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VOLUME XIII                               MARCH, 1968                                            NUMBER 3

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Almost everyone knows that the university at Colorado Springs, Colo., has received several substantial grants from the Federal Government, via the US. Air Force, to finance the investigation and the study of those pesky question marks which have come to be known as `Unidentified Flying Objects.’ It is also fairly well known that in their determination to keep the study upon a “strictly logical and scientific basis,” the investigators have carefully avoided all of those “Kooks and Pranksters” who have reported any kind of communication with alien intelligence.

What is not so well known, perhaps, is the fact that in the year 1899 one of the earlier “kooks or pranksters” named Nikola Tesla, with financial aid from another “k. or p.” named John Pierpont

Morgan, set up an experimental laboratory in this same Colorado Springs. The lab contained high voltage radio transmission equipment, a 200 ft. tower for the transmission and reception of radio waves; and the best receiving equipment that could be built at that time lead been installed.

Tesla reported that one night when he was alone in the lab he observed what he cautiously referred to as “electrical actions, which definitely appeared to be signals.” The changes were taking

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

place periodically and with such a clear suggestion of member and order that they could not be traced to any cause then known to him. In his written report Tesla said, ” I was familiar, of course, with such electrical disturbances as are produced by the sun, the Aurora Borealis and earth currents, and I am as sure as I can be of any fact, that these “variations” were due to none of these causes.

It was sometime afterward, however, that the thought flashed upon my mind that the disturbances might be due to intelligent. control. The feeling is constantly growing upon me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another.”

When asked by the American Red Cross on January 7, 1900, to predict the likely developments during the next, century, Tesla wrote, with respect to the apparent signals- “Faint and uncertain as they were, they have given me a deep conviction and foreknowledge that ere long all human beings on this globe as one, will turn their eyes to the firmament above with feelings of reverence, trilled by the glad news: Brethren! We have a message from another world, unknown and remote. It reads: “one, two, three, etc.!”

Tesla’s prediction that before the end of the 20th century all men would be aware of extra-terrestrial communication still has 32 more years to run, and it is becoming increasingly probable that his prediction will prove to be accurate, although it is equally improbable that the present study at Colorado Springs will make any substantial contribution to that realization.

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The story is grim! The conclusions were shocking and discouraging! Perhaps the recommendations reached were inevitable since the study was based upon material expediency with an admitted omission of all “judgments of value-aesthetic or moral.”

Reference here is made to the findings of The Special Study Group, organized upon mysterious secrecy in August, 1963. to consider a world under conditions of permanent peace. The story is given in the December, 1967, issue of the “Esquire Magazine” and is entitled: On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace. The account is written by Leonard G. Lewin who was approached by

MARCH, 1968                             3

“John Doe,” a member of the Study Group, who felt that the report should be released to the public and its findings not limited to the high ranking government officials to whom it was sent.

The Study Group was composed of 15 men, leaders in various fields-business, professional, military. It met in secrecy for two and a half years in various places, and consulted innumerable agencies for the data needed for its research. The study, from the assumptions used, was extensive and widespread and covered many side issues (seemingly irrelevant), such as the penal codes, the history of the Incas, and automation in underdeveloped countries. Its “Peace Game” techniques analyzed, by computer calculations, relationships as far fetched as the effect of a moon landing on Swedish election results.

The stated purposes of the group were to

1. Consider the problems involved in the contingency of a transition to a general condition of Peace; and

2. To recommence procedures for dealing with the contingency.

The work commenced on the prediction that “some kind of general peace” might soon be negotiable, since political conflicts are susceptible to solution. The study preceded from the original premises to the following questions:

1. What are the real functions of war in modern societies, beyond the ostensible ones of defending and advancing the “national interests” of nations

2. If peaceful settlement is possible, is the abolition of war, in the broad sense, really possible?

3. Is it necessarily desirable in the terms of social stability? The deliberations of the group were guided by a military style objectivity, with an avoidance of preconceived value judgments, and included all relevant data and theory.

The Study Group accepted as assumptions that war is the basic social foundation of nations: that war serves to promote national allegiance and thus inner stability; that war controls both overpopulation and the socially alienated; that year creates the economic “waste” necessary to balance production and consumption imbalance; and that war is essential to cultural creativity and scientific progress.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The conclusions reached indicate that most medical advances are viewed more as problems than progress; that poverty is necessary and desirable despite political statements to the contrary; that standing armies serve as social-welfare institutions, that space-programs, anti-missile-missile projects, and fallout shelter programs are designed for vast expenditures rather than for the advancement of science or national defense; that an intensification (deliberate) of air and water pollution may be necessary as part of the peace program; and that the budgeting of the “optimum number of lives to be destroyed annually in overt warfare” is high on the list of priorities.

The 28,000 word report concluded: Lasting peace, while not theoretically impossible, is probably unattainable: even if it could be achieved it would almost certainly not be in the best interests of a stable society to achieve it. The text considers in detail many of the functions of war for the preservation of the race and for social stability, and considers the possible alternates for these functions in a peaceful world but finds the alternates-economically, politically, sociologically, psychologically, scientifically, culturally — in adequate, on a long term basis. The Study Group found “no moral equivalent for war.” While the Study Group recommended the formation of a government War/Peace Research Agency to prepare for the advent of a possible peace, accidental or deliberate, its feeling was that the war system cannot responsibly be allowed to disappear until:

1. We know what it is we plan to put into its place; and

2. We are certain, beyond reasonable doubt, that these substitutes will serve their purposes in terms of survival and stability of society.

Thoughtful people may well ponder these projections of a world in which the impersonal “state” and an economic system have a priority over human life with its dignity, nobility and inherent spirituality!

(We understand the full text of the Report is being published by Dial Press in book form. The “Esquire” article while lengthy is still abbreviated.)

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MARCH, 1968                             5


In contrast to the preceding article which ignores completely man’s spirituality, S U N (Spiritual Unity of Nations) is an organization based upon the tenets of THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN and THE FATHERHOOD OF GOD.

The Founder-Director of this organization is Joseph Busby, editor of “The Voice,” a spiritual newspaper dedicated to the cause of World Brotherhood. Headquarters are at the SUN HOUSE, 49 Portland Road, Hove 3, Sussex, England. An International Spiritual Unity Conference is planned for May 9-11, 1968, at Hove. The expressed purpose of the conference is to create a permanent framework of creative, cooperative service, and to bring together the representatives of many religious, esoteric and metaphysical groups so as “to discover in conference what can be accomplished together.

The Aims and Purposes of the SUN GROUP are:

To mobilize the spiritual powers manifesting through the world religions and other spiritual movements, and within the hearts of the peoples of the world, for the bringing about of a World Spiritual Unity of Nations.

In order to implement this ideal the Spiritual Unity of Nations is dedicated to the following program:

1. To bring together the efforts of all spiritually dedicated groups for the establishing of this spiritual bond between nations.

2. To serve all spiritually-motivated groups by providing coordinating services for such a World Movement.

3. To use every means to keep before the leaders of the nations and the U.N. universal spiritual objectives.

4. To promote annual conferences in important world centers for the purpose of drawing together spiritual leaders of all faiths for the planning and implementation of World Peace and Harmony , based upon universal spiritual Laws and Principles.

5. To establish inter-related S-U-N organizations in all countries for the purpose of

(a) promoting in every way the ideal of a Spiritual Unity of Nations.

(b) establishing Centers of spiritual power and enlightenment, for the training of workers.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

(c) providing facilities where the spiritual leaders in every country may gather and contribute their ideas and their service to the Spiritual Unity of Nations.

(d) co-operating with people of other nations, stressing spiritual unity.

6. To demonstrate through selfless service to humanity the expression and application of Divine Love.

7. To encourage research into all aspects of Spiritual Science, i.e., Healing, Prayer and Meditation.

8. To seek every possible way of transcending all the limitations that hinder the spiritual unification of Mankind.

9. To seek a common bass where through right thinking, right feeling, and right action, Love-Wisdom can reveal the way to a solution of the problems that beset Humanity.

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(The News and Courier, Charleston, S.C., Dec. 10, 1967)

AUCKLAND, New Zealand-(CNS)-Flying saucers and other UFOs are nothing new in New Zealand. So when four UFO sightings were reported from Hawkes Bay, on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island last September, there were few raised eyebrows But Bruce Cathie, a 37-year-old Fokker Friendship captain with New Zealand’s state-owned domestic airline, National Airways Corp., brought out his own special reap of the country and plotted the positions of the sightings-a matter of routine, since he had carefully marked in positions of UFO sightings over the last two years. On his map the main islands of New Zealand are covered by a grid of lines which Cathie drew up in 1965 on the basis of complicated mathematical calculations.

This is the crucial point: the map and its grid were drawn up two years before the September sightings. Yet the four reported UFO positions at Hawkes Bay fitted neatly onto four parallel lines of the grid: not to the great surprise of Cathie.

What is the Cathie grid?

“I recognized the fact of UFOs’ existence when, in 1952, together with six friends, I witnessed a huge ball of light, circled by a smaller red light, over Auckland.

MARCH, 1968                             7

“In 1956 I saw a UFO over the top of the South Island, where many similar sightings had been reported since 1909. In March of 1965, I saw a USO-an unidentified submarine object in a Northern harbor. It was not a submarine.

“The South Island positions and the USO position gave me definite fixed positions. From then on I began to keep a careful record of all verified sightings. On my map I extended the line north and south from the USO position, to find that the line intersected points where other objects had been reported. In a similar manner a grid of lines at right angles to this began to emerge, spaced regularly at 30 minutes of are.

“The grid proved its accuracy with every new, verified sighting –all fitted onto one line or another. I became convinced that what I had found in this pattern was a grid, representing regular flight lilies.

Not content with a grid cowering only New Zealand, Cathie sought some means of extending the pattern to cover the whole earth. For this he needed a reference point to give him a clue for the global pattern.

The referent he needed appeared on a photograph taken on Aug. 29, 1964, by the American survey ship Eltanin. On a frame of film exposed over a barren sea bed 13,500 feet down was an antenna-like object which appeared to be metallic, with six crossbars ending in knob-like protuberances.

From the position of the object on the globe, he measured a point on the exact opposite side of the earth, which turned out to be in Siberia. This line ;gave him the basis for a global grid system. into which his existing New Zealand grid fitted perfectly.

Now Cathie plotted U FO positions from all around the world, and these, together with complicated harmonic math, were the pattern for his global grid, which proved to have an equator identical to the earth’s magnetic equator.

“In fact there are two interlocked grid patterns,” Cathie explains, “and possibly there is a third system. The I math I used always relates accurately and predictably to earth’s mass, gravity acceleration and the speed of light.”

What is the grid, then: What does it actually represent? Mathematics experts in New Zealand and Australia have found

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

his calculations to be irrefutable; there is ample support for his grid in weighty scientifically derived evidence.

“I believe it is a navigational and power system radiating energy,” Cathie declares. “It suggest to me that the earth is a power base for the UFOs, and I believe that similar systems will be found on the Moon and Mars. I believe that the grid had existed for centuries, that it fell into disrepair for whatever reasons, and that it is now being rebuilt.

“I believe that there is, quite literally at our feet, a fantastic source of power that will put our space science, our power generation systems and our transportation and communications industries into immediate obsolescence.

“Moreover, I believe that an aerial can be constructed to tap this power source. That is my next project.”

According to the Cathie theory the earth as a giant power station was used by UFOs from before biblical times; he considers that many ancient ruins and depressions, which have never been satisfactorily explained, will fit into his scheme of things, including the great. pyramid of Egypt (“a power station”), Stonehenge (“a cosmic: clod:”), and the vast Siberian depression (“a clean atomic explosion caused by a fault developed in the grid.”).

“Whatever intelligence is behind the grid, it cannot be hostile,” Cathie adds somewhat reassuringly. “Obviously they could have destroyed the world long ago had they been inclined to. Now, I believe, the repair work is almost complete. The North and South magnetic poles are being lined up, as can be seen from the change from random movements of the North magnetic pole into a stable, predictable position. When the two are lined up and both stable-say in another 10 years-the project will be completed.

“I am no genius,” Cathie admits. “I cannot believe that I am the only person in the world to have satisfactorily established evidence for the grid’s existence. I have worked alone, and without computers; yet nothing along these lines has ever been published. My own book, to come out in England next year (it is called Harmonic 33) will present facts, theories and supporting evidence; I hope that then the best brains in the world will got together with the aim of exploring the possibilities of the grid, and tapping its power for the benefit of all mankind.”

MARCH, 1968                             9


To each of us the purpose of life has a different meaning. To some it is the chance to make an outstanding contribution of one sort or other to society, that will live on long after the body has ceased to exist. To others, it is a place to prepare for eternity, a dressing room so to speak, with the biggest and most important event their destination. Yet to others, it is only a chance to grasp at everything that catches the eye. Whether it be good or had, life giving or deadly.

I believe that to each of us, there is presented two choices or chances to become a giver or taker, a doer or a do for. Our greatest difficulty is our inability to recognize the opportunities when they present themselves.

There are those of us who are taught to believe in a supreme being, a power so great that it could and did create heaven and earth, and all that is upon the earth, in the heaven, and under the earth. A power who when called upon, will move mountains. Who can give comfort to those in need, and strength to the weak, when the weak have the faith to believe that with him all things are possible.

There are others who believe only in evolution, the process whereby man, after many millions of years, evolved from a microscopic sea animal to an erect, walking, talking, thinking and reasoning land animal. Then there are those who believe in something completely different and those who don’t know what to believe.

But with all our beliefs and theories, most of us have in mind one goal for mankind, and that is a happy and pleasant earth with peace and prosperity for all. After noting man’s existence upon earth for, lo, these many thousands of years, we wonder why this has not been achieved when it is the much expressed desire of all mankind.

The way we go about seeking to accomplish this goal is the greatest misguided fiasco of all time. For there are those who would have us believe that the only possible solution is to do away  with certain nationalities or peoples because of their color. build, speech, or ideas. To other it is the elimination of all whom they consider unable to contribute to their society. So we must assume that a

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

happy and pleasant earth, with peace and prosperity for all, has as many different meanings as there are people.

How can we expect to achieve a peaceful coexistence with all other people on earth unless we are willing to compromise. Unless we are willing to open our eyes and understand that we are all of the same species. Black, white, yellow, red, or brown, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we are all here, that we each have a fair claim to our share of this earth.

With just a little effort we could start searching out the inner man in our neighbor to try to find a compatible being there that might, if allowed, emerge to unite with our own inner self-a being who, understanding and accepting our differences, would press onward with us toward our common goal of peace and prosperity for all, without the feeling that anyone had to be eliminated or put under bondage.

– La Quite Soto Chezum

——— ♦ ———

World report

“Big Foot” Reports

News media recently have had several reports on the so called “legendary Big Foot.”

The Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune of January 1, 1968, ran a story, dateline Sonora, Calif., entitled: “Big Foot Creature Seen, Photographed Near Yosemite Park.

“Big Foot,” the mysterious monster of Northern Calif., may have been sighted Saturday by a pilot and his passenger as they flew over Yosemite National Park.

“We saw the thing from about 50 feet up,” said the pilot, Robert James, Jr., 30, of Tuolumme City. “It was standing erect and looked as if it was 10 to 12 feet tall. I could see its eyes. It lead brownish fuzzy and wooly looking hair. Not long hair, but kind of matted.” James said he was sure the creature was not a bear.

MARCH, 1968                             11

His passenger, Leroy Larwick, 35, of Twain Harte, got a picture the “thing” as they flew over.

The men landed and drove back to the area where they had spotted the creature. “The ground was frozen,” James said, “but we did get a couple of pictures of footprints that were over 20 inches long.”

The pair’s search did not turn up anything. The area is desolate, with a garbage clump about three miles away.

James showed the picture to another pilot, Leonard Strand, Sonora, who said he saw a similar creature about three years ago. The Grants Pass (Ore.) Courier of January 10, 1968, ran an article, “Big Foot Sighting a Hoax?”

The dateline is again Sonora, Calif. A Tuolumme County under-sheriff says a reported sighting of a “Big Foot” creature during the weekend is probably another hoax. Meanwhile, the two Tuolumme County men, who said they saw a mysterious furry creature from the air at Confidence Ridge north of Yosemite, plan to organize a search to find the creature.

Under a Portland, Ore., dateline, January 18, the Grants Pass Courier reports that: “Barefoot” Aunt is Planned.

Former rodeo bareback rider Roger Patterson says he hopes to get an expedition together this summer to hunt Northern Calif.’s fabled Bigfoot, the American snowman.

Patterson, of Yakima, Wash., said he and Bob Gimlin spotted the creature last October northwest of Eureka. He says he wants to capture one alive so it can be studied.

The existence of the creatures-although reportedly seen several times over the years – has never been scientifically verified.

Universal Language of Symbols

(Mercury, San Jose, Calif., Dec. 7, 19117)

PARIS – Man is developing a universal language of symbols in the view of some linguists here.

Jean Effel, a Paris newspaper cartoonist, is convinced of it, and recently, with the help of two Sorbonne professors of Oriental languages, he presented his findings to a fascinated audience at UNESCO House.

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The people at the United Nations Educational. Scientific and Cultural Organization were particularly interested because of the difficulties they have had in developing alphabets for hundreds of languages spoken by illiterate peoples.

The western alphabet, all agree, is inadequate to express the sounds and, above all, the hitch and rhythm of these languages, which convey a rich variety of meaning.

Every good African proverb can be expressed on a drum, an African expert told the session, which was sponsored by the Inter-national Typographical Association.

Among the solutions proposed are a variety of phonetic symbols. The new art of phototype setting makes it easy to create an unlimited number of combinations, it was pointed out.

But a sign language, like Chinese ideograms and Egyptian hieroglyphics, bypasses the problem, since it has nothing to do with speech.

Effel calls his language a discovery rather than an invention because in fact, he says, he uses nothing but symbols men have already developed for communication without words.

In his own trade, Effel says a host of wordless conventions have appeared. A falling object, for example, is defined by two or three diagonal strokes.

The same strokes, inside a rectangle, such as a window-pane, designate glass.

Guidebooks, international road signs and mechanical drawings are also rich sources of symbols, but one of the best, Effel said, is mathematics in any language, he pointed out.

Naming Lunar Landmarks

By Dick Young, for Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel, Jan. 1, 1968

CAPE KENNEDY-Astronauts may be going to Hell one of these days.

Hell, of course, is a small crater to the northeast of the crater Tycho, a prominent spot on the lunar surface as seen from earth. Hell takes it name from Father Maximilian Hell, a prominent 17th century Jesuit astronomer and director of the Vienna Observatory.

The odd name brings into focus the problem of naming lunar

MARCH, 1968                             13

features, In the past, craters, mountains, hills and seas on the moon leave been named for scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and terrestrial features.

Not until 1907 was the International Association of Academies brought into existence to cope with the problem of giving lunar features commonly accepted names. Shortly after World War I, a book was issued containing about 6,000 lunar places names along with their coordinates.

Everything was pretty much ginger-peachy until 1959 when the Russians’ Lunik 3 soared beyond the moon to take pictures of its hidden side. Soviet scientists were able to identify about 500 features, bringing an avalanche of new names to be voted upon.

It was in 1961 that the International Astronomical Union came up with a key to selecting lunar place names: craters, rings and walled plains are to be given the names of prominent (and dead) scientists.

Mountain-like chains are to have names associated with terrestrial geography. Large dark areas are to have names calling up psychic states of mind preceded by Latin names for oceans, seas, lakes or pays.

Isolated peaks are to be designated by the same rules governing naming of craters but are to have the prefix “Promontorium.” Undenominated features are to be designated by their coordinates but can take the name of the nearest center.

The Russians’ Zond 3 turned up more than 3,500 features on the moon’s hidden side and the five highly successful American Lunar Orbiters produced about 100,000 more to be charted.

Have a spare name hanging around? The IAU may need it.

1967 Florida Sightings

The Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel on January 21,  1965, listed the following UFO sightings in Florida during 1967.

Frostproof, April 5; Miami Beach, June; Islamorada, July 22; Tampa, August ; New Smyrna, & Deland, Feb. 7 ; Jewfish Creek, July 20-21; Casselberry, August 18; Bushnell, Oct.. ; Brooksville, Oct. 26; Tampa, Nov. 10; Ft. Lauderdale, March 14; Orlando. Aug. 4; Winter Garden, Aug. 6: Deland, Oct. 17; Hollywood, Feb. 19.

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

UFO Seen by Judge

By Leonard Thornton for the National Inquirer, Feb. 4, 1968

Three glowing orange circles flying in triangular formation high in the sky were seen at the same time by a 12 year-old girl and a Superior Court Judge.

Judge Charles Bennett, of Denver, Colo., said: “I don’t know whether the three circles were joined or it they were the extremities of a Flying Saucer or what else they might have been.

“I only know what I saw and I can’t explain it.”

The sighting occurred on the evening of October 5. Judge Bennett was sitting in his parked car talking to his wife, Patty, and his mother, Mrs. Myrtle Bennett. who were standing on the sidewalk outside the senior Mrs. Bennett’s house.

“I was looking at my wife when suddenly I caught a movement just by her head. I yelled at them both: ‘Look at that,’ and they looked up and saw exactly what I saw.

“It was a series of lights in a triangular formation flying fast toward the southeast. They moved faster than any jet, I ever saw and the lights were in such formation that I’m convinced they couldn’t have been on any conventional aircraft.”

Bennett estimated the lights at about 50 or 55 feet in diameter and flying at 2,000 or 3,000 feet.

At the same time, in another part of Denver, Carla Batchler, 12, ran from leer bedroom to tell her mother, Mrs. Roy Batchler, she could hear a humming sound in the sky.

“Neither of us went outside,” said Mrs. Batchler, “and the noise stopped abruptly.

“Next morning I read in the newspaper about Judge Bennett’s sighting of the lights and I wondered if there could have been some connection. Later my daughter told me she had seen the three bright rings, as described by Judge Bennett from her bedroom window.”

Experts at the University of Colorado’s government-sponsored UFO program interviewed Judge Bennett but a spokesman said afterwards: “it was a very interesting sighting but we have not been able to make any definite analysis or reach any conclusion on the basis of the information we have.”

MARCH, 1968                             15

Just Don’t Laugh At UFOs

Vallejo (Calif.) Times-Herald, Jan. 27, 1968

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) — A noted physicist charged Friday federal authorities have “badly mishandled” investigation of unidentified flying objects and advised fellow scientists to “stop laughing smugly” at. UFO reports.

Dr. J. E. McDonald, University of Arizona professor associated with the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, said his lengthy studies of UFO reports have brought him to the point where “I almost wish someone would come along and show conclusively that UFOs are just something seen by a lot of nuts.”

McDonald said his research into the subject over the past 18 months has led him “even farther” toward the conclusion that some form of extraterrestrial survey does exist.

“Current scientific attitudes toward the UFO problem must be radically altered,” he said. “We must stop laughing smugly at ‘all those nuts’ who see UFOs, stop accepting hollow assurances from the official agency that has so long and so incredibly mishandled the UFO problem, and stop assuming that the very idea of our being under extraterrestrial survey is so amusingly absurd.”

McDonald said the Air Force project Bluebook “badly mishandled” the whole problem for “many years.”

There is no “grand conspiracy” to hush up details, the physicist said, but there are “a lot of little cover-ups of the type that can become all too common in a military milieu, especially when a highly visible official position would be embarrassed by a policy of candor.” McDonald said he regarded the “grand foulup” as being more likely than “the grand conspiracy.”

Skeptical scientists with limited exposure to UFO records generally assume sighting reports to be either hoaxes, hallucinations or misinterpretation of atmospheric phenomena,” McDonald said.

The scientist conceded that “there may still be poorly-understood atmospheric or even astronomical phenomena” which are being misinterpreted by experts.

But he argued that the weight of evidence definitely indicated there is a basis of fact for supposing that this world was under observation from elsewhere.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

book reviews

Healing Hands

By J. Bernard Hutton, W. H. Allen, Essex St., London, W.C. 2, Eng.

This is the story of the author, J. Bernard Hutton, a hardened journalist, an unbeliever in psychic phenomena, and his contact with George Chapman, a former Aylesbury fireman and medium who claims to be controlled by the spirit-surgeon, William Lang. Dr. Lang was a well known consultant surgeon on ophthalmology in London, England, during the latter part of the 19th and the early part of the 20th century. He died July 13, 1937. Dr. Lang founded the Ophthalmological Society in 1881, gave lectures, taught and practiced surgery, and wrote books on ophthalmology. These facts are verified by the British Medical Association.

The author, Mr. Hutton. was ill in 1963. His doctor had diagnosed his case as a non-paralytic type of poliomyelitis. He began to go blind, could hardly distinguish a person standing 10 yards away, and suffered double vision. His doctor recommended several operations which might or might not be helpful.

Pearl, his wife, persuaded him to make an appointment with Mr. Chapman to see “Dr. Lang.” Mr. Hutton saw “Dr. Lang” in his white coat standing before a window in the room. They conversed (Mr. Chapman’s features take on the appearance of the surgeon Lang.) Dr. Lang, through Chapman, gave his diagnosis which was identical to that of Mr. Mutton’s doctor. He also said that Air. Hutton had hepatitis virus and needed an operation. He told the author the operation would be performed on his spiritual body which produces a corresponding effect on the physical body.

MARCH, 1968                             17

Mr. Hutton lay on the couch and had the operation. He felt the cutting and the stitches but there was no pain. Mr. Mutton’s spirit body was drawn slightly away from the physical body during the surgery. All this time “Dr. Lang’s” eyes never opened, nor did he touch Mr. Button physically. When the operation was over, the patient sat sightless and was paralyzed with fear. A reassuring voice told him he would see, perhaps not a normal vision, but a very improved vision would result very soon. It was soon-while Mr. Hutton was sitting in his car waiting for his wife and children. He wept unashamedly at the miracle. His health was restored.

The author relates in detail case after case that “Dr. Lang.” through George Chapman, helped and cured. He also tells of the preparation of the medium to work with Dr. Lang, a long, and tedious training.

This book will fascinate many people, and will be an eye-opener to what can be clone by an honest, high-minded spirit and his medium.

– Hortense M. Hough

——— ♦ ———


(From “The Aim of Life,” Newsletter by Roy Eugene Davis, March, 1965)

“Many people on the spiritual path suddenly come into the awareness of the psychic realm and think they have attained the vision of heaven or the true world of Reality. They have merely become aware of another level of illusion. Other students come into the study of the mental laws and then learn, through practice, to manipulate the pictures of this surface world. But, this is not the realization of Truth, although it may be a step in the direction of it.

“We can, of course, only do the best we can from our level of understanding. But, consider for a moment, the possibility of transcending the mind, which is a magnetic field in which images are produced and sustained, and you begin to grasp the possibilities that lie in store. When this is actually achieved we can become aware of deeper levels until we finally are able to see that Infinite Intelligence really wants to do things through us. It can open doors,

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

fulfill dreams and manifest the highest expression of Itself when we let it.

“Sensing this, we may find that we are faced with the challenge of discarding all we have ever learned until now through the years of effort and most intense application. It may mean that we have to discard our plans for the future and our accustomed ways of doing our work… (for my ways are not your ways … ). It may mean that inner changes bring a sense of uncertainty while we wait to be stabilized at the new level. But, if we know how to rest in the silence we will be equal to the challenge. Of this I am convinced.”

From the Kansas City Star, December 29, 1967.


Who is responsible for the state of the world today? The scientist, or the general run of us who use and sometimes misuse the things science creates!

Two leaders in the scientific world have said some things about this recently. Dr. Glen T. Seaborg, chairman of the Atomic Enemy Commission, went to Lambuth college, a little liberal arts school in Jackson, Tenn., to dedicate a new science hall. He appealed for better understanding among the various fields of learning.

“Nonscientists still provide far the largest portion of our nation’s leadership,” he said. “In my opinion, these classrooms and laboratories can serve no higher purpose than to give non-science students a sound concept of the principles and potentials of science, and of the social problems science, intelligently- applied, can solve.”

Dr. Eugene P. Wigner, who participated in setting up the first atomic chain reaction at the University of Chicago 25 years ago this month, was interviewed for Look magazine. The interviewer suggested that people expect science to solve problems that science creates.

“This is really asking too much of science, isn’t it?” he replied. ” because these problems were created by human desires, and human desires are not dictated by science. A friend of mine once said, “The intellect is our servant; our desires are our master.’ “

Scientists cannot thus escape all responsibility; for human desires are the product not only of human nature, but also of what is available in the marketplace. Scientists share the blame and

MARCH, 1968                             19

for the shake of the world. Do they really want that?

Actually, of course, it is pointless to talk about blame or credit. We are all human beings, scientists and laymen alike, and we have a common problem of keeping our society afloat in a sea of change. And as Dr. Seaborg point, out, we must understand one another it we are to do that.

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