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VOLUME XIII                               APRIL, 1968                                              NUMBER 4

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


As this editorial is being written,  the London gold market, the largest in the world, has just announced that it will be closed for two weeks, “to allow conditions to stabilize.” When it reopens it will be strictly for business between private speculators only. The United States and its six international gold pool partners will no longer feed it with metal from their reserves.

This action, while it has been clearly foreseen as inevitable for several years, is nevertheless au outright default of the government’s constantly repeated promise to maintain the price of at $35.00 per ounce. While the abandonment of the $35.00 price has been thinly disguised by the gobbledegook of financial terminology, it is plain that a completely artificial price which can be maintained only by refusal to sell, cats have no lasting effect upon the economy of the world or upon tile stability of it money system.

For years the monetary experts’ have persisted in ignoring one of the simplest and most basic of the facts concerning gold. That fact is that gold, unlike money, is an actual physical commodity It cannot be created by the stroke of a pen, as are international credits. It cannot be created by any agreement between bankers, nor can it be produced by any act of legislation.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Gold is a commodity which must be wrested from the earth through the toil and the sweat of the miner. It must be smelted and refined by the toil and sweat of other men. These men must be paid at the rate for such toil and sweat, or else no gold will be mined! Therefore the actual price of gold will inevitably be determined by the cost of mining and refining it, and very little gold can be produced today for $35.00 per oz. (In the Soviet Union, the average cost of producing an ounce of gold is the equivalent of $105.00 U. S. dollars. In some other countries the cost would be even higher except that tile mines have been shut down because their governments cannot afford to subsidize the loss, and because it was much cheaper to get their gold from Uncle Santa Clans who was giving it away at $35.00 per oz.)

Because of the rapidly increasing population. and because of the many need, and use, of gold totally apart from its use as money, the world demand for gold is increasing much faster than the supply.

Mother Nature passed the law of supply and demand long before any man made laws were created, and in the end, the laws of nature will always prevail.

One simple fact that our ‘monetary experts’ seemed to be incapable of comprehending is that the much maligned `gold speculators,’ who are eagerly buying all of the gold that is offered at, or near, $35.00 are not buying it in the hope that they can later sell it back to a government or a bank at a higher price. Most of the gold buyers have no intention of selling the gold hack to any- government or banking institution at any price! They are actually buying the gold for resale to the limitless number of gold hungry private markets and individuals who are willing to pay much more than the ‘bargain basement price’ of $35.00.

No amount of gold which any combination of governments of banking institutions can throw upon the market will be enough to satisfy the world needs, and so the buyers will continue to buy eagerly, so long as anyone has an ounce of gold which he is foolish enough to sell for $35.00.

In a final belated recognition of this simple fact, the seven international gold pool partners have resorted to a rather ingenious expedient. Since metallic gold is a physical and limited commodity which cannot be increased or manipulated in accordance with usual

APRIL, 1968                                3

banking practices, the bankers have simply killed the metallic gold as a monetary entity, and have extracted its ghost to preside over their monetary transaction,.

In simple words, they have declared that while the ghost price of gold is still $35.00, if you want to attain any of the metal, we are sorry, but you will have to pay a much higher price!!

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LOOK at what the extremists of our society have done to the crystal image of love! They have abused it relentlessly and leaned on it as a crutch and used it as all excuse for every affliction, whether justified or not.

When, at first glance, we see the poetic slogans: “God is Love” and “Love Thy Neighbor,” they seem genuine and heartfelt. Look again. Search beneath the pretty words. God is love … Put where was this God so suddenly discovered? In drugs, narcotics and artificial soul stimulation. Only when the, addict loses himself in a half-conscious fantasy does he see and hear God. And now ask yourself this: Is this a man, a Christian, a God-fearing child who cannot believe in Him by reading his words and praying before him? What these lost souls have found is a crutch-an artificial God whom they know completely and from whom they pretend to receive their falsified “love.”

The people who keep their God at their side and resist escape into a dream world are those who must stance up and band together to convince the wayward minority that they are more lost than those who cannot accept God at all.

With their cries of universal love, they intend to remedy all the problems of the world. With daisies in their arms, they intend to march upon the Establishment and say-Love Everyone! Everyone is your friend! Stop wars and revolution!

Would the Viet Cong surrender their weapons on their own battlefield and suddenly fall to their knees and accept God, under the mere suggestion of the disillusionists? Further, will the Communists all over the world tear down the Iron Curtain and allow the dictated nations to once again enter the churches that they have

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

converted  to Socialist museums? This weak belief cannot work for our complex world. Everything that comes is of God’s will and when He wants peace and sees that we deserve it, there will be peace. All He asks for is our true belief-not a fake devotion to someone who only plays God-someone whose voice is heard on acid trips. This is not God.

We, as Martin Luther, must firmly leave our torturous afflictions and say, “Here I Stand. I cannot otherwise.” And if we believe in this, if we disregard those deafening theories that scream at us, “God is dead,” we can survive. The rebels of the society have caused only one good thing: something must be done. But their proposals have disrupted our firmly-planted faith.

They will continue to pass on their slogans loudly and preach over and over again on love. They will try to convert God into an idol, an every-day friend. Yet, is it not known that we cannot know everything about God? But still, the addicts claim they have found the real God and are proud. We have to cling to the truth of the matter, or we and our beliefs, by the forgetful wind, will be blown out of existence.

– Nantta Sinka (16 years old)

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There are basically two types of non-conformists: the truly enlightened and modern non-conformist, and the suit-modern and reactionary non-conformist. Both are alike in that they reject the conventional mode of life in preference for the “beat” or “hippie” life. This rejection, necessarily, puts them on the periphery of a society they feel to be so enslaved by mechanical and conditioned response that the people are no longer capable of perceiving the truth of life, and are unable to exercise their free will as individuals.

However, to the “pseudo,” this advantage, on the periphery, freed from the conditioned reflex of the masses, has no meaning, except for the false psychological notion that makes him believe that he is something unique and different simply because he has rejected the conventional.

APRIL, 1968                                5

For every true non-conformist, there are hundreds of these who haven’t the vaguest idea of the philosophy the “modern” trying to act out; yet they flock to, and shadow him like a gang of disembodied ghouls around a corpse, and sometimes the “modern” is forced pack into conventional society out of disgust, for personal protection, or, ironically, for more freedom.

The essential difference between the two lies in the fact that the “modern” is usually a creative and enlightened person. He has usually mastered conventional society, in all economic sense, and sees it as something, not in itself undesirable, but as an obstacle that must be circumvented or escaped in order to preserve his own individual powers of perception and creativity. He is awakened enough to see why the conventional is as is, and know, that, it is not innately bad or corrupt, and knows that without it he could never have gained the freedom and perspective in life he now has. He know, also that to keep this freedom and perspective, he must remain free in his responses to, and his interpretation of life, and shun the pre-conceived ideas and formulas that stymie the masses.

The “pseudo” however, has little or no awareness of this. He turns from the conventional mainly because he can’t cope with it or understand it. He closes off people and the past without really knowing why, and plunges outside himself, beyond the present reality, into a future that is to him a total abstraction. This is to me, far worse than clinging, to the past as the conventional may demand for the “pseudo” becomes, literally, a displaced person without anything concrete to sustain him, except his disillusions.

The true non-conformist realize, the need for people and accepts the past for what it is, and, likewise, tile future: and attempts to anchor himself in the reality of the presenth a broader and clearer perspective of the importance of all. He is aware of the historical significance of the time, and of the individual advantage it offers him. Unlike the “pseudo,” who is basically reactionary, maintains the clearness of mind to avail himself of his historical position: he views with calmness the tragedies of life, the mistakes, the atrocities, and faces all head on and profits from error and failure as well as from success.

The “pseudo” runs from life and shields his pseudo existence by becoming bitter and reactionary. He is always hunting a “scape-goat”

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

to blame for his frustrations and misery, until eventually he becomes alienated from life entirely.

On the surface both lead similar lives, but underneath there is this radical difference in motivation: the true non-conformist is seeking greater understanding of himself and life, whereas the “pseudo” is seeking escape.

– W. Allen Parker

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We are aware that the crucifixion of Christ was all inevitable occurrence if the Gospels were to be fulfilled. Despite this fact, most of us are very grateful that destiny did not force us to be a participant in this’ horrible incident. Just reading the account of the trial and crucifixion given by the Biblical Writers evokes a deep feeling of humiliation.

Viewing this ordeal retrospectively, as individuals, we find it almost impossible to believe that we could have been personally involved in this event. Because this particular act is buried in history and a similar situation seems unlikely to occur in our life time we feel quite secure in our assumption.

However, it should be remembered, before we become too presumptuous, that the crucifixion recorded in the Bible dealt only with the physical body of Christ. The spiritual body remained alive in the hearts of his followers. Therefore, everyone who proclaims to be a Christian must maintain a relationship with the Spirit of Christ. The fact that this relationship must exist offers modern-day Christians as great an opportunity to crucify the spiritual body of Christ as the Pharisees and Jews had to crucify the physical body of Christ.

Remember that day downtown when we were hurrying to an appointment? How did we treat the stranger who wanted directions? What about the blind man who was standing on the curb holding his cane up asking for assistance in crossing the street? Did we help him, or did we hurry on our way? It requires little effort and time to smile and speak a friendly greeting to people, and yet we allow the opportunity to do this slip by us countless times a day.

APRIL, 1968                                7

Impatience is a sign of the times. We want what we want now, regardless of how it affects other people. Remember how irritated we became with that slow clerk who waited on us at the store the other day? What about the driver who pulled out in front of us in traffic? When the children came running into the house fussing and crying and asking us to settle the dispute, what was our reaction? Did we shout, “Be quiet, can’t you see I and busy,” or did we sit down to help them solve their problem,

How many times in a day do we accept the little extraordinary things that people do for us without expressing any sign of appreciation?  When was the last time we did something especially nice for our mate? Do we allow the beauty of a blooming flower in the spring, or the magnificence in the color of the leaves of the mighty oak in the fall to go unnoticed.

Love is a natural feeling when everything is going smoothly, but what happens when there is an argument? Do we allow a disagreement to make us so emotionally enraged that we forget all about being tolerant and understanding?

See how easy it is to crucify the spiritual body of Christ. Perhaps we should all spend a portion of this Easter season evaluating our own attitudes and actions so that we will not be guilty of committing the same crime for which we condemn the Jews and Pharisees. Who knows, if enough people do this, the whole world might be a better place to live.

-Cecil M. Wright

——— ♦ ———


With photographs of the moon’s visible surface already available and with a manned moon probe only a year or two in the future, man may soon determine whether or not the various strange phenomena — lights, objects, bridges and the like-reported by astronomers since 1869 have a basis in fact.

Jay Schilling in the June, 1967, “Signature,” publication of the Diner’s Club, reported these interesting historical facts.

A member of the Royal Astronomical Society of England in 1869 reported he had observed countless points of bright light on the

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

moon’s surface, arranged in a number of geometric patterns. During the following two years 40 members of the Society reported over 100 similar sightings of lights. By 1871 reports of such sightings ceased.

An American astronomer, F. B. Harris, in 1912, observed “a huge object of some kind, moving above the moon’s surface.” Harris said the object was opaque, black, and approximately 50 miles wide, and close enough to the surface to cast a shadow on the moon. No corroborative evidence occurred and the sighting was dismissed.

During the next forty years mysterious white circular objects, so-called “domes,” were periodically reported, and on July 29th, 1953, still another curious sighting occurred. This was reported by John J. O’Neill. As he was studying the moon’s Mare Crisum, where earlier he had seen only “the clear sweep of the great sea,” he saw something which spanned an estimated 12 mile distance, something that could only be called a “bridge.”

This observation was confirmed a month later, by Britain’s leading astronomer, Dr. H. Perey Wilkins, and still later by Britain’s foremost lunar authority, Dr. Patrick Moore.

Then, in 1958, within the crater of Alphonsus, the prominent Russian astronomer, Dr. Nikolai A. Krozyen, sighted in oval-shaped object which hovered near the moon’s surface and radiated a weird glow. This report was quickly confirmed by two American astronomers-H. F. Poppendick and W. H. Bond.

Astronomers at the Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Ariz., in 1963, observed red glows on the rim of Aristarchus.

Through the years skeptics have ridiculed these sighting reports, even though made by scientists (experts in astronomy), as illusions. Others, with more imagination, have postulated that perhaps there is activity on the unobserved dark side of the moon, and/or under the surface. The near future should provide answers relative to the observed phenomena, as well as to man’s other questions concerning life possibilities on the moon.

——— ♦ ———

Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.

-Albert Einstein

APRIL, 1968                                9


Mr. Gibbs, a fried of mine with whom l work and occasionally discuss flying saucers, told me of his sighting on Christmas Eve, 1967. This was substantiated by his wife and his eleven-year old son. They had purchased a telescope for a gift and were looking at the stars when the following sighting was made.

“We were looking for a star to look at with our son’s telescope. Looking north we saw one that looked like it was moving. We took it as being a satellite. Its path of travel west north west to east south east, and at all angle of approximately 35 degrees from earth plane. The time duration was three to four minutes. While watching the satellite we noticed four other luminations appear traveling from east to west. They suddenly changed their direction and followed the same path of the satellite for an arc of about 45 degrees across the sky. The changed their position a time or two, relative to the satellite while following. Their size, judging by the lights, was smaller than that of the satellite. After following the satellite awhile they reversed direction and resumed their original path of travel. Up to this time, Mrs. Gibbs was a skeptic, but is not anymore. My son was very excited over the sighting.”

Mr. Gibbs has had experience a operator in an air traffic control center, using radar, and has seen flying  objects showing a speed 4000 miles per hour, and in his 6-1/2 years of military duty and 12 years in the Reserve. had never seed anything which could be taken for a UFO (flying saucer).

“My son rated 9th in the Long Beach Aquarium Society, which has a roster of 360 members”, mostly adults. My wife is a house wife and an artist, designer, and draftsman. This sighting was from Garden Grove near Beach Blvd. and the Garden Grove Freeway.”

The foregoing account is one of the many that can be related by people every day but is never put on record. We would like to extend our appreciation to Dr. Gibb for furnishing this information. We would be glad to hear of to hear of other sightings.

– Harry F. Woodward

Pres. Unit #9, Orange, Calif.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

world report

New Island Rising

(Mercury News, San Jose, Calif., Feb. .11, 1968)

AUKLAND, New Zealand (CNS) – In the normally calm waters of the South Pacific, strange sights are still to be seen.

One of the strangest has been under the watchful eyes of geologists, meteorologists and vulcanologists since early December — the birth of a new island.

Fifteen hundred miles north-east of New Zealand a young volcano is rearing itself up from an unstable seabed.

From a fiery cone barely protruding above the surrounding, rolling sea a continuous blast of rock and steam is being spewed upwards; the labor pains are severe, and the new island is taking form with a kind of savage resistance.

The island is in the Metis Shoal of the Tongan Group, and is right on the circum-Pacific Mobile Belt, as is the volcanic and earthquake-prone North Island of New Zealand.

The crew of the royal New Zealand air force Orion who flew over the area to observe the island’s birth reported that from as far off as 60 miles a 5,000 foot column of smoke, billowing out of the sea and marking the new island’s cradle, could easily be seen.

“It was impossible to estimate the size of the island,” one of the crew said, “because the whole area was obscured by thick clouds of steam.”

But it is likely that the island, building itself up and outward by the tons of material being flung out from its central crater every hour, is still growing. Geologists believe that it may continue its growth period for many months to come, gradually slowing down its activity as the volcano cools clown.

It is not often that the birth of a new piece of land can be observed at firsthand.

To geologists, the new steamy baby of the Pacific offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness in miniature something that

APRIL, 1968                                11

may be akin to the genesis of many of thousands of volcanic islands that now dot the blue waters of he Pacific.

Earth Jobs for Space Machines

By Al Rositer Jr. – from Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., 2/28/68

CAPE KENNEDY(UPI) -The space program has broken the plausibility barrier.

At least that’s a major finding of a group of some of the nation’s foremost scientists given the task of looking for down-to-earth jobs for machine in space.

The scientists said that practical space applications that were only vague and speculative a few years ago now appear plausible and even attractive.

“Useful applications of space are unquestionably real, substantial and potentially close at hand.”

The conclusion was reached by a committee of the National Academy of Sciences which was asked by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to look into proposed space applications and report on their worth and potential.

“We can now describe with conviction and in some detail,” the committee will, “the many specific ways in which space vehicle, and space technology will become important elements in our economic, industrial and social world.”

The committee, which based its report on the findings of 10 specialized panels, said the potential economic benefits to society from space technology are enormous.

“They may amount to billions of dollars per year to many diverse elements of our industry and commerce and thus to the public,” the committee said.

The study group said the most attractive space applications can be divided naturally into two categories.

The first deals with earth observation for such fields as weather, oceanography, forestry, agriculture, geography, cartography and hydrology. The second deals with communications, including telephone, television, broadcasting and data transmission, and also includes navigation and sea and traffic control.

In some areas, notably communication and weather forecasting, satellites are already being used on a daily, operational basis. But in most other space applications, satellites and their instruments are only in the planning or development state.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The academy committee said benefits from satellites can result either because spacecraft provide a more economical way to supply some service or from the ability to do things with space systems that can’t be done in other ways, such as watching the weather on a global basis.

Earthquake Data

By Joseph L. MylerDaily Courier, Grand Pass, Ore., 31/68

WASHINGTON, (UPI) – The earthquake which hit Sicily Jan. 15 caused great loss of life, great damage, great suffering, great sorrow.

But it was not, as seismologist measure such violent manifestations of a “great earthquake. It was not even a “major shock”. The fact that it was enormously destructive was due to the circumstance that it hit a heavily populated region with few quake-resistant  buildings.

As of mid-January there had been no great earthquake anywhere on the planet since the Alaskan shock of March 27, 1964, when 131 persons  were killed and millions of dollars worth of property was destroyed.

“This,” says the Coast and Geodetic Survey, “is the longest period without the occurrence of a great earthquake since seismologists began recording the earth’s tremors on their sensitive instruments 70 years ago.”

The survey also reported a sharp reduction in major earthquakes in 1967. Statistics assembled since 1897 indicate that an average of 16 major quakes will occur annually but only six were recorded last year.

A great earthquake is defined as one having a magnitude of 8 or greater on a mathematical scale invented by Dr. Charles Richter of the California Institute of Technology. A major quake is of 7 to 7.9 in magnitude.

In terms of energy release the Sicily shock was, comparatively, small. Scientists estimated its magnitude at 5.75 to 6 on the Richter scale.

Magnitude number; don’t always tell the true story of disaster. For example, the atomic bomb which destroyed Hiroshima was equivalent ill energy terms to an earthquake of only 5.5 magnitude,

APRIL, 1968                                13

target the Hiroshima bomb was far more devastating than the higher magnitude Sicily quake.

The power of earthquakes rises by a factor of 64 for each point on the Richter scale. For example, a magnitude 8 quake represents an unleashing of energy 64 times that, of a magnitude 7 shock.

Magnitude 8 quakes, it has been estimated, liberate energy equivalent to that bound up in 10,000 one megaton H-bombs. Fortunately, became of their great focal depth, they cannot do comparable damage to the surface works of civilization.

The longest previous pause between great earthquakes began in May, 1900, when an 8.5 shock hit Chile, and ended in May, 1963 when an 8.25 quake struck the Kurile Islands.

What is the explanation for such pauses? Is there a yet to be discovered cycle of great earthquake activity?

Cooperation in UFO Research

By Frank CareyTampa Tribune (Fla.), Feb. 24, 1968

WASHINGTON (AP)-Dr. Edward U. Condon, director of an Air Force-financed investigation of unidentified flying objects, said yesterday that he had appealed to scientists of the Soviet Union to cooperate in a study of flying saucers.

The appeal, in the form of a letter from Condon, was relayed three weeks ago by the prestigious National Academy of Sciences to the Soviet Academy, Condon said.

“We haven’t received any answer yet,” he said, “but I guess its too soon to expect one.”

Fifteen months ago Condon was chosen to head an independent. investigation by non-government scientists to determine whether flying saucers are natural phenomena, or whether they are spaceships, possibly from distant planets. The Air Force put up almost $500,000 for the study.

Condon said the investigation will not be completed until sometime in June, and his report will not be made public until November or December.

The 65-year-old scientist refused to discuss even preliminary findings. Nor would he speculate on whether the report will resolve controversies surrounding reports of UFOs.

Has the project made him a believer or a non-believer in flying saucers?

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“I’m now getting to be more one way than the other, but I’m not going to tell you what that way is,” Condon replied.

Condon said project scientists had spent considerable time “answering false alarms,” but he refused to answer when asked whether he or any of his colleagues had seen any evidence of UFOs.

Discussing his appeal for a cooperative effort on UFO research by American and Russian scientists, Condon said his letter was prompted by news reports from Moscow quoting informed sources as saying the Soviet government had set up a special commission to investigate reports of flying saucers.

“The letter said, in essence, that we are doing a job for the American Air Force, and we have an interest in any similar research you may be doing-and we’ll be glad to exchange information with you. So, the letter says, ‘how shall we get together?’ ”

——— ♦ ———


(Excerpts from article “Soviet Scientists Insist UFOs a Serious Topic” by Neal Stanford, staff correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, February 19, 1968)

UFOs are no respector of curtains. Unidentified flying objects are being reported from the Soviet Union, just as in the United States. And Moscow apparently doesn’t know what to make of them any more than does Washington.

The Kremlin this month permitted Dr. Felix Zigel, doctor of science (technology) at the Moscow Aviation Institute, to write an article on UFOs for Soviet Life.

Dr. Zigel seems a believer in UFOs, even though he can’t explain them. “To my mind,” he says, “these are real objects and merit the most serious examination.”

“We should not attempt,” he says, “to explain the nature of UFOs in terms of familiar phenomena.”

What Soviet scientist Zigel is saying is that he, and a lot of other people in the Soviet Union, believe in UFOs and recognize that while man has learned a lot about physical phenomena he still doesn’t know everything, and in fact may know very little.

Possibly the most startling observation made by Dr. Zigel is his assertion that UFOs are really not recent phenomena of the last

APRIL, 1968                                15

20 years. “The UFO phenomenon,” he says, “has been observed throughout the history of mankind. ‘there are medieval and ancient reports strikingly similar to ours.”

He mentions two: “The well-documented observation of a ‘large saucer’ in 1882 and ‘procession of bolides’ in 1913.” But his blockbuster historical claim is that the famous “Tunguska meteorite” of 1908, that devastated a vast area in Siberia with a gapping crater. was actually a UFO!”

“Soviet scientists,” he says, “have established that the Tunguska-explosion had every parameter of an air nuclear blast.”

This year says Dr. Zigel. the Soviet Academy of Sciences is publishing a book says “Populated Outer Space” to be written, by distinguished Soviet and foreign scientists, including some Americans. Also the Soviet Union has thousands of reports of UFOs in its files and many dozen of “well-documented accounts.”

In his article Dr. Zigel mentions in detail nine specific sightings of UFOs over the Soviet Union, all of them by respected scientists, military personnel, officials.

“If science considers flying saucers a hallucination, it still must explain the cause of this global psychic illness, which could be as difficult as establishing the true nature of UFOs… What we are dealing with here,” he adds, “is a kind of reality still unexplored.”

When Dr. Zigel gets to speculating as to what UFO s are up to, and where they come from, he is at his science-fiction best: “Observations show that UFOs behave ‘sensibly.’ In a group formation flight they maintain a pattern. They are most often spotted over airfields, atomic stations, and other very new engineering installations.

“On encountering aircraft, they always maneuver so as to avoid direct contact. A considerable list of these seemingly intelligent actions gives the impression that UFOs are investigating, perhaps, even reconnoitering!”

Dr. Zigel concludes his article with a plea for “discarding preconceived notions about. UFOs and organizing on a global scale a calm, sensation-free, and strictly scientific study of this strange phenomenon. The subject and aims of the investigation are so serious that they justify any efforts. It goes without saying that international cooperation is vital.”

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Poet’s corner


I stood beside the flowing river

Its laughter filled my- heart.

It Seemed to whisper. “laugh my clear . . .

Play your role with no fear…

For it’s only a very small show

In life’s eternal flow.

“Walk with me, come,” its soothing voice pleaded

While sunlight over its foaming crests did play.

“Walk with me, come and you will see

I play as many parts as thee.” .

I heeded it,scall and hand in hand

We frolicked over rock, and sand.

Sometimes swift, sometimes slow,

I followed the river’s flow.

“They say my life is completely ended

When at the end of my winding path

I mingle with the eternal sea …

As yours is ended when you become part of eternity.

But remember just as each ‘form’ of drop

Becomes formless on its ascent to the sky.

Takes `form’ again and descends to play

APRIL, 1968                                17

Another role in life’s eternal play,

So also you, my clear, may ascend formless

Into the depths of eternity

To descend again in many forces to glow

In Life’s eternal flow.”

– Malene Englestad

To Bridge the Gap Between

To bridge the gap between

the young and the old

the meek and the bold

between color of faces

and different races

we could take a lesson

from that man above

we can bridge most any gap

with understanding and with love

– Mrs. Carolyn M. Sherman

——— ♦ ———

bulletin board

New Unit-Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

As we go to press the staff of Understanding, Inc., is working on the details to admit another Unit into our Understanding family. Welcome Fart Lauderdale!

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Word has been received from Mrs. Shirley H. Lewis (316 Utah Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33312) that the initial steps for Unit organization have been accomplished. New members are cordially invited, so if you live in the Ft. Lauderdale area, please contact Mrs. Lewis proposed meetings and schedules.

Book Reprinted

George Van Tassel announces the reprinting of his book, The Council of Seven Lights, under new title-Religion and Science Merged.

Those who have been seeking Mr. Van Tassel’s book may now obtain it by sending $3.50 to The College of Universal Wisdom, P.O. Box 458, Yucca Valley, Calif. 92284. Proceeds from the book sales will go into the treasury of the Ministry “as a tithe from the author.”



We thank the friends of Clara John who have sent contributions to Understanding, Inc., in memory of a dear friend.

Clara John for veers was hostess to New Age meetings in the Jiggs Room and editor of “The Little Listening Post” of Washington, D. C. The paper was printed whenever “the pot boiled over” and was concerned with both “Coming Events” and the “Now Here.”

A Gift

From the author, David Jackson Thorpe, we have received a copy of his folio entitled: “How to Achieve Happiness.” Though the pages are few they give the inspirational account of the mysterious and beautiful experience by which Mr. Thorpe was given the teaching he offers.

Presented concisely and lucidly are a spiritual attitude and a meditation practice which, if followed faithfully- daily, will bring that inner peace and happiness for which  all men hunger. So it has been in Mr. Thorpe’s personal experience.

A Radio Program

Member W. T. Vandeventer of Auburn, Calif., write, “If you can get XEG, Monterrey, Mexico, 1050 on your radio dial, listen on Tuesday nights, 8:15 to 8:30. The program is called `New Age of

APRIL, 1968                                19

Reason’ by H.B. Dodd. You will find it enlightening. I recommend this for all members of Understanding.”

News From Buffalo, Unit 37

The year of 1968 promises to be as active and interesting for members of Buffalo Unit 37 as was the year 1967.

On January 12th, Norman Weiss, Unit Ambassador of Public Relations, reported on his travels from Alaska to California, which included visits to Merlin and Giant Rock. On the same program Mr. John Hamm of the U.S. Naval Intelligence showed a film on the 1964 Alaska earthquake. The February 9th meeting, attended by over 100 people, featured a talk on “Concept-Therapy” by- Mr. Phil Zimmerman.

In March, Rev. E. E. Sideris spoke on “The Charkas, or Psychic Glands” and the April meeting offers a talk on “The New Age and the Cycles of Development,” by member Mr. Paul R. Weast.

The May meeting is restricted to the membership for it includes the Annual Banquet and Election of Officers. The June meeting is already scheduled and will present Drs. John and Louise Aiken in a talk on “Psychedlics and Self Realization.”

Congratulations to the officers and members of Unit 37 for so actively- promoting the goals of Understanding!

Unit Lectures

Although we have no announcements of coming lectures by our Understanding Units we should like to report on recent Unit activities in this field.

Mr. L.O. Anderson of Unit 67 of Los Angeles, Calif., reports that Mr. M. V. Krishna Murthy of Bangalore, India, while in the Southland recently, lectured to Units 67 and 15. He spoke on etheric energy flow, brotherhood of man, cosmic consciousness, and yoga in business.

Mr. Riley H. Crabb lectured for the Santa Cruz, Calif., Unit 9, on March 4th on the subject of “Mediums and Prophecy”, and to the Merlin, Ore., Unit 1 on March 6th, on “Etheric Surgery.”

On March 22nd Unit, 11 of San Francisco, Calif., sponsored The Very Reverend Harold G. Plume on the subject of “Psychic Healing” and on the same date Unit 7 of Orange. Calif., sponsored Dr. Frank L. Stranges in a lecture on UFOs.

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