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VOLUME XIV                              MAY, 1969                                                  NUMBER 5

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


IN OUR EDITORIAL FOR MARCH we composed a somewhat humorous verse describing the possible side effects of the mass fluoridation of drinking water. While the verse dealt only with the physical effects that might result from long continued ingestion of fluoride compounds, the physical hazards are only one facet of the. problem.

The controversy surrounding the compulsory and indiscriminate addition of fluoride to public water supplies has raged for several decades without reaching any clear determination as to its morality or its legality. In every case where a public proposal has been made to add fluoride compounds to a municipal -water supply, a furor of argument, indignation and recrimination has always resulted. In a substantial percentage of the cases where the proposal has been submitted to the voters, it has been defeated by a large majority. In the balance of the cases, the vote has either been in favor of the proposal or close enough so that repeated elections,. accompanied each time by a strong propaganda barrage from its. proponents, would eventually succeed in passing the measure. The fact that. the proposal has been passed, however, does not end the controversy or the indignation.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

It seems that, while you may lead a reluctant citizen to fluoridated water, you just can’t make him drink!

In areas where municipal water supplies have been fluoridated, the sales of bottled (unfluoridated) water have skyrocketed. Increases of more than 400% in the sales of bottled water have been recorded within a few weeks of the beginning of fluoridation. This fact makes fluoridation very popular with bottled water companies and their stockholders. It is, of course, also popular with several large chemical companies who produce considerable quantities of fluoride compounds as a byproduct of other processes. This residue is so poisonous that most state laws prohibit its being clumped anywhere in the state except in the public drinking water. (A small part of the fluoride byproducts can be, and are used in the manufacture of flea powders and rat poisons, but the bulk of the material must be disposed of in some other way.) If the public can be persuaded to pay for the privilege of having the residue dumped into its water supplies then the problem of disposal has been easily and profitably solved.

The most serious objection to mass fluoridation, however, is the principle involved. If it should become an accomplished fact, it would, of course, firmly establish the principle of the right of government to medicate its people. It would not then be long before a dozen other substances would be prepared, including perhaps tranquillizers for use in areas where there may be unusual resistance to government policy. It is therefore not the question of fluoridation itself that is so vital, it is the principle which it establishes, and the direction in which that principle may lead.

Even under the most democratic of governments, many freedoms have been lost through the failure of the citizen to exercise his right of self determination. The mass medication principle threatens not only the loss of the right of self-determination but perhaps even the loss of the will and the mental capacity to exercise it.

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“You can see, as you gain an understanding of the universal laws behind your own being, that you are actually creating the world in. which you live. The world, therefore, cannot change until you change.”

-Harold Sherman, You Live After Death

MAY, 1969                                   3


Man, not unlike a flower blossoming to its most perfect degree of beauty and maturity, reaches the apex of his maturity and power for but one predetermined instance; then, at the precise moment of peak maturity, nature’s mysterious time-clock decrees death.

Seemingly this is a biological and empirical maxim, and the only logical interpretation would be to believe that all life is predetermined. Also, advanced scientific technology reveals that man is inextricably bound to his physical nature and environment, and, as yet, no instrument has been perfected sensitive enough to distinguish exactly where nature and environment leave off and where the physical being of man begins.

However, man can free himself from his physical shackles, for at the very core of his physical being lies a power and energy that nigh defies physical definition–a paraphysical power that is not predetermined, a power that defies time and matter by telepathic thought transference from one side of the globe to the other instantaneously, a power capable of defying gravity, as demonstrated in the feats of levitation in brief, a power that definitely falls outside the realm of physical influence and definition.

Simply, when an individual becomes self-aware and realizes that he is enslaved by his physical nature and desires to extricate himself from it, lie can then attain a state of consciousness enabling him to awaken his dormant extrasensory powers and free himself from his conditioned and mechanical existence.

But some may feel that a deliberate attempt to defy a natural process puts man in contradiction to the fundamental nature of his being, and, if lie was just physical, this would no doubt be true; but, in truth, man is a paraphysical being, and an intelligent. effort to free himself from his lower nature, in order to bring his potential paraphysical nature under the control of his conscious will, is more natural than remaining imprisoned by it.

In analogy, it is not an external condition that cracks the egg when a chicken is hatched. It is, rather, the chicken’s awakening imagination, telling it that it is imprisoned in its shell and urging it outside into an environment offering a greater range of experience and existence.

Likewise, the sky is a shell to mankind. This is why man has always

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

looked at the stars with awe and desire; there seems to be something drawing him perpetually toward them, and, like the chicken, he will eventually defy his circumscribing shell and journey even beyond the moon to the most distant stars in the universe.

There is an ancient adage that says wisdom and understanding cannot be communicated; the reason being that a person’s level of understanding is in equal proportion to his level of being. If a person is experiencing life on an appetitional or animal level of consciousness, his level of understanding will be proportionate, and an attempt to introduce spiritual or paraphysical ideas would be futile. It would be like trying to describe to a person on a. one-dimensional conscious plane what existence was like on a four-dimensional plane.

The preceding is especially flagrant when speaking of ESP to an individual who has never had an extrasensory experience; he will, doubtlessly, deny its existence along with denying the authenticity of other people’s experiences.

The following quote is from the book The New World of the Mind, written by Dr. Rhine of Duke University, one of the world’s foremost authorities on ESP:

The failure of psi-extra-sensory perception-to conform to the space-time relations of physical process is a confirmed experimental result, but it is often hard to see and hard to say a new fact. The present conclusion then, is that there is something in the psi-test results that calls for a type or order of reality beyond that which is physical-an extra-physical one.

However, it is not my purpose to prove that ESP is or is not a reality, it is, simply, to remove the cloak of mysticism that has been shrouding ESP for the past several decades, and identify it as a natural, rather than an unnatural, phenomenon in the evolutionary progress of man, for ESP is not mysterious; it is as natural as our ability to see or hear.

A fitting analogy for this is the example of the tadpole: if one had never seen or heard of the tadpole, he would not have the slightest notion, when examining it with his limited sensory perceptions, that within the physiological process was in motion, preparing for its metamorphosis into a frog, with the added capacity to experience

MAY, 1969                                   5

life both on land and in water. Likewise, a person who is receptive only to lower physical influences, will not be receptive to the paraphysical potential dwelling within himself.

The unalterable process of evolutions is changing from one form, to another, from one existence to another, from one influence to another. In fact, man has been in the flux of change since his primordial beginning ; from the slime and ooze of the amoeba, through thousands of different, forms-each with a little more range, a little more freedom, to now and modern mail, who has at the tips of his fingers a dimension of power and energy so utterly beyond mere. physical comprehension that words can give but a superficial account of its scope and purpose.

There are as many different, ways to reach a given destination as there are starting points; therefore, man could extend himself through the media of scientific technology and astronautics-as he is presently doing-and no doubt someday reach another planet. Also, with his paraphysical faculty under the control of his conscious will, he could communicate his thoughts, or receive thoughts, to or from any point in the universe; or, as fantastic as it seems, he could explore another planet with his astral body. But the more desirable would be a combination of both methods; for with both his astronautic technology and his extrasensory faculty developed to their highest degree, man would not only be able to journey to extraterrestrial environs, but he would also have the ability to cope with and survive in them.

-W. Allen Parker

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Discontent with the life he knows, Man forever weaves a Dream: He envisions a “Heaven upon Earth” with abundance and comfort, for all, with joy and peace, when wars shall end, but for many the dream stops there. Yet, should not man ask also-What then can he tolerate life without change, without challenge, without spiritual transcendence as a hope! Can he deal with a perpetual holiday?

Henry Winthrop, Professor of Social Science at the University of South Florida, has written an article, “Human Values in the

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Millennium,” for the October 1968 “Futurist” magazine. Prof. Winthrop contends that man should ask “What will or what should be the continuing goals to pursue after the perfect society has been achieved?” His proposal suggests that man should attempt “to expand the realm of meaning for himself by removing some of the ego-based limits upon the enlargement of his consciousness.”

Consider the following possibilities offered by Prof. Winthrop in the light of your own understanding.

1. The Removal of hereditary Restrictions by a change of man’s genes several times in a lifetime.

“By altering,” says Winthrop, “at will the sets of available gene pools many times over the course of an individual’s life, we would be able to expand infinitely those mechanisms for the reception, organization and assimilation of experience that are known to determine to some degree both human behavior, sensitivity and the qualities of consciousness.”

2. The Transformation of the Human Nervous System to enlighting experiences of which men today have not the slightest conception.

Even as psychedelic drugs are today offering a measure of self transcendence, the future techniques assume “some form of neurological symbioses by which men will be able to exchange their learning, their intellectual skills, and their adaptive repertoires … This will involve the capacity to produce a neurological template of one another’s experience, so that the transfer of learning will not involve its loss to the donor.”

3. The Transfer o f Wisdom from One Man to Another to garner, not the total experience, but rather the “feeling-tone that accompanies such experience.”

The goal would be “to lay claim to the overtones of reason, empathy and good will that such experiences has engendered. This transfer would be basically temporary to enable one to relate another’s experiences to those directly acquired. Prof. Winthrop postulates the consequences of such transfer could produce saintliness; and the possibilities of temporary changes in one’s personality at will could increase interpersonal understanding.

4. The Quest for Immortality, in its biological context, as a means

MAY, 1969                                   7

for an extended time period in which to achieve answers to values and meanings of human life.

This goal presents more problems than advantages, according to Dr. Winthrop. The reduction of the death rate would involve a decrease in birth rate for a manageable population. There is, further, a probable upper limit to the data processing mechanisms of the human organism. Also, an increase in human knowledge has always resulted in an enlargement of the areas yet to be explored, and so it is possible that the human researcher after several centuries of research may weary of his quest for meaning and values.

Interesting as are Dr. Winthrop’s proposals something significant is missing! No mention is made of the Spirit within man, his God nature, which is capable of infinite expansion and awareness, as evidenced by those who already have achieved the Christ or Cosmic Conscious level.

These postulates, which propose externally applied changes in the nature and function of man, ignore completely the inner direction and growth of divine spirit within man. ‘Surely we should contemplate more than human physical transformations, bio-chemical changes, and the accumulation of knowledge, per se, to discover the ultimate values and meanings of man-the spiritual expression of Life itself!

Think upon these matters. The projections of today are the realities of tomorrow.

(The Futurist — a Newsletter for Tomorrow’s World, P.O. Box 19285, 20th Street Station, Washington, D.C. 20036)

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Martin Luther King is killed. And suddenly everybody wants to help Negroes. Suddenly everybody has a conscience. Realistically, now, these consciences didn’t come from the air. It’s just that the people who owned them didn’t want to think about them. After all,, when your food is warm and waiting, why stay up over the T.V. news? And Negroes are front another world, of another world. Oh, consciences, aroused for the moment. And why not? Now Negro is a Sacred Word.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

But what are Negroes? Basically they’re two legged human beings with two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth, and black skin. Some of them are lazy, just like some white laborers, some of them are studious, just like some of the Harvard crowd, some are tall, like some star basketball players, some are short, like some circus performers. What are Negroes? Mere people with people hopes and people dreams and people weaknesses and people strengths.

Just think if people only acted like people.. and judged each man on his character not his color. Why, that should already be an accepted fact in this universe-probing 20th century. Anyway, look at this choice and have your conscience stir within you:

a) we live side by side like adults

b) we fight with childish ideas that one whole race-meaning each individual person which happens to include the Al Capones and the Hitlers-is superior to another race.

If we decide a, these are the alternatives: 1. we merely achieve peace and a greater America (our culture already has been enriched by our black brothers. Consider music and jazz.) And if we choose the alternative, b. we enter a certain civil war with nobody winning, as in most wars.

You and your conscience are to decide and then to act upon that decision. But please realize this truth-that living side by side is the only way, if our country is to go on. And if we choose to do this it can’t be as big, kind men at last helping our black brothers. It must be because of the truth we’ve recited time and time again since grade school” and liberty and justice for all.” Remember this truth is founded on a simpler one taught by One Man so long ago. A truth so simple that it has stayed with us for hundreds of years. The truth in “loving thy neighbor as thyself.” And this means not only Jews or Greeks or Protestants, but all people!

-Karen Haczynski

——— ♦ ———


The insatiable curiosity of man often bears strange results. A case in point is the story of Cleve Backster who wondered about the rate of water consumption of plants but discovered instead that plants seemed to respond to emotional situations.

MAY, 1969                                   9

Thorn Bacon tells the story in the February-March (1969) issue of the National Wildlife Magazine, under the title: The Man Who Reads Nature’s Secret Signals.

Cleve Backster is a former interrogation specialist with the Central Intelligence Agency. He presently operates in New York a school for the training of law enforcement officers in the use of the polygraph- the lie detector. He is the consultant for many government agencies in the use of the polygraph.

One day while watering the plants in his office he was curious as, to whether or not he could measure the rate at which water rose from the plant roots to its leaves. This experiment in February 1966 did not indicate the water absorption rate but the charted reactions of the plant to the watering seemed similar to records of human subjects “experiencing an emotional stimulation of short duration.”

The question then became: Do plants have emotions? Do they make strange signals of awareness beyond our own abilities to comprehend?

Intrigued, Cleve Backster was thus led to a series of experiments which have lasted several years. Tests, in many categories, have been made under very precise conditions to avoid “all human elements which might consciously or unconsciously contaminate the results.”

Experiments to test plant reactions are made by the use of electrodes on the plant leaves, creating a circuit which records the changes on charts. Experiments designed to test “threat” to a plant indicate that the mere “thought” of a threatening procedure produced a sharp chart reaction pattern, even if the thinker happened to be miles distant.

Then Cleve Backster wondered, and checked experimentally what plant reaction would occur from suffering in other forms of life. The chart evidenced a sharp reaction when a shrimp was, placed into boiling water! Tests continued with many cell types, amoeba, molds, fruits, human blood, etc. The results indicate that: “the cells have a sensing capacity and communication exists,” though Backster is reluctant to interpret his charts in human terms.

A further question to be explored is “Could it, be that when a life

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

cell dies it broadcasts a signal to other living cells?” Implications here are numerous!

In September of 1967 Mr. Backster published an abstract of his studies which led to serious investigations by scientists at several American universities, under the Backster Research Foundation of New York City. Since then he has written his first serious paper on the phenomenon studied. It is entitled: Evidence of Primary Perception in Plant Life, and is to be published in the International Journal of Parapsychology.

Metaphysicians have long contended that consciousness pervades all forms, mineral to man and beyond. Now scientists may verify this thesis relative to plant life. Further studies should prove revealing and very interesting.

——— ♦ ———


(This article was writers by Alexi Sazonov, Chief of Central Administration for Production of Documentary and Popular Science Films, the [U.S.S.R.] Committee for Cinematography. It was sent to us by F. S. G. Crosby of New Zealand.)

The hundreds of millions of people who fill the motion picture theatres every day are unaware that the cinema-this inexpensive, readily accessible and popular art-has another important aspect. The cine camera is at the same time the microscope and refractor for a researcher who uses it in the study of infinitely small and immense objects-ranging from the structure of a chromosome to a meta-galaxy.

At the Bucharest Congress of the International Scientific Film Association late in 1965 the Soviet delegation showed a film about the origin of the plasma discharge in a fluorescent torch. The film was made at a speed of 500 million frames per second. When shown, the physical process was retarded 500 million times.

Nobody is surprised today at seeing on the screen within half a minute the growth of a plant, from the first shoot till the time when it bears ripe fruit. In this case the cine camera has accelerated the passage of time 600,000 times. In a similar way, taking one shot a week, it is possible to film the complete life of a person from birth

MAY, 1969                                   11

to old age and death. The showing of this film would take less than two minutes.

Thus the cinema can either stop the passage of time, male it go back or accelerate it without limit. In fact this is the real and tangible “time machine,” not the fantasy of H. G. Wells.

These applications far from exhaust the possibilities of the cine camera. The stereo-microfilming of cellular organisms and crystals open up before the researchers the micro-world not in one plane, but in three dimensions, greatly increasing the depth of investigation. Filming in the infra-red or in the X-ray spectrums shows things that man could never be able to see in ordinary circumstances.

Thus the film has become the main, probably the only, means of scientific penetration of space and time.

Science films are a very important study means for the secondary and higher schools. The cinema and television may improve greatly the study process. They may relieve the student of memorizing endless data and help develop an engineering, mathematical, biological, chemical or other modes of thinking. The cinema as a study aid has vast opportunities.

The cine camera may look into an internal combustion engine when a spark occurs in the cylinder. It can show the reproduction of cells or a chain reaction in an atomic pile. Students will never forget this type of explanation.

We are developing the technical facilities for the production of 8 mm study films which will be used at every school as part of the standard equipment.

This is one of the applications of scientific cinema as a means of research and education. There is another application which is no less important-bringing the achievements of science and technology of our and other countries to hundreds of millions of spectators.

The range of popular science films is infinite-from an art study of the Tchaikovsky Third International Contest to a popular outline of Einstein’s theory of relativity and the discovery of the 104th element in Mendeleeff’s periodic table of chemical elements.

Every year 37 Soviet film studios produce more than 900 popular science, study and documentary films. All are aimed at enlightening the people.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Link Quakes to Sun and Moon Stresses

Los Angeles Times, March 7, 1969 by George Getze

The combined gravitational pull of the sun and moon exerts tidal forces on earth that may be strong enough to cause earthquakes, a Caltech geophysicist has said.

C. H. Dix, professor of Geophysics at Caltech, said the tidal effects of the sun and moon change the stress being exerted on all parts of the earth every day. The ground moves up and down about eight inches in tidal action.

For these changes to cause a quake, the rocks must already be under enough stress so that the small additional strain is enough to trigger the movement. Dix said such a pull may have touched off the Tehachapi earthquake, July 21, 1952, for the sun and the moon were in almost perfect line with the earth at the time of the main shock on the White Wolf Fault.. Both were in a position to exert the maximum effect on the Fault, where the epicenter was located.

Prof. Dix, however, does not think there is a single triggering mechanism for all earthquakes.

UFO (?) Stops Mail Truck

(Express and News, Kirksville, Mo., taken from Macon Chronicle-Herald, March 6, 1969)

Bill Overstreet, 50, of Elmer did not put much faith into UFO stories until yesterday’s experience, en route to work. Overstreet, who is a star route mail carrier, was on his way from Elmer to Atlanta just after sunrise, about 6:40 AM when he noted a bright light south of him. A man not given to exaggeration, he described the object as a reddish colored ball about 100 feet in diameter about 50 feet above the ground.

It gave off a light so bright that he pulled down the sun visor and shielded his eyes with his hands. He heard no noise as he got closer and decided to investigate by driving under it. As he got closer, a beam of light that was the width of the object at its origin but only

MAY, 1969                                   13

about eight feet in diameter in the road, shot down in front of him. It. was bluish white and gave off intense beat.

When the front of the truck touched the beam, both the engine and his citizen’s band radio abruptly stopped. As the UFO moved ahead of him both engine and radio came back to life. He again attempted to catch up with it. but his engine started missing when he got within six feet of the beam. Overstreet then gave up the chase and watched it move out of sight to the West.

Overstreet estimates he saw it for about seven or eight minutes. He is offering no suggestions as to what it was. “I just don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Possible Angel Hair

(Courtesy of Gene Duplantier, SSS, 17 Shetland St., Willowdale, Ontario, Canada.)

A Ste. Anne, Manitoba district dairy farmer who says a. large amount of white candy, floss-like material came down from the sky from 3 UFOs is having the material analyzed by scientists at the University of Manitoba. A sample has also been sent to CAPRO of Tucson, Arizona.

On the same day, September 1S, 1968, a report reached CAPRO of a UFO landing at Steinbach. The white angel hair was also seen by others in the neighborhood.

Mr. Marius Magnan of Ste. Anne saw the UFO around 4:05 PM. He saw three grey, football shaped objects flying from north to south. He said two of the saucers appeared to be connected by a “long white are or loop three times the length of the objects themselves. The third was separate. They were as white as steam and appeared frayed near where it was connected to one of the saucers.” The UFOs were flying vertically and were visible for about 15 seconds before they were out of sight.

After they disappeared Mr. Magnan called his wife outside and then it was noticed the strange material floating down and hanging from power lines, trees and fences. Mr. Magnan and his son gathered some of the material but by the next day most of it had disintegrated.

Mr. Duplantier sent us a later bulletin that stated the material was analyzed through the University of Manitoba. Analysis indicated the substance was a cellulose, actually a manufactured

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

rayon fiber coated with a gummy material. Various government. departments were checked to determine what “earthly” use this. might have. None of the people were familiar with it, and this. dispelled one theory that it is used for crop protection.

Find Tools From B. C.

(Medford Mail Tribune, Medford Ore,, Feb. 24, 1968)

KATMANDU, Nepal (UPI)-Archeologists Saturday reported the discovery in southern Nepal of hand axes, cleavers, choppers and scrapers dating from about 00,000 years before the birth of Christ.

New Zealand UFO Report

(New Zealand Herald, Jan. 17, 1969)

Press Assn., Palmerston Nth.-Two Palmerston North men recently watched a noiseless cigar-shaped object with bright white lights at each end hover over a paddock near the city.

The men, who do not wish to be identified, but who are trained observers, said that the UFO hovered no more than 100 yards off the ground for up to 10 seconds before moving away toward the Tararua Ranges.

The front light was as bright as a searchlight and the rear light was slightly dimmer.

It seemed to be about 30 feet. long and he was satisfied it was not an aeroplane.

The object was last seen heading north over the ranges. About 20 minutes later the men saw another intensely bright light “flitting from the top to the bottom of the Ranges.”

They watched it. for about five minutes when it suddenly disappeared.

Ohakea air base reported that its weather balloons were not sent up before 5 a.m. and that radar had not picked up anything at. the time of the sightings, from 4:20 a.m. to 4:40 a.m.

There has been a spate of New Zealand sightings during the past month.

Geological Evidence

(La Razon, Buenas Aires, Argentina, S, A., Feb. 10, 1969)

NEW YORK-Two American scientists, in collaboration with specialists from the University of Sao Paulo, think they have found

MAY, 1969                                   15

conclusive geological proof that South America and Africa were united about one hundred million years ago. In an article published in “Science,” Gilles O. Allard, Professor at the Geological Department of the University of Georgia, and Vernon J. Hurst, titular of that department, affirm that the data gathered in the deep valley of Sergipe, Brazil, and that of Gabon, Africa, prove the unity of both continents, and corroborate the earlier proven similarities between two Brazilian regions-Recife and Patos-and two African ones in the region of the Bay of Camerun. The scientists say that a formation 350 km in depth of the protruding coast line of Brazil is of the same geological composition as the “entrance” of the Atlantic coastline of Africa. The similarity begins in the Jurassic period, 180 million years ago, and continues until the mid-Cretaceous, 80 million years later.

Frozen Hearts

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Or., Nov. 6. 1969-by David Haskell)

BOSTON (LTPI)-More choice than chance will be involved in heart transplants by the early 1970s.

That’s the opinion of Dr. Charles E. Huggins of the Massachusetts General Hospital, who believes his research will eliminate many of the problems heart transplant operations now face.

Huggins, a pioneer researcher in the freezing of human tissues, said in an interview his staff is only three to five years away from developing a practical method of freezing and preserving human hearts for later transplantation.

The freezing of the human heart without damage to the organ, he said, will lead to heart banks around the world, giving surgeons more of a choice than they now have.

The inability to preserve hearts will be a serious drawback if the transplants become much more common, said Huggins, who is president of the Society of Cryobiology, low temperature biology.

“Having a ready supply of preserved hearts would brighten the chances of finding a good match between donor and recipient,” the doctor said, adding that it also lessens the likelihood of nature rejecting the donated organ.

——— ♦ ———

Quarrels are not a matter of who is right, but what is right.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Dear Editors

This is written to let you know the startling news of they Church of England. Perhaps you already know, but if not, you will be interested. I have copied parts of the article in the March 1st. “Psychic News” last week. Its press headquarters have issued has happened.

“An amazing move by the Church of England was discovered by “Psychic News” last week. Its press headquarters have issued nation-wide information to clerics and parishioners that convincing proofs of other plane’s reality is readily available to those with open minds ” and urged psychic investigation! Also recommended were books on spirit return through medium ship.

“The bulletin is headed: Extracts from Notes for Parish Magazine, issued February 1968. The bulletin from which we quote is titled, Spiritualism — the Christian View

“The nation’s Anglicans are told: Spiritualism and the supernatural have always been branded the province of a lunatic fringe, perhaps because the unknown tends to breed distrust. But convincing proof of the existence of other planes is readily available to those with open minds.

“In what is perhaps one of the most significant statements ever made by Anglicans about spiritualism, the bulletin adds: Christians are fortunate in having the Fellowship’s (the Church’s Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies) expert knowledge available to them. The impressive range of books and pamphlets which it publishes make a valuable contribution to our understanding of the subject….

The report said, “It is legitimate for Christians who are scientifically qualified to make these matters a subject of scientific inquiry. . . it is, in our opinion, important that representatives of the Church should keep in touch with groups of intelligent. persons who believe in Spiritualism.. . . “

I could send you a copy of the full story, but I expect for your own use it would be best for you to get a copy- direct from “Psychic News” (London).

G. W. Sainsbury, Mangawhai, N. Z., Mar. 8

MAY, 1969                                   17


A correspondent in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has received permission from the authors-Manuel Saenz and Willy Wolf-to translate for us excerpts from their book Los Sin Nombre, (The Nameless).

The book is published in Chile. It records UFO sightings, deals with ancient monuments, the famous drawings found in the Sahara, .and with our planetary system, all related to UFOs.

Excerpts on Population growth and its implications follow:

“According to the English astronomer, Fred Hoyle, if the number of births exceeds that of deaths, the population will increase according to the law of mathematics. The solution for a super-civilization, that is capable of lengthening the span of life, is therefore drastic and unique: it is birth control. On Earth this problem will be dramatic.

“Within approximately five thousand years, the total mass of mankind will be greater than that of all the planets, stars and galaxies visible through the 508 cm. telescope at Palomar. Of course, much earlier, the collapse will have taken place, either through atomic suicide of man or simply through the incapacity of our planet to feed the human species…. The Earth could feed 220 thousand million inhabitants, if all the resources of the biosphere were exploited to the maximum. But the capacity to house such a colossal mass of people would be exhausted much earlier.”

“In 1798 the English Economist, Thomas R. Malthus, pointed out that the population increased in a geometrical way, and food in an arithmetical progression. This doctrine later was called ‘Malthusianism.’ The demographic explosion has been verified.

“It has been estimated that the world population ten thousand years before Christ fluctuated around three million inhabitants. About two thousand years were necessary to surpass that number. Today the population is over three thousand million, and it is doubling every 35 years. In the year 2000 the population will be between six and eight billion.

“The history of man could turn into a tale of inhumanity, a world whose inhabitants die of inanition. Fred Hoyle foresees another

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

end. Our future society will collapse owing to tremendous complexity of its organizations, rather than of hunger.

“However, the great English philosopher of history, Arnold Toynbee, says that although sixteen civilizations have died on Earth, The great predicted era has arrived, the great order of the ages has been reborn. The Golden Age is returning, already a new race is being sent from the heavens! The theory of the new race that is being sent is that mentioned by the German Von Hoerner. If we succeed in getting in touch with another world, we shall see the possibility of our survival increase through the information and rules which we shall receive in order to avoid the collapse.”

——— ♦ ———


Compassion and Compulsion

Kansas City (Mo.) Star, April 17, 1966

The man of the future has sometimes been pictured with a huge head and puny body, a creature which has replaced muscle power with brain power; in a push-button world, who needs a strong physique?

Presumably the heart is smaller, too, since the demands on it are less. That is what this discussion is about: Heart, though in the figurative rather than literal sense. For one sometimes wonder what present-day trends will do to human compassion and concern for others that is called heart.

The roles once filled by volunteer efforts are supplemented these days by government and foundations. The Peace Corps appears where once missionaries of the churches were the sole dependence in personal humanitarian work abroad. Foreign aid feeds the starving where in the past volunteer organizations undertook the whole task. At home, charity-financed medical care for the indigent is being supplanted by tax-supported help. The poverty war and the domestic Peace Corps and other agencies are giving to the poor who once depended wholly on their neighbors.

In a vast and closely knit world of many needs, these trends may be necessary. Certainly the objectives are worthy. And so far individual voluntary participation in these fields is a major part of the total effort.

MAY, 1969                                   19

The important thing is to keep the spirit of individual action alive; a man who is his brother’s keeper by remote control is scarcely a brother. That man of the future who is all brain and no heart is not an attractive picture. And his development could be hastened if we ever completely substitute compulsion for compassion, taxation for charity in meeting the needs of less fortunate human beings.

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Esperanto Class in Redlands, Calif.

We have been advised that Mrs. Dorothy H. Lee, 1015 College Ave., Redlands. Calif. is interested in starting a class in Esperanto. If more than 18 students enroll a paid teacher will be provided by the Adult Education Department, with a tuition fee of $4.50. If less than 18 persons attend, classes will be conducted by a volunteer teacher with no tuition. If interested, contact Mrs. Lee.

World-Wide Friends Club

From West Pakistan we have had word that a World-Wide Friends Club, called “The Pak Friends Bureau” has been formed “to take up the cause of our Human Fellows in the matters of World-Wide Peace, Unity and Brotherhood.”

The bureau seeks to create contacts between all peoples everywhere through the promotion of Pen-Pal correspondence, and the through the publication of a magazine-The Pak Friends Bureau Journal published in English.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

If you are interested in widening your understanding of other areas of the world we suggest, you write to: The Pak Friends Bureau, P.O. Box 36, Lahoria, Larkana (Sind), West Pakistan, Asia. An international Reply Coupon for postage would be welcome.

Advance Notice

The first United States Conference of the Spiritual Unity of Nations (SUN), founded by Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Busby of Sussex, England, will be held in Cobo Hall, Detroit, Mich., Sept. 26-29, 1969.

Speakers will include leaders and representatives of many New Age groups in this country. A team of internationally known Spiritual lecturers from Great Britain have agreed to participate also, as well as leaders and teachers from many other countries.

The theme of the conference is: What we can do together.

For particulars write: Mr. Donald J. Knight, SUN Conference Chairman, P. 0. Box 5321, Detroit, Mich. 43211.

Peace Pilgrim to Speak

On May 7th at the home of the Campbells, Peace Pilgrim will be the guest speaker for the Merlin Unit of Understanding, No. 1.

Peace Pilgrim has walked over 25,000 miles, back and forth across the land, in the interests of Peace. Her worldly possessions are in her apron pockets and she trusts to the kindness of others to supply food and shelter along the way.

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