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VOLUME IX                                 AUGUST, 1964                                          NUMBER 8

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


The following item has appeared lately in many newspapers throughout the country, but because of its importance eve are reprinting it here with a few appropriate editorial comments.

DAYTON, Ohio (UPI)-A windowless building, labeled restricted and guarded by military policemen, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near here is the headquarters for a little-known Air Force operation.

It is called “Project Bluebook.” The men and officers who work in the artificial light are dedicated to solving the “flying saucer” or Unidentified Flying Object problem which for decades has tantalized the public and mystified the Air Force.

If the sole purpose of “project bluebook” is to find earthly answers to all sightings, your editor fails to see why the building should be windowless, restricted, and guarded by military policemen?

These precautions usually indicate the presence of hardware.

Air Force Capt. Hector Quintanilla Jr., sometimes called the Air

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Force’s “Saucer Investigator,” heads Project Bluebook and is deadly serious in his investigations,

Project Bluebook used to be called Project Grudge until its name was changed in 1952. The Air Force chooses not to tell what the names mean or why the name was changed.

It should be remembered that this activity has also been known- as “Project Sign” and “Project Saucer” at different tinges. About once every two years the Air Force has issued the official statement that the project has been abandoned and the staff dismissed!!

There are more than 8,000 cases on file of UFO’s “being observed.”

“Many of these sightings can be explained,” Quintanilla said. “But there also are those that go down in the books as unsolved.” At present, he said, there are 97-0 unsolved cases in the files, about 10.7 per cent of those investigated. Earlier this year the figure was 7.7 per cent.

Two years ago, only about 2% were admitted to be unknowns. Since there have not been enough new reports investigated since then to bring the percentage to 10, even if they were ALL unknowns, the only possible answer is that a re-evaluation o f previous explanations has taken place. Some of the more ridiculous explanations have been thrown out, and the reports have been reclassified as unknown.

The most recent UFO “sighting” that still puzzles the Air Force was at Socorro, N. M.

Last April 24, Patrolman Lonnie Zamora of the Socorro Police Department, claimed he saw a metallic, egg shaped object, with four stilt-like legs on the desert near Socorro.

According to Zamora, the object was about the height of an automobile, but larger, and appeared to be made of a shiny aluminum like substance.

Zamora said the object flew away as he got within a hundred feet from it. As it took off, he said, its legs left four impression marks on the ground.

AUGUST, 1964                           3

Quintanilla vouched for Patrolman Zamora’s integrity. Bit he said the Air Force was still investigating his story.

Quintanilla said Project Bluebook came into being in 1947 when a rash of UFO sightings were reported.

“First,” he said, “the program is to determine if a threat to The United States exists. Second, to determine scientific characteristics of UFOs, and third, to explain or identify all UFO sightings.”

He said that when a UFO is reported, a special officer at the nearest Air Force base is instructed to investigate immediately. The officer contacts persons involved in the sighting and, if possible, goes to the site.

The next step, Quintanilla said, is to find what aircraft were aloft at the time the object was observed, after which the officer will try to determine what it was.

“At present,” Quintanilla said with emphasis, “UFOs do not pose a threat to the security of the United States.”

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The word frontier is most often associated with physical boundaries. Almost invariably the word calls to mind the early settlers of this great nation, those who faced many obstacles in their unceasing effort to conquer the unknown land. Neither the fear of isolation nor of possible death was a deterrent to the challenge.

The settlement of this nation was an act. of enlarging the frontier. The desire to explore new physical frontiers has long been part of man’s nature.

Since we have practically eliminated the frontiers of earth, now we are reaching for new ones in space. The orbital flights are expanding the frontier. From all present indications we shall probably reach the moon before too much longer. All these feats are admirable and gratifying. However, the actual participants in these achievements will represent only a very small number of people. This will leave the mass of civilization without a physical frontier to challenge it.

Of course there is another type of frontier, equally challenging, which man has not as eagerly explored. This frontier lies in the

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

realm of ideas. In reality the frontier of ideas should exceed the physical frontier in importance because the latter is largely controlled by the former. The importance of any physical frontier can be increased or decreased in accordance with the ideas that accompany its entrance into the world of reality.

The acts of discovery and settlement of this country did not in themselves make us the great nation we are today. What really determined our development were the ideas the pioneers established as basic motives for the progress of this society.

In the areas of physical frontiers, such as science, medicine, space and the like, we are well supplied with pioneers equal to the tasks. As these frontiers are enlarged many of today’s facts will be replaced by ultimate truth. We shall be forced into a new and enlarged perspective of life: its full meaning and our relationship to it.

It is the new frontier that offers the greatest challenge to the societies of the world. Although there are numerous individuals who will risk their lives to expand a physical frontier, the results being readily evident, pioneers in the realm of ideas are insufficient to the demand. It is difficult to prove the validity of a new idea over an old one until the concept has been accepted and applied by a portion of mankind and the conditions it produces can be analyzed.

The very process of analysis can very well become one of controversy, while in the realm of physical frontiers man obtains encouragement because he can produce certain visual evidence to support his claim. The person who works with the frontier of ideas must deal with the abstract results for years, during which time he may be ostracized and severely condemned. By the time the importance of the idea is recognized and accepted by the majority the pioneer may have vanished from existence, never knowing the good his idea produced for society.

With our present emphasis on materiality it is small wonder there are so few willing to risk rejection by society for an idea which may not be given the opportunity to produce results. However, if we are to maintain our present rate of orderly progress we need more courageous pioneers on the frontier of ideas.

If the ideas which determine the actions of society are incapable of controlling the physical powers available to man the world is in a dangerous situation. Power in itself is neutral, being neither constructive

AUGUST, 1964                           5

or destructive, but rather absorbing the personality of the society to which it is available. The mere awareness of the knowledge and power with which we are being supplied by our pioneers on the physical frontier is no guarantee of man’s continued existence on earth.

Power can destroy or create according to the dictates of man. What man does with what he possesses is determined by the ideas which form his basic motivation. In this area alone lies the destiny of our nation and the world.

-Cecil M. Wright

——— ♦ ———


Yes, it is finally true. The U. S. Air Force has recently unveiled a robot space camera called the “Remote Maneuvering Unit” or “RMU “. This fantastic space ship, although it is rectangular in shape, is a good competitor to the well known U.F.O.s or Flying Saucers.

This flying box was tested in June of this year and should become operational in the very near future. It measures 10½ x 26 x 29 inches and has a protruding lens. This new contestant to the saucer field is able to travel at great speeds to intercept enemy or unidentified missiles, satellites or any such space vehicles.

It can maneuver about its prey taking photographs from all angles and at the same time televise them instantaneously back to the control ship sill retaining the film for future reference.

After its mission has been completed, it will return to the mother ship and take its place on a shelf along side the others to wait for another “scramble.” The weight of one of these is about 125 lbs. and is propelled by 16 protruding jet. nozzles. It is stabilized by three guidance type gyros with the entire operation being controlled remotely by radio.

Ling-Temco-Vought’s Chance Vought division at Dallas, Texas is the manufacturer, however the first of the current series of 20 test flights was conducted at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. It looks as if at last the Air Force might have a method of explaining away the remaining few sightings that they

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

now have listed as unidentified. They still don’t believe that there are such things as flying saucers, but at the same time they keep on reminding the commanders to have their air crews keep an eagle eye out just in case.

One of the latest Air Force reports says “Since the possibility exists that a UFO reported may be hostile, or a new foreign air vehicle of unconventional design, “it is of the utmost importance to report sightings promptly and accurately to some group or organization qualified to receive such reports in case a hostile craft should enter our skies.

Only if the UFO sighting cannot be explained away as an earthly object such as a balloon, searchlight, aircraft, astronomical body or satellite should you report it to the AFSC’s foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. In other words, we also should screen our sightings in the manner used by the Air Force before sending them on to headquarters.

What are the possibilities of these RMU’s in UFO research? The Air Force, in charge of these eagle-eyed craft, should be able to determine if flying saucers exist and if so, obtain some closeup photographs of them. This should help determine whether they are friendly visitors from outer space or possibly enemy space craft in our skies.

-Col. Harry F. May

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Due to the many conflicts attendant upon University living Unit #57 at Stanford University has written that they can no longer function as an active unit of Understanding, Inc. Yet the association with us had a most gratifying result. We quote from their letter

“Despite these many conflicts, Understanding has not been valueless in our lives, and in discontinuing our unit, we may yet be able to serve Understanding, Inc. Whenever two or three of us have been together, we have discussed the value of Understanding and whether being members has affected our lives in any way. Aside from the very interesting information which we have received, we believe that the main value of Understanding, Inc. is in understanding. Its philosophy has been quite valuable to us as people, and as students.

AUGUST, 1964                           7

‘Examine all things: cling to that which is good,’ is especially appropriate for students. `It is easier to ridicule than to investigate, but it is not as profitable,’ is an attitude which is conspicuously absent in our society. By making us conscious of these quotations, Understanding has affected our lives. Each time we read or hear a new argument, which is often at Stanford, we have found ourselves actually asking `What is the other side of this argument?’ It is quite easy to listen to and accept one side of an issue, and many of our acquaintances do this, but to look at both sides is obviously a better course to follow, and this philosophy has proved on several occasions in class, to he extremely helpful. We have found, too, that new friendships come much easier to us when we are able to accept each new person as an individual, and when we are able to make a genuine effort to understand his points of view and behavior. In these respects, Understanding has helped us.

“From our own observations, we believe that Understanding could be more successful and of more service if it placed a little less emphasis on flying saucers and ESP, and if it placed a little more emphasis on understanding. When a genuine desire to understand is instilled in more people, then investigations of life on other planets and acceptance of `abnormal’ phenomena will come more readily. But, first things must come first, and a willingness to investigate, an open mind to accept, and a desire to understand must come before world wide belief in the ideals of Understanding, Inc. Spread understanding, and the other will follow naturally and easily. Since those from other worlds are not actively making themselves known to the entire world, their presence is immaterial to the goal of bringing about peace on earth. It matters not who teaches understanding, or the origin of the teacher or thought, as long as the idea is taught. It is in this area that we feel Understanding has benefited us, and by living understanding, although not an active unit, we, too, shall yet be able to benefit the cause of Understanding.

“Because of the great value we have found in the materials which we have received from Understanding, Inc., we most certainly hope that you will keep us on your mailing list, if possible. The whole organization certainly has our best wishes, and we shall still be thinking, and hopefully living, understanding.”


Jeffrey Wynn Mason

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

world report

Rock Layer Like Taffy

(George Getze, Los Angeles Times, June 21, 1964)

Sixty miles beneath the earth’s surface there is a 300 mile thick layer of rock that has the consistency of a batch of hot taffy, a Cal-Tech geophysicist reported Saturday.

“The layer has been suspected for a long time, and seems to reach clear round the earth, perhaps coming closest to the surface under oceans and volcanic. regions,” D. L. Anderson said. Anderson, of the Cal-Tech seismological lab, said the taffy or hot glass-like layer is in the upper mantle of the earth. The mantle is a compressed layer of rock about 1,800 miles thick. It lies between the crust and the molten core.

According to Anderson, few earthquakes originate in this viscous, unstable layer. Most of them start either above or below it. Anderson said, however that the semi-molten layer is very important in mountain-building, continental drift, the slowing of the rotation of the earth, and the rising of land masses formerly held down by the weight of glaciers.

The taffy-like layer is also important in the detection of nuclear explosions.

The late Beno Gutenberg, who for years was director of the seismology lab, predicted the viscous layer would be found.

He thought it was there because the region just below the crust was not an efficient transmitter of earthquake waves. The harder the material through which such waves pass, the faster and stronger their transmission.

Why does this soft layer of rock exist at the particular depth of from 60 to 360 miles below the surface?

According to Anderson, it is because o£ temperature and pressure. The pressure increases with depth, and so does temperature. It seems probable that the temperature is high enough in the viscous zone to keep the rock “semisoft.”

AUGUST, 1964                           9

Above the layer it is not hot enough to melt the rock and below the layer it so hot the rock is completely liquid and molten.

Oil Could Yield Food

(Vancouver Sun, Sept. 16, 1963)

The recent separate announcements by scientists of British Petroleum and Esso that it is now possible to derive protein and vitamin concentrates, which may be suitable for human consumption, from petroleum hydrocarbons, indicates that a solution may have been found to the pressing problem of feeding the world’s rapidly increasing population.

In 1957, a research project into the action of micro-organisms on hydrocarbons was set up at the laboratories at. Lavera, near Marseilles, France.

It soon became clear that certain kinds of micro-organisms both fed and bred particularly well on the straight chain paraffinic hydrocarbons, and that the effect of this was to improve the quality of the oil.

These microbes, which flourish in the settling pans of oil refineries, on ground saturated with oil and even beneath the bituminous surfacing of roads, are living matter rich in protein.

With careful selection of the particular strains most suited to the diet and with its supplementation by the nitrogen required for protein formation, as welt as by the other mineral nutrients and trace elements, it was found that the yield of protein concentrate was virtually as great as the amount of hydrocarbon consumed.

The proteins thus metabolized yield the full nutritional value of meat, and when mixed with cereal to offset certain deficient elements, would offer a satisfactorily balanced diet.

This method of obtaining protein is infinitely superior to nature’s slow and complex way through plants and animals.

In the light of world food needs, this fact is of the utmost significance.

By synthesizing protein from oil, three million tons of protein can be extracted from only one per cent of the present annual world production of paraffinic crude oil.

To build an oil fermentation plant would take less than two years; and such plants could be attached to oil refineries in under-developed countries.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Thus, within comparatively few years, the spectre of malnutrition: could be exorcized effectively and economically by processing a negligible percentage of the 1,000 million tons of crude oil presently being produced each year.

UFOs Haunt D. C. Skies

(From The Washington News, Washington, D. C., June 6, 1964)

Washington area residents report that unidentified flying objects are haunting the skies again.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Rodeffer of Colesville spotted a “very brilliant star with reddish overtones” moving against. a background of fixed stars in the northern sky last Sunday night.

The UFO, also observed by the Rodeffers’ guests, made a “sharp left turn, then a I7-turn, zig-zagged, and stood still.”

The object rocked, moved again, and finally “shot straight up” out of sight, the viewers reported.

The maneuvers lasted for about 30 minutes, giving the Rodeffers time to call relatives and friends in Rockville, who also spotted the object.

The Rodeffers called the Goddard Space Center, which confirmed that the object “could not be either satellites or weather balloons.” Just prior to this, two daylight sightings were reported from the same area. The UFOs, the viewers said were bright silvery objects with a “greenish-blue halo,” flying at jet height. Like the Colesville object, they were noiseless during maneuvers.

When the object paused in flight, 10-power binoculars revealed details of a “strange undercarriage,” the witnesses said.

Another UFO sighting was reported by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steckling, of Washington. They had just left a department store at 11th and F-sts nw, on March 28, at 3:20 p. m., when they said they saw a silvery object with a “three ball landing gear” plainly visible. The Stecklings estimated the UFO was at a height of about 12,000 feet. They said it was flying very rapidly, paused momentarily, and darted out of sight in seconds.

The sightings, originally reported by “The Little Listening Post,” a Washington UFO publication, were checked by The News.

AUGUST, 1964                           11


(The following is quoted from, the Oasis, publication of the Caravans of East and West, England. It is entitled “Symphony” and was written by Reg Robertson.)

“The hall was filled with an eager and expectant audience. Many nationalities sat next to each other in the stalls and the circle. There was the spice of the Orient; the gruffness of the Teuton; the ripple of the Italian; the poetry of the French. All eyes, whether born to gaze upon the Great Bear or Southern Cross in the night sky, were now focused on the artists upon the stage. Not one man or woman on the stage would speak a word and yet this language was international.

“The baton was poised, the whispers hushed. The mellow tone of a French horn gave an introductory melody which was eagerly accepted by the first violins. The romance of the theme was accentuated by oboe and flute, underlined by the brass and pulsated to full life by the timpani. The hall was filled with a music that every soul could understand. It was the international language which blended creed and color; it bridged the gulf of nationalities.

“It was a wonderful feeling to know that, for a brief period of time, this cosmopolitan section of our world populace was of one accord. They were united by that song without words. Language, the man-made barrier passed down through heredity to children born of different races, was banished for the duration of the concert. Spiritually the audience were of one family.

“It seemed tragic to realize that as the last item was played, the lights dimmed, instruments packed away and the hall filled with the shuffle of a thousand feet that the bond would be broken. As the magic of the notes faded with their sound so each member of that gathering retracted to his or her shell. The subconscious distrust. and hatred, the inherited aloofness and lack of compromise would re-assert itself. Those with whom you had clapped so enthusiastically after the symphony were no longer, as you supposed, fellow creatures sharing one life in one world. As the crotchet and quaver faded in the air and left nothing but its black image on the score, so each soul remembered that he was white and his neighbor was black; the East is supposed to be East and West is West.

“The friendliness of the mind was gone; the material conflicts

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

created by bigoted man remained. Memories of land seized by one tribe from another, of bloodshed for some cause-all these ancestral teachings were remembered, the longing of their spirits forgotten.

“In the hall, with the mystery of a past composer’s work binding together, they wondered why war was waged against each other. Outside, in the coolness of the evening they passed each other in the lamplight and wondered why they had felt a vestige of friendship towards one another.

“Let those who enjoy the friendship and spiritual understanding of great music, whatever the teachings of their birth, try to see that the magic of the concert hall could also be the magic of everyday life if only we tried a little more.”

(The following are but a few excerpts from the article: “Man, the Bio-magnetic Animal,” written by Joseph F. Goodavage for the July, 1964 Fate Magazine.)

Scientists are now generating ionized hydrogen so incredibly hot that it can only be contained in “invisible-inside- out bottles” — walls of magnetic force. This is but one application of the effects of magnetism, a recent field of research which promises to become almost a new science, for already magnetism’s influence in many areas of human existence is known.

Louis Pasteur in 1863 revealed that the earth’s magnetic field had a significant role in a natural ripening process. Further study has revealed that the earth’s magnetism may “activate an enzyme system in fruits and vegetables to cause normal ripening.” Experiments in which seeds were exposed to magnetism have resulted in speedier germination.

“The sun is a colossal electro-magnet, and so are all the stars. Planets, too, are known to generate magnetic fields similar to that of earth. . . Doctors and technicians at several hospitals and universities are learning that the human brain has a positive and negative magnetic polarization. The center of the forehead is negative and the base of the brain at the back of the head is positive.” A reversal of this polarity in animal experiments has resulted in unconsciousness.

“We could be totally unaware that our brains have the characteristics of radio receivers-that the magnetic fields we generate act

AUGUST, 1964                           13

as invisible response-receptors which pick up signals from somewhere and translate them into emotional attitudes, moods, etc.”

“Fish, animals, insects and plants also generate magnetic charges and are subject to invisible biological influence from the surrounding universe. Oysters open and close their shells in perfect synchronization with the rise and fall of tides. . . .”

“Every plant, animal, insect, fish responds to exogenous forces. Man, too, is influenced by many biological cycles. Mood, temperature, blood pressure, all rise and fall at regular intervals so do accidents, intellectual forces, emotional attitudes and physical energies….

Terrestrial forces, according to Rutherford Platt “are affected by forces from outer space, by the phases of the moon, by undulations in the pear-shaped electro-magnetic field that surrounds the Earth, by showers of gamma-rays, cosmic rays, and other electromagnetic forces emanating from extra-terrestrial sources that bombard the Earth’s atmosphere.”

The complexity of man’s biological system apparently makes him more sensitive to these forces than are the simpler forms of life. It has been postulated by Dr. R. O. Becker “that astronauts who invade the magnetic force fields of other planets beyond Earth will undoubtedly exhibit mental aberration.”

Dr. Becker also claims “subtle changes in the intensity of the geomagnetic field affects the nervous system by altering the body’s own electro-magnetic field. He has discovered that a direct-current electro-magnetic field surrounds the human body and this is affected by geomagnetic fluctuations. The occultists have long reported the existence of a `human aura,’ which many claim to have seen. It bears a most remarkable resemblance to the bio-electrical field discovered and described by Dr. Becker.”

Many experiments with healing by magnetic polarity are leading to new appraisals of the ancient healing arts. “The fact that the Egyptian priests wore precious stones and magnetic medallions at the center of their foreheads indicates they may have had some knowledge of the function of the pineal gland-the `third eye’ of the occultists. This leads us into very strange territory indeed. Where is the dividing line between the esoteric and the scientific? ….

——— ♦ ———

There seem to be properties to magnetism which have not. yet been postulated. Drs. Becker and Brown, modern pioneers in bio-electricity

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

and bio-magnetism, have found a host of diseases which occur cyclically, and are convinced from experiments and investigations “that. the bio-electric field is a link between celestial forces and human somatic and psychological functions……

“It is conceivable that all living things on Earth contribute something to geo-magnetism and, at the same time, are affected by it. This may not be in the realm of physical science.”

——— ♦ ———


There is One Who stands and measures the earth, say the Holy Writ. He marks the times and the seasons, and the courses of mighty stars. He limits the waters that rush to the shores. He directs the lightening and the loud thunders. His breath is in the winds and the gentle breezes. While ages sweep their cyclic runs, He marks the progress-the progress of man.

Ah, Earthman! What, new stirrings do prompt you now? Why does your heart fail you? What is this thing that disturbs? What is this that threatens? Why are the Heavens shaken and why does the earth tremble? Are you weighed in the balances and found wanting that violence attends you

He, who stands and measures the earth, measures you! The patterns that steadied your feet upon the path are hardened and encrystalled! Your trusted forms and rocks of faith are decadent and old. They fracture and break to bits. They must be ended and gone, for they no longer serve the goal for which the Universe is set. They serve not God, nor man, sun nor planet-ALL ARE ONE!

The time is here that shall restore the plan of Light and Love and Power upon the weeping, seeking earth. Crisis comes to open the Way. The hour is striking. Fulfillment approaches. But the Light is blinding and the PATH is not clear.

Deception stalks as the forces of the Past struggle and gasp to live. Tension prevails in your mind, Oh, Man, and in the very earth. Tension the great balancer, the result of crisis, the maker of paradox, brings conflict in its wake as it seeks extension and emergence. It makes you seek peace, while you beat your ploughshares into swords. This is the law that compels your “multitudes, the multitudes to the Valley of Decision.” There He is measuring the earth

AUGUST, 1964                           15

and the multitudes, thereof. The nations are assembling in the Valley of Jehosophat for there are you being judged. In this GREAT DAY are you judged. The harvest is ripe; the presses are full; and you, Oh, Man, are judged in the Valley of Jehosophat.

Out of the Valley, out of the harvest, out of the crisis, out of every paradox, You, Oh Man, must emerge, reborn and quickened by purging fires. And in your awakening consciousness, He, “the teacher alike of angels and of men,” is holding a new vision, a new covenant of love and light. Do you see the new age? It emerges out of the old. It is the old age consumed like the phoenix, but like the phoenix rises perfected and new.

He is pouring out His spirit upon all flesh, and He shows forth wonders in all the earth. “Your sons and daughters shall prophesy; your old men shall dream dreams; your young men shall see visions,” and hear this, Oh Man, for “when you shall call upon the Name of the Lord, you shall be delivered.” For is it written that before you call, He shall answer

-Bonnie R. Miller, #21

Miranda, Calif.

——— ♦ ———


(This is the second of a series of descriptive listing of Exchange Publications received by Understanding, Inc. We encourage you to investigate those that appeal to you. Ed.)

1.         Heralds of the New Age, Heralds of the New Age. In care of Physic Research, Lisgar House, Carrington St., Sydney, N. S. W., Australia.

Telepathic communications from Celestial Beings wishing to help and advise us to speak to mankind through authentic trance Mediums.

2.         The Master Thought, The monthly Mazdazan magazine. The Mazdazan Press, 1159 So. Norton Ave., Los Angeles 19, Calif.

A non-conformist institution promoting the self-attainment. of Man. Dedicated to the individual growth, development and unfoldment into maturity. Subscription $3.00 per year. Single copy .35 cents

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

3.         Fate, A monthly magazine published by Clark Publishing Co., 845 Chicago Ave., Evanston, Ill.

True Stories of the strange and unknown-true mystic experiences. $4.00 per year. Single copy .40 cents.

4.         Hope (Bi-monthly) Published by The Bridge to Freedom, Inc.,, P. 0. Box 777 St. James, L. I,, New York.

Devoted to the explanation of the Laws governing Health, Opulence, Peace and Enlightenment. $3.00 per year. Single copy .40 cents.

5.         The Bridge to Freedom (monthly), Published by The Bridge to Freedom, Inc. P. 0. Box 777 St. James, L. I., New York.

Devoted to individual unfoldment, contact with the Great White Brotherhood and Cooperative World Service. $5.00 per year. Single copy .50 cents.

6.         National Health Federation Bulletin (monthly), Published by National Health Federation, 709 Mission St., San Francisco 3, California.

Devoted to crusading for better health adventurers on health frontiers. Membership $5.00 per year. Subscription $3.00 per year to non-members. Single copy .25 cents.

7.         Flying Saucer Review (Flying Saucer News…bi-monthly), Flying Saucer Review, l, Doughtry St., London, W. C. I. England.

Contributions appearing in this magazine do not necessarily reflect its policy and are published without prejudice.

8.         Saucers, Space, and Science, Editor, Gene Duplantier, 17 Shetland St., Willowdale, Ontario, Canada.

“Request a copy and send a donation-it is good reading”-T. D.

9.         U.F.O. International (bi-monthly The official Journal of the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America, Inc. A nonprofit organization.) Gabriel Green, Editor., 2004 N. Hoover Street, Los Angeles 27, California.

Dedicated to the Spiritual and the Economic Emancipation of Man. Subscription $3.00 per year. . includes an ASFCA Membership.

True Day, #25

91 E. Virginia St..

San Jose, Calif. 95112

AUGUST, 1964                           17


In other countries people speak a different way than we do,

In French and German, Spanish, Greek and even ancient Hebrew.

To get along together we don’t need a lot of knowledge

The educated heart is not a thing you learn in college.

Though Si and Oui and Ja and Da may all mean “yes” to someone,

A smile will say the same for you no matter where you come from.

The outstretched hand means friendship

it is so the whole world over

And it will open doors for you from Timbuktu to Dover.

Remember always, underneath the skin each man’s a brother;

Like you and me, he loves his kids, his home, his land, his mother.

His blood runs red, he breathes the air, the same as you and I do,

He’s got his joys and troubles, be he yellow, black or sky-blue.

Sometimes his leaders, power-drunk, will get him into trouble,

But PEOPLE never start a war. To them, it’s grief and rubble.

For no man is an island-soon or late we come to know it

And friendship’s hand, extended, is one way we all can show it.

 — Mrs. T.D. Spalding

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The Light That Must Not Fail is a completely new book given this generation. Its purpose is Revelation concerning the New Age or Aquarian Age in which we now find ourselves. To live or even to exist in this New Age there are certain laws or rules which we are obliged to know. These laws or rules are made clear in this book. The MASTER hinted at some of these laws long ago; but did not fully outline them, for that generation would not have profited by it.


Needless to say the Revelations in this book are projections of what is in our Bible as of now. We have grown up in a sense and the Holy Word is growing up with us. No one can truthfully claim apostasy for this book, for it is a continuation of the Holy Word we have always read or studied. Hidden meanings are now brought forth ; knowledge now covers the earth, a knowledge so badly needed,

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

seeing the tumult about us. It is now time for each soul to rescue itself and not depend upon another, regardless of the claims being made by that other person or creed.

The rules of life laid down in this book are few and simple; man’s growth and progress have always been simple and easy to follow; only man has made the laws difficult. In the days of the End, man has so involved himself in complexity, he cries out for a Light; a light that is sure and safe to follow. The Father of worlds has heard our cry. ..and given us a true answer. Hardly a question can enter your mind that is not made clear in the book The Light That Must Not Fail; that is the reason for its existence.

To those who already have the book we advise passing it along to others. Let us band together as One. Let us do our level best to banish darkness; let us gain the wisdom that banishes strife even in our own Christian Churches. (By F. R. Brooks, Box 94, Morongo Valley, Cal. Priced to Understanding readers at $1.50. 172 Pages. adv. )

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bulletin board

Traveling Dan

Early in June Dan Fry left Merlin for lectures, radio and TV appearances in Southern California. While there, upon the invitation of Col. Arthur J. Burks, he was called to give two lectures at West Palm Beach, Florida, which were so well received that a new Understanding unit may be formed in that area.

AUGUST, 1964                           19

His next call was to Lakemont, Georgia, to be one of the speakers at Col. Burk’s Wisdom Pool seminar. As always, he made new friends and added dates to his scheduled cross country tour which starts in October.

Dan’s return to Merlin on July 15th was a welcome sight to those who carry on without him while he personally presents “understanding” to new friends everywhere.

A New Unit

To the growing Understanding family we welcome our latest member-Unit #61 of Mentone, California. Officers elected are: President, Jane M. Rawlinson (2229 Mentone Blvd., Mentone, Calif.) ; Vice President, June Brockway; Secretary, Sue Lytle; and Treasurer, Wilma O’Connor.

Plans already announced include the distribution of Understanding literature at the Mentone Bazaar, and an August lecture with a presentation of the first tape of “The Nine Faces of Christ,” from Great Western University.

Unit One

A picnic and surprise birthday party for Dan Fry was held by the Merlin Unit on July 19th, at the home of Aleta and Paul Johnston in Grants Pass.

Members of the unit will attend a lecture by Mr. Joseph Busby, Sunday August 23rd, at the New Age Church, Shady Cove, Ore.

Sacramento and the State Fair

Unit #46 has again elected to sponsor an Understanding Booth at the California State Fair to be held in Sacramento late August and early September. A call for assistance, both financial and personal, (to man the booth,) has been received. Please contact Steele Goodman, 2426 “G” Street, Sacramento, if you can help with hours or dollars.

Joseph Busby

Glowing and enthusiastic reports on the lectures of Joseph Busby, editor of Voice Universal, have been received recently from unit #28 of Detroit, and Unit #41 of St. Paul. Both groups found the individual lectures and group seminars highly inspirational and personally rewarding and are therefore seeking return visits from

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Mr. and Mrs. Busby before their tour of the United States is concluded.

Giant Rock

George Van Tassel has set the date for his Annual Spacecraft Convention, at Giant Rock, California for October 10th and 11th. No other details are presently available.

Radio Guild Meeting

The second annual meeting of the Merlin Radio Guild will be held at the radio station building in Merlin on Sunday, August. 30th at 2 p. m. We urge all radio guild members and other interested persons to attend this important meeting.

Purchase of all roof materials has been made, and the generous donation of many hours of volunteered services by Hans Brand, C. E. Campbell, D. B. Fairfield, Joachim Mosch, John Nunez and G. R. Shearman is bringing this stage of construction to completion.

Recent donors include: Elsa B. Bailey, Oakland, Calif.; Amy Bateman, Mrs. Ernest Calhoun and 0. E. Kirkpatrick of Grants Pass, Ore.; Mr and Mrs. Edward Grill, San Jose, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Johnson, Santa Cruz, Calif.; Mary C. Johnson, Seattle, Wash.; Mrs. John Sloman and Mr. and Mrs. Joachim Mosch, Merlin, Ore. and an Anonymous contribution from Seattle, Wash.

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The editors of Understanding magazine are happy to consider unsolicited manuscripts, both articles and poetry. Articles should not exceed 1,000 words (poetry 36 lines). Almost any type of material will be considered, providing that it is of a constructive nature and contributes to a better understanding of the subject matter employed. The editors are particularly interested in developing a greater degree of understanding among different peoples of the earth and an understanding of basic issues facing the people of this planet. Payment for articles accepted will be made upon publication at the rate of one cent per word (poetry 10 per line). The editors also are interested in seeing clippings of unusual items from newspapers and magazines, for which the sum of $1 per clipping published will be paid to the first person submitting it. All manuscripts should be typewritten, double-spaced and on one side of the sheet only. Manuscripts may not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing sufficient postage.


Address manuscripts to Understanding, P.O. Box 76, Merlin Ore. 97532

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A Book For New Age People Only!



E. Blanche Pritchett, Ph. D.

A limited edition is planned for release late in the summer or early in the fall. Order now for your copy of this truly amazing work by a well known new age writer. You will never be sorry that you did!

Send $3.00 today to:

CSA Publishing Co.

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A later edition is planned for the general public. If you are a New Age person, get your copy NOW! (Advertisement)


The Combined Edition of



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P.O. Box 76

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These rates are for additional insertions of the same copy.  The charge for copy change is $3.00 per quarter page.  For other rates, please write.

If proof is desired, copy must be submitted one month in advance of publication.

Copy Limit, 20 lines per quarter page.

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This new correspondence course covers the UNIVERSAL LAWS as lived and practiced by the space people. It is available as separate lessons, each with a multiple-choice examination to help you measure your individual progress.

This course will cover the actual mechanism of telepathy, Cosmic Science, Universal Laws, together with the basic groundwork theory of magnetism, electricity, atomic physics, etc., necessary for understanding of how Telepathy works. Instructions as to how to study will also be given. Anyone with a grade school education or ability can understand this course. This course is new, has never been presented in this format before and is written by C. A. HONEY. Write for Additional Information! Complete details on request. If you wish to enroll now, send $2.00 along with your name and address to C. A. Honey. If after examining the first lesson you do not wish to continue, simply do not return the exam and you will be under no further obligation. WRITE TODAY!

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