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VOLUME XIV                              AUGUST, 1969                                          NUMBER 8

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Now that the complete practicability of journeying to, landing upon, and returning from other celestial bodies has been convincingly demonstrated, we can confidently assume that within the next few years, several even more ambitious space projects will be funded and given the green light. The funding of these projects is all that is really necessary to assure their fulfillment since they have already been given a very considerable amount of preliminary study and evaluation.

While Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew, who represented the President at the Apollo 11 launch last week, suggested Mars as our next goal, and President Nixon said it might be “Mars or Venus, or some other planet,” there was obviously no doubt in either of their minds that the space exploration program would go on to greater and greater achievement. Before any manned flight to Mars or Venus is undertaken, however, there is an important intermediate step which should be completed.

The construction of a relatively large, permanent and self-sufficient space station, assembled in a fixed parking orbit, will do much, not only to increase the safety of all space ventures, but will considerably lower the cost.  Such orbital space stations have been

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

considered and discussed for many years in scientific journals and in science fiction magazines, but because space stations, however practical and useful, are not nearly as exciting or as glamorous as interplanetary voyages, there has been relatively little discussion of them in newspapers, radio or television. For the same reason it may be difficult to obtain government funding for such a project. Its relatively small emotional appeal may cause many politicians to hesitate in the appropriation of the necessary funds. However, a large permanent and independent orbital space station, with self sustaining cycles of ecology, is a practical necessity for successful manned interplanetary flights, and a great step forward in man’s effort to become independent of any planet. It will also repay its cost many times over in its direct and indirect (spinoff) benefits to mankind.

Of all of the millions of words uttered by men of prominence during the flight of Apollo 11, by far the most significant ones were those of President Nixon as he spoke to a group of about 2,000 foreign exchange students on the south lawn of the White House.

Nixon predicted, rather casually but quite categorically that, “By the end of the century, man will visit other worlds with some form of life on them.”

In view of the grave doubts which have been expressed by many astronomers concerning the possibility of any kind of life on any of the planets, such a confident assertion (with which we completely agree) seems to indicate the possession of a deep insight into reality, and/or the possession of specific information not yet available to the general public.

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ONLY ten years ago, selenography, the science of lunar surfaces, seemed a closed way for amateur or professional astronomers. The general idea was that earth-bound observations were only a game a pleasant game, maybe, but without scientific interest. Except for changes of aspects, caused by alterations of lightings, the moon only showed an identical face without. new detail.

Of course, now and then, some observers believed they saw either

AUGUST, 1969                           3

alterations of craters, or queer lights, or unusual colorings. But corroborations never came, and the observations were strongly debated.

And then, one day — I mean, one night!-there was a sudden change. A Soviet astronomer, Kozirev, observed what seemed to be a gaseous eruption over the central peal; of the crater Alphousus, on November 3, 1958. It was actually the first accurate observation of this type, done under extremely good conditions. In fact, Kozirev did not see an intense light, but recorded on a spectrogram, emission bands corresponding to blue and seeming to come out of the central peak, The phenomena lasted only a few minutes.

As the observation was short, single (and … surprising, too!) astronomers stood very cautious. But, so they also lead a reason for hope . . .

This hope became concrete five years later on October 29, 1963 when two U. S. astronomers, Barr and Greenacre, at the Lowell Observatory of Flagstaff, working on making a chart (for astronomical purposes) were surprised to see reddish lighting spots near Aristarchus. To sum it up, there were two reddish spots some kilometers wide, distant from fifty kilometers, near Aristarchus; a third spot, larger, twenty kilometers long, pinkish, on the slope of the crater, lasted longer, about twenty minutes.

Of course, these results, and some which followed (for instance, during the recent Apollo 10 mission) are technically interesting, for such events involve the existence of Unidentified — or, at least, unexplained-forces and cause the birth of new theories, new techniques and even new programs for the astronauts!

We cannot hide, too, that such events produce an odd impression. The Moon is not as dead as thought by many astronomers. It is, like the biggest part of the celestial bodies we are able to see, a living one. If such a theory (“dead moon”) concerning the nearest celestial body, is not completely true, what may we drink of all other complicated theories about. planets, the sun, galaxies, or pulsars?

But I would like to examine here quite a different fact, as an important psychological consequence of these discoveries. I think of the deep need for collaboration, recently awakened among astronomers, both amateurs and professionals, concerning the Search of the described phenomena. As these events are rare and rather

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

weak, isolated observers have few chances to see even one of them. But all is different in a world-wide organization where every observer takes His place. This is commonly done by professional observers, for special studies, but amateurs have been unrelated because of the nature of their studies. But, this astronomical topic is readily open to all observers owning a single instrument and able to give some hours each month for observations.

Such an organization now exists, after the strong efforts of Miss Barbara M. Middlehurst, when she worked at the Lunar Laboratory at Tucson, now led by the Center for Short-Lived Phenomena, of the Smithsonian Institute. Of course, many observers are in the States, but there are also many European, Australian and Asiatic observers (as my friend, Sr. Jose Oliver, of Spain, who saw brightings of Aristarchus during the Apollo 10 mission). The main purpose of the work of this team is a permanent-so far as possible-watching of the moon, with the aim of detecting and proclaiming quickly any “transient lunar phenomena” to other colleagues. In special circumstances, as the programs of Apollo 8 or 10, all observers are contacted to do more accurate research, with the ability to convey quickly information to the astronauts.

I must say that I feel a special pleasure to watch the moon, when it appears, thinking that I am relieving, for instance, a Polish observer, and that some hours later, an U.S. observer will do the same, too. The technical interest is sure, but is there not, also, a real attempt for Human Understanding? Far beyond the frontiers geographical, or linguistic-there appears a rather new ascension of minds towards a common intellectual waiting-perhaps, even philosophical. There is a sort of elastic link which, with Few Words, brings some men nearer …

I think that mutual understanding is certainly not based on common Hates or common Wars (as too many men still think, here and there!). It is no longer necessarily based upon common Speeches and Talks… But it certainly can be achieved by common interesting works-astronomy here, painting or mechanics there ! . . . well Work anywhere! …

As a direct consequence of what I say here, I should be quite pleased to establish contacts with amateurs-or professionals interested in astronomical research and observations. As “Délégué

AUGUST, 1969                           5

aux Observations” of a French Astronomical Society, I have a great interest in watching the moon, Jupiter, Mars, suns, etc., and photographing them also. And. I should like to know more about these things … and other ones

-Philippe Bury

(Should any of our readers be interested in contacting Philippe Bury, the address is: Society d’Astronomie Populaire, 9, Rue Ozenne, 31 Toulouse, France.)

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A recent CBS television Special was concerned with children suffering from multiple handicaps, born of mothers who had had Rubella (Three Day Measles) during their pregnancy. The children were handicapped by various combinations of brain damage, heart abnormalities, loss of sight or hearing, and other physical deformities. Many would be forever out of contact with the reality of the world as we know it, and some would require constant care their lifetime through!

The situations presented were typical of thousands of cases of children will: uncorrectable physical defects. The plight. of both the children and their parents was deeply moving.

This presentation was followed by a program which offered the arguments for and against a bill permitting therapeutic abortions,. as discussed by the New York Legislature. (The bill was once more defeated.)

Reflection upon the programs led to some interesting and vital questions, not alone as to “Measles and Metaphysics” but abortion for any condition that indicated high probabilities of a severely handicapped child being born. The law, if and when enacted, would not compel abortion, merely offer the parents the right to choose, according to their religious beliefs and conscience.

For those metaphysically oriented, accepting belief in reincarnation and its corollary, karma (as you sow, so shall you reap), the situations pose some interesting and vital questions.

If a child that will know both physical handicaps and mental retardation is permitted life, is it fair to the entering soul to use all.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

our sophisticated medical know-how to prolong that life beyond what would be natural without such technique?

Further, if the soul is aware that it is balancing certain necessary karmic obligations should it not be permitted the life experience, irrespective of physical and mental handicaps? Will it not evolve by its response to love and compassion, neglect or rejection, from parents or others responsible for its care?

Then, we ask also if an abortion would deny the parents and others associated with the child an opportunity for spiritual evolvement through the practice of love, compassion, patience, understanding and humility

And, if such experiences are necessary for both the child and its parents, where and how will they be accomplished otherwise?

I ask because I do not know.

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Peace Pilgrim, a silver-haired woman, started walking in the interest of World Peace some 16 years ago. She has covered more than 25,000 miles on foot, and is still walking, across the United States, and even touching Canada and Mexico from time to time.

But, Peace Pilgrim cannot reach you all, and so we would share with you her message, the attainment of that Inner Peace without which World Peace is unattainable.

Peace Pilgrim lists first Four Preparations:

1. Assume Right Attitude Toward Life

Stop being an escapist or a surface liver. Face life squarely to discover its verities and realities. Solve the problems which life sets before you, and you will find solving them contributes to your inner growth. Helping to solve collective problems contributes also.

2. Simplify Life to Bring Inner and Outer Well-Being into Harmony

Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens. Lives may be cluttered not only with unnecessary possessions but also with meaningless activities … Wants and needs can become the same, and when accomplished there will be a sense of harmony between inner and outer well-being.

AUGUST, 1969                           7

3. Live Good Beliefs

There are laws governing human conduct which apply as rigidly as the law of gravity. Obedience to these laws pushes us toward harmony. You can begin by putting into practice all the good things you believe. No life can be in harmony unless belief and practice are in harmony.

4. Follow Good Motivations

You have a part in the scheme of things which you can know only from within yourself. You can seek it in. receptive silence. You can begin to live in accordance with it by doing all the good things to which you are motivated in preference to the superficial things which customarily occupy human lives.

Then, Peace Pilgrim Offers Four Purifications:

1. Purification of the Bodily Temple

Are you free from all bad habits? In your diet do you stress the vital foods-fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains? Do you get enough sleep? Do you get enough fresh air, sunshine, exercise and contact with nature? If your answer is in the affirmative you have gone a long way toward purification of the bodily temple.

2. Purification of the Thoughts

It is not enough to do and say right things, you must also think right things. Positive thoughts can be a powerful influence for good. Negative thoughts can make you physically ill. Be sure there is no unpeaceful situation between yourself and another, for only as you cease to harbor unkind thoughts can you attain inner harmony.

3. Purification of the Desires

Your desires should be focused in the direction of harmony with the laws governing human conduct and your part in the scheme of things.

4. Purification of the Motives

Your motive should never be greed or self-seeking or the wish for self-glorification, nor the motive of attaining inner peace for yourself alone. Be of service to your fellow man.

And, Finally, Peace Pilgrim Suggests Four Relinguishments:

1. Relinquishment of Self-Will

You have seemingly two selves-the lower self which customarily governs selfishly and the higher which stands ready to use you

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

gloriously. You must subordinate the lower by refraining from the not-good-things, not by suppression but by transformation, so that the higher self can take over your life.

2. Relinquishment. of the Feeling of Separateness

We are all cells in the body of humanity. You are not separate from your fellow human beings, and cannot find harmony while you feel separate and work for yourself alone. Harmony results from the realization of the oneness of all, and from work for the good of all.

3. Relinquishment of All Attachments

Material things are for our use but anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you. You can live in harmony with your fellow human beings if you have no feeling that you possess them and therefore no tendency to try to run their lives.

4. Relinquishment of All Negative Feelings

If you live in the present moment, the only moment, you will be less apt to worry. If you realize that those who do mean things are psychologically ill your feelings of anger will turn to compassion. If you recognize that all your inner hurts are caused by your wrong actions and reactions, or inactions, you will stop hurting yourself.

Should Peace Pilgrim pass your way, go listen to her dynamic and inspirational elaboration of these teachings. The message can be contagious.

——— ♦ ———


The letter that accompanied this script reads in part: Being only 15, my writing experience consists only of my school themes, so I decided to write an article, not as a writer, but as a teenager student, perceiving the world around me and representing the next governing generation.

I have been told that magazines do not find articles acceptable unless they meet the requirements of a stereotype teenager-violent, sadistic because that is what the public wishes to believe. But I am still going to try, because I do not, believe in defeat.

AUGUST, 1969                           9

Here, then, is the article by young Mr. Bowman, entitled:


Today people still back the belief that psychiatrists are for those with extreme mental disorders. Maybe today’s youth, who so rapidly accept changes, will turn more to the science of psychology on a broader basis. The fact is that sometime in everyone’s life a psychiatrist could be helpful-unless his life is flawless. Maybe even then. he could use one for being so extraordinary.

Just as physical disorders come about, mental disorders disrupt our lives, and neither one is shameful. With the promotion of psychiatrists the suicide rate could be cut. Suicides are caused by deep depressions which can be avoided with proper care and early treatment just as cancer can. Drug addicts try to escape society or rebel against it. If they knew, how to cope with it they would not have to hide nor escape from reality.

Murder rates could be cut. It is difficult to pin a percentage on this but if you can catch the disease before it causes destruction you have made an accomplishment even if you only save one life. Besides saving lives you preserve the life of the would-be-murderer by preventing harm. With constant attention you may be able to rehabilitate that person to be a helpful person in society instead of serving a prison sentence for a crime that could have been prevented.

These are the more complicated problems. What about the everyday unhappy person who isn’t going to commit suicide at the moment but is in a dormant state and can never find happiness anywhere. His life can be made bearable and useful.

But, who can afford a psychiatrist at $25.00 a session besides the rich? Many people know they need help but do not have the money to afford a psychiatrist, The government should employ psychiatrists and encourage the public to seek scientific help through this science of analysis. It would Make people more understanding of themselves and one another, and the world would be a much safer place in which to live.

But will the government do it? The people, when exposed to the truth of psychology, should not mind a tax to directly help themselves.

-D. Bowman

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Illinois Sighting

(Chicago Tribune, May 25, 1969-by Ronald Kotulak)

An unidentified flying object, that beams a dazzling ray of light to the ground has been reported in the Palatine – Lake Zurich area and is being investigated by members of Northwestern University’s astronomy department.

The object., which was described as saucer-shaped, frightened two teen-age boys and caused the owner of a stable to wake up his employees to look at it.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, director of the astronomy department, said the reports of the object appeared genuine and that he is continuing an investigation into the matter to determine if the UFO can be explained.

At least three independent reports of the object, which was sighted on the night of May 12, 1969, have been made. The preliminary investigation has shown that neither the Glenview Naval; Air Station nor any of the other airports in the area had helicopters or any other aircraft in the area at. that time, Dr. Hynek said.

The first to report the UFO was Greg Lucht who, with Alan: Prouty, first sighted the object from their car at Illinois highway 53 near Dundee Road. It was saucer shaped, had a concave indentation in the center of the underside with a large light in it. The light went on and off a number of times, emitting a brilliant beam. From the front it appeared oval with three large “headlights” at what appeared to be the forward section, with smaller red and white lights located three quarters of the way around the rim, which kept it blinking.

The unusual bright light of the object also attracted the attention of Morton Konlon, owner of the Rolling Green Stables in Lake Zurich. Konlon first saw the object between 9 and 10 P.M. with two other men. When he got back to his stable he watched it, as it flew around emitting flashes of brilliant light at about eight second intervals. It lit up a large area on the ground. He woke up several of

AUGUST, 1969                           11

his employees but by the time they carne outside the object had vanished.

Mill Valley Sighting

On the evening of May 7th, 1969, in Mill Valley, Calif., Dr. E. A. Cudworth, dentist, was out walking with his dog. As was his custom, he watched the skies. At 9:40 P.M., while in the vicinity of Hill and E. Blithedale Streets, he noticed a light, larger than the stars, moving across the heavens. He watched the object for seven minutes before it disappeared behind the hills.

Dr. Cudworth estimated the height of the object to be about 90,000 feet.-the estimate based upon his experience in navigational sightings while serving as an U. S. Naval Officer.

A call to the U. S. Radar installation at nearby Mt. Tamalpais confirmed that “something” had been noted in the sky at approximately the estimated height.

Human DDT Level

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., June 24, 1969

BOSTON (UPI)-Mother’s milk contains more than twice as much poisonous DDT as is allowable in commercial milk, legislative investigators were told Monday.

“A Swedish scientist has reported to the World Health Organization that human mother’s milk contains more than twice the level of DDT allowable in commercial milk. Alan Morgan, executive vice president of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, told a special legislative committee investigating pesticide use.

“This alone is an alarming fact. While I know of no medical testimony interpreting exactly what this means to human babies, I am certain no pediatrician would consider this dosage which passes through one of the most. basic links in human life beneficial.”

Can’t See Moon Shots

Marion (Ohio) Star, May 29, 1969

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP)-Trips to the moon by American astronauts have sparked new demands for television in South Africa.

“Perhaps the amazing flight, to the moon will at long last make South Africans realize how they are being robbed by the government’s

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

perverse objection to TV,” Editor Joel Mervis wrote in the Sunday-Times at the time of Apollo 9.

This is probably, the only large industrial nation to prohibit television. It is almost certainly coming, but when and in what form remain a mystery.

Some think it will be announced in 1971 to woo votes just before the general election. Most informed guesswork envisions public television about 1973 or 1974.

Closed-circuit television is used in schools and industry, but only under strict government controls.

Dr. Albert. Herzog, former minister of posts and telegraphs with control over broadcasting, criticized television as “evil, wicked and dangerous.”

Matthys C.G.J. Van Rensburg replaced Bertzog in the Cabinet. “We do not believe television is a thing from the devil,” he has said. “It has many advantages and disadvantages.”

“If and when it does come, it will be carefully controlled by the government,” he said.

Some opponents contend that the money needed to launch television would be better spent elsewhere, on education or roads or hospitals for example.

Another difficulty has been the touchy issue of providing equal amounts of television fare in Afrikaans and English, the two official languages. English poses no problem since programs are readily available. But Afrikaans is unique to the southern tip of Africa.

——— ♦ ———


Research in Brazil

The January to June Bulletin of the SBEVD (UFO Research Society of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) contains 9S pages of reports and 54 photographs and sketches. However, only two pages are in English, the balance in Portuguese.

From the English commentary we offer the following interesting statements

1. An extraterrestrial gadget, found at the front door is kept inside, but leaves the house at night-time amongst a wave of heat, noise and light, by piercing the roof, at Caconde, state of Sao Paulo.

AUGUST, 1969                           13

2. “DV interferes with radio communication of a radio-ham operator at Marica, state of Rio de Janeiro. One of us makes a study of the incoming signal, a sound of varying tone and intensity, recorded on a tape which interfered with reception on all bands of the receiver, and was heard also on a portable broadcasting receiver.

3. One mentions the 13 distinct races met in so far by the studies of SBEDV, grouped arbitrarily into (a) giants; (b) humans; (c) humanoids, several cases.

4. It seems that the robots at Leme and crews at Bauru were very much preoccupied with our present earthern (electrical power) development. Not so the woman at Lins, who seemed quite at home in our environment. So it seems to us that “different races from Space, with a different stage of development,: are landing at, the same spot (Earth), more or less at the same time (TS daps) “. One hypothesis would show, that all of them are cooperating for the same goal, perhaps a Cosmic Planning for Earth.

News from Stockholm, Sweden

Globe Democrat, St. Louis, Mo., May 3, 1969

A flyer from the Inter-Galactical Federation of Stockholm, Sweden, reports:

“One evening in mid-January when walking in the countryside two TV producers saw two small observation discs passing within 30 meters. A few weeks later it happened once again. Just recently they also observed four ships passing relatively close. After these sightings the producers are very positive about helping us in any way they can.”

The report is signed by Sten Lindgren, President of the Federation.

UFO Reported in Brazil

Globe Democrat, St. Louis, Mo., May 3, 1969

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters)-A large unidentified flying object moving at ultra-fast speed and emitting blue, green, orange and yellow light, was seen over Rio, police reported Friday.

Detective Genildo Pereira Gomez first reported seeing the object, shaped like a giant glass and “twice the size of a full moon” at 4:23 a.m. Thursday. Radio patrol headquarters sent out a car to observe it and its crew confirmed the detective’s story.

Police said the object moved with incredible speed, emitting light

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

that varied from blue to green to orange and yellow. After about an hour’s maneuvering over the mountains outside Rio, it assumed the shape of a star and then disappeared.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

The Shining Stranger-A Synopsis

(Preston Harold, author; synopsis by Winifred Babcock, President of the Harold Institute. The Synopsis is priced at $1,00; the book, hardbound $7.50, paperback $1.95. Dodd-Mead & Co., Distributors.)

The Shining Stranger was written by Preston Harold (pen name) of whom nothing is known except, that he is deceased. The introduction, by Gerald Heard, notes that the author “takes all knowledge for his province” and that, his work involves every major field of inquiry and represents a life time of effort.

According to Miss Babcock the book’s promise “is that the Gospels are valid reports which contain only the message Jesus wished to leave.” The words of Jesus are equated to all that mankind presently knows of the laws and findings of the sciences. Harold takes all difficult and controversial passages of the Bible, even that of the Virgin Birth, to determine their correspondence with what is known now about nature’s hidden ;workings, and finds answers, unorthodox though they are.

Starting with the subject of the Messianic concept, which was denied by Jesus, Harold examines the Old and New Testaments, offering new answers to ideas and legends in the light of present understandings relative to the unfolding of man’s divinity through the evolution of his consciousness.

AUGUST, 1969                           15

The miracles of Jesus are examined within the framework of hypnosis; his healings in the light of our understanding of psychosomatic illnesses and hypo-therapy. In the exposition of reincarnation is offered the concept that each man is born with an “unknown sin” which he has been unable to forgive himself in a prior life. Presented also is the relationship between the “kingdom” of Jesus and the Second Law of Thermodynamics; intuition is contrasted to reason and logic in the search for Truth-The Shining Stranger.

The chapter “Why Jesus did not Laugh” and the chapter “Understanding Mammon” are indicative of the new perspectives offered throughout the text.

This 40 page Synopsis of The Shining Stranger, which relates the teachings of Jesus to our present formulations of physics, to the concepts of depth psychology, and to the studies of society, is fascinating and thought provoking in itself. How much more so must be the complete exposition!

(Word has just been received that copies of The Shining Stranger booklet, are available free to members and subscribers of Understanding. Please write to the Harold Institute, P.O. Box 11024, Winston-Salem, N. C. 27106, for your copy. Please mention Understanding.)

The Aura Biometer

(The Aura Biometer, W. R. Benham, B. Se.; Published by the Metaphysical Research Group, Archer’s Court, Hastings, Sussex, England, $1.50).

The AURA BIOMETER, with its technical details for the operation of both the pendulum and the biometer, will prove of valuable assistance to those interested in radiesthetic science techniques.

Practical, detailed descriptions, diagrams and charts explain the aura biometer, the regions of auric force, and the methods of interpretation of aura radiations. Two large Hand Charts clearly indicate the radiesthetic areas concerned with the various parts of the body.

THE AURA BIOMETER may be a small text yet it seems worthy of serious study by students and practitioners of aura analysis and radiesthesia.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Space Age May Need “Astro-theology”

(From the Arizona-Republic, Phoenix, Arizona, May 25, 1969. Written by the Republic’s Religion Editor, Marie H. Walling.)

Heaven was above the firmament, or the arch of the world’s sky. Limbo, to which unbaptized babies were consigned, was, in the words of one poet, “the wind that blows between the worlds.”

Today, men pierce the firmament with telescopes and other scientific devices and have not found heaven. Today’s scientists declare there is no wind in space.

What lies beyond the vast concept men call space?

In the geometry of Euclid (300 B.C), space continued unendingly and in a straight line marched forever on an outward-bound path. This view, is still held by many.

D. Lee Chestnut of Phoenix, formerly with General Electric Co., gives lectures and has written books on the scientific discoveries prophesied by the Bible.

“I believe in the first law of motion: that any object set in motion will keep on going in the same direction forever, unless interfered with by another law,” he said.

Thus Euclidian space is infinite. Many prominent scientists today disagree.

Not that infinity is an alien term to science. Mathematicians use it as a component daily in computing equations with great reliability.

But as Gerard Kuiper, director of the lunar and planetary lab at University of Arizona, acknowledged, infinity is a metaphysical concept that man’s present consciousness cannot grasp.

To Dr. Kuiper and many others, space is actually curved, endlessly turning back on itself in varying curves.

This theory was first espoused by Carl Frederich Gauss in the 19th century; refined by his pupil Bernhard Reimann and 50 years later developed by Albert Einstein in his highly complex theory of relativity, which proclaimed a universe curved in four dimensions height, width, breadth and time.

Thus Reimannian space, according to Dr. Kuiper, “is finite.” Which leads back to the ancient question: If finite is defined as “having definable limits,” what lies beyond these limits, even in a

AUGUST, 1969                           17

curved universe? What is outside the outermost body or beam or gas which is curving?

“The answer is: we don’t know,” said Dr. Bart Jan Bok, director of the Stewart Observatory, Tucson.

“We observe what we can see, we set it down, and we quit. We can only work with what is within observable space.”

At least as puzzling a dilemma is the question: Does intelligent life exist on other planets, or is the human enterprise unique to earth?

Some churchmen say the question requires a new “astro-theology,” or, as the renowned astronomer Harlow Shapley put it “In (our) thoughtful search for the Ultimate, let us trust that (we) get glimpses of a Stellar Theology.”

Chestnut declared, “If you say God is not in the (creation) picture, then I would say there are probably millions of planets containing life. But with God in the picture, the question is: What is God’s purpose?”

He said there is nothing in scripture to tell if intelligent life exists elsewhere as part of God’s purpose.

Dr. Bok and Dr. Kuiper agree it would be “silly” not to expect there is intelligent life on other planets, though perhaps not, in our solar system.

“It might be different,” said Dr. Kuiper, “but life on earth has tremendous variety.”

Dr. Shapley goes even further. In a complicated argument, he estimates, “on the basis of sampling,” that there are more than 100,000 million billion stars in the universe, each capable of sustaining life, and many with planetary systems like our sun’s.

“The fact that life exists on this undistinguished planet and arose here naturally is by itself nearly enough assurance that life is a cosmos wide phenomenon,” he said.

Shapley notes in passing that the shift from an earth-centered universe to a sun-centered universe was met with stiff opposition, and adds that in recent years, scientists have shifted from a sun centered universe.

“We must get used to the fact that, we are peripheral, that we move along with our star, the sun, in the outer part of a galaxy that is one among billions of star-rich galaxies,” he said.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Does this shake man’s “religious elitism” and his belief that earth’s men alone are the children of God?

Shapley himself says, “A one-planet deity has for me very little appeal. “

But suppose intelligent life is found which has not received the Christian message of redemption” Is it incumbent on Christians to convert that life?

A Jesuit priest points out that space life must be the object, of another providence, not the children of Adam, and “so not part. of our salvation history, which is that of a fallen and redeemed race.”

But Chestnut declares that, if God made space man in his image, as he did earth men, “they were given the same freedom of choice as we have here:; the same events would have followed; and I would conclude they would have fallen, requiring redemption through Christ.”

However, he rejects the idea of missionary work among man’s celestial neighbors, noting the high cost: “It would eat up all the money we need here to help relieve the condition of man. I cannot consider God would ask men on this planet to do this.

“If God made them, he has made provision for them in his own way. I don’t know how he will (redeem them), but I am positive he will.”

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bulletin board

Understanding Conventions

As you read this the first two of a series of Understanding Conventions

AUGUST, 1969                           19

will be over-Stanford, August 2nd and Monterey, August 3rd. However, two more are scheduled for September and others for October.

Under the sponsorship of Understanding, Inc., with Producer Angela Kilsby, Co-Producer, Cynthia McKercher, the series is entitled: Understanding-New Horizons. Among the confirmed speakers, as of this date, are Fred Kimball, Gayne Myers, Damien Simpson, and Daniel W. Fry.

The Convention will be held in Reno, at the Holiday Inn, Saturday, September 13th, with emphasis on UFOs; and at Sacramento, at the Sacramento Inn, Sunday, September 14th.

The full lecture tour for October will commence in Canada and end up in Berkeley for the ever popular Annual Convention, October 24th and 25th. The September issue of Understanding will have further details on this series of Convention meetings.

For programs or additional information you may write to: Mrs. Angela Kilsby, 1265 Monterey Blvd., San Francisco, Calif. 91127.

What We Can Do Together

The theme of the Spiritual Unity of Nations United States Conference is: What we can do together. The Conference is being held at. the Pick Fort Shelby, Detroit, Mich., from 10 to 10 daily, Sept. 26 through the 28th.

The Conference is being sponsored by S-U-N but many ether organizations are participating in the cooperative venture. The program covers a broad area of subjects-Unity of the Nations, New Age Education, Reincarnation and Karma, Healing, Psychical Research, ESP, Transcendental Meditation, UFOs, Yoga, etc.

Speakers will represent many countries: England, Iceland, Czechoslovakia, New Zealand, Canada, and India.

For information and reservations please write to Donald Knight, P. 0. Box 5321, Detroit, Mich. 48211.

A Spacewoman Speaks

Copies of A Spacewoman Speaks, by Rolf Telano, are now ready for delivery. Price is $1.50, plus 15 cents for postage and handling. Orders should be sent to Merlin Publishing Company, P.O. Bog 105, Merlin, Oregon 9653.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

British UFO Convention

Mike Parry, President of the Interplanetary Space Travel Research Group (U.K.) announces that arrangements have been made, by the kind permission of His Grace the Duke of Bedford, to hold the first National Space and UFO Convention of its kind in Great Britain.

The whole event will receive Television and National Press coverage.

The Convention is to be held August 17th, 1969, on the grounds of Woburn Abbey, and will be open to the public.

Congratulations from your American UFO friends!

Stranger at Pentagon Film

At his recent lecture for Inglewood Unit 15 Dr. Frank E. Stranges told the news of his new film-Stranger at. the Pentagon the story of Dr. Stranges’ personal experience of meeting a Venusian in the Pentagon in Washington, D. C.

Pat Boone will play Val Thor and Don Murray the agnostic colonel. The film is to have world-wide distribution by a major company and will be financed by a well-known bank.

Understanding Tax Exempt

Thanks to the time and expense incurred by Mr. R. C. Thompson of Merlin, Ore., Understanding has finally been granted tax exempt status, and all those desiring to donate to the organization may now do so with the knowledge that the donation is tax deductible.

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I SPOKE WITH ST. JUDE! Prayers for the ILL and Disturbed. Free-will Offering. William W. Lord, D.D., P. 0. Box 2062, White City, Ore. 97501

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