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VOLUME XIII                               MAY, 1968                                                  NUMBER 5

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Your editor has postponed for several days, the writing of this editorial because there seemed to he no current event which called for editorial comment. The tragic death of Martin Luther King has been covered so often and from so many aspects that there is little left to be said, except perhaps that his death as a martyr has brought more fame to himself and more sympathy to his cause than he could otherwise have attained if he had lived to he a hundred.

The war news from Vietnam has been just another carbon copy of the news which has been emerging from that area for the last three years, with the sole exception of the current hassle over the site of a meeting place to talk about the possibility of a meeting to talk about the possibility of a temporary cease-fire, so that eventually there might be a meeting where talk about. peace might begin. The hassle over the site of the meeting will probably go on for some time, and will undoubtedly be followed by an even larger squabble over the agenda. Even though the sole purpose of the meeting is to talk over the possibility of another meeting, the communists will, of course, use it as a world wide sounding board for their tired and shopworn propaganda, and the U.S. representatives in their usual

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

indignation over these tactics, will, as usual, miss out completely on their equal opportunity to do likewise.

The military leaders of both North and South Vietnam are beginning to brace themselves against what may prove to be the gravest crisis of the war: the fact that, unless carefully nurtured and stimulated, it might end at any moment, and leave them without a job. The South Vietnamese Cabinet has, however, expressed its position as one of “cautious optimism,” which simply means that it is well aware of the fact that Uncle Sam is still signing three year military construction contracts in South Vietnam, and is preparing to send even more troops.

There is also the well known fact that communist philosophy- will not hermit negotiation until all efforts at direct action have failed, and it is unlikely that tile North Vietnamese have yet reached the point where they would be willing to enter into any genuine negotiations. When this time does arrive it will he glad and wonderful news, but in the meantime the old saw that “no news is good news will probably remain valid.

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There is, it appears, an inordinate amount of hatred in the world today, and since hate can produce destructive actions and deplorable conditions, it is logical that people of good intent would wish to overcome it.

Irate is an intense aversion; dislike that has flared into a passionate obsession. A large part of today’s hatred is class hate, or racial hate-a group or collective form of hate which has been incited and inflamed by aggressive leaders who, for personal motives, arouse popular dissatisfactions into an attacking force against those pictured as enemies. When intense hatred erects a human image for its antagonisms it becomes destructive.

But violence has never yet solved a sociological or economic problem. It merely creates new and often more serious problems. It is well for people who participate in group activities, or those who feel strongly about current social situations to guard themselves against the tensions generated by mob emotionalisms.

Before we can properly understand our subject we first must

MAY, 1968                                   3

recognize the fact that is the individual who hates. If this destructive emotion is to be restrained it rests with the individual to control it in himself.

Strange to say, hate is not included in the list of the “seven deadly sins.” But anger, envy, and covetousness are there, and these emotions can engender hate. Hate is closer- related also to jealousy, resentment, and fear: it is natural to feel an animosity toward anyone who excites such feelings.

Therefore, to reduce hate to impotence, one needs look to see what other emotion accompanies it. In short, in admission of hate of another person calls for careful self-analysis.

Sometimes qualities of personality in others that repel us are unadmitted faults of which we ourselves are guilty. Or, in some cases, when resentment or hate flares up towards someone, we are actually hating ourselves for some reasons or other. Just as, when we are especially pleased with ourselves, we usually feel kindly towards everyone else.

When, of if, it feeling of hate is aroused, it is better to admit than deny it to oneself. But to dwell upon the real or imagined slights or discontents that produced the hate so that it completely possesses you call be dangerous  more so to yourself than to that which you hate. Even more threatening is the hate that, because of a guilty feeling about it. becomes hurled in the subconscious, for this ]late can cause physical disease. Intense hatred borders upon mental – emotional sickness.

Someone once wrote that love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Certainly they- are opposites. It is true that we can occasionally feel hate toward someone we love, because of a passing resentment. Usually, love, if it is genuine, will be stronger. Hate and love are emotions. that fasten us to their objects.: we can be bound to someone or something  as strongly by hate as by love. The only real cure for such hate is complete indifference.

Often we may say we “hate” someone when actually the person merely annoys or irritate us. As an old verse put it: “I do not like the, Dr. Fell, The reason why, I cannot tell.” When difference of temperament, tastes, and background causes tension between two persons, and little common agreement of interest can be found, a wall of resistance is built which makes it, difficult for either person

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

to enjoy the company- of the other. In such cases, which one’s patience, tolerance, and sense of humor become strained beyond the point of endurance, it is foolish to stiffer the association. The most sensible thing is to avoid the company of persons we dislike. We then can forget them, and they us.

In “The Sermon On The Mount,” by Emmett Fox, the author wrote that we cannot like everyone, but we can try to love everyone. In this statement, he was acknowledging the conflict of temperament, and instinctive resistance to another personality sometimes felt, which we cannot account for at the time. While it sometimes happens that, with further acquaintance, we learn to like and even to love someone whom at first did not attract us, we cannot persuade ourselves to like everyone we meet.

Perhaps the basic difficulty in personal relationships is that we tend to judge everyone else by our own standards and inclinations. We cannot overcome this unless we first understand ourselves, and understand then why we react to another person as we do.

Once we recognize the cause of our dislike of another, there is less likely hood of the feeling developing into a more hostile aversion which would eventually create discord in a relationship.

Love is considered the cure for hate. But few of us are saintly enough to love everyone we associate with. We can, however, send impersonal thoughts of love as a “child of God,” to that person we cannot like, or merely tolerate. This is the one way we can “love our neighbor as ourselves” as a member of the human family to which we belong. When we can hold this attitude toward others, it should not be difficult to practice the Golden little in personal and business relationships. And this is the best rule yet found for solving all human problems. The failure of any other member of society to observe it does not absolve us.

One way to overcome hate is to divert into harmless channels those emotions fruit generate hate. Anger, for example, can be released into work or activities that use up physical energy. This will dissipate the anger before it consume: the whole personality.

There is one type of hate that is logical and commendable. We can, and should hate dishonesty, corruption, geed, immorality, deceit, hypocrisy, injustice, irresponsibility. or any other evil which prevents human beings from living up to, and developing the best

MAY, 1958                                   5

that is within them. When we hate these things enough we will want to strengthen our own characters against temptation to commit the faults we disapprove of in others.

Again we are brought back to the inevitable conclusion: to right any wrong, we begin with ourselves. Know and discipline yourself. That is the beginning of all “overcoming.”

– Lois H. Sargent

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Have you ever wondered Who you are? Have you ever wondered Why you are somebody and your neighbor is a nobody, or vice versa a

Your state of health, your wealth, your environment and all the circumstances and problems in your life are the result of your thoughts and actions over a period of time much greater than just one earthly lifetime. You Are Responsible For Them, (whether or not you realize it). You are your own witness, your own judge, your own jury and your own executioner. Are you not, then, your own father whose sins have been visited unroll yourself, the child?

Since your thoughts and actions in the past have created the place in Which you find yourself today, it then follows that -what you are doing today is creating the circumstances for your tomorrow here on earth as well as in  your next incarnation.

Karma — a word often used In connection with Reincarnation –refers simply to the law of cause and effect. Every cause produces an effect; every action a reaction. Karma is the result of an action.

Your response to Karma, which is the result of your thoughts and action, creates another action. This in turn causes another reaction. This is Universal Law.

When you begin to analyze your thoughts and actions, and their results in your life, you will find the reasons why your life is as it is.

Suppose you desire to become a concert violinist and play in a great orchestra. However, you fail to practice as you should. When the day comes for your audition you are not ready. Is this failure your punishment or is it the result of your own lack of action? You learn that you are punished for your sins of omission or com-

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

mission. You are punished by them, you reap the results. This is Karma.

Throughout time man has been wonderful, warm, loving, kind and considerate. He also has been brutal, dishonest and depraved. Many of the cruelties he committed in thought and deed were so great that the results of them extend over several lifetimes. Is it not possible that many people born in deformed bodies, or in environments of filth, poverty and oppression are the same people, who in another embodiment, created these conditions for themselves by forcing the same conditions on others :’

Often in a cycle of life where a man has earned a place of authority the temptation to abuse this authority caused him to be unfair and unjust, thereby creating conditions that he will have to meet at a later time. One injustice created another injustice until he finally learned that justice also begets justice.

A study of this law of sowing and reaping shows us that deeds done are seeds sown in one period of time which may not ripen for harvest until a much later time, although the memory of the original deed is gone. To remember all past experiences or existence, would be more than the mortal mind could bear. It is hard enough to be confronted with the misdeeds of this lifetime, let alone those of past experience. Man tends to erase errors from his conscious mind rather than to face them.

The Law, according to the Old Testament, was an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The Christian era, however, taught people to change the format to love for love, happiness for happiness, brotherhood for brotherhood. That Law is impartial.

The Weeds You Reap Are Of Your Own Sowing And The Flowers You Gather Are Of Four Own Planting. You Never Reap The Harvest Of Another’s Planting.

Is there a way out of this gigantic circle of Cause and Effect? Are we trapped in it forever?

Knowing that karma is simply another way of referring to the law of Cause and Effect, it should also be simple to figure out that Karma, or the result of an action causes another reaction thereby keeping the eternal wheel of life’s bondage, repeating and revolving over and over again. The Law itself cannot be changed, of course, but your thoughts and actions can be changed, thereby

MAY, 1968                                   7

changing the results your karma. If your life is ruled by thoughts of hate. frustration and greed look around you and observe the people with whom you associate. Are their lives manifesting these negative aspects also?

If so, stand by mentally. Observe them and observe yourself. Are you happy in this whirlpool? If not, then you can begin to change it. If You Want To.

There are many books published on understanding yourself, positive thinking and the development of your hidden talents. There are also madly study groups, chills and organizations working with the understanding and development of the complete person. Like attracts like. You may not have known before that such things existed—or where to find them. But once you begin to search for positive, uplifting things they will begin to come your way because of your inner attraction.

There are two sides to everything. You can choose with which side you wish to identify. The saint stones that make a prison also can create a castle. The thought, the desire, the dream behind it determine: the result. You Are Your Own Architect and Builder.

Each life has a relation to every other life and a change in one will affect all the others.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. As you give so shall you receive. There is no variation, no escape. Karma and Reincarnation — Karma the result of the cause, and Reincarnation the stream of life that. external. You are the manifestation of eternal life.

(Reprint from Chimes by permission of Heather Buckley)

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The General Assembly of the United Nations, in December of 1965, resolved that 1968 would be observed as United Nations International year for Human Rights.

The World Goodwill organization holds that if this Human Rights Year is to help transform human life and consciousness, it is essential that thought be given to spiritual considerations. In their leaflet, “Human Rights and Right Human Relations” are offered some thoughts of interest to all friends of Understanding.

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Human Rights do not exist in a vacuum. They must find expression in a complex anti worldwide network of human relationships. A declaration may establish a goal and act as a magnet for men’s thinking.  The law may compel a certain observance and restrict, limit and punish the grosser forms of abuse. But no law or declaration can, on its own, change human thinking, eliminate blind prejudice and self-interest or create that atmosphere of brotherhood and goodwill in which the full expression of human rights depends on the establishing of right human relations. And right human relations are leased on tolerance, understanding and goodwill: on a sense of responsibility for the welfare of all men; and on a willingness to accept, indeed, welcome, the immense diversity of human kind, and to love the freedom which enables that diversity to flourish within the unity of the greater whole.

If the expression of human rights depends on the establishing of right human relations, right human relations will only be established by the growth of a new consciousness. St. Paul said:

“Be ye therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The transformation of human life on this “planet of pain” call only be achieved by the transformation of human consciousness.

Today this transformation of humanity is under way. The outlines of. a planetary synthesis, based on a worldwide interdependence, has emerged. Human rights, though enshrined in many national constitutions, are far from being adequately established or observed… This year will provide an opportunity for a renewed and conscious effort to educate mankind in right human relations, in man’s duties and responsibilities to his brother and to focus on those grave and world wide problems which still stand in the way of a new world based on right human relations and the rights of man…

There are tasks in which all can spare. And while no one can tell another how he should serve, it is essential to point out that the need today is for dedicated servers in every field of human activity who will cooperate with the divine Plan as it seeks to work out in world affairs.

(For the full text write to: World Goodwill, 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 566-7 New York, N.Y., 10017.)

MAY, 1968                                   9


In the December, 1957, issue of the Finnish UFO publication are two pages in English which give an account of present day sightings in Finland as well as an older report. We quote:

“Before we study those observations made here last summer let us have a look at all older report, which may be in some connection with our topic. This happened about three hundred years ago in a Finnish village (Sahalahti).  At that time there lived in that village an old man, who was called Tiittu. A person who lives is Sahalahti has made some interesting findings among the folktales that relate to Tiittu. Tiittu was an extraordinary man; he was smith, seer, and healer. There are many tales about him, miracles he performed.

“One morning, Tiittu left for the woods. Before he went he told the wife of his son that he had been given the order to go into the woods and he had to obey that order. At noon a strange thing appeared in the sky above the village. It was like a very big disc and it made the villagers run in fear. They- were sure that there would be the end of the world and were so upset that only after a couple of days were they able to begin their usual work. Because Tiittu didn’t come back home he was searched for in the woods. His son encountered there a being, exactly like a big bear, who said to him:  ‘Don’t be afraid of me. I say it is of no use to search for your father; you saw that skyship shimmering like a rainbow, didn’t you? It took your father to another better world, where there lives a race higher in development than Man. Your father likes to be there and he doesn’t miss this world!

“Then the bear disappeared.

“Maybe we have here an incident similar to those which have occurred during the last 20 years.

“It was on the 27th of May about 9 p.m. when many persons in Hyrnynsalmi (in the eastern part of Finland) saw a pearl object, which flew rapidly from south to north. There were those who said that it was like a saucer and also those who said it was like a boomerang. About half an hour later it reappeared, this time flying from north to south. It should be noted that some voices, both rhythmical piping and loud roaring were heard at that time of the sightings.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Already at4 p.m. something like a rhythmical piping had been heard from the sky.

“On the 14th of June, five persons in Suomussalmi (also in the eastern hart of Finland) say an unknown thing, which had the diameter of about 70-80 centimeters and the height of about half a meter. It was shaped like an upside-down pot (perhaps like a hemisphere) and it landed very near to Mr. Arvi Juntunen, a farmer. (All this happened near his house.) It came down like a whirlwind and its lower part rotated rapidly. Mr. Juntunen told our correspondent that as he tried to go and catch the thing there came three sticks like antenna out from its side. Although he didn’t touch them he got a strange heating shock, not like all electrical shock, which caused a feeling of fear, too. On the rear part of the thing there was a small wing. Mr. Juntunen described the color as ‘translucent brown.

“Finally the machine rose in the sky and the witnesses lost sight of it. All witnesses described the incident similarly. A representative of the Finnish Army visited both Hyrynsalmi and Suomussalmi.

“According to our correspondent many other strange phenomena and things have been seen in that part of Finland.”

(Vimana c/o Interplanetistitry From Vol. 3-4, 1067 Postilokero 10101 Helsinki 10, Finland)

——— ♦ ———

Vashon Island Mystery

(Aberdeen Daily World, Aberdeen, Wash., Feb. 21, 1968)

SEATTLE (AP)- Ice on a pond when it isn’t even freezing? “Good night!” exclaimed a federal meteorologist when he heard of it. “Tell me more.” Well, about 2 a.m. Sunday some youths on nearby Vashon Island saw a flash of light near a gravel pit. They investigated and saw a “thing about the size of a car,” though its form was indescribable.

May, 1968                                    11

They said the “thing” spouted a beam of light like a single headlight of a car, and it frightened them.

The youths got Deputy Sheriff Don Holke. When the group returned to the gravel pit, the “thing” was one but they noticed something else. Holke said the water in the pit, about 50 feet in diameter, was covered with ice two inches thick.

It was not freezing, the Deputy said, and other puddles and pools of water around the frozen pit had no ice on them.

On top of that, Holke said, the ice still was thick enough to walk on Sunday afternoon. The temperature had been well above freezing all day.

“The ice was clear,” he said. “and a funny thing: it had no water on top of it, although it was raining all day.”

Dave Fehling, the U.S. Weather Bureau meteorologist who studies atmospheric phenomena, could office no immediate explanation.

There are several theoretical possibilities, he said, including an alien space vehicle. ”It ought to be investigated right away.” Verne Frese, a physicist who has been studying Unidentified Flying Objects reports for 35 years, said it would.

Saucer Lady

(Grit, Williamsport, Pa., Feb. 11, 1968)

In Silver Springs, Md., there is a housewife, Mrs. Madeleine Rodeffer, who has become convinced that what is generally referred to as flying saucers are space craft from other planets. She does not rule out the possibility that a few may evene from beyond our own galaxy. She also thinks it is reasonable to assume that some of these craft not only have landed on the earth but that some of their crews may even he “sauntering about in our midst.” She finds it easier to believe that life on other planets would tend to be like our own rather than “odd green-faced creatures with antennas sticking out of their heads.”

She has a movie she took of a flying saucer hovering near her home. It happened Feb. 26, 1965. Mrs. Rodeffer happened to look out of her window, saw this flying saucer moving around and about the treetops of her yard, grabbed her movie camera, and began filming it. She has shown the film not only to members of the U.S.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Air Force and Space Agency officials but to dozens of other people. The film lasts for about two or three minutes, and one can see a. round-shaped object throbbing about tilt treetops of Mrs. Rodeffer’s home.

She said the flying object she saw made scarcely any noise, just a low humming sound that wasn’t its loud as most air conditioners, and that there were portholes around the object at which she felt she saw “faces.” She says they looked “very human indeed.”

Mrs. Rodeffer also refers to two other “sightings.” The first occurred when she was on an airplane, and the second when she was driving through Wheaton, a neighboring suburb of Silver Spring.

In the plane, she said, she saw three dying saucers maneuvering in the formation. She said they flew alongside the plane “one over the other” for a couple of minutes or so before disappearing. Most of these outer space vehicles, Mrs. Rodeffer believes, look about the same, more or less like the top part of a toadstool. However, the flying object she saw in Wheaton “looked for all the world like a water tank; if you call imagine something like that hovering about on the horizon. It was fantastic.

Flying Object Over Orewa

(New Zealand Herald, Jan. 11, 1968)

All oblong white object flying very high and fast over Orewa seen for about a minute by several people sunbathing on Red Beach during the weekend.

A company manager, Mr. L. Tate. of South Ave., Mt. Albert, said he and his friends saw the object between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday.

“I saw a report in the papers of unidentified flying objects being sighted in the past few days over Sydney and it seemed to tie in,” he said.

“Several people saw this thing quite plainly. It was moving roughly south to north. I estimate it was at about 25,000 feet and must leave been doing at least 1000 miles an hour to cover the distance it did in such a short time.

Mr. Tate said the object moved very fast until it appeared to be over Kawau Island.

MAY, 1968                                   13

It stopped suddenly and then shot back until it seemed to be over the sea near Orewa.  Equally suddenly it climbed until it disappeared from view.

Mystery Light in Wellington

(Australian Star, Jan 26, 1968)

WELLINGTON N.Z. – (PA) -A large yellow disc of light moving low across the sky over Wellington was seen by a Vogel town couple and Wellington Airport officials last night.

There was no immediate explanation for the object sighted about 10 p.m.

A women said it seemed to move in a consistent and steady flight pattern from Kelburn towards island Bay.

“It was like the face of a big; clock,” she said.

She contacted the airport where officials also saw the object but could not identify it as a plane on scheduled flight.

The woman was adamant that it was not a shooting star because of its size and speed.

French Airmen Ask Probe

(Chicago Daily News)

PARIS – Flying saucers intermittently reported in the skies of France are described as something “worth investigating” by the official military review “Forces Aeriennes Francaises” (French Air Forces).

The review, edited by high ranking officers of the French Air Force general staff, asks the government to appoint a special commission composed of military representatives and scientists to investigate the subject of UFOs in France.

There already is a voluminous file at the French Defense Ministry containing all the evidence collected since the war concerning flying saucers.

So far, however, the French high command has been extremely skeptical about the existence of such objects, and has refused to co-ordinate any official enquiry into the matter.

The only body in France that so far has shown any interest in flying saucers is a privately supported organization that calls itself the “Study Group of Air Phenomena and Unusual Space Objects.” This group collects all the information it can about unexplainable

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

airborne objects, which it passes on to the general staff. But there; its job ends.

Professor Believes in `Saucers’

(Daily News Tribune, Fullerton, Calif., March 27. 1968)

LOS ANGELES (UPI)- A meteorology professor says he believes in flying saucers and cites a ease when 3S persons in New Guinea saw a VF() on a ])each in 1:15!-1.

Dr. James E. McDonald of the University of Arizona told a news conference Tuesday- the fact mankind can’t explain flying saucers doesn’t Mean they an, not possible.

He said of the number of UFO sightings he has investigated, one remained outstanding.

“There is a case on record in New Guinea, where I had an excellent chance to check the facts and witnesses. It was June 26, 1959, along a stretch of beach.

“This saucer appeared and witnesses could see a number of figures on top of the UFO. First, one person on the beach waved, and one figure waved back.

“Then two people on the beach waved, and two on the vehicle waved. Finally, all 38 witnesses were waving and the four figures were waving back.”

McDonald said the figures looked somewhat similar to humans, but witnesses had difficulty in describing their exact shape Because the craft was surrounded by a golden glow.


(“Dialogue with Youth.” by Erwin D. Canham, Editor, Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 19, 1968)

Reader: The following; description is not too uncommon among today’s young people who have become part, of the hippie subculture:

He likes to go roaming, none of that nice-to-five routine for him. His shirt is covered with a design of colored flowers. his hair is long straight and floppy, and his jeans are tight. He has withdrawn from everything material, devoted himself to a life of meditation, living on brown rice and tea. He lives in a relatively clean but oddly decorated place. He likes to paint when he feels like it.

MAY, 1968                                   15

Do you think society has an obligation to help people who have dropped out of society, even if they believe they are happy living as the young man does described above’

If he did become part of regular society, do you think he would be happy living in what hippies call a nine-to-five, materialistic, highly competitive, “dog-eat-clog” world?

Would you say hippies, in general, are people who are seeking a Society with values that once were present, or are merely little children who leave failed to grow up and face reality’

Lon. .L.M.

San Leandro, Calif.

E. D. C.: You ask: “Has society an obligation to help people who have dropped out   !” I don’t know quite what you mean. If you mean to help them by providing some means of support from government, I would say no. If you mean to help them awaken to a more meaningful role in society, I would say yes. But I would not cram their artificially into the nine-to-five routine. I would help them to see that there is much more to life than mere self-fulfillment, if indeed the self is fulfilled by dreamy withdrawal. Yet the challenge presented by the hippie subculture to the materialism of present-day life is a healthy challenge. We must refine and clarify the goals of it strongly motivated society, lifting them above materialism. We must see that an improving standard of living and the incentive to achieve it are not mere self-indulgence. There is a lot of self-indulgence in the hippie attitude, of course. But let its work actively to identify the goals of a good society and strive to attain them vigorously and meaningfully. There is much of this seeking and striving among hippies. We could welcome it and turn it to good effect. There is much escapism, immaturity, infantilism in the hippie attitude, too. But I think time will do a lot for the hippies. Many of them already have come in out of the cold. Others will have to earn their living in an atmosphere where shoes and tidiness are helpful. I do not object to young people having a dreamy spell. German students used to call it, their “Wanderjahr.” In another context, we called it sowing wild oats. sooner or later most people settle down. (But I still cannot imagine the answer to  the question: “After the hippies, what”)

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

The Black Power Revolt

(Floyd B. Barbour, Editor. Porter Sargent Publisher, 11 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. Paper   Cloth $5.95)

Extending Horizons Books, offered by Publisher Porter Sargent, is a collection of writings on social science and critical social philosophy. The Black Power Revolt is one of a series which has included Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid  and Sorokin’s Social and Cultural Dynamics.

in The Black Power Revolt editor Floyd B. Barbour offers a series of some 30 in depth essays, interesting and provocative. The material reveal, the historical basis for, as well as the present philosophies to resolve the racial dissension that has become so critical in recent years.

It is a book for both whites and blacks. For the one it is a re-minder of past errors and the present need for understanding and communication; for the other, it is a challenge to overcome self-effacement and a call for unity that “black consciousness” may achieve human dignity and contribute of its cultural heritage to all men.

Every facet of human relations is explored, one way or another, by the various writer:, some explosive and angry, some logical and statistical, other, purely personal. The question of integration – amalgamation of the negro into white society with its set of values is contrasted with desegregation the rediscovery  of ethnic unity with historical and cultural values common to black men tile world over.

MAY. 1968                                   17

The book is divided into four sections: Black Power Through History; Black Power; the Concept; Black Power in Action, and Black Power and Me.

The text begins with the latter of Benjamin Thompson to Thomas Jefferson, written in 1791, and concludes with “Letters Front Mecca” by Malcolm X. Between are the multitude of Facets — sociological, political, economic, religious, scientific-presented by such Afro-Americans as Nat Turner, Stokely Carmichael, Vincent Harding. Alvin F. Pouissant, Le Roi Jones, Chuck Stone, to name but a few.

The Black Poicer Revolt is a scholarly treatise, complete with an appendix of relevant material, annotated biographies of the many of the writers, and an extensive periodical bibliography for further reading and research.

It is the hope of the editor “that this work will aid in understanding and inspire continuing study by those within and without Black Power.” Adelaide Cromwell Hill tells her people, “Black cannot be changed: we can only change our attitude toward it . . .” Here then is a book that offers for all of us a broad basis for new thinking. Problems are not resolved without an understanding of the issues involved.

——— ♦ ———


Dear Dr. Fry

I should like to report to you some of the many sighting I have had of UFOs.

On Christmas 1967 the flying chips flew on a straight line from Pasadena to Manhattan Beach (Calif.). The ships seemed to bounce as they traveled in formation about 15-20 minutes before the sighting I had a strange feeling. This has happened before my other sightings also.

The mother ship (somewhat triangular in shape) glowed with a white light. It flew mostly south and east. The smaller ship, flew south and north only.

About two years ago, in 1966, I saw a large round ship fly over Mt. Wilson towards Santa Monica (Calif). Three green circles glowed from the under side of the ship like cathode rays.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

A sighting, which I did not see, was reported to me by a workman. It occurred in the vicinity of San Gabriel and Whittier Blvds. (Los Angeles, Calif. area). In the fog the object looked like a small sun but when it landed it appeared to be of shiny metal.

All told I have had over 12 sightings. I have even been awakened at night, by telethought, to view a ship in my area.

I personally would like to live with these people. Their minds, are wide open and their hearts filled with faith.

Frank Julian Duarte

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bulletin board

Dan Fry Flies to Chicago

On March 26th our Founder-President, Dr. Daniel W. Fry, flew to Chicago for the filming of his particular contribution to a proposed TV series entitled “FLYING SAUCERS, HERE AND NOW.”

This series is being produced by Mr. Cy Newman and hosted by Dr. Frank E. Stranges. It is expected the series will be a continuation of the Frank Edwards Program.

We alert you to check your TV programs for this program. Although neither dates nor TV affiliates have yet been announced it is “reported” that 34 stations have evidenced interest in the subject matter to be offered.

Yearbooks for 1965-66-67

Yearbooks for 1965, 1966, and 1967 are now being bound. They

MAY, 1968                                   19

will be offered at Two Dollars a copy. Advance orders would he appreciated. Send tour requests to P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Ore. 97532.

Buck Nelson

Mr. Buck Nelson, author of My Trip to Mars and the Moon and Venus, is very ill. As he has been both printer and publisher of his book, when his present stock of several hundred copies ($1.25) is exhausted there will be no more.

If you have heard Mr. Nelson lecture, read his book, or attended one of his Spacecraft Conventions at Mountain View, you may wish to drop him a line at Rte. 1, Box 236, Mountain View, Mo. 65548.

Sun Francisco Unit Sponsors Jack Schwarz

On Friday, May 24th, Unit 11 of San Francisco will sponsor Jack Schwarz in a lecture: Power of Mind over Matter. The lecture will commence at 8 P.M. at the Marine Memorial Bldg. (401), 609 Sutter Street, San Francisco. Donation $1.:50.

Orange County

Unit 7, Orange County, Calif., is regularly holding lectures open to the public. On April 26th the Unit sponsored Marianne Francis. On Friday, May 17th, the speaker will be Col. Arthur J. Burks, Executive Vice-President of Understanding, Inc. His subject will be “Where is God?”

Unit 7 lectures are held at 1104 W. 8th St., Santa Ana, Calif., and commence at. 8 P. AL Donation.

New Officers for Myrtle Creek

Unit 74 of Myrtle Creek one of our fastest growing newer units, announces the election of new officers at a recent meeting. Congratulations to President Dr. Dale Walker (P.O. Box 501, Winston. Ore.) ; Secretary, Miss Mary Root, and Treasurer, Mrs. Helen Mann.

Commemorative Stamps

We remind our readers to send their Commemorative and Special cancelled stamps to the Washington-Idaho Council of Churches Stamp Project. The stamps are sold to dealers and the funds are used for milk for underprivileged children in other lands. The address is: 2005 Fifth Ave., Seattle, Wash.

Please leave one quarter inch of paper around the stamps.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING


6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

PEACE REQUIRES ESPERANTO, Test, record loaned Free, Esperanto Library Dept. USI, Middleton, Wis. 53562.

CHECK — THE PYRAMID, 1122 North Dixie, Lake Worth, Fla. 33640, for Metaphysical Study Classes and Lectures. Phone: 585-8766.

INTERESTED I N TRUTH Y Read BIBLE STORIES ILLUSTRATED and SADIST GOD by Jack Bays. Order from Brother Van, Rte. 1, Box 1787, Auburn, Calif. 95603. 25 cents each, 10 copies for $1.00.

IMPORTANT NEW UFO JOURNAL! The ‘Sentinel’ offers you the opportunity to actively participate in this important and exciting work. Join history’s first scientifically-based ‘saucer hunt’: The A. R. S. UFO Patrol! Send $4.50 for one year or 50c for sample copy to: Aerial Research Systems, P. 0. Box 343, Orange, Calif. 92669.

CRYSTAL/TAROT READINGS for your future tendencies. $3.00. One Past Incarnation. $2.00. (send photo). Occult Prayers for your heart’s desires. Details-send International Reply Coupon. VALIANTS, 87 Selsea Avenue, Herne Bay, Kent, England.

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The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider un-solicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that It is of a constructive nature and con-tributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10c per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only, Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage. Payment will not be made for mimeographed material.


Address manuscripts to Understanding, P.O. Box 206, Merlin, Ore. 97532.

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a collection of essays by


Porter Sargent, Publisher                                                    Editor: Floyd B. Barbour

11 Beacon St.                                                  288 pages, paper $2.95; cloth $5.95

Boston, Mass. 02108                                                                               March, 1968


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                      $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Hardbound-New Edition-$3.95

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

Merlin Publishing Company

P. O. Box 105

Merlin, Oregon 97532


HAS REVEALED TO ME THREE POWERFUL techniques for achieving HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS. Positive Results assured if techniques faithfully applied. Not for the insincere curiosity seeker. These techniques are superior to any other system. Please send $3.00 to cover cost of postage and handling. However contributions of any amount will be gladly accepted as our primary purpose is to serve humanity.


Box 35, Brigden, Ontario, Canada

Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inc is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

Welcome to the Understanding family!


P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon 97532.