiculous teachings.”

Today, hundreds of millions of people, throughout the world, spend many hours of their time and much of their money preparing to celebrate the birth of this simple Man, and the God given philosophy which is now preached everywhere, even though it has never really been put into practice. Mankind has found room for Jesus of Nazareth in thousands of churches, large and small; hundreds of huge and magnificent cathedrals; countless monuments. If man could only learn to make room in his heart for the simple but divine truths which Jesus taught, His task would, at last be finished, and earthman could per-haps, become a successful species!

During the coming Christmas season, while we rush around in our annual struggle to complete those tasks and duties which have come to be traditional at this time, why don’t we try, for a few days or even a few hours, to actually put into effect the teachings of the One whose birth we celebrate? After all, we have been hearing about them for two thousand years, and who knows?, they might really work!

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The educators and psychologists of today, rooted in the metaphysics of our Western Civilization, do not understand the true nature of man, much less that of the child. Without this understanding they cannot set educational goals that are in harmony with man’s inner nature and which foster the development of man’s true potential.

This lack of understanding seems incredible to those who work with children using the Montessori method. Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman physician in Italy, was the way shower in the education of the child. She, herself, was astonished at both the cognitive growth and behavioral changes in the children in her first preschool. This Casi de Bambini opened its doors to children of the San Lorenzo slum district of Rome in January, 1907 in the charge of an uneducated former factory worker.

DECEMBER, 1970                    3

In two years her school was world famous not only for the spontaneous `explosion’ into writing of its pupils but also for the `normalization’ of their behavior. A `normalized’ child, to use Montessori’s term, manifests his true nature which includes love of work, independence and initiative, joy, profound spontaneous concentration, and a willing cooperative spirit.

The secret of the amazing changes in these children was their freedom of action in a prepared environment. The classroom is prepared to serve the needs of the child with specially designed materials and the child is free to express himself to develop his unique potential. This freedom does not mean license to do anything he wants. He is not free to disrupt the classroom or be destructive of the materials. Montessori viewed the classroom as a laboratory where the true nature of the child has been and will continue to be revealed.

She prepared the environment not only by providing furniture proportionate to the size of the children (quite an innovation in her day!) in a cheerful atmosphere but also by providing specific materials for exercises in motor control, refinement of sensory perception, language and mathematics. So-called new math was introduced by Montessori over 60 years ago! Some materials had been developed by her in her two years of work in the Orthopedic Clinic with mentally defective children and were continually modified and improved throughout her long and productive life ended in 1952.

The teacher demonstrates an exercise that interests the child and the child is then free to repeat that activity any time his `inner teacher’ impels him. This `inner teacher’ or `sensitive period’ is a unique time when a child is able to master some phase of growth with an ease and completeness unmatched at any other time in his development. For example, the sensitive period for order is from 21/2 to 4 years and if this need is not satisfied by providing the opportunity for keeping things in place the result is a disorganized individual in later years.

The child before the age of six to seven has what Montessori called the absorbent mind, soaking up knowledge like a sponge, learning a language by some miraculous process that never could be duplicated in later life. Learning by contracting the environment thru the hands, the child in the pre-school Montessori classroom learns the letters of the alphabet by tracing out their shapes in sandpaper in the direction he will later write then and by hearing their sounds. Thru this activity

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

he achieves spontaneously the ability to write accurately and effortlessly.

Dr. Montessori had asked a five year old boy to draw a picture of the chimney she was sitting by as she and the children were enjoying some fine weather on the roof terrace. After the child had made a rough sketch with chalk on the floor tiles he suddenly burst out, “I can write; I know how to write!” He then wrote the words `hand, chimney, roof’ (mano, Camino, tetto). Other children were attracted by his cries of joy and when they saw what he had done said, “Give me the chalk. I can write, too.” And they could and did!

The Montessori materials are sequential to lead the child from the simpler to the more complex, from concrete to abstract, but at every step of the way the child determines the pace of learning. He is free to move about the classroom among children whose ages span three years. He can choose any material that has been demonstrated to him by the teacher and not being used by another child. The material is in a predetermined place on a shelf or in a cabinet and the child must return it to that place.

The children practice motor control exercises such as pouring rice from one pitcher to another. The competence developed by this and other related exercises allows them to express their natural inclination to be helpful by pouring and serving juice at snack time. They are responsible for the care of the classroom and they clean tables and floor with great enthusiasm.

Because of the mixed age group, much teaching takes place without the teacher’s participation as one child shows another what he has mastered. And the children are quick to offer companionship and assistance to the newcomer who is unhappy when his mother leaves him for the first time.

A striking characteristic of the Montessori classroom is its serenity. Visitors have asked what the teacher has used to bribe the children into such good behavior! Because the children have self determined their activities based on their unfolding psychic needs, they work with an intrinsic motivation that focuses their energy and attention on the tasks at hand to the exclusion of all else. When they have completed their self-chosen tasks they are refreshed, strengthened and at peace with the world.

Montessori’s great achievement is the `discovery of the child’ which

DECEMBER, 1970                    5

is comparable in importance to the discovery of how to release the energy locked within the atom. The normalized child is the precursor of the normalized adult. And only in the community of normalized adults can we hope to offer everyone the opportunity to realize his true potential for growth unfoldment and contributions to the social order.

Neil F. Michelsen

——— ♦ ———


Understanding — the Key Note to Contact

Many of us have been studying Ufology for some years. It has be-come a question of why, arc: they here? rather than do they exist?

If this planet is being visited by people from other worlds, then why don’t they make open contact with us? Why don’t they help us, and why don’t they take us away in times of war?

The truth could be that our understanding may be so different from theirs that there is really nowhere we can live our way but here on Earth. They may feel that because of our understanding they might cause more harm than good, by interfering in our affairs.

This assessment leaves the individual’s understanding very much “out in the cold,” but then, how do we know if the space people are even aware of the nature of our understanding as individuals?

Some of the famous claimed contactees inform us that the space people are here to help us find a greater understanding of one another. It has been said that Jesus came from another planet, and that the star seen over Bethlehem was, in fact, a flying saucer from outer space. Jesus explained his origin when he said, “I am not of this world.” Of one thing I am certain-his understanding was very much not of this world.

In spite of our individual efforts, and group efforts, to make con-tact with space people, we have not been altogether successful. But, then, perhaps we have been going about it the wrong way. Perhaps we have been putting the cart before the horse every time. Perhaps we should be working on ourselves to make ourselves more acceptable.

All we may need for contact is understanding, not so much individual understanding but rather more group understanding and expression.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

This type of understanding is one which is relative to all and allows for free expression. It is an understanding relative to all forms but does not lack respect nor discipline.

Perhaps we are too good at finding the differences in one another when we should be trying to seek out first those things in which we are alike.

A little child may have the answer to this. Adults are inclined to be set in their ways, but a child is more open to new ideas and new things. If we tried, a little more, in our daily lives to bring children together in understanding and affection, we might find our efforts well rewarded.

Our hopes for contact with people from other worlds may well lie in the hands of children, and our efforts in helping children to love and care for one another more may well be the beginnings of a new fraternity-a new affectionate understanding between all forms here on Earth.

This understanding, relative to all forms, could be the key to open contact. It could be the bridge between us and space beings that we have tried to build for so long.

-Richard Carton

10 Byne Rd. London,

S.E. 26 England

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The moon ventures have been and will continue to be adventurous and exciting. With the absence of new horizons and virgin soil here on earth, man extends his curiosity and interest to the worlds around him. What had heretofore been the especial province of the science fiction scribes now opens its portals to real life visitors. And the phenomenon of electronics has welcomed the whole earth to participate in the extraterrestrial steps.

In time the excitement of the dangers and successes wanes perceptibly. The earth as “one” in observance of the accomplishments returns to nations divided and people at odds. The every day cares and concerns supplant the wonderment of earthmen in lunar dress.

DECEMBER, 1970                    7

In effect, the world becomes smaller to accommodate the daily ups and downs that were forgotten briefly in the arena of the great realm of space.

This world’s inhabitants also bear criticism of these extra-terrestrial excursions. Many deplore the expenditures for the lunar lunacy, pointing to the want of millions here on earth. How much could be done for mankind’s miserables with the untold billions earmarked for space! And such criticism is not without merit, for mankind has suffered eternally the capriciousness of fate-the random designation of “haves and have nots.” Would that man were more concerned with the well-being of his fellow creatures, the inequities that fall to man might be altered.

It would seem reasonable to pursue both outer space and mankind’s problems, for the conquest of space could very well widen the vision of man and clarify his interdependence on man. Heretofore man has been content with being one among men on this, the center of the Universe. Heretofore he has aligned himself with his friends in competition or conflict with his neighbors, thereby uniting or dividing over the earth’s surface according to national, political, ethnic or social ties. A feeling of oneness was never man’s; a sense of division has been his heritage.

Now, in the twilight of the discovery- of new worlds, man wins the privilege of a look at himself from afar. With the aid of television and photographic equipment, man sees his world from thousands of miles away. In turn, he sees the mysterious surface of the moon from his living room. In the attendant awe of so prodigious an experience, he loses momentarily the cares and concerns of this world, the cares and concerns that separate him from his fellow men. And, in these instants he does indeed become one with his fellow men.

From the window of a space vehicle he sees through television’s eye his cherished earth, beautiful in its heavenly flight but impersonal in its existence. And of the warring nations, the imagined slights, the vying for gain and position: nothing shows clear in this far away look at the blue-green of oceans, the gray-white of lands, appearing now and then through the soft shield of clouds. The earth is one from this vantage point-uninhabited, undisturbed, undistinguished. From this vantage point, mankind is one-invisible, without conflict Without hate.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

With the ventures into space, man may change his perspective, broaden it. The enormity, the endless reaches of the Universe may give man a sense of his size and relative importance in the grand scheme of things. And if man should b° humbled by the magnificence of the worlds around him, then perhaps he will begin to acknowledge his neighbors from a new point of view. From this new observation platform man could begin to see his neighbors as parts of a whole rather than as separate, unrelated entities. That whole, that entirety will be dependent on the sum of its parts, not on the success or failure of its warring components. And it may well become incumbent upon each part, upon men, to look after the others, to provide for the welfare of others on behalf of all. Then will mankind approach the oneness, the unity that has been hoped for and wished-for, but denied.

The alternative, of course, is more of the same that has befallen man since his inception. Time has gauged man’s rise from the uncivilized past to the so-called civilized present. Man judges the past on the strength of the sophistication of his present day inventions. But to be considered truly civilized, he must discontinue warfare and inhumanity: he must give his fellow men their due. Heroics must come to be how many are saved, not how many are killed or maimed. Man must be interested in the survival of man, and in assisting each to find his place. Warfare fails to distinguish man from his earliest predecessors. Peace and cooperative resolve set him apart from the uncivilized and in good stead for the future.

It seems, then, proper, practical and even beneficial to pursue the outreaches of space along with the betterment of mankind. Man has always sought to know his environment better. In so doing he has quite often improved the lot of all men. Now, with his feet on the threshold of space, he acquires the possibility of widening the perspective of man’s view of his fellow creatures. He has now but to reassess his priorities, hopefully resulting in advancing to mankind the fruits of his increased humanity. If man is first willing and then able to comprehend the need for a wider outlook, the pursuit of both objectives will become complementary and essential. Space will be-come a reality for man. And man, individually and collectively, will cease to be but a fragment of his promise.

– Walter N. Scott, Jr.

——— ♦ ———

DECEMBER, 1970                    9


The news media have been reporting, recently, the work of two re-searchers who have produced “Mystical Visions” without the use of drugs. Edward B. Fiske, reporting in the New York Times of August 26, 1970, relates the findings of the husband and wife team of Robert E. L. Masters and Jean Houston, directors of the Foundation for Mind Research in Manhattan.

The researchers, “using psychedelic sounds, lights, pictures and other devices have concluded that ordinary people can have profound religious experiences like those of the great Eastern and Western mystics, without the use of drugs.”

It is the belief of Masters and Houston that “The capacity for religious experience-including a deep feeling of unity with the universe is built into human nature. It’s simply a question of opening oneself up.”

The tear began their researches by investigating the use of psychedelic drugs on normal individuals and found that some persons reported effects similar to traditional mystical experiences. In 1966 they published “Varieties of Psychedelic Experience: The First Comprehensive Guide to the Effects of LSD on Human Personality.” The text was considered authoritative as an analysis of the levels of consciousness achieved during the drug experience.

However, as the book was published, LSD became unavailable to most scientific researchers so the team began to experiment with non-chemical means of inducing the effects they had previously encountered in their drug experiments.

In a recent interview they explained that they employ a variety of methods, among which are the following:

“Sensory overload” in which a subject is immersed in sound and light from dissolving colored slides. The effects are carefully chosen and coordinated by a small computer in such a way as to create specific psychological and emotional experiences.

An “altered states of consciousness induction device” whereby a blindfolded individual stands in a mental swing or pendulum that suspends his normal contact with the physical world and experiences vivid dream-like fantasies.

Guided meditation in which subjects are given ideas or visual

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

images such as concentric circles or a picture of their body becoming smaller and smaller-and led through experiences such as symbolic death and rebirth.

Through the use of these techniques, and others, many persons have had profoundly religious and mystical visions and experiences. Another result of the findings is that individuals have unlocked their inherent potential. “Subjects have been able to write, paint, and perform other activities either faster or at a higher level of quality than before.”

Relating their findings to the current trend in religion toward an emphasis on immediate experience rather than doctrinal teachings – Mr. Masters and Miss Houston contend that “altered states of consciousness in healthy, well-functioning individuals could become a normal part of American church life.” Because of drugs and other events of the past decade religious experience is becoming powerfully meaningful to many persons. But much of this is taking place outside the religious institutions.

Miss Houston said that one area for practical application of their findings would be worship services. “If we can get the effects we did in a laboratory, imagine what would happen in a sacramental setting where there were sacred symbols, high expectations of religious experience and strong authoritative figures such as clergymen.”

Another area of application would be in religious education of children. “Instead of talking about someone like the prophet they should be able to visualize and experience him internally.” However, she cautions, a visionary experience must be equated with rational insights and intelligence and not accepted at face value.

To the two researchers a changing religious concept could produce “a radically different image of man…. The new image would be man the creator, the artist and the player. It’s impossible now even to imagine the levels of awareness of which men are capable. What we need are major efforts to explore inner as well as outer space.”

——— ♦ ———


Some Truth Students who regularly apply the results of their studies to their daily living disregard the relevance of observing a Christmas Season. They maintain that everyday is Christmas and to have a

DECEMBER, 1970                    11

special day set apart makes little sense to them. Also, many do not accept the personal reality of Jesus the Man and are reluctant to foster attention on what they term a “myth.”

This writer will not deny the validity of this position for those who choose to entertain it. However, I do not look upon Christmas as merely a period of recognition or special behavior, but an opportunity to acknowledge Universal Truth and to rededicate oneself to the application of the Christ Concept in life. Christmas should be a vital, dynamic time for Truth Students. It can be a “Spiritual High” during which each of us reaffirms his position regarding the Universal Under-standing and acceptance of all mankind and pays homage to the reality of the Christ Concept.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy Christmas Spirit All Year Long!

Jay Fair

——— ♦ ———


world report

Low Frequency Noise

Los Angeles Times, Sun., Sept. 20, 1970-By Marvin Miles

Employees in the office were distracted for some reason. They couldn’t keep their minds on their work and they didn’t know why until an acoustical expert came up with the answer


This is sound at such low frequencies that it can’t be heard by the human ear, yet there is evidence to suggest that the human body is subject to possible damage from such inaudible exposure.

In the case of the distracted office staff, “silent” infrasound developed by a malfunctioning air conditioning system produced a definite physical response manifested in the worker’s inability to concentrate.

“It is known,” said Dr. Richard W. Procunier at Lockheed’s Palo Alto Research Laboratories, “that subjects exposed to infrasound have experienced feelings of nausea, disequilibrium, disorientation, headache, lassitude and blurring of vision.”

“Although these short-term effects have been recorded, long-term  effects of repeated exposure are not known. What is more, it is often

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

difficult to obtain data about the nature and extent of infrasonic sources since they are not apparent in the way ordinary audio sound sources are.

Dr. Procunier explained that infrasound has a frequency below that of the normal hearing range (20 cycles per second or less) and could” come from a variety of sources, both natural and artificial.

As examples he gave explosions, aircraft, construction machinery,, earthquakes, aurora, locomotives, certain types of agricultural and construction machinery, etc.

Because of their long wave length, he said, infrasounds are not effectively attenuated by ordinary acoustic absorbers and hence propagate over long distances.

Dr. Procunier said recent experiments have indicated a correlation between infrasonics and human behavior.

Even the aurora borealis creates infrasound which has been detected by unique devices developed at the Palo Alto laboratories, the scientist. noted.

“Much remains to be done in the study of infrasonics,” he emphasized. “The generation, propagation, presence and interaction of these sounds with the human environment are all yet to be understood.

Soviets Find Bone Houses

Dayton. (Ohio) Daily News,  Sunday, September 27, 1970

MOSCOW-(UPI)-Soviet archaeologists have unearthed houses constructed by prehistoric man of the bones of mammoths, according to the Soviet News Agency Tass.

Tass said scientists found the houses near the Ukrainian town of Cherkassy. They were built 7,000 years ago.

“The first dwelling found was built of 385 bones of the prehistoric animal,” Tass said.

Working on the theory- that the house was part of a village, the archaeologists kept digging and found a second house near the first one Tass said.

The dwellings made of mammoth bones will be displayed in a muse-um in Kiev, the capital of the Soviet Ukraine.

Flying Saucers in Copenhagen

The Post, (Cincinnati, Ohio) August 18, 1970

COPENHAGEN: Policeman Ewald Hansen from Haderslev in

DECEMBER, 1970                    13

southern Jutland has photographed a flying saucer during a routine highway patrol.

Hensen, 38, said that the engine of his car stopped and the police radio went dead when his car was hit by a strong light from above. Before he left the car to inspect the light source, he pressed the button controlling the automatic cameras mounted inside the automobile.

The temperature in the car rose, Hansen remembered.

Outside, he saw a dark object in the sky, and suddenly he sensed that the light rays were being sucked into the object and it disappeared. Immediately after, the car engine fired once more and the radio began to function.

Hansen called headquarters and reported the phenomenon.

When developed, the film showed a small white dot and part of the crash barrier at the roadside was illuminated by a sharp light from -above.

The film was given to the Danish Air Force, which will undertake .an investigation into the matter.

Saucers over Toledo?

The Blade, (Toledo, Ohio) August 8, 1970

Sightings of unidentified flying objects in the Toledo area over the past few days again have many eyes glued on the night skies.

The Blade received calls from sighters in Toledo, Grand Rapids, Swanton, Napoleon, and Maumee Friday reporting objects that range in color from red to bluish-green to white being seen.

One caller said that a yellow meteor-like object, moving eastward, lit up an entire street in South Toledo.

Another said she saw what appeared to be a bluish-green meteor streaking across the southern sky. It was “very bright, lasted a matter of seconds, and disappeared.”

The sightings could be connected with the annual Perseid meteor “shower,” which usually reaches its greatest concentration about Aug. 11.

Neither the police nor the weather bureau reported any calls concerning UFOs and had no explanation for them.. The last rash of sightings in the Toledo area was in 1967.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Soviet Calls for Space Probe

Southwest Times Record, (Ft. Smith, Ark.) August 20, 1970

BRIGHTON, England (AP)–A Soviet scientist called Wednesday for international cooperation to solve one of man’s persistent riddles-whether other civilizations exist in the universe beyond the earth. Vitali Ginzburg, physicist member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, said large and sensitive radio and optical telescopes needed for the experiment would cost billions of dollars to build-too costly for one nation to bear.

“But I believe that to look for some signals of intelligent life is quite sensible,” he said at an international astronomers’ conference. “You would have to do it internationally although it would be a difficult political thing.”

Ginzburg said there is little chance of life close to earth and suggested a possible distance in space of 100 light years. A light year is the distance that light travels in a year or 5.8 trillion miles.

Anthony Hewish of Cambridge University said: “It would be statistically very strange if we were the only intelligent life in the galaxy.” But Hewish, who discovered space signals in 1967 that he first believed might be from intelligent beings, said the effort outlined by Ginzburg would be “stupid at the moment.”

“It would involve a large expenditure of money with a small chance of result,” Hewish said. “It would not be science and I don’t foresee it happening.”

Chimp Brain Linked to Computer

Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Ark., Sept. 17, 1970

NEW HAVEN, Ct. (AP)-A team of Yale University scientists has linked the brain of a chimpanzee and a computer, enabling the brain to receive signals from the computer. The experiment raises the possibility of electronic communication from one brain to another. It also suggests new ways of treating mental and physical disorders.

In the chimpanzee experiment, electrodes implanted in the animal’s head picked up electrical brain waves which were transmitted to a computer by a small receiver-transmitter atop its head. The computer returned a control signal to another part of the brain through the receiver. Once stimulated, the latter part of the brain internally turned off the brain activity originally sensed by the computer, causing the chimp to change moods often during the 1-1/2 year experiment.

DECEMBER, 1970                    15

Poet’s corner

His Next Birthday

For His birthday, Let’s give Him the thing He wants most

A thing He often speaks of.

Let’s surprise Him with something we all know He wants;

It’s something called “Brotherly Love.”

We could build it ourselves, if we’d only try

And follow this pattern -a creed-

The directions call for forbearance and will

To minister to all those in need.

It would mean sacrifice, doing without

Things we think the most of.

Like greed, and avarice and selfishness

And we’d have to spend plenty of love.

When it’s completed, what a beautiful sight

We’ve composed with our hearts and our reason!

And nourished with love and polished with care

‘Til it shines like the imminent season!

What a glorious unwrapping when Christmas dawns

What a perfect, appropriate day for it!

Let’s get wildly extravagant for His birthday this year

If we all chip in, we can pay for it.

Anne Mart

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

HOW TO DO ALL THINGS: Your use of Divine Power-published by Mark-Age Meta-Center, Inc., 327 NE 90 Terrace, Miami, Florida 33137. $5.00

Each New Age group has its particular Teaching for the guidance of sincere seekers, each group appealing to a segment of such seekers. HOW TO DO ALL THINGS is similar to many other books that map out a Path for those who wish to climb to higher spiritual levels and is written in such a way that all may profit from the proffered knowledge. The keys to spiritual power are presented as “100 Spiritual Truths,” necessary for all spiritual development and are clearly set forth. No one can study- this book seriously without making definite progress.

One interesting paragraph speaks of man’s development in handling the “natural” resources-“There never has been and never will be a time when man has no power supply. There has been no real occasion to worry about dwindling supplies of fuel-wood, coal, oil, gas, uranium or any others. As man evolves he discovers new sources, each more powerful. Also, each is less physical in nature. Man has gone from solids to liquids to gases to atoms. His final and all-powerful step will be to recognize Spirit as the only power. Then he will be shown how to make use of this power without intricate machinery for conversion to energy.”

Spiritual understanding allows proper requests to be made in accordance with Divine Law. “Responsiveness of Spirit to your requests for action depends upon the degree to which you live up to your inherent spiritual nature.” In this regime, as in all others based upon spiritual truths, the Path is simple but rarely easy!

The third section of HOW TO DO ALL THINGS gives fifty very

DECEMBER, 1970                    17

definite rules, the understanding and daily use of which will enable you to “know thyself” and to reach a point where you can help others.

We are warned to eliminate negative thoughts before attempting to use spiritual power – when desiring physical healing do not start out with the assumption that you are ill, but immediately affirm that you are spiritually perfect and thus it is possible to manifest physical perfection. Once you decree what is to be made manifest, “let” Spirit take over, always remembering that of yourself you can do nothing.

Two thoughts impressed themselves upon the mind of this reviewer — always consider others, as selfishness is a breach of spiritual law, plus the need to be always receptive to Divine Ideas received through meditation.

The final section of HOW TO DO ALL THINGS has to do with effective prayer and this is undoubtedly one of the ways in which we all must be alert for guidance and further development. The ultimate of prayer is to be “at one” with the inner Christ Consciousness, and a never-ending attempt to reach this pinnacle can be helped along through the study of this book.

A “tip of the hat” to this group is earned by the inclusion of the thought that it is but one of many such New Age centers for dissemination of helpful Truths-we all tire of the group which sets itself before us as the “one way to salvation,” for many channels bring us messages of inspiration and illumination.

Dorothy Low

——— ♦ ———


Suppose that you were going about your business just being your joyous little self and out of the blue you receive a seeming, unprovoked verbal attack. What do you do? The normal natural reaction is to defend yourself and to shout back your defending remarks. This usually results in more shouting and increased animosity by both par-ties. A small war ensues. Nothing is gained, in fact a great deal is lost.

Next time try this procedure: Quietly- look at the Provoker. Focus your eyes on an area between his two eyes and mentally say, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, (Sanskrit word meaning Peace). Then, mentally say, “May His Great Love encompass you.” I think you will be amazed at the results. I was!

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

For us to be with His Great Love and Power … makes us one with all the Power and Love in the Universe.

The real reason for the lack of understanding and discord between individuals, groups of individuals and nations is the lack of Higher Guidance and Attunement. When we tune in we function as One harmonious Whole.

Of course, it is easier said than done. Personally, sometimes we feel overcome by anger, resentment, etc. To transmute these feelings into feelings of Love for the apparently “unlovely” is beyond our power to do. We definitely need Help. So, when we are mentally saying Shanti we are asking for that help. When we ask that another be bathed in His Great Love we are turning a Herculean task over to Hercules who can do the job.

So, in reality, we need not ever again feel that we should love the “unlovely.” Even the Great Masters do not do this; nor does the Greatest Intelligence in the Universe do this, for Love is Blind. When seeing with eyes of Great Love, they see only the good and beautiful in all, they see only the potential perfection. Most of us are unable to do this so we ask for help, we offer ourselves as channels, as little funnels through which this Great Love can filter.

Vivian Hultgren

——— ♦ ———

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Election of Officers

At the Annual Meeting of Understanding, Inc. on October 31st, 1970, the following new officers were elected, for the coming year.

DECEMBER.1970                     19

President-Dr. Daniel W. Fry; Executive Vice-President (by appointment)-Mrs. Wilma E. Thompson; Vice-Presidents-Dr. Olin Byerly, Mr. T. Yale Hurt, and Mr. Francis Kipp.

Honorary International Directors- Mr. Per Axel Atterbom of Sweden; Mr. Anthony Brooke of England; and Miss Edith Nicolaisen of Sweden.

National Directors-Dr. Daniel W. Fry, Mrs. Tahahlita Fry, Mr. Harvey E. Campbell, Mrs. Marie A. Hale, Mrs. Angela Kilsbry, Mrs. Dema Luttrell, Mr. Harry F. May, Mr. Edward T. O’Connor, and Dr. Eugene E. Whitworth.

Other Officers-Recording Secretary, Mrs. Clara Bonner; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Melva Campbell; Treasurer, Mrs. Kerttu Campbell; Subscriptions, Mrs. Edna Basmajian; Membership and Organization, Mrs. Joanne Doorly; Geographic Files, Mrs. Esther Ells-worth; and Friendship by Mail Chairman, Mrs. Aleta Johnston.

The Officers of Understanding will need the support of every member as they seek to promote on a world-wide scale Dr. Fry’s “Proposal to Determine the Area of Mutual Agreement in the Social Sciences.” We count on you as well as our staff to “promote a better under-standing among all peoples of earth, as well as of those not of earth.” The President’s Message will appear in the January issue.

Remember Your Friends

Our annual Gift Subscription offer for Understanding Magazine, at Two Dollars for the year, is effective until Christmas.

Remember your friends with a Gift Subscription which they will appreciate all through the year. A gift card is sent with the December issue.

Please send gift renewals and new orders to: Understanding, Inc., P. O. Box 22, Sta. C, Pasadena, Calif., 91104.

“Proposal” Reprinted

A new printing of Dr. D. W. Fry’s “Proposal”- the Area of Mutual Agreement in the Social Sciences- has just been made. The new version (5 pages) offers an example of how the Congress would proceed.

Copies are available from our Merlin address at five cents per copy and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Why not order several to share with local news agencies and community organizations.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Much publicity is still needed to create the climate for the convening of a congress to discuss the “areas of agreement.” We do need your help!

A Reminder

Your contributions to Understanding, Inc. during the year 1970 are U. S. Income Tax Deductible!

Friendship by Mail

With a change in the Chairman of our Friendship by Mail service we ask that you write to

Mrs. Aleta Johnston

c/o Understanding, Inc.

P. O. Box 206, Merlin, Ore. 97532

for names of people eager to correspond with you.

We grow in understanding through our sharing, in person or by mail. There are many interesting people the world over seeking communication with friends in other countries.

Start the New Year by making friends in other lands!

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Understanding, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

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