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VOLUME XIII                               JUNE, 1968                                                NUMBER 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


As the Viet ‘Nam peace talks begin in Paris, some of the most vicious and deadly fighting of the entire war is erupting in many parts of South Viet Nam.

The communist leaders, apparently fooled by their own propaganda, their own wishful thinking and most of all by the wide publicity given to the relatively small percentage of dissenters in the United States, seem to feel that they are upon the verge of total victory in Viet Nam, and that a few successes in the area of combat will complete the rout of the Americans and their allies! The North Vietnamese military leaders are determined, therefore, to achieve these successes, even if it means the loss of every man under their command.

In the communist philosophy there are two principal tools through which the total area of communist domination is constantly increased. The simplest and most preferred of these is plain military force. It is used whenever and whenever the existing conditions seem favorable for a quick takeover. If military force seems impractical at the moment, the second tool which consists of a combination of subversion and propaganda is brought into use. (In the takeover of most of the small countries which have been seized

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

lay the communist machine, a certain amount of subversion and propaganda is, of course, necessary to set the stage for the military conquest, and to create the excuses for which it is justified.)

If simple military force is unsuccessful or if the military position becomes untenable for any reason, then the primary effort will he shifted to subversion and propaganda. In the coming months there-fore, while the `peace’ talks are trudging their dreary way through the Deadlines of the World Press, and polluting the air waves with their fantastic nonsense, it should be remembered that, to a communist, a propaganda claim, no matter how obviously false and ridiculous it may be, is just as much a tool of warfare as a bullet or a bomb. To the North Vietnamese the Paris `peace table’ is just one more battleground upon which their secondary weapons of subversion and propaganda can he most effectively employed.

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According to Maharishi Mehesh Yogi, disciple of the Hindu spiritual leader, Guru Dev, if the meditative way of life were adopted by even 10% of the world’s population “the atmosphere would be so cleared of tension that continued peace would be assured.”

Maharishi is the founder of a world wide Spiritual Regeneration movement. Ten years ago lie dedicated himself to a public ministry — the teaching of the art of meditation to peoples around the world. This ministry will be completed in 1968 when Maharishi will retire, once more, to his mountain retreat in India.

Meditation techniques, of which Maharishi is popularizing a particular one, are many, and as old as man’s search for the meaning, of life. However, in the past, many spiritual teachings and practices were secret, available only to select initiates, whereas today such information is being made readily available to all seekers of Truth.

The “Great Sage” holds that the technique of “joyous realization” achieved during meditation is common to all religions, and thus his disciples need not renounce any faith nor philosophy presently held. Meditation merely enlarges the meaningfulness of the religion or philosophy. Since the practice is not an intellectual

JUNE, 1968                                 3

exercise Maharishi maintains that it can be taught in fifteen minutes and lead to the realization of man’s “own inner source of thought and creative energy and joy,” As a personal aid to his disciples Maharishi offers an individual mantram, attuned to the vibrations of the student, which enhances the meditative silence.

With a contagious warmth and joy of personality, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is the living example of the teaching he proffers. He thus influences his students and audiences everywhere to seek out the source of life so lived, a life in which the “inner self” is attuned to the outer.” He has lectured at some 70 colleges in the United States and has captured the minds and hearts of the youth of today who are, in various ways, seeking to understand themselves and the world situations in which they are placed. Among his 250,000 adherents are thousands and thousands of young people who confirm the value of the meditative practice in their personal lives and in their relations to others.

Meditation is a spiritual rather than an emotional experience. It is considered a “non-chemical turn in” which results in the immediate release of tensions, a peace and stillness of body, mind and spirit. Each individual experience is unique and indescribable, yet there are no so-called “bad trips.” The goal is an expanded consciousness and greater awareness without physical harm.

Unlike the “hippie” philosophy which loads to a drop-out, from society, Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation leads to more dynamic living as a result of the integration of inner and outer lives. His followers attest to having developed a keels awareness of the Self, related to all life, and answers to the question: What does it mean, in the fullest sense, to be a human being?

Maharishi recommends gradually increasing doses of daily meditation to achieve

1. The unfoldment of full mental potentiality;

2. The development of Bliss Consciousness; and

3. The integration of personality.

World conditions will change only as we change. Although most of us will miss the personal inspiration of this great teacher, we can institute our own search for the rewards ascribed to Meditation. Many excellent books have been written on some 60 different techniques, one of which surely- fits our particular nature.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Are we, willing to instigate a search for the much desired “inner peace” strictly- for personal reasons and thus contribute simultaneously to “outer peace?” A few minutes of personal stillness, morning and night, could bring unexpected joyous rewards to us, and to the world as well?

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According to John Randolph, staff writer to the Los Angeles Times, a new use has been found for “Divining Rods” — to locate spots under the surface of the earth. In his article of March 24th, in the L.A. Times, Mr. Randolph report., on the use of “dowsing” by U. S. Marines in Khe Sanh, as follows:

Science has no explanation for it, but the U.S. Marines have been using something very close to magic to help their defense of Khe Sanh in northwestern South Vietnam.

The strange part is that it seems to work. To be exact, it hasn’t yet worked the way the marines hope to use it, but it does seem ready and able to do the job.

This technique is the use of divining rods, often known as “dowsing” or “witching.”

It has long been a popular folk method for locating likely places to dig water wells.

The marines hope to use it to locate any tunnels the enemy might be burrowing into Khe Sanh. So far, they have not discovered any proven cases of enemy burrowing, but they located hollow spots, and incidentally have made divining rods almost a respectable subject.

There are several types of divining rods. The marines use two slender metal rods, bent at right angles, one side about two and a half feet long and the other only about six to eight inches. The dimensions are not critical, and almost any kind of metal is supposed to work. The ones used at Khe Sanh are bent from brazing rods.

The operator loosely holds one in each hand by the short end, pointing the long ends forward like a pair of horse pistols, hands held motionless close to the center of his body. Then he walks forward.

JUNE. 1968                                 5

When he passes over a hollow spot, the ends of the rods are supposed to swing inward until they cross each other-sometimes continuing to turn until they point almost to the sides at nearly right angles to their original position.

Do they really work?

By the ordinary evidence of eye, brain and camera, the answer is yes — they do work. Whether they would detect a Viet Cong tunnel I cannot say, but I saw the rods cross four or five times when Staff Sgt. Jesse McCormick, 26, of San Francisco walked repeatedly across a small culvert under one of Khe Santi’s dusty roads.

More surprisingly, they worked equally well for me three times in a row when McCormick handed the rods over and said -Try it yourself.”

Deeply skeptical even after seeing his performance, l took the two rods, held them generally forward and marched down the road over the culvert, holding my hands absolutely steady. Sure enough, just as I got to it each rod tugged a bit-like a fish biting-and then without the least arm, hand or finger movement on my part, developed a noticeable turning force and swung inward with enough energy to become almost parallel–a turn of at least 70 degrees for each rod.

I tried it twice more, closing my eyes and shuffling about so that I could not tell when I reached the culvert. Both times the rods tool: over and swung just as I passed over it. The tug was unmistakable-it must have involved ounces of force since nothing less would have turned the rods in my hands.

“I know how you feel,” Sgt. McCormick said.  “I felt the same way the first time. Now I just go ahead and do it.”

I gave the rods back to McCormick, stood in front of him, and backing away, shot 16 rapid-fire pictures as he moved forward with the rods gradually crossing. They also show his hands held steady — a big seal ring on his left hand pointing straight ahead throughout.

What causes the effect? There is a lot of talk about psychic power, magnetism and electromagnetic currents. But modern science permits little faith in psychic powers. As for magnetism, a brazing rod, being made of copper and tin, lacks magnetic properties. Too many people have seen and experienced the effect to doubt its reality. But what the force really is remains a mystery.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The marines couldn’t care less about the theory. Tile method demonstrably locates hollow spots under the earth, and since Viet Con tunnels are hollow spots under the earth. divining rods are legitimate devices for locating such tunnels.

“We’re not as superstitious as you might think,” explained Lt. Col. James B. Wilkinson. “They experimented with divining rods at the Marine Corps Development Center at Quantico, Va., in 1964 and 1965. The rods aren’t issued to us officially, but the technique was written up and it’s something we’re perfectly free to try and use if it works — or  we feel it will work. The battalion had good results with them south of Da Nang last year before I arrived, so it was only natural to try them here.”

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What is it we all seek? Is it a life of ease? Is it a normal healthy environment? Is it riches in terms of monetary values? Is it always to be at the head? No-all men seek that which they know not of, but in seeking unknowingly they find. It may he a long hard road for some, with many set-backs, but they must find, for this is a law of order, and providence has seen fit to give to all men this chance to seek find to find.

To know what you are seeking would take the fun out of the excursion, for we all must have something that is above and beyond our own scope of understanding in order to keep the natural mind alive, for to search is Life. Nothing pertaining to life can be separated from this fact. When in our young years, we play with our toys, games of soldiering, house, or doctor, we are reliving those things which we seek to find. And in playing the game we find, for experience is the only path to enlightenment. You can not know that which you have not experienced. Whether it be the toddler trying his lungs or the infirmed, groping for stability on limbs grown old with age, there are in these acts, a seeking and experiencing which is necessary.

To place all experiences into categories of right and wrong is non-sense. All acts, no matter the right or wrong involved are good,

JUNE, 1963                                 7

if they are followed with a new understanding of how that particular experience effected you, for to understand yourself is the greatest thing there is to learn. By obliging; to those acts which help to make of you a larger  hearted person, for the choice was yours and you met the challenge is either your loss or gain.

Never fear your own capacity to judge yourself honestly, for you alone know your strengths and weaknesses better than any of your contemporaries. To ask of them is to receive those answers tied to their own emotional makeup and may create more problems than you had before. Asking is always good in that it brings about thought, but the answers must be weighed in your own mind, to the degree that you feel that they are objective and without ulterior motives. Man is his own best teacher in the beginning of the search for self.

L. G. Morton

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Aspiration without action bears no fruit. If you hold, in a world overshadowed by misunderstanding, that peace will come through understanding, then you are invited to actively create this climate of understanding.

The effort required is minimal and you call “work” at home, on your own hours. But, as you join with thousands like you in this endeavor you will be helping to break down the superficial harriers that separate men simply because they are not near neighbors. Your contribution is simply a letter, now and again, to someone in an-other country. You set our own pace, perhaps only one international correspondent, perhaps a dozen, perhaps more. Experience indicates that once started on such personal correspondence a genuine and rewarding friendship results and the urge to share with others grows.

How long will it take? How long does it take to write a letter-half an hour? an hour? How much will it cost? A thirteen cent. Air Letter (without enclosures) will carry your offer of friendship anywhere in the world. How do you start? A few words of greeting, a few facts about yourself, your family, your city, your job,

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

a few questions and file silent communication is begun; thereafter letters will flow quite naturally as two people begin to share lives, hopes, ideas and experiences.

To encourage you to take the first step we offer some encouraging notes from those who already serve international good will and understanding through the mails.

A friend writes that ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt urges the people of the united States to follow file “Good Neighbor Policy” she has been writing to people in other lands, and sending them American magazines as well. Letters to and from India eventually led to a visit from the Indian friend which furthered personal understanding and friendship.

“Letters Abroad,” founded as a pen friend organization, has recently issued its Report for 1967 which notes that since its inception in 1952 it has started 799,270 persons, here and abroad, upon an exchange of personal letters to promote good will and understanding.

Happy correspondents write enthusiastically of their letter writing experiences.

“My friends on three continents are acquainting me with their customs, religions and cultures. I am gaining a new and better insight into how other people live, feel and think.”

“It is something to have to have someone ask explanations of our Hallowe’en and Arbor Day.”

“Through your program I have made some of the best friends I have ever had, and learned a lot about the world, gained a deeper conviction that the people are not anywhere absolutely different from myself.”

We invite you to add new interest and depth to your owl life while contributing to one of the prime objectives of Understanding, Inc.  To promote a better understanding among all peoples of earth.

For names and addresses you may write to Understanding’s own Friendship by Mail Chairman, Mrs. Dorothy Knowles (12020 68th Avenue South, Seattle, Wash. 99178) or to Letters Abroad (18 E. 60th St., New York, N.Y. 10022).

Why not do it today?

JUNE, 1968                                 9


On the Fourth of July, 1965, the newspapers in France contained strange headlines. There had been a mysterious object sighted in south-eastern France, and even more …

It had started with a strange high-toned whirring noise.

It was July 2, 1965, at five o’clock in the morning. Maurice Masse, a French farmer, was walking in the open countryside towards his field near the little town of Valensole. Masse stopped and listened. The noise was coming from his field — from behind a knoll in the ground that lay before him. He walked slowly around the rise in the ground, the whistling noise growing louder in his ears. And then there it lay before hint-only a hundred feet away — a strange object like Masse had never before seen in his life. It was shaped somewhat like a football and was posed on a cylindrical tube. Four thin. legs protruded downwards  to the earth as if to balance the object on the central tube. And there-standing on the ground beside the object-was a man. Or at least it had the form of a man, but it was dwarflike, no bigger than an eight year old boy and it. was wearing a kind of suit. Inside the object Masse could see another one of these “men.” Suddenly the one on the ground spotted Masse. It immediately jumped inside the object and a door slid shut behind it. The object. took off and was gone in a fraction of a second. There was no smoke-only the ever-present whirring sound. Where the object had stood the ground had turned to mud. Then slowly this mud became as hard as concrete. A hole eight inches wide and twenty inches deep was left where the object had been posed on the cylinder. Traces of the four balancing legs were in the ground.  Who were these “men” and what was this object in which they journeyed’? Was the object a simple helicopter as insisted the French Army upon hearing of the incident? It appears that the story must join the ever-growing list of unexplainable phenomena. Concerning UFOs.

(Sources of information: L’Alsace, 4 July 1965 edition, a newspaper published in Strasbourg, France, Nord Matin, 4 and 5 July 1965 edition. published in Lille, France.)

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Australian Sighting

(Auckland Star, Auckland, New Zealand, Nov. 17, 1967)

PERTH (W. Australia) -. Farm manager Alan Pool (43) has a tale to tell-a flying saucer landed in a paddock beside his Land Rover on Wednesday night, he says. But as he stepped out to examine it at Yericoyn, 99 miles north of Perth, it “took off like a rocket.”

He told police it was circular, about 15 to 20 ft. across and about the same height as his vehicle. It stopped so close to his vehicle he barely had room to open his door.

Mr. Pool said: “I was near enough to touch it, before it took off in a flash.”

As he tells his story. He was driving, slowly looking for sheep about 6:30 p.m. when he heard “a whine like an electric motor at high speed.”

He added: “I looked up and saw this thing coming straight at me. It was about 400 to 500 ft. up and about half a mile away when I first saw it and it seemed to be coming in to land.”

He stopped his vehicle and the saucer – shaped object stopped right alongside it.

Mr. Pool said: ”It was flat on the bottom and dome-shaped on top just like an up-turned bowl or saucer. It appeared to be made of a metal which was of a smoky-grey color.

`’There were no lights from it, but there were porthole-like windows around it and there seemed to be something like a cabin in the front. I couldn’t see inside it.”

His only confirmation: At the time this was happening, said Mrs. Pool, his wife inside the house noticed the picture on their TV set was rolling.

Mars Life Forms Sought

(Sunday Star – Ledger, Newark, J.J., April 21, 1968)

WASHINGTON (UPI) — Scientists investigating the possibility of life on Mars are sprouting myriads of living organisms found

JUNE, 1968                                 11

in soils taken froth earth’s most barren region, the ice desert of Antarctica.

Results to date, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration  (NASA ) reported Saturday, indicate that. if Mars hats a subsurface permafrost layer-as most scientists believe-it may well harbor primitive life.

The study of Antarctic soil samples is being conducted in a walk-in deep freezer at the Jet Propulsion laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. The project is sponsored by NASA and the National science foundation to lean what kind of tiny organisms live in extreme cold.

The soil samples, more than a ton of them, came from high dry valleys near the U.S. McMurdo base. They were taken from the surface and at depths down to two feet in. the icy permafrost.

Softie of the soil bacteria found in the frozen layers are quite ancient,” NASA reported. It is as through they lead been preserved, like food in a kitchen freezer.

Oxygen from Vending Machines (Abstract from National Enquirer, April 14, 1968) Reportedly the air over Tokyo is three timers as dirty as it was a year ago, and the pollution increases, particularly as 100,000 cars are added to traffic yearly.

Oxygen vending machines have been installed in public places, hotels, police boxes, and plans are being made to place machines in schools and department stores. The need for the oxygen is greater for taxi drivers and policemen who must breathe the fumes of traffic. The Police Health Maintenance Officer cautions the general public, however, that unless they must stand at busy intersections they do not need these extra wiffs of oxygen, which, incidentally, sell for about 14c a minute.

Sonic Booms

(Sunday Star, Washington, D.C., Dec. 24, 1967)

Interior Secretary Udall has done a good thing in asking a group of distinguished scientists to investigate the noise “pollution” likely to be caused by the prospective supersonic transport plane. This marvel in the making, which is expected to fly about 1,800 miles an hour, seems in some ways more a threat than a promise-

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

an example, perhaps, of the monstrous kind of progress that mankind might (if) well to repress.

Mr. Udall is particularly concerned with the sonic boom . . . Will it destroy our domestic tranquility with a rain of decibels so terrible and deafening as to be absolutely intolerable’ And what about its effect on wildlife and other natural resources, including the simple peace of mind that so many of us seek . .. ‘

These are not idle questions. The parcel has a lot to look into …

Protein to Raise I.Q.

By Ronald Kotulak, Chicago Tribune Press Service

ATLANTIC CITY – Nutritional scientists are attempting to raise the intelligence level of a community of morons in Columbia as much as 30 points by feeding the residents an enriched candy, it was reported today.

“We expect that we will be able to raise the T. Q. level of these people who are both mentally and physically stunted because of poor nutritional diets” said Dr. Herman Velez, head of the nutrition section at Antoquira university in Medellin, Columbia.

For more than a gear and a half scientists from South America and others from Tufts university in Boston have been enriching a native sugar cane candy by adding proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

The village, called Heliconia, is 250 miles west of Bogota. It 5,000 residents are considered at the moronic level because 5 per cent of the children younger than 14 were found to have an I.Q. below 80 when they were tested two years ago.

“To these people, being a functional moron is normal because almost everyone else in the village is also a moron,” said Dr. Joseph Vitale, a clinical nutritionist at Tufts.

The normal diet of these people – beans, rice, and potatoes-contains less than half the protein needed for normal development. As a result, the average I.Q. is 30 to 35 paints below that of South Americans who get sufficient. nutrition.

Velez said the children were tested recently to determine whether the supplemented diet has increased their I.Q.. The results are now being processed by a computer.

“We anticipate that their I. Q. levels will be higher as a result

JUNE, 1968                                 13

of the enriched diet,” Dr. Velez said. “But the mental and physical retardation we have found here probably exists in other communities around the world where the residents have bad nutrition.”

Velez said that up to the age of one the children show an I.Q. in the normal range from 90 to 110. As the poor diet takes its toll, the I.Q. begins dropping. The beneficial diet probably will have its greatest impact on children not yet 2 years old.

The proteins and other nutrients added to the candy cost 2 or 3 cents a day per villager. The project is being supported by Up john International, a pharmaceutical company.

——— ♦ ———


“I just, encountered a being from earth! He was alone. He was not afraid of me. I was able to understand his language. I became so uneasy, after listening to him for a short time, that I departed. I shall never go near there again. The superstitious beliefs of these creatures are incredible! Or else, the one I met was crazy. It makes me shiver to think of some of the things he said, but I must tell you a little, in case one of our beings should happen there again, You must warn them not to go there.

“Do you know what he believes? . . . He showed me a pinch of tiny brown specks. He had some magic hocus-pocus-let’s see, I think he said he mixed them with the stuff of the planet, and poured some sparkly liquid on them now and then, and he claimed that a growth would arise from them, thousands of times lamer than the specks and would furnish the fuel he uses to keep moving, or some-times produce something beautiful to look at. (He called them `vegetables and flowers,’ I think it was; but by this time I was distracted by thinking how best to get away without offending him.)

“I told him noticing about us. I did not want him to have any knowledge of me. Also-please do not look at me like that! — he claimed that in many places, thousands of miles distant, creatures were making sounds and cavorting about-that the sights and sounds of all these creatures and places are present at all tunes in his shelter-that he had two boxes, one called a radio, the other a television. that can pick out any of the sound, and sights at his will

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

simply by turning knobs and punching buttons! … No, don’t say it! I’ll quit! (Well, there is more I really should tell you.) “There are other boxes, he says, called computers, that imitate the brain and figure out things; and another imitation, called a telephone, by which creatures separated by many miles can carry on a conversation. They use things for this! When I asked him why earth creatures did not use their brains for drinking and communicating, he stared at me as though there was something wrong with me-then laughed–laughed, mind you!”

“Then, patiently, as though I might be too stupid to understand, he told me that from the beginnings of mankind, there had been those who had tried to look beyond earth for answers. In many lands and there are many separate creatures (he called them ‘peoples’) on earth, none of them getting along well with any of the other men lead appeared many times to help people find truths greater and more real than those they knew. But men were always so busy finding ways to make better shelters and boxes and other things from earth stuff that they seldom took time to pay much attention. and it didn’t take long for some creatures to twist the teachings s of the great men to gain power and to make other creatures do as they did and believe as they believed. So-do you know what he told me? You will never guess. After all those crazy things he told me, that he trial to make me believe, he said people had mostly stopped looking for such answers. They- are all busy making better boxes to take the place of their own powers, so most creatures take others’ word for what is true, without caring much ; or they say nothing is true that they cannot see or hear.

“He went on that he didn’t, have time for anything he couldn’t figure out in a hurry, right now; besides, his being there at all must be an accident; he. didn’t have time to worry about unimportant doings. He couldn’t begin to explain how these specks knew how to become what he called flowers, but he told me, who could waste time thinking there might a power higher than him, if he couldn’t see it or hear it?

“All right, all right! I’ll go. I knew I shouldn’t have told you any of this. You will never trust me again, will you? I’m going , Contributed

JUNE. 1968                                 15

book reviews

Pharaoh’s Pump

(By Edward J. Kunkel, Peg’s Print Shop, 347 South Main Street, Columbiana. Ohio. $2.00)

The idea that the ancient Egyptians used a water pump to build a pyramid began to develop in the mind of the author in the early thirties, following attendance at a lecture on Egypt. Kunkel Became fascinated with the ancient’s ability to move masses … especially the temple door at Karnak . . . a door weighing eighty tons, suspended on two pivots about the size of bowling balls. Listing seven methods by which tremendous mass could be moved, the author eliminated the first six … leaving only one-water.

Taking pencil in hand, he made drawings showing ways by which water could be so used, and was struck by the similarity of his drawings to structural details of what has been thought to be Egyptian Temples, the Pyramids and to the Sphinx.

This book then deals with the measurements and placement of the various pyramidal chambers, plus other known details of these structures, and shows how Kunkel arrives at logical deductions concerning their use as Hydraulic Water Pumps, utilizing the water of the River Nile. Kunkel’s arguments are not only convincing, but the book is full of explanatory sketches in addition to pictures of a working model Kunkel himself designed, built and demonstrated to prove his theory.

Especially interesting, is his reference to Hieroglyphics found

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

on various Egyptian monuments which, although previously translated, has left authorities in the dark as to their original intent. In the light of Kunkel’s theory, these Hieroglyphics would seem to be instructions for working the pump, and seem to further confirm the ideas of the author. As an example, a club would mean a force or control. In other words, a “handle.” All inverted “Y” would mean “Push Upward” . . . a flat oval-like reversed capital “C”‘ means an enclosed place … a fish means “water” . . . a cloak means “cold” . . . and so on.

All in all … Pharaoh’s Pump is thought-provoking and-for anyone with all open mind – definitely recommended reading.

-Amy Bateman


(From Pensces, by Richard Spacek, Oomoto, Japan. Jan.-Feb. 1968)

People without their own point of view are easily convinced to believe and do anything, which is said or ordered to them, be it good or bad, harmful to themselves. They just execute or broadcast it, defend as the best truth, as something desirable- humanly noble –needy…

When we can help someone to think more independently, that’s a real help. true joy, really- worthy service.

Material help can be welcome, but inner values are first of all needy, necessary, beneficial to every human being with no exception. At the beginning of my public work some people were saying: “There are so many unemployed who need first of all material food, clothing, money to pay the rent… How can you dare to lecture about mere thoughts, which are useless to them, at which they must laugh quite bitterly? Procure them the material things-and then they will listen to your ideal thoughts- else it will be an open mockery.”

This happened some decades ago, but I answered “Creative thoughts are the motive power of life. Every man’s way of life and conditions are the result of his own thinking. Through his right thoughts he call challenge any kind of harm or public evil. Material help is only of temporary importance. Every man must breathe

JUNE, 1968                                 17

with his own lungs — every man must try to think according to his inborn nature-his endowments . . .

Only then he is evolving healthily – is somehow capable and worthy to the whole this is my firm belief. In this way I myself am evolving, solving all so called “problems”-“difficulties” – “hard luck,” etc. People without self-respect and human dignity can not be really helped by mere money-deeds of charity . . .

——— ♦ ———


Dear Friends:

I am very pleased to inform you that I am one of the 45 students -who have been selected from the various universities and colleges throughout the nation to attend the United Nations conference in New York in June, and to attend the summer seminar of the Institute of World Affairs in July & August. The Institute has awarded me a full scholarship to cover my expenses for tuition and for room and board while I am in New York, but it does not cover the cost of getting there.

Since I have no outside income, and since the few dollars which I can earn after classes here at Sacramento State College are scarcely enough for bare subsistence, I have no way to obtain the money necessary for the trip.

It is hard for me to ask for help, slut some help is necessary if I am to make use of the great opportunity which has been offered to me to learn and to work for World Peace through Understanding. There is not much that I call give in return at the present time except my love and my deep appreciation.

I want very much to tell all of you about the work which I have been doing, my dreams for the true peace of the world, and the rich experience that I will gain at the seminar as your servant to serve for humanity. If anyone is willing to assist me in any way in getting to New York ill June, please write to me at the following address

Watana Keovimol, Secretary-General,

Collegiate Council for the United Nations

2438 2nd Ave., Sacramento, Calif. 95818.

Telephone 456-9989

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

bulletin board

Another Understandorama

Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Esther Ellsworth the second of a series of Understandorama programs, for the high desert area, was held at the Golden Alters Hall in Morongo Valley, Calif., the afternoon of May 5th.

Mr. Robert Crichton, originator of the Understandorama, introduced the speakers which included Col. A. J. Burls, Riley H. Crabb, Fred Kimball and Dr. Fred Andrews. ‘Music was provided by Major Frank Matheny and Elsie Gardes.

Another Understandorama is in the planning stages now for the .Santa Ana area. Please write Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, P.O. Box 626, Morongo Valley, Calif. 92256, for further information.

New Officers for San Francisco Unit

Congratulations are in order for the newly elected officers of Unit 11, San Francisco, Calif.

Officers elected in April include: President, Mr. Dale Hudson (239 Flood Ave., S.F. 94112) Secretary-Treasurer, Bertha Bollman; Recording Secretary, Cynthis McKercher, and Membership Chairman, Margaret Stone.

Eastern Seminar

The Christian Spiritual Alliance, better known as C.S.A is sponsoring an 8 day Summer Seminar, June 30th to July 7th, at Lakemont, Ga. 30552.

JUNE, 1968                                 19

Northwest Convention Dates

Word has been received of two New Age Conventions to be held in the Pacific Northwest, one in Seattle, Washington, the other, Portland, Oregon.

The Western States Union Convention will be held June 21-23 at the Women’s Center Club Theater, 8117 Roy St., Seattle. It is sponsored by the New Age Fellowship, Inc., and Universarium Foundation, Inc., 3620 S, E. 84th Avenue, Portland, Ore. 97266.

For further details and programs please write directly to the sponsors.

New Unit President

Congratulations are in order for the new President of our Unit 74, Myrtle Creek, Oregon–Mrs. Irene Meade (P.O. Box 773, Myrtle Creek, Ore. 97457).

Mrs. Meade is presently working on a full public lecture program to be sponsored by the Unit, directed particularly toward spreading the facts about UFOs.

Unit 26, Eugene, Oregon

Dr. Olin Byerly, President of Understanding Unit 26 of Eugene, Oregon, announces that the monthly meetings are held the 2nd Friday of each month, at the “Friendly House,” except when special speakers are scheduled.

If you wish to be on the Unit mailing list please contact Dr. Olin Byerly at 4411 River Road, Eugene, Ore. 97401.

Alan’s Message

From Mr. Don McIntosh of Richland, Washington, Understanding has received about 50 placards (8 by 8-1/4 inches) suitable for framing. The attractively printed cards read: It is Easier to Ridicule than to Investigate, but it can never be as Profitable. – Alan, From Outer Space, to Men On Earth.

These placards are offered to our membership for merely the cost of handling and mailing. Send your request to P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Ore. 97532.

Phenomena 7.7

There is  a possibility that Dr. Frank E. Stranges will tour the

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Pacific Northwest in June with his movie Phenomena 7.7. Please check with your Understanding Units in Merlin, Myrtle Creek and Eugene, Oregon, or with your New Age Group in other areas, for time and place.

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How prepared are we morally and spiritually for an encounter with the inhabitants who dwell in other parts of this vast universe? As business men, might we not wish to stake out claims to their property? As nationalists, might we not try to raise our flag on newly discovered planets! As salesmen, might we not desire to sell earth – created produce.’

The conquest of space brings with it the necessity for a revaluation of our beliefs. If we are to live in the greater universe, we must rid ourselves of earthly provincialisms and terrestrial manner:. The confraternity of the cosmos has its own ideals and standards.

-The Common Good (Vol. 2, No. 1, May, 1961)

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PEACE REQUIRES ESPERANTO, Test, record loaned Free, Esperanto Library Dept. USI, Middleton, Wis. 53562.

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Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inc is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

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