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VOLUME XIII                               SEPTEMBER, 1968                                 NUMBER 9

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The morning of August 12 your editor, together with Mr. Kent Farley of Denver, spent several interesting hours in the Space Technology department of the Colorado University at Colorado Springs.

Dr. Edward Condon, the gentlemen who is currently in charge of the Air Force-sponsored UFO investigations, had been kind enough to grant us a 30 minute interview for the purpose of discussing the investigation which has been conducted there. It was explicitly understood that no questions would he asked or answered concerning the nature of any report which may eventually be made by the group, but that questions regarding the nature of the investigation and the manner in which it had been conducted might be considered and some might even be answered.

The fact that the 30 minute interview actually lasted a little more than two hours might tend to indicate that a certain amount of interest developed on both sides. The truth of the matter is however, that the staff, which now apparently consists only of Dr. Condon and Dr. Craig, has completed its study to its own satisfaction and is now simply marking time until it can decide what type of report it should make, and to whom it should be made.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Anything that we could discuss therefore would be in the nature of a post-mortem which could have no effect upon the study itself, and so could be of academic interest only. Nevertheless Dr. Condon and his co-worker Dr. Craig were kind enough to give us several hours of their time, and in that time we did acquire a considerable degree of understanding concerning the actual nature of the project and some of its more perplexing problems.

In the beginning the study was intended to consider only reports and data which became available subsequent to its organization. There was no plan or intent to study or consider anything that had gone before. This method was, of course, somewhat unsuccessful since the past inevitably creeps into and influences the present and even the future.

The failure of the study to learn anything of significance was foredoomed by the attitude with which it was approached. This attitude was precisely described by Robert J. Law, the project coordinator in his, now famous memo written before the project began. In the memo it was made clear that while the project would pretend to be an objective study it expected to encounter nothing but chaff, and was prepared to process only chaff. (Since no intelligent man would ship wheat to a chaff factory, it is predictable that the chaff which the project was seeking was all that it ever received.)

The only problem now facing the remnants of the group is the type of report it should make, if any, and to whom the report should be made. To make any report direct to the people is unheard of in government sponsored investigations, even though the public does pay the full cost. The Air Force who sponsored the study for the sole purpose of getting the load of controversy off their backs, are not likely to want a report made to them, especially a report which would put the load right back where it started. (How many different ways can you say, “There ain’t no such thing?”)

The few remaining members of the group will therefore probably make some kind of a written summary of their investigations, present it to some other group, such as the National Academy of Sciences who will then pass on to the public such parts of the report as it feels the public would tolerate. Thus another UFO “investigation”

SEPTEMBER, 1968                  3

will have passed into history without having contributed noticeably to man’s knowledge or his understanding.

The $500,000 which was expended in the process is a small sum by some standards although it may be rather large by others. (It is equal to the lifetime earnings of ten average men, or it would finance about 20 minutes of the Vietnam War.)

Our readers should not be discouraged however, for already there is a considerable amount of pressure being built up in Congress for still another “Scientific Investigation” of UFO.

Eventually someone may be appointed who knows something about the subject to begin with and perhaps some of our space visitors may even be appointed to the Commission to study themselves!

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Most people are so carried away by the scientific marvel of the delicate heart transplant operation that they do not stop to think of the effects upon both the donor and the receiver from a metaphysical and spiritual point of view. It would seem that these organ transfers are in accord with the modern tendency toward universal brotherhood (at least, talked about) where we share even our. physical organs with each other!

However, as Walt Whitman observed “There is more to a man than what’s between his hat and his boots.” man is a fourfold being, mental, emotional and spiritual as well as physical. Each one of these states of consciousness, frequently referred to as “bodies,” has its own rate or vibration. The physical heart has its own rate, of vibration, its individual frequencies, or rhythms, quite apart from its physical beat. So has the entire body and each of its organs.

If the intruding heart can harmonize its vibrations with the body to which it finds itself attached, everything should go well. But often this is not the case. Too often, if one follows up the operation, one reads that “the operation was successful but the patient died” from some other ailment or side effect, a few days later. The operation is too new as yet to observe what changes, if any, will occur in the mind or psyche of the heart recipient. One is reminded of the tales

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

told of the young minister who was greatly opposed to alcohol and who was injured in a plane crash but had the leg of a fellow passenger, who died, grafted on him. All went well except that whenever the young minister passed a bar the leg just would walk in!

As to the effect upon the donor of the heart. Myron of Ashtar, through his channel, Marian Martill, as reported in the Journal of Borderland Research says . . . To remove a heart from one body to prolong another body’s life is not in our eyes kindness nor Wisdom. In doing this you disrupt the karmic pattern set for that body which was meant to pass over. You also disrupt the progress forward of the body, or entity, from which the organ was removed. This entity, the donor, is chanted to that still living portion of himself as long as that part continues to function in any manner. It is only when it ceases to vibrate on the physical plane that the donor’s life force can be completely removed and the entity can progress away from the earth in a natural way. There is a Cosmic purpose in death as there is in birth and to interfere with this is not Wisdom. “

This, of course, is an occult opinion with which many may not agree, but to the students of the Ageless Wisdom it seems worthy of consideration. A correspondent in France writes us that. the most successful heart transplants in France have been those in which a pig’s heart was used to replace a fatally injured human heart. He adds, somewhat, wryly, that he thinks this is a poor comment on present day humanity.

The body freezing experiment, in which the body is frozen and kept to be revived presumably a hundred years or so in the future, also seems to be a questionable practice. Is the entity supposed to be held connected to that frozen thing which still vibrates physically though at so low a rate as to appear dead?

All these experiments in prolonging the life of the body are based upon the fear of death. Death, as every Scripture intimates, is a natural process like birth. It is a passing from one dimension, or strata of vibrations, into another more subtle one. Evolution is a law of nature and all of man’s civilization is based upon his innate desire for everything to be “bigger and better.” Most of this we have accomplished by acute observation of the laws of Nature and obedience to them. We think we have conquered Nature but it is

SEPTEMBER, 1968                  5

only by close observation and understanding of the natural laws that we are able to use them for our needs. Even in the wiring of a house the slightest variance from the laws that govern electricity will result in short circuits and blackouts.

Spiritual laws which govern the invisible part of man, his thinking, feeling, etc., which implement his actions, have been left mostly to the Church. As these laws are abstract and difficult for most people to perceive or understand their study has been left to priests and ministers. Today much questioning is arising as to the validity of ecclesiastical interpretations, most of which have been handed down and accepted without question from earliest times rather than deeply studied and applied.

Everything today is being thought about and examined, spiritually, mentally, and physically, and much of past thinking is being rejected as we come to understand better the workings of the universe. More and more in this age of revolt must we strive to objectively observe and understand ourselves if we would understand our fellow men. “Know Thyself” is the key to wisdom and to a realization that the preservation of a physical body alone is of lesser importance than what happens to the essence of a person which we call his soul.

– Raquel de S. Marshall

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(Kansas City Star, June 24, 1968)

Heart transplants call for a reassessment of the definition of death, says the president of the American Society, of Abdominal Surgeons.

Writing in the current issue of the Journal of Abdominal Surgery, Dr. Andre B. Carney of Tulsa said that aside from the medical and surgical achievements in such transplants, there remain judicial, moral and ethical questions.

He said a brain could be damaged, yet a person could continue to live, and that breathing could be resumed by machine for long periods after heart and brain have ceased to function.

And he pointed out that the cessation of the heartbeat was of

5                                                    UNDERSTANDING

questionable merit as a criterion since it may beat later in the chest of another person.

“We cannot sell to mankind prolonged life at the expense of another just as needy,” wrote Dr. Carney. ” We cannot allow human parts to be bartered on the auction block where only the rich or the powerful could avail themselves of prolonged life … of life beyond expectancy. “

Dr. Carney suggested that groups including medical men, ministers and laymen, make the decisions as to who should get transplants.

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(As Understanding seeks “To Examine All Things and subsequently Cling to that which is Good” we offer our readers these thoughts from the teachings of “Lawsonomy” as contributed by E. L. Bates.)

Lawsonomy is the knowledge of Life and everything pertaining thereto.

Lawsonomy is based upon Life as it is and not upon a theory of what it ought to be.

Theory, as espoused by so-called wise men or self-styled scholars has no place in Lawsonomy. Everything must he provable or reasonable or it is not Lawsonomy.

Facts, not fancies; Truth, not falsity: Knowledge, not notions; is the foundation of Lawsonomy.

Truth is simple and easily understood but falsity is complicated and misleading. A few words, sentences, paragraphs or pares are sufficient to tell the truth but it requires ponderous books and whole libraries to prop up falsity.

Truth is constructive and lives, but falsity is destructive and dies. Truth forms character but falsity causes deformity of expression. Truth is a builder and is magnificent, but falsity- is a wrecker and is hideous.

So if it isn’t real; if it isn’t truth; if it isn’t knowledge; if it isn’t. intelligence; then it isn’t Lawsonomy.

Lawsonomy, is easily understood by those who want the truth

SEPTEMBER, 1968                  7

but it is the opposite of the tricky stuff taught by those who feed on falsity. It is in advanced Education and will develop reasoning faculties in hungry minds.

Lawsonomy will to give youth stimulus for great future deeds and a tremendous advantage over those who are miseducated according to present day falsification.

One must study and practice Lawsonomy and learn it as one learns to walk and run or talk and sing.  It is a formula that proves all things. But, only as one cleanses the mind of all falsities and develops the reasoning faculties with  Truth and practical thoughts can one utilize this far-reaching formula to advantage.

Just as it is not the quantity of food that you eat but the number of useful elements take on into the blood that makes your body strong and healthy so it is not the quantity of stuff that you read but the number of useful thoughts taken into the mind that makes the intellect clean and vigorous.

Lawsonomy is an oasis of Truth in the midst of a desert of lies. It is for all thirsty Minds and it is your fault, not mine, if you do not partake of it copiously. My duty was to prepare it for you. Your duty is to absorb it and teach it. and utilize its great power to strengthen yourself and others.

Lawsonomy is the fountain of intelligence and one must open the mind to drink it in, just as one must open the month to drink in water.

So read Lawsonomy slowly and thoughtfully, over and over again and again, as it is the Base of life and if you do not start from the base then whatever you learn is of an unstable quality.

God has decreed that mankind must move onward and upward to a much higher plane of intelligence than heretofore reached. Lawsonomy is the means by which mankind can reach that higher plane.

——— ♦ ———


On June 2nd, Urban Coalition chariman and former Secretary of the Department of Health, Education and welfare, John W. Gardner, told 2700 graduates of Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., of man’s lived to redesign his society so “it changes easily in response

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

to changes in human needs and expectations or they will face destruction of social order.”

According to Site Strandberg, reporting in the Ithaca (N.Y.) Journal, Mr. Gardner, speaking on the subject of present dissent and social change “took the guise of a social scientist in the 23rd century looking back and trying to draw a lesson from the present times when men turned on their institutions and destroyed them in a fit of impatience.”

The future of society depends on man’s ability to create flexible and responsive institutions-these practices and customs adopted by a group of people and maintained by them through prescribed rules and agencies such as schools, universities, courts, armies, corporations, and government bodies. Gardner remarked that as men through the ages have come to believe institutions are not fixed in the great design of things but can be altered. “Those structures have become the sole target for all man’s hope and hostility.”

While human expectations have risen sharply and men demand instant performance from their institutions, human institutions have remained sluggish and have thereby created the social tension of our times. Neither controlling human aspirations not making specific reforms in society will ease these tensions. He said, “The true task is to design a society and institutions capable of continuous change, continuous renewal, continuous responsiveness.’

“While human aspirations should not be tightly bottled up, there must be procedural bounds within which aspirations could express themselves.” These limits are increasingly being rejected today because of an “impatient hostility toward institutions” which a small minority that consciously seeks destruction is easily able to trigger in larger numbers of people, Gardner noted.

Because “most men of the time do not want the institutions in which they themselves have a vested interest to change… most of our institutions are designed to obstruct rather than facilitate change … Many of those who attempt change are moral zealots who expend their total energy in headlong combat between themselves, who they believe to be very, very good and specified others, whom they believe to be very, very bad, and in the object of the combat which is to do in the baddies even if it means doing in oneself.”

SEPTEMBER, 1968                  9

Mr. Gardner concluded his commencement address with the statement that “The swifter the pace of change, the more lovingly men have to care for and criticize their institutions to keep them intact through turbulent passages.”

——— ♦ ———

world report

UFOs Over Chile?

(Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, Fla., July 5, 1968)

SANTIAGO, Chile (Reuters). Photograph taken by a Chilean professor of a strange lens-shaped object with a convex top have revived theories: that flying saucers are cruising the skies over this county”.

Prof. Gabriel Alvial Caceres, director of the Center for Investigation of Cosmic Radiation at the University of Chile, showed his photographs to a fascinated press, conference here recently.

He declined to say whether the object his team photographed was controlled by extra-terrestrial beings.

“But they are phenomena which our science cannot explain and which require the coordination and methodology of investigation of all scientific centers to provide an answer for the unknown.” he said.

“The presence of these phenomena in the skies of Chile — 15 times in a year—compelled us to carry out these observations which have now been crowned with success,” the professor’ added.

Two veteran pilots of the Argentine National Airline, Aerolineas Argentinas, recently reported seeing a flying saucer over Southern Chile.

In Northern Chile, four officials of the Public Health Service were reported in a local newspaper as saying a saucer landed near them and the pilot, told them not to say a word about the landing…

Two of the men were examined about the incident under hypnosis.

Two unidentified flying objects were sighted last month in the tiny town of El Choro, 155 miles south of La Paz, Bolovia, police said.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Both sightings were officially reported to the government by Poopo Province Police Chief German Rocha.

The first object was said to have been seen both by Rocha and the mayor of Choro, Niceforo Leon. Eocha said it was round and illuminated the ground with “a weird colored light.”

UFO Time at Seattle

(The Tulsa Tribune, Tulsa, Oklahoma, July 8, 1968)

SEATTLE (AP)-Nine red lights soared back and forth above Seattle for more than 40 minutes Sunday night, residents said. Thousands of callers swamped civilian and military telephones in the Puget Sound region. The glistening objects far outshone the stars.

Observers said they were clearly visible from the ground, but the federal Air Route Control Center in suburban Auburn and local and military airfields towers could not spot them on radar.

Pilot Rudy Malaspina of suburban Des Moines, said he was flying right below them and they “simply accelerated vertically and flew out of sight.”

Malaspina was flying at 7,000 feet. The Auburn flight center cleared him to drop to 2,200 feet, to pick up a guide marker.

“I could hardly receive the center,” Malaspina said. “Then the center handed me to Boeing tower and I noticed, directly in front of me, nine vertical lights on a collision course.

“Four rockets were fired from these objects. They were not flares. I informed the (Boeing Field) tower:.. “

“There’s a military formation dropping, rockets!” They said they had no knowledge of any military formation in the area.” There were reports that pranksters had attached lighted railroad flares to balloons and sent them aloft. Seattle police accepted this. The military, coast guard and airport towers gave no explanation.

Latin American Reports

(The Seattle Times, July 21, 1968)

By Daniel Drosdoff, United Press International

BUENOS AIRES — If there really are flying, saucers, they don’t restrict themselves to the Northern Hemisphere.

From Mexico to the freezing Antarctic, “objectos volantes no identicados” (unidentified flying objects) have been reported, along with eyewitness accounts of strange beings.

SEPTEMBER, 1968                  11

Reports of flying saucers and saucer-related events have touched off investigations of all kinds in Bolivia, Pern, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile and Argentina – where a mass saucer epidemic has been under way since June.

So many sightings have been reported that an Argentine admiral, Benigmo Varela recently said that the navy would undertake a “statistical study” of serious sightings.” The navy has not been immune from the strange visions. Varela said that detachments manning Argentine, English and Chilean antarctic bases have seen “‘five lights in the sky moving, in the same direction.”

In Argentina, the mysterious intruders at least are friendly. “They’re always very amiable,” said Catolicio Fernandez, a farmer who resides in Mar del Plata.

He stated that his home was visited briefly last mouth by two strange-looking, thin fellows in tight-fitting green suits that had a weird glow.

Fernandez said he was visited by the curious creatures on June 14, the same day that 19-year-old Maria Eladia Pretzel says she saw non-earthly visitors in the town of Villa Carlos Paz, 462 miles northwest of Buenos Aires.

The Bolivian army, troubled enough by encounters with guerrillas, once had to take time out to check out a peasant’s story that an intruding space ship and a “strange creature resembling a man” had blinded his sheep while grazing in a High Andean pasture.

Auckland Radar Tracks UFO

(Auckland Star, Auckland, N.Z., June 8, 1968)

TAURANGA, (P.A.) – An unidentified flying object was tracked by Department of Civil Aviation radar observers in Auckland from Waihi almost as far south as Tauranga on Thursday evening.

The UFO was then seen at 5.05 p.m. by two Tauranga Aero Club members. They observed. a “long white cigar-shaped object” for a few minutes before it disappeared to the south-east.

Rotorua DCA men spoke to the air traffic controller at Tauranga airport about 5.25 p.m. and both airports reported “negative” to inquiries as to whether any aircraft being controlled by them were in the area in which the unidentified “blip” was picked up on the radar screen.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

While it was being tracked by radar the “blip” was moving from Waihi to Tauranga at between 80 and 100 knots. The radar operators reported “cloud clutter” on their sets at the time.

Mr. P. A. Pasalich, a supervisor with the DCA air traffic control section at Auckland, could not confirm the tracking, but said it could have been a routine check.

Mr. Pasalich said birds often caused quite a big blip on the radar screen. An exceptionally large flock could have caused the blip.

Pyramid Secret Chamber

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., July 23, 1968)

CAIRO (UPI)-Preliminary results from a unique experiment to X-ray the giant pyramid of Crephren indicate it may contain a hidden chamber or gallery so far unknown to Egyptologists, scientific sources said today.

The full story may not be known until late next month when a computer presented by IBM to Egypt’s Ein Shams University analyzes all the data produced by the experiment so far, the sources added.

If preliminary readings are confirmed, however, the discovery will rank as a major event in archaeology and a triumph for nuclear-age science in probing the secrets of the Pharaobs, the sources said.

The X-ray experiment is being conducted by a team from the University of California at Berkeley and Ein Shams under the direction of Ein Shams physicist, Dr. F. El Badawi.

The project was conceived by Berkeley physicist Dr. Luis Alverez, who wondered why Chephren’s pyramid, second only to the giant Cheop’s pyramid nearby, appeared to contain only a couple of passages and a room — known as the Belzoni chamber — just at ground level near the center.

To find out he decided to harness the rays of the cosmos. The theory is that areas where most cosmic rays get through should not be as solid as the surrounding area, thus implying empty spaces.

Now with about 40,000 results fed through a local computer, it appears there may be a secret chamber in the pyramid after all.

However, for one physicist, Yasolino is cautious.

“We have about 2,000,000 cosmic ‘events’ to feed into our new computer when it gets here before we’ll know for sure,” he said.

SEPTEMBER, 1968                  13

Poet’s corner

“Into the Stillness”

(At the time of this experience, twenty years ago, I was completely ignorant of metaphysical knowledge. When I related the experience people told me it was a dream. I knew- it was no dream but I could not express its meaning and importance in writing until now. It seemed that I had to gain more knowledge and life experience to better understand it myself. ‘Strange-twenty years later it is rather common to find people who understand and accept it-the philosophy as well as the experience. -Rose.)

Out of the body and into the stillness I was sent,

For knowledge given by the All’s consent.

And there I heard with other ears and saw with other eye,

All … all that is-that no one knowing can deny.

And there I heard the Voice of One who Spoke.

Who’s sound the silence broke, Who’s voice my soul awoke.

Awake! Awake to Wondrous Morning! The sleep of life is past!

And then I knew the trial on earth, by one’s own soul is cast.

Our parents, our shape and looks, the path ahead is known.

And it is by choice, the soul’s own choice, his seed of life is sown.

For in that Other Place we know The Plan of which we are a part,

And we have the strength of knowledge, lending courage to the heart.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The soul has but one desire for it is All… a Part of One,

Yet separate on it’s way to Infinite Goal, the Glory to be won.

While in that Other Place it was given to me to see,

Powerful planets swiftly moving in majesty,

Leaving light in golden particles of all that is to be,

In dark womb of universe, forever full–ripe in mystery.

My earthly ears still faintly hear the celestial music the planets made.

Yet the earthly trial my soul must bare does make the memory fade.

Then superimposed on waves of splendorous universe.

Scenes of life flashed there, the soul emersed

And in sad amazement saw, the ignorance of us all, the ignorance of us all.

The smallness of us all — in All.

The need for light and Truth and Knowledge was known,

To these poor, sad, tiny beings, it must be shown.

And more important than all to me, I knew somehow there had to be,

A way to tell them all the Truth I’d seen. But then — would they believe me?

THERE IS No DEATH, and there is no hell.

Except, that which the record of the soul will tell,

ITSELF. For only it need know.

The seeds of evil it did sow.

How can I tell you? About the experience we call Hell.

It is somehow in knowing ALL, and in knowing the ignorance in which we dwell,

And unashamed we take our torment of mental anguish and emotional pain,

So great it seems to be physical … knowing it will end and the soul will gain.

It is not punishment as such, it is more relief and sorrow.

For there, before the soul’s own eyes, is All, all there is tomorrow.


——— ♦ ———

SEPTEMBER, 1963                  15


(The following items concerning UFOs have been translated by Mrs. Ruth Ilten from the German UFO NACHRICHTEN, editor Karl L. Veit, March, 1968)

The Israeli weekly magazine “Bul” of Jan. 21, 1968 had on its title page a UFO photo with the headlines:

“Visiting Guests out of the cosmos in Israel?”

“Flying Saucers over Beer Sheva (Negev).”

The photographs accompanying the articles were from Alex Birch of England, George Stock, U.S.A., Ing. Gampiero, Italy. A photo belonging to the German language daily paper “Jedioth Hejom” commented: “The mysterious brilliant object that traveled through the sky Sept. 25, 1962, we were able to photograph in Berschewa.” No civilization today can still afford to be negligent about the phenomenon of the appearance of space ships from outer earth.

-K. L. Diet

New Lord Mayor of London UFO Investigator!

“The Flying Saucer Review for Nov./Dec. reported that the new Lord Mayor of London, Sir Gilbert Inglefield, is a well-known UFO Investigator. At their own initiative the celebrated almanac “Who’s Who” added a column about Flying Saucers, written by Sir Gilbert. He is not unknown to readers of the “Review.” Back in 1964 he had an article published in this magazine about Fatima, after he bad thoroughly studied the phenomenon of flying saucers an entire year, taking into special account the historical and transcendental aspects. For large groups and business firms, such as B. Lloyd, he held UFO lectures that were well attended.

But apparently the London “Evening News” had to make a confession on their “official standing” (in addition to being influenced) for they reported on May 9, 1967, that in the latest edition of “Who’s Who” the paragraph on Flying Saucers was omitted. However the paper did not mention by whose initiative the cancellation took place —

– J. r. Jakobi

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Dear Dr. Fry

On April 7th my wife, Mernie, was taken to the hospital with fatal cancer. Prior to this admittance to the hospital we had arranged between us a personal code of “spirit communication.”

Early the morning of April 8th I received the code signal which awakened me. The house was filled with wood smoke, which extended from the ceiling more than half way to the floor. I heard the words in my mind, “I came to save you for the work you have to do.”

I became fully awake and found that the heater stove, with the door partly open, was rapidly filling the house with smoke as the damper was closed.

I would say that although Mernie lay dying in the hospital her spirit came to rescue me at 2:10 A.M. that morning. Though she was dead at S in the morning I feel her spirit was able to save me from suffocation.

Arthur G. Goodier Unit 74

——— ♦ ———

book reviews

Document 66

(Document 66, Frank Martin Chase, Saucerian Books, Box 2228, Clarksburg, W. Va. 26301. $5.00)

Document 66 — A Rationale for Flying Saucers, by Frank Martin Chase, is offered in a paper bound folio 8 x 11, of 125 pages, and is well illustrated with artist’s conceptions of the space vehicles described

SEPTEMBER, 1968                  17

in the text, and with diagrams of the mechanical principles given.

Gray Barker’s introduction to the book suggests that the text may possibly have been written on two levels, the conventional UFO text as well as a deliberate encouragement to read between the lines for untold and unexpressed ideas. Mr. Barker further notes that each reader will need to determine for himself how much is Fact or Fiction.

The book offers many concise descriptions of the best known sightings with a chart indicating the “inexplicable nature” of each case, as well as the “most probably scientific cause.” Presented, also, is much scientific data relative to nuclear power, atmospheric anomalies, plasma and related subjects.

The questions of whether or not the disc-like craft may be man-made and man piloted is thoroughly explored, pro and con. The subject is then related to the matter of supposed government censorship of sighting reports.

The experiences of Rex Bell near a nuclear power plant in 1940 are correlated to incidences in the area 28 years later, with some imaginative, though possible, implications being drawn.

New words such as Zamn and Gazamn, related to power principles, and Cosmo-cybernetics and Cosmocyberloid Beings, new mind stretching concepts, are used and explained. A listing of a few of the chapter slip-titles will indicate the range of topics covered: Zamn Power is Here; Great Eastern Blackout and Its Many – Possible Implications; UFOs and National Economic Problems Seeming Correlations; Can the Dynamical Principles of Disc-Craft be Revealed?; the Oberdorfer-Gurtheman Tale; the Micro-Nuclear Thrust Engine; and the Ten Astonishing Cases of the Little Men.

Until we have met with space beings and examined their craft we are free to postulate on the nature of the UFOs and of their purpose in our heavens. Document 66 offers many such postulates for your consideration.

——— ♦ ———

Keep your own path, don’t hurry to keep up with someone oil their path. If you belong together-the paths will come together.

-Dr. Sue Sikking

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Understanding Annual Meeting

Unit representatives and all members of Understanding are invited to attend the Annual Meeting of Understanding, Inc., which will be held in Merlin, Oregon on October 12 and 13. Details are now being worked upon by the Merlin membership. For information, if you plan to attend, please write to P.O. Box 206.

Understanding Breakthrough Convention

Mrs. Angela Kilsby of San Francisco, Calif., who has directed past Understanding Breakthrough Conventions, announces that she is presently working on another, to be held on October 26 and 27 at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, Calif.

The Convention is termed: “Breakthrough: An Adventure in Understanding Outer and Inner Space. Sponsored by Understanding, Inc., the convention will feature as the opening speaker our own founder and President, Dr. Daniel W. Fry.

The program is not yet finalized but will include some speakers heard last year as well as new personalities and subjects. For a program, when ready, please write to Mrs. Angela Kilsby, 1265 Monterey Blvd., San Francisco, Calif. 94127.

Other Conventions

We remind you once again that the Annual Spacecraft Convention, sponsored by George Van Tassel, will be held at Giant Rock, Yucca Valley, Calif., on the weekend of Sept. 28 and 29.

SEPTEMBER, 1988                  19

The Christian Spiritual Alliance (GSA) will hold its Fall Seminar, at Lakemont, Ga., on the weekend of October 18 through 20.

Cosmic Star Temple

The weekend of July 4 through 7 an Open House was held at the Cosmic Star Temple in Grants Pass. Reverend Violet Gilbert thus announced the opening of another New Age Center, under a separate charter from that of the Rainbow Temple, which will continue its operations in Santa Barbara as before.

For information as to meetings, classes and spiritual services you may write to Rev. Gilbert at 1020 N.W. Washington Blvd., Grants Pass, Ore. 97526.

An Error Corrected

In listing the Officers of Unit 37 of Buffalo, N.Y., an error was made, and we apologize. Please change your records to read: UFO Chairman, Paul R. Weast, and Ambassador of Public Relation, Norman W. Weiss.

On July 14th 50 members of the Unit gathered at the home of Cora and Tony Prantner for a picnic, complete with entertainment. The Unit plans an exciting fall program.

Officers Announced

From the President of our latest Understanding Unit 78 of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has come the list of Officers: President, Mrs. Shirley H. Lewis (316 Utah Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33313) ; Vice-President, Dave Bent; Secretary, Alice Al. Keighly; and Treasurer, Betty Hammond.

The Unit is to be called “The Cosmic Club of Understanding.” Our congratulations to another group of servers in Understanding.

Louise and Joseph Busby

Louise and Joseph Busby, founders of the Spiritual Unity of Nations (SUNT), will be presented by Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, of Understanding, Inc., at 2:30 P.M. Saturday, October 5th, at the California Hotel, San Bernardino, Calif. Louise Busby will speak on “The Esoteric Significance of Color,” and Joseph Busby will lecture on “The Visions of Things to Come.”

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Both lectures will be held on the same afternoon and will be followed by a question and answer period.

Southern California Understanding Library

Mrs. Esther Ellsworth has fitted her home to include an Understanding Library for the use of interested persons in the desert area, and for others who may wish to borrow books by mail. Mrs. Ellsworth has included her personal Library together with donations from many friends. Understanding Membership and Subscription are the basis for borrowing books, with a small fee for overdue volumes.

Please write Mrs.  Ellsworth P.O. Box 626, Morongo Valley, Calif. 92256, for Library hours.


6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

PEACE REQUIRES ESPERANTO. Text, record loaned Free, Esperanto Library Dept. USI, Middleton, Wis. 53562.

YOUR NEW AGE PRIMER from Flying Saucers as “signs” to mystery teachings of Life Hereafter. Send $1.00 to Dave Bent, Box 766, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33302.

SPECIAL OFFER: L. L. Castetter, Director, Inst. of Human Engineering, 3680 E. Fall Ck. Pky., Indianapolis, Ind. 46205, will send you “Research in Personality Development,” 220 pages — “Symposium on Education,” 125 pages “Approach to Spiritual Science,” 36 pages, for $2. Retail value $4. Write for descriptive literature.

BOOKS by Rev. Violet Gilbert-MY TRIP TO VENUS, account of physical body visit to Venus in 1939, $3.15. PENTAGRAM MEDITATION, instructions to tap, channel and direct the powers of the Christ Consciousness, $10.50. COSMIC STAR TEMPLE, P. O. Box 1433, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526.

UNDERSTANDING writer, teacher, researcher will help prepare your book, articles, stories. Rates, or swap. Iris Buaken, P. O. Box 1523, Casper, Wyoming 82601.

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1958 through 1964   $1.00

1965 through 1967   $2.00

Please add 15 cents per volume for mailing charges

Understanding, Inc.

P. 0. Box 206

Merlin, Ore. 97532


The knowledge of life and everything pertaining thereto. It establishes the basic Laws that govern Physical, Mental and Spiritual Manifestations.


Volume I         (physical)        $2.75


Volume 2        (mental)          $2.75


Volume 3        (spiritual)        $2.75

Humanity Benefactor Foundation

2011 Park Avenue

Detroit, Michigan 48226.


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                      $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Hardbound-New Edition-$3.95

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

Merlin Publishing Company

P. O. Box 105

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Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inc is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

Welcome to the Understanding family!


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