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VOLUME XIII                               DECEMBER, 1968                                   NUMBER 12

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


“Man is a creature of free will, free choice, and self determination,” at least so says the, philosopher, and usually the poet wilt agree with him. “It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishment the scrolls, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

If this attitude were strictly correct, man could, in perfect justice, be held completely responsible for his every word, thought and deed. There would be no excuse or mitigation for failure or for transgression.

Occasionally, however, a philosopher or a poet will take a second look at himself or at his fellowman and come up with a slightly different conclusion. A philosopher, who was also something of a poet, once said, “Man, a thinking being is defined, but how few ever exercise this grand prerogative of mind? How few of us appreciate the thinking few, and how few ever really think, who, think they do?”

The fact is that while man is a creature of free will, and goes through life constantly making choices, many of these choices are limited to the lesser of several evils, and most of the remainder are motivated almost entirely by factors of heredity, environment, or

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

previous experience. Thus the nature of the choice is already determined before the choice is made!

It sometimes happens that two brothers, born to the same parents and raised in the same general environment, will go very different ways. One may become the most admired man in his community while the other may become the `most wanted.’ Yet who can say exactly why or at exactly what point in life the one `chose’ to be a `good guy,’ while his brother `chose’ to be bad.” No philosopher, no poet, no psychologist or criminologist can say for sure. The countless numbers of events, large and small, that mold man’s response to his environment and to his problems are usually beyond the understanding of his fellowman.

The Chinese philosopher K’ung Fu-tzu, whose name has been condensed by the Western World to Confucius, declared that, “You must walk in a man’s shoes for at least three days before you can see through his eyes.”

Jesus of Nazareth went even further. He said, “Judge not, that ye be not judged, for with whatever measure ye meet, it shall be meeted again unto you.”

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The irony of Christmas is that the day commemorates an event in which millions-even many Christians-do not believe. That event, strangely enough, is the actual birth of Christ. Confusing to still others is the myth and mystery of the Virgin Birth.

Where, then, is the truth in Christmas? For the metaphysician the truth in Christmas is not in the symbols of the Christian Savior’s birth, the sacraments, or Santa Claus-beautiful and inspiring as they may be. Nor is the truth in Christmas in the birth of a man.

The truth and the beauty in Christmas is in the birth of an idea the Christ principle-rather than a person. It is this principle which the metaphysician calls the “Savior of Mankind,” the only begotten son of Father-Mother God.

We use the term “Father-Mother God” for in Divine Mind there are both the masculine and the feminine aspects. It was the union

DECEMBER, 1968                    3

of Divine Law, the Father, with Divine Love, the Mother, which led to the birth of the perfect-man idea, or the Christ.

The truth in Christmas, then, is not the Nativity of nearly 2,000 years ago. It is the Nativity which can take place within you here and now.

For example, let us say you are a skilled craftsman. With your manual labor, the male in you, you can fashion a silver bowl, a leather purse, or a vase of clay. But when the female in you, your love quality, unites with your labor, you do more than produce just another material object. You give birth to a masterpiece of art, beauty, and joy.

The father of any new idea is the facts. But for that idea to be brought into fruition the motherhood of faith is essential. Otherwise, how was Thomas A. Edison able to create the first light. bulb? He struggled valiantly with the facts of light, and electricity. Those facts were father to his invention. Faith was the mother.

The secret of genius, whether it be in science, art, music, or, literature, is unalterably bound up with the “father-mother” principle. If you want to express the highest of which you are capable, then allow the masculine of discipline to unite with the feminine of devotion. Permit your drive, the father in you, to combine with your desire or dream, the mother.

You have an idea for a song, poem, novel, or short story. Your draw upon your knowledge, the male parent, for plot, theme, construction, and other technicalities. But knowledge is not enough for the successful completion of your brainchild. The motherly quality of nurturance is also necessary.

The masterpiece on canvas at which you marvel in the museum is the work of the Father-Mother artist. It is a child of talent and temperament. The painting is not alone a creation of the artist’s physical senses. It is an expression of his soul.

The father of the musician’s performance is his hands, the flesh. But unless there is a constant intercourse between that flesh and the mother-quality of feeling, the music is likely to be dull and uninspiring. It is music without soul.

Christmas, then, can occur everyday in your life. There can be a “Nativity” of the Christ in you today, tomorrow, and the next

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

day. That Nativity happens whenever the Father-Mother God or the male-female qualities within you work together.

In your office or factory, you may work with your head, your hands or both. But it is truly Christmas when you work with your flesh and your feeling, with both sense and soul, with both labor and love. Then, you produce or give birth to the highest within you, the Christ.

You are in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, within you is the Father-Mother principle. You can give birth to new ideas (saviors of mankind, if you will) in art, music, science, health, work methods, literature, medicine, clothing, interior decoration, and so on.

Nativities or Births of Great Ideas-or Saviors-are essential to our survival. Man must do more than celebrate Christmas; he must experience it.

-Russell J. Fornwalt

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From an editorial in the Grants Pass (Oregon) Courier of December 1965 we offer the following Christmas Traditions. “While the holiday is most certainly Christian, in the United States, it is also pagan, seasonal and national by tradition, with all harmoniously blended.

“The druids of ancient Britain decked their halls with boughs of holly to shelter sylvan spirits threatened by frost and winter winds.

`Imperial Romans feasted, exchanged gifts and decorated with evergreens during Saturnalia, a December festival honoring their god Saturn.

“Mistletoe, the Yule log and the wassail bowl are relics of other pre-Christian mid-winter celebrations in Europe.

“When Pope Gregory I sent out missionaries in 601 A. D. he counseled them to let converts weave the harmless features of pagan festivals into the spiritual fabric of the Christmas observance.

“Following this precept, the Eighth Century missionary Boniface persuaded the Teutons to transfer worship. of Odin’s sacred oak

DECEMBER, 1968                    5

to the evergreen decorated in honor of the Christ. Child. Much later, Martin Luther is credited with adorning the first tree with candles at Christmas time.

“St. Nicholas, a Fourth Century bishop in Asia Minor, gave gifts to the young and poor. From him has developed the Santa Claus of today, with particularly strong assistance from the 1823 classic – A Visit from St. Nicholas more commonly called The Night Before Christmas, by Dr. Clement Clarke Moode.

“Caroling is almost as old as Christmas itself, but not in the form we know it. An early historian wrote that in the Second Century, the bishop of Rome urged his people to sing (in celebration of our Lord). Christmas hymns go back to the Fifth Century, when most were written in Latin. St. Francis of Assissi is regarded as the father of caroling as we know it today.

“In 1223, St. Francis placed a creche in a hermitage in Greccio, Italy. After that, many churches began displaying a Nativity scene at Christmas, and soon people began acting out the Christmas story. The actors composed carols to sing with their plays and after the plays, they would stroll down the streets singing. In that. way, street: caroling was born ….

“So much for some of the history of our Christmas celebrations as we know them. It is a time of feasting and the giving of gifts But more than that, for all who profess Christianity, it is a time for reflection and profound consideration of spiritual things.

“We live in a troubled age-an age of wars, of bitter jealousies and enmities, of restless and often violent stirrings among peoples. It is an age in which discouragement and depression come easily..

“But the meaning of Christmas can give the perspective we sorely need. We can believe that the problems of this age will somehow, sometime, pass-while the ideals that Christmas stands for are eternal… . “

——— ♦ ———


From our South American correspondent, Edith Greinert, we have received a most interesting letter as well as many translations. of UFO sightings reported in the Argentine press. (See international Report)

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

We quote, in part, from Miss Greinert’s letter.

“I don’t know whether you have heard that Professor Fernando Serma in Madrid, President of the Association of Friendship with Visitors from Outer-Space, predicted four years ago in his book that the invasion, a peaceful one, will begin in Argentina in the winter of 1968 and will be concluded in 1970. This, of course, may be just one of the numerous prophecies, imaginations, etc., but the fact remains that strange things seem to happen here. UFOs have been photographed and filmed on various occasions.

“The press too has changed its attitude. La Razon remains the “great crusader,” even though sometimes unreliable. But then La Nacion, the leading paper in Argentina, now comes out for UFOs.

“Here is an article by the Buenos Aires Herald, September 11, 1968, to this account:

`La Nacion yesterday came out against those who scoff at the existence of flying saucers in the face of growing evidence of the presence of such Unidentified Flying Objects.’

“In its main editorial entitled `Lights and Shadows of the UFOs’ the newspaper condemned both gullible people, anxious for magic experiences and those who point blank deny what has not been scientifically disproved.

`The editorial said there were now too many coincidences and that `too many serious personalities’ had spoken out for the existence of UFOs, to deny the possibility that flying saucers were a `tangible reality and no more a dream’ and ignore what could be a problem of fundamental importance.

The editorial then drew a parallel between the disbelief which preceded the departure of Columbus, the dreams and inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci and the consequent. realities. They finished like this:

“Let us encourage those who by their background deserve our respect and endeavor with flickering lights to penetrate the darkness which perhaps hides God’s immeasurable greatness.’

I wish the newspapers in other countries would take the same attitude.

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DECEMBER, 1968                    7


From South America

La Razon, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, reports on Sept. 26, 1968, that at Lima: It is given out today that a landing place for flying saucers has been discovered near Chumo, district of Cuzio, in the, Andes of South Peru. The news was released by the president of the Institute for Interplanetary Relations, Dr. Carlos Paz, who informed that the discovery was made by Dr. Antonio Ponce de Leon, an engineer who had visited the region after all the inhabitants of that village affirmed they daily saw Flying Saucers moving about in that place. Now this landing place is called “plato dromo.”

The existence of the spot has been confirmed by an expedition which described it as an extensive zone of the heights of Cummo. There are specially built craters, innumerable marks, or tracks, of flying saucers, pieces of metal, etc. It has been requested that the authorities make a complete investigation of this discovery.

 ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦ 

La Razon offered also this September 1968 report from Bucharest, Roumania. The Roumanian Agency, Agerpress, informed that a UFO had been photographed in the town of Cluj. The unidentified flying object, of a circular shape and about 10 meters in diameter, had been watched by many inhabitants of Cluj, in Northeast Roumania, who affirm that it flew at great speed, leaving a luminous trail behind it. The trail is visible in the photograph taken by one of the witnesses. It is the second time since the beginning of this year that UFOs have been seen in Roumania, the first time by live meteorological stations in western Carpates.

-Translated by Miss Edith Greinart

From Germany: UFO Nachrichten, 142, June, 1968.


In contrast to the public denial of sightings of UFOs, Dr. Felix Zigel, a professor at the Moscow Institute of Aviation, together with members of the Soviet UFO Commission, is confirming the operation of UFOs over Russia.

Dr. Zigel gave the following account in the Feb. 1968 newspaper Soviet Life after the Kremlin had released the publication. He

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

was traveling on the Soviet ship “Ischewsk” off the Norwegian Coast Aug. 2, 1967, when he saw a UFO. A half hour before midnight Hauptmann Markow, Matt Bazaschin, Oberingenieur Iwanow, ,and Steuermann Sysojew saw a round object flying to the south.  A few minutes later the bright spot flamed in the sky-it moved along from West to East and became ever larger. Suddenly it came to a stand-still and emitted sparks in all colors of the rainbow. ‘It again flew southward, halted and rotated so that it now appeared oval, the thickest part at the top. Now from the under part. was emitted a white mass as the object flew away into the white mist. Six days later at 8:40 P.M., the astronomer Anatoli Sazanow of the Astrophysical station of the academy of Science at Kislowodsk in the Caucasus saw a huge UFO of 180 meters diameter. Many scientists working at the station, witnessed this sighting.

Dr. Zigel stated, “The acceptance that UFOs come from other worlds, that the ships are outer planetary, merits serious consideration. The time has come for us all to put away our prejudices about UFOs.”

UFO Plunges into Water-May, UFO Nachriehten

Pakistan Observer, Dacca, Fri., Nov. 24, 1967.

Calcutta, Nov. 20, 1967.

“‘Star Observer”: the visit of a Flying Saucer took place recently in Assam in the area of the Himalayas, creating great interest and curiosity in the entire country.

The mysterious object was seen in the vicinity of a bungalow, about 16 miles from Shollong. It whirled in the sky about 150 m. high and had red and green lights. After a minute it plunged with a violent noise like water rushing, in a nearby river. Suddenly it raised and disappeared in a zig-zag pattern into the jungle area.

At the same time there were more and more accounts in the world press, which speak of similar objects, disc shaped, cigar or ball shaped, that were seen alone or in groups, some quiet and some with much noise, suddenly plunging into the earth and soon again taking off after they have landed.

Many people have sincerely offered the opinion that. these objects do not come from our earth. There is a growing belief that they belong to people from other planets, visiting our earth. I myself

DECEMBER, 1968                    9

observed a glowing object on Oct. 23 that flew from southwest to southeast through the night, with a silver-blue light. Such strange objects were also seen in England, on the continent, in the U.S.A.; Canada and also Russia.

It is not the first time that a UFO was seen in India. In 1933-34 such objects were seen in the mountains of Sikkim in Tibet and observed in China. Earlier accounts speak of the same objects being seen in 1908 over Russia and 1913 over Wales.

-L. V. Hohberg

-Translated by Ruth Ilten

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Although detailed reports of the Annual Understanding Meeting; held October 12 and 13, at Merlin, Oregon, have been mailed to all Units, Officers and Members-at-large, we wish to share with all readers of the Understanding magazine the message of our President Dr. Daniel W. Fry.


The President’s Message.

One of the basic problems in maintaining an organization for the promotion of Understanding is the fact that Understanding is not one of the more popular nor appealing subjects for human efforts; or consideration.

Understanding does not appeal particularly to the instinct nor to the emotions. It does appeal to the intellect and to the faculty of reason, but unfortunately the human individual and the human society will derive about 90% of their overall motivation from instinct and emotion and only 10% from intellect or reason.

Yet, understanding is one of the most important and necessary elements in any successful and happy life. With it man becomes the master of his environment, without it he inevitably becomes its helpless slave.

Understanding is necessary, not only to happiness and success, it is also frequently necessary to human survival. For example, if an aboriginal native from the depths of the jungle, who knew nothing of civilization or its works were suddenly transported to the main street of a large city and set down in the middle of an intersection, he would be in great and immediate danger, and it is probable

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

that he would be killed or seriously injured within a few minutes of his arrival. Not because the city or its inhabitants had any animosity for him, but simply because he did not understand the nature of the people and the devices around him.; The streetcar hurtling toward him with its bell clanging loudly would be to him a horrible monster, intent on his destruction. The hundreds of autos on either side of the tracks would be equally threatening and deadly monsters. The aboriginal would have no way of knowing that all of these devices were created by man for the purpose of serving man and were dangerous only when misunderstood or misused.

He could not flee to the sidewalk because of the hundreds of strange people there. To the aboriginal all strangers are immediate or potential enemies and so there would be no place toward which he could flee. Between the autos and the streetcars, be would probably die very quickly, and on his tombstone would be engraved this simple epitaph, “He died needlessly because he did not understand!”

In our present day culture with its vaunted “civilization,” and highly technical environment, we still have the same dangers which arise from our own lack of understanding. Our science is constantly making discoveries and creating devices which should be the servants of man, but which, because of man’s lack of understanding, threaten instead to destroy him.

Knowledge without understanding is like an automobile without steering wheel or brakes, and however apathetic man may be toward understanding it is one of the most vital aspects of his life.

It is for this reason that we continue our work in spite of apathy and apparent indifference of those whom we serve, because we realize that we are serving ourselves as well as others and that our function is vital whether or not it is recognized or appreciated.

——— ♦ ———

Christ is the reason for Christmas

His is the love we share.

Christ is the one that we honor,

His is the Peace Everywhere.

-Brenda and Mark Brownell

DECEMBER, 1968                    11

UFO Leaves Traces

(Daily Citizen, Tucson, Arizona, Oct. 19, 1968)

Mrs. Pearl Christianson, 71, of Gleeson, a pioneer Arizona rancher and teacher, reported seeing unidentified flying objects (UFOs) to the east of her ranch house on August 26, 1968.

At 10 minutes to eight that evening, while driving home, Mrs. Christianson saw a huge silver circular object seated on the south side of Brown’s Peak. She sat in her car five minutes observing the sight. As she went through her gate she saw a second object-very shiny and gold. It also was stationary and once in a while both would move simultaneously.

With a pair of old field glasses she watched the objects, although the brightness hurt her eyes, until about. midnight when they disappeared.

Mrs. Christianson filled out papers for the Army at Ft. Huachuca, but a Fort Spokesman said the Army would not investigate. “The Air Force has that, responsibility.”

Mrs. Williard May-field, who operates the Gleeson Museum, also saw a bright light on the peak that night. The two women, 48 hours later, traveled up to the “saddle area” between Brown’s Peak and Turquoise Mountain. They reported a strange, acid-like odor, and rocks so hot you could not hold them in your hands.

An investigation by others noted individual sotol cactus plants badly charred at their bases, but not burned at the top. Others were burned by a fierce heat which left only the blackened base. Also, the peak had burned spots no more than four to eight inches in diameter. There were many dead clumps of grass and dry wood which were not touched at all. None of the fires appeared to have resulted from lightning strikes.

Unraveling Past Mysteries

(Mail-Tribune, Medford, Ore., Sept. 25, 1968)

By Maris Ross

LONDON (UPI) – Thousands of Britons are busily engaged

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

these days trying to unravel mysteries of their ancient past. Among current projects: a search for Camelot to see if King Arthur existed in fact as well as in legend; a tunnel into a huge artificial mound probably dating from the Bronze Age to see why it was built and what the landscape looked like 3,500 years ago; an inquiry into who invented castles.

Among important finds: a palace built on the south coast by the Roman invaders about 70-80 A.D. with mosaic floors in every room; an eight-inch statuette of a Hermaphrodite believed to be a very early example of prehistoric art more than 4,000 years old; a primitive stone age settlement. beside the River Thames.

Interest in archeology in Britain has risen steadily over the past decade, spurred by television programs and by the need to excavate before redevelopment locks the buried traces of history beneath 20th Century buildings.

The big finds-temples, Roman villas, fortifications-are the ones that catch the public eye. But often the little things, the scraps of pottery, are the keys to excite experts.

Schoolboy Paul Kent, 14, found on Cadbury Hill in southwestern England a fragment of a wine jar made on the Mediterranean shores in the Sixth Century. Its presence on the hill is taken to indicate Cadbury was the base of a man important enough to have such a precious possession from a far off land. Could he possibly have been King Arthur? The legends of Arthur have become so entwined, so symbolic, so handed down over the centuries that nobody knows if he was invented or actual.

Cadbury Hill has so far proved a mine of archeological riches. The. hill- appears to have been an Iron Age fortress that the Celts converted for their own use. If it was Arthur’s, then the diggers. have found the remains of his Sixth Century wooden great hall and the gate to his settlement. They also have uncovered a Saxon town wall and battlements built later, as well as a Christian church of early but uncertain date.

Ghosts Surviving Personalities?

(Mail-Tribune, Medford, Ore., Oct. 16, 1968)

By Patricia E. Davis

NEW YORK (UPI)-Are you bothered by strange thumpings in your home at night?

DECEMBER, 1968                    13

Do objects fall from shelves when no one has touched them? Does your family rocking chair rock when no one is in it?

Author Hans Holzer says that if these things occur, you may be sharing your home with a ghost.

The Austrian-born Holzer is a parapsychologist. Translation: ghost hunter. He travels around the world investigating reports of ghostly, haunted houses and other “spontaneous” phenomena.

He descries “spontaneous” phenomena as being “anything of a supernormal nature, not fully explained by orthodox happenings.” What are ghosts? Holzer describes them as the “surviving personalities of human beings who died under emotional stress (usually a violent death) and are incapable of escaping by themselves from their emotions and entanglements to find peace.”

He believes that ghosts will roam familiar surroundings until they are able to communicate with someone who can soothe them and thus allow them to go to their rest.

Holzer claims to have contacted many ghosts, including more than 20 in New York City where he now lives.

Holzer says there are several ways to contact a ghost. He recommends the use of a medium, a psychic person through whom the ghost will be able to communicate. A medium, Holzer says, has the power to fall into a deep trance when a ghost, is present and can be “taken over” by the spirit wishing to communicate with the living.

The spirit, reportedly, then uses the vocal chords of the medium to speak. Such communication sessions are called séances. Holzer says that, while the mediums he uses are “genuine,” there are bound to be frauds.

Earth’s Surface Subsiding

(Mail-Tribune, Medford, Ore., June 28, 1968)

WASHINGTON (UPI)-Don’t panic, but California is sinking rapidly. Even Texas is subsiding. So are a lot of other places, including Louisiana, Alaska, Washington state, and Arizona. This downward movement of the earth’s surface here and there is due, the Coast and Geodetic Survey reported Saturday, to a variety of causes, among them the activities of man.

The survey has been measuring up-and-down movements of the

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

earth for half a century. Natural forces causing slumps include earthquakes, frost action, and changes in the moisture content of soil.

Some changes in the earth’s contour may occur slowly “over the ages.” Those for which man is responsible can be measured in a matter of decades or even shorter periods.

Subsidences discovered by the survey in the past, few decades range from two-fifths of an inch after the 1965 Puget Sound earthquake in Washington to 24 feet. near Mendota, Calif.

The Mendota slump took place over a 23-year period starting in 1943. Geologically speaking, this was rapid.

Other sizable subsidences include more than seven feet near Eloy, Ariz., since 1948; nearly five feet near Houston since 1943; 5.6 feet at Portage, Alaska, after the 1964 earthquake; and 20 inches at New Orleans in the past half century.

Added Years Unproductive

(Daily Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Oct. 16, 1968)

By Delos Smith

NEW YORK (UPI)-A scientific study of what people do with the years heart surgeons add to their lives turned up this answer –many do very little with their added years.

Dr. P. H. Blachly’s subjects were 263 men and women who had had their defective hearts opened for health-restoring repairs three to 11 years ago.

Of the 263, 108 or 41.1 per cent. were not at work for subjective reasons, meaning they were unwilling rather than unable. By work, Blachly meant a full-time job or full-time housekeeping.

Most of the 108 did not work because they thought work would be bad for their health. Twenty didn’t because they felt they tired too easily. Ten didn’t, because they thought they couldn’t hold a job.

Blachly associated their “subjective morbidity” with their long periods of unemployment. before and after surgery. It points to a “law,” he said in a report to “Circulation,” Journal of the American Heart Association-“a law of the year.”

“If a person is unemployed for any reason for a period exceeding one year, the chance of re-employment is poor. Work is a habit

DECEMBER, 1968                    15

which, if permitted to lapse, will be supplanted by habits of non-work.”

His advice to heart surgeons was to match their marvelous surgical techniques with techniques for rehabilitating their patients emotionally. The patients should be kept in their normal pursuits for as long as possible before surgery and returned to them as quickly as possible after surgery, he said.

“With the extreme effort and expense required for heart surgery, it seems a shame that so many patients should feel unable to work. That only six of the patients should doubt that they benefited from the operation, while 41 per cent claim they are unable to work may be testimony to the reluctance of persons to question their judgment and that of their doctors and friends over such a large investment.”

Dolphin Conversations

(Medford Mail-Tribune, Medford, Ore., July 19, 1968)

By Delos Smith, UPI Science Editor

NEW YORK (UPI)-Two dolphins have revealed to science an eager willingness to enter into conversation with people, thereby matching the eagerness of scientists to converse with dolphins.

The possibilities are breath-taking. There’d be information-exchanging conversations, mind-not the cute-trick “talks” in which animals are taught to respond to human speech with meaningless yips and yowls.

Never have people conversed in the true sense with creatures other than people. Indeed, people believed no other creatures had the capacity until science began exploring the potential of dolphins.

These sportive sea mammals-mini whales, prodigious swimmers, and imaginative show-offs in Aquariums-communicate vocally and garrulously among themselves.

All scientific evidence indicates they have a well developed language with an extensive vocabulary and a grammar of sorts. Science has learned to respect their bright and resourceful brains. The two test dolphins began their display of willingness by making the concessions dolphins will have to make if they are ever to converse with people.

They gave off their vocalizations for John C. Lilly, Alice M.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Miller and Henry M. Truby of the Communications Research Institute, Miami.

They confined their utterances into the comparatively narrow sound range people can use and bear. The dolphin range is many times broader. What’s more, they made their utterances sound more human than dolphinic.

The scientists were not, surprised by the familiarity with English, since the dolphins have been living in the Institute’s tanks for several years, “in close vocal and physical contact” with people.

Meanwhile, scientists are making progress in deciphering the dolphinic language. When they succeed or when dolphins master English, conversations can begin.

`Flying Cigar’ Seen Here

(Santa Barbara News Press, Aug. 14, 1968)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Two families here reported seeing an unidentified flying object cruise slowly over the city at 5,000 feet last night.

Mrs. George Grayson, 45 W. Mountain Dr., near Coyote Road, said she saw “an extreme bright light” over the city at 8:20 p.m., moving from south to north. At the same time the light was observed by her son Brett, 9, who was playing outside.

An elder son, Malcolm, 17, quickly mounted a 60-power telescope on a tripod. For three minutes the Graysons took turns looking at the aerial object, by then hovering directly overhead.

“It was gray in color, cigar-shaped, with myriads of green, red and white lights twinkling like sparklers along its length,” Mrs. Grayson told the News-Press.

A private plane approached the object from the north, Mrs. Grayson said, whereupon the lights in the UFO went out and it vanished in the night sky.

Her husband called Vandenberg Air Force Base to report the sighting. A short time later a jet place cruised the area, Mrs. Grayson said.

Vandenberg officials said today that they were aware of the reported sighting and would make a routine investigation. They said that no jet aircraft was dispatched from Vandenberg.

DECEMBER, 1968                    17


Let us pray that strength and courage abundant be given to all who work for a world of reason and understanding;

That the good that lies in every man’s heart may day by day be magnified;

That men will come to see more clearly not that which divides them, but that which unites them;

That each hour may bring us closer to a final victory, not of nation over nation, but of man over his own evils and weaknesses; That the true spirit of this Christmas Season-its joy, its beauty, its hope, and above all its abiding faith-may live among us;

That the blessings of peace be ours-the peace to build and grow, to live in harmony and sympathy with others, and to plan for the future with confidence.

(New York Life Insurance Company)

——— ♦ ———

Poet’s corner

Christmas Eve

We can not see the Angels
But they are everywhere

The white veil of the snow falls
Have their wings touched the air!

Near amber street lamps haloed in light

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Your face seems transfigured

On This Holy Night.
Faraway carolers hum lullabies

Figures move in shadows, blue
Heads bent from snowing skies

Like silent shepherds, hurrying by.
Where flickering street lamps

Burn transparent flames
Urgency in drifting chimes

From steeples calls our names.
Children trudged this hill at dusk

In fallen snow we meet
Their footprints . . .

Hieroglyphs of Faith
On this Cathedral street.

– Mary Ann Putnam

(Published in The Parish Bulletin, Westchester County, White Plains, New York.)

bulletin board

Many Thanks

Many Thanks are due Chapter 1, Northern California, Fellowship of Universal Guidance (P.O. Box 337, Redwood City, Calif. 94064) for their generous donation of Thirty Dollars to Understanding, Inc.

DECEMBER, 1968                    19

Annual Election of Officers

Congratulations to the newly elected Officers of Understanding Inc.

President, Dr. Daniel W. Fry; Vice-Presidents, Dr. Olin Byerly and Mr. T. Yale Hunt; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Florence Bohnert; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Wilma Thompsom; Treasurer, Mrs. Kerttu Campbell; Membership and Organizational Chairman, Mrs. Emma Johnson; Subscription Chairman, Mrs. John Basmajian; Geographic Files, Mrs. Esther Ellsworth; and Friendship by Mail Chairman, Mrs. Dorothy Knowles.

New Directors chosen are: Mr. Anthony Brooke of England and Bishop Imeh Emmanuel of Nigeria, Honorary International Directors; and Dr. Daniel W. Fry, Mrs. Angela Kilsby, Mrs Esther Ellsworth, Mrs. Tahahlita Fry, Col. Harry F. May, Mrs. Dorothy Harper, Mr. R. C. Thompson, Mr. Paul R. AV, east, and Dr. Eugene E. Whitworth, National Directors.

Gift Subscriptions

Its not too late to shop at home! Send your friends a Gift Subscription to the Understanding Magazine as a monthly reminder of your thoughtfulness during the year.

Our special Gift subscription rate is only Two Dollars for the year. A gift card will be enclosed.

For prompt attention please send your gift orders to

P.O. Box 22 Sta. C

Pasadena, Calif. 91104.

Your friends will be glad you did!

Unit 7 Elects Officers

At their October Meeting the membership of Unit 7 of Orange, California elected its new officers for the year.

Congratulations to: President, Harry E. Woodward (12462 Merrill St., Garden Grove, Calif. 92640) ; Vice-President, Howard Moffitt; Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. Irene Brown; and Assistant Secretary, Mrs. Dorothy Harper.

Poetry Anthology Announcement

Dr. Armando Troni of Centro Studi E. Scambi Internationali,

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

announces that the organization is planning a “Poetical Anthology (Bouquet of Poems) devoted to the Poets of the World.”

He requests that writers “Send one poem only, (your best) not more than 24 lines, typewritten, in traditional or free form to: Dr Armando Troni, 7 Via Corrada Segre, Roma, 00146, Italy.” If you enclose two International Reply coupons you will be advised of the selections made.

The bulletin which contained this request. for publicity of the Poetry Anthology offered a length- paragraph on the aims and principles of Understanding, Inc. with particular emphasis on “correspondence with citizens of other countries.”

Dr. Stranges Convention

Dr. Frank E. Stranges has announced that the 5th Annual UFO Space and Science Public Symposium will be held on January 31st, February 1st and 2nd at 13506 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, Calif. For program details write to Dr. Stranger, 7070 Woodman Ave., Van Nuys, Calif. 91402.

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Christmas symbolizes our deepest aspirations for peace and for good will among men. Peace is the right of every human being.

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

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6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

MONTESSORI EDUCATION for the “little ones.” Preparation for the New Age and world service. Teacher training. Book lists. College credit courses. Write World University, P.O. Box 4800-K, Tucson, Arizona.

SPECIAL OFFER: L. L. Castetter, Director, Inst. of Human Engineering, 3680 E. Fall Ck. Pky., Indianapolis, Ind. 46205, will send you “Research in Personality Development,” 220 pages-“Symposium on Education,” 125 pages-“Approach to Spiritual Science,” 36 pages for $2. Retail value $4. Write for descriptive literature.

WORLD PEACE requires ESPERANTO, Text, record, etc. loaned FREE, Esperanto Library, Dept USI. Middleton, Wis. 53562.

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1958 through 1964   $1.00

1965 through 1967   $2.00

Please add 15 cents per volume for mailing charges

Understanding, Inc.

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An imaginative flight to the Moon, Mars and Venus by eight spiritually trained Astronauts.

Price: $2.50

Order from:

Peter Boudreau

P.O. Box 22,24

E. Santa Cruz, Calif. 95060


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                      $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Hardbound-New Edition-$3.95

Softbound — $1.45

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

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The Editor and Staff


Understanding Magazine

May Your Christmas

Be Merry


The New Year Bring Joy

Through Understanding

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Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inc is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

Welcome to the Understanding family!


P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon 97532.