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VOLUME XIV                              JULY, 1969                                                 NUMBER 7

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The rate of progress in the development or the orthodox physical science is now so great. that, in some of its major strides, it actually acquires for itself bits of basic knowledge that have, for some decades or centuries past, been known only to students of Metaphysics.

For example: The San Francisco Examiner for June 9th carried on its front page a headline article entitled. “The Power to Transmit Thoughts.” This article began as follows– Los Angeles (AP) Evidence that the human body may serve as the antenna and generate the power needed to transmit thoughts over thousands of miles was reported during the weekend by both Russian and American scientists.

Dr. I. M Kogan, of the Popov, institute for the study of Radio Electronics and Communications in Moscow, said conclusions based on 1966-67 experiments indicate thoughts may be conveyed by extremely long electromagnetic waves with crests ranging from 16 to 600 miles apart. “Telepathy via electromagnetic field is possible in theory over any distance.” Kogan said in a paper given at a symposium on E.S.P. sponsored by the extension department. of’ the University of California at Los Angeles. He said that the idea

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

of telepathic wavelengths being measured in miles rather than the fractions of inches of some radio waves was an assumption based on mathematical calculations. (Those of our readers who remember the several lectures given by your editor in 1956, ten years before the above experiments began, will recall that in those lectures he described the electromagnetic pick-up with which he had captured and amplified the `Telepathic Carrier Wave’ displaying it on a cathode ray oscilloscope, so that the modulation imposed upon it by the action of the brain could be studied and recorded. You will also remember that the frequency of the carrier wave varied in drifting pattern between 1,500 and 3,000 cycles per second, corresponding to wavelengths of 62 to 124 miles.) It is an interesting commentary on the progress of science that ten years after a specific phenomenon has been isolated and studied at some length, a leading scientist, has come up with a mathematical study which indicates the probable existence of the phenomenon! (ed.)

At the University of California symposium, Dr. Thelma Moss, assistant prof. of medical psychology at UCLA discussed findings, “very similar to those of Dr. Kogan” and said, “space scientists both here and in Russia are very interested in E.S.P. as a way of keeping in touch with astronauts in case electronic communications break down.” (It would be interesting to note the reactions of these scientists if they should ever read pages 93 through 98 of the hard bound edition of `The White Sands Incident’ written and first published by your editor in 1954!) In any event it is gratifying and encouraging to note that orthodox science, in spite of the handicap of its overly mathematical approach, does eventually reach a realization of truth even though it does, habitually and insistently, ignore those who reach it first.

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“Sadness and frustration. Where to turn? I live in a dual society, where I hate the pigs and would surely not hesitate to call a policeman for help… in a society where there is an enemy whom I hate, but no enemy because he is a man who is loved and whose pain would cause pain to others… I remain in a state of total frustration.

JULY, 1969                                  3

I feel so helpless, so caught between forces. We live in a society labeled by David Reisman as ‘other-directed.’ Whatever ‘other-directed’ means, it says to me that there is a nebulous, all powerful, unidentified force controlling me … but whatever `it’ is, `it’ is here, there and everywhere. But since `it’ is so undefined (at least to me), I am powerless to cope with it.. In a totalitarian, dictatorial state I would have a definite enemy. The enemy would not change; it would remain in view. It would be an easily recognizable force to challenge, confront, and to change. But I do not live in such a society, so where do I begin to make social and personal changes in this way of life? A force hems me in, limits me, and impedes change, but I’m not on the line because I can’t find the line.”

The above was written by a young college woman. It expresses man’s alienation with himself and his world in an age of science and technology that promised so great a fulfillment of man’s needs.

This cry of desperation is not of youth alone, for as others have told it, it is of the “multitudes “-the bored workers, the apathetic voters, the disturbed juveniles, the racial minorities, etc. Some expressions of dissent, are more vocal and violent than others. Some seek answers in escapism-drugs, drink, return to nature.

The technology which promised (and delivered to many) so much in liberty, affluence and leisure has enacted its price. Gone are the emotional and spiritual roots by which people are intimately related, each to the other and to themselves.

With the passing of the small family-apprentice unit of production, with its continuity of production and purpose, its group unity and security, man now finds himself a “thing” in an impersonal and indifferent labor market, a stranger in a large city, the subject of external pressures to buy, be and do as others are induced to buy, be and do. The end products of his effort he may never see, much less use. His superiors have become the impersonal bureaucrats, members of the hierarchical command by which large industries, the government, educational institutions and other organizations are controlled and managed.

Man’s integrity, dignity and personal worth have been lost in the status race. His success is now measured in terms of what he has and not by what he is.

Eric Fromm has stated it this way: “Man has created a world of

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

man-made things as it never existed before. He bas constructed a complicated social machine to administer the technical machine he built. Yet this whole creation of his stands over and above him. He does not feel himself as a creator and center . . . The more powerful and gigantic the forces are which he unleashes, the more powerless he feels himself as a human being.”

Thus, alienated from himself, his fellow man, his God and nature, man no longer feels himself subject to his own experiences, thoughts, decisions, actions, etc. He has lost his self-identity in a world of things. The world knows his discontent in the riots, rebellions and confrontations (economic, political, educational, etc) prevalent today. Living as he feels he should, not as he desires, man is suffering consciously or unconsciously, a frustration which demands new articles of faith to assure him once more of Who and Why he Is.

As intimated, the basic causes of present unrest and dissatisfaction with the social order are deep and fundamental. The onslaught against the symptoms, particularly by youth, who have viewed the scene of their elders and found it wanting, merely calls attention to the problem, does not solve it.

The problem cannot be erased by violence and destruction on the part. of protestors, nor by retreat to transcendental reality by drugs, nor even by the nature communes whose members still depend upon others for so many of their needs. Neither is it answered by tear gas, jail sentences nor even partial compromises.

Violent protests, whatever their form or basis, are but immature reactions to problems that require the mature and understanding consideration of the best minds of our times so that man may so re-structure his social order as to provide both identity and self-fulfillment to all men.

Rather than fight youth’s meaningful cries for needed change with mental rigidity to maintain the “status quo,” or with physical force, would it not be well to listen, to work together, hopefully achieving satisfying new forms of human and technical interrelationships within our culture?

A new day is dawning which must be met with wisdom, understanding and spirituality.

(Suggested Reading: Man Alone-Alienation in Modern Society, edited by Eric and Mary Josephson. Dell Pocketbook.)

JULY, 1969                                  5


SCIENTISTS are spending billions of dollars to land a man on the moon. So let’s take a gander at what is really going on up there.

We will start with Moona, a “Moon maid” with a desire for a spree on Earth. Her wish had been repeated often enough among the people that she was summoned before the head Moonlighter to explain.

“Why do you wish to visit among the Earthlings?” he asked.

“I want to wall: barefoot in the park,” Moona explained. “I wish to feel the grass under my feet.”

“You will find Earthlings strange people,” the top man declared. “They must think we are extremely naive. They don’t realize that we make many trips to Earth and back without any fanfare.”

“Could I go along on one of those trips?” Moona pleaded. The chief agreed.

So one fine morning Moona. was dropped off in a large metropolitan city park where a small spaceship had landed.

“I’ll be back at dusk,” the pilot advised. “Have fun!”

After the take-off, Moona removed her golden slippers and started to dance. A man in a blue uniform carrying a club rushed into view. “Stop that!” he commanded. “I can put you under arrest.”

“For dancing?” Moona inquired.

“No, for walking on the grass,” the man replied. “It is against the law.”

“Why do you plant it if you don’t use it?”

The man looked puzzled. “That’s funny. No one ever asked the that before. Where are you from°?”

Moona pointed a finger up at the sky.

“Oh, now I yet it,” he chuckled. “You’re a LSD “hound” and you’re on a trip.”

Before Moona could answer, the man shoot: his head and walked away.

She turned and saw a strange-looking individual sitting on a park bench. Moona sat down too. She then saw a young figure with long hair and wearing knee pants, a cigarette dangling from its mouth. She stared in fascination and asked the person beside her

“What kind of a girl is that?”

“That girl just happens to be my son,” the person responded.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sir,” Moona apologized.

“I’m not his father! I happen to be his mother.”

She walked away leaving Moona more confused than ever.

Just then a group of men came marching along. Some wore long pants, some wore knee length; some had beards and all looked unhappy. They stopped and each one in turn placed a paper on a pile and then one man lit it. The men started to sing and dance around the fire. Moona went over and asked one individual who looked too tired to dance

“Is this a war dance?”

“War!” the man roared. “We are against war. Didn’t you see us burning our draft cards? We fight only for peace.”

“Did you burn your birth certificates, too?” Moona asked.

“Say, woman! Where are you from?”

Moona again motioned toward the sky. The man laughed.

“I don’t know what you’ve been smoking, woman, but I sure would enjoy the butt.”

Just then another group of men marched on to the scene and a free-for-all erupted.

They must be fighting for peace, Moona decided.

There was a rush of men in blue suits and the fight. began in earnest. Moona decided to move on.

The wind blew a discarded newspaper into her path and she decided to read the news. She scanned one heading after another. A glimpse over her shoulder would only reveal what we Earthlings read every day and take in stride.

Headlines like:

Highway Slaughter Continues-700 Killed Over Week-end Holiday.”

“Race Riots in Five Major Cities. State Militia Called in to Quell Riots and Looting.”

Highest State Sales Tax in Nation Passed by State Legislature.” “New Increase in Social Security Taxes.”

“School Teachers Strike for Higher Wages.”

“Students Close School by Boycott.”

“First patient with Transplanted Heart Dies.”

One column reported a teen-age son shooting his father because he wasn’t allowed the family car for a date. Another told of single

JULY, 1969                                  7

and married women taking pills so they would not become pregnant. Moona shuddered. What a world! She looked around at all the tall buildings, automobiles moving bumper to bumper, and people hurrying this way and another. She shut her eyes and kept them closed until it was dark. She then hurried to the edge of the park to meet the spaceship. She was tired, hungry, disgusted, and dismayed.

What a way to live, she thought.

When the spaceship landed, she climbed aboard; happier than she had ever been before in her whole life.

“It isn’t very dark,” she said to the pilot. “Isn’t it risky to come in so early-not that I’m unhappy to see you.”

“Don’t worry about it.,” the pilot laughed. “A few people will see and talk about an U.F.O. but the powers that be will explain that all they saw were some weather balloons. Some will say the sight was caused by the mist rising from the lake; others will say that people are just suffering from their imagination.”

Back home on the Moon, the girl gave her report. The chief Moonlighter listened patiently. He didn’t say “I told you so.” It wasn’t necessary. But Moona still had one more question:

“Why do they call it. the good Earth? “

—H. R. Waddell

——— ♦ ———


ONE OF THE saddest and darkest pages in human history presents the spectacle of man on the whole a trusting, friendly, optimistic, easily led creature, who depends more on blind faith than upon his reason.

Man is by nature a creative soul, capable of producing towering structures rising high towards the sky, rivaling nature’s peaks in beauty. These, along with his marvelous creations, too numerous to mention, are proof of his vast capability and knowledge. Man’s creations are steadily improving his environment and living conditions; today’s creations better than yesterday’s. There appears no end to man’s ability to bring into manifestation his ideas as is evident by the progress he has continually and steadily made along mechanical, scientific and material lines of endeavors.

However, imbued with all this tremendous knowledge and ability

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

man is helpless and incapable of bringing about the slightest abatement or end to the ever increasing demoralizing rate of violence, murder, riots, wars and a host of similar atrocities. Why?

The mind of man has become perverted, so much so that he is incapable of extricating himself from the superstitions, fears, and the vicious and devastating concepts and traditions that hypnotized the minds of men and slowly but surely led them down the devious path to the brink of disaster.

When man places his confidence in his knowledge, ability and himself, he is capable of producing marvelous, useful and beautiful creations, each one better than the last.

However, the most important business a person has to do nest to breathing is the very essential business of living his daily life, and his relationship with his Creator. Unfortunately and tragically he delegated that phase of his life to someone else to do his thinking for him, instead of relying upon his own proven capability.

Once man awakes from the hypnotic spell cast upon him and learns that he is and has been the creator of his own destiny and that no power on Earth or Heaven can modify the workings of the immutable laws of the Universe, that be alone is responsible for the good and evil he causes or experiences, individually and collectively as the whole of humanity, and when he comprehends that blind faith and prayers without action create a stalemate, that our Creator and Eternal Father helps those who help themselves, on that day he, shall have taken the first steps toward the freedom humanity has never known.

Just as a drop of water placed in the mighty ocean instantly possesses all the power of the ocean so it is with human beings the second they start to help themselves; they have all the power of God helping and working for them. It is impossible for God to help anyone who refuses or does not take action to help himself.

Yes, we should pray to give thanks (but never demand) for the help we receive in our daily activities from our Eternal Father, Who is patiently waiting for humanity to start working for Peace; to do and spend more and more for peace and less and less for war, thereby changing the pages of history, presenting a self reliant human being living in harmony and peace with his brothers and sisters in Eternity.

– O.M. Albl

JULY, 1969                                  9

An Ancient Supercontinent

Medford (Ore.) Mail-Tribune, June 1, 1969.

WASHINGTON (UPI) -Two scientists said they have proven Australia and Antarctica, now 2,000 miles apart, were once joined in a supercontinent that broke up millions of years ago.

The scientists are Dr. Robert S. Dietz and Walter Sproll of the Environmental Science Services Administration (ESSA).

Their findings followed computer processing of data obtained by U.S. and Australian scientists during a global cruise in 1967 of the coast and geodetic survey ship Oceanographer. The data disclosed a “precise fit” between the two continents, establishing that they used to be one.

The continental drift theory says the present continents used to be part of one or two supercontinents which were sundered 100 million to 200 million years ago by forces surfacing from the earth’s interior.

One idea is that the planet’s exposed crust, that part of it which rises above the ocean, constituted a single continent called Pangaea. Another theory is that there were two supercontinents, Laurasia in the North and Gondwana in the South.

The ESSA scientists believe the evidence supports the two-continent theory. The southern continent, Gondwana, consisted of what is now Australia, Antarctica, Africa, India, South America, Malagasy, and sundry submerged fragments. Laurasia, according to this view, included North America and Eurasia.

Geological and oceanographic evidence pretty well establishes that South America and Africa once were joined. The fit is obvious, as a glance at the map will show, and geologists have found rock strata in eastern South America matching those in western Africa.

Witchcraft School

ULTING, England-(UPI)-A county council education adviser is opening a school for witchcraft.

For $3.60, a person can get six lessons.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The adviser, Derek Walters, said among other things he will teach:

HOW TO MAKE love potions;

HOW TO CONTROL a person by bewitching a doll;

HOW TO DEAL with enemies (exact formula unspecified).

“I have had 60 applications in a few days to enroll in the school,” be said. “Quite a. few are from practicing witches who want to meet others with similar interests.”

“It’s not black magic, of course. That’s too dangerous. I tried that once myself and cursed someone-it rebounded and almost killed me instead.”

Walters, who advises the council in music lessons and has its permission for the witchcraft school, has had one success with the craft so far.

“I put a spell on an insurance company and managed to get $144 for flood damage to my car-even though the company had pointblank refused my claim previously.”

Space Men Gave Up

Post & Times-Star, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 29, 1969

MADISON, N.J. (UPI) : A prominent anthropologist and Rhodes scholar speculates that beings from other planets lived among earthmen as teachers until about 10,000 years ago, then retreated in disgust to the ocean floor because man was a bad student.

Dr. Roger W. Wescott, holder of four degrees from Princeton University and chairman of the anthropology department at Drew University, says beings from outer space lived among men as teachers and guides until the Neolithic period, about 10,000 years ago “

But, says Dr. Wescott, man developed some foul traits such as “monopolism, slavery and war,” which dismayed his cosmic tutors and caused them to take to the ocean floor, where they live today.

“The saucerites left the land,” says Wescott, “maintaining bases only in those places where they would be least likely to encounter or even be seen by their erstwhile proteges : That. is, under the sea.”

Wescott, who also holds a degree from Oxford University and is a Ford fellow and a member of Phi Beta Kappa, makes his remarks in a recently released book, “The Divine Animal,” published by Funk and Wagnalls.

JULY, 1969                                  11

Chemical Evolution

(La Razon, Buenos Aires, Argentina, S. S., Feb. 11, 1969)

New York: Experiments made in a laboratory which simulated the atmosphere of Jupiter, gave rise to the idea that the first- chemical combination of animal life may have originated on that distant planet. Dr. Cyril Ponnamperuma, head of the Chemical Evaluation Dept. of Biological Section of the Investigation Center of NASA .and Ames, states that experiments made in his laboratory have shown that when an electric charge is applied to a mixture of methane and ammonia, the main composition of the atmosphere of Jupiter, one gets the chemical products of cianogene and hydrogenecianamide . ..these chemical compounds are the forerunners of amino acids, which in turn produce proteins and therefore are of importance to animal life … Results seem to confirm our hypothesis of the chemical evolution of life and to support our opinion of the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

Antidisease Weapon

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., May 26, 1969-by Robert Musel)

LONDON (UPI)-Scientists at the Weizmann Institute in Israel have discovered a possible new, weapon in the war against disease which may be of particular value now that many of the organisms which attack man are becoming resistant to antibiotics.

A research team headed by Prof. Aharon Katzir-Katechalsky and Dr. Eitan Lahav has found that treatment of milk-casein with suitable enzymes produces substances which strengthen the body’s defenses against infectious diseases.

The new compounds are called “caseidins” and differ from each other according to the type of milk from which they are derived. In the experiments the researchers used milk from cows, sheep and gazelles. Since they are produced from a natural foodstuff of mammalian origin they are non-toxic and can be injected without harm into the body of mammals, the institute said.

There will have to be many more experiments before the substances can he safely tested on ailing humans but experiments with mice, sheep, guinea pigs and rabbits were described as promising.

The caseidins are not antibiotics which destroy bacteria in the test tube, but rather compounds activating the body’s own defenses.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Chemical Retards Old Age

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., May 5, 1969)

ATLANTA (UPI)-A frustrated French botanist threw a chemical solution out of the window of his lab at the French National_ Research Center one clay several years ago. To his amazement, a withering plant whose yellow leaves caught the chemical — an auxin type hormone-developed a healthy color of green in just a short time.

Today an Emory University Medical School professor is using the same drug-centrophenoxine-to see if it can retard the effects of age, particularly of senility in humans.

While the exact causes of aging are not known, Dr. Kalidas Nandy, native of Calcutta, India, who is working on the drug says, “There is some sort of regeneration or recovery” in the cells when the drug is applied. He has worked with the drug for five years.

Signs of youth appear in his animals, usually after several weeks, but Nandy is not ready to call it a “fountain of youth” drug. “We like to say that while it may not add years to life, it may add life to years.”

——— ♦ ———


(From “The Center Letter” No. 4, published by the Deerfield Foundation, New York City.)

Throughout the world there are individuals who seem to me like mountain peaks of awareness. They are able to catch the dawning light as the earth evolves slowly into a new age. They sense what is coming and how it came to be. They see what others see, but from a higher, more inclusive vantage point which reveals form and direction instead of chaos and random action …

In order to `know’ the larger meaning of its own action, a cell within the body of a man would have to have a perspective outside the organism it is building. (Sometimes I try to imagine the response of a heart cell if it. could “see” the human body it is making.) Just. so, to know the meaning of his own action, a man has to have a perspective outside whatever he is building, high enough to include the whole body of action of which his endeavor is a part. And like

JULY, 1969                                  13

the heart cell, he might be amazed to see the creation to which his action contributes.

That perspective is now available to man. It is the new perspective of space-the Universal Perspective. As man can new rise physically into the universe high enough to see earth as one planet, he can also rise psychologically high enough to be conscious of himself as an active part of an evolving whole-mankind. From that perspective he can discover the larger meaning of his acts by observation of their effect upon the whole. and he can form a value system based on awareness of the effect of his acts upon the future of mankind.

Also from the perspective of space a man can personally experience the awesome possibility that there may be other “bodies of awareness” in the universe to compare and communicate with “his” body, mankind. He can see that one effect of the union of men on earth will be the transcendence of mankind in the universe…

In sum, the universal perspective can provide a context large enough to discover the positive, evolutionary possibilities as well as the painful, destructive potential inherent in crucial conflicts on earth. It is an heroic stance, vital to man. For our aspirations must be inclusive of more than material and social well-being or we will fail, not because we are wicked, but because we are uninspired. Men never have and never will do their best for bread alone. Even if by magnificent effort we achieved all our basic- needs but did not find ourselves engaged in an arousing, exciting creation beyond ourselves, we would wilt with boredom at the moment of censummation. . .

(If you wish to be on the mailing list of the “Center Letter,” write to Mrs. Earl Hubbard, Editor, Center Letter, Lakeville, Conn. 06039.)

(From the Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., May 26, 1969)

It behooves the insurance firm to know how long most people will continue to live, in what state of health they’ll be and the like. And with that thought probably in mind, one firm instituted a survey that brought up a side thought, “If you ever feel there aren’t many `real’ people left anymore, you might be closer to the truth than you realize.”

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“Real” people, physically speaking, may within the lifetimes of most of us, be no more numerous than “synthetic” people. According to the firm, the age of the cyborg part man, part machine-seems to be approaching. Already with us are people made of metal elbows, finger and knee joints, or metal upper arms, knee plates and tibias, metal cranium plates, silicone tracheas or tendons or plastic heart valves and arteries.

Within 30 years says the renowned Herman Kahn, director of the Hudson Institute “think tank,” people who would die today will live with artificial lungs. Physician-engineers will fit their patients with mechanized artificial limbs as versatile as natural ones, with electronic substitutes for all senses, including sight and touch.

By 1980, says Kahn, failing hearts will be replaced by completely artificial ones made of silicone or rubber. Replacement of worn parts almost certainly will prolong life. Say Kahn, “The person may already be born who will live for several hundred years.”

Of course, synthetic people are here today. They walk the streets with fake shapes, hair, teeth, muscles and even fake facial features. Beside the future of synthetic man, however, the present is the mere dabbling of a novice, says the survey. A nuclear furnace will power the synthetic hearts of the future. Artificial limbs will be hooked electronically to active muscle and nerve tissue. They will work exactly the same as real limbs.

The list will get longer as time goes by. And with it will grow some additional questions:

What will we do with all the kept-alive people, particularly with population already rising faster than the abilities to keep pace? Will artificial people violate the precepts of some or all religions? Will people, once the opportunity’s there, really want to live for 200 years?

Apparently the answers won’t be as easy to come by as the questions, but as progress marches on, they will have to be solved. However a science that can make the synthetic people should somehow be able to solve the other needs as well.

– H. L. E.

The Federal Government will finance 500 more mental health centers in the next five years. To staff them will require 23,000 more mental health workers, including 5,000 psychiatrists.

-From Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., May 23, 1969)

JULY, 1989                                  15


Conceived of the same parents, built in the same womb from the blood of our mother, how can we be so different, my brother and me?

Motives make the difference. But whence?

I live each day for whatever it has, knowing that night will erase it. and bring another. My brother saves the essence of each and adds it to his store. As a child, I played with a toy as long as it was fun, then discarded it for another. But brother had to learn how it worked and try to make a better one.

At the age when I began to notice how cute some girls are, brother had decided to become a surgeon. When the idea of having a car of my own surged through me like a rash, I quit high school to work in a garage. Then there were boats, prospecting for Uranium, a fling at newspaper reporting-and on and on through the years, interlarded with long hikes in the mountains or along the shore. Good times, lean times; what matters the pace if you are not headed anywhere

Meanwhile, brother was driving (or driven?) toward his goal. Each accomplishment raised his stature, fitting him for larger responsibilities and the esteem of his peers.

At last when time has run out for brother and me, how shall one sum the scores in values that have no rate of exchange?

– Carl A Taylor

——— ♦ ———


Report From Chile

(From a correspondent in South America we have received this translated news item.)

(La Razon, Feb. 9, 1969)

Chillan, Chile. A high town official of Chillan, Mr. Emiliano Escalona and his friend, Professor Arturo Sepulveda, while on holidays with their families, stopped overnight. at “Las Francas,” the famous thermal water place of Chillan. They left their cars near the place where they slept. In the early hours of last Sunday, Mrs. Escalona woke up and heard the motor of their car running… then she heard the motor of their friend’s car running, too. Finally

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

she woke both men and, armed with guns, they went to look what was happening. But the cars were not there. They had been enigmatically moved about 50m. without leaving any trace of the wheels. on the grass. While examining strange paint on the cars they were startled by a kind of explosion and a blinding light. A huge silver ball rose over the nearby mountains. It is not certain that it was a UFO, but the strange things is that the motors of both cars were found running, while the batteries were disconnected.

This case was confirmed the next day over the Argentine Broadcasting.

Sighting in Finland

(Taken from the Finnish UFO Quarterly-Vimana, No. 1, 1969)

On the 14th of November, 1965, there was an interesting UFO sighting at Nivala, in the western part of middle Finland. It was at 1.7 o’clock (5 P.M.) when a young lady, Oili Anttila (16) went out for water at a distance of about 70 meters from her home. The region is quite lonely and this is why there were no other eyewitnesses.

It was already dark, there was no wind and the sky was starry. Then Oili saw a strange bright “star” appear in the sky. It came nearer and got brighter. There was only a kind of humming to be heard. The thing descended in the middle of the trees at a distance of about 50 meters from the girl. While it flew over the tree-tops the snow on them fell down and she felt a light breeze on her face.

The object was bright and round, leaving a red color in the middle of it and white elsewhere. The witness told that everything around the object got very bright. The object didn’t change color and it moved in a straight line. It stayed on the ground (there was a layer of snow) only for a while, rose to the sky and disappeared.

It is interesting to note that at the time of the observation lights went out in the near-by houses and later it was found that in the transformer of the village a fuse had blown. While ascending the object flew above electric wires, its direction of flying being right-angled to the wires.

At the place of landing there was a round mark, having a diameter of 1 meter and a depth of 10 cm. in the snow.

Our representative interviewed the eye-witness and found her a quite normal young lady.

JULY, 1969                                  17

Poet’s corner

Do Not Judge Too Hard

Pray don’t find fault with the man who limps
Or stumbles along the road;

Unless you have worn the shoes he wears
Or struggled against his load.

There may be tacks in his shoes that hurt,
Though hidden away from view,

Or the burdens he bears placed on your back
Might cause you to stumble, too.

Don’t sneer at the man who is down today
Unless you have felt the blow

That caused his fall, or felt the shame
That only the fallen know.

You may be strong, but still the blows
That were his, if dealt to you

In the self-same way at the self-same time,
Might cause you to stagger, too.

Don’t be too harsh with the man who sins,
Unless you are sure, yea doubly sure

That you have not sins of your own
For you know, perhaps, if the tempter’s voice

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Should whisper as soft to you
As it did to him when he went astray

‘Twould cause you to falter, too

Author Unknown

The Hidden Universe

To the surface of a pond

slid a fish beneath a bird

teetering on the twig of a bush.

Look at that sky!” murmured the fish.

“Look at that water!” chirped the bird.

Now the fish swims deep and far

in search of the water,

while the bird flies far and high

in search of the sky.

Ed Eaglo

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

Congratulations to a New Unit

We are pleased and proud to introduce the newest Unit of Understanding, Unit 79 of Ventura County, California.

Congratulations are due to the officers and members. Elected were President, Rev. Harry F. May; Vice President, Rev. Leo Quintanar; Secretary, Josephine Kane, and Treasurer, Rev. Velma May.

JULY, 1969                                  19

May success meet your efforts “to promote a better understanding among all peoples of earth, and of those not of earth.”

Truman Bethurum

At his home in Landers, Calif., on May 21st, Truman Bethurum made his transition to the realm of spirit.

Truman was well known to many as one of the early UFO contactees, author of the book Aboard a Flying Saucer, and regular speaker at George Van Tassel’s Giant Rock Conventions.

He will be truly missed by many.

Donation For Publicity

Towards an expanded world wide distribution of Daniel W. Fry’s “The Problem of Survival and The Area of Mutual Agreement, ” Mr. and Mrs. Leland A. Stevens of Los Angeles, Calif., have just contributed One Hundred Dollars to Understanding, Inc.

Already several thousand copies of “The Proposal,” as it is more familiarly called, have been printed and are ready for distribution. If you do not have a copy please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Ore. 97532.

May we suggest that you order extra copies to mail to your local and national congressmen and senators, civic leaders, newspapers, churches, etc. Ten copies, with History Bulletin of Understanding, can be had for 20 cents-our mailing costs.

Your help is urgently needed to disseminate this proposal!

Officers Elected

Congratulations to the newly chosen officers of Buffalo, New York, Unit 37.

President, Marie Hale; Vice-President, Daniel Harding; Treasurer, George Adams; Recording Secretary, Lois Dietrich ; Corresponding Secretary, Lorraine Sterling; Chaplain, Rev. Cora Prantner, and UFO Ambassador, Norman Weiss.

Spacewoman Speaks

A limited number of copies of Spacewoman Speaks, by Rolf Telano, will soon be available. The book has long been out of print and this publication is in response to continued requests. The price will be $1.50 a copy. Advance orders may be sent to Merlin Publishing Company, P.O. Box 105, Merlin, Or. 97532.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

San Bernardino Unit No. 71

Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, Moderator for Unit 71 of San Bernardino, Calif., reports that on April 27th at the Golden Agers Hall at. Morongo Valley, the Unit presented Reverend William C. Brown, of Toccoa, Georgia, for a lecture entitled: UNDERSTANDING THE INNER MAN IN THE NEW AGE.

Recent Lectures

The San Francisco Understanding Unit No. 11 on May 26 hosted Fred W. Andrews, D. PM., who spoke on “How Much Free Will Does Man Really Have.” He presented material from four years research and study with over 800 regression-demonstrations of instant meditation on past lives.

The Inglewood, Calif. Understanding Unit No. 15 on May 24th hosted Chan Thomas who spoke on “California Earthquakes.” Mr. Thomas covered the reasons for the recent rash of earthquake predictions and explained why they don’t occur at the predicted times.

Understanding, Inc.

Understanding, Inc., offers you :

An opportunity to extend your awareness of man and the many worlds in which he lives;

The privilege of serving for the good of all mankind.

Will you join with us “to promote a better understanding among all peoples of earth, and of those not of earth?”

——— ♦ ———


6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

WORLD PEACE requires ESPERANTO, Text, record, etc. loaned. FREE, Esperanto Library, Dept USI. Middleton, Wis. 53562.

KNOW THYSELF-through Vibranalysis-Health, Personality and Vocational Keys, $2.50 complete. Send birth date. Dorothy Low, Box 211, Oxford, Mass. 01540.

E S P-METAPHYSICS-OCCULT. Free Book List. Infinity Book Company, 3820 Lennox Ave., N. E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402.

——— ♦ ———


Complete psychic and spiritual analysis of your talents, traits and trends as beautifully seen and described from seven different dimensions. Send photo of self and $7.50 for this unsurpassed description.



Here at last is the tried and proven course you’ve been waiting for, designed to open up all of your psychic abilities. Learn the secrets of complete conscious awareness. Send for free information.



Do you wonder if you have one? Send photo of yourself and $5.00 for a complete  description of the guide. If you do not have a guide, I will tell you with no charge if you could qualify for one and will send free information on how one may be assigned.



Box 155

Santa Susana, Calif. 93063


By Hal Wilcox . . . $3.00

Complete account of physical flight to another world for a 3 day visit


Interplanetary Avatar . . . $3.00



ABC’S of Psychic Reading . $3.00


To Superconsciousness . . $2.00


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The Indole and LSD . . . $3.00

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P. O. Box 702,

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by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                      $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Hardbound-New Edition-$3.95

Softbound – $1.45

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

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Merlin Publishing Company

P. O. Box 105

Merlin, Oregon 97532

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A trip in a flying saucer scout ship. A guided tour through the levels of a gigantic mother ship. Described in vivid detail by the one who was there! Conversations with Galactic Beings aboard the mother ship. A meeting of the Galactic Council. All this is REAL, and is accurately reported in the book “Japhalein, Mother Ship of This Galaxy.” For your copy of this beautiful and authentic book, send $5.95 to:


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Yes, this is the real thing.