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VOLUME XV                               OCTOBER, 1970                                       NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Your editor Dan is still deep in his journey around Europe on a lecture tour, visiting Germany, Finland, Denmark, England. Several friends of Dan all over Europe were long waiting for his visit. Such a long awaited mission came to fruition only due to the efforts of Birgette Keiller and her husband, Douglas, of Gjovik Saro, Sweden.

The story of how and in what circumstances Dan was invited must be told. Dan would never speak about it. He never speaks of himself or about himself. It is the will of mighty forces that puts me in his stead, in his absence on a lecture tour, and hence this anecdote finding space in this issue of the monthly UNDERSTANDING.

Why not tell the story in the very words of the writer relevant to this? Yes, I will!

“My, name is Birgette Keiller. While I was reading THE WHITE SANDS INCIDENT I found myself being a member of Understanding, Inc. (Somebody made me so.) I wish I could make you understand how deep an impression Alan’s words to you made upon me. It was like coming home … Well, now I think I have introduced myself. I have tried to develop my line ever since in the hope that it would be useful for my surroundings.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

“My husband has followed his line just as eagerly as I mine. He has a very clear mind. He has tried-by clear mathematical thinking-to show the principle of life-the Absolute and the Absolute’s way of manifesting Itself-and the all pervading love in all. In this way he hopes to. My English is not so good. I hope I make myself clear.

“Now, I have introduced my husband and I feel I can go on with what I really had in mind. We would like you so much to come and visit us. You and, if possible, also your wife.. . At last I should perhaps also tell you that this letter is written because I obey a strong urge to do so, but please do not feel any pressure upon you for that reason … My husband has told me that he would be glad to pay your ticket expenses for yourself, if you will do us the honour to accept our invitation.”

This factual inner urge of a person far away from Dan sounds to those who are earth bound-most strange. But, if one tries to extend his perception even a little beyond he will find some logic in it, and if he goes on and on, he will have revelations, much to his amazement.

What one should do to get a deeper insight into many, many things that happen around us-not amenable to the naked senses-will be explained in an article in the November issue of UNDERSTANDING.

Coming from India, ten thousand miles away, I visited this August 29th, 1970, the headquarters of Understanding, Inc., at Merlin, Ore. With me, in my fourth world lecture tour, are my daughter, Shantha, my son, Ravi, and my son-in-law, Srinivas. We are going round 46 countries, and now we are in this land of grace and its people without inhibitions and open minded-where the great Abraham Lincoln was born. His words ring in my memory wherever I am.

The organization -UNDERSTANDING, INC.- founded by Dr. Dan Fry and his band of intense lovers of human understanding is doing a great service to Humanity. This organization, in addition to the United Nations, service clubs like the Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, is doing great service to humanity and in one way goes beyond all these organizations in attempting to be in harmony with the other worlds and creations existing in the universe. Here, UNDERSTANDING crosses beyond the pale of normal experience and delves deep into the mysteries of the Universe and tries to keep harmony with all creation.

With me at the International Cultural Center of Understanding this morning, in addition to my family, were a few members of the Understanding

OCTOBER, 1970      3

family as well. Prayers were conducted. The hall simply vibrates with good thoughts.

God is nearer in a garden than anywhere on earth and it seems as though he is nearer in Merlin amidst nature’s bounty than anywhere. On behalf of India’s millions we convey our warmest best wishes to the people of America.


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The effects of the devastation wrought in Germany by the second World War, are still plainly visible although they fall into two very different classes. First there are the few bombed out buildings or areas which after all of these years have not yet been repaired or rebuilt, and second the major areas where complete rebuilding has resulted in far more modern cities than would have been possible if they had not been so severely damaged.

There are also a number of cases where buildings which were not completely destroyed have been rebuilt in the modern fashion but with little or no modernization of the original portion. These building attract immediate attention because of their paradoxical appearance, and so lend much advertising value to whatever business or enterprise they may house.

The city of West Berlin is very busy and progressive, with a booming economy which, in spite of its somewhat artificial nature, seems destined to go on booming for some time to come. The artificial element of the economy is, of course, the large number of occupation troops and personnel who are quartered there. Virtually all of the cost of maintenance of this considerable segment of the population is paid by other nations, but is of course spent in Germany, and most of it in Berlin. Thus there is a constant influx of money from other countries which does not require any export of goods to balance it, since the “goods” are “consumed on the premises,” and the money remains there. Thus a favorable balance of trade is practically guaranteed!

The infamous “Berlin Wall,” about which so much has been written, was inspected for a considerable part of its length, and found to be rather carelessly thrown together blocks of concrete of several shapes

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

and sizes. It is neither straight nor plumb nor symmetrical. It might slow but could not stop any determined person from crossing it in either direction. Consequently it was necessary to reinforce its effect with armed guards and floodlights at frequent intervals.

The wall has been described as a symbol of man’s inhumanity to man, but we think that, as it stands now, it could be better described as the world’s most ridiculous monument to political stupidity. While it is true that a considerable number of East Berliners are still deter-mined to cross the wall in one way or another, this determination is created in most of them by the simple fact that the wall is there. The principal effect of the wall today is not to keep people in, but to keep money- out. The random pile of concrete blocks acts as an effective dam to hold back the flood of trade, investment and tourist money which would otherwise flow automatically from the west to the east.

The East German government, recognizing this deplorable situation, has persuaded its Soviet masters to relax slightly the security of its isolation. A considerable number of West German busses, laden with capacity loads of tourists and West Germans alike now make daily and extensive tours of East Berlin. The passengers are not supposed to leave the bus during the tour, but if one has money to spend he has no difficulty in finding opportunities. This sort of invitation to commerce makes the futility and the stupidity of the wall even more obvious to those on both sides of it, and so may lead to its elimination in the not too distant future. Even the densest of Soviet politicians must by now realize that the wall is doing them far more harm than good.

Daniel W. Fry


So you’ve had an odd experience-an experience weird enough to defy conventional logic. What then?

Chances are you won’t b-, content until you’ve had another (if for no other reason than to prove your sanity). You pour over countless books on the subject. You seek out and “latch-on” to others with similar stories. You buy Ouija Boards, and psychic pendulums, and Tarot cards; and you walk six blocks in the rain with a blister on your heel just to see a “really good” Medium. You find yourself eating, sleeping, and breathing psychic phenomena.

OCTOBER, 1970                        5

But let’s face it-one psychic experience is very much the same as another. They are like suspense novels, which vary plot-wise and character-wise, but which still follow the same format of “-one shiver after the other-” So, if you are merely seeking thrills-if you enjoy relinquishing your WILL-then by all means continue to play the game of psychic leapfrog.

However, I will assume you have something more substantial in mind.

So, after the first spree, you settle down and begin to think. You discover that your interest was awakened due to various motivations. Perhaps you were discontent with traditional theology. Perhaps you were plagued by contradictions between what “they” say, and what you feel in your heart to be true. Perhaps you wished to attach more meaning to the time spent on the planet Earth (at least that time you are able to remember).

it is then, during this settling-down period, that the real progress begins. The gamut has been run. And if you have not been too gullible, your wits and your pocketbook have remained intact. What’s more, the purpose of the gamut is now quite clear. Those thrills, those un-canny happenings were merely “attention getters.” They were sign posts similar to the words of Shakespeare when he said, “There are more things in Heaven and on Earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy.”

Thereafter, rather than spending further time convincing yourself of what you already believe, you begin to wonder what can be done with this knowledge-and how you can utilize it. You begin to under-stand that you have within yourself “something” which you can only comprehend as a type of energy. It is energy which can be directed toward either positive or negative goals, and this is when you are struck “square between the eyes” with the importance of maintaining your WILL.

The same energy that brings about “psychic healing,” is purported to have made many a “psychic kill” amongst practitioners of Voodoo and Black Magic.

“What have I gotten myself into?” you ask, “Maybe I’d better get myself `to a nunnery’ or some other safe place-like under the bed-sheet with a pillow over my head!”

So, for awhile, you run around warning others to “stay away from

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

that stuff.” You jump at shadows, and your knees begin to shake at the very mention of psychic phenomena.

Then, sooner or later, since you were strongly motivated in the beginning, you once again settle down and begin to think. Perhaps you ponder over the word, Karma, or you speculate at great length over what I call the “boomerang system,” which means you get exactly what you give. This makes the positive and negative aspects of psychic phenomena more clear. Your own good sense tells you in which direction your energy should, and can, be released.

But does this mean you are now “done” with psychic phenomena? Not at all! It is just the beginning. With your feet planted firmly on your own free WILL, things are no longer frightening. Your mind is at ease. You know that your purely motivated curiosity has not “sold your soul to the devil” or any other such blither. You are free to reinvestigate psychic phenomena from a much higher plane. There is much to be learned-much to be understood. And there are many friends to discover along the way “among all the peoples of the Earth, and those who are not of Earth.”

For instance, a friend I met has said, “All things, both seen and unseen, have to do with each other; and dwelling in the same atmosphere, they cannot be contained alone nor without purpose.” His words are my reason for continuing to search for further UNDER-STANDING. How about you?

Marjorie Hyslop

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(This article, by Richard Keininger, is published by permission of “The Lemuria Builder.” Richard Keininger is the author and biographee of THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER and the founder of the STELLE GROUP, 3410 W. Montrose Av., Chicago, 111. 60618)

The progression of the high school or college graduate from the theoretical speculations of academe into the demanding practicalities and responsibilities of the worlds of commerce and marriage has always been fraught with his apprehension and anxiety. The transition from being a student to becoming an active participant in the social, business and political circles, in which we are all expected to share, is a period where fear of making embarrassing errors and

OCTOBER, 1970                        7

suffering feelings of inadequacy and unprepared ness are to be expected. It is unavoidably a period of testing and growing up.

The recent proliferation of widely publicized, potential world disasters which people must immediately face and effectively solve has certainly complicated the prospects of today’s young graduate. There is no doubt but that the problems of drug use, ecological pollution, racial inequality, political corruption, urban decay, moral degeneration, organized crime, and international conflict, all added to the constant possibility of nuclear annihilation, will not go away by them-selves. Hard work, clear thinking, personal sacrifice and much soul searching is the lot of all of us.

A generation ago the graduate had little else to challenge him beyond learning how to earn a living and conforming to the dictates of his elders. Today, however, the bewildering array of staggering problems, for which he is expected to feel personally responsible for helping solve, makes him realize that his schooling has given him almost no information for dealing with such problems. He is understandably frustrated with the irrelevance of his school courses in meeting the urgent pressures against his very survival. Like other people, of all generations, he feels these problems have been unfairly imposed upon him by others; and like every one else, he resents having to clean up the mess at great expense while he persuades himself of his own innocence.

It is unfortunate that most of the great problems are almost in-soluble, and some actually have no practical answer. It takes a mature mind to tolerate an interminable situation which defies remedy in one’s own lifetime. The mental and emotional processes of most people break down under such unremitting pressure.

Some people will deal with situations of extreme complexity in terms of simplistic, radical cure-all – revolutionaries might claim that by mere overthrow of whatever regime is currently struggling with the problems will solve the problems, whereas reactionaries might claim that return to the old ways, and crushing those who are dissatisfied, will return the world to a preproblem era-both alternatives have their emotional appeal but are essentially- irrational. Another reaction of a man of immature mind is to ignore the facts and continue doing whatever he has done before and console himself that the world has always survived and the current problems will solve them-

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

selves and go away. This is a mild form of breakdown, akin to the mindless, repetitive motions seen among survivors of great disasters-for instance, the man who endlessly transfers bricks from one pile to another amongst the rubble of his earthquake-leveled home; the dazed and aimless wanderings of the man searching for loved ones whom he already saw die in his hurricane-ravaged town.

Still another reaction of an overwhelmed mind is to retreat into a view wherein one rationalizes the much-publicized problems of the world as some sort of fabricated propaganda. Then there are those who see the great problems of the world as the forerunners of an Apocalyptic doom of mankind which should not be interfered with or be pre-pared against. These people are delighted at the prospect of their neighbors and enemies being destroyed by God, and it promises to put an end to their own intolerable hatred and fear. There are also, those who refuse to have any part of this society, and they choose to recognize it as being relevant to their own lifestyle.

A common thread runs through all these people’s reactions to the pressing problems of the world-the constant bombardment of problems; the demands of evaluating conflicting remedies; the inexorable changes in every facet of life which these problems impose; the irretrievable loss of old patterns-all combine to produce a sense of inability to cope with the world as it really is, so these people essentially do nothing or else react in some other inappropriate, non-useful manner. It constitutes a withdrawal from reality not unlike the schizophrenic’s response to the challenges of life.

The inoperativeness and despair of the disaster victim is only a few shades removed from the bewildered ineffectiveness of vast numbers of the populace in dealing with vital issues. I feel that if this country- were to suffer any major disaster, or a situation calling for super-effort, it would instead produce apathy, hysteria, and panic. Indeed, many people subconsciously seek some sort of end soon in order to get it over with and thereby relieve their anxiety.

The angry old men stump for an all out atomic war now, and the angry men who court death-like experiences in drugs, both seek to disarm their anxiety over death by tempting it and thus habituating themselves to it until it becomes a more comfortable and familiar companion. Both old and young try to recapture the less-troubled times of yore-the old by threats of force to make all conform; the young

OCTOBER, 1970                        9

by adopting the clothing and beards of the mid-Victorian era and the American Pioneers. They both petulantly demand simplicity in times of overwhelming complexity. When change is too rapid and human adaptability becomes too strained, then man’s psychology intervenes to resist and reject further change. I believe we are witnessing the beginning of a mass reversion to simplicity in America at a time when the rest of the world is imposing increasing changes upon us. This is, of course, an emotional reaction which will override rationality even though it could lead to our own destruction.

Those who have a positive, practical plan can retain their hope and their full sanity. It is they who can preserve their mature ability to effectively cope with life while those around them are losing their minds.

Richard Keininger

——— ♦ ———


Joe Kraus, Managing Editor of the Prescott (Ariz) Courier, reports in the August 9, 1970 edition, both the Hopi Prophecy and his participation in a saucer sighting.

First, the prophecy:

“The Hopi believe that the human race will pass through three stages of life since its origin. Three being a Sacred number. At the end of each stage human life has to be purified or punished by certain acts of the Great Spirit, due mainly to corruption, greed and turning away from the Great Spirit’s Teachings. The last great destruction was by flood, which destroyed all but a few faithful ones.

“The Hopi now await the next Purification Day at which time all wicked or wrong doers shall be punished or destroyed after which real peace, brotherhood and everlasting life shall be brought about.

“They believe a huge fire and explosion will signal the coming of the White Brother. This, they believe, will be a sign for an Indian migration from Mexico, Central and South America to begin.

“The Hopi believe that their true white brother, when he comes, will be all powerful and will wear a red cap or a red cloak. He will be large in population, belong to no religion but his very own. He will bring with him the Sacred Stone Tablets. All power in this world will be placed in his Band and he will come swiftly, and in one day get

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

control of this whole continent. The Hopi have been warned never to take up arms.

Now, the sighting experience. For several nights numerous people from all walks of life, in the Prescott area, had been reporting sightings. Joe Kraus, in order to learn more about them, agreed “to a personal encounter with the saucers with Paul Solem, the man who says he is responsible for their coming.”

His story: I stood in a backyard in Prescott with several neighbors and watched spellbound for almost a half hour Friday. It looked like a star-almost. It rose in the sky, stopped, hovered, wavered to one side and then continued across the sky repeating the maneuvers.

It was a long ways away, but we thought it changed colors-then it was gone. A flying saucer’ Yes, if we could believe our eyes.

But there is more-Paul Solem, the man who says he is responsible for the saucers which have visited here for the past three nights, says the sightings will continue until the message of why they came is given.

Paul Solem stood off by himself, alone Friday, while the rest of us watched only a few feet away. He was calling mentally … after about 15 minutes he yelled, “They are here. I can’t see them yet, but I know they are here… I can hear them talking.”

After a couple of minutes a star appeared in the sky that wasn’t there before. It looked at a dead stop. And then it started to move, first in one direction. and then the other. As the saucer hovered over-head, Solem repeated to us the words he said he heard through mental telepathy from the space craft.

“My name is Paul…. We come to lend credence and as a sign or token that the Hopi prophecy was of a divine nature. Great sorrow and fear will be coming to this planet very soon and few will escape it. Our leader, as spoken of in Hopi prophecy is already here (on Earth) in mortality. . .. We are of the 10 tribes and we will return several nights unless there is contempt for us.”

The remarks ended and the saucer disappeared.

Paul Solem had his first saucer contact in 1948 in Idaho. Since then he has become an expert in Mormon doctrine and the Hopi prophecy. According to him, Mormon scripture teaches that the keys which the Latter-Day Saints Church hold will in the last days be turned over to the American Indians.

OCTOBER, 1970                        11

Since his first contact, Salem says that he has been directed to several areas, including Prescott, to “speak to people about the prophecy” and the saucers, in turn, would come as a sign that it is true. Joe Kraus remarks: Paul Solem is either a hypnotist, magician, has a vivid imagination, or he is telling the truth. Whatever, he is dedicated to his work.”

——— ♦ ———

Missouri Woman Reports Seeing UFO

Huntsville, Ark. Madison County Record, March 16, 1967

PARAGOULD- A St. Charles, Mo., woman has joined the growing list of persons who have re-ported seeing a strange, flying object over Northeast Arkansas. Mrs. Joy Braden Hackmann, 33, said she, two daughters and a boy friend of one of the girls saw a saucer shaped object early Sunday, March 12.

“I had a feeling that we were being watched,” she said.

Mrs. Hackmann said she and the others were outside when they saw the object floating about 50 yards away and 20 to 50 feet in the air. She said it had bright white lights searching the ground. When she ran toward it, she said, the lights went out.

“Then red lights, something on the order of roman candles, began shooting out all sides at unbelievable speed,” she said. “In a few seconds it was gone.”

Mrs. Hackmann said while the object was nearby she felt vibrations and heard an alternating beep coming from it.

She and her daughters were visiting L. A. Braden, who lives at the south edge of Paragould.

She said when she ran toward the object she called out, “Come closer, let us see you,” and the machine stopped.

DDT In the Sea

Christian Science Monitor, May 16-18, 1970

Canadian biologists have been watching the spring salmon run for

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

some specially tagged fish that may help them learn more about the subtle dangers of DDT.

When these fish first headed for sea as youngsters, biologists from the fisheries field station in New Brunswick captured a few. They exposed them for 24 hours to water with a very diluted but known amount of DDT.

Now they want to see if that brief exposure has caused any unnatural changes in the fish or their behavior Station director J. M. Anderson says a mere 2J-hour exposure to as little as a few dozen parts per billion of DDT in water can have potentially harmful effects on the fish. But, he says, trying to pin these effects down by studying fish in the wild is a frustratingly difficult task.

His station already has noted some effects by studying fish behavior in the laboratory. It finds that even brief DDT exposure alters such things as sensitivity to temperature in ways that hamper the fish’s ability to survive in the wild.

Now, by observing fish exposed to a known DDT dose and which have spent a normal time growing in the sea, he hopes to find out still more about the impact of pesticide pollution on this important food fish.

Girl Sees by Fingers-ESP?

Journal Herald, Dayton, Ohio, July 16, 1970

PHILADELPHIA (UPI)-Put a blindfold on 11-year-old Mary Donahue and she will still be able to see the photograph, read the news-paper page or describe the drawing-through her fingertips.

It was about a month ago that Mary, one of seven children of Paul and Dorothy Donahue, discovered her powers of extra sensory perception (ESP).

The family physician, Dr. Joseph Geller, tested Mary and offered to arrange interviews with specialists in the ESP field at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, her father said.

Her proud father, used to Mary’s feats, said Mary was given an article written in Polish and “She ran her fingers over the words she can’t pronounce or understand and translated them into English. She said in her mind she sees the words in English.”

New Remedy Aids Healing

(Southwest Times Record, Ft. Smith, Ark, June 15, 1970.)

MOSCOW (AP)-The Soviet Union claims to have come up with

OCTOBER, 1970                        13

a powerful new remedy- that makes people heal quicker and kills bacteria faster than penicillin-Siberian Mountain Oil.

The Moscow newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, authority on the elixir, said it is found “high on cliffs at the level of eagles’ nests,” takes 10 to 12 years to form and comes in many colors, including white, pale yellow, bright lemon, red, black and green.

Just what the elixir is, nobody seems to know, but the newspaper said it was tried on 12. patients at a hospital in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

The patients had “especially grave complex bone fractures and tissue damage, as well as blood vessel and nerve damage,” the account went on, and each was given mountain oil twice a day.

They recovered quicker than other patients who received traditional treatment, the newspaper said.

——— ♦ ———


It was a good vacation! More than an escape from daily chores, responsibilities and pressures, it became an unconsciously directed excursion for the soul, too often half-smothered by and subordinated to practical considerations. It became a few days not only of seeing new sights but also of seeking an affinity with the forces of the cosmos-a forgetting of the ties that bind the spirit within its too narrow compass.

As the distance from home increased, and as the autumnal beauty with its solitude and tranquility came into view, it was strange to realize how quickly forgotten were matters that daily seemed so significant. Even news of world events, coming in over the car radio seemed immaterial as the mind and heart became absorbed and engaged in new relationships and impressions from the changing scenes without.

How lovely were the trees, surpassing even the beauty of their summer’s verdant foliage. Some were already naked, mere outlines of limbs and boughs, creating intricate traceries against the sky. Others, but half stripped, presented patterns of leaf and line reminiscent of strange patterns in lace. There were others, too, whose leaves had known the touch of early frosts and were now resplendent in the brilliant hues of yellow, orange and red. Each was testimonial to

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

beauty whether found in canyons of living color or interspersed among the forests of evergreens.

As the eyes viewed the splendor, the mind gloried in the miracle of the seasons, seeing already the promised rebirth of spring in what now appeared as dead or dying matter. How faithfully the cycle is followed, year in and out, centuries on end, as though guided by a loving and unseen hand.

And, then there were the mountains! Ever overwhelmed by their lofty majesty, their knife-like ridges and shadow-deepened gullies, you would that you might have been present at their creation, or that your tongue might utter fittingly the emotions they provoke. Surely it is the mountains that hold your spirit most fast, as they have ever since you became aware of topography and the underlying geologic story. They have for you a strong and mysterious fascination beyond all reasonable explanation!

Viewing the “eternal hills,” conscious that their apparent solidarity and permanence is but an illusion of time, that ever and always they are undergoing minute change and alteration, brings you closer to the timelessness and eternal flux of the cosmos. Relentlessly, ceaselessly, by sun, wind and water, the landscape has been and ever will be modified. Seas, mountains and plains come and go, exchanging their relative positions upon’ the crust of the earth, and will continue so doing through the millennia yet to be. How fragile and brief is the lifetime of man in comparison, yet how significantly wonderful, too, in its consciousness of matter, time and space, and in the miracle of life itself!

It is only in scattered outcrops, in the more recent road cuts incumbent to freeway construction, that we may even glimpse at the earth’s long, fascinating history, for it is generally concealed beneath topsoil and plant growth. The now “silent song of the earth” you call the tale revealed by the strata – varicolored and textured, up-lifted, tilted and twisted, mute evidence of both slow erosional surface processes and of the more abrupt, mighty and deep-seated forces from within the earth itself. Recognition of such powers, beyond comprehension, mysterious, majestic and endless in scope, deeply stirs the soul. How trivial seem the daily concerns when confronted with evidences of continued creation of such magnitude’. One scarcely dares postulate the extension of that creation to an infinite universe!

OCTOBER. 1974                        15

There was much more-cloudless blue skies, dark starlit nights, and wide panoramas, which with their intangible magnetism engulfed and unfolded the spirit, too long repressed by life’s seemingly necessary business.

It was a good vacation for it brought beauty, depth and breadth to the soul!


——— ♦ ———


(Taken from “Tidings,” Summer 1968 edition, Bulletin of the In-visible Ministry, P. 0. Box 447, San Marcos, Calif. 92069)

Science tells us of a day when nothing was here but molten rock. It was a one kingdom world; only the mineral existed.

Then came the vegetable kingdom, and for a time it was a two kingdom world. Subsequently the animals made their appearance, and three kingdoms shared the scene. And a few million years ago (more or less, according to your anthropological view) the fourth kingdom-man-appeared.

Had you come here as an observer at any point in this unfolding drama, you would have had no particular reason to feel that the creation was still in process. Evolutionary activity proceeds at such an imperceptibly slow pace that, at any given point, an air of permanence prevails. The great mammoths and reptiles, for example, though representing but a page in the passing parade of life forms, nevertheless dominated the scene for some seventy-five million years. It would have been hard to believe, during that vast period of time, that a state of stability had not been reached.

Similarly, it may be difficult to accept today that man, as presently constituted, is transitory. But it is so. A new kingdom is emerging-a kingdom advanced beyond man as man is beyond the beast.

But there is a new departure. The difference is not structural. Man’s body already has been perfected, so far as design and form are concerned. There may be additional features of adaptability to be developed, but on the whole the work of physical evolution is complete. So unlike the distinctions which have set the kingdoms apart from one another in the past, the fifth kingdom differs from the fourth in

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

an invisible way, measured in terms of sensitivity to the impalpable,, awareness of a realm not formerly known.

Through that sensitivity, furthermore, it becomes possible to abet consciously the evolutionary process. This is done by use of a tool un-available in previous inter-kingdom transitions: that of prayer. Fifth kingdom man can and indeed must-pray himself into being.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

FOOD IS YOUR BEST MEDICINE by Henry G. Bieler, M.D., Random House, New York. $4.95.

For those readers who are interested in naturopathy, this book will become an essential part of their library.

Dr. Henry Bieler positively states that improper foods cause diseases; proper foods cure diseases. He has done a study of the harm done to the body by various stimulating foods and non-foods, such as salt.

He expounds a unique approach to the cholesterol problem and tells how to build a pure cholesterol which wears well in the body. However, Dr. Bieler is quick to point out that there is no cure-all diet for what ails you, but he does explain which foods are helpful and how the body reacts to both in health and in illness.

Even though Dr. Bieler has been a practicing physician for over fifty years, he is in strong disagreement with the orthodox methods of healing. He believes that all drugs which are introduced into the body are likely to have bad effects as well as good effects, so it is sensible to restrict their use as much as possible. In writing this book, he illustrates how prevention and management of disease may be obtained

OCTOBER, 1970                        17

without drugs. He also stresses the importance of knowing when not to eat since a short fast on diluted fruit or vegetable juices gives an ill person a welcome opportunity to eliminate his toxic wastes.

Dr. Bieler offers a controversial concept to his readers which proves his separation from orthodox medicine. In his laboratory observation and experimentation, he has learned that germs do not cause disease. They are merely a companion of disease and are able to multiply in a :sick person because of disturbed function.

Nature is always the greatest healer if it is given an opportunity. The physician’s role is to assist in this healing by cooperating with nature’s forces.

A glance at the table of contents will show how complete and concise this book is. “Your Body: A Do-It-Yourself Repair Shop,” “Digestion: First Line of Defense Against Disease,” “When Disease Strikes Children,” “Proteins Can Be Body Killers,” “Vegetables as Do-It Yourself Therapy,” are just a few of the many interesting and thought-provoking chapters.

Flo Bohnert, Unit 1

——— ♦ ———


According to an article in the Fresno (Calif.) Bcc of August 3, 1970, flying saucers have been seen by the residents of Lemoore three times in one week.

The first report came from Mrs. James Henley. She said she was driving home about 11 P.M. when she saw directly above a moving bright disc-shaped light moving toward the Lemoore Naval Air Station. It was bigger than any known star and had a streak of sparks in its wake. She observed it for 30 seconds when it disappeared.

On Thursday, Larry Wilson and his neighbor, Charles Hill, unaware of any suspected sightings, say they clearly saw a disc-shaped moving object, distinctly grey in color, which appeared to be at less than 1,500 feet altitude. They followed the object for half a mile to a stop sign, where they jumped out to watch it for fully four minutes. They said streaks of fumes were clearly visible from one edge.

“Suddenly, before our eyes, this entire object disappeared,” said Wilson. “It had either gone in some direction at tremendous speed —

19                                                  UNDERSTANDING

so great our eyes did not detect it, or we don’t know what happened.” The sky was clear at the time-8:30 P.M.

Later that same evening Wilson, with Miss Henley, was at a drive-in theater when their attention was drawn to a moving silvery object in the sky. Leaving their car to obtain a better view, they called to a nearby friend, Robert Graham of Hanford, to confirm their discovery. The three watched the luminous round object for about three minutes. The object left a visible trail behind it as it traveled toward Fresno. Then it suddenly disappeared, leaving no trace of any kind.

When the three incidents were reported to the radar traffic control center at the air station, the control officer admitted receiving reports from time to time of such UFOs from valley- points as far away as Portersville and Visalia. But since 1942, when the station was established, there has been no record of any object appearing on their radar which could not be accounted for.

Officials of the 144th Air Defense Wing of the California National Guard in Fresno, on tactical maneuvers then, denied that any of their planes are circular or were operating in the Lemoore area at the time.

The Fresno Bee article includes the story of a recent speech by Larry Wagoner, a retired radar expert from the Navy. He told a group of Toastmasters Club members, most of whom are Navy fliers or air-men, of an incident which occurred a few years ago while operating from a carrier in the Pacific.

“We were operating from a carrier assigned to plotting the courses of foreign submarines,” he said. “We were fully equipped with the most sensitive devices for detecting objects in either sea or air. One night we observed an object which appeared as a spot of blue haze. I was sent in a plane with a crew of four other Navy men to investigate. Radar established, definitely, three things: the object was composed of metal; it was originating radio signals, and it had mass.”

We headed directly on a course above the object for observation. But as we neared it began to rise vertically at great speed on what seemed to be an unavoidable collision course. A second or two nearer, the interior of our plane abruptly lit up with a brilliant light … and was frightened, as none of us knew what to expect next … Still brightly lighted from some outside source, we flashed through what appeared to be a haze and into the darkness, while the object continued in its vertical course and disappeared at a great height.”

OCTOBER, 1970                        19

“Shortly after each member of the crew was contacted by government UFO investigators, who took from the five crewmen almost identical affidavits. But to this day,” Wagoner told the club members,

“I have heard nothing more of this incident nor have I seen it reported in any books on the subject… However, as a radar man, I checked the findings of all our sensitive devices and am still unable to explain how this incident happened which I personally experienced.”

Bulletin board

Fall Schedule For Unit 37

President Mrs. Marie A Hale of Unit 37, Buffalo, New York, writes that their Unit has a full schedule through December of this year. Fall meetings commenced on September 11th at the International Institute (1260 Delaware Ave., Buffalo) with a round Table Discussion of “Why I Joined Understanding and What Prompted the Move.” Mrs. Lois Dietrich, who attended the June Convention in Merlin, reported on her trip and experiences.

October 9th the Unit will sponsor a trance medium-Rev. Marguerite Hanny, whose control will deliver the lecture through her and later demonstrate spirit communication.”

November 13th, Rev. E. E. Sideris will speak on his tour of the Holy Land during the Greek Easter period. The lecture will be illustrated with his beautiful slides.

December 11th is the date for the Unit’s Annual Christmas Party. All interested people in the Buffalo area are invited to share these programs.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Understandorama at Apple Valley

Mrs. Esther Ellsworth announces another of her well-received Understandoramas. This one will be held on Sunday, November 1st, at the Auditorium of the Community Center, Apple Valley, Calif., 13467 Navajo Street.

Speakers listed are: Col. Arthur J. Burks, Paradise, Pa.; Hope Troxell, June Lake, Calif.; Dr. John Aiken, Socorro, N.M. ; Dr. Della Francone, Yucca Valley, Calif.; Mr. Daniel S. Ekern, Long Beach, Calif., and Dr. Irma Glenn, Escondido, Calif.

For additional information please write Mrs. Ellsworth, P.O. Box 626, Morongo Valley, Calif. 92256.

Krishna Murthy Visits Merlin

On August 29th over 50 people, advised by telephone, gathered at the International Cultural Center to enjoy a very special meeting.

Sri M. V. Krishna Murthy, of Bangalore, India, unexpectedly arrived in Merlin, with his family. He kindly consented to give a talk on “God Consciousness.” The evening had another unexpected pleasure, the devotional singing and instrumental music offered by Krishna Murthy’s daughter-K. Shantha.

Understanding-New Horizons

Mrs. Angela Kilsby announces that the Annual Understanding-New Horizons Convention is to be held on October 17 and 18, at Rickey’s Hyatt House in Palo Alto, California. This year the program will feature all new speakers.

To receive a copy of the program please contact Mrs. Kilsby at 1265 Monterey Blvd.. San Fransico, Calif. 94127 or call 415-334-1158.

Dates to Remember

Giant Rock Convention- October 10 and 11, Yucca Valley, Calif. Understanding Annual Meeting-October 31 and November 1, Merlin, Oregon.

Thank You

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Our thanks and appreciation are also due Mrs. Jean Orsolano, of Dunsmuir, Calif., who has contributed many books on UFOs and metaphysics, as well as numerous publications, to the Merlin Library.


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