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VOLUME XIII                               OCTOBER, 1968                                       NUMBER 10

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


Although the mailman never rings twice, he sometimes brings objects of more than usual interest. This morning he delivered a package that contained a 247 page book entitled “Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects.” The sub-title was “Hearings Before the Committee on Science and Astronautics, U. S. House of Representatives, nineteenth Congress,” and the date was July 29, 1968.

At this hearing some of the best known scientists in the country discussed at length their personal opinions and the extensive factual data which they have obtained on the subject of unidentified Flying Objects.

The results of this symposium, if they carne fully to the attention of the public, should correct, once and for all, the widely held but mistaken impression that men of science are not interested in the UFO phenomenon.

The group which presented the testimony, both in oral and written form, included J. Allen Hynek, head of the Dept. of Astronomy at Northwestern University (Old Swamp Gas, to his friends: and students), who had also been for many years the chief consultant to the U.S. Airforce on the subject of UFO; Dr. James E. McDonald, Senior Physicist, Institute of Atmospheric  Physics and

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Professor of Meteorology at the University of Arizona; Dr. Carl Sagan, Dept. of Astronomy, Cornell University; Dr. Robert L. Hall, head of the Dept. of Sociology, University of Illinois; Dr. James A. Harder, Associate Professor of Civil Eng., whose subject was “The UFO Propulsion Problem”; Dr. Robert, M. L. Baker, Jr., Senior Scientist of the Computer Sciences Corp.; Dr. Leo Sprinkle, University of Wyoming; Dr. Garry C. Henderson, Senior Research Scientist, General Dynamics Corp.; Dr. Staunton Friedman, Westinghouse Astronuclear Laboratory; Dr. Roger N. Shepard of Stanford University; and Dr. Frank B. Salisbury of Utah State U.

Their testimony, together with the mass of documentary evidence which they presented, fill the entire 247 pages of fine print which averages about 450 words per page, or a total of more than one hundred thousand words plus a large number of photographs, charts and diagrams.

All of this testimony pointed unmistakably to the reality of the UFO phenomenon, and all of the scientists strongly recommended that serious and intensive study of the various phases of the UFO problem should be undertaken at once.

All of the quasi-scientific objections which have been made in the past to the .reality of the UFO were considered and convincingly refuted.

As we pointed out in our last editorial we may still live to see a genuine scientific study of this subject, but in any event the great. amount of scientific interest which is now being shown, should give courage to those who have good data but have been afraid to make it known.

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To alter undesirable situations it is necessary to understand the underlying causes, which often are not as obvious as they seem. Here is a case in point, as reported by Samuel Alvid in the San Jose, (Calif.) Mercury of June 23, 1968. The imposition of our pattern upon the children of minority groups leads to a conflict of values between school and home with subsequent social maladjustments.

Dr. Manuel Ramirez, Rice University, Houston, Texas, recently

OCTOBER, 1968                        3

prepared a paper on the value conflicts experienced by Mexican-American students. The school drop-out rate among these children is alarming, as much as 30% before the completion of the 12th grade, as revealed in a study of the Los Angeles, Calif. area.

“These facts,” says Dr. Ramirez, “should be of concern not only to Mexican-Americans but to everyone in California. It is obvious that with the present trend of increasing automation there is a decreasing demand for agricultural workers and unskilled laborers. This means that. thousands of Mexican-Americans who do drop out will be without employment.

“The feelings of frustration, worthlessness and loss of self-esteem which result due to unemployment have long been recognized by social scientists as major causes of physical and mental illness as well as social unrest.”

In a study made by Dr. George Demos of Long Beach State College, it was found that Mexican-American students expressed unfavorable attitudes toward the educational system. Among the expressed opinions were the following: the teachers did not understand them; they did not feel that the school staff was concerned about them; they did not feel good attendance was important; and that it was desirable to drop out of school before graduation.

Although there is probably some basis for this attitude in the fact that the children are bilingual, but more important is the fact that because these children grow up almost exclusively in the Mexican neighborhoods of cities and towns they “Come to adopt a system of beliefs and coping techniques which is far removed from that of the Anglo middle class. In addition, they learn to model themselves after Mexican-American adults who in many instances are quite well identified with the Mexican American culture and critical of the Anglo way.”

Another study of these children revealed some of the value conflicts experienced and the difficulties of adjustment.

“The Mexican-American culture teaches the adolescent to be loyal to his family group. This frequently result., in subordination of the student’s educational goals when the family is in need of help… . All Mexican-Americans see themselves as united in a spiritual bond as members of La Raza (the race) and are obligated to contribute to the welfare of all the members.” The person who

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

becomes Anglicized and forgets his group is looked upon as a traitor.

“The Mexican-American parent sees himself as an educator in his home. Mother and father, thus, consider learning experiences in the home just as valuable as the education he receives at school…. Anglo teachers and administrators are not aware of this so frequent misunderstanding between parents, students and teachers occur.”

The culture emphasizes the maleness in a young boy-he must never run from a fight, break a deal, and must defend his honor if insulted. This attitude is sometimes threatened “by unsuspecting female teachers interested in maintaining their authority in the classroom at. all costs.”

The culture teaches young women to be modest and not to display their bodies in public, thus creating problems in gym classes that require the wearing of shorts and the taking of showers with little or no privacy.

While the Mexican parent is largely interested in job training the schools too often are interested in preparation for college, resulting in frustration and dissatisfaction for all concerned.

These are but a few of the challenges creating a cultural conflict of values. The student must make a choice, which is difficult for him. Already identified with the home group before school attendance “this identity cannot be destroyed without there being negative consequences for the, individual and others in his milieu.”

With understanding and consideration the problems can be resolved and a happier adjustment between the two cultural systems achieved than is presently evident. Such an adjustment will rebound to the advantage of both the individual and society. So, let it be!

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From Italy

An interesting letter from Roberto Pinotti, Secretary of the UFO Centro Unico Nazionale of Milan, Italy, requests an exchange of publications with Understanding, Inc.

OCTOBER, 1968                        5

The letter relates that in 1965 the serious UFO researchers of Italy joined in a non-profit organization to coordinate the studies and researches of all serious UFO groups in Italy.

“Our Center aims at looking for the truth in the international UFO field, disclosing hoaxes and getting rid of any unreasonable and unprovable myth of the flying saucer enigma, in order to separate fact, from fiction… we are trying to find the key of the problem without any bias . . . after two years of constant activity in our country, observations, investigations, analyses, lectures, press-interviews and the regular publication of a bi-monthly official report, the Notiziario, Italian authorities and public opinion regard our Center as the most important and authoritative UFO organization in Italy.

“On June 24 and 25, 1967, Italy’s First National UFO Congress of Riccione, organized by our Society, impressed the public very favorably and caused the deep and sincere interest of Italian press, radio and television, originating a new atmosphere of serious attention for the UFO problem and its importance.”

Having instituted this exchange of publications we now call upon our member-subscribers for someone willing to read and make an occasional translation for the Understanding magazine from the Italian publication. Please write to Merlin if you are willing to serve in this area.

From South America:

Miss Edith Greinert of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has recently sent to Understanding nearly two dozen translations of UFO reports from South American newspapers. We offer the following as typical. La Nacion, July 12, 1968. Yesterday at 5:30 A.M. Radio Pacheco received a radiogram from Mr. Jorge Boveda, captain of the Argentine motor-ship “Rio Grande.” Its text was as follows

At 5.5 A.M. GMT, while outside Necochea, at latitude 38° 36′ 4″ and western longitude 58° 41′ 3″, we saw a UFO at azimuth compass 174°, height between 3-5°, which for a duration of 60 seconds flashed lights over the sea in the shape of a cone whose apex was above and whose colours were orange and violet.

“This UFO advanced towards the ship till it was about half a mile away. Then it rose and disappeared. Present were the undersigned,

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

the chief of the radio-communication department and the helmsman on duty.”

Radio Pacheco forwarded the text of the radiogram to the Coast Guard.

La Nacion, July 13, 1968. Necochea. Referring to our report concerning a UFO seen by Captain Jorge Boveda of the “Rio Grande,” and his crew, other witnesses confirm the sighting. Mr. Francisco Pazdera, Miss Blanca Zubilliga, Miss Diana Etcheverry and her sister, Aurora, declare having seen the mysterious abject at the same time, while walking along the sea promenade yesterday night. Their report coincides in all its details with that made by Captain Boveda.

La Razon, July 14, 1968. Valparaiso, Chile. (EFE).

The well known astronomer and director of the private observatory at Villa Alemana, Mr. Carlos Munoz Ferrada, declared during an interview that flying saucers were harmless. When questioned whether he himself had seen any, he replied in the affirmative.

“On September 11, 1965, at 8:30 P.M. there appeared a strange moving light, in the sky. It was not a star, nor a planetoid, nor any known object. It went from South to North. Later between Venus and Mars there appeared two disks which were transparent, for the bright stars could be seen through them. Many people who were with me saw them. When the disks came to the zenith one of them disappeared. Several minutes later we saw one of them again. It remained stationary at a certain height for five minutes. Photographs were taken, but nothing appeared on the negatives.” Mr. Munoz Ferrara concluded: “Flying saucers are harmless, but must not be touched, because one may be affected by a kind of strange power they possess.”

From Germany:

The following article from UFO Nachricten, editor Karl L. Veit, has been translated by Mrs. Ruth Ilten.


What are UFOs really? Is there really something up there? Dr. Jacques Vallee (USA) and Alexander Kazantzew (USSR) “Teknika Molodesni” Moscow Aug., 1967.

The American Astronomer Dr. Allen Hynek studied for 20 years scientific information compiled by the U.S. Air Force on UFOs.

OCTOBER, 1968                        7

The thousands of reports about UFO’s were not explained to his satisfaction. Here is one case:

“On Aug. 25, 1966 an Air Force officer reported that he was with a group of soldiers in North Dakota about 20 meters under ground, when their radio apparatus suddenly went out, as if they were in – a concrete tunnel. An observer on the surface said he saw a UFO high in the sky. The radio technician also saw the UFO flying at about 30,000 meters. Also a second UFO was reported to have shown up later on the radar screen.

A similar thing happened in the vicinity of the radar station several days later. A police officer saw a mysterious shining object lightly swaying to and fro, hovering on the side of a mountain, until it stayed about 3 meters over the surface of the earth. On this bright sunny day it remained in the field about 1 minute then quickly disappeared in the clouds.

In the past years a great series of scientists, physicists, mathematicians, astronomers, psychologists from various countries have gathered evidence and exchanged their opposite views, which they then checked out in their various laboratories and studies. The conclusions reached in the above and other occurrences were

1. An object was seen in the vicinity of the earth at ground level.

2. A large object discharged smaller ones.

3. The object is stationary, suspended over the ground or travels in a definite direction over the earth’s surface in a certain maneuver.

4. The object disappeared, without leaving behind a trace.

From 1947-62 the sightings have come in waves, sometimes reports were numerous, sometimes few. Many UFO’s have been photographed. Radar screens have captured them and earth satellites have registered them. Here is mentioned a strange satellite that is not like any put up by the USA or USSR. It rotates in the opposite direction to the earth satellites circling our planet.

American astronomer Menzel, who attributes almost all phenomena of this sort as natural occurrence, has now admitted that ill this case, he has no explanation for it.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Have you stopped to ask yourself the important question that if you were some other personality than your own, would you choose yourself as a friend?

-Fr. Sri Hilarian

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING


We are all one. Even though we have different bodies, we are all one. Even though we have different minds, we are all one. Even though we may attain different walks of life, we are all one. Even though we have different weaknesses, we are all one. What my weaknesses is may be your fortitude. Nevertheless, we should strive to help each other in our respective weaknesses.

Even though we may see things in a different light, we are all one. At one time or another during life we are exposed to the same stimuli, yet each of us respond differently. What affects one, does not, affect another. What is absorbed deeply by one, barely grazes another. And so on.

To be one doesn’t mean we must lose our individuality. But to the contrary, to be able to interpret others as we would so like ourselves to be interpreted.

Though we may be of a different race, creed, or color, are we not as a whole-one? For why are humans born with the intangible gift the power of thinking, if life was not meant as a challenge to us.  So let us strive to think more clearly and express more clearly what lies deep within our hearts, if we are to achieve this oneness.

It seems that we are all caught between two forces: An outer force and an inner force. If we would only act on our inner force as much as we do on our outer one, then we could so easily unite into one.

We are all one because there is a certain little something that is always alive in us. How many times have we had an inner urge to carry out a good deed, to extend a helpful hand or a warm smile, to compare ideas, and yet, allow this urge to be stifled by our outer force? Because we immediately assume that if we really got down to exposing our inner thoughts, our drives, cur needs and opinions, the other individual possibly wouldn’t like us very well. And so we retract ourselves and drape an imaginary cloak about us emitting instead a superficial front.

How many of us ever get to know the real you? Or for that matter, how many ever get to know ourselves for what we really are? Many of us modestly go through life shielded by an imaginary cloak, scarcely partaking of life’s goodness and reaping just

OCTOBER, 1968                        9

a little bit along the way while emitting such a dim light. Could we but make an effort, to cast this repressing shroud front ourselves and earnestly and proudly uplift our faces and our hearts to reveal what we so truly feel embedded in us-then we could so easily all be-one!

– June deBoer

——— ♦ ———


For those concerned about a possible “polar flip” it may be comforting to know (although man has no control over the phenomena) that an International Polar Watch has been in operation since 1899.

Charles Hillinger, reporting in the Los Angeles (Calif.) Times of July 2, 1968, after an interview with Leouard Caouette, has this to say:

The fact that the geographic North Pole never stays put is one of those unsolved mysteries that has baffled scientists for generations. In each 14 month period the North Pole wanders about in a mostly counter wise manner in a 72 foot square. Since 1900 the North Pole has been moving toward Greenland at more than half a foot a year.

Scientists in this country, Russia, Italy and Japan have been watching with keen interest. that daily movement since 1899, the year International Polar Watch was set up.

At Ukiah, California, Leonard Caouette is one of ten astronomers in the world who man five tiny “backyard” observatories termed “ice houses,” which keep track of the North Pole’s zig-gag path. These five stations all lie on the same parallel, 39 degrees 8 minutes north latitude, to obtain uniform computations. Two such stations are in the United States, in Ukiah and Gaithersberg, Md. The others are at Kitab, Russia; Carloforte, Italy, and Mizusawa, Japan.

The stations are identical, 14-foot square white frame observatories which are designed like ice houses to shield delicate telescopes from bleat, and the astronomers work in very dim light at night without heat to track the meanderings of 36 stars each evening. The astronomers work alone-one night on duty (11 P.M. to 5 A.M.) and the next night off, throughout the year. .

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Exact measurements of the stars’ movement over an imaginary extension of the earth’s axis, called the celestial pole, tells how much the earth has wobbled. Mr. Caouette Las been visually checking the position of 18 pairs of stars every other night in his Ukiah “Ice House” for 21 years, for the Commerce Department’s Coast and Geodetic Survey.

Every week the station managers of the five observatories mail all their computations on the nightly 36 star positions to Dr. Shigeru Yumi, astronomer in charge at Mizusawa, Japan. There final calculations are made, international records are maintained and charts published for worldwide distribution.

——— ♦ ———

Evolution in a Test Tube

(Chicago Tribune, Aug. 21, 1968)

TOKYO, Aug 20-The first. development of a method of observing evolution under artificial conditions was reported here today by a leading authority on chemical genetics from the University of Illinois.

The achievement not only is of great theoretical value in understanding the underlying chemical mechanism of heredity, but also suggests a new approach to curing viral diseases by rendering the viruses incapable of infecting cells.

The Illinois scientist, Dr. Sol Spiegelman, described the development and its implications at the 12th International Congress of Genetics at Tokyo.

It opens the possibility of “test tube evolution,” allowing scientists to observe, and control, the molecular events associated with evolutionary change under controlled laboratory conditions. Such studies are extremely difficult to perform in living organisms.

“For the first time we can study the evolution and genetics of a molecule outside a cell,” said Spiegelman in an interview.

OCTOBER, 1968                        11

Sky Monitor

(Chicago Tribune, Aug. 23, 1968)

VIENNA, Aug. 22 (AP)-Delegates to the United Nations Conference on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, today heard a forecast that world-wide volcano and earthquake monitoring network might be a reality within a few years.

W. T. Pecora, director of the United States Geological Survey, reported that space satellites carrying cameras and sensing devices could provide up to one hour advance warning of strong earth shocks.

The Status of Water Divining

Auckland (N.Z.) Star, April 24, 1968

Water diviners have never been scientifically accepted. Yet unlike other superstitions, water divining has still many supporters. The results have varied much in consistency. Water is not always found where the diviners predict it. But the British Army has for many years used diviners in desert regions.

A few years ago a French physicist made a detailed investigation. He began by asking 10 water diviners to walk along a quarter mile of track.

Each was asked to leave a mark where he received a signal. Afterwards, it was found that the marks were within two yards or so of each other. He then asked his subjects to walk past a wire coil. When current flowed through the coil a very weak magnetic field was produced.

Each person was allowed to walk past the coil once with the current on and once with it off. After this they made further passes without knowing whether or not the current was flowing.

Mostly the diviners could tell when the current was on. Apparently some people can detect a change in a magnetic field, even a small change. The faster the field is changed the easier it is to detect.

Probably water diviners do not detect still water. Water filtering through porous rocks produces small electric currents, which have a magnetic effect.

Signs of Man

Grants Pass Courier, Grants Pass, Ore., Aug. 23, 1968

EUGENE (UPI)-The second oldest sign of human presence in

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

the New World has been discovered in Central Oregon by two University of Oregon archaeologists.

The university announced today that campfire ashes, carbon dated to 13,600 years ago, have been found in Fort Rock lake basin. The school said the find confirms that early man migrated from Asia across the Bering Straits to North America before the most recent ice age, which blocked the northern land route from 12,000 to 30,000 years ago.

Profs. Luther Cressman and Stephen Belwell made the discovery after several years research in the area. The claim is supported by excavations at Wilson Butts cave on the Snake River plateau in southern Idaho, which points to human life 15,000 years ago, and by earlier finds in Mexico.

UO scientists are researching several ancient eaves in the area, and have found more than 2,000 artifacts, which show the inhabitants to be excellent stone workers.

Five Billion Years Ago

(Medford Mail Tribune, Medford Ore., July 9, 1968)

LONDON (UPI)-Five billion years ago, in the speculation of scientists, Earth rolled through space a dead planet.

All the elements necessary for life were present but the spark of energy that would trigger off the process of living had not yet appeared.

Then a miracle happened. Ammonia and other simple chemicals began to form the molecules that led to the origin of life.

What started the process? For generations scientists have speculated that it might have been a mighty flash of lightning or the effect of ultra-violet light.

Now an American Noble Prize winner believes it. possible it may have been something quite different-a great meteorite catapulting into Earth with a great explosion of vital energy,

Prof. Calvin Melvin of the University of California at Berkeley told Science Journal his laboratory is beginning to study “shock tube chemistry” which may throw some light on the meteor theory of the origin of life.

Melvin won his Nobel Prize in 1961 for work on photosynthesis is at Oxford University on sabbatical leave.

Research at the Institute of Defense Analyses showed that a

OCTOBER, 1968                        13

meteorite 500 meters in diameter would raise the temperature of the gas in the atmospheric shock wave ahead of it to 10,000 to 15,000 centigrade and build up enormous pressure.

“‘Now projectiles of this size are calculated to arrive at the surface of Earth every 20,000 to 50,000 years,” he said. “And it’s quite clear that five billion years ago, at the beginning of Earth’s history, they must have been more frequent because Earth’s orbit was probably much more populated with such objects which have since been swept out by Earth and the moon. This, I think, may be a very important energy input of the kind which could have triggered the formation of molecules leading to the origin of life.”

Ocean Resources

(San Jose Mercury, San Jose, Cal., August 28, 1968.)

NEWPORT, R. I. (AP)-A top government geologist. recently dashed some cold water-tentatively at least-on hopes of the United States and other nations to tap extensive mineral riches in the deep oceans.

All present evidence adds up to a gloomy prospect, that the mineral resources of the deep sea bottom-as distinguished from the continental shelves-may be very limited, reported Dr. Harold James, chief geologist of the U. S. Geological Survey.

But, he said in a report to a national symposium his appraisal was based almost entirely on inferences drawn from existing knowledge and theory.

James indicated exploratory and related efforts should be continued in such areas because they constitute a realm twice as large as all the land areas of the planet combined.

The United States is seeking to enlist international cooperation for an unprecedented 10-year exploration of the oceans to try and assess more definitely their potential for yielding minerals, food and other products.

Mineral deposits are spread thinly over vast areas of the oceans and in their aggregate, contain large amounts of manganese, copper, nickel and cobalt, he said.

“However,” the scientist added, “the same can be said for large volumes of common rocks and the cost and production of the metals far exceeds the value of the product.”

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING


The public is aware of visible and immediate hazards to its environment and has taken steps toward the elimination of smog, water pollution and nuclear fall-out. But the scientists are aware that much more is involved if we are to maintain nature’s delicate balance of interrelationships in the ecology and thus avoid the destruction of all life on the planet.

An editorial in the July 28th issue of the Kansas City (Mo.) Star points out presently dangerous conditions and efforts of scientific studies designed to preserve a life sustaining environment on earth.

“The peril is not the result, of calculated intent, but rather of the adverse side effects of supposedly beneficial actions. New `miracle’ products designed to ease home cleaning chores or to arrest the depredations of crop pests can severely- pollute our streams and air both in the process of manufacture and by the residue of their wastes.”

The scientist’s concern also includes the less obvious factors that modify the environment, such practices as mining, blasting, changes in water courses, elimination of seemingly undesirable animals and vegetation. They postulate that. waste gasses from all burning and manufacturing processes could conceivably “overwhelm the oxygen supply, or heat up the air to the point of melting polar ice, raising the sea levels to the point of inundating coastal cities.” As such changes occur slowly, but are cumulative, they may possibly continue beyond a point of no return before mankind, generally, is conscious of the dangerous conditions he has created.

In an effort to avoid such possible environmental disasters a five year project, the International Biological Program, was launched last year. Fifty-five nations are participants in the program of the IBP which “contemplates widespread basic research seeking a better understanding of the threatened relationships. Only with such a sure foundation can wise and useful corrective action be taken.”

“The key figure in this scientific enterprise is the ecologist, who deals with the relationships of living organisms with one another and with the various factors in their environment,” and who has

OCTOBER, 1968                        15

viewed with alarm the chance that man may fatally dislocate nature’s fragile balance.

Underdeveloped nations, interested in increasing their agricultural production for their increasing population, are already interested in the IBP program. “It is precisely here that the plan can seek to guard their future efforts in this area against fertilizer and insecticide pollution and their ominous potential side effects.”

It should not take dramatic situations such as the “killer smogs” of motivate changes in apparent life endangering conditions on earth. Governments as well as individuals should be mindful of the recommendations of men of vision who are backed by scientific studies and research data. As the editorial concludes:

“It is of transcendent importance that the human race, as heirs of this planet fully understand the frail and elaborate web that ties together man and the other living species with the earth, air and water on which they all exist. Understand, too, that we tamper with this pattern only at our peril.”

——— ♦ ———


Man is today less free to think and feel simply, naturally and spontaneously than any other period in history. The pitiless pressure of education and environment tends to grind down even the feeblest manifestation of independence and original thought and feeling. Our ideas and emotions are manufactured for us by those to whose advantage it. is that we should think or feel as they hypocritically tell us it is good for us to think and feel. Lurid billboards scream at us that this or that particular beverage will give us vitality and strength. Newspaper advertisements assure us, with expressions of fondest solicitude, that yet another undreamt of article is indispensable to our well-being. Political columnists tell us . . . which nation is right. and which is wrong . . . The propaganda machines of governments and political parties pour out an incessant stream of ready-made opinions on every possible subject … Critics-with their “Book of the Month” and “Picture of the Year” save us the trouble of having to judge for ourselves . . . As advertisements tell us what to buy … so do the Vedas, Bibles and Korans tall us what to believe, and the prophets and priests

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

who manipulate them how to invest our money in celestial stocks and shares so as to obtain the largest possible dividends … Religious life, instead of being a voyage of spiritual self-discovery, thus becomes an uncritical acceptance of creeds and dogmas … (A man) must be … his, own light … He (must) listen to the Voice Within. Their only will he be able to see and tread the Path that will lead him, one day, even to the heart’s Enlightenment.

(From Bahai Record No. 17)

You Are as the Diamond

(Courtesy of Indiana P.T.A. State Committee on Mental Health, Mark Roser, Chairman.)

This is a little symbolic message which might give you some idea of your worth in the sight of God. You can be likened to the precious gem, the diamond.

If you were to visit a diamond mine, you probably would see nothing but ordinary earth, for diamonds in the rough state, bear little resemblance to the brilliant gems that you see in store windows or adorning someone’s finger. They must be found, cut and polished before they become gems of beauty and value.

If you were to analyze the chemical properties of which a diamond is composed, they would be of little worth individually, but the slow hand of God working with these elements has molded them into the diamond. Thus it is with you. Through the steady molding and changing by God’s hand, you have become what you are. God has made you a Gem of Life. Now you must take this diamond in the rough and fashion it into a thing of beauty- and brilliance.

Each of you is the diamond cutter of your own life. You alone determine what facets you will cut upon your stone. Each action and reaction will determine its brilliance, value and beauty. As the perfection of the cutting determines the value of the diamond, the value of your life is determined by what you cut into it. There are many facets which you might cut. Are you cutting the facets of love, understanding, tolerance, faithfulness, integrity, beauty, awareness, charity, gratitude and hope into your diamond” Or are you cutting the facets of hate, greed, intolerance, inharmony, distrust., fear, avarice, unfaithfulness, anger and misunderstanding? It is well to ask yourself what facets you are cutting as you go through life, for the diamond will reflect each facet as it is cut.

OCTOBER, 1968                        17

A diamond is smoothed and polished by rubbing one diamond against another. This is what is happening to you in your daily relationships with your fellow men. You are constantly rubbing the diamond of your life against the diamonds of their lives, and a smoothing and polishing process is taking place. Greater beauty and luster comes forth from your life as you allow your rough edges to be smoothed off as you come into contact and understanding with your fellow men. This is life. This is why you were placed upon earth with fellow human beings, that you might each be buffed and smoothed and beautified, that your spiritual brilliance might be brought forth.

When the diamond is perfected, it is placed in a setting so that its beauty might be further enhanced and displayed. Your “setting” is the Brotherhood of Man. There you will give forth beauty and light as you become the perfect reflector of Divine Love.

——— ♦ ———


When a writer friend of mine suffered, some years ago, a partial stroke leaving him with a limp and one useless hand, it slowed him down but did not quench a spirit of adventure which, in pursuit of a free-lance writing career, has taken him to off-beat locations everywhere.

Contacts with strangers in new communities and in little-known sections of his own city brought about discovery of a “secret weapon,” by no means his exclusive property but so infallible and potent that, I realized the moment my friend shared it with me, it is almost unfair to use it!

Being somewhat self-conscious, my friend was quickly discouraged by the least unfriendliness in others until he put into practice the weapon giving him the upper hand in every case ;whatever the contact, whether landlord, post office clerk, bus driver or waitress, it was found that when an unpleasant. person, encountered day after day, is greeted each time with a pleasant word and a smile, it wears him down as inevitably as the old Chinese Water Cure.

I first used the weapon myself in the case of Alfred. A few years ago, I found it expedient to seek out a small, out-of-the-way photography shop for photographic work I needed in connection

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

with writing assignments. The one-man establishment provided good work at fair prices, so I persisted in my patronage despite the fact that the man with whom I must deal appeared so foreboding in both disposition and appearance that I was almost afraid of him.

However, regular visits being in order, I tried my friend’s Secret Weapon on Alfred and it was only a matter of weeks before the photographer was smiling in return, a quite nice smile, as it turned out.

A temperamental postal clerk in a small town have trouble at the weighing and mailing of every manuscript until gradually she, too, was worn down to first-name basis, and service not only improved. but transactions became friendly personal exchanges.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of this Secret Weapon is not only its unfailing success, but the fact that, it invariably is at  the same time working in reverse. It is astonishing the number of times I have found myself irresistibly becoming friendlier as rapidly as my “victim.”

-Lance Robbins

bulletin board

Understanding Annual Meeting

We repeat our previous invitation to all Members and Officers of Understanding, Inc. to attend the Annual Meeting, October 12 and 13, in Merlin, Ore.

The proposed schedule includes a Director’s Meeting, Saturday morning, 10 to 12; a luncheon provided by members of Merlin Unit 1 from 12 to 1:30; a Business Meeting, 1:30 to 5; and dinner at

OCTOBER, 1968                        19

a Grants Pass restaurant at 6:30. Sunday morning a Workshop will be held from 10 to 12.

You may write to Merlin for particulars, or call, when in the area for details. The telephone numbers are: The Fry s, 476-4011, The Campbells, 476-.3792.

Louise and Joseph Busby

For our friends interested in hearing lectures by Joseph and Louise Busby, of England, spiritual teachers and founders of the Spiritual Unity of Nations, we offer the following schedule:

October 5th, San Bernardino, Calif. Contact Mrs. Esther Ellsworth, P. 0. Box 626, Marongo Valley, Calif. 92256

October 9th-12th, Santa Barbara, Calif. Contact Rowny’s Press, 705 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara, Calif.

October 13th, Santa Monica, Calif. Contact Gene Sands, 1139 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, Calif.

October 15th, Dallas, Texas. Contact Dr. Don Curtis, 6318, Willow Lane, Dallas, Texas. 75230.

October 16-18th, Houston, Texas. Contact Ed Kusik, 1419 Wavecrest Lane, Houston, Texas 77058.

October 19-22nd, Atlanta, Ga. Contact: Paul O’Neal, 3239 Jackson St., Hapevillo, Ga. 30054.

October 23-28th, Colorado Springs, Colo. Contact.: Summit Lighthouse, P. 0. Box A, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80901.

October 29th, November 3rd, Los Gatos, Calif. Contact: Mrs. M. Allen, 15850 West Road, Los Gatos, Calif. 95030.

November 4th, Chicago, Ill. Contact: Michael Kaprielian, Box 108, Harvey, ILLl. 60426.

Convention on Tour

The Understanding Breakthrough Convention which opens at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, Calif. on October 26 and 27 will go on tour.

This “Adventure in Understanding Outer and Inner Space,” sponsored by Mrs. Angela Kilsby, will present its program at the El Dorado, in Sacramento, Calif. on October 30 and 31; and at the Mark Thomas in Carmel, Calif. on November 2 and 3.

Our Founder-President, Dr. Daniel W: Fry, will share the platform with new speakers as well as those whose popularity has been earned at past conventions.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

For a flyer of the specific programs offered please write to Mrs. Angela Kilsby, 1265 Monterey Blvd., San Francisco, Calif. 941.27.

Gift Booklets

We wish to thank the members of the Glen Rossal House of Scotland for their gift of two attractively bound and printed 30 page booklets of inspirational writings. These booklets-God’s Command and Beauty’s Appeal-are available free for distribution.

For your personal copy you may write to: Glen Rossal House, Invershin, Sutherland, Scotland.

The Golden Thread of Reality

Through the kindness of Hastings House, Publishers, Inc. of New York City, Understanding has received a copy of The Golden Thread of Reality, by Genevieve Burnell. Sub-title of the text is The Search for Truth and the Emergence of the Universal Pattern. For interested readers the price is $4.95, and it may be ordered from the publisher, 10 East 40th St., New York 10016.

Our gift copy will be sent to our Understanding Lending Library in Buffalo, New York for the use of our membership.

——— ♦ ———


6c per word per insertion; 3 or more insertions same copy, 5c per word.

YOUR NEW AGE PRIMER from Flying Saucers as “signs” to mystery teachings of Life Hereafter. Send $1.00 to Dave Bent, Box 766, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33302.

BOOKS by Rev. Violet Gilbert-MY TRIP TO VENUS, account of physical body visit to Venus in 1939, $3.80. PENTAGRAM MEDITATION, instructions to tap, channel and direct the powers of the Christ Consciousness, $10.60. COSMIC STAR TEMPLE, P. O. Box 1433, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526.

UNDERSTANDING writer, teacher, researcher will help prepare your book, articles, stories. Rates, or swap. Iris Buaken, P. O. Box 1523, Casper, Wyoming 82601.

MONTESSORI EDUCATION for the “little ones.” Preparation for the New Age and world service. Teacher training, Book lists. College credit courses. Write World University, P. O. Box 4800-K, Tucson, Arizona,

——— ♦ ———


1958 through 1964   $1.00

1965 through 1967   $2.00

Please add 15 cents per volume for mailing charges

Understanding, Inc.

P. 0. Box 206

Merlin, Ore. 97532


The knowledge of life and everything pertaining thereto. It establishes the basic Laws that govern Physical, Mental and Spiritual Manifestations.


Volume I         (physical)        $2.75


Volume 2        (mental)          $2.75


Volume 3        (spiritual)        $2.75

Humanity Benefactor Foundation

2011 Park Avenue

Detroit, Michigan 48226.


by Dr. Daniel W. Fry

Steps to the Stars (4th printing)

Curve of Development

Both softbound                      $1.50 each


White Sands Incident and

To Men of Earth

Hardbound-New Edition-$3.95

Atoms, Galaxies and Understanding

Softbound, $2.00

Hardbound, $3.00

Merlin Publishing Company

P. O. Box 105

Merlin, Oregon 97532


Advertise Your Books,

Activities, etc.,

in Understanding Magazine


$8 per quarter page per month

Three months: $16.50

Six months: $28

One year: $48

These rates are for additional insertions of the same copy. The charge for copy change is $3.00 per quarter page. For other rates, please write. If proof is desired, copy must be submitted one month in advance of publication.

Copy limit, 20 lines to quarter page

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Memberships in Understanding

Understanding, Inc is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth so that they may live in harmony and be better prepared psychologically and sociologically for the space age.

Several types of membership are available to those who wish to support our endeavors either with dollars or with time and service, or both.

The Associate Membership is Two Dollars per year; the Contributing Membership, Ten Dollars per year, including the Understanding magazine; Sustaining Membership, Twenty-Five Dollars per year, including subscription; and Life Membership, Five Hundred Dollars, including subscription to Understanding magazine.

Welcome to the Understanding family!


P.O. Box 76, Merlin, Oregon 97532.