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VOLUME XIV                              SEPTEMBER, 1969                                 NUMBER 9

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Almost immediately following the recent lunar landings, an article appeared in the “Grants Pass Daily Courier” which was so expertly done that we feel it should be made available to all of our readers. We therefore surrender the editorial page for this month to our friend Dick West.

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THE MOON (UPI)-The Lunar air force disclosed today that it is investigating reports that an unidentified flying object (UFO) was sighted last Sunday in or near the Sea of Tranquility.

However, an air force spokesman scoffed at suggestions that the UFO may have been a spaceship from earth or some other planet. “We get reports of this type quite frequently and we routinely check them out,” the spokesman said. “The so-called `flying saucers’ usually turn out to have been optical illusions caused by crater gas or something of the sort.

“We have no evidence that there is any kind of life on earth. And even if the planet were inhabited, it would be ridiculous to think that the earthlings would be able to fly to the moon.”

Despite official skepticism, however, residents of the Sea of Tranquility

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

insisted they saw a strange vehicle land on Sunday and take off again Monday.

“It passed right over my head,” said Mrs. Maudie Tribling, who lives in Crater 22. “I could see two weird-looking creatures peering out of the windows as it went by.”

Asked to describe the vehicle, Mrs. Tribling said it “looked something like a spider with spindly legs and dishes instead of feet.” She said it was “breathing fire” when she first saw it.

She said it seemed to hover briefly over the crater and then descend a short distance beyond the rim.

Mrs. Tribling’s story was corroborated to some extent by Clyde Kipper, who vowed that he actually saw the vehicle land and two unmoonly figures emerge.

“They were white all over and had big square backs and glass faces,” Kipper said. “I couldn’t tell if they were robots or living things, and believe me I didn’t hang around to find out.”

Kipper was asked what the creatures were doing when he saw them. “I know you aren’t going to believe this,” he said, “but they were kind of leaping around and picking up rocks. Once they stopped and … I’ll swear I’m not making this up.. . they stopped and set up a red, white and blue cloth and saluted it.”

A lunar air force official called Kipper’s statement “sheer fantasy.” He said, “I’ve heard some wild stories in my time but this one tops them all. He must have been reading too much science-fiction.”

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“There’s nothing new under the sun.” Time after time all of us must have had that fact of life to swallow with rue, on encountering a pet and supposedly original idea of ours in someone else’s workshop. To be beaten to an idea is a fate often mine, but one which still surprises me. To be scooped by several thousand years on my chosen subject occurs less often, but it does happen. Usually, it’s the Greeks, but this time it was the Romans. That they, or anyone, had thought much about my topic came as a shocker. That they left pictures was more sensational still. But that they had the grace at least to disagree with me to take the polar opposite of my point of view, in fact-was

SEPTEMBER, 1969                  3

helpful. So, by virtue of not being the newest thing coming down the pike, the topic may have life in it yet.

My intent and purpose had been to write something brand new on the nature of swimming. We’ve all been told, “Don’t fight the water” when learning to swim. But I had in mind writing up the swimmer water relationship as one so powerfully close that it leads on beyond itself, to the farther side of the physical and the experimental-into the metaphysical, if you please. Swimming was not to be taken as just a sport, but as the total activity of mind, body, and spirit on the level of a philosophical relationship interwoven between light and water and swimmer. Using an imaginary dialogue with the water, I had in mind a word portrait of the swimmer in league with the “powers that be” through the medium of the water. Recalling the poetic fact that “the mineral composition of blood serum is that of the primeval sea,” I felt my own self extending into the cosmic and psychological universes, and these extending into me. I, the swimmer, was restored and made a part of nature again, thanks to my great “equalizer” the water, which stimulated or slowed down the body chemistry as required. By way of saying thanks for all this, I had a special water prayer to offer while swimming on my back and looking upward to remember the source of water and light. It was a prayer with a built-in system, passed along to me by a friend, and it went like this: “May I be free from all envy, may I be free from all ill will, may I be well and happy.” Then the repetition of the same prayer but with a substitution-the name of a loved one, like this: “May George be free from all envy, may George be free from all ill will,” etc. Then the same prayer’ with the name of someone who evoked only my lukewarm feelings, and again, but with the name of someone I hated. By the time the swim’ was finished, the total involvement of my senses was such as to leave” me too relaxed to be mad about anything. Then I would add one little line, for myself and the others in sequence: “May I blow out the candle, for the sun is up,” to remind me that whatever I enjoyed as the freely given gift of the universe was enough to make happiness.

It’s easy to see that I thought I had a very positive thing working for me-swimming seen as sugar and spice and everything that makes, us nice-which would in turn provide the handle for an inspirational story. Giving swimming most of the credit, I was ready to bill myself’ as the prototype of the modern American woman-and to enjoy the

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

role of the intuitive woman writer as a fringe benefit. The water ballet and synchronized swimming which I truly enjoy, I judged with pride to be particularly new, akin to modern dance.

Then one summer day a friend gave me some poolside reading. It was a copy of THE MUTE STONES SPEAK, an archeological study of ancient Rome. Along with the busts of their emperors were mosaics of their swimming girls. The swimming skills which I had thought so new were being practiced by bevies of Roman beauties! But that wasn’t the only revelation. Inscriptions beneath showed what the citizens of Rome thought of their “acquacade” girls. The latter were frowned upon mightily by the city fathers for engaging in a degenerate sport, putting themselves practically in league with the devil!

Now, the way the Romans and I figured it, there is more to swimming than meets the eye skimming the surface of the water. We took swimming as symbolic, perhaps, pointing to something beyond itself. But the Romans read the symbols reflected in the water upside down! Or were they right, and am I in the wrong? If so, in trying to write a story about swimming, have I perhaps stumbled backward to uncover one more secret cause of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire?

In any case, I am afraid that my story may have to be changed to make a story at all, because all that it proves, as is, is “What’s one man’s meat, is another man’s poison”-which is so old a saw that surely at least the Greeks beat the Romans to it.

-Juliana Lewis

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(From New Outlook, Mar.-April 1962. Excerpts from address given by General MacArthur at a Joint Session of Congress of the Republic of the Philippines.)

The outlawing of War would mark the greatest advance in civilization since the Sermon on the Mount-further evolution of civilization cannot take place until global war is abolished. We must have sufficient imagination and courage to translate the universal wish for peace-which is rapidly becoming a universal necessity into actuality. Global war has become a Frankenstein to destroy both sides. No longer

SEPTEMBER, 1969                  5

is it a weapon of adventure-the short cut to international power. If you lose, you are annihilated. If you win, you stand only to lose. No longer does it possess even the chance of the winner of a duel. It contains now only the germ of double suicide.

The great question is: Can global war now be outlawed from the world? If so, it would lift at one stroke the darkest shadow which has engulfed mankind from the beginning. It would not only remove fear and bring security-it would not only create new moral and spiritual values-it would produce an economic wave of prosperity that would raise the world’s standard of living beyond anything ever dreamed of by man. The hundreds of billions of dollars now spent in mutual preparedness could conceivably abolish poverty from the face of the earth. It would accomplish even more than this, it would at one stroke reduce the international tensions that seem to be insurmountable now to matters of more probable solution. This would not, of course, mean the abandonment of all armed forces, but it would reduce them to the simpler problems of internal order and international police. It would not mean Utopia at one fell stroke, but it would mean that the great roadblock now existing to the development of the human race would have been cleared.

You will say at once that although the abolition of war has been the dream of man for centuries, every proposition to that end has been promptly discarded as impossible and fantastic. But that was before the science of the past decade made mass destruction a reality …. It is no longer an ethical question to be pondered solely by learned philosophers and ecclesiastics, but a hard-core one for the decision of the masses whose survival is at issue.

This is as true of the Soviet side of the world as of the free side-as true behind the Iron Curtain as in front of it. The ordinary people of the world, whether free or slave, are all in agreement on this solution; and this perhaps is the only thing in the world they do agree upon, but it is the most vital and determinate of all. We are told we must go on indefinitely as at present-with what at the end, none says; there is no definite objective. They but pass along to those who follow the search for a final solution. At the end, the problem will be exactly what we face now.

It may take another cataclysm of destruction to prove the bald truth that the further evolution of civilization cannot take place until

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

global war is abolished. But this is the one issue upon which both sides will profit equally. It is the one issue in which the interests of both are completely parallel. It is the one issue which, if settled, may well settle all others.

The present tensions with threat of national annihilation are fostered by two great illusions. The one, a complete belief on the part of the Soviet world that the capitalistic countries are preparing to attack them; that sooner or later we intend to strike. And the other, a complete belief on the part of the capitalistic countries that the Soviets are preparing to attack us; that sooner or later they intend to strike. Both are wrong. Each side, so far as the masses are concerned, is desirous of peace. Both dread war. But the constant acceleration of preparation may, without specific intent, ultimately precipitate a kind of spontaneous combustion. Many will tell you with mockery and’ ridicule that the abolition of war can only be a dream-that it is but the imagining of a visionary. But we must go on or we will go under.

The great criticism that can be made is that the world lacks a plan that will enable us to go on. We are in a new Era. The old methods and solutions no longer suffice. We must have new thoughts, ideas, concepts. We must have sufficient imagination and courage to translate the universal wish for peace (which is rapidly becoming a necessity) into actuality.

Submitted by L. A. Stevens

(For one possible solution, send to Understanding, Inc. P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Oregon, 97532, for a copy of Dr. Daniel W. Fry’s “The Problem of Survival.” Postage would be appreciated.)

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An interesting substantiation of the remarks of General Mac Arthur appeared in the Sunday Oregonian of July 20th, 1969. Under the heading: News Analysis-Russians Indicate Fear Man Losing Control of Events, William L. Ryan reported as follows

The Kremlin has given voice to a fear which has haunted many Americans. It may be behind a reluctant shift in Soviet Policy. Moscow suggests that men are in danger of losing control over their weapons, that life or death for millions depends upon machines.

SEPTEMBER, 1969                  7

The long and carefully elaborate July 10 policy statement by Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko suggested that only the Soviet Union and the United States, by concentrated effort, could insure the world against a catastrophic accident.

There was an added hint that perhaps the two super-powers had a common interest in imposing order on a disorderly world….

Perhaps much of the motivation was propaganda, but the Gromyko statement also may have been prompted by genuine dread among some elements in the Kremlin of where the arms race may lead Russia, militarily and economically. Perhaps, they may be saying, the Americans and Russians should be more friendly enemies before it is too late. “The weapons systems are becoming ever more autonomous of the people who create them,” said Gromyko. “Human hearing and eyesight are incapable of precisely reacting to modern speeds. The human brain is not always capable of assessing swiftly enough the readings of a multitude of instruments, and the decision taken by man depends in the final analysis, on conclusions furnished by computers.”

The Kremlin further stated, “The world situation is determined in large measure upon relations between the big powers …. It is quite obvious that our two countries are divided by class distinctions. But the Soviet Union has always proceeded from the view that the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. can always find a common language on questions of preserving peace.”

Gromyko prefaced his remarks by saying the arms race has “long become sheer madness” and by deploring the expenditure in 1968 by the world’s nations of more than $200 billion on military needs.

“Governments must do everything possible to be able to determine the development of events and not find themselves in the role of captives of events,” said the policy statement, again hinting at dread of a nuclear accident.

This was the preface to a bid to the United States to enter into talks on limitation of strategic arms. “We are for the development of good relations with the United States and would like these relations to be turned into friendly ones,” the statement went on, “because we are convinced that this would be in line with the interests of both the Soviet and American peoples.”

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


For the past two years I have made it a point to make the acquaintance of psychics because they are wonderful people. In all my new age lectures I have paid tribute to them as “our most precious natural resource.” The reason I say this is that they serve a very practical purpose. Not only are they instruments of healing, but they can locate things, criminals, lost persons, etc. They can prophesy on personal problems and help people with “mental blocks.”

The Government uses them continuously though it does not admit it. The lost submarine, “Scorpion,” was located through a psychic friend of mine. The mystery of the missing navy planes off Florida was also solved by contact of a psychic (whose father I know) with space people who knew of the magnetic belt which made control of airplanes impossible. This area is now avoided by military craft. The physiology of the astronauts was traced even when they were on the dark side of the moon by use of radiethesia and a device developed by a member of our local New Age group. Another archaeology friend is locating the lost site of Atlantis through psychic sources. So what we tend to call the supernatural, although it is referred to many times in the Bible, is becoming part of our daily lives.

However, all the reading in the world does not take the place of personal experience and so I set out to experience it for myself.

Among my acquaintances is a woman whom I affectionately call the “Dean” of our local psychics. She has recently published a book: The Psychic Powers-Your Invisible Helpers. While never having had a reading from her I have kept in touch. One night at a meeting I said, “Abbie, I have been meaning to get over to get a message from you from my father who passed away some years ago.” Without hesitation she said, “Dave, you have just been through some kind of crisis in which your father helped you.” She did not know it but I had just been through a harrowing experience of a false arrest. The outcome was very favorable and through it all I felt at ease as though I were receiving help. (In real life my father was an attorney.) Another dear psychic friend is a Spiritualist minister. At one of her message meetings I wrote a sealed letter asking for a message from my deceased father for my mother, who complained she had never heard’ from him since his transition. Without opening the letter, she said, “Before

SEPTEMBER, 1969                  9

I answer the question I want to say that I sense you are thinking of changing jobs and that your Dad will help you in it. As to your question, the message is ‘don’t make changes,’ signed Daddy.” Just like him for he never wasted words. I wrote my mother for the meaning of it all. Sure enough she was getting restless and was thinking of a move to an apartment even though it was an unwise move. Incidentally, I did make the job change a few months later and was glad I did.

There have been other personal psychic experiences but space limitations do not permit recounting of them here. However, from my limited account I hope you are convinced of the value of psychics and avail your self of their services in solving some of the problems you may have. On advanced planets, where all people are psychic, the Spiritual Masters have a most revered place as teachers. It should be so on earth.

-Dave W. Bent (Unit 78)

——— ♦ ———


In the Feb., 1968 issue of Understanding magazine, an article entitled “A Prison Project” reported the founding of our nation’s first prison university which is a pilot program in Oregon called “Upward Bound” directed by Tom Gaddis, author of “Birdman of Alcatraz.”

Gaddis has said that our American prison system consisting of 110 year old institutionalized sub-cultures is a failure stressing punishment, not reform. The “Upward Bound Oregon Prison Project” classes begun in July, 1967, provide an opportunity for 50 men to change their present attitude and future life by taking a realistic look at educational and financial and occupational assets; by obtaining a college education while incarcerated; and by convincing the parole board that each man has a constructive goal plus the means to achieve that goal after his release and return to a suspicious society.

Since the work of “Upward Bound” extends beyond prison walls, it is expected that success will be “meaningful to both prisoners and society as a whole.”

Fortunately for society as a whole, five years earlier our nation’s. first prison rehabilitation program conducted by ex-convicts was founded in Kansas by Bill Sands, author of “My Shadow Ran Fast”‘ and “The Seventh Step.”

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Sands started the first class in 1962 and it grew into the present Seventh Step Foundation with Joe A. Wallace, National Prison Director, as president and Clinton T. Duffy, former warden of San Quentin, author and penologist, as treasurer.

No longer a pilot program the “Seventh Step,” without federal, state or local aid has saved those governments recidivism costs amounting by now to millions of dollars; has helped thousands of ex-convicts to change themselves and maintain their freedom; and apparently has prevented untold numbers of potential juvenile delinquents from embarking on socially dangerous and expensive lives of crime.

Each local chapter of The Seventh Step Foundation motivates its ex-convict members to continue living by the following steps


Facing the truth about ourselves and the world around us, we decided we needed to change.

Realizing that there is a power from which we can gain strength we have decided to use that power.

Evaluating ourselves by taking an honest self-appraisal, we examined both our strengths and our weaknesses.

Endeavoring to help ourselves overcome our weaknesses, we enlisted the aid of that power to help us concentrate on our strengths.

Deciding that our freedom is worth more than our resentments, we are using that power to help free us from those resentments.

Observing that daily progress is necessary, we set an attainable goal toward which we can work each day.

Maintaining our own freedom, we pledge ourselves to help others as we have been helped.

Without some such assistance 8 out of 10 men released from prison this year will return to a life of crime.

Those who care are asked to participate in the program. We are going to need some help. Bodies, minds and money! If you’ve ever done time and completed your parole, you should join us! If you have never been `busted’ join us. We need concerned people, poor and rich … Write Seventh Step Foundation, 411 West Pico, Los Angeles, Calif. 90015″

-Frances Duren

SEPTEMBER, 1969                  11

UFOs Across Iowa

Daily Courier, Waterloo, Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS (AP) -A rash of unidentified flying object reports were received across Iowa Thursday night after airport officials here said three persons in the airport coffee shop told them they saw what they believed to be a UFO fly across the field.

The trio reported seeing a blue, circular object with no wings or indication of a propulsion system streaking east to west above the airport runway at an altitude of about 1,000 feet.

The three-a private pilot, a teen-ager and a woman-estimated the speed of the UFO to be between 300 and 400 miles per hour.

Federal Aviation Administration officials said similar sightings were reported at Washington, Iowa, Tipton, Ottumwa, Burlington, Des Moines, Omaha, Neb., and Kansas City, Mo.

New Believers

Journal, Lorain, Ohio, June 15, 1969-by Evelyn de Wolfe, L. A. Times

LOS ANGELES-The phenomenon of ESP (extra-sensory perception) remains ephemeral and mystifying but for the first time in the realm of science, no one is ashamed to say they believe there is such a thing.

This observation comes from Dr. Thelma S. Moss, assistant professor of medical psychology at the University of California at Los Angeles, who gathered scientists and scholars to a recent symposium on ESP, sponsored by UCLA.

Specialists in parapsychology, psychiatry and related areas posed fascinating questions: Is telepathy evident in dreams? Can a man predict a specific event? Can thought influence the growth of plants and the healing of wounds?

In a series of experiments, Bernard Grad, a professor at McGill University in Montreal, has determined that emotional states can influence materials a person handles.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“If you think about it,” he reflects, “this sort of thing puts a tremendous responsibility on all of us-on parents in the handling of children, on therapists in the handling of patients and even on the housewife who thinks in anger of her husband while she is fixing his meal. She might give him ulcers.”

A report by Dr. Jule Eisenbud of the University of Colorado described a transatlantic experiment with Gerald Croiset, the Dutch clairvoyant. He related that Croiset was able to describe on Jan. 6, 1969, the physical attributes and trivial events in the lives of two subjects who were chosen at random from an audience of 100 persons at an experiment in Denver on Jan. 23, 1969.

Dr. Moss described six laboratory-controlled experiments she conducted in ESP. One of her findings, contrary to most case histories, is that there is no difference between closely related and nonrelated persons in successful thought transmissions and reception.

Is ESP inherited? Dr. Moss does not have a specific answer but admits it does seem to run in families.

Age has no bearing. Children often experience ESP. Women like to talk more about ESP phenomena than men but men make equally good transmitters and receivers. Rapport among strangers could be ESP.

Reservations Made

Sunday Oregonion (Portland, Ore.), July 20, 1969

SAN FRANCISCO (AP)-Pan American Airways has 16,700 reservations for flights to the moon, the airline’s president says.

Najeeb E. Halaby said the reservations have been stored in a computer.

He predicted there would be commercial travel to the moon by the end of the century.

Flying Saucers Over Ocean

(By BILL BISCHOFF, Staff Writer)

John Fairfax, safe in Ft. Lauderdale after six harrowing months alone on the Atlantic Ocean, was reluctant to talk about the most impressive thing that happened to him out there in the big sea.

“You see,” he explained, “I don’t believe in those things or never have; but there they were: flying saucers. They could not have been anything else. Venus is the brightest of all the stars, but they were 10 times brighter than Venus.”

SEPTEMBER, 1969                  18

He paused.

“It was more than just seeing them, though. It was this force. It was as though they were saying to me, `do you want to come with me?”

“And I was fighting it and saying back, `No, no, no.’ It was like telepathy, like being hypnotized. I was hypnotized once-voluntarily. It was like that.”

He thought a moment.

“I had lit a cigarette. Then those luminous saucers swooped down over the ocean, rose and swooped down again. There was this magnetic feeling. When they had gone, I realized the cigarette had burned my fingers.”

Fairfax said the flying objects were too bright and too large to be stars or planets and their flight pattern too irregular to be satellites. “I don’t believe in flying saucers,” he said. “But there is nothing else they could be.”

Meat from Petroleum

Northland Advocate, N. Z., May 17, 1969

TOKYO, Fri. NZPA-Reuter-A leading Japanese chemical company plans to make artificial meat and other food from man-made protein produced from petroleum.

Dainippon Ink and Chemical Ltd. said today it would build a factory capable of producing 120,000 tons of petro-protein a year by March, ’71.

Most of it would be initially used for the production of foodstuffs.

The company said it was hoping to use artificial protein in future for making processed food such as artificial meat.

The man-made protein can be obtained from cells of germs cultivated on paraffin derived from petroleum products.

No Fingerprints

National Enquirer, June 29, 1969

Updating a 1964 report he made about a family in which 13 members within three generations lacked finger, palm, toe and sole prints, a Philadelphia doctor now reveals that two new members of the third generation and one of the fourth generation have the same characteristics.

The disclosure was made by Dr. Henry W. Baird of St. Christopher’s Hospital for children, who said that as far as he knew there was no other similar case on record. The family was not identified.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

UFO Sightings in Roseburg Area

Daily Courier (Grants Pass, Ore.), Aug 2, 1969

ROSEBURG (UPI)-A pilot said it had very bright red and green lights.

A sheriff’s deputy said it had orange and white lights. More than 25 others said they saw something.

The unidentified flying object sightings were made Friday during a two hour period in the vicinity of Melrose, Looking-glass, Tenmile, Roseburg and Winston.

Three Douglas County sheriff’s deputies, investigating the reports, said they saw UFOs.

A pilot for Roseburg Skyways reported seeing an object as he was landing his plane. He attempted to keep up with the UFO but it moved too fast for him.

Tongue In Cheek

Rooks County Record, Stockton Kansas, April 22, 1969.

Goody, goody! It seems as if there may be some fun and excitement in the area again. At least they are seeing UFO’s in these parts once more after quite a spell when none were reported. Latest such object to be reported was sighted by Edwin H. Bohl, Jr., of Logan, who saw one of the things about midnight early last week. He reported it to the policeman on duty at Hill City but by the time the officer fixed his eyes in the right direction the object had gone that ‘a way, which was toward Stockton, but as far as this reporter has learned no one around here happened to see it. According to Bohl it was about 5 miles east of Hill City and about 75 feet above U.S. 24. It had brightly colored lights and stopped in mid air so close to his car that it killed the motor. It moved slowly and made no noise at any time. The what-ever-it was closely resembles one or two such things reported by reliable Stockton people a couple of years ago.

20 Per Cent Are Drug Triers

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., April 17, 1969

WASHINGTON (UPI)-A spokesman for the American Medical Association (AMA) estimated today five out of every 100 college students have tried LSD and probably 20 per cent of high school and college-age youth have experimented with marijuana and other hallucinogenic drugs.

SEPTEMBER, 1969                  15

Dr. Henry Brill of New York, representing the AMA’s Committee on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, gave the estimate to a Senate subcommittee investigating drug abuse in the United States. “Drug abuse has become a worldwide problem of epidemic proportions which demands a correlated research effort by public and private researchers,” Brill said.

——— ♦ ———



A correspondent in New Zealand, Norm Wardell of “Apollo Verein” (For Knowing Man), Otahuhu, N. Z., has sent us a long article on UFOs which appeared in the “Evening Star,” Dunedin, on May 17, 1969. Edited to meet our space requirements, here is the account:

At 4 A.M. in October 1967, Mr. Christopher Garner of Marshwood Farm, Hatherleigh, near Exeter, England, was awakened in his car, near Dartmoor, by a constable who wished him to verify what he and a fellow officer were seeing in the sky. “Mr. Garner saw what appeared to be a collection of pulsating lights in the sky, and as he looked the lights formed into a cross and began to move off into the distance.”

It was the beginning of a saucer “flap” which lasted the best part of a week, during which time a dozen reliable witnesses, including more policemen and some B.B.C. engineers, reported seeing “fiery crosses, cigar-shaped objects, and lights in formation.”

A retired R.A.F. Wing-commander and his wife reported that they had seen seven bright lights in formation-first as a perfect V, but later arranged into a cross. “They certainly seemed to be under some sort of control-the formation was perfect,” said the Wing-commander, Eric Cox.

Various explanations were offered-the sightings were Venus, but an amateur astronomer refuted this by reporting he had spotted an UFO below the cloud level and in a position which ruled out Venus; the sightings were a mid-air refueling of aircraft in the area, refuted by the Ministry of Defense which said no refueling operations were in progress at the times of the sightings.

As sightings continued “the flap that began with the first sighting of the Flying Cross by the two Devon policemen formed the peak of the biggest total of UFO reports in the British Isles for 10 years.”

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Australian Coordinator

New Zealand Herald, April 11, 1969

A collator of information on unidentified flying objects has been selected to cover an area which takes in Atiamuri, Murupara, Mt. Tongariro and Taupo.

He is Mr. Edward Barling of Taupo, who is a former detective-sergeant, Mr. Barling retired from the service in 1939 after 20 years with the Auckland police.

The Auckland University UFO research centre made his appointment as collator and coordinator of information recently.

Mr. Barling said the general idea is for people who make sightings of what they believe to be unidentified flying objects to get in touch with him as soon as possible. He will then undertake further investigations.

——— ♦ ———


Understanding, Inc., has long sought a federal tax exemption as a non-profit organization, but until certain changes were made in our original Charter of Incorporation, to conform to the legal requirements of the Federal Government, our application was denied.

Now, thanks to Mr. R. C. Thompson, of Merlin, who not only found an attorney to make the necessary changes and amendments, but who also paid most of the legal fees involved, our application for a tax-exempt status has been granted.

A letter, dated June 30, 1969, from the Internal Revenue Service, Treasury Department, reads

“We rule that you are exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Code, beginning October 1, 1968 .. . “Beginning October 1, 1968 you are not required to file a form 1120 income tax return …

“Donors may deduct contributions made to you on or after October 1, 1968, as provided by section 170 of the Code. Bequests, legacies, devises, transfers, or gifts to you or your use are deductible for Federal estate and gift tax purposes under sections 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the Code.”

We are grateful to Mr. Thompson!

SEPTEMBER, 1969                  17


In the past we have gratefully received clippings for the Understanding Magazine from our members as their contribution toward the goals of Understanding, Inc.

Now, at the suggestion of Mrs. Shirley H. Lewis, of Unit 78 of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, we make the following offer. For each clipping contribution from a member, published in the magazine, we offer a credit of One Dollar towards the price of a Gift subscription (balance due $1.50).

This should provide us with a wider choice of material on UFOs as well as other news of significance “to promote a better understanding among all peoples of earth, and of those not of earth.” Also, hopefully, it will reduce our expenses a little and result in a wider distribution of Understanding.

We await the response of our dedicated Understanding membership.

——— ♦ ———

Poet’s corner


When we see a child of four play the piano so well.

This should give us the clue, the tale it should tell.

That this small child, in a mere four years,

Couldn’t have learned all this in his short life here!

A latent talent, we say, but from where does it come?

And, would God give more to any certain one?

No, God is not partial, endowing one with more.

It’s because he’s applied himself, in some life before!

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

We call him a child prodigy, and think it is fine.

And we know it’s carried over, from another lifetime.

He’ll give much to the world, through this talent he’s gained.

And he’ll find, learning this art has not been in vain

Yes, in other times and in far-off places,

We have lived before, and have left our traces.

And much knowledge is revealed, on history’s pages,

Of these ancient times, in these by-gone ages.

Some of us adhere to oriental decor,

Some of us like French or Colonial much more.

This may be, we lived in China or France.

Or, perhaps early American, we did enhance!

This is God’s great plan, for us to evolve.

So, after living these lives, we should resolve,

To spend our days, with much purpose in mind.

And, we know, much of this is to serve mankind.

 — Vivian Dudley

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board


The “Psychic News” of March 22nd offers a correction by the Church of England of its bulletin “which recommended psychics,” published in March Understanding.

The correction reads, “The view expressed in the article was in no

SEPTEMBER. 1969                  19

way the official view of the Church of England, and the piece was solely concerned with informing the readership of the work being done by the fellowship.

Understanding-New Horizons

Mrs Angela Kilsby’s lecture series, “Understanding-New Horizons,” will present its 3rd and 4th Conventions in Reno, Nevada, September 13th at the Holiday Inn, and in Sacramento, Calif., September 14th at the Sacramento Inn.

In Reno both the afternoon and evening sessions will be devoted to UFOs. Speakers include Dr. Daniel W. Fry, Gayne Myers, Damien Simpson and Fred Kimball. It will be the 3rd Annual Space Convention at both places.

Mr. Miguel Ribera, President of Nevada Investigation Committee of Aerial Phenomena, will be the Reno sponsor. Dr. Daniel Bleise will be an added speaker in Sacramento.

The ten lecture series begins its Pacific Coast Tour with Vancouver, Canada, October 16; Victoria, October 17; Seattle, October 18 and 19; Portland, October 21; Grants Pass, October 22; and concludes in Berkeley, Calif., Claremont Hotel, October 25 and 26.

For information write: 1265 Monterey Blvd., San Francisco, Calif. 94127.

Giant Rock Convention

George Van Tassel has announced that the sixteenth Annual Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention will be held on the weekend of October 11th and 12th, The meeting, as always, will be held at the Giant Rock Airport, Yucca Valley (off the Victorville Rd.), Calif.

If you have ever attended, no more need be said; if not, plan to attend to enjoy an unique experience with other UFO enthusiasts.

Understanding Annual Meeting

All officers and members of Understanding, Inc., are invited to attend the Annual Meeting which is to be held in Merlin, Ore., the weekend of November 1st and 2nd.

If you plan to attend or need information as to accommodations please write to P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Ore. 97532.

Another Understandorama

Mrs. Esther Ellsworth who has arranged for several highly successful

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

and rewarding Understandorama in the past in Southern Calif. is now making plans for another to be held November 9th.  The Understandorama will be held in Yucca Valley at the new American Legion Hall, which seats 300 to 350.

Write Mrs. Ellsworth, P.O. Box 626, Morongo Valley, Ca. 92256 for additional information.

Science Fiction Magazine

We are pleased to announce the publication by our printer, Bill Crawford, of a science-fiction magazine-Spaceway.

If you are interested in science fiction, which often contains indications of future trends for mankind, write for a sample issue-50c; subscription, 6 issues for $2.50. The address: Spaceway, 1855 W. Main St., Alhambra, Ca. 91801.

Klamath Falls Unit 76

Congratulations to the newly elected officers of Unit 76 of Klamath Falls, Oregon!

President, Mrs Dema McBee (2962 Green Springs Drive, Klamath Falls, Ore.) ; Vice President, Mrs. Nancy Fletcher; and Secretary Treasurer, Mrs. Lucille Detroit.

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6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

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PSYCHICALLY received Prayer and Meditation Method: It can help you! $3. PRAYER, Dept. UM, Box 3051, San Jose, Calif. 95116.

KNOW THYSELF-through Vibranalysis-Health, Personality and Vocational Keys, $2.50 complete. Send birthdate. Dorothy Low, Box 211, Oxford, Mass. 01540.

I SPOKE WITH ST. JUDE! Prayers for the iII and Disturbed. Free-will Offering. William W. Lord, D.D., P.O. Box 2062, White City, Ore. 97501

MYSTO BALL: Ideal Gaze Ball for beginners and experienced scryers. Three sizes: 3-1/4 inches, $8; 3-3/4 inches, $11.95; 5 inches, $18; (plus $1.25 Handling and Mailing). Check or M.O.: CHENOWETH Productions, MYSTO-U, Box 3051, San Jose, Calif. 95116.

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To Men of Earth

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Is the mind of man truly capable of free will, or is it simply a reflection and tool of the higher self? For every echo, there is a cause. Finding the cause allows the higher self to erase the grip of the echo. The true be ginning of man’s search to know himself. Includes methods and examples.


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