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VOLUME XIII                               NOVEMBER, 1968                                   NUMBER 11

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


As this editorial is being written, Walter Schirra, Walter Cunningham and Don Eisele, the three Apollo astronauts, have completed 86 of their scheduled 163 orbits of the earth. Their space-ship has traveled a distance of almost two and a half million miles in the six and a half days since it was launched. (A distance equal to five round trips to the moon!)

Although the flight is primarily a `shakedown cruise’ for the moon orbiting flight tentatively scheduled for late December, many of the tests and exercises being performed by the astronauts have a much longer range significance. A seldom mentioned and little understood facet of our space program is the development of `Stable Ecology,’ or `Closed Loop Environment’ systems. This portion of the space program is devoted to the design and development of equipment which will enable the spacecraft to take in energy from the sun or other outside source, as does our own spaceship known as the Planet Earth, and to use that energy to produce a constant supply of food and renewed air for the astronauts, by much the same processes as those which have been going on here on earth for at least a few tens of millions of years, except that, because of

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the relatively small size of the spaceship, the cycles will have to move somewhat faster than they do on earth.

All of this boils down to the seldom realized fact that man is rapidly preparing, not only to travel in space, but to live in space indefinitely.

Biologists assume that life began in the waters of the earth, and, at a certain point in its development, some of the more advanced forms moved out into the air, retaining just enough water to keep the life processes operating. In a like manner, man will soon be making the transition from air into space, retaining the necessary amounts of water and air within the closed system of the space ship!

The U.S. Space Program has succeeded in achieving another ‘first in space’ event. An epidemic of colds is raging aboard the Apollo 7! Apparently there are limitations in man’s conquest of nature. With all of his fantastic accomplishments in science and technology, he is still unable to do anything about the common cold, except to endure it!

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Whereas physical science deals with material substance and the atoms of matter as units of structure and in function connected with energy transformation, social science deals with persons as atoms and spiritual units and their interrelations between individuals and groups. There is a common basis of agreement that forms the foundation of physical science, but there is lacking comprehensive agreement as a basis for social science. Perhaps a main reason for this lack is that few persons realize the difference between components of physical atoms and those of humans as spiritual units of function.

The three essential units or particles that form physical atoms are designated as electrons, protons, and neutrons, and in various combinations they form all the elements of material substance. In a like manner there are three basic components that comprise human atoms as centers of function, and they may be designated as the factors of will, desire, and capacity. It is a principle of physical science that all manifestation arises from the interaction of the

NOVEMBER, 1968                    3

forces of polarity. In a similar manner the interactions of the force, of personality gave rise to our social structure and the need of social science lies in understanding the three essential human components of will, desire and capacity.

It is known that psychology has an essential part in social organization. The psyche is a spiritual factor in human personality that is productive of motivation. This is the area in which the power of will makes possible a choice of action. What is chosen will be governed by the level of desire that is productive of the motivation. Desire is to the human what polarity is to substance. In fact, desire is an unsatisfied polarity, and it is this that causes humans to be restless entities that are always wanting, seeking, going, trying, being, or wishing they could. This is sometimes called the desire for life fulfillment, and often spoken of as seeking self-expression.

Physical science is based on factors of physical nature that are fairly well understood. An adequate social science involves an understanding of physical nature, human nature and spiritual nature. The reason for this is that a human is a spiritual entity functioning in a physical body. The functions of the physical mechanism are well understood, but the spiritual and psychical aspects are not so clearly comprehended. In the study of matter we deal with particles of substance that have no choice of action except their polarity and they obey certain known rules.  This makes possible the formation of a dependable physical science .  Because the power of will gives the human a choice of action it is hardly possible to establish an exact social science.

All fields of mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering are derived from understanding of physical science. Human engineering derives from understanding in social science, but there are few, if any, truly qualified social engineers. We realize the need of a social structure that is productive of peaceful living and fulfillment in life, but we lack comprehension of what best fills this need. A well-organized human society depends on well-organized members. The basis of all organization lies in purposeful planning. The fulfillment of purpose requires rightful direction of action. This is generally regarded as a form of efficiency and economy in the use of persons and materials. There can be no adequate social science until efficiency and economy are organized for constructive living.

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Therefore, any form of waste interferes with organized social structure.

The industrial and business aspect of life is highly organized. This is made possible because of leadership that guides the enterprises. Humans sell their labor to those who own and manage commercial enterprises. In this manner the material needs of life are supplied. The economic aspect is only one that forms the basis of an organized society. Government and religion are other aspects. Government helps to establish co-operative interaction between persons, and religion helps to establish relationships with our Source of Being.

It is well to comprehend some of the obstacles to social organization. Among them we find weak will, low-level desire, and lack of capacity in comprehension. Persons of weak will are unstable and not dependable. If they have low-level desire they will not want what is best. This makes a fertile field for false concepts, illusions, twists, prejudices, fallacies and superstitious. It is easy to see that these are obstacles to social organization and the establishment of social science. It would seem that our civilization ought to be able to overcome these obstacles, but, evidence indicates that we have not yet achieved such. The level of mass consciousness is a block to social science. A good example of this is the cigarette habit. Here we see a form of waste that is a terrific burden, interfering with health and producing losses that cause much privation and suffering. Yet, in spite of such waste, loss and suffering, smoking is socially accepted, morally approved, and publicly encouraged, and many persons in high-level position; are victims of the habit. This is not indicative of wholesome living that would make a well-organized society possible.

The person who desires to rise above the common level need not wait for the mass level of consciousness to be raised. He is permitted to make choices of action that bring him above it. If he has strong will, high-level desire, and good comprehension he can rise to levels of fulfillment unknown to the average person. One of his Great needs is that of finding adequate sources of information. We know that churches are not able to supply the information for they are too divided to offer the enlightenment that is essential. Schools are not making adequate provision for the knowledge. Thus it is

NOVEMBER, 1968                    5

necessary for enlightened individuals to offer their help through other means. This is a slow process, but it does help to guide seekers into paths of fulfillment through understanding of man’s purpose on earth, his goal in life, and his future destiny. They learn that the energy of the physical universe and the power of God in the spiritual universe are as one, and that it is in Him and this energy that we live and move and have our being. We are channels and substations for this lower and energy, acting as subordinate centers of creative activity.

What we create depends upon our degree of enlightenment. This in turn is governed by the strength of our will, the level of our desire, and the comprehension we have acquired. With these attributes we learn to function in harmony with our Source of Being, and thereby help to establish the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This is our best way of understanding how to establish in adequate social science. There can be no social science without this understanding.

– L.L. Castetter

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From the Daily Times Otago, New Zealand) dated July 23, 1968, comes this extract of “The Great Airstrip Mystery of sixty years ago.’

The Great Airship mystery of 1909 filled newspaper columns for weeks and gave rise to wild speculations. Was it a fact? Was it a wonderful hoax? Or was it the start of the flying saucers from outer space theory?

The first sighting, mid-July, 1909, concerned mysterious lights in the sky, thought to have been attached to an airship, over the Wangalon hills, near Kaitangata. However, at the time, airships hardly existed outside the pages of Jules Verne!

The story was received with some incredulity but as the witnesses were of unimpeachable integrity the Otago Daily Times sent its Kelso correspondent to check eye-witness accounts. He reported: There is not the slightest doubt that the airship was seen at Kelso … It is cigar shaped or boat shaped and is pointed at each end.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

It did not appear to be very long in build but was very broad… It flew over and past the school grounds, turned around and went back the way it carne. It was flying along very easily and had no trouble in turning. It came from the direction of the Blue Mountains and over the wooded area near Kelso. It was seen by at least five persons whose statements are in accord.

The following day came reports that “the thing;” had been sighted by people on the other side of the Blue Mountains and later, by people again on the Kelso side. The consistent stories told of a bright light in the sky. By. the next night the light had been seen further south, and near Auckland.

Sighting reports continued even as inventors related their experiments and youths told of practical jokes with balloons. Suggestions to solve the mystery were varied-a spy machine, an Australian smuggler ship, local secret airship trials; cosmic luminous dust of meteoric or cometary origin. The meteor theory was the most popular though the behavior of the lights, as attested to by reliable citizens, did not fit the pattern.

August 6th the airship was again seen near Kelso by 10 hitherto skeptical workmen, who described it as a cigar shaped balloon with a carriage suspended below. It had a powerful white headlight and changed altitude steadily several times. Other reports continued for a time until the news was pushed aside “by the wreck of the Maori off Capetown and the greater mystery surrounding the loss of the liner Waratah.”

Long afterwards came a story that a collection of rusty machine tools had been found in deep brush of the Blue Mountains. Questions continued. “Where had they come from? Were they actually from the mystery airship” Was it all a gigantic hoax, if so, how did its perpetrators keep it so secret? Or was it some sort of mass hallucination, possibly induced by some meteorological phenomena?”

There still is no easy answer to these and other questions. Sixty years ago the thought of airships in Otaga was a far wilder idea than current speculations that flying saucers are really from other planets. “The Kelso mystery ship may indeed have been a colonial forerunner of today’s U.F.O.s.”

NOVEMBER, 1968                    7


I am a seeker, just as you who are holding this magazine are seeking something. For this is life. A man does not read, speak, nor listen for any reason other than to seek out something. When we communicate with one another; whether by the printed word or by way of the voice, we are experiencing, and to experience is to bring about a more integrated human being.

In the beginning of our search, there is not that knowledge that we are looking for ourselves. So many times we think that our search came about by accident, or that we, a an intellectual, should know more about this or that subject. But do not delude yourself there is and will always be a higher power guiding that search: turning you towards those experiences which will be for your growth, spiritually and materially. Through our academic training; as children we become interdependent beings. We do not look for those guidances that are continually directing us. We think all our actions are of ourselves. Twenty years ago it was almost heresy to acknowledge a higher purpose intermingled within our. will, or that if and with our co-operation, this guidance could lead us where we wanted to go. But today men are willing to listen and eager to think that there may be a place to look for answers outside of their own reasonings. We have seen the mess made of this world through our own reasonings and the majority would be glad to have a helping hand in the molding and reshaping of our mistakes.

Man has taken himself off the pedestal.  He is beginning to see that it is possible that higher forms of life could manifest in a different way than mere carnal bodies. We are really for new knowledge and this is the prerequisite to the searcher for truths — being ready to accept something different. Being willing to turn loose of old ideas in order to implant more beautiful flowers of thought within the mind.

Those people who are ready and willing are the fruit of the harvest of what is to come in our world. They are the flowers of the plant. They are the blossoms which the higher power will water. They are the future. Man innately rejects truth and change. Not because he desires stupidity, but because of his carnal will. Those who are ready and willing; to change are seekers of truths, no matter

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the vein in which it may flourish-religiously, scientifically, socially, economically or whatever. Truth changes the world through thought. Thought is man’s avenue to material, physical and religions peace. Thought is the tool by which we see ourselves as we really are, and to know what you really are is to finish the journey and start the job. A job of fulfilling the self, not only for your own self-advancement, but for the advancement of mankind.

There is always that part of a person which will rebel against new thought. Man must learn to know what it is he desires and then work willingly with that drawing flower inside himself, in order to accomplish his goal. There is ever the constant dread that what you turn loose of, may put you on a dangerous avenue, but to turn loose is only to gain something new, and in the end that which a person gains is far more worthy and beautiful than that which he has given up. The parable of the rich man who asked the Christ what else he must do symbolizes this point. This man was rich in obedience to the natural laws. When he was told to relinquish these riches-he could not, and he lost that opportunity to gain. You cannot hold those old ideas and add to them new concepts of a higher order, for they will not interfere with the reasoning power, but will leave the mind in a state of non-belief. The wavering within the mind will persist until one of the two ideas are rooted from the understanding.

Whenever we turn loose of an old idea and run the gambit of new ones, it is likened to a wheel: you will always reach back to the starting point, but by making the trip around the circumference, you have made a whole circle. It is complete. There are no longer any missing spokes. It has grown from the original thought into a total concept, clothed in a higher form.

Fear of the unknown is the stop-gap to man’s broadening power of the mind. Fear inhibits the reasoning powers of man. We do not wish to change until we know what the eventual outcome will be, and this is in itself impossible. It can only be said that the original will be garnished with the frosting of understanding. Frosting does not detract from the cake. It adds beauty and sweetness to the original creation. This we must learn to do-add that frosting to our understanding.

NOVEMBER, 1968                    9

The necessary part of the word “faith” is not to believe what is told us in the material, but to “trust,” as we delve into the unknown to find that, understanding that will build wisdom. Faith is a tool for the treading of the path of the unknown-not the known. As the supreme Being is of the unknown, we must fly unto him, rather than he fly unto us. This is where our faith is to be used, in that journey through the realm of spiritual enlightenment. Faith is our sword and hope is our banner. Victory will be our goal if we will but carry our sword and handler with us at all times.

-L. C. Morton

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The majority of the books reviewed in this magazine are for the interest of adults. However, many of these adults are also parents who want to firing up their children on space-conscious ideas and knowledge.

With a little searching on your part in the public libraries, you will be amazed to find that there are many books for all ages written with metaphysical truths woven into fiction. We have picked out only a few of these for review here, with the hope that not only will you provide them for your children but that you will take time out to read them yourself.

“The Forgotten Door” by Alexander Key is published by Scholastic Book Services. This exciting book is dedicated to “all those who like the starlight and wonder about other places and other people.” Here is a truly enchanting and intriguing tale of a strange boy who can talk to animals and read people’s minds.

Suddenly, out of “nowhere,” Jon finds himself on the planet Earth. He cannot remember what happened, where he carne from nor who he is. Very sensitively, this book tells the adventures in which Jon finds himself involved, and about the wonderful earth family that befriends and protects him from an angry and confused town. The way that Jon finds his way home again becomes an exciting mystery story, but filled with truths, one of which is that our Society cannot accept or live with these beings from advanced civilizations.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

“The Little Prince,” written and illustrated by Autoine de Saint-Exupery, is published by Harcourt, Brace and World, New York. Imagine crashing your airplane in the Sahara desert and meeting a little prince who lives on a planet that is scarcely bigger than a house!

During the days it took the author to repair his airplane following the accident, the friendship between the earthman and the little prince grew strong. Information about the prince’s planet, his departure from it and his journey to Earth came slowly, as it might chance to fall from the prince’s thoughts.

Among the many subjects discussed were flowers. The little prince asked, “The thorns on flowers-what use are they.” The author replied: “The thorns are of no use at all. Flowers have them just for spite!” But the visitor from space could not accept that. He insisted that flower are naive-that they reassure themselves as best they can and that they believe their thorns are terrible weapons.

Eventually the author learns how the prince has come to earth as part of a migration of birds, and of his visits through the asteroids and other planets, each inhabited. The prince has a tale for each. When he reaches earth he searches for man. It is this search that brings pathos, happiness and tenderness to this unusually charming book.

As the publishers state on the jacket, “There are a few stories which in some way, in some degree, change the world forever for their readers. This is one.”

“Spaceship to Saturn” by Hugh Walters is published by Criterion Books, Inc. The titles of the books that Mr. Waiters has written is quite impressive to the space-conscious youth. Among them are: “Destination Mars,” “Expedition Venus,” “First on the moon,” “Mission to Mercury,” “Outpost on the Moon,” “Terror by Satellite” and “Journey to Jupiter.”

The locale for these exciting stories is England and revolves around telepathic twins who are also astronauts. During their briefing for the trip to Saturn, the scientist who had been responsible for organizing their previous adventures into space, said: “If we are ever to explore other solar systems, if we want to make a serious search for other intelligent life, then either we must travel much

NOVEMBER, 1968                    11

faster than light or we must acclimate our crews to a very long journey.” And so the young: astronauts were first introduced to hypothermia, the lowering of body temperature for surgical operation.

The author utilizes actual scientific theories with a thrilling tale of science fiction. The trip to Saturn is an exciting voyage, filled with danger and suspense, telling how the astronauts were frozen for the journey, how they managed to send signals even when in deep sleep and how they overcame the strong gravitational fields of Saturn’s rings.

-Florence Bohnert

——— ♦ ———

world report

Sophisticated Eyes

(Grants Pass Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Sept. 19, 1968)

WASHINGTON (UPI)-A scientific panel reported today that “sophisticated new eyes” have converted the earth itself into a fine space station from which to study other planets in the solar system.

The panel urged construction of up-to-date ground-based astronomical facilities north and south of the equator to supplement the work of artificial spacecraft.

The report and recommendations were issued by the Panel on Planetary Astronomy of the Space Science Board of the National Academy of Sciences. The panel’s work was supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) which often has emphasized the need for observations from Earth as well as from space.

Until recently, the earth’s turbulent atmosphere has operated as a sort of blinder for astronomers trying to get a clear view of the rest of the solar system.

Thanks to the “new eyes” reported by the panel this is no longer entirely true. Radar, radio image scanning with the help of computers

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

and infrared light are now helping astronomers to see through the atmosphere to the planets.

The report was prepared by 15 scientists under John S. Hall, director of Lowell Observatory. It noted that radar, radio and infrared astronomical observations have reaped new information about Mars, Venus, Jupiter. and Mercury not thus far obtainable by other means.

Fish Food Plant

(Chicago Tribune, Aug. 28, 1968)

New York, Aug 27 [Special]-A 4 million dollar plant for the production of fish protein concentrates is being planned for Eastern Canada, probably in Nova Scotia, the magazine Chemical Week reports.

The unit, with an initial capacity of about 20 million pounds a year, would be the first large-scale plant for production of fish protein. Supporting the project is H. Wilson Duval, founder and former president of Puerto Rico Chemical, which was acquired by Hooker Chemical about a year and a half ago.

Production of protein concentrates from fish to feed the world’s poor has been talked about for years, but to date no economically feasible plan has been worked out.

Japanese to America First?

(Waikiki Beach Press, Hawaii, Sept. 9-12, 1968)

It is possible that neither Leif Erickson nor Christopher Columbus were the first to land on America’s shores.

According to Rep. Spark M. Matsunaga, the Japanese may have accomplished the historic feat.

Rep. Matsunaga told the House Rules Committee in Washington that, “anthropologists found bones and artifacts that were Japanese that actually predated 1492.”

Dr. Richard J. Pearson, associate professor of anthropology at the University of Hawaii, thinks there may be evidence backing Matsunaga’s claim.

Pieces of pottery similar in design to pottery created in Japan in 3,000 B. G. have been found in Ecuador by the director of the U.S. National Museum. It is possible that the Japanese could have drifted from Southern Kyushu to Ecuador.

NOVEMBER, 1968                    13

Guide on Transplants

WASHINGTON – (UPI) –A noted heart transplant surgeon called yesterday for a new definition of death and broad rules to help doctors determine “who’s the fortunate individual to get the organ” if two patients need it to live.

“We must spell out the ideal recipient and the ideal donor,” Dr. Denton A. Cooler of Houston said as 60 leading transplant experts convened to discuss transplant problems and to write a new code of ethics to guide doctors in picking transplant patients and in performing the operations.

Dr. Cooley said death should be legally “redefined in terms of brain damage,” scrapping the old definition of heart cessation. He said the question of “who’s the fortunate individual to get the organ” nearly always is answered by tissue tests and the wishes of potential recipients and their relatives.

Dr. Cooley said heart transplants cost “around $12,000 to $15,000” He said medical insurance and donations to hospitals must absorb the cost so new hearts are not limited to rich people.

“We do not think this is a luxury kind of thing,” Cooley said. “So far,” he said, “we’ve had no affluent recipients, they’re all wage earners.”

Strange Lights Terrify Taradale’

(New Zealand Herald, Sept. 15, 1968)

Two Taradale youths who leapt from their car seconds before it ploughed into a shop window say they had to “bail out” because they were being ceased by a diving flying saucer.

Their story has been accepted by Napier police, who have since been patrolling areas where saucers leave been spotted.

A resident who rushed outdoors when he heard the crash, Mr. P. Walker, said the youths hobbled from the scene “trembling with fear.”

“Apparently they had been hunting the flying saucers for the last few days,” he said.

“On the previous Friday night they heard an explosion near the Taradale dump and saw a massive flashing object rise from the ground.”

Mr. Walker added: “They said they saw some of these things flying in formation and told the cops, who laughed at them.”

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

On Monday night, the youths set out again and reported another sighting to the police.

The following evening they said they had seen a flying saucer and had followed it by driving round the town.

“They reckoned it dived on them,” said Mr. Walker, “and one of the youths called out `Bail out, it’s got us.’

The car is supposed to have been travelling at between 30 and 40 mph when they jumped.

The boys, one works for Mr. Walker, didn’t want to talk about the incident.

It is understood the insurance company handling the crash damage claim has accepted the saucer story. But it refused to comment.

Quake Intensities

(By Robert Gillette, San Francisco Examiner, Sept. 29, 1968)

Despite shattering earthquakes in Iran, the Philippines and Turkey the occurrence of great earthquakes is the lowest around the world since modern measurement be-an at the turn of the century, according to a Pasadena seismologist.

Regarding speculation that worldwide earthquake activity is increasing, or that a disastrous shock will hit California soon, Dr. James Brune said neither notion has any scientific basis.

He said there is no evidence of increased activity in the earth’s crust and, “In my opinion it is a mistake to consider scientific evidence in the same sense as predictions based on visions, prophesies, communications from God or other spiritual communications.”

Dr. Brune is associate professor of geophysics at California Institute of Technology and supervises the school’s seismological stations in Southern California.

Earthquakes stem from the movement of blocks of rock below the earth’s crust, Dr. Brune says.

He said there is “no evidence of any increase in the rate of these motions.”

In fact, seismologist are puzzled by a curious calm in the earth. The occurrence of large earthquakes during the last few years is well below average. And there has not been a heavy tremor-one with a magnitude of 8 or more on the Richter scale-since the shock that heaved across Alaska on March 26, 1964.

The four and a half years that have elapsed since then mark the

NOVEMBER, 1968                    15

longest period without a great earthquake since scientific measurements of seismic activity began around 1900.

But the relative calm may just be a random fluctuation in earthquake activity, Brune says. At other time, the number of large quakes has soared for no apparent reason.

By comparison to the 1960s, the 10 years between 1896 and 1906 saw 38 earthquakes with a magnitude over eight on the Richter scale. Only four have occurred in the last 10 years.

Space Flights to Clear Mysteries

(Kansas City Star, Sept. 25, 1968)

By Aurthur J. Snider, Chicago Daily News Service

There are at least nine prominent theories on how the Solar system was formed. Space flights will be required to resolve the controversies, says a University of Chicago geophysicist.

Dr. James Witting has told a scientific meeting the three most fruitful flights would involve an instrumented mission to Jupiter, a second to Jupiter and on to a point near the sun, and a third to a space between the stars.

About 317 times as massive as the earth, Jupiter possesses seven-tenths of the combined mass of all the planets. Its gravitational attraction may have regulated the orbits of all the other planets and accounts for the fact that they all move in a common plane.

The medium between the stars is an important target because its composition probably is a clue to the material out of which the solar system formed.

The rotational qualities of the sun are the chief unanswered question on which space flights could throw some light. Witting told the American Astronautical society in Ann Arbor, Mich.

“Measurements of the sun’s flatness at the poles from which the angular momentum may be computed, is possible simply by tracking a satellite in the right kind of orbit,” he said. ” The flight mode requiring the least amount of energy would be one via Jupiter.”

Controversy revolves around whether the entire solar system originated from a single cloud or whether a pre-existing sun captured part of an interstellar cloud from which ultimately the planets were formed.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


Souls in Outer Space

The New Zealand Herald of September  14, 1968, published the following article, “Question of Souls in Outer Space,” written by Charle Foley in Rome.

During the Vatican Council, considerable support emerged for the Belgian Bishop Andre Charue’s suggestion that the old Church concept of Heaven and Earth is out of date in this interplanetary age. “

It has been left to the Rector of the Roman College for Juridical Studies, Monsignor Roberto Masi, to come up with some preliminary answers. Although the fruit of several years study, they are, he says, far from conclusive if only because holy Scripture is always giving new meanings.”

Naturally, priests will, in time, travel in space with the astronauts just as they travel already in conventional aircraft, says Monsignor Masi. “But if one day the conquest of space brings us into contact with intelligent extra-terrestrial beings, the Church cannot try to convert them.”

What does Monsignor Masi think of the likelihood of such an encounter?

“It cannot be excluded when you consider that in our galaxy alone there are 100 million stars, many of which have planets. Before God’s omnipotence, how can we pretend to know that He hasn’t created other beings gifted with souls?”

And if they have souls, what is their spiritual state?

While no pronouncement from the Church could yet be expected, Monsignor Masi says, we know that beings on other worlds would have the same Creator as ourselves and may be assumed to obey the same natural and moral laws.

“The Almighty, however, may have given them different gifts requiring a different form of faith. One of the chief differences would be this. While we on earth are all marked by original Sin, extra-terrestrial beings aren’t Adam’s descendant. It may be that their first forefather sinned as Adam did and it may not be.

Let us suppose that, he was a sinner. Then either his progeny have been redeemed or they await a Redeemer of their own. In the first

NOVEMBER, 1968                    17

instance, their redemption may well have manifested itself in a different shape than ours. It does not at all follow that Jesus descended among them in the same form as he did among us 2000 years ago. He may instead have been incarnated in a quite different form `applicable’ to them, which only they could recognize.

“It follows, then, that these strange beings with their own Redeemer will not have the religious forms and concepts of our faith; not even, as symbol of that faith, the Cross. Interplanetary missionaries would be at a disadvantage.”

Suppose, however, that they found other extra-terrestrial neighbours to be unredeemed! Even so, says this leading Catholic theologian, they could not try to convert them.

Why not?

“For the simple reason that Jesus Christ has given us a mandate for this world only,” Monsignor Masi replies.

As for the chance that these being’s might he “pure spirit,” that offers no problem since “immaterial beings do not occupy space, and so astronauts would not encounter them.”

Perhaps there could he beings of “pure energy.”

Monsignor Masi admits the hypothesis but insists that these would be corporate beings, even if not readily identifiable by human senses.

If we agree that “the extra-terrestrials” have their own distinct physical attributes we may also suppose that their moral and intellectual equipment will be diverse; it may well be, in Monsignor Masi’s view, superior to ours.

“In the scale of beings,” he says, “there is a strange and sudden interruption. From the very lowest form of life on earth, the amoeba, to man there is a recognizable ascent. And among the angels, too, this occurs; from the less perfect we come to the archangels closest to God. But between man and the angels there is an inexplicable gap.

“Could it not be that this is, in reality, filled by a series of living beings of different species of which we as yet know nothing” The idea, like much of ‘Monsignor Masi’s thought, may be disturbing. It plants the clear suspicion that in the spatial contacts of the future we shall have a good deal more to learn than teach.

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING


It’s small, quaint, and old worldy, like a picture out of the Middle Ages. I have roamed its tiny rooms and dark narrow hallways, climbed the tiny, twisting stairs to the dimly lighted rooms above, but always alone.

This house is clearer in my mind than any of the fifty or more houses and apartments in which I have silent almost seventy years. It’s as vivid as my present cheerful home where I’ve spent the last thirty-five years. Oddly, I don’t know where this house is or when, if ever, I lived there. My family looked mystified when as a child I mentioned it, but later told me I must be dreaming. I soon learned not to mention my visions of it.

The older I get the more vivid this house becomes; I lie half-awake sometimes and am startled to discover I’m in this house. When and where did I live there? Why is the veil lifted so briefly and dropped? A friend believes I’m seeing into the past where my soul wandered through the centuries before I was born-the state from which birth freed me. Could it also be something to come! Who knows?

– Della Munro

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Membership Library

The San Francisco Unit of Understanding. No. 11, announces that their lending library has undergone a complete overhauling. In addition 40 new books have been added, the latest volumes on ESP, Reincarnation, and Saucers, with more coming!

NOVEMBER, 1968                    19

Only members can borrow books, Rentals start at 25c a month. Bay residents are invited to join the Unit to enjoy the privilege of library reading materials. Membership is only $2.00 a year in the Understanding, Inc., organization, and with the San Francisco Unit the membership also entitles the individual to a reduced donation for all public lectures.

If already a member, or if you desire to join the Unit, you may write to Mrs. Clara Sweet (655 Ashbury St., San Francisco, Calif. 94117) for information and a booklist.

History of the Origin of All Things

Through the kind generosity of Madena Booth of Oakland, Calif., the Merlin Understanding Library now has a copy of Volume One of the HISTORY OF THE ORIGIN OF ALL THINGS (given by The Lord our God through Levi M. Arnold, 1852). Thank you Miss Booth

Magazine Subscriptions

It is time once again to offer our Special Christmas Gift rate subscription to the Understanding Magazine. To promote the ideals of Understanding, and still retain your own copy of our monthly publication, why not send a subscription to your friends, or the local library, at the special rate of Two Dollars for the year?

All gift orders should reach us before December 11th.

The White Sands Incident

We are happy to announce, in time for holiday giving, that the Merlin Publishing Company (P.O. Box 105, Merlin, Ore. 97532) now has a shipment of the revised White Sands Incident in a paperback edition at $1.45.

Copies of the hardbound edition are still available at $3.95.

Aids to Identification

We wish to thank Mr. Jerome Drost for his gift copy of the book, let: Aids to Identification of Flying Objects.

This well illustrated 36 page pamphlet is available from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, for 20c.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Understanding Unit-at-Large

Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Esther Ellsworth Unit. 71 of San Bernardino, Calif., has introduced a new concept of Unit activity –the Unit-at-Large.

Writes Mrs. Ellsworth, “It is my idea to bring speakers to various nearby towns, not every month, but to try six lectures a year… We feel there are many areas where lectures would be helpful but which are not presently reached by our work.”

If members or subscribers within the San Bernardino and Morongo Valley areas are willing to assist in promoting this venture we ask that you write to Mrs. E. Ellsworth, P. O. Box 626, Morougo Valley, Calif. 92256, for further information.

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As I see it truth has a great deal in common with horizons. You see only as much of it as the tunnel you have backed into allows you to see. After all, men were burned at the stake less than 500 years ago for suggesting that the earth was not the center of the universe. The truth was always there.

-J. Harold Claborne

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6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

YOUR NEW AGE PRIMER from Flying Saucers as “signs” to mystery teachings of Life Hereafter. Send $1.00 to Dave Bent, Box 766, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33302.

MONTESSORI EDUCATION for the “little ones.”  Preparation for the New Age and world service. Teacher training. Book lists. College credit courses. Write World University, P. O. Box 4800-K, Tucson, Arizona.

SPECIAL OFFER: L. L. Castetter, Director, Inst. of Human Engineering, 3680 E. Fall Ck. Pky., Indianapolis, Ind. 46205, will send you “Research in Personality Development,” 220 pages-“Symposium on Education,” 125 pages-“Approach to Spiritual Science,” 36 pages for $2. Retail value $4. Write for descriptive literature.

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1958 through 1964   $1.00

1965 through 1967   $2.00

Please add 15 cents per volume for mailing charges

Understanding, Inc.

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The knowledge of life and everything pertaining thereto. It establishes the basic Laws that govern Physical, Mental and Spiritual Manifestations.


Volume I         (physical)        $2.75


Volume 2        (mental)          $2.75


Volume 3        (spiritual)        $2.75

Humanity Benefactor Foundation

2011 Park Avenue

Detroit, Michigan 48226.


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                      $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Hardbound-New Edition-$3.95

Softbound – $1.45

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

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Understanding, Inc is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

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