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VOLUME XIV                              NOVEMBER, 1969                                   NUMBER 11

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


One hundred and eight persons attended the first public meeting held in the new Understanding Cultural Center Auditorium, on the evening of Oct. 22. The event was the culmination of one of the most intense periods of building activity that could be imagined or believed. Six days earlier, (when it was first announced on a Medford television program that the meeting would take place on the 22nd) the building was just a partial shell without roof, ceilings, partitions, plumbing fixtures, electricity or water, (except for the rain which was heavy and persistent.)

To even the most optimistic and energetic of the workers, it seemed to be utterly impossible that the building could be made ready for the meeting in the six short days that remained. Nevertheless, we continued in faith to announce publicly that the meeting would be held in the new building, and in faith, inspiration and perspiration, (mostly perspiration) we continued to work toward that end. The roster of’ those who gave so unsparingly of their time, energy and skills is too long to include in this editorial, but they will all be remembered in the archives of the center, and the auditorium itself is a fitting monument to the success of their efforts.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The public event which brought about the rush of building activity, was the Merlin presentation of the series of lectures and demonstrations known as “Understanding New Horizons,” sponsored by Understanding, directed by the indefatigable Angela Kilsby, and M. Cd. by that master of Masters of Ceremonies, Damien Simpson. Fred Kimball and Jack Schwarz did their usual fine job of discussing and demonstrating the abilities that result from their special fields of study. Gayne Myers gave an excellent and inspired talk on, “Humans, Happiness and Services,” while yours truly showed some remarkable films taken by the astronauts during the journey of the Apollo 11. (The fact that the studio had inadvertently spooled the film upside down and backwards added considerably to the remarkableness of the showing.) However, the meeting was unanimously declared to be a complete success, and the auditorium to be formally initiated. Of course a great deal of work remains in the way of final painting, decorating, etc., and means must still be found to finance the completion and operation of the center, but the fact remains that it is in existence and it is in successful operation. We therefore have every confidence that means will be found to carry on in the work to which it is dedicated. We have been promised that pictures of the center will be available for the December Understanding.

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The path to spiritual enlightenment is like a long stretch of highway across a vast flatland. It’s difficult to judge how far we’ve traveled, and more often than not, it appears we’ve not moved at all. The pace is so agonizingly slow that we sometimes feel like the poetic “herd of turtles.”

But what seems to be a vexing problem, need not be a problem at all. If it’s turtles we are, then we must look at the path with a turtle’s eye-view. For could a turtle speak, he’d tell you that the stone he’d just pushed aside is not the same as any other stone. Thus, he’s sure of his progress. And perhaps his certainty is directly due to his slow pace. lie has time to thoroughly examine each stone. There is time as well, if he cares to use it, for reflecting upon the purpose of each stone, and upon why it is there at all.

Knowledge can be gathered quickly, then crammed into the brain.

NOVEMBER, 1969                    3

But wisdom takes a long time in the brewing. It must be absorbed drop by drop. However, because it is absorbed rather than splashed, it remains a permanent part of us.

For instance, during my school years I was blessed with a “quick memory.” Momentarily the result was advantageous. I could claim an easy “A” on an examination by cramming the night before. But ultimately my blessing was a hindrance. The splashed knowledge ram right off the top of my brain. It was not absorbed.

At the same time, it’s relevant to note that the subjects which I had no later opportunity to use (or avoided using) such as geometry, disappeared from my brain without even leaving a water mark. And how I’ve regretted it! For now as I travel my intended path, I have great need for that lost knowledge of geometry. Much of the universe’ is mapped out in mathematical language, and I am obliged to relearn what I once know. What’s more, my loss is doubled because it will take time that should not have been necessary.

I’d have been better off as a turtle, going far more slowly, but moving ever forward toward my destination, instead of flitting here and there like a butterfly, taking a taste of this and a taste of that, but ever circling. And we might pause a moment to ponder upon a comparison between the lifespan of the butterfly and that of the turtle — compare the few flitting days of the butterfly to the hundred odd years of the turtle. Interesting, isn’t it?

Wisdom, as opposed to splashed knowledge, has another peculiarity. Because it is gradually obtained, we often fail to recognize it in ourselves. What a shame! For it’s the very awareness that would be like a cooling sip of water as we travel, homeward bound, across the vast flatland we call Earth. Consequently we must rectify this oversight. We must learn to look for the evidence of our own wisdom, else we perish of thirst. And we must learn where to look.

To look only superficially would be like sending Sherlock Holmes on a case without his magnifying glass. We’d see only the big accomplishments, and most of us would suddenly find ourselves unquenched.. However, if we look deep. . . If we look at our changing attitude toward’. the passing landscape and those who people it, we may find ourselves truly surprised at how very far we’ve traveled.

For instance, tolerance of another’s views comes not from a sudden splash of knowledge. It comes after many absorbing drops of day by day

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

evidence. Slowly, if we ask inner questions, we learn that differences between men stem from the exposure to different ways of life, and more importantly, from individual needs. Then and only then can wisdom enter, and with it understanding.

Perhaps where we once used a cruel ignorant tongue, we now discover ourselves lending a helping hand. Perhaps we catch ourselves gently correcting a child for the same mistake we recently made. Perhaps our first reaction to a harm done us by another was not one of seeking revenge, but rather a surge of pity for what drove him to it.

Did any or all of these changing attitudes occur overnight? Has anyone said out of the blue, “Starting tomorrow morning, I’ll no longer be prejudiced?”

An attitude cannot be forced or suddenly proclaimed. It can only be developed, and like Nature itself, it takes time. Thus, if the turtle is not distressed by his slow pace, why then should it make us despair? A forward motion is all that matters, and with the turtle’s eye-view,. we’ll reach our destination having retained every golden drop of wisdom. So, “On your mark. Get set. Go. We’re off like a herd of turtles!”

– Marjorie Hyslop

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Although sales of Bibles and Testaments in the United States last year totaled only 14 million as compared to 19 million in 1958, the Bible is still the all time best seller.

In any year some paperback novels may outsell any particular version of the Bible, but if all versions are put together, the Book is still the best seller. As reported in the Wall Street Journal (9/23/69), “there are versions of the Bible in English-nobody knows how many including a vegetarian edition, `sexless’ editions, and a paraphrase in which Paul is an ex-Baptist, cotton picking preacher.” The Oxford University Press offers, at prices from $1.45 paperback to $150 morocco bound, 208 editions, some differing in binding only.

The King James version, written by 54 scholars in the 17th century, is the version most often published since it is not copyrighted, and no royalty payments are required. However there are also published versions of the Bible which are labors of love, subsidized by individuals

NOVEMBER, 1969                    5

or religious organizations “seeking to correct errors in earlier versions, update the language, or convert a special group.” One such subsidized offering was published in 1952 by Mrs. Olive Pell, a vegetarian, who deleted all mention of violence, sex and meat eating from the text. Because it sold so well it was taken over by a commercial publisher and is still being sold.

Bibles have been offered in language to be understood by those with a vocabulary limited to 3000 words as well as in the modern slang idiom edition (Oxford University Press) which is illustrated with 22 pictures by contemporary British artists. Their work “varies in style from realistic abstract to pop.”

The Journal article gives these additional interesting facts. United Nations study reveals that between 1957 and 1967 there were 2,221 translations of the Bible into hundreds of languages. An Englishman spent three years counting the words-773,693-and the letters 3,539,489 of the King James version! A bible, hand stamped by a Los Angeles carpenter, Louis Waynai, measures 43-1/2 inches high, 34 inches thick and weighs 1,094 pounds. In contrast to this a New Testament that fits into a thimble was published in 1890 in London. With a $200 high powered microscope you can read a $2 copy of the Bible printed on a two square inch transparency, offered by a New Jersey mail order house.

While the Bible may be the all time best seller, regrettably not all copies are well read, some not read at all, according to reports. Mr. Stafford of the Mid-American Bible Company, says “Some Bibles are used, some are kept as an ornament for the living room, and some never leave the shipping carton.” Book stores estimate that 75% of their sales are as gifts, and door to door salesmen, who account for approximately half of the $28,000,000 yearly sales, sell many “deluxe family editions” while a Bible can be had for 98c in the dime store.

In contrast to non-used Bibles, it is reported that a Canadian preacher has read the Book 103 times, once aloud on his knees, and that a California woman claims 143 readings.

The rare Gutenberg Bible, of which only 47 copies are still in existence, printed in 1450-55 to prove the feasibility of movable type, is valued at one million dollars a copy. There are also several other rare editions, of interest to individuals not for their content but their scarcity.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

An official of Gideon International, an anti-liquor evangelical society, complains that hotel guests all too often leave damp whiskey glasses on the Bibles it places in hotels and motels across the nation or that guests rip out a page to jot down a telephone number. Worn and mutilated Bibles end up in rescue missions and prisons where, the Gideon official says sadly, “convicts use the thin pages to roll cigarettes.”

Still, it was a Gideon Bible that the Apollo B astronauts took on their flight around the moon last December.

——— ♦ ———


You can change your personality-even your appearance-by changing your handwriting.

The timid can become confident.

The temperamental can become serene.

The impractical can become business-like.

The lazy can become eager.

The fat can become lean.

How you cross your t’s and dot your I’s and slant and space your letters all have a strong bearing on what you are, and if you aren’t what you should be, you can be by practicing handwriting to change yourself-for the mind and hand work together.

Ordinarily it is the hand doing the bidding of the mind to create writing. But the reverse can be made to work-that is by discipling the handwriting, the mind can be disciplined and your personality and character can be changed. What is wrong with anyone can be corrected by what has been known since 1930 as graphotherapy.

The therapy requires practice to repair your faults-for example, opening tight as, which denote stubbornness, thus leading to getting along with people. To improve your memory narrow the distance between the i and the i dot. In the same way if the writing is a scrawl and rambles over a sheet of paper, a person’s thoughts can be made orderly if the handwriting is improved for legibility and better spacing. Laziness is reflected in slow, lifeless writing. With a firmer, bolder and faster writing eager traits and habits may easily be accomplished. The t bar has been widely cited as a key to a person’s will-power or lack of it, A t barely or incompletely crossed shows procrastination and lack of

NOVEMBER, 1969                    7

determination, an individual’s inclination to put off decisions and tasks. With practice you can develop a firm t bar that will come naturally, thus giving determination and will-power. This could be a valuable aid to people who want to loss weight or stop smoking or lessen their drinking but haven’t the fortitude to do it. There have been cases where which a change in their handwriting people have strengthened their will-power and have given up tobacco. Handwriting analysts know that descending horizontal lines mirror disappointment and dejection. To become level headed and keep within good hope for tomorrow, write with ascending horizontal lines.

Graphotherapy or the art of correcting faults by correcting handwriting should be an important part of our education in early school years. It should be used by psychologists. The simple principles applied have and do at this time produce amazing results. Proof of its validity are documented.

-Robert Wasserman

(For further information and details write to 418 Oakland Ave., Deer Park, N. Y. 11729)

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In 1953 Dr. Stanley Miller, then at the University of Chicago, subjected the presumed building blocks of life-water, hydrogen, ammonia, and methane-to an electric spark. The spark produced the energy for these basic compounds to begin combining in new ways. Among these new combinations Dr. Miller found amino acids, which are considered the regulators of life’s chemistry. This indicated that life could begin spontaneously, under the right conditions.

The Chicago Tribune of March 30, 1969, reports that now radio astronomers, probing what has been considered “empty space” have discovered immense clouds of all the basic chemicals believed necessary for life. These discoveries provide new support for the theory that life on earth began billions of years ago through a combination of simple chemicals. The discoveries also support the belief that “we are not alone-that because of the relative ease by which chemicals combine into more complex forms, there is life on many other planets.” Water, ammonia and hydrogen had previously been found in space.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The latest discovery is the presence of formaldehyde, a chemical relative of ammonia. According to Dr. Palmer, University of Chicago astronomer, “the widespread distribution of formaldehyde indicates there may be more types of complex molecules in space, perhaps including amino acids.”

Other scientists, working with the same four basic compounds as Dr. Miller, have found other important chemicals in the “primitive soup.” Among these are the nucleic acids, basic carriers of the genetic code-the chemical memory bank that contains all the information necessary to direct the formation of a new organism.

The Tribune article continues: When considered in these terms, life is chemistry. The simplest form of life, the virus is nothing more than a grouping of nucleic acids and some other simple chemicals in such a way that they can direct the construction of duplicate viruses from raw materials, (for one of the definitions of life is the ability to reproduce itself).

“I think the discoveries show that the formation of complex chemicals isn’t such a special thing as many had thought, and it makes life elsewhere much more feasible,” said Dr. Patrick Palmer.

When Dr. David Buhl, of the Greenbank Observatory, observed the electronic equipment printing out the discovery of formaldehyde within nine interstellar dust clouds, he remarked that the group was “witnessing nine civilizations in the process of formation.”

With the chemical bases of life strengthened by recent discoveries it remains for our space probes to find further evidence of such life on the planets of our solar system. Such a discovery would have a tremendous impact on the way man views himself, his world, and the universe!

——— ♦ ———


The Spirit of Universal Life is S.O.U.L, and sometimes we forget the source of our strength and understanding, amid the turmoil of modern space-age living. It is my privilege to extend to you some of life’s secrets that have been pushed aside in our rush for success and material blessings. These secrets should convey to you physical, mental and spiritual well-being, social acceptance, and vocational satisfaction.

NOVEMBER, 1969                    9

Remember, if you wish to change the world, you must begin with yourself! Charity, indeed, begins at home.

What is necessary for physical well-being? Since you are the sum product of what you eat, food is the most important substance of your life. All animals, higher and lower, are dependent upon Vegetal Mother: fruit, herbs, vegetables, grains and nuts, to sustain animal life, without which all would surely perish. Organic life is dependent upon organic life and the vegetable kingdom is responsible for changing inorganic substances into organic food. With this realization comes an appreciation of food which you may have taken for granted.

Now, you know that the proper foods for nourishment are fruit, vegetables, herbs, whole grain cereals, brown sugar and rice, just to name a few of the natural un-processed foods. Remember, physiology precedes psychology, or, in other words, “You reap what you sow.”

Turn, next, to your mental well-being. Do you realize you are also the sum product of your thoughts? You can prove this simply by admitting that happy thoughts produce happy faces. Turn your eyes to the Sun, not the gutter, smile-you are loved!

Much inspirational literature for modern man can be found not only in the Bible, but also in the writings of Kahlil Gibran, Allan W. Watts, Hermann Hesse, Paramahansa Yogananda and Anthony Norwell. These men are advanced souls who will literally pick you up and send you running down life’s road with happiness and gratitude in your heart. It is important to read these books in natural surroundings with a. loved one nearby, or perhaps alone with the murmur of a brook to soothe a tense and nervous mind, amid the birds and flowers as reminders of nature’s glorious life …

Now, how do you attain spiritual well-being? Since your body and mind are properly nourished it stands to reason your happiness shows on your face. You greet people as though you were walking two feet off the ground because your physical and mental diet makes you feel lighter and happier. You become a warm magnet, attracting all things into your life that will help you fulfill your destiny-that of a perfect person radiating perfect love for all. This naturally solves social problems because people just cannot resist shining eyes that say, “I love you.”‘ At times you will need to turn down engagements so as not to tire yourself but to keep this energy and use it wisely on your friends and loved ones.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING)

Your vocational life will evolve naturally now, as job opportunities will come to you as you express a calm, relaxed attitude while most of the world is fearful, hostile, greedy, or just plain up-tight.

This message has been told a thousand times, in a thousand ways, but here’s hoping that you heard it this time … but, if not, someone will come along in your life, and will just smile into your heart, and you will remember, “Ah! So that’s what it’s all about!”

– Thomas W. Carver

——— ♦ ———

World Report

Chaparral Tea and Cancer

Mail Tribune, Medford, Ore., June 2, 1969

A University of Utah physician has reported that chaparral tea, an ancient Indian herb remedy, may be useful in the treatment of cancer, according to a wire service article.

Dr. Hugh Hogle said several patients with advanced cancer have been drinking the tea since the latter part of 1968 and there are early indications of favorable response.

“The best we can tell is that the tea is non-toxic and if it proves to be successful it offers the first hope of a non-toxic anticancer drug,” Dr. Hogle said.

He said the active ingredient in chaparral tea is a substance known as NDGA, which apparently has the ability to shut off oxygen to certain body cells. This inhibits their growth.

The tea is made from the leaves of the chaparral also known as the creosote bush, which grows in the deserts of the Southwest. Indians have used it for years as a cure-all.

Hogle said the tea came to his attention in 1967 when an 87-year-old man from Northern Arizona came to the university for treatment of an extensive malignant melanoma.

Surgery was recommended, but the man refused, saying he preferred to return to his home and try chaparral tea. He returned eight months

NOVEMBER, 1969                    11

later and doctors were amazed to find that his cancer, a tumor the size of a lemon, had shrunk to the size of a match head, Hogle said.

Human Skin in Test Tube

Daily News, Dayton, Ohio, Feb. 13, 1969

NEW YORK- (UPI)-A Stanford university medical research team reported it has actually reconstructed human skin by tissue grown under artificial condition.

Dr. William T. Summerlin of the Stanford university school of medicine told a meeting of dermatologists that skin grown in laboratory cultures for periods up to six weeks acted as a source of new skin cells to fight ulcers or burns.

Eight patients at Stanford university hospital have received grafts in test tubes and have been studied with the new experimental technique, for periods of 4 to 15 months, he said.

The team reported that four days after implantation of the cultured skin, epithelial cells had multiplied and formed a layer over the wound sites. On the third week, the cells in the transplant area had organized into a typical wound-bearing type of epidermis with normal cells and structure. By the sixth week the patients wounds had healed and were covered by normal skin.

“We have shown conclusively that epidermal cells can be maintained in tissue culture for periods up to six weeks and that they can be transplanted successfully,” Summerlin said.

Color Video Hazard

Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Sept. 20, 1969

WASHINGTON (UPI)-Two government agencies cautioned television viewers today they should sit no closer than six to 10 feet from color sets and also to avoid any exposure to the sides and rear of sets in operation.

The warning came as the Federal Trade Commission announced that it had conducted a staff investigation of X-radiation from color television sets after receiving many inquiries from consumers and members of Congress.

The commission joined in a Public Health Service recommendation on the safe distance from sets. It also recommended that color sets be serviced only by competent repairmen.

The commission conceded that while research in the field of radiation;

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

is continuing, “science does not currently know what effects, if any, low doses may have on the body over long periods of exposure time.”

30,000 Year Old Remains

Mail Tribune, Medford, Ore., August 31, 1969

SANTANDER, Spain (UPI)-Discovery of the unusually well preserved bodies of a Paleolithic man and a child who lived 30,000 years ago was announced Saturday by Dr. Leslie G. Freeman, professor of anthropology at the University of Chicago.

The bodies were buried in the Morin cage 13 miles south of this city on Spain’s northern coast.

“The discovery is unique for two reasons,” Freeman told a news conference. “First, there are very few records of burial from this period, the Middle Paleolithic . . . just after men began to use artifacts of stone.

“Second, and even more important, is the excellent state in which the bodies were found. A clay cast had formed around the body space” preserving perfectly the outlines of limbs and muscles,” he said.

While there have been discoveries of skeletons and individual bones that date back much further, Freeman said he knew of no bodies preserved so accurately. He said the bodies were those of a young adult and a child.

They were in separate burial trenches, each about 10 inches deep, he said. Over each trench was a mound, about 18 inches high. Each body was on its side with arms crossed over the chest.

In the tombs there were parts of animal legs, he said, and over the head of one of the bodies there was a small horned animal.

“They might have been offerings against evil spirits, or perhaps placed there to accompany the dead person on his journey to another world,” Freeman said. “But we really cannot be sure.”

UFOs Sighted Near Fairfield

Tribune, Great Falls, Mont., Sept. 10, 1969

Reported sightings late Monday night of two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) hovering motionless over a point about halfway between Fairfield and Augusta brought searchers from the Fairfield police as well as an Air Force search unit into that area at about 11 p.m., the Cascade County Sheriff’s office said. Lewis and Clark County deputy Jack Walsh, Augusta, also joined the hunt.

NOVEMBER, 1969                    13

Flying Object Seen in Wasco County

Mail Tribune, Medford, Ore., Sept. 11, 1969

THE DALLES (UPI)-A Wasco County deputy sheriff reported sighting an unidentified flying object early today over northeast Wasco County.

Officer John McGill said the long, brightly lit object moved slowly over the area in an easterly direction beginning at about 3:50 a.m. Sheriff’s deputies in Klickitat County, Wash., across the Columbia from here also reported sighting the object, saying it was brighter than anything they had ever seen.

Sight UFO

GENOA, Nev. (UPI)-Several residents reported yesterday they’ observed a strange light near this small community in Douglas County Monday night.

Robert Wehling and his wife Anna of Carson City said they were driving along when the light appeared at about 9:45 p.m. on the hills behind Genoa. He said several motorists stopped to watch it.

Wehling described it as a “flood light” which cut through the haze over the Carson Valley and then suddenly disappeared.

He said a tremendous bluish green cloud then appeared for about 10 minutes and then vanished. The couple said they saw no object in the sky.

The sheriff’s office in Carson City said it had no reports of any strange lights.

Report From Maine

Press-Herald, Portland, Me. July 23, 1969

WALDO, Me.-Randolph Whitcomb, 18, of RFD 2, reported sighting a brilliant red UFO “about the size of a basketball,” which hovered over his car during a three mile trip from Birches Road, Belfast, to his home. It zoomed off about half a mile, but returned and hovered in the vicinity until daylight. It was also seen by Whitcomb’s mother, Mrs. Shirley Whitcomb, his brother, Eli, 22, and his sister, Gloria, 14.

Earth May Have 10 Extra Moons

Post and Times-Star, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 28, 1969

WASHINGTON (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.)-The earth may have at least 10 tiny natural satellites.

For decades astronomers have speculated that the earth in its travels

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

through space might attract small bodies and, by its gravity, force them to orbit around it. From time to time sightings have been made of objects that might be such satellites, and have even been computed for them.

Dr. John P. Bagby has been studying the orbital data published for artificial satellites, and he finds that these have repeatedly undergone sudden drastic changes in their flight patterns.

He points out that these changes can easily be explained by near collisions with the miniature natural satellites, and he finds that the changes occur near locations where the orbits of artificial satellites cross those calculated for the natural ones.

He therefore suggests that a group of sightings over recent years represents at least 10 small natural satellites. When he traces the history of this group, he finds them all at the same spot on Dec. 18, 1955, and he surmises from this that they originated in one object that broke up on that day.

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

Wild Heritage

(Sally Carrighar, Houghton Mifflin Co., $5.95; Crest-Fawcett paperback 75 cents, Copyright 1965)

Perhaps it is largely in the cities, surrounded by man-made structures, mobile and immobile, that we have lost God and Nature. Living amidst nature, observing her patterns of cycles and seasons in plant and animal life, one is ever conscious that the order of life on the planet Earth is equal in wonder to that noted in the heavens.

To rediscover your wonder and your Creator, may we suggest you read Wild Heritage by Sally Carrighar, author of many books on man

NOVEMBER, 1969                    15

and nature. Wild Heritage is a delightful, poetically descriptive account of animal behavior based upon scientific studies, not in the laboratories, but in the natural wild habitat of the creatures themselves. The book is profusely illustrated with black and white sketches, often humorous, by Rachel S. Horne, that add to its charm. And, for your further study, a bibliography and a listing of allied reading sources is provided.

The presentation of the innate and learned behavior patterns of the many forms of life-insects, fish, birds, mammals-reveals we can learn much about ourselves from this study. Wildlife activities can be related to our own “social life and play, our passions and aggressions, our patterns of courtship, parenthood and sex.”

The first section, entitled “Animals and Men: Blurred Borderline,” dispels many of the popular myths we have had relative to animal actions and abilities. Considered are such aspects as honor, justice, cooperation, communication, tool use, etc. Other chapter titles include: Animal Parents, That the Young May Survive; Sex, the Silenced Bell; Aggressiveness, How Red the Claw and Tooth; and Play, the Creative Spirit.

The chapter headings indicate the broad scope of the study but do not reveal the wealth of fascinating and absorbing details of the lives of everything from mussels to elephants!

For an understanding of the kinship of all life, and for an appreciation of the glory of life in its varied form, Wild Heritage offers many hours of delightful reading.

——— ♦ ———


From New Zealand

“Seeing is Believing,” by Bernadette Noble, is the title of an article in the July 24, 1969 issue of “Thursday – A Magazine for Younger Women,” published in Auckland, New Zealand. The article, well illustrated, is a study of several aspects of UFOs in New Zealand before and after 1947.

Details of several personal sightings are given, as well as summaries of several New Zealand UFO Research groups-that of Harold Fulton, founded in 1952; that of Hinfelar, founded in 1957; and that of Tony Brunt, the latest organization in the field of UFOs.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

We quote:

The newest of the UFO investigation groups was formed late in 1968 by Auckland University student Mr. Tony Brunt, and is called the Auckland University Research Group.

It consists, at present, of about 20 members, mainly science and engineering students, and a network of “representatives” throughout the Auckland Province.

“Our primary task will be to keep our ears to the ground generally and to put ourselves in a position to hear of any UFO sightings in the district.

“We want to investigate all the reports thoroughly and extensively on a scientific basis,” he said. “If we have enough genuinely inexplicable cases on file within three or four years we may publish a booklet and use it for ammunition in an approach to the Government to participate actively in the subject of UFOs.”

Mr. Brunt became interested in the subject while working as a reporter on the New Zealand Herald.

“For four years,” he said, “I answered telephone reports of UFO sightings-and followed them up and wrote stories. About one in five were published.

“For every one person that does see a UFO and makes a report, there are easily 20 who remain silent, probably scared of ridicule That makes only one in every 100 sightings recorded in the newspaper at the most!

“It is definitely not a `nonsense’ subject,” he said. “The more you look into it the greater it grows in dimension…”

From Sweden

The following report has been received from Sten Lindgren, President of the Inter-Galactical Federation, Stockholm, Sweden.

Some very interesting observations have been made by members of the group during June and July. One field operator on vacation south of Gothenburg (on the Swedish west Coast), observed four ships and three or four observation discs very close to the radio telescope and satellite tracking station at Rao. The ships were hovering over a small village and formed symmetric patterns. The lights went on and out.

A few weeks ago in July, the same person visited a farm 100km south of Stockholm. One night at about 23.30 he went outside to take a look at the sky. Coming out of the house he saw a broad diffuse ray

NOVEMBER, 1969                    17

of light flashing by. Ten minutes later a small object passed at a distance of 50 m. leaving a fluorescent tail. Two more objects passed 30 seconds apart. Next day when he returned to Stockholm another member phoned him and said: “the Brothers visited you last night-right?” Thirty minutes later a cousin to the observer phoned and told he had seen UFOs the night before. The time between the observations was thirty minutes.

Two days later two members went to see “2001: A Space Odyssey.” After the film they took a walk and eventually met a friend who is interested in UFOs. Suddenly one of them felt he had to look up and then saw a V-formation of ships passing over Stockholm. They sat on a bench and were discussing the sightings very intensely when suddenly a street light went out. A moment later, two ships passed the place on different routes.

——— ♦ ———

Poet’s corner

An Understanding Prayer

Let me understand myself,
Let me touch a star,

Let me know my inner self,
Is not a touch too far.

Let me value my well being,
As if to touch were gold,

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Let me live and let me give,
Let me, God, unfold.

Give me, Life, a living Faith,
That leaves no room for doubt,

Teach me, Life, your secret Plan,
To know what I’m about.

Give me wisdom, love and strength,
To have, and pass along,

Teach me, Life, to speak your words,
And let me sing your song.

Reveal to me your way, O’ Life,
Your Power and your Will,

That I may help my fellow man,
His cup of life to fill.

-Reno Lane

From the Moon

Twinkle, twinkle, little earth,

How I wonder what you’re worth,

Shining high up in the sky

With maybe intelligent beings like I.

Oh! how you sparkled with joy and mirth

Especially the night of our virgin birth.

But, you’ve faded some lately

As if you won’t last.

We seem to have seen

A few atom blasts.

If that part be true,

We’ll see you soon,

For we know you’ll find peace

Down here on the moon.

-Reno Lane

(Written the night of the moon-walk after Armstrong said, “I can look up through the observation dome and see the Earth straight up.”)

NOVEMBER, 1969                    19

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Eastern UFO Radio Program

Our Eastern subscribers will be interested in learning that Station WNRI, 1380 on your dial, in Woonsocket, R. I., now offers a radio program-PROBING THE UNKNOWN-every Saturday at 1:30 P.M. Your phone calls are invited.

Joseph L. Ferrier, editor of PROBE, The Controversial Phenomena Magazine, is the Host and Moderator. The program discusses ESP, UFOs, Ghosts, and amazing mysteries that science cannot or will not explain.

International Cultural Center

As this is written (early October) progress on the International Cultural Center of Understanding is excellent. The building will be open to the public for the first time on October 22nd for the presentation of the Convention sponsored by Mrs. Angela Kilsby-Understanding-New Horizons.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

On November 5th the Merlin Unit of Understanding, No. 1, will use the Center for the presentation of the educational, color documentary film: Nature’s Answer to Cancer, to which the public will be invited on a donation basis.

Happy Thanksgiving

The staff of Understanding Magazine extends to you greetings for a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. As you recount your blessings may you have much for which to be thankful once again!

Space Thoughts

Next year there may be

Much space between us

You might be on Mars

And I on Venus.

We might get lost

In the Milky Way

So while we’re still on earth

Let’s shine our best each day!

From Unit 1, Merlin, Bulletin.

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