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VOLUME XV                               NOVEMBER, 1970                                   NUMBER 11

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Your editor’s recently completed lecture tour of Europe included a number of public presentations in each of the following countries, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Holland. Several other countries were visited and private discussions were held.

Fourteen public lectures were held, and dozens of newspaper, magazine, radio and T. V. interviews were given. Throughout all of these countries the response was remarkably good. The great majority of the people of Europe, like those of the United States, seem to be fed up with political gobbledegook but very hungry for logic and reason. They long for simple statements and explanations which they can understand without any of the laborious deciphering and interpretation involved in even the simplest of political speeches.

At almost every lecture there were members of various dissident groups, mostly young people who to sneer, but who remained to cheer when they found that, for the first time they were getting simple and direct answers to simple and direct questions. A number of the University students who attended the lecture in West Berlin, were exchange students from the Soviet Union, and even these were enthusiastic in their acceptance of simple logic and reason.

All through the tour it became more and more evident that virtually

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

all of our critical social and political problems result, directly or indirectly from two major deficiencies in human relationship. The first is the lack of simple and understandable communication. And the second is the lack of a simple and understandable foundation for the social science. Since these are the two areas in which Understanding, Inc. is spending its maximum efforts, it is a consumation devoutly to be wished that the organization may in the near future, achieve a sufficient status and acquire sufficient backing to make its efforts significant throughout the world.

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In the October editorial we promised some comments by M. V. Krishna Murthy on “What one should do for getting a deeper insight into many, many things that happen around us-not amenable to the naked senses.” Here then are his thoughts:

All souls are potentially divine. Only, the divinity is wrapped up; just like an ember surrounded by ashes-when the ashes are removed, the ember shines brightly. We have to unlock ourselves. The Spinners and Weavers of Knowledge have spun or woven around us for centuries knowledge in mathematics, philosophy, religion, science, history, geography, anthropology, art, literature, etc., etc.-their own thinking, their own imaginations. To get out of this KNOWLEDGE-WEB is perhaps the most difficult task. We are not in a position to look from without. While this empirical knowledge, acquired through the senses, no doubt assists us to understand some rudiments of the secrets of this vast universe, the amount of understanding we get in one lifetime is so little that life just appears wasted.

Let me look from another angle. Let us confine ourselves to the acquisition of the empirical knowledge that is available to us on this little earth. Just look at the vast developments taking place in Science and Technology. The technical literature that has come out in print for the past ten years is perhaps equal to all that has come since Anno Domini-or even for that matter, some say that 85% of all that stuff has come out in the last ten years. It would also appear that 90%, of all scientists that ever lived live today on mother earth. A question is asked then, would it be possible for any one person even to have a glimpse of this empirical knowledge that is available to us?

NOVEMBER, 1970                    3

As the distinguished Anthropologist, Margaret Mead, has expressed it: “Almost everyone today is an ignorant layman in many fields unable to measure his ignorance and only fitfully anxious to lessen it.” Can he lessen it all? As everyday passes, he is shrouded with more books and more knowledge which he can never chew in his life time.

What is the remedy? Life is short. Everyone has, therefore, to make efforts to dive into the mysteries of the universe; either through concentrated thought energy flowing into the beyond and beyond; or by developing complete stillness within and temporarily merging the within into the source energy that surrounds us and of which we are a part. This is an effort, however humble it might appear, to look in the direction of probing the mysteries of the universe.

There are some who think or believe that these attempts are only emotional outbursts of crazy persons and that we in the scientific world cannot afford to have a basis of things which cannot be proved. There is even a feeling amongst some that great scientists do not even give credence to the existence of anything supernatural.

A friend of mine, a student at Princeton University, one day, in the Library, suddenly came face to face with that great scientist-Dr. Einstein.

My friend asked Dr. Einstein, “Sir, could I ask you a question?” Dr. Einstein said, “Go ahead.”

“Sir, people say that you are an atheist?”

Dr. Einstein paused for a moment and the words expressed by the great scientist were noted by my friend, and reproduced here:

You have to break the chains that hold you earthbound, then soar above and light your torch on the flame of your faith. Then soar into space, into an island of time and on it’s shores you see a figure sublime where all men’s earthly woes that are wrought are to the feet of God brought.”

The message of the great scientist is positive proof of the immense faith he has in the powers that be. It is a matter of fact that a great scientist, a great artist, a great musician, a great author, see more light in the Supreme Being-that primal matter which is the cause of all causes — than do half-baked pseudo-scientists who like to believe only what they think they see.

Dr. Dan Fry in his address to the Understanding Convention at Merlin, Oregon, on June 19th, 1970, has rightly pointed out that “The

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

fact that the gravest threats to man’s survival arise from his own creations” has great meaning.

On January 11, 1967 while I was addressing at the St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Saratoga, California, it just sprouted out in my speech:

“Not long hereafter, not far away from here, a scientist is going to discover the true nature of the cell. Once this is discovered, in another thirty or forty years, man will be able to create man. What happens then? Any woman could just telephone a supermarket that she wants a child of this size, shape, complexion and she only has to pick up the child. Then there will be two types of children: One, the Natural, and the other, the Artificial. With the help of an IBM machine, Natural, and the other, the Artificial. With the help of an IBM machine then, what is left for this earth but the IBM and Artificial Children.”

On January 11, 1968, news came of such a finding from a scientist in Palo Alto, not far from Saratoga.

Do we want a world of this order? Man seems to be manipulating nature instead of contemplating it!

Once again, on behalf of India’s millions, we convey our warmest best wishes to the people of America.

-M. V. Krishna Murthy, Executive Director

Ralhakrishnan Institute of Technology and Administration,

Bangalore, India.

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If we are to transmute chaos into harmony, disagreeable human relationships into agreeable ones-what is the workable every day formula?

First we need strength. We need to feel right with ourselves. We must nurture that which is lovely in ourselves. What am I good at, we must ask ourselves. Then do it, apply the needed self-discipline to our lacking self, and let our good self shine.

It doesn’t matter how important or unimportant this “our thing” is. It gives us a feeling of joy that joy is our contribution to harmony. The very fact that we are shining in our simple pure feelings of joy is our strength.

NOVEMBER, 1970                    5

Now comes along the disagreeable, jarring note of one who’s behavior is obnoxious to us. How do we react? How does he react to us? Literally, we are shining, or at least we were until the jarring note came along. The “jarring note” is aware of the change, he notices we were happy, shining, joyous notes until he came along.

Here is the crucial point. Are we going to be disrupted to the point where we find ourselves harboring resentment and other negative emotions? … Or, can we attend to the Disrupter with the necessary firmness, reprimanding, ignoring, or doing whatever the circumstances call for, then return to our equanimity? This, too, is a key to loving the unlovely, our method of returning to equanimity. A method for laying aside resentment and other negative emotions is essential, for to dwell on these is a waste of time and energy. Not only a waste of time and energy but we have then become one with the “jarring note.” We have joined the dark forces.

In these crucial times we cannot afford this negative luxury. So let’s make a systematic practice of tuning into beauty, inspirational reading or music … anything that will dispel the negative emotions as quickly as possible.

Then, by all means, continue to follow those urges to just be our best selves, expressing ourselves and doing our little joyous thing, no matter how insignificant it may appear to others … this is where our strength lies.

In another article we will go into detail on “methods of returning to equanimity.” We will also consider “Jarring Note’s” reaction to us.

-Vivian Hultgren

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The October issue of Understanding Magazine offered an article “UFOS and Hopi Prophecy” which was based upon a news report dated August 9th, 1970. Since then we have received detailed sighting reports of which we can offer but a few.

From the Prescott, Arizona, Buyer’s Guide of August 13, 1970:

Rev. John Foster (Conservative Baptist minister from Phoenix) said, “I saw a light that moved erratically. Its course changed. It. seemed to pulsate and waver at times. . . “

Agnes Liljegran (pilot from Glendale whose husband was one of

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the designers of the B47.) : “I have seen the objects for three nights now in Prescott. Saturday night I tracked it at 180 degrees. Then it changed to 120 degrees. I know what planes look like. It wasn’t an airplane. I believe this is a true sighting. This first appeared near the North Star. Satellites go from one end of the sky to the other. This didn’t.”

From the Prescott Evening Courier, August 20, 1970:

Anna Stalmaker, former school teacher, viewed the UFO for the first time on August 14th. “It was about 9:30 P.M. when a large star moved from low on the northern horizon across the sky to the southern horizon. It zigzagged a little, changed course a little. It was closer at times so you could just barely see dim lights around it, like a ring of light. The whole time the star was in sight was about 30 minutes.”

Dan Carlwon, “On the evening of August 14, 1970, I was with a group of about 50 people at Yavapai Stone, 741 6th Street in Prescott. At approximately 9:20 P.M. a bright `roving star’ was clearly seen by the entire group in a northwesterly position almost overhead. For 20 minutes we watched it cut an erratic path across the sky, as it traveled slowly in a southwesterly direction, until it vanished from sight at about 9:40.”

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We cannot improve the world one iota, but we can expand our own consciousness. When this is accomplished, we radiate all Creation more positively and creatively. Reform and correction begin within the individual, not the external world. UNDERSTANDING is the key! When we really know and understand OURSELVES, undreamt of doors of perception open to our enhanced new vision.

Two thousand years ago Blessed Jesus said : “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Let us plumb the depths of implication of this famous admonition. Let us UNDERSTAND, as light is shed on the subject.

Why is it impossible to “judge”, one another? First, in order to really be qualified to judge another, we would have to BE that person; for he or she alone has the individual background of experience which is the “springboard” for their inner desires, motives and ambitions the unseen cause of all thoughts, words and actions. Here we must be

NOVEMBER, 1970                    7

constantly alert, if we aspire to be just in our relationships with all fellow beings, human or otherwise. We must realize and understand that EVERY PERSON IS RIGHT FROM THEIR OWN POINT OF VIEW! And how can a person possibly have any other’s point of view, since they are not the other person?

We all have the human-ego tendency to pronounce rapid judgment on others. But who judges whom? When we consciously or “subconsciously” judge, we infer from the external conduct of another what WE OURSELVES would be thinking or feeling under the same circumstances, usually with our motives. How absurd!!!

To some degree, we all “judge,” as indicated. Let us acknowledge, UNDERSTAND and control this tendency! When we judge another, actually nobody but ourself is on trial. We “project” our own thoughts and motives into the brains of others and then condemn THEM! Deep self analysis will prove the foregoing to be a common pitfall for the unwary. Psychology refers to this process as “projection.” We cannot judge, however, for we never truly know the other person’s inner life.

Let us realize that NO two people occupy the same rung on the infinite ladder of evolution. This being true, then everyone we know is either above or below us in evolvement of consciousness. It is naturally so! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO JUDGE A MORE HIGHLY EVOLVED PERSON, FOR WE DO NOT, AS YET, HAVE THEIR MORE COSMOCENTRIC, HIGHLY ATTUNED COMPREHENSION. EQUALLY OBVIOUS IS THE INESCAPABLE CONCLUSION THAT WE CANNOT VALIDLY JUDGE THOSE WHO MIGHT BE OF LESS EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS, FOR THEY CANNOT, AS YET, VIEW CIRCUMSTANCES FROM OUR “LEVEL.” Thus, we cannot judge anyone but ourselves. Patience and UNDERSTANDING, then, must be encouraged in all our relationships. Plasticity is the thing! Let us always try to see and hear things from the other’s position. It is not an easy thing to attain and maintain such comprehensive understanding, but how rewarding are the slightest efforts in the right direction, for self improvement automatically benefits our world, and all Creation.

-Guy Hudson

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8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


One of the most truly amazing subjects which borders on the mysterious and seemingly illogical is the study of handwritings. More than the art of handwriting analysis and the study of the individual mind is the rare kind of writing called automatic writing. In the latter a person holds a pen before the paper and behold without the knowledge of the writer appears sentences of thoughts unknown to him! Is it occult, ESP, the subconscious, the immortal or is it fraud? These are the questions that have besieged the experts for years.

Explanations are not easy to accept, for the psychologist, the psychiatrist, the medium investigator, offer no real proofs. Yet mysteriously and through a close relationship with someone from the past or present many people can perform automatic writing. Typical séances in which the medium writes a cryptic message from the deceased is an example of automatic writing.

But mediums cannot offer definite proofs or validity to their work. Most often the writings are incoherent and meaningless-but not always. Very often stories are written, even long manuscripts. In several reported cases a typewriter was used through the dictates of the subconscious. In addition to scripts are drawings or sketches which border onto automatic writing. A person may draw a symbol from a remote book, which another person has seen or is studying. It would appear that ESP plays a part in this subject.

Many researchers have found automatic writers to be sensitive, gifted people. Most often they are women. The British Society for Psychic Research, as well as Duke University, has had long investigations of this phenomena for years. Because of incoherent writings investigations have been difficult for researchers. Call it intuition, or any other name, the writers seem guided by unknown forces which drive their thoughts through their writing hand-a psychomotor activity. Authorities state that the psychic exploits the public with untruths in that automatic writing has no relation to departed spirits, psyche or ESP.

Dr. A. Muhl established that automatic writing is script in which the writer produces involuntarily, of which doodling is one example. This may be an expression of disassociation on occasion, as in hysteria,

NOVEMBER, 1970                    9

or dual personality, or it may be constructive association, as in inspirational writing.

The kinds of expressions found in automatic writing are: spirit messages, symbolic forms showing repressed conflicts, and recall. The psychiatrist may utilize this subject to understand the writers’ conflicts and forgotten experiences. Examples here are: traumatic childhood experience, repressions, frustrations, etc. Thus when the individual performs automatic writing, he is expressing the innermost personal problems. The psychiatrist then, can obtain a better understanding of that individual because he can recognize the problem. There are real advantages to such writing since the writing assists in releasing conflicts within the individual and the released energy can be of help in adjusting to situations.

But people who experiment in this expression may be in danger of having a tendency toward developing a schizophrenic type of reaction a splitting of the personality to the point where it endangers healthy mental adjustment. And, it may cause the person to neglect other work, create fears, and withdraw from reality.

When the involuntary expression (as illustrated by automatic writings and drawings of the associative type) is developed to the stage where it becomes voluntary, then the individual has acquired a permanent form of enriched expression. Voluntary in this sense is an activity accompanied by the idea of an end and the desire to attain it. Thus automatic writing is a very complex, unconscious action.

The spiritualists still hold to their view of spirit messages. But the handwriting analyst may be misinformed, since this type of writing is an undeveloped script from the subconscious revealing another personality! The misinformation on the type of personality occurs because automatic writing is an entirely different kind of script from the natural conscious writing of the person. Therefore, the resulting analysis is in no way related to a true personality diagnosis.

Perhaps this mysterious expression of the hand and its writing will offer more reliable information in years to come. We have learned much from the scientist, but the parapsychologst has offered some interesting arguments, too! For further information contact Robert Wasserman, 418 Oakland Ave., Deer Park, New York, 11729.

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10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report


San Jose Mercury, San Jose, Ca., Sept. 10, 1970

NORTH HOLLYWOOD (AP) — At the start of his chemistry career, at age 5, Randall Murphy had a great ambition to cure cancer in cactus plants.

Now at 16 he’s a veteran chemist, the youngest person ever to graduate from the University of Southern California, where he received a bachelor of science degree this summer.

Instead of the cancer he once imagined afflicted cactus, Murphy is now trying to solve the now-baffling problem of the molecular structure of plastics.

This fall at the University of California at Los Angeles he’ll begin studying for a Ph.D. degree in chemistry. He’ll also be a teaching assistant.

He first started teaching at the age of 14 at Pepperdine College, a four-,year private school in Los Angeles.

Chemistry is his passion, but the 6-foot-4, 200-pounder finds time for sports–tennis and an occasional swim in the backyard pool.

His mother, Mrs. Bertrand Murphy, discovered her son’s mental gifts, noticing he recognized written words at 21 months. He was reading at 2, performing experiments at 4 and taking high school courses at 5.

His research on the non-existent cactus cancer produced a scientific contribution at 6. “I did original work in the microscopy of cactus,” he said. “I’ve never seen it published anywhere.”

If growing up differently from his peers was painful, Murphy doesn’t admit it.

“I like the way I am,” he said. “Anyway, I don’t think I could change it even if I wanted to.”

An Oval Disc In Sweden

(Inter-Galactical Federation, Stockholm, Sweden, July 15, 1970)

On the evening of June 13, 1970, some members of the IGF were at an observation place, as a few of them had the special feeling that

NOVEMBER, 1970                    11

something was going to happen. They waited an hour without anything happening and at last they decided to leave.

They started running to get warm (the evening was cold). The one who was last got a special feeling as he turned around and saw a big, yellow oval disc with an intense light, slowly crossing the road about 200 m. away without making any noise.

He screamed and pointed at it and two of the other members saw the object, too. In a few seconds the disc was gone. This happened at 11 in the evening.

Workless Day By Year 2000

The Grit, Supt., 6, 1970

By the year 2000, man may rule a workless, war-free world served by computers and humanoid slaves, says a British scientist and science fiction writer.

He adds that man will probably live in a home without water pipes, drains, or wires. Closed-cycle ecology will make farms obsolete, And there will be no smog, water pollution, or population problems.

“The future isn’t what it used to be,” Arthur C. Clarke said at a science conference held in Honolulu.

He said man’s major problem in 25 years will be the paradox of finding something to do in a leisurely era of total unemployment. Clarke forecast instant global communications serving a world in which everyone knows each other. Homes will have communication centers for telephone and television, as well as push-button access to all news and knowledge through a global electronic library, he said. “With all men being neighbors,” he said, “world population may be reduced to something like 100,000 people. That’s the maximum number of neighbors one can manage to meet during a lifetime.”

This age of technology, he said, will find man mobile without automobiles.

“The motto of the future will be `don’t commute-communicate,’ he said.

Color Dreams

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Ky., Sept. 9, 1970

TORONTO (AP) – People who dream in color know themselves better than those who dream in black and white, according to a Toronto psychiatrist.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Dr. Douglas Frayn of the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry said in an interview that the color dreamer is not afraid of his emotions and conflicts.

He can usually recall events in his life from age 3 and, as an adult, has dreams filled with emotion, sound and movement.

Every person has about four dreams a night at 90-minute intervals, said the psychiatrist.

Dr. Frayn said the black-and-white dreamer seldom can remember anything that happened to him before the age of 5. The black-and-white dreamer often is absent from his dreams, which are also empty of sound.

Tests on artists and other talented persons revealed they dreamed in color and recalled their dreams more often, which has led Dr. Frayn to wonder if there is a link between colored dreams and creativity.

Bizarre Cures

Akron Beacon Journal, August 26, 1970

DURBAN, South Africa (AP)-Troubled by asthma? Try some elephant’s foot powder. Ear ache your problem? Sip a glass of python fat.

There are many cures for many ailments, but none so bizarre as those sold here. It’s all part of a brisk business in the back streets of most African cities, a trade that dates back centuries.

Herbal medicine men and African “inyangas”-witch doctors-cater to the superstition of blacks and a few what-have-I-got-to-lose whites. African tribesmen and most detribalized city dwellers believe in the “magic” remedies as did their forefathers.

David Pachai, known respectfully as “kwaDavid” to his satisfied customers, is a herbalist in Durban.

Animal skulls and skeletons adorn the walls of his shop and snake skins dangle from the low rafters. An array of bottles with brightly colored powders, herbs and roots line shelves and counters. Tree bark, wood chips and turtle shells litter the floor.

Does your baby have an upset stomach? Ground ostrich egg elixir is the answer says Pachai. For an adult stomach ache the cure is certain kinds of stones ground up finely.

Most of Pachai’s stock is of local origin, but some items are imported from Lesotho or Rhodesia. Regular clients drop in to taste or smell each new batch.

NOVEMBER, 1970                    13

“The Africans know them all,” says Pachai. “It is impossible to bluff them, they know exactly what they are buying.”

Skunk skin is a best seller. So is python fat, among those with swollen feet. Any snake skin will do to put on sores or cuts. A multitude of different roots have their own uses and liquids made from herbs are bound to bring good luck.

“Even the more educated Africans are regular customers,” claims Pachai.

Pachai emphasizes that he does not diagnose ailments.

“We purely suggest or sell the customers what they want…. And if someone is very ill I will send him straight to the nearest hospital,” he declares.

World Weather Control Studies

Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune, August 27, 1970

RENO, Nev. (UPI) -University of Nevada scientists are studying ice samples, some 1,500 years old, brought from the bottom of the world to aid them in research to control weather.

A team headed by Dr. Joseph Warburton, acting director of the university’s Desert Research Institute, collected 250 samples in Antarctica to help them determine the silver content in ice formed before the 19th century industrial revolution. The result will enable the scientists to compare “natural concentration” amounts of silver with amounts gathered in current snow and ice packs.

Warburton said clouds are seeded with a mixture of silver and iodine (silver-iodide) which enables droplets to form around the seeding particles and become heavy enough to fall to earth. But the trick is to get just the right amount of silver-iodide into a cloud. If too much material is put into it, only tiny droplets will form and they won’t be heavy enough to fall.

Some scientists speculate pollution has the same effect as over-seeding. DRI scientist Dr. Patrick Squires theorizes that if enough pollution gets into the atmosphere, it could stop the rain in the same manner as over-seeding. He speculated that if it doesn’t rain, Earth’s outer cloud layer will move closer to the sun and could, through a reaction process, raise the surface temperature of the planet.

“If the surface temperature at Antarctica raised even 10 degrees, the ice pack probably would melt,” Warburton said. “This would

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

result in the ocean level rising, covering large parts of the east and west coasts of the United States, and more.”

“There is pollution over Antarctica now. Dust layers are lying over the continent, and they’re not coming from the ice,” he said. Warburton said. “With the ice samples from Antarctica, we will be able to determine the amount of silver before pollution times, then compare present day contents with that finding to see what effect cloud seeding has produced.”

Warburton said it will be some time before man can really control the weather to his liking, but his trip to Antarctica was another step toward the day when man’s efforts can significantly control rainfall, snow, hail and sleet.

——— ♦ ———


Charles Tracy, Aviation Writer for the Cleveland (Ohio) Press offered the following, on July 16, 1970, under the Caption: Local UFO Expert Believes Alien Beings Watching Us.

“Our planet is under surveillance by UFO’s from outer space.”

Earl J. Neff is certain of this after more than 20 years serious study of “Unidentified Flying Objects.”

He retired from a successful Cleveland business career several years ago, now devotes full time to pursuing and recording everything about the mysterious lights, shapes and phenomena, seen in the skies and once called “flying saucers.”

Neff recently was authorized as the sole U. S. representative to the Intercontinental UFO Research and Analytical Network, a world-wide body with one member in each country.

He and his colleagues are worried about the reconnaissance activities: carried on by various forms of spaceships from some advanced scientific world far off in space.

“There are an average of 150 UFO sightings a month around the globe,” Neff says.

The Air Force paid $554,000 for a two-year scientific study of UFO’s by Dr. Edward Condon and the University of Colorado which concluded that the phenomena was explainable in all but a few cases and “should not be taken seriously.”

NOVEMBER, 1970                    15

“Nevertheless the Air Force is still trying to shoot down UFO’s and learn what they really are,” said Neff. “The Air Force has not officially accepted the Condon report.”

In fact the Air Force is teaching its future generals, now cadets at the Air Force Academy, an entirely different doctrine about UFO’s said Neff.

He has a copy of the textbook, “Introductory Space Science Volume II” used by the academy’s department of physics. In part it says:

“We should not deny the possibility of alien control of UFO’s on the basis of preconceived notions not established as related to UFO’s. “There is some evidence supporting the viewpoint that UFO’s are material objects which are either manned or remote controlled by beings who are alien to this planet.”

To the frequently asked question “Why haven’t these `beings’ contacted us?” the textbook offers these theories

“We may be the object of intensive sociological and psychological study.

“You do not `contact’ a colony of ants, and humans may seem that way to aliens.

“Such contact may have already taken place secretly.

“Such contact may already have taken place on a different plane of awareness and we are not yet sensitive to communications on such a plane.”

The physics textbook concluded that the UFO phenomenon, a global entity for many thousands of years, “leaves us with, the unpleasant possibility of alien visitors to our planet at least of alien controlled UFO’s.”

However the book warned, a scientific investigation would offer “no guarantee of success.” It advised cadets that “the best thing to do is to keep an open mind and not take an extreme position on either side of the issue.”

The Intercontinental network group is campaigning to establish a world center to collect and study UFO reports and information, They believe it should be part of the United Nations since the UN Security Council is responsible for protection of the world’s population.

——— ♦ ———

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Pen Friends

It’s rather wonderful I think

When friends are made by pen and ink.

A piece of paper, blue and white,

Someone decides that she will write

To someone she has never seen

Who lives where she has never been.

A pen becomes a magic wand

Two strangers start to correspond.

Not strangers long but soon good friends

Just note how their last letter ends,

How pleasant their exchange of views;

The comments on important news;

Two friends who live quite far apart

Can gladden each other’s heart,

Can nourish too each other’s mind

With goodly thoughts in letters kind.

It’s truly beautiful I think,

That friendships spring from pen and ink.

Author Unknown

Understanding, Inc. sponsors a Friendship by Mail service. Why not write today to: Mrs. Dorothy Knowles, 12020 68th Ave. S., Seattle, Wash., 99178, for the name, or several names, of peoples in far off lands who are eager to correspond with you.

——— ♦ ———


Truth may be seen as a tree, with the number of branches and leaves being uncountable. The roots can be seen as the truths of God, while the trunk stands for the truths of his heavenly beings, and lastly this trunk branches out to the leaves which are the truths of man. There are ever more leaves on this tree than branches, just as there is no end to the difference in the many truths we have with us today.

When we look at a tree, to truly comprehend its beauty, we see it as a whole, yet each leaf has individual life of itself, but the wholeness makes the beauty that we see. Individual truth holds beauty, yet without

NOVEMBER, 1970                    17

its corresponding leaves is not whole. Therefore, one who wishes to see the beauty of a tree, must gaze on the all, rather than the singleness of truth. Conformity of the individual as to truths, is only as good as the aspect of how he sees himself in relation to the whole.

Truth is only relative, for where the truth lies, is only good in so much as it would make the entity into a far reaching ideal of something better. Truths are for all, but they must vary, for in God’s great creation, each and every being was created in the mind’s eye with a. different goal, and a different way of attaining it. Do not take the aspects of another man’s truths, hoping like the dying man grasping at straws, that it will open up new thresholds, for it may open them up, but only retard your singleness in the eyes of your Creator.

Work out your own puzzle to the game of life, and hold fast to those truths that are allied to your understanding, turning loose of those that are the life of your brother, knowing that they may be your downfall.

Lay those uncertain ideas on the shelf of the mind, and as the understanding unfolds, you may find that they are the exact pieces that you needed to finish your puzzle to make it whole.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

MAN MADE CLEAR for the NUCLEAR AGE-Roland T. Hunt-CSA Press, Lakemont, Georgia 30552-Soft-bound $3.25 postpaid.

This book is a comprehensive offering on what should be termed “occult anatomy,” combined with a knowledge of Colour, the latter now accepted as a vital ingredient in physical, mental and spiritual healing. The author also discusses the use of drugs that can allow “elementals” and “astral entities” to usurp the forces and energies of

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a welcoming physical body; he suggests man should pierce the veils of terrestrial illusion through application of his inherent spiritual energy rather than to use foreign forces. Thus MAN MADE CLEAR is not only a pattern for Do-It-Yourself exercises important to the evolution of race-consciousness through the development of that consciousness in individual units, it is also a “book of knowledge” for the one who can recognize the potential of the New Age and wishes to take advantage of the Cosmic and Universal forces and vibrations available for his use.

Section One gives a sufficiently thorough explanation of nervous system, spinal cord, the brain and cranial nerves so that a layman with no knowledge of physiology will be able to understand his body functions as they become important. under the vibrations of the New Age, with the goal in mind that he may learn to guide and direct spiritual forces within the physical body.

Section Two considers Man and his psyche in relation to the Universe, also the human cell, the blood and heart and circulatory system and the endocrine system. The latter has very recently been recognized by medical science to the extent that today some doctors specialize as Endocrinologists where previously these hormone-producing parts of the body were mainly known to and studied by those seeking spiritual enlightenment– These glands being represented in the finer, etheric body by the “chakras” of Ancient Wisdom. Various therapies are considered-physical, psychological and esoteric. Of great interest is the explanation of the vital or sustaining body of man, his “etheric double,” the understanding of which is helpful in spiritual healing where specific body-malfunctions are involved. If you have some inkling of the spiritual Life-force which irradiates man’s physical body, you will find scientific substantiation of your knowledge in this book.

Section Three moves on to more subtle areas of Man-his Subconscious Mind, his Emotional Body, and offers Do-It-Yourself techniques for improvement of his physical, mental and spiritual powers as expressed through his various bodies. Let such facts come alive for you no other person can develop your bodies, as far as personal evolution is concerned, and you are limited only by your own inertia. The author promulgates a very interesting point, relative to evolution, suggesting

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that there are three races of men now on Earth, following two distinct. paths of evolution. Where are you to be found?

MAN MADE CLEAR is well illustrated so that as you follow the text you can see just what parts of the body are being explained, which is important to one who has little knowledge of anatomy or physiology. Few books are available on occult anatomy-the correlation of physical and spiritual bodies-and this book deserves a place in every metaphysical library.

-Dorothy Low

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June Convention Tapes

A total of 31 lectures were taped during the June Convention in Merlin and are available at $5.00 per lecture.

Perhaps there is a special lecture you would like for yourself, or perhaps there is a lecture you would like to share with a friend as a holiday gift. Tapes should be ordered directly from: Aletheia (Rev. Jack Schwarz), P.O. Box 334, Selma, Oregon, 97538.

Science and the UFO

The National Amateur Astronomers Association has published an interesting book on Science and the UFO. It is a supplement to the Proceedings of the 3rd Nation-wide Amateur Astronomers Convention held in Denver, Colorado during August.

Interesting viewpoints of scientists, in different areas of study, uphold the need for further study of the UFO situation. Represented in

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the book are Drs. J. A. Harder, J. Allen, Hynek, J. E. Me Donald, F. B. Salisbury, D. R. Saunders, and P. L. Sprinkle.

Copies may be had for Two Dollars from: National Amateur Astronomers, 1680 West Hoye Place, Denver, Colorado, 80223.

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Congratulations to the newly elected officers of Unit 76 of Klamath Falls, Oregon, Serving for the new year are: President-Mrs. Dema Luttrell, Vice-President-Mr. Carl Pernigotti, Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Lucille Detroit.

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